The Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe: Dark Reign (OoC)

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  1. ~ The Ultimate ~

    ~ Comic Book ~

    ~ Roleplaying Universe ~

    Dark Reign


    Greetings true believers, and welcome back to the Ultimate Comic Book Roleplaying Universe! Or, "Earth-1212" if you want to get technical.

    However, things have changed quite a bit since the last time we peered through these pages. Allow me to recap!

    The year was 2014. A mysterious figured hired Max Dillon (Electro) to assist in a mass-prison break at the “Amadeus Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane” (known more commonly as Arkham Asylum). Killing his escort from the Mess Hall and eviscerating the electrical system, Electro managed to open all of the previously active containment cells. Now freed from their imprisonment, thousands of dangerous super-criminals managed to escape from the Asylum, but Electro recruited six of the inmates for a special job. The six inmates were; Flint Marko (Sandman), Morris Bench (Hydro-Man), Carl Creel (Absorbing Man), Shylene French (current host of The Thousand), Fritz von Meyer(Swarm), and Johnathon Ohnn (Spot). Why had Electro chosen these specific inmates? These seven criminals all had two things in common; they all shared powers/abilities that were artificially created in a lab (primarily due to OSCORP), and a deep hatred for one very specific web-slinger.

    Their mysterious ‘boss’ had instructed Electro to unite that specific team for a specific task: to infiltrate the OSCORP Research and Development Building in downtown Manhattan and steal two highly-classified projects. The first project was a device known as the ‘Ganali Device’, designed by Dr. Otto Octavius, while the second was a sealed Vibranium container which contained a symbiotic alien-life form. Also abducting the man responsible for creating the Ganali Device, the ‘Synthetic Seven’ took to the streets of New York to continue with their plans. As payment for their actions, their mysterious benefactor would allow the team to finally get their revenge on the man who put them in Arkham: Spider-Man.

    They easily over-powered the Web-Slinger, only to be met by the peacekeeping force known as S.H.I.E.L.D., led by current director Steve Rogers (Captain America). S.H.I.E.L.D. drove back the Seven, but the criminals managed to escape before they could be recaptured. While Spider-Man and Captain America teamed up with some fellow heroes (Wasp, Iron Man, Batman, X-23, The Punisher, and Wonder Woman) to track down the Synthetics, the super villains combined samples of their blood to create a serum that would work with the Ganali Device. Using the device, the Synthetics could create a gas-cloud over New York that would modify the DNA of every living creature, transforming everyone in New York into a ‘Cross Species’ like them. However, their plan was thwarted by the heroes combined strength and the villains were detained. The stolen alien creature could not be found, but it was believed to have been delivered to whoever hired the Synthetic Seven

    Two years have passed since that event, and the world faces yet another threat. While they had been doing their best to track down the remaining super villains, the heroes of Earth-1212 were suddenly apprehended. By who? The very villains they had been trying to capture. Led by a terrorist organization known as COBRA which had been secretly operating out of OSCORP, the world’s super villains took the planet by storm, slaughtering countless meta-humans in coordinated attacks across the map. Although the remaining heroes fought back with help from the governments of the world, it was all for naught. The villains had won at last. To celebrate their victory, they performed a public execution of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers. First to go was Wonder Woman; hung by her own Lasso of Truth by Ares. Second was Captain America; impaled by his own shield at the hands of the Red Skull. Third, Superman; forced to swallow raw chunks of Kryptonite by Lex Luthor. Fourth, Ant Man and the Wasp; both of them were squashed and eaten by the Blob. Fifth, Iron Man; obliterated by his own suits turned against him by the Mandarin. But the worst of all, was the sixth member of the Avengers; Spider-Man. Gordon Greene, otherwise known as the Green Goblin, had been at the forefront of the conflict right alongside the Cobra Commander. As the newly declared ruler of ‘the Goblin Nation’ (what used to be the northern Americas), Gordon demanded that Spider-Man be sentenced to a slow and agonizing death. Everyone he ever faced came to take on the Spider in his last fight, brutally breaking bone after bone, rendering the masked hero a bloodied mess. But whenever Spider-Man would die, he was simply revived by Morlun (or resuscitated by Electro depending on the damage), only to be assaulted over and over again.

    This trend continued for 4 days, until everyone had taken a stab at the young hero. Then, only by the Goblin’s hand did Spider-Man finally pass on, ending his torture. Once the Avengers were dead, the villains tracked down any surviving heroes and slaughtered them. However, some heroes pledged themselves to serve the Cobra Commander and were spared.

    Nearly four years passed since that fateful day, and anyone who tried to oppose the ‘Dark Reign’ was brought before the Cobra Commander and killed. Nobody dared to fight against them… That is, until the tables slowly began to turn. Having initially chosen to follow his fellow villains into battle, Reed Richards (The Maker) and a group known as the Cabal (comprised of Harley Quinn, Emma Frost, Red Hood, Sue Storm, Amazo, Doctor Octopus, The Flash, and the Hulk) eventually came to dislike the world they had created, believing at the time that they would be making a better world on their own. But, Cobra Commander and his Dark Avengers (Doctor Doom, The Baroness/Black Widow, Green Goblin, Killer Frost, Magneto, Black Adam, Loki (female form), Ares, and Lex Luthor) had divided the world up amongst themselves and ruled with an iron fist. Freedom was a luxury that nobody apart from the Dark Avengers would ever see again… So the Cabal decided to act.

    Using the combined intelligences of The Maker, Doc. Ock and the Hulk (who had absorbed ‘puny Banner’ to make himself smarter), the Cabal created a time machine, which would send them back approximately six years into the past so they could prepare the World’s Heroes for the upcoming war. But as the Cabal was about to step through the time-vortex, the Dark Avengers, led to the base by Sue Storm, ambushed the Cabal. Sue had betrayed Reed after Loki promised he could resurrect Johnny Storm with the Tesseract, which was powering the time machine. Knowing they had little time left, the Hulk decided to stay behind and held off the Dark Avengers, destroying the time machine, Reed’s notes, and the Tesseract, after the Cabal was safely through. With his sacrifice, the Hulk had prevented the Dark Avengers from using the machine against the heroes... But that won’t stop them from trying to build another.

    But now, having arrived in 2016, the Cabal makes their way to the Avengers Tower in the hopes of preventing the horrific future from ever coming to fruition.


    Yikes! That’s quite the build-up, huh? Well, now that you know what’s going on, let’s get on with the registration! Excelsior!


    • 1. No GMing. We don't want any Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues

      2. Maximum of 3 Active Characters per person. Any more needs approval by a GM

      3. Characters can and probably WILL die, but please ASK somebody before you attempt to kill their character rather then just say "Your guy is dead."

      4. Keep it PG-13!! Romance and Lovey-Dovey stuff is fine, as well as the occasional innuendo, but take smut scenes to PM, please. Also, violence is allowed, but please don't rip out a guys entrails and hold them above his head while he slowly dies. We're not monsters (well, not all of us)

      5. Some scenes will be time skipped if they drag on too long/get too boring, but most of the time we will RP things through.

      6. Every player-character will be joining ‘The Avengers’, no matter what.

      7. Your character cannot have any GM abilities. GM abilities include: Character Manipulation (mind control/puppetering), Insta-Killing other player's Characters, etc. We all know what these are so we should be good.

      8. Post at least two paragraphs each time (more is fantastic)

      9. GM posts will be announced (these include plot movers, special events or even the death/introduction of a new character)

      10. If you got this far, here's a cookie *hands cookie*. Also, include the words "EXCELSIOR!" in your "Other" section so I know who's read the rules.

      11. Please make PvP combat fair. It really sucks when somebody unleashes their ultimate power and freezes the other person's foot to the floor, then proceed to just punch the crap out of their immobile opponent. In addition, GM moves will NOT be allowed inside PvP combat unless approved/announced in a GM event.

      12. Enjoy the RP to the best of your ability!!
    • The franchise list for characters and the overall setting of the RP is countless: Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, Independent Comics, and more! Now, in terms of characters, we will all be playing rebooted franchise characters. This means that any characters who previously existed in comics either don't exist, or have not become their hero identities just yet. This allows for some unique and interesting opportunities. While creating your character, you can consider some of these options:

      • If your character is a villain in the mainstream comics, you are allowed by all means to turn him/her into a hero/"line walker" and visa versa.

      • If you desire to play a gender bent version of the canon character, feel free to go ahead (Felicia Hardy becomes Felix Hardy, Bruce Wayne becomes Brianna Wayne, ect)

      In the end, how you make your character is up to you. I’m fine with you playing characters straight out of the comic book, but you’re always welcome to put a unique twist on them if you want. I encourage that!
    • We'll be accepting up to eight players. You may have up to three characters (if you can handle it, that is). You are also allowed to play either a Hero, Reformed Villain, or somebody Walking the Line between Good and Evil.

      We may be allowing more people to join later on, but 8 is our starting cut-off number.

      1.) Matthew Anderson / Spider-Man - mr_pibbs

      2.) Christine Baston / Miss Thunder - CursedDawn

      3.) Laura Kinney / X-23 & May Day Anderson / Spider-Girl - Ravenbelle

      4.) Bruce Wayne / Venom & Howard the D.U.C.C. - Razilin

      5.) Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch & Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier - sleepingxdragon





      Waiting List: For those who wish to join, but all spots are taken at the time.

      1.) Hospes







    • Those arcs highlighted in Green are completed, while those highlighted in Red are the arc we're currently doing, and those highlighted in Yellow are arcs we haven't gotten to yet, but are planning for the future or are up next.

      Footnote: Each page we reach in the IC counts as an "Issue" for the story arc (ex. If it takes 12 pages to finish the first story, then that story will be comprised of issues 1-12. The next issue will start at 12 and begin the cycle again)

      ~~ Descriptions by Stan Lee! ~~
      ... impersonator

      Egads! There's nothing here just yet! Check back later, true believers!
    • **Note: "Walking the Line" pertains to characters who act like heroes sometimes, and villains other times. Examples of this would be Deathstroke, Punisher, Rorschach (well, virtually all the Watchmen) and Wolverine (they all kill when required, but normally work for the good guys).**

      Name: (First, Last. Middle name and Nicknames are optional)

      Alias: (Self explanatory)

      Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: (Hero, Villain, or Undecided/Walking the Line between Good and Evil)

      Age: (12-78 for humans/mutants. 12-300 for Aliens.)

      Appearance: (Put any images of them here: the costume they wear, their face, even what they look like as a civilian if you really want. I’d prefer everyone use real images for their Faceclaim, but I’m fine with drawn/cosplay images of their super-suit!)

      Background and Hero/Villain Origins: (Info on your character’s life and a run-through of their origin story. Should be three paragraphs minimum).

