The Unexpectedly Powerful

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  1. Four hundred years ago, humanity learned the sound a nuclear bomb makes in the air.

    We don't know much of what happened anymore, those who survived banded together underground and didn't come out until the food ran short. They came out to a deformed and mutated world. The Hunters had become the Hunted. Mountains fell and trees grew underwater. Nothing was what they expected it to be.

    Especially not us.

    Fast forward a little bit, take a glance at the sky and you'll see something interesting; different than your used to. The sky was empty. There was only one star in the sky when those people came out of hiding. That star never moved, never shone any brighter or darker. It existed. And it baffled the academics.

    We know what we are now.

    We are the rare mutation. We are Superhuman. We shape and change our essence to create the power that fits ourselves. It resonates within us from a young age, but we cannot release or understand this power until it awakens fully.


    The strongest of us, those even legions cannot defeat, are called the Venox, of which there are only six currently residing with us. An old Facility has been converted into a refuge for us. The monsters outside are drawn to us. Their single desire to consume our power. Rarely does one of us make it here without the recovery team. We die. We are hunted. What's left of the Humans they once were call us monsters. We're nothing but animals. Weapons. We aren't people.

    We're making a comeback.
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  2. Sounds fun. I'm in.
  3. Hey~hey^^!!

    Kay so like the reg rundown of questions, bruh:

    Post freq, post level req, can we play multi~charries, and Max number RPers?

    Sooooo.... Like are our people like magneto from X~movies, like we are the Homo Supremes and we want to wipe out reg Homo Sapiens?
  4. A) Proper English is encouraged, I dislike text-talk, broken sentences and 'gangster talk'. SO if you use it again, I will ignore you.

    BI) I would prefer players post once after every two maximum. So that no one is severely left behind. Though if it needs to be calmed down, I will say so and those who fail to comply will be promptly removed and their characters killed off in the most brutal way possible.

    BII) Posting level would be of a higher casual base. Meaning 2-3 paragraphs minimum per character, per post. Say you have three characters, you should have minimum 6 paragraphs in that post. Make sense?

    BIII) I support multiple characters for my players, assuming that you can handle it. One player may not play all female characters, or have all Venox. If I feel a player can't handle it right then at their skill level, then I will terminate one of their characters.

    BIV) I would expect at least five players before I seriously consider putting it up, though with a maximum of ten since more than that often gets confusing.

    C) No. They are not.
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  5. This seems interesting, I'm up for it.
  6. Oh hey! Another person :)
  7. Interested! :)
  8. Sweet, now to finish fleshing out the details and get the OOC up!
  9. Seems legit,.......why not, I'm game.
  10. Awesome. Does anyone want to know about the differences between Venox and Specters before the game begins?
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  11. [h2]Venox[/h2]

    The Venox, are few and far between, their powers manifesting in such large and powerful ways that they're often tied to some of the greatest disasters in recent history. More often than not, a Venox will manifest, but it won't survive it's own awakening. Their power is so strong that they have no clue what's happening or how to control it. The more panicked they get, the greater the destruction. Those who do survive their awakening, live with unstable powers until they're around other Venox and Specters.

    Physically, the Venox are stronger and faster than humans and Specters. They heal faster. It's difficult to put them down for any amount of time. They die just like humans and Specters, but it takes more than just a single wound to put them out for a time. If they lose small appendages, like their fingers and toes, they can grow them back - it takes a while and it's painful. The same with their organs, and parts of vital organs.

    As for weaknesses, the Venox have few weaknesses, less drawbacks to their powers. Their weaknesses are secrets, hidden deep and not told to anyone. Assuming the Venox knows their own weakness. This single Weakness is their truth downfall, something that can stop them no matter what. It nullifies their powers, saps their strength and puts them in a state of trauma. It's their single Downfall.


    The Specters, also few, but not nearly as rare as the Venox, are those with lesser power. Each Specter awakened upon reaching a 'Death Event', at which time it was fight or die for them. Often more of a contained and personal tragedy, their power has less of a chance to kill them upon their manifestation. Destruction around them depends upon their power, though they often retain the same amount of control as the Venox. Their powers are never as strong, and more specific than the Venox. Specter's powers range as far as simple telepathy, all the way to clairvoyance, but they may at times repeat. Not every Specter's power is unique.

    Physically, the Specter's are superior to humans, with faster reaction speeds, strength, agility, speed and senses. Not as superior as the Venox, but enough to make a difference. These beings cannot grow back limbs, though they can reattach them via surgery since they do not heal as fast the Venox and the wounds won't close before arrival.

    The Specters, unlike the Venox, have drawbacks to their powers. A physical effect that they cannot avoid, even with great training or the help of anothers powers. The stronger the Specter's powers, the more brutal their drawbacks.

    Any questions?
  12. I would like to know more about the kind of powers we are allowed to have.
  13. I would say just be creative. I don't want to limit everyone to specific kinds of powers, but if you think it might be a little 'god-mod' then feel free to pm me it and I'll let you know if it's okay.
  14. Okay thanks.
  15. Not from me.
  16. Is this still open/has it started?

    Also, what is the Venox/Spectre ratio?
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