The Unknown Crisis

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    Plot (open)

    Humans with special powers, no matter if magic or special abilities, are quite common in the world known as Velder.
    They use them to make their daily lives easier, for work, to help others, and of course to fight.
    Many races and creatures exist in Velder, but they do get along to a certain extend. True, racism does exist, but there was never enough hate to extinct one of those races.

    Conflicts exist in this world and kings battle each other for various reasons. Greed, peace, honor. But the world itself is at peace.

    Since a month or so, special powers, magic, the races special feats. All start to get weaker. Not all at the same time, but one by one becomes weaker or even looses his/her power.
    There have been rumors of a few people who seem to have completely lost their power.
    If this continues for too long, war will break out since everyone blames someone else for this.
    Who is responsible for this? A evil mastermind who pulls the strings of fate from the shadows? The nature that can't handle the use of so many power users? Are the gods enraged by someone and use their divine powers to punish all creatures?

    While most waste their time and do nothing or just blame others, there are a few with common sense and begin a journey to find out what is happening.
    Whenever they find out what happens, depends on them and their determination.

    Rules (open)

    Follow the Forum rules of
    This rp is managed and controlled by me. If you don't think you can work with me, go nuts.
    There will be fighting scenes. Mid violence is allowed. This means that i am fine with broken bones or minor wounds. making a blood fountain out of a enemy goes too far though. If you are not sure if your plan is allowed, please do not hesitate to ask me.
    Do not kill other OC's unless their owners give the permission to do so.
    Although it will not be D&D themed, i will use dices at some points. Don't like it? Don't sign up.
    I can change the rules any time, but i will be polite enough to warn you once that happens.

    World Setting (open)

    The world setting will be a young industrial age. So knights, kings, temples, the church and all of those things are existing. The only machines that exist are steam machines (airships, trains, factories and other similar heavy machines). Electricity is just a theory in that time, but electrokinetic powers are allowed.

    The clothing is completely up to you. But please prevent post modern clothing or school-uniforms.

    Pretty much ALL races are allowed. Humans, Elves, Orcs, Antromorphs. Let your imagination roam free. I only ask to not make them overpowered and have a humanoid body.

    Dice system (open)

    In certain situations, you will have to throw 6 6-Faced dices. This can be done after you posted, click on "More options" in the lower right corner of your post, and throw it 6 times.

    Depending on the numbers and result, different things can happen.

    Very bad




    Very good

    But not only the result is important. If you get a chain of some special numbers (they must be side by side), the result changes, regardless of the sum of them.


    Very bad

    Critical bad.


    Very Good

    Critical good.

    Q:What if i get two chains?
    A:The first chain will be used.

    Accepted Players (open)

    The sun rises and pushes away the darkness of the night. The rising sun's orange rays of light begin to illuminate a part of the world and wake up the citizens of the town called Ruben.
    It is a middle sized town, and beside the nearby mines, there is not much to see.
    It has some locations though that might be interesting. A park, a small hotel, a library, a graveyard, and of course the mines.
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  2. As always Eve is walking through the graveyard of Ruben when the sun starts rising its one of her favorite times of day its so peaceful and calm, there is a small breeze lifting the leafs around her and running its unseen fingers through her long hair. This time of day is a good time to take stock of everything that has been happening of late, all the whispers of the loss of powers to some of the most influential people of Ruben.

    This is why i practice all of my elements even for a short time everyday so i will know one something goes astray with my own so far nothing out of the ordinary has happened to mine thankfully as i feel some thing is happening and it is my destiny to stay strong and able. Eve thinks to her self.

    She starts to get a tingling feeling at the base of her neck and she knows she is no longer on her own, she turns to see an elderly man looking down at one of the new graves. She slowly walks up to him and say's Hello my name is Eve are you ok??
    The man looks at her in shock "you can see me how is that possible i am dead"
    Eve being use to this by now just sighs and say's "I know that's why i am here, you need to move on to your new life, were if it will take you. Standing here looking at your own grave will do you know good. Just let go i am sure you will be happy where ever you end up,and your loved ones will feel better for it. "
    With that the old man looks in to Eves eyes and she swears he his looking in to her soul and he say's "yes sweet young girl i do believe what you say is true buy alas i must warn you something is coming, and you my dear will need to help" and with that said his image just slowly fades away.
    Letting out yet another sigh Eve carry's on with her journey, Saying to herself "i know i know"
  3. Hina had been working through the night on her current enchantment project. She managed to find some amethyst gems in the mines nearby which could be used with a weapon to inflict a bit of an aging effect on an enemy causing them to wither and die but the only flaw was that she was still new to using amethyst as a enchantment gem so once the sun peaked over the horizon to greet the new day she immediately headed for the library.