      Powers/Abilities: (Can be made-up, or posted from Wikipedia. Try to stay true to the character though, don't give somebody like The Hulk the ability to fly)

      Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw: (For every power, there is a weakness. Tell us about the things that make your character vulnerable)

      Occupation: (Optional, if your character has an alternate identity. If their hero identity has a job, put that here.)

      Other: (include any additional information here)

      Sample Post: (can be from Civilian POV or Hero/Villain POV. Must be 3 paragraphs minimum)
    • Civilian Looks


      He also wears a set of bulky black-framed glasses. He wears them all the time, except when in costume (but his eye-coverings are made with prescription plastic lenses)




      Matthew “Matt” Felix Anderson


      Incredible Sensational Ultimate Bombastic Superior Mysterious Traditional Radical Unlimited Avenging Exceptional Extraordinary

      The "Amazing" Spider-Man

      Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:

      Hero, bordering Vigilante status. Matthew's super hero persona is also considered a "menace" by the Media thanks to a certain newspaper.



      Background and Hero/Villain Origins:

      ~~ Matt’s's Life ~~

      Matthew Anderson is from New York, but more specifically, he was raised in a small townhouse in Forest Hills. He had a relatively normal childhood growing up. His father, Thomas, was a scientist who had been working on some kind of research dealing with cross-species mutation at OSCORP. Apparently, the project was supposed to create new medicines and health-aids (ex. growing back limbs with the help of Lizard DNA), but Thomas always warned Matthew that his work could make bad men show up. He told Matthew to never let them near his work and didn't even allow his son to glance at his progress, despite the young boy's love of science and learning. Most of the time, Thomas was off working at the OSCORP Building, so his family rarely saw him except on weekends. Matthew's mother, Vanessa, was a local dentist. She was also constantly working, but whenever the family managed to get extreme periods of time off work, they would spend it together to try and make up for lost time. He also has a little sister, whom he feels very protective of.

      Matthew wasn't the most popular kid when it came to school, but he wasn't a nerd either. He fell into his own sort of social group along with his other friends, whom they decided to call "Inbetweeners", meaning they weren't popular, but they also weren't outcasts. He has a small circle of friends he really trusts that have been with him since he was 6 years old. They all had various interests and opinions on certain things, but somehow they worked well as friends. Together they formed a sort of odd friendship that most people would think was absolutely strange. They all had their places in the group: there was the "pretty one", the "super nerd", the "sports enthusiast", and so on. Matthew fell into the category of the "smart-ass" for his opinionated views and takes on various things. Plus, Matthew had always been able to make humorous remarks about almost everything, so it seemed fair to give him a new trait category. Matthew graduated from Midtown High School about a year ago and currently works full-time at the Daily Bugle as both the website designed and a reporter, where he earns a decent enough salary that helps pay for rent and groceries.

      Sometimes stuff goes right for him, sometimes things don't. He's just your average teenage guy with spider-like superpowers trying to make it in the Big Apple.

      ~~ Origin Story ~~

      When he was 15, Matthew was involved in a serious accident. His high school was taking a field trip to the world-renowned OSCORP Research and Development building, the same place where his father worked. During the tour, a security officer approached the guide and ordered the group to leave the premises, claiming that the building was shutting down prematurely because of a safety drill. While the rest of the school started to leave, Matthew and a group of students hung around in order to figure out what was going on. Matthew's father hadn't alerted him of a drill, so he suspected something was going on. They managed to find and disguise themselves as lab-assistants before they were forced down to the lower labs by a security team. The teens were (re) informed that "Project: OZ" was about to commence and they were supposed to be in the control booth monitoring the event. When they reached the lab, Matthew was met with the sight of his Father and a group of men working on a half-human half-reptilian creature with completely pale skin (they called it "The Chameleon", given it's ability to change appearance). The experiment seemed to be going well, with sedatives being given to the creature in order to soothe it. At one point, it even began to speak, asking the researchers for food (a live mouse), which it consumed in one gulp. The experiment ended with extremely positive results, showing that the hybrid creature had grown properly and showed no signs of violent tendencies... Unlike previous test subjects, that was. At this point, the experiment was concluded and the building ended its lockdown. Then, Matthew's father realized that his son and three students had broken into the lab after the proper lab-assistant's showed up, having previously stepped out for pizza before the experiment began.

      Thomas scolded his son and the others, explaining that they had witnessed highly classified information and could get him and the rest of the researchers in serious trouble if they revealed what had happened there to the world. (What actually did happen was that The Chameleon had been genetically created by combining the DNA of multiple South American reptiles with a human being, successfully creating a creature that could be just like a human. The American military was funding the project so OSCORP could create the perfect espionage agent, one who could expertly blend in with the enemy and take them out from the other side). Using a military developed device, a few researchers wiped the memories of the other teenagers, but Matthew (being the son of a researcher) was allowed to keep his. The other teens were sent home immediately, while Thomas reluctantly agreed to keep Matthew around until he left. Just as the father and son were going to leave, the doors sealed shut and a deafening alarm began to echo through the lab. Security officers ran over to the inner sanctums and told the scientists to get out, but it was too late. While the Chameleon was being escorted to its containment chamber, it had apparently turned violent and murdered its escorts. After stealing the identity of one of the soldiers and transforming itself, the Chameleon unlocked the security cells of the "Other Hybrids", releasing the highly dangerous test subjects that had survived the gene-construction process. These hybrids, however, were extremely violent and had been scheduled for gene-recycling that day (a process that completely disassembles the particles in a creature's body, destroying them permanently and "humanely"). As the sentient ringleader, the Chameleon orchestrated the breakout of the experiments in hopes that they could seek revenge against their creators (as the Chameleon claimed, they were nothing but freaks). The Seven experiments (aptly named after their creatures of origin: the Arachnid, the Lizard, the Scorpion, the Wasp, the Piraña, Vermin, and the Chameleon) wrecked havoc upon the research facility, slaughtering scientists, security officers, and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in the brawl. Matthew hid in the observation room, Thomas and his partner, Gordon Greene, tried to access the ventilation system and flood the lower laboratory with a deadly neurotoxin (designed specifically in the event of a breakout).

      However, just as the neurotoxin flooded the lab, one of the creatures, the Arachnid, managed to enter the observation room and attacked Matthew, sinking it's teeth into his neck in an attempt to drain him of any bodily fluids. The venom in the Arachnid’s fangs paralyzed Matthew, who was unable to defend himself while it feasted. However, a new security team (equipped with gas masks) arrived on the scene and shot down the Arachnid to rescue Matthew. When the team arrived at the control room to try and rescue Thomas and Gordon, they discovered that Thomas had been murdered by a previously unknown experiment and Gordon was later found unconscious with signs of physical trauma. Only the Chameleon was unaccounted for, so it was assumed it escaped as a desperate last attempt to save its life.

      A few days later, Matthew woke up in the hospital, surrounded by his family and friends. He had no idea that the venom in his system forced him into a comatose state for days, but he also learned of his father's gruesome murder at the hands of a previously unknown hybrid creature. Thomas had apparently been disembowelled and partially eaten by the beast, but nobody knew exactly what creature it was. Based on a bloodied footprint left behind, it resembled some kind of creature with taloned-feet. None of the hybrids had talons, so the authorities thought it must've been the Chameleon taking on an unrecognizable form to throw off anyone who might've followed it. As compensation to the families of those who died in the break out, OSCORP shut down Sector B and paid for all of the funerals.

      In the weeks that followed, Matthew began to notice some strange occurrences. During a gym class in which he was required to play dodge ball, Matthew discovered his reflexes had enhanced overnight by 100%. He was faster, stronger, and more agile. He also felt this strange feeling in the back of his skull, almost like a tingle. Matthew soon realized that the tingle told him when something negative (such as being hit) was about to happen to him. After a dodge that forced him into a wall, he opened his eyes to see the students staring at him with disbelief. Matthew thought he had seriously hurt himself because he was seeing things as if he were lying on the floor sideways. Then, he glanced to the floor and saw that was apparently stuck to the wall, hanging onto the padding like a frightened cat. He quickly dropped off the walls while the students begged him to teach them how to hold onto a flat surface like that. Immediately after discovering these advancements to his body, he decided to test out his new skills when he got home. After some more tests, Matthew discovered he could also fire a thin, sticky substance that resembled thread from his wrist. Upon further inspection, he discovered that the threads were actually webs, like that of a... Spider.

      Matthew it was then that he realized that "the Arachnid" had somehow transmitted its DNA to his body. It might've been the venom, which was slightly irradiated as the doctors in the hospital told him. The radiation wasn't enough to kill him or even affect him negatively, but it had clearly given him some kind of genetic enhancement. But then… Things got really weird.

      He started having odd dreams about a pale woman with black hair dressed in a black lace dress. She would always call to him, begging her ‘web warrior’ to awaken, but Matthew always woke up before he could ask her what she meant. These dreams continued for a few months until finally, the woman appeared before him in the real world. She explained that she is Arachne (the same woman from Greek mythology who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider) and that Athena has tasked her with training Matthew to become a ‘Web Warrior’, an ancient hero tasked with preserving the ‘web of life’ (the Web Warriors weave the web and those who would destroy it will ultimately destroy the natural order of all things). Unsure whether or not he had gone insane or was simply hallucinating, Matthew refused to join her, until she explained that his powers were a tremendous gift and to not use them for the preservation of his world would be selfish. In that moment, Matthew recalled the famous words of his father, a man of science who worked every day to ensure the betterment of mankind:

      “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility…”

      Having changed his mind, Matthew accepted Arachne’s offer to become a ‘Web Warrior’, knowing now that he could not sit by idly and withhold his unique abilities. For his father’s memory, Matthew would fight for the good of mankind. He would become… The Amazing Spider-Man.


      Wall climbing, web slinging via web cartridges and web shooters, enhanced speed, agility, strength and eyesight (including night vision). He also harnesses a "Spider-Sense" ability that allows him to detect whenever danger is near or something is wrong in his surroundings.

      On top of being able to fire webs from his web shooters, his body can also produce natural webbing that is about 10X stronger then the artificial stuff, but he rarely uses it for two important reasons:

      1. It requires him to squeeze down on his wrist with his other hand, applying pressure depending on how far he wants the webs to go. On top of the pressure, he needs to continuously press down in order to keep the webs coming.

      2. The webs that are produced naturally come directly from an area in his wrists (like the way they were produced in the 1st Spider-Man movie) and as they are fired, they cause a massive burning and painful sensation in his wrist, which usually drains him of energy.

      He only uses his natural webs when needed (ex. Pinning down the Hulk or gargantuan villains so they can't squash the Spider, creating an extremely durable temporary shield that will hold a falling building so he can try to rescue as many of its residents as possible, etc.)

      Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:

      Bullets, Knives, Mind Control, Having his power's sucked from his body, Explosions, and pretty much anything that would kill a normal human being. He's also a bit cocky. His wise ass remarks normally get himself and those he cares for (of his teammates) into trouble, but aside from that he's not immune to anything (except maybe small doses of radiation)


      Has a freelance job at the Daily Bugle as a photographer and Web designer.


