The US Presidential Race

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  1. anyone paying attention? Any thoughts or opinions? Who do you hope wins? Who needs to be kicked off the planet?

    Also, Kanye West is running next term. So he claims. ...a Kardashian in the white house, Lord help us.
  2. The title should probably be edited to say "The US Presidential Race" for clarity and be given a Discussion tag if you just want people to chat or the Debate tag if you're looking to start a flame war. :P

    I am indeed paying attention to it. I'm a pretty liberal guy, and I'm hoping Bernie Sanders comes out on top. He's the only one who is apparently willing to face the problems with the economic and political systems in place (especially how money is growing to control politics more than ever since the Citizens United decision in the Supreme Court) and fight to fix them. Hillary Clinton would be a better option than the majority of the Republican field, but she's a long distance behind Bernie in my personal preferences due to her strong ties to Wall Street bigwigs and her repeated failures to deal appropriately with drama and controversies that spring up around her (how can I trust her to lead a nation when she can't even deal with people hassling her about her email practices?). Biden is Hillary-light as far as those things are concerned, and I would prefer him out of the two, but still Bernie is my pick for the Democratic field. The others who've joined the race might was well have just stayed home as far as I'm concerned at this point, they've done absolutely nothing to make me think they're worth considering.

    The Republican race is hilarious. Trump, man. That guy is ridiculous, but he knows how to put on a good show. I still expect his campaign to crumble and fall apart before the end of the year, but then again people have been saying the same about how he'd never last a month even, so who knows? Speaking of Kanye though, honestly it seems like he might have a chance to win a party nomination given the utter nonsense going on in the Republican field. Three of their top five candidates (based on current polling) have never even held an elected office. If Trump, Carson, and Fiorina can stand a chance to be nominated, sure, why the hell not, let's see some West 2020 action. This year's nomination process is playing out like a soap opera, so I can only speculate that things will go full reality show if Kanye steps in the ring. It will be a glorious clusterfuck.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Iwaku's members are not all USA-ricans, y'know? :P
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  4. I'm an Independent so I could care less about the race or politics in general. Yeah I'm one of those "All politicians are corrupt" people. Until I see an independent run for president, I could care less about the candidates since I don't like either Democrats or Republicans. Kanye West is a moron and I highly doubt he'll even last in the race.
  5. I just know I giggle every time 'DEEZ NUTS' comes up on the TV :P
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I am paying attention, somewhat. I don't have anyone I'm hoping to win BUT I would like to know what.....

    this is made of, the hair I mean.
  8. It's made from immigrants, obviously.
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  9. Made from immigrants speaking at the fourth grade level, to be exact.
  10. Well, you all speak 'Murican so...

    On an unrelated note, I hate how white people refer to English as American. That's the dumbest shit ever.
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  11. I've only heard a little bit from Trump and Bernie Sanders so far.
    Bernie's the one I'm liking the most atm.

    Trump on the other hand?

    Also, they say if you look into a bathroom mirror and chant "Donald Trump" three times that the hair in your shower drain will stand up and start saying racist slurs.
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  12. Does it make you feel better that English has the fancy "coloUr" while American is just bland and boring "color"?

    As for keeping up, not really XP I only know about Hilary and trumph.
  13. My family is like, "TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP"

    While I'm chanting "BERN BERN BERN"

    Makes for awkward phone conversations.
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  14. Nah, not really. To be honest, I think "colour" is a dumb way to spell "color." But I'm Hispanic and we spell "color" just like that in Spanish, so that could be why.

    Oh, and yeah, I follow the election. Sanders 2016. Fuck Hilary and Fuck Trump.

    It's scary how much support Trump is getting, especially considering how biggoted he is.
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  15. Can someone please clue me in on this "Deez Nuts" joke?

    I've always followed the Presidential Races, mostly because their financial and international relations decisions impacted my island home (Bermuda). Now that I live in the UK, it's mostly just for curiousity and entertainment's sake.

    But I like how Bernie Sanders is going. I hope people vote him through the primaries.
  16. The only reason Trump can speak the way he does is because he is funding himself and doesn't have to censor what he says for his benefactors. Trump is ahead because of this, but only because of this. His ideas are the stupidest things I have ever heard and half the reason he can make people love him so much is because of the way people think the President has any control over the economy and not the multitude of corporations that deal with other multitudes of corporations outside of the US. Trump really thinks because he hosts a reality show and was born into money that he can negotiate with world leaders who have been politicians with actual responsibilities. It's laughable only until you realize there are people who are frothing at the mouth and getting boners whenever he speaks and are doing it completely sincerely. He has been keeping his campaign afloat on nothing but rhetoric. Him leading the polls right now is a bit spooky and I dread the moment I hear Trump is announced President. That'll be the day I go up North to live in the mountains of Canada to have Dervish bring me news of the world every other month until Trump leaves the White House.

    I used to support Rand Paul and his father before him, but I haven't been keeping up with Rand, so I can't hold an opinion on him yet. Bernie Sanders is the one I really want to get the Democratic nomination even though he's a scary, evil Socialist, /s. The second anyone says that they love Hillary Clinton is the second I stop listening to everything they have to say because I despise her.
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  17. As an American, I'm really almost ashamed that something as serious as our Presidential elections are becoming a form of entertainment.
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  18. Well that's what I consider the difference between English and American XD English is fancy, American is... Well American.

    Deez Nuts was a joke canidate that ended up getting 9% of votes and was shown on quite a bit of news stations.

    I need to look up Sanders, people really seem to like him.
  19. Well, to be fair, the British view their own elections pretty much the same way. But you really have to come to terms with the fact that a lot of the rest of the world views a lot of the things America does as a form of entertainment.
  20. Bernie Sanders isn't a scary, evil socialist. He leans more towards Democratic socialism than any other form of socialism. But, he has my vote as he seems to be the only one with a brain.

    Trump's immigration plan is so fucking stupid. Why are you demanding that Mexico pay for the wall? Plus, he is childish as fuck. Calling someone a bimbo. Real childish shit here.

    I am hoping to God that he isn't our next President; otherwise, America is fucked.
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