    Once at the library the librarian who she had began to know on a personal level due to all the times she's been there looking up books written by her parents on how to enchant weapons or anything for that matter by using a certain type of gem to enhance it's capabilities. once the librarian opened the door she calmly walked inside and quickly jogged off to the the only cut off section of the library. She dug through all the books her parents had written until she found the one she was looking for, which was titled 'Amethyst Enchantments: What Do You Want to Age?' Hina sighed since her dad was the one that came up with the titles of the books but at least it wasn't entirely stupid.

    "Now then. Where is that section on weapon enchantments..?" she muttered to herself as she skimmed through the contents of the book until she stumbled upon it. "Ah-ha!" she said in a loud, quiet tone. She was in a library after all. After her successful find she then began toread the section and educate herself.
  4. Walking through the Mines Scrubz seems to be lost. He has no idea how he got in the mines he just knows he better get out, something doesn't seem right down here. In one hand he had flame spluttering out his knuckle dusters to guide the way. He can see in the darkness but not that well.

    "The exit has to be somewhere". Scrubz has been down the mines for hours. Suddenly the floor gave way to him and stumbles down. He lands in some water and the fire sizzles away. Scrubz quickly tried to swim but soon noticed the water was only 4 foot deep so he stood up and looked up from where he fell. Scrubz shakes his head and grins.

    Scrubz hit his knuckle dusters and whispered "Fire... Wind". His flame was back in one hand. in the other hand was a swirling mini tornadoes around the points of the knuckle duster.

    He started to fly up but noticed something shining in the walls taking a closer look, it looked like gold. With a massive grin He went back up looking for firewood to make a torch. so he could use his earth element instead of fire to get the gold out.
  5. Haru was already in the library of Ruben. She really had no interest on much else, well, kind of. She was just a little tired, so she wanted to spend some time in a quiet place for now. She was looking through some books on a shelf, her mind completely focused on finding an interesting book. When she did, she sat right there, on the floor, and started flipping through the pages.

    It was just a book on archery, which is why Haru found herself so into it. She disregarded the fact that she was in the middle of the floor. She was reading quietly, looking at the drawn pictures of different styles of bows, the different kinds of arrows that there were. She'd have to practice later, use some of the designs she was seeing.

    After a while, she got up and put the book back. Leaving the library, she headed towards the town's park. Finding a tree, Haru made a small target on it, just carving a few circles on it with the tip of one of her arrows. Stepping back a few yards, she pulled the bow off of her back and raised it. Rather than use an arrow, she began concentrating her energy, as if using an invisible mold to form a light blue arrow. They worked the same as normal arrows, but would hopefully never run out.. Hopefully.. She let it go, hitting the bullseye.