      • Matthew has contact lens, but often chooses to just wear his bulky prescription glasses.

      • In a sheer act of boredom one day, Matthew invented his own "Spider-Man" theme song, which got some serious headway after an Internet band performed it on their channel. The Internet. Michael Buble even covered it once for charity, and the band went on to make a nice profit from the song. Although 'Spider-Man' himself has not received any of the songs earnings, Matthew gets a monthly cheque for $2000 from the band in royalties.

      • Spider-Man may have some supporters across the city, but for the most part, people hate his guts. It also doesn’t help that the Daily Bugle keeps printing slanderous content that does nothing but damage the web-head's reputation. Despite all the hate he gets, Matt still finds a reason (most of the time) to protect the people of New York City and ensure their safety against super villains and criminals.

      • Matt was given the knowledge on how to create artificial webbing via a genetic trait passed on from the Arachnid’s DNA fusing with his own (much like how regular spiders know how to create webbing of their own).


      Sample Post:


      "Now then, are we gonna cause 'nother issue or is we gon' cooperate now?" The armoured thug asked as he held the shotgun at the bank manager. "Whus the combination on da security system?"

      The terrified balding man shook with fear and began to cry. "T-The c-combination I-is... 3…8…5...6...4...2...9..." he cried out in between terrified gasps. "N-Now p-please... L-let us... G-g-go..."

      The armoured thug looked at his associates, who nodded and let out a laugh. The thug pointed his shotgun into the air and fired off a warning shot, which was followed by the screams of many terrified citizens who were held hostage during the bank robbery. "ALRIGHT!!" he yelled, "AIN'T NOBODY TRY SOMETHING FUNNY, OTHERWISE YOU'S ALL GON' DIE!! GOTS IT?!?" The horrified crowd of bankers, customers and children nodded silently as the echoes of the shotgun still rung in the hollowed ceiling. The thug motioned for one of his companions to enter the combination into the keypad and with many loud clicking sounds, the massive metallic door swung open and exposed the approximate $12,000,000 in cash that rest inside the bank.

      "We're rich, Scruff!!" one of the criminals exclaimed with a cheer and a holler as she grabbed a gym bag they had brought, starting to fill it with money. Scruff and the others stayed behind to watch the hostages and prevent them from trying anything funny. Just as Scruff was about to reload after the warning shot, he noticed a bizarrely horrified look on the bank manager's face. As if getting robbed wasn't enough to make the frail old man frightened, now he looked as if he had seen a ghost. "EH?! WHAT'RE YOU'S STARIN AT, FOUR-EYES?" Scruff shouted at the man before he heard it.




      "NUFF! MIIMRRMUN'S HRR!!" (muffled for "Scruff! Spider-Man's here!")

      Scruff turned around and looked at the man who had rushed into the vault. He was now strung up and muffled by what appeared to be webs. Having seen this type of object before, Scruff realized almost instantly who the silk-like webbing belonged to. "THE SPIDER'S HERE!!" Scruff yelled, aiming his gun towards the roof. "HE'S LURKING AROUND SOMEWHERE IN THE SHADOW'S! FIND 'IM, AND KILL 'IM!!" The others nodded their heads as they went in search of the Web-Slinger. To ensure himself a bit of extra protection, Scruff ran over to the bank manager and grabbed him by his shirt, aiming the gun at his head. "GET OUT NOW, SPIDER! YOU'S GOT NO BUSINESS HERE! IF ANY OF MY MEN SEE OR HEARS YOU, THEN THE OLD MAN GETS IT!

      Great... Just my luck. Spider-Man thought as he looked down at the crime scene from the shadows of the roof. The 18 year old superhero shook his head in annoyance as he slowly crawled along the roof. Spidey fired a web towards the thug directly below him and strung him up like the others, muffling him before he could scream. Alright, the big one has a shotgun. He's obviously the leader and by far the most dangerous person in this room... Aside from me. He's scared, so I can use that to my advantage. The only thing I have to worry about aside from being shot, is getting the hostage to safety. I'll take out his buddies silently, than save the old guy, then go for ‘Scruff’. If playing all those Assassin's Creed games has taught me anything, it’s that darkness combined with good stealth skills makes for a powerful weapon against your enemies... And they say video games don't reach people stuff. Ha!

      Spidey nodded as he agreed to proceed with the plan and slowly crept along the walls of the bank, moving closer to another thug before he strung her up like her buddies. During this time, Scruff backed up into the vault and seemingly forced the old man to pack the money for him. Spider-Man continued to cycle around the room and pick off the thugs, quickly zipping out of sight when somebody saw him. The second time this happened, the thug shouted and Scruff fired his shotgun as a warning. Spidey quickly directed his attention into the vault at Scruff to make sure he hadn't killed the manager. Thankfully, he didn't, but it was clear Scruff was terrified. Spider-Man knew that Scruff was a thief, not a murderer. If he could play to this weakness, then Scruff might go willingly. If not... Then things might get complicated.

      After Spider-Man finally strung up the last of the thugs, Scruff looked around the room and saw his friends had been all been abducted. Immediately, the thug panicked. Adjusting the shotgun so it was positioned at the old man's left temple, Scruff shouted "SPIDER!!! YOU COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME AND I'LL SHOOT! HIS BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS!" His eyes darted around the room, desperately looking for wherever Spider-Man may have crawled. Little did he know, Spidey was positioned on the wall a few feet behind the criminal. "HERE'S HOW ITS GONNA WORK: YOU'S GONNA LET MY BOYS GO, THEN ESCORT US OUTTA HERE! I'M NOT GOING BACK TO JAIL 'CUZ OF YOU!" Scruff continued shouting, still looking around. As his eyes landed on the wall behind him, Spidey had already flung himself back to the roof. Scruff's face was now getting red from fear and panic, which told Spider-Man he needed to act quickly. A desperate man could do unspeakable things to get his way. "SAY SOMETHING, SPIDER!"

      "CROTCH!" Spidey replied, kicking himself off of the wall and opening his legs to wrap around Scruff's head. The thug shouted in fear and reacted too late. By the time he had aimed his shotgun at Spider-Man, the hero already had a tight leg-grip on his neck. Ripping the gun away from Scruff, Spider-Man heaved with all his strength and pulled himself backwards, forcing Scruff into a downward spiral. The force of his pull was so powerful; it flipped Scruff onto his back in mid air, forcing him to land with a loud thud. As the dazed thug lay on his back paralyzed in shock from the attack, Spidey didn't hesitate to act. Clicking away at his Web-Shooters, Spidey began spraying Scruff to the floor with webbing.

      When he regained himself both physically and mentally from the attack, Scruff struggled to free himself from the webs, but to no avail. "AAAGHHHH!! SOMEBODY HELP ME! GET AWAY!" Scruff yelled as Spider-Man started to go around and check on the hostages. With a fake gasp of surprise, Spider-Man ran over to the criminal and began caressing his face. "Shhh... Don't cry little baby. Look, Uncle Spidey found your pacifier." he whispered in a mocking tone. In a lighting quick motion, he fired a web at the man's mouth and muffled his cries for help. Spidey then reached into his utility belt and pulled out a small knife. Poking a hole in the webbing around Scruff's mouth, he felt a small blast of air as the thug began breathing rapidly again.

      "Aaand, that’s Jenga." Spider-Man mumbled to himself as he shoved the knife back into its portable state, then shoved it into his belt. Spidey looked towards the bank owner and gave him a thumbs up. "I think that takes care of your problem then, sir. Go ahead and alert the authorities, the webbing will hold these guys for about an hour." he explained before giving the man a small wave. As he turned to leave, the bank manager got up and ran over to Spider-Man. In one swift motion, the older man took the masked hero's hand and shook it vigorously, smiling with relief. "Thank you Spider-Man! If it weren't for you, those ruffians would've gotten away and we all might have been dead right now."

      Spidey nodded thankfully and gave the man a pat on the back before he fired two webs close to the open window he had entered from. The man watched him with an awe stricken expression, before Spider-Man proudly chimed out "Think nothing of it, sir. Just another good-deed from your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man!" Tipping an imaginary hat, he backed up, using the webs as a slingshot and launched himself out of the window. Flying into the busy streets of New York, he aimed at a nearby building and fired another strand. As he swung into the afternoon air, he heard a roar of applause coming from the bank. With a sigh, he smiled contently under his mask. Another job well done, Spidey. Now then... Where's a good place to have lunch in the Bronx? the young hero thought as he swung off into New York City, his stomach growling from a hard day's work.
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  2. Name:
    Christine Batson

    Miss Thunder

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:
    Hero, should she be anything else her powers would be revoked. Due to her limited time as a hero, she has relatively little notoriety compared to others.


    Civilian- 5'4, green eyes, shoulder length light auburn hair (worn slicked back), thin build with no notable muscle definition, flat chested, wears plain yellow t-shirts, jeans, and black sneakers.
    Hero- 6'0, strong muscle definition, hair lengthens to reach midway down her back.

    Thousands of years ago, the ancient wizard Shazam bestowed the power of the gods upon one who he thought worthy. However this was not so, no sooner did this person (later known as Black Adam) gain this power than he used it to assassinate Shazam and steal the rest of his power for himself. The gods saw this treachery however, and worked together to seal him away, intending to keep him imprisoned forever.

    Now in modern day, Black Adam had managed to gather enough power to begin to break through the seal. With such a villain nearing his escape, and with Shazam long dead, the gods needed to find a champion to stop him, however they were unable to find anyone they could agree was suitable. At that time, Christine and her family were on vacation in Egypt, near the very place Adam was sealed. During a tour of the sites, Christine grew bored and snuck off to find something more interesting. She happened upon a recently excavated entrance to an underground temple, and without a second thought went right inside.

    Deep inside this temple, Adam was on the verge of freeing himself. Having no time left and no other option, the gods bestowed their powers onto Christine, the only person anywhere near Adam, and informed her of the situation. Despite being weakened from his prolonged imprisonment, Adam nearly defeated the extremely inexperienced Christine. It wasn't until the battle broke out of the temple and into the open, resulting in several innocent bystanders including Christine's parents being put in danger, that she found enough determination to win.

    After defeating Black Adam, he was sealed away once more. Christine was allowed to keep her new powers as a reward so long as she didn't abuse them. She used her powers to become a super hero in her free time, taking the name Miss Thunder. So far she hasn't had her powers for even a year yet, so she has little notoriety thus far.

    Though chosen by coincidence, Christine has proven herself worthy of her divine powers with her strong sense of justice. She cannot abide by wrongdoings and even in her normal form is willing to put herself in harms way to help others. While for the most part, she is rather humble, she is known to be quite cocky in regard to her powers. She dislikes having to resort to violence to deal with problems if something else works, but isn't unwilling to do so if needed. Christine tends to be incredibly sarcastic towards just about everyone she meets, though she means no harm by it.

    Despite her own hero status and pride in her powers, she doesn't consider herself that great of a super hero yet and gets easily embarrassed by her few fans. Christine is naturally very curious, and has more than once, against better judgement, followed her curiosity and gotten herself into serious danger. Due to her somewhat tomboyish fashion choices and her flat chest, she is frequently mistaken for a boy (much to her embarrassment and annoyance and yet another reason why she enjoys her powers).

    When dealing with criminals or villains, she tends to toy with them and taunt them, and often shows off. She mainly does so just to show off, as she enjoys being a hero and having the chance to play around with her powers without it being any risk of getting on the gods' bad side, but she also does so as a simple tactic to encourage criminals to surrender (though this rarely works). Due to the her supernatural wisdom she is very difficult to upset as Miss Thunder, though when she does get angry, she is not to be taken lightly.

    Ironically, she hates the color red, which is her only real complaint in regard to her powers.

    By calling the word "Shazam", magical lighting strikes Christine and she becomes empowered with the abilities of 6 gods from across the world. Repeating the process will return her to normal. Using the name of the ancient wizard as the magic word is the gods' way of giving tribute to him after his death at the hands of Black Adam. The names of the gods who empower her spell out "Shazam" as well.

    Sojobo's Strength- Sojobo is the king of the Japanese deities known as Tengu, and himself is known to be 1000 times stronger than a normal Tengu. By using his strength Christine can (potentially) lift thousands of tons and punch through hardened metals. Her body is also physically far tougher and denser (and thus heavier) than a normal humans in her empowered form, making her not only bulletproof but able to take punishment as great as she can dish out.

    Heru's Speed- Heru (aka Horus) is the Egyptian god of the sky. By drawing on his power Christine can move faster than the wind as well as fly. She can easily fly and even run several times faster than the speed of sound, though she hasn't quite discovered the upper limit of her speed. Due to comparatively little practice with her speed, she doesn't quite have reflexes to match just yet (in other words, the faster she goes the harder it is to maneuver)

    Asa-Thor's Power- Asa-Thor (which is indeed an alternate name of Thor, look it up) is the Norse god of thunder, lightning, and storms (and a few other things). By channeling his power Christine can wield the power of lightning and manipulate it in a number of ways, including blasts of electricity, throwing lightning bolts, and using it to augment her physical power. Asa-Thor's lightning also fuels her transformation, the magical lightning that strikes down when she calls "Shazam" comes from him. This magical bolt is extremely powerful, and should it strike anyone or anything but Christine it can cause extreme damage. Asa-Thor's power also grants incredible resistance to magic, only very high grade magic can surpass the resistance of gods. Her control of her electrical abilities is surprisingly high, provided she doesn't use too much power.
    *(since we seem to be chiefly in the Marvel Universe for this lemme know if having Thor here is an issue)*

    Zagzagel's Wisdom- Zagzagel is an Angel who guides humanity by showing them truth and granting wisdom. By drawing upon his wisdom she is granted superhuman intelligence and knowledge beyond what she possesses naturally. She is able to call upon knowledge and facts she normally does not or could not know, and she has greater insight into how she sees things, allowing her to understand more much easier than she could otherwise. Along with those powers also comes innate understanding of all languages.

    Atlas' Stamina- Atlas is the Greek titan god of endurance. For the part he played in the war between the gods and titans, Atlas was punished to eternally stand upon Gaia (the Earth) and hold up Uranus (the sky) to prevent them from ever embracing. Christine can use his stamina to sustain herself in several ways. First, she is almost entirely immune to any form of fatigue, so no matter how long she fights it is near impossible to tire her. She also does not need food, water, or sleep and can survive in space unaided. Finally, Atlas' Stamina makes Christine's empowered form immune to the ravages of time, and thus age will never affect her empowered state.

    Mahavira's Courage- Mahavira is a Hindu god of war and courage who was devoted to Rama. Imbued with his courage, Christine is supported by the will of the gods themselves, granting her the perseverance to never back down from a challenge and to never give in to fear. This incredible inner strength also enhances her ability to heal from injury, granting impressive regenerative power.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    Humanity- Without calling the magic word, Christine is an entirely normal teenager with no particularly notable abilities, and as such is almost entirely helpless in dangerous situations.

    Electricity- While her powers prevent her from being seriously hurt by it, if Christine's empowered form is struck by a large enough electrical charge it can undo her transformation. The same can potentially happen to her normal self, however without her magically resilient form this is extremely dangerous and potentially fatal to her normal state.

    Inexperience- Because she has so little experience with her powers, she has nowhere near reached her full potential with them and doesn't yet grasp just how high that potential might be.

    Age- Despite being able to utilize Zagzagel's wisdom, she is still just a teenager, and her behavior and maturity reflect that in many ways, such as being somewhat self-conscious about her body (namely her normal body as she isn't as "developed" as she'd like) and generally being overly excited at the chance to show off her powers.

    High School student (10th grade)


    Show Spoiler

    The scene was chaotic, a dozen police cruisers surrounding and blockading the entrance to the bank, a huge crowd of civilians pushing forward as far as fear and the cops would allow, and a police helicopter circling the skies above the area, keeping careful watch over everything that happened. Inside, three men, each armed with a shotgun, had taken roughly 30 people hostage, including every patron of the bank and every employee present. The police were attempting to negotiate but they may as well have been talking to a brick wall. If anything their attempts seemed to only aggravate the gunmen further. No one could describe the situation as anything but bad...

    well, except for Christine.

    Seeing the situation on the news from a storefront television on her way home from school, she couldn't help but smile. She continued on her way at first then took a turn into the first alley she came across, and gave a quick glance around to make sure no one was around to see her, "Time to go hero!" She said to herself, her grin growing wider. She cracked her knuckles and looked up toward the sky, "SHAZAM!" She called, the sky rumbling with the force of the divine bolt that struck down on the young girl.

    She flexed her fingers and stretched her limbs, looking down at her empowered body, "I will never get tired of that" She thought with a chuckle, before soaring off into the sky towards the bank. She thought for a moment how to make a dramatic entrance, but quickly decided to go with her usual, going into a high arc, she charged a cloak of lightning around herself as she dove feet first into the ground in front of the bank with a burst of electricity... and facing neither towards the bank nor the police. She quickly played it off, glancing between the door and the officers now staring at her, "Don't worry guys, I got this" Miss Thunder said with a wink, and strolled right into the bank.

    No sooner than she was in the door however, than a deafening bang filled the room as she was pelted with a round of buckshot from one of the gunmen. The sudden shot was enough to make her start in surprise, but nothing more. "Geez is that really how you people greet a girl?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. The would be robbers stared in disbelief at her, making Miss Thunder frown in disappointment. "Oh don't gimme that look... you guys don't know who I am do you? C'mon now I've stopped 3 robberies and a fire in the last month..." She said, a little depressed at how slowly her fame was growing.

    "Don't just stand there idiots shoot her!" The leader of the trio suddenly shouted, "I wouldn't-" The hero attempted to say before being cut off by three more rounds peppering her body and bouncing off harmlessly. "-waste the ammo..." she finished, "Man you guys are rude... how 'bout I teach you some manners?" She said with a mischievous smile. With a blur of movement two of the men were disarmed, Miss Thunder crushed them in her hands and dropped the now useless pieces of scrap metal onto the granite floors. "First lesson, it's rude to point things at people, especially guns"

    The disarmed thugs turned to run, only to soon be held aloft by their legs as they cried and begged for forgiveness, "Second and third, no running inside, and take responsibility for your actions" She said, sending a burst of electricity into the two criminals, just enough to knock them out, and dropping them onto the ground. Turning her attention back to the leader, she saw he had now grabbed a hostage, a middle aged woman in a dress who looked, in Christine's opinion, to be entirely too terrified given there was a super hero in the room. "Back off or they'll be cleaning her head off the wall!" the man shouted, his voice a shaking mess of fear and anger.

    Christine merely shook her head, "Now now, what did I just say about pointing guns at people... you really have no manners at all." She said with heavy faux disappointment. "Ok then so... pop quiz!" She suddenly calls, much to the confusion of both the gunmen and hostages. "True or false, stone doesn't conduct electricity" she said, tapping her foot on the granite floor for emphasis. After a moment of awkward silence, one of the hostages in the corner, a teller from the look of him, spoke up, "um... true?" he answered hesitantly.

    Miss Thunder grinned wide, "Wrong!" She shouted, a moment later the gunmen seized up as his body took a heavy jolt she had guided through the floor then collapsed. "Everything conducts electricity! Some things just aren't very good at it" she said, laughing at her own perceived cleverness in taking out the last bad guy. She then looked to the now saved people, intent on giving a poorly thought out quip about the gunmen getting an F, when she noticed the clock on the wall, "Oh crap I'm gonna be late getting home again!" She thought in a slight panic, and with little more than a wave took off out the door and into the air as she rushed home, far more afraid of angering her parents than any armed criminal.
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  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Laura Sarah Kinney

    Alias: X-23

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Walking the Line between Good and Evil (as Wolverine does)

    Age: 18

    APPEARANCE (open)


    Currently, Laura is 5'3 and probably still growing. She has shoulder-blade length dark hair and usually cold hazel eyes. They can look greenish in sunlight. She has a healthy, athletic build and is usually seen wearing combat boots and lots of black.

    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:
    To start with Laura's story, it is best to start with her mother, Sarah Kinney. A scientist working for the latest incarnation of Weapon X, she was tasked with creating a clone of their arguably most powerful invention - Wolverine. This time, however, they wanted him controllable. Seeking to take the project in a new direction, the project's director, Doctor Martin Sutter, recruited renowned mutant geneticist Doctor Sarah Kinney and tasked her with creating a clone. The cloning process failed, over and over again, until Sarah noticed one thing happening when the clone was attempted - the Y chromosomes were interacting poorly with the process. When that chromosome was removed entirely from the process, it succeeded. That marked her 23rd try. But they needed a human to carry the cloned fetus. Sarah Kinney volunteered, and carried X-23 to term.Without the Y chromosome, however, the new clone was born a female, named with the designation of 'X-23'. Her early life was far, far different than most. She was treated as an animal, a machine. By the time she could talk, she was bombarded with languages and schooling, and from the time she could walk, taught how to fight. Most of her martial arts training was under a man known only as 'Sensei'. When she wasn't being trained, exercised, or fed, she was kept in a featureless metal room, and those around her were ordered not to interact with her.
    That wasn't to say people didn't bend the rules somewhat. Sarah, having a bit of conflicting motherly feelings for the girl, would often sneak in and read bedtime stories to the girl, and X-23's Sensei taught and spoke to her only in Japanese, and would generally, through language alone, treat her like a human being instead of the cold, impersonal language he was ordered to use.The Company did not approve. But their disapproval would wait for later. Once X-23 was around eight years of age, they grew impatient of waiting for their 'new weapon'. So Doctor Zander Rice had X-23 subjected to radiation poisoning in order to accelerate the activation of her mutant gene to see if she did follow in her 'father's' footsteps. Sarah viciously disapproved, but it was done anyway.