    Haru smiled a little and let the arrow fade, performing the act over and over a few more times.
  6. The librarian had walked past her a few times and caught her about to do an enchantment. She stopped Hina then sent her out after checking ut the book to her. Hina grumbled then took the gem and sword to the park and sat underneath a tree and looked in the book once again. "Okay I hope this works..." she then mutters a few words written on the page and the gem began to shine. She then placed the sword underneath the amethyst, turned he page and began to chant the the following words written on the page 'Shimmer, glimmer. Age , decay. Enchant this pathetic sword right away.' Her dad was also the one who came up with the chants, what are the odds of that. Both the sword and gem began to shine in unison and so did Hina eyes. Afterwards a small explosion happened and Hina panicked a little hoping that it worked and that she didn't do anything wrong.
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  7. As Eve walked out of the graveyard into the new day she wondered about what the old man had said.She just hoped she wasn't on her own with wanting to find out the answer's to all the questions.
    She was walking past the park when she heard an explosion, i wonder what that was all about she thought to her self and stared to walk the direction of the explosion.
  8. Hina blew away the smoke, coughing a bit from the sudden explosion. "That's strange. The amethyst my parents used never blew up in their face." she muttered with a sigh but as the smoke cleared the sword she used for the enchantment was properly enchanted. The amethyst giving the sword a purple aura. "Wow. I really did it..I mean, of course I did it. I'm a freaking genius. One step closer to getting on par with you guys." she says then looks up at the sky with a small smile. "Now to test it." She picks up the sword and stabs the tree she was sitting under and the tree began to age and decay like it was supposed to. "I am a genius" she muttered then place the sword back in it's sheathe with a smile.
  9. As Eve got closer she could just about make out a shape behind the smoke.
    "Are you OK there? sorry to bother you it's just i heard the explosion and wanted to make sure you was ok" Eve took a slow step forward and coughed as some of the smoke went up her nose while she breathed.
    After she stopped coughing she looked up to see most of the smoke had cleared.
  10. Hina's ear flickered but she looked up at the person who came over simply to check on her. "Yes, I'm fine. Thank you for your concern but I was just enchanting something and it kinda blew up in my face. No worries though. I'm alright like I said." she explains then stands up and tries to get a good look at who walked over to check on her. Once the smoke cleared completely Hina saw that it was a human girl. She smiled and waved at her with no words being said.
  11. Eve saw that the person behind the smoke was a Usagi, Eve smiled and said "I hope it worked it wouldn't of been good to get all that smoke in you for nothing, and its a good idea to keep your self protected and keep up with practicing you enchantments what with all the news that is going around"
  12. "That's a good point but I'm doing this to get on par with my...parents" Hina says then sighs and shakes her head. "Anyway what brings you out here? Oh and my name is Hina by the way." she adds, not wanting to be rude since her parents always told her that it's common courtesy to introduce herself first even if the other person approaches her first.
  13. Eve couldn't believe how rude she had been so lost in thought about the ghost from earlier "I'am sorry i completely forgot to introduce myself i am Eve." She had also noticed the look in Hina's eyes when she spoke of her parents Eve was use to that look dealing with death on a daily basics but there was no way she would bring it up with the poor girl. Maybe one day she will come to me about it Eve thought to herself.
    To the girl called Hina she said * Oh i have just come back from the grave yard i have been practicing with the elements"
  14. It it didn't take long for Scrubz to find firewood and he took it all back to the hole he fell in. He makes a fire easy enough and uses his wind hand to levitate it. "Right I can change Fire to Earth now....."
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  15. Hina smiled at Eve to mask her earlier despair. Her long ears flickered once more then she looked Eve over one good time. "So you're not just some normal human. Well that's cool. I've never really had a human friend before. I usually pal around with other races but humans seem to avoid me. They probably think us usagis are the cause for what's been going on since our enchantment spells require a large amount of self produced magic. It wouldn't be surprising really. Also sorry If I seem rather rude but that's just me rambling of course." she finally finished with a slight chortle then shut herself up before she said something else that was really stupid or insensitive.
  16. Pandora only had one friend not that she was here any more it wasn't until after her birthday 11 months ago that everything had happened to her the powers and finding out her best friend was a ghost. She never seamed to fit in anywhere she was to human for the supernaturals but not human enough for the humans were she lived only her parents and Anne her ghost friend had ever really been nice to her. So to have this young girl Hina say that it made her smile maybe just maybe i can make a new friend here Eve thought to herself.
    "No i am no normal human i don't blame any one person from any one race even if it is some one from your race its not you so i wouldn't blame you, It could even be a human who has found away to strip others gifts out of pure jealousy" "But i would like to find out who and why"
  17. "Likewise and I'm glad you feel that way. Eve I hope I don't seem too forwards with this but...will you be my first human friend?" Hina asks with a close to horribly desperate look in her eyes and a hopeful smile. She was desperate for friend but she really wanted to befriend a human for so long.
  18. Eve's heart swelled and she had to put her head down to hide the sudden tears that were forming at the corners of her eye's "Yes Hina i would really like to be your friend" Eve looked up then and saw she wasn't the only one who was in need of some one to call there friend.
    "There is only one problem, what do friends do?" Eve says with a shy apologetic smile.
  19. Hina smiled then told her "Don't worry. I'll show you how to have fun with a friend. You can count on me." with a huge smile. Hina then hugged Eve and took her hand, walking off towards the town with her recently enchanted sword around her waist. Hina had led them to a local restaurant then said "First things first. We get something to eat cause I haven't eaten breakfast and I'm starving" she points out as her stomach growls and very unladylike growl.
  20. With the earth spraying from the knuckle duster it worked fine so Scrubz lowered himself down to where he gold was. Thinking *I Hope this is gold*. With that he thumped the earth hoping the gold will just come leaving everything in tack
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