    Luckily for X-23 and Sarah, Laura survived the process, following along with her genetic donor's powerset to gain regeneration, and bone claws. Though that much radiation destroyed all her gametes (all the eggs she was born with as a regular female), so she can never have children normally and never had to worry about a period. The feminine aspect to her genetic manipulation made for an odd setting of claws, however - one in each foot, and only two in each hand. All the while, Weapon X was developing a 'trigger scent' to infuriate the girl, using associative psychological techniques to let the scent spark a rage in her.The first trial of it was on her Sensei. Having known that he was disobeying their orders to treat her like a thing, they had her kill him, then brought in a new trainer/handler: Kimura. An (sort of invincible) rubber woman, she could not be cut by Laura's claws. Her training continued.When she was far too young for such things, about 12 years old, they started sending her upon missions. Her first was the assassination of a high-profile politician: Greg Johnson. That was just the start. Sending her on increasingly higher and higher risk missions, members of the project started seeing the ability to use X-23 for their own monetary gain. Rice manipulated her the most. Subjecting her to the adamantium process (in her hands and feet) at the age of eleven. He was a sadistic bastard and wanted to torment and torture the young girl. When Sarah realized that Rice was starting to use the trigger scent to send X-23 to kill his higher-ups so that he could take charge of the project, she panicked.

    Rice even abandoned X-23 on a particularly dangerous mission, but she survived against overwhelming odds and managed to return to the facility. Ultimately, Rice persuaded Sutter to hand over control of the program to him, then secretly ordered X-23 to kill Sutter and his family. Later, Rice revealed to Sarah Kinney a chamber with dozens of incubation pods containing female clones before he fired her. Before fleeing the facility with X-23, Kinney gave her one last mission - destroy the pods and kill Rice. She succeeded, but Rice was able to exact revenge on Kinney from beyond the grave. X-23 discovered, too late, that the trigger scent had been used on Sarah - she was the next target. Flying into a rage, she murdered her mother figure. Another little piece of her died. Searching Sarah's body, she discovered a letter to her that gave her a name. Laura.
    X-23 surfaced in New York City two years later and was found living on the streets by a pimp named Zebra Daddy, who took her in and employed her as a prostitute. During her time as a prostitute, X-23 seemed to suffer from a self-mutilating disorder. She superficially cut herself with her own claws whenever she was alone and in emotional distress. She also seemed to suffer some personality issues which left her mostly mute and unable to free herself from the grip of Zebra Daddy. X-23 started to come to her senses after she met Kiden Nixon, a young mutant with the ability to freeze time when in danger, and together with Kiden's teacher, they rescued another young mutant, the feral Catiana, from an angry mob. Zebra Daddy tracked X-23 down, but with the aid of her new friends and the mutant named Felon, Zebra Daddy's thugs were defeated. X-23 then killed him to save the lives of her friends. After her mutant friends left together to find a safer place away from New York, X-23 stayed and later took a job at the mutant-themed Wannabees nightclub in New York. She stayed there for awhile, developing a budding friendship with Matthew Anderson for a bit, then she found out about his identity as a superhero when The Seven were released and wreaking havoc upon New York City. Because she cared about Spiderman, and also because Steve Rogers agreed to give her information about Wolverine, her genetic equal, Laura helped S.H.I.E.L.D drive back the mutant escapees. However, as soon as the battle was over and she made sure Matt would be safe, X-23 collected the information she needed and left NYC to find her clone.

    Once she found him at The Institute and spent some time with the X-men and Charles Xavier, she learned a lot about herself and eventually formed a good relationship with Wolverine despite having gone there to kill him along with herself. Though she has yet to learn to fully care for herself and stop feeling guilty for all the deaths she's caused, her nightmares have subsided some and she has become less inclined to use violence as a means to control or stop someone. (Mostly thanks to 'therapy sessions' with Dr. Xavier)

    For awhile, she thought she might stay at the Institute where she better learned to harness her abilities as a hero, but after two years, she found she didn't quite fit in like many of the others. She may one day return, but for now, she decides to head back to New York where she can more easily blend in. However, her main reason for going is to meet with a certain web-head again, at least to apologize.​

    1. Regeneration: Sharing in her "father's" ability, Laura has enhanced regeneration. It works fairly fast, with minor cuts clotting and closing up in seconds. More major cuts and flesh wounds heal in minutes, and things like broken bones mend themselves in about 10 minutes depending on the injuries.
    2. Foreign Chemical Immunity: X-23's natural healing also gives her the virtual immunity to poisons and most drugs.
    3. Disease Immunity: Due to her highly efficient immune system, X-23 is immune to all Earthly diseases and infections.
    4. Superhuman Senses: X-23 possesses incredibly enhanced senses that are comparable to those of certain animals. She is able to see at much farther distances, and with near perfect clarity, than an ordinary human. She retains this same level of clarity in almost complete darkness. Her sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, allowing her to both hear sounds that ordinary human's can't and to hear sounds that ordinary humans can, but at much greater distances. X-23 is able to use her highly developed sense of smell to track targets by scent with an impressive degree of success, even if the scent has been eroded by natural factors, such as the weather.
    5. Superhuman Stamina: X-23's muscles produce a considerably less amount of fatigue toxins during physical activity than the muscles of an average human. She can exert herself at peak capacity for about 24 hours before fatigue begins to set in.
    6. Superhuman Agility and Reflexes: X-23's agility, reflexes, balance, and bodily coordination are enhanced to levels that are beyond the natural physical limits of even the most accomplished human athlete.
    7. Enhanced Strength: Laura enjoys the blessing of enhanced strength. While not nearly as powerful as Wolverine, she is getting stronger and stronger as she grows older. This helps her to jump higher, run a fair bit faster, and lift far more weight than her build and gender would suggest. If she wanted to push the limits of her ability, she could bench press about 500 pounds - but would feel far more comfortable carrying and pushing about 350.
    8. Claws: A pair claws in each hand, and a one in each foot. The claws are about eight inches in length in her hands, and about six to seven inches in her feet, curved at one end, and retractable, going back into or out of her arms or feet as she needs them. They've been coated in Adamantium, something the rest of her skeleton hasn't been subjected to. Let's hope they never get a chance to finish the job.
    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    1. Broken bones can set in the wrong place. For example, if she has broken ribs that have been moved or jarred around, they will heal themselves too quickly and may end up crooked or in the wrong place. In that case, she would have to re-break them and set them appropriately so they can heal again. Her regenerative power can be overloaded, perhaps by being shot many, many times in a short period of time. When that happens, she loses consciousness, and drops into a fugue until her body stabilizes itself, and heals any major organ damage that occurs. The drawbacks to this power aren't too many, but she does tend to eat a heck of a lot more than your average person, particularly if this system was given a workout.
    2. She can be affected by some drugs, such as tranquilizers, if she is exposed to an extremely large dose.
    5. If her stamina is used to the max for more than 24 hours and she does not collapse out of exhaustion, her muscles will most likely be very sore by the time she sleeps and wakes again.

    8. Because of these razor-sharp claws, each time they cut through her skin when she 'draws' them, it stings and they usually emerge tinged with a light coat of her blood.
    -Also, because of the adamantium in her hands and feet, she cannot swim very well at all. But she can sink. Quickly.
    • Trust issues (kind of a given) and Protective Feelings. So it would put her in danger if she doesn't trust a team member to go after a villain themselves. She may jump in at the last second to make sure the threat is eliminated, even at the cost of deadly bodily injuries. However, these tendencies have been reduced while at The Institute (Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters).
    • Induced Berserker Rage: She has also been subjected to conditioning in which a specific "trigger scent" has been used to send her into a berserker rage, killing anything in sight. This can be seen as a strength or a weakness, depending on what side of things you're on. Very few things short of knocking her out can snap her out of this state while the scent is around, so she can hardly control herself and is not conscious of her actions. As a result, she is usually bombarded by intense feelings of guilt after this rage wears off.
    • Her death can be caused in three ways that she knows of: Extremely powerful bombs, mutilation of her body to the point of being unable to regenerate, or drowning her by keeping her underwater for at least two weeks.
    • Can speak English French and Japanese, fluently. May be able to speak others, but with much less mastery.
    • X-23 is an expert tracker. Because of her enhanced sense of smell she can track almost anything and anyone, and has memorized many different scents.
    • Raised in captivity, due to her extensive training as a top-secret operative, X-23 has been trained to become a living weapon. She is highly trained in the use of long range weapons and explosives, and is an expert in assassination techniques.
    • She is excellent at hand to hand combatant, with intensive training in numerous armed and unarmed martial arts techniques.
    Occupation: None at the moment

    Other: EXCELSIOR!

    Sample Post:
    THE LETTER (open)

    X-23 sat kneeling beside her mother's dead body. She had given up now on any sort of treatment to save her. It was impossible. The teenager had seen red and simply attacked without even thinking. Without a second thought, she had ferociously ripped her heart up with her own bloody claws. And it wasn't just her claws that were bloody. Having just murdered an entire facility full of people who had wronged her, she was splattered with blood from head to toe. None of it was hers. But suddenly, two tracks clear of blood began to form on her cheeks. Tears were cutting through the bloody path. Oh how long has it been since she cried? It was building...this well of misery and hatred and fear and confusion! A myriad of feelings she never under stood. Not until now. Until she reluctantly searched her mother's bloody carcass or something, anything that would tell her what to do now. Even now that she was free (and alone) she wanted orders to follow. Because it was all she knew.
    The brown eyes of the woman who had conceived her were no longer warm and sweet, the way she remembered them when the woman would sneak into her cell and read her stories. hey were cold and lifeless. And it was her who had done that. X-23 was shaking when she found a piece of paper in her pocket. She opened it immediately, hoping for something to help her. Hope. That was also foreign. She had never hoped like this before. Before she realized that her entire life was nothing but an experiment. A lie. A means to gain money.
    She began to read.

    Please forgive me. Even as I write the words, they ring so hollow. My mistakes... no, my choices... they cannot be undone, much less forgiven. How all this came to pass... and the truth about Weapon X. Had it ended there, would I be less of a monster? Or more? Would I even know the difference? Of course I don't have to tell you about monsters. Your life is defined by monsters. Replicating the mutant genome proved difficult... but rebuilding Weapon X seemed all but impossible. For every enzyme, for ever codon, for every sequence we repaired, or even built back from near nothingness, we seemed to be missing a million more. But I felt alive. The work, the failure, the challenge. It was like a brilliant light, shining inside me. I felt... like my life had a purpose. What a fool I was. I was defiant in the face of my failures. I was determined to succeed out of spite. Weeks passed. I was working on two projects, living two lives. I was used to that. I had kept secrets before. It seems so incredible to me now, that in all that time, given everything that I knew... what I was doing and what the end result would bear... I didn't give it a second thought. I told myself that you weren't real. I told myself that this was science... not life. I was creating a weapon... not a child. I was wrong. When I was little, I always believed that everything that happened to me-- I deserved. That we all get what we deserve. Maybe I was right. No longer the experimenter, I was now part of the experiment. A vessel to be poked and prodded. To be violated.

    They certainly didn't care about me... not with a weapon to train. A team of physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, and military strategists now ran my life. They watched my every move... but they didn't see everything. I asked you for forgiveness before. Now I'm telling you... don't forgive me. Don't ever forgive any of us for what we did. Ever.I remember everything... everything we did to you... and you deserve to know why we did these things. Your training was designed to strip you of your humanity. After all, in the eyes of the Program, you weren't human... you were a weapon. A weapon I willingly conceived for them. Our orders were to keep you from gaining any sense of self... something they said would compromise our ability to control you. We were never to treat you as a child, only as a weapon... but not everyone followed those orders... I'm grateful for that... Sutter wanted to complete your construction... but that wasn't possible while your healing factor was dormant. You would never survive the surgery... so, Rice was given permission to take whatever steps necessary to activate your X-gene. He chose radiation poisoning. You nearly died that day. Unfortunately, Rice was right. The radiation worked. Now, nothing stood in their way... especially me. I only found out later what happened... that your claws were extracted one by one... that he sharpened, then coated them with the indestructible metal, adamantium, outside of your body.

    It was never supposed to be like that. So much wasn't. I should have known what was coming... not that I could have prevented it... but I would have tried. I'm sorry... so sorry...When it was time for your first field test... the target was chosen with the flip of a coin. Who it was didn't matter. As long as the target was "high profile"... and couldn't be gotten to. Sutter needed to make a statement. And you delivered it to the world. I wanted to understand why we were doing this. I told Martin I needed to understand... why you had to publicly kill an innocent man, his family and so many others. So, he told me... he said, it's simple. You can't sell anything... without advertising. That's what this was all about. The buying and selling of lives for profit. Not saving the world, or taking it over. No, this was about money. A lot of it. Martin sold you for a million dollars a pound... and as you know by now, there was no shortage of buyers. Rice was right. I didn't matter. Not to them. Not to you. Not to anyone. All I could do was watch. While you were forced to kill... and kill... and kill... and kill... you killed royalty. Godfathers. Drug lords. Dictators. Assassins. Anyone... everyone... for a price. For three long years, you murdered without fail. Every target they marked, you killed. Every time limit they set, you beat. Every rendezvous point they plotted, you reached... except one... the one where Rice was waiting for you.When Rice came back from the mission, he told us what happened. He said... that you didn't make the rendezvous in time. That he had to abort the mission when the team started taking fire. And that he saw you die. But I didn't want to believe him. You never told me what happened. How you survived, or how you made your way back. Why didn't you tell me? For so long, I held myself above Sutter and Rice. They made you a killer. They were the ones using you. But all it took was one phone call to open my eyes and see... I was just like them.

    They say in life that we are judged by the choices we make... they are what define us... I chose to bring you into this world. I chose to stay in the program even after they stripped you of your humanity... and molded you into a weapon. I'm responsible for everything that has happened... for all the pain... all the death... for everything you have suffered... because I had a choice... when you had none. And I chose to do nothing. I always assumed it was Rice that cut you. He hurt you so many times in the past... he almost killed you twice... I never wanted to believe... that it was you. The damage I've done... I can never forgive myself. You couldn't stop what Rice made you do... but somehow you managed to save Henry and tell me the truth... which means there is hope... you showed me we failed... you are not a weapon... you are a child. Always remember you are not to blame. You did not pick this life. We... I forced it upon you. The blood you have spilled is on my hands, not yours... and please understand why I must ask you to kill one last time. Because tonight, what you do is right. Tonight, what you serve is justice. Tonight, you take back the life we stole from you.I never wanted a family. My father stripped me of that desire. He took my childhood... my innocence... my life... and then I took yours. I became what I hated and feared most... and you became my victim.

    But then you showed me hope. Not when you saved Megan, but when you saved Henry. You showed me that we can choose to be something other than what we have been forced to be... that we can be something better than what we believe we are. And, in that moment, you saved my life. All that matters to me now is that I save yours. I wish we could just run away without anymore bloodshed... but if I don't stop them, they will never stop. They will do it again. They've already started. After tonight, we'll just keep moving and never look back. We'll start a new life... have a future... be a family. I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you these things. There is so much more I want to tell you, and I will... but one thing that you must always remember... no matter what has happened... and no matter what may come... you are a child, not a weapon. You are my child. You are my daughter... and

    I love you. I will always love you, Laura.

    X-23 folded up the letter swiftly, for by now she was full out sobbing, a rare occurrence for her. She wouldn't allow the precious letter to be soiled by her tears. There in the snowy field stained crimson here and there, X-23 wept like the child Sarah had realized she was. She shook and held onto the stiff body she had removed the life from. Wails of misery coupled with what could have been thousands of other terrible emotions that ripped through her echoed from her throat until it was raw. Her mind was reeling at what she had read nonstop over and over again until she couldn't take it anymore. Sarah Kinney, the lady who had brought her into this world of white walls and crystal tears had wanted to be so kind to her for so long.

    She even named her! And now...she's dead. Because of what they did to her! She's a monster! How could her mother think she was anything but?! X-23 screamed into the night, breath white in the cool air. They were agonized screeches that were the only way to express the tearing feeling inside of her. And she never allowed herself to feel so much?! Though the only way she knew for her to be murdered was decapitation, this emotional torture felt like more than enough to make her drop dead beside the mother she could have had. She craved revenge, but the one who had killed her was herself. She gasped for breath, heaving and holding her mother so tight it might have cracked a bone or two. She had been so close to a chance at happiness. So close to warmth and smiles and a place far far away from anyone who wanted to take advantage of her skill set. But she literally beat that chance to the ground and tore up its heart. Though she had saved the lives of her Aunt and Uncle, Megan and Henry, she had too much blood on her hands, metaphorically and literally, to feel any of the joy that came with that. Despite what her mother had written for her, Laura did the only thing she felt she could at the moment.
    "I'm s-sorry. I-I forgive y-you..."



    Name: May Day Anderson

    Alias: Spider-Girl

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Hero, bordering Vigilante status like her brother. May's super hero persona is also considered a "menace" by the Media thanks to dumb newspapers and magazines.

    Age: 15

    APPEARANCE (open)

    May is about a head shorter than her brother, but with her petite body comes a big voice. She has chin-length dirty blonde hair and usually bright blue eyes, like her brother's. She has a healthy, athletic build and is usually seen wearing lots of color even when out of costume.

    Background and Hero Origins:
    May was born four years after her older brother Matthew, (nicknames include Matt, Matty, Matty Matt, Mattie-kins, Mat-Mat) and she's basically been a pain in his ass (haha he doesn't like when she uses bad words X3) since she could breathe. May Anderson is from New York, but she was raised in a small townhouse in Forest Hills with her parents and brother of course. She had a relatively normal childhood though she was coddled, seen as their parents' little angel who was always somehow able to blame her brother for the bad things she did. Her father, Thomas, was a scientist who had been working on some kind of research dealing with cross-species mutation at OSCORP. Her Dad never told her much about his job, but she wals always glad when he could come home. Thomas always warned Matthew that his work could make bad men show up, but May was in the dark for a long time. Nobody wanted to scare the baby girl, though she was clearly mischievous enough it would have done her some good at the time. She was never sneaky enough to look at Dad's notes though. He always kept his office door locked in a way that she couldn't pick it. Not that she was all that crazy about science and math. She just couldn't resist her curiosity. Most of the time, Thomas was off working at the OSCORP Building, so his family rarely saw him except on weekends. May's mother, Vanessa is a local dentist. She was also constantly working, but whenever the family managed to get extreme periods of time off work, they would spend it together to try and make up for lost time.
    Matt kept her pretty informed about their Dad's death when it occurred, especially when she told him about what she heard after the accident at the hospital and from the news. She had stayed by his bedside with her Mom as often as possible. She was 11 at the time, but she refused to allow anyone around her to sugarcoat what had happened to her family. Matthew sometimes tries to explain to her how he got his powers, but she knows it had something to do with the incident when he was 15, and that's pretty much all she needs to know. He always goes into all this scientific detail and she gets bored and interrupts him, usually with a commonly asked question: Can we go fight some stupid criminals now?

    May has always been pretty charismatic and though she can be devious when she needs to be, it's always in good fun and never to hurt anyone, really. So she's always had a big circle of friends and was always wrapped up in some sort of drama until a certain point in middle school. She's currently attending Midtown High School as a sophomore. It's where her brother graduated from so she has some of his old teachers and she despises when her Science teacher expects her to know all the answers and her math teacher compares her to Math-geek Matthew. Sometimes it sucks to be the younger sibling, but at least she has more friends than he does, some of which are newer friends thses days, including Shiela Fields, Christine Batson and Jemma Cobett. She loves participating in the school plays and musicals so she has good friends from that and some from her art and spanish class too.

    Remember that certain point in middle school when she let go of the drama and a lot of her "friends"? Yeah that was because she was kidnapped by the Spider-Queen when she was 13 and trapped in a freaky cocoon that messed with her DNA as it meant to kill her slowly. SpiderMan saved her though. He got her out in time and she ended up with powers much like his, considering they came from the same type of arachnid. She discovered these abilities when she was helping her drama teacher organize some scripts and a couple of them stuck to her hands. And wouldn't come off. She ran home freaking out about how the drama teacher's gonna think she stole them and Matt was the only one home at the time. Luckily or her, he was the one person who knew and understood what she was going though and her powers developed as he taught his little sister the ropes and how to keep her secret.
    He explained about his connection Arachne (the same woman from Greek mythology who challenged Athena and was turned into a spider) and that Athena has tasked her with training Matthew to become a ‘Web Warrior’, an ancient hero tasked with preserving the ‘web of life’ (the Web Warriors weave the web and those who would destroy it will ultimately destroy the natural order of all things). As exciting as it was for her to find out she has superpowers and her brother is SPIDER-MAN, he made sure she took it seriously by telling her what Arachne had told him: that his powers were a tremendous gift and to not use them for the preservation of his world would be selfish. He also told her the most important phrase she must remember as Spider-Girl. A phrase she treasures because her father said it: “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility…”
    So even though she loathed being compared to her big brother in most things, she decided to follow in his footsteps and become a Web Warrior too, even if her powers came from a villain instead of a Goddess. For her father’s memory, May would fight for the good of mankind.

    She became the one and only Spider-Girl.

    With a little bit of guidance from Matt, she made her costume kind of like his (she has good sewing skills from making costumes for plays at school). Eventually, when he trusted her enough (and he knew he could no longer keep her from fighting crime with him) he made and granted her with a couple of silver wristbands that serve as artificial web-slingers like his, though she can't make natural webbing like he can. She loves fighting bad guys because she makes it fun and though she isn't sadistic about it, she does tend to enjoy messing with the criminals she goes after. Matt also makes it fun because he's always so sarcastic and hilarious, but she would never tell him that.

    WEBBING (open)


    • Wall Climbing: basically meaning she can make her fingers stick to things better than krazy glue when she wants them too.
    • Web Slinging (via silver web cartridges/web shooters): you get the idea
    • Enhanced Speed & Agility: Here's one thing she knows she can do better than her brother. She's smaller (fits into smaller spaces) and faster, more agile and limber. He doesn't let her forget that she doesn't surpass him by very much though.
    • Enhanced Strength: Okay she could probably lift a truck full of money, but she's definitely not as strong as Spider-Man. She's just too little and doesn't have the muscle mass. She might, when she's older, but for now, she can't even beat him in an arm-wrestling contest.
    • Enhanced Eyesight & Night Vision: Pretty self-explanatory.
    • Immunity: (never really been tested as no one's really tried to poison her) She doesn't know she has this, but she's mostly immune to all poisons and drugs unless given in very large doses.
    • Venom Blasts: She can focus her bioelectric energy into "venom blasts" sufficient to stun or kill normal humans (she's obviously never killed anyone though and only uses them when needed).

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    • Bullets, Knives, Mind Control, Having his power's sucked from his body, Explosions, and pretty much anything that would kill a normal human being.
    • Her Wall Crawling ability works through thin layers of cloth, such as the fabric of her costume, but not through materials such as the soles of shoes. When May needs to crawl without changing into the costume, she has to remove her shoes first.
    • Venom Blasts tend to drain her energy a lot because she doesn't practice them much and she rarely has to use them in battle.
    • She wouldn't admit it, but Matthew is her biggest weakness. She'd do anything to make sure he's safe, though he's really annoying when it comes to being overprotective of her.

    Occupation: Student

    The boots, mask, and gloves of her costume can be folded up and stored inside a purse or her backpack or even her pocket while the remainder is usually worn under her civilian clothes (for the weirdos and fellow feminists out there, she rarely wears a bra.)


    SAMPLE POST (open)

    May walked up the steps to the door of the house where she lived with her Aunt, Uncle, Mother and annoying brother..and promptly slammed the door closed behind her. She was not in a good mood.

    "May, is that you?"

    "NO it's your best friend, Mr. DinkleBear!" She stomped up the stairs, grumbling about how absolutely stupid the list was and undertstudies don't get any credit anyway... grr.

    "Oh good, I thought it was my bratty sister." He smiled at her as she walked by his bedroom door towards hers. She glared, but before she could take another step down the hallway, Matt called out ot her, "Hey c'mere I just finished writing my own theme song, you wanna hear it?"


    "Too bad."

    *3 minutes later*


    "I know right?"

    "I just realized.."

    "That I'm a musical genius? Yeah I know."

    "That you're a boob."
    She walked to his door and looked over her shoulder at him.
    "You're...the biggest dork I've ever met. Ever. I'm so sorry you were born this way."
    She sniffed with seemingly honest pity and giggled as Matt through a pillow into the hallway after her. He missed and she forgot about being listed as the main female character's understudy in Midtown High School's Production of Shrek. Matty always had a way to cheer her up.

    ~Later at night...~

    A petite shadow crept along the walls of a dark hallway with some doors on either side. The shadowed figure was silent as she crept along in her red and blue suit, already wearing her mask and everything. She opened Matt's door upside down, then crawled in on the ceiling while he played computer games or something. Everyone else was asleep, so she simply lowered herself upside down like a spider would, blocking the screen from her brother's view with her head. He sighed. She showed him crossed fingers with one hand. It was a signal between her and Matthew telling him that she's going out to patrol. He promised her once that as long as he told her when she was going out as Spider-Girl, he'd cover for her if one of the adults woke up. Because she doesn't like not having a spider-sense like he does, she likes to do night patrols on occasion, just to reassure herself that she can do some crime fighting on her own, even if they're not even dangerous enough to be on Matty's radar. But she likes the nights best when she can just swing free and the night is peaceful (even in the city that never sleeps).


    The web lifted her back up to his ceiling and she just crawling out the window when Matt spoke again, quietly.

    "Be Careful."
    "Yeah, yeah yeah..."
    May smiled and leaped off into the night, webs slinging in her flight through the city. However aggravating any stress or problem was, May could always count on this to give her a happy rush of endorphins and freedom. As much as having to hide these powers from her best friends totally sucks, she wouldn't trade them for the world. They've become a part of her and she couldn't imagine herself without this feeling of wind rushing past her ears and cars and taxis honked below in the streets while she swung--flew-- through the night onto rooftop after rooftop, scanning for trouble with quick blue eyes.

    Sure I'm just doing my job, but who says I can't have fun with it?
    Spider-Girl thought, flipping and soaring and smiling endlessly.
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  4. Name: Bruce Wayne

    Alias: Venom

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Hero

    Age: 30




    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: The murder of Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne is a matter of record, a tragedy that leaves an eight-year-old Bruce Wayne with an insatiable desire for vengeance and a drive to prevent similar nightmares from occurring to others. After college, Bruce embarks on a seven-year journey across the globe to study with the greatest minds and masters of several fields. He returns at the age of thirty ostensibly to inherit the reins of his father's company, Wayne Enterprises. In truth, he returns to begin his one-man war on crime. However, his first foray in vigilantism as a plainclothes crimefighter end in humiliation, injury, and a barely-won victory. It is during this moment, when he is reconsidering his war on criminality, that his inner fears and anger draw the attention of an alien life-form known as the Symbiote. It takes Bruce Wayne as its host, giving him enhanced strength, agility, and the ability to turn its gelatinous mass into various weapons and tools with a thought. Bruce soon learns that the gelatinous alien is, in fact, a sentient creature and the personification of fear itself. Taking on the codename Venom, Bruce Wayne reenters the war against evil with renewed vigor.

    -Peak Human Physical and Mental Conditioning: Bruce Wayne is a master of many physical, mental, and intellectual fields, including combat, martial arts, weapons, stealth, survival, mechanics, hacking, chemistry, escape artistry, strategy, interrogation, terror tactics, urban warfare, demolitions, and investigation. He is intimately familiar with police proceedings, forensics, and the criminal mindset.

    -Venom Symbiote: The Symbiote is a sentient gelatinous alien life-form drawn to fear. It is capable of reproducing through fission when enough ambient fear is in a given area. After selecting a host, the Symbiote grants its host superhuman strength and agility and allows the host to mentally command it to form various weapons and tools from its gelatinous mass. In actuality, the Symbiotes are the symbol of office of the Synoptic Corps. Each Symbiote forms a piece of the hive mind of the Yellow Entity of Fear.

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    -Sound: The Symbiote is disrupted and pained by loud sound. This can interrupt Bruce's control over the Symbiote.

    Occupation: CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist

    Other: EXCELSIOR!

    Sample Post (open)

    Bruce Wayne trudged into the cave hidden beneath Wayne Manor. For now, the secret base of operations he had built there consisted of little more than a computer, a chair, and a few tables with various tools, forensics equipment, and a chemistry set. The aches of injuries and fatigue assailed his tired body. But more than that was the ache of fear. His first night of vigilantism was an unmitigated disaster. It was supposed to be a simple bust. His intel on the arms shipment was solid, as was his reconnaissance of the cartel's numbers and weaponry. His one-man raid was initially successful, but he struggled to maintain the initiative. And he knew why.

    They weren't afraid of him.

    He barely succeeded, barely escaped with his life. Barely won. He couldn't afford anything less than perfection in every battle. Furthermore, he couldn't afford to lack any psychological advantages over his enemies. But how to make his foes fear him? He was just a man in their eyes.

    Bruce ripped off the plain balaclava that hid his features and angrily threw the garment to the ground.

    How to make them afraid of him?

    Something dripped from the rocky outcroppings of the cave overhead. A dark, sickly yellow, the gelatinous mass spilled onto his shoulder.

    "What?" Bruce wondered into the darkness of the cave. The liquid began to spread over his body, encasing him, enveloping him. Becoming part of him. "No!" Soon, the gelatinous mass covered his head. He felt like he was suffocating, but only for a moment. In that terrifying place between consciousness and asphyxiation, he heard it. A voice that was not his own. It was raspy, threatening, gravelly. It was the voice of shadows and terror. It was a voice that welcomed him home.

    Bruce Wayne. You have the ability to instill great fear.

    Welcome to the Synoptic Corps.

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  5. Name: Howard the D.U.C.C. (Destructive Universal Computerized Commando)

    Alias: None

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain: Hero

    Age: ??



    Background and Hero/Villain Origins: The Destructive Universal Computerized Commando line of mobile weapons platforms was originally conceived as a series of semi-autonomous robotic mini-tanks manufactured by Stark Industries for use in the field by SHIELD. After an initially promising first run, the entire D.U.C.C. line was bought by Wayne Enterprises for further enhancement and modification. The prototype D.U.C.C., nicknamed Howard in honor of Tony Stark's father, was also sold to Wayne Enterprises. Under Wayne Enterprises' hand, Howard was redesigned as a robotic walker to meet the demands of urban terrain where the D.U.C.C. line was expected to see the most action. Howard the D.U.C.C., like others in his line, carried a Universal Weapons Payload system with multiple modular hardpoints, enabling fast refits and different weapon specs for various missions.

    -Universal Weapons Payload System (capable of loading various weapons from personal firearms to small-scale missiles and flamethrowers)
    -Bullet Resistant
    -All-Terrain Mobility (limited to walking and climbing)
    -Sensor Suite

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:

    -Electronic Warfare (as a robotic construct, Howard is susceptible to hacking, but does have anti-hacking defenses to combat this)

    Occupation: Mobile weapons platform, walker-type

    Other: EXCELSIOR!

    Sample Post (open)

    "Wayne, what the hell is this?" Tony Stark asked his fellow billionaire playboy philanthropist. According to rumor, between the two of them, the equivalent of nearly the entire female population of New York City had been penetrated by their manhoods at one point or another.

    Between them was, unfortunately, not a beautiful woman. It was a duck. A robotic duck.

    "An improvement," Bruce said, gesturing broadly to the mechanical creature. When Tony Stark sold the D.U.C.C. line of mini-tanks to Wayne Enterprises, Bruce immediately went to work on improving the original design to meet SHIELD's ever-increasing mission parameters. Instead of the original tracked mini-tank, the prototype was now a mobile walker with a pair of legs. It stood about half Bruce's height. Within its duck-like chassis were an assortment of deadly weapons, any of which could be easily switched out in the field due to the highly-versatile Universal Weapons Payload system.

    "Its looks like Gizmoduck."

    "I'm afraid I don't know what that is."

    Tony blinked in surprise. "You've never watched Duck Tales?"

    Bruce frowned. "Tony, you know I spend my time being constructive."

    "'re a detective!" Tony urged. Tony was one of the few people Bruce trusted with his secret lifestyle as a vigilante. That trust went both ways.

    Bruce sighed. "Yes. I solve mysteries, Tony."

    For some reason that was unfathomable to Bruce, the other playboy started beaming. A broad grin split Tony's face. "Do you also rewrite history?"




  6. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    "Sometimes it's hard. But sooner or later every man shows himself."

    Wanda Maximoff

    Scarlet Witch, Ana Maximoff, and Wanda Magnus

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:
    Walking the line



    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:
    Wanda Maximoff was born to Magda and Magnus, an alias Magneto temporarily used, who had given birth to the Maximoff twins in Mount Wundagore in Transia, the home of the High Evolutionary. Incidentally, the Elder God Chthon had altered Wanda at birth granting the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, though this was under his goal of using her as a vessel when her powers reached maturity. With the fear that Magnus would discover Wanda and Pietro, Magda chose to leave the sanctuary and supposedly die of exposure of the elements. The Maximoff twins are soon attended by Bova, who assisted the superheroine Miss America through labor, though the birth resulted in a stillborn child and her eventual death. Despite Bova's insistence that Whizzer ( Robert Frank) are his children, he flees due to the shock of his wife's death. And soon enough, the High Evolutionary placed the twins in the care of Romani Django Maximoff and Marya Maximoff, who would raise the children as their own.

    Sadly, Django's decision to steal bread in neighboring town to feed his starving family had resulted in tragedy. The townsfolk had set fire to gypsy village, effectively killing Mayra. Pietro had carried Wanda to safety where the two would eventually wander around Europe for some time. Due to their traumatic childhood, none of these memories would resurface until well into their adult lives. Because Wanda used her powers to save a child, they were promptly chased down by a mob. Ironically, Magneto had saved the two, though neither party was aware of their connection to one another. Eventually Magneto decided to recruit the twins for the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, who would often fight against the X-Men. It wasn't until Magneto was abducted by the cosmic entity called Stranger, and the Brotherhood was dissolved, that the twins finally began to run off as a pair.

    With Magneto's abduction, Pietro and Wanda had decided to join the Avengers. It was during a mission that Wanda was shot, against Magneto, that would lead to their departure from the Avengers. Pietro had decided to rejoin Magneto and leave the Avengers, taking a wounded brunette with him. They spent some time with him until several encounters with the X-Men had led to a change of heart from the two. The Maximoff twins promptly left Magneto but didn't join the Avengers immediately. It seemed much easier to be by themselves for a bit, simply to gather their thoughts first. Incidentally, this would be around the time that the villain up-rise had finally begun and Magneto would temporarily play a part in their alliance.


    ➳ Probability manipulation
    ➳ Reality warping
    ➳ Chaos magic
    ➳ Expert combatant

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    ➳ Concentration is required for her abilities
    ➳ Prone to headaches and nosebleeds if she pushes herself too far
    ➳ Takes an intense amount of focus and may result in headaches, migraines, and minor brain hemorrhages
    ➳ Overexertion

    ➳ Avenger
    ➳ Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
    ➳ Avengers unity squad

    Any volunteers for Pietro out there?

    Sample Post:

    Wanda was all too aware of the dangers her future possessed and leaving the pieces fall where they may wasn't something she happened to favor. Perhaps it had been the separation from her brother, Pietro, that convinced her she needed to do something- anything to stop what was going on. Ironically, the brunette wasn't necessarily ready to face Magneto but this wasn't about her anymore. No, this was about Pietro. The very loss of him had been her breaking point. Without the familial figure in her life, she couldn't cope with the way things were rapidly changing for worst. Wanda needed a future that had him.

    Releasing her breath, Wanda's gaze lingered straight ahead as she recalled the words she heard from Pietro. There were talks of a rival group, one that clearly opposed her father and other villains. Cabal- they were creating something to change the outcome of this ongoing war. With that single thought in mind, she pushed herself forward as she kept a tentative nature to her surroundings. Regardless of her previous stance with Magneto and the Brotherhood, her alliance with the Avengers wouldn't be so easily forgotten by the other villains. In fact, she had gotten numerous stares of distrust from other villains after memories of her time with the Avengers was brought up.

    "You do know I'm aware that you are following me, right?" Wanda spoke aloud, turning her head slightly to catch the quick glimpse of a shadow rushing forward. Wordlessly, red magic gathered at her fingertips before she flung a hex at the stranger. "Whatever it is that you suspect.. it's best if you leave me out of this." She pipped up, mild irritation slipping through her calm composure. Being stopped in midst of her plans wasn't an enjoyable way to waste time, after all. Her magic continued to linger on her fingertips, small bursts of power occasionally slipping through.
  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    "Whatever it is you don't want them to see or hear or know.. you can bury it- you can bury it so deep that you won't find it yourself anymore but you'd wish that you had."

    James Buchanan Barnes

    Winter Solider

    Hero, Walking-the-line, or Villain:
    Walking the line

    Unknown but it appears he's in his early twenties



    Background and Hero/Villain Origins:
    James Buchanan Barnes was born in Shelbyville, Indiana in 1925. He was an orphan, the son of a solider killed in training at a U.S. Army Camp Lehigh in Virgina- just before the United States' entry into World War II. Because of this, he's officially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Under the nickname "Bucky", James wears a uniform and became quite savvy with the ins and outs of military life, though he's still a teenager. It was during his time at Lehigh that he meets and eventually befriends Private Steven Rogers, who's the clumsiest solider in the camp. Around this time reports of the then-mysterious Captain America appeared quite often in news magazines, something James devours quite eagerly.

    Around 1940, James had accidentally walked in on Steve Rogers changing into his uniform, discovering the secret identity of Captain America- where he would insist on joining him. With that split decision, he later underwent extensive training and was assigned to be his friend's partner in fighting. To justify the fifteen year old's presence in a dangerous position, the military used him as a symbol to rally the youth of America. Together they fight the Red Skill, where Captain America eventually accepts James as his partner. United, the two fight Nazis back at home and abroad , as a duo and as part of the superhero team known as the Invaders, where they fight Master Man in their first mission. James also teams up with the sidekicks of other heroes in a group called the Young Allies.

    James served as an advance scout for Captain America and the Invaders, often being assigned to tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing. Within the closing days of World War II in 1945, Captain America and James tried to put an end to the villainous Baron Zemo from destroying an experimental drone plane. Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive device, with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. The pair manage to reach the plane just before take off. James unsuccessfully tries to defuse the bomb only for it to explode in mid-air before reaching its' intended target. He'll eventually be believed to be killed in action, considering Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.

    After the plane explodes, General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine find Bucky's cold-preserved body missing one arm. Bucky is revived in Moscow, but suffers brain damage with amnesia as a result of the explosion. Scientists attach a bionic arm, upgrading it as technology improves.

    Programmed to be a Soviet assassin for Department X – under the code name the Winter Soldier (Russian: Зимний Солдат, translit. Zimnij Soldát) – he is sent on covert wetwork missions and becomes increasingly ruthless and efficient as he kills in the name of the state. While a Soviet agent, he also has a brief relationship with the Black Widow. The Winter Soldier is kept in a cryogenic stasis when not on missions, and as a result has aged only a few years to a young adult since the closing days of World War II. In 1968, the Winter Soldier was sent to kill Professor Zhang Chin, whom he had met over 20 years earlier. He was thwarted by an intangible being called the Man with No Face, though he was able to escape. On assignment in the United States in the 1970s, he suffers a breakdown and goes missing for days after assassinating his target. The Winter Soldier also aided in Wolverine's escape from the Weapon X laboratory and later murdered Itsu, Wolverine's wife, seemingly killing their unborn son Daken, who survived the attack after being cut from his mother's womb.

    In the present day, the Winter Soldier seemingly kills the Red Skull and Jack Monroe (Nomad) under orders from former Soviet general Aleksander Lukin (Karpov's former protégé). The Winter Soldier launches a terrorist attack on Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, killing hundreds, and charges the Cosmic Cube which Lukin sent him to retrieve. He kidnaps Sharon Carter, an agent of the international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and a former lover of Steve Rogers (Captain America). Upon her rescue, Carter tells Captain America that Winter Soldier looked like Bucky. S.H.I.E.L.D. chief Nick Fury confirms the Winter Soldier's existence, but cannot ascertain his identity.

    Captain America tracks down and confronts the Winter Soldier. Regaining his memories, Bucky becomes overwhelmed by guilt over his past actions, crushing the Cosmic Cube and teleporting away. He reappears shortly afterward in London, England, where he helps Captain America fend off a terrorist attack. He asks Nick Fury for employment and new equipment following the loss of his bionic arm.


    ➳ Master at hand-to-hand combat/ Martial arts
    ➳ Expert Assassin/Spy
    ➳ Superhuman strength
    ➳ Enhanced reaction time
    ➳ Energy projection
    ➳ EMP discharge

    Weaknesses/Tragic Flaw:
    ➳ His muddled memories
    ➳ His loyalty to Steve

    ➳ Avengers
    ➳ Previous Assassin for Hydra
    ➳ Previous member of Invaders
    ➳ Previous member of Kid Commandos


    Sample Post:

    His name was James Buchanan Barnes, otherwise known as Bucky. It was strange to see the image of a man with his exact face yet not being able to recall anything about that time period. While it was his face and persona, the time that was spent in that era wasn't his. James was a different man now. He was the Winter Solider, a man who killed anyone that Hydra deemed a threat. Anyone from a mere scientist to a engineer who did little beyond developing a few plans.

    James's eyebrows furrowed slightly at the strange thought, soon forcing it away with a shake of his head. It wouldn't be wise to linger on that particular thought any longer. Once his mind lingered there, he often found himself drowning in a ocean of confusion and utter frustration. The only being he could recall from that era was a man by the name of Steven Rogers, the ever face Captain America. Something told he'd be able to find some answers with that man, if James ever decided to finally face him for answers.

    The only question was if he was ready for the backlash his own confused haze of a memories would provide him with. Nonetheless, James needed to come to terms with his decision soon. Otherwise, he'd be at risk of losing this opportunity- something that would occur in the near future, much to his misfortune and later surprise.

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  8. Alright, well that seems like the starting crowd!


    Okay so just for reference, I'm doing a flashback in my opening post. We'll be going back in time a Year prior to the main RPs events, but only a select few will be collaborating on it. Why's that?

    Because I need to know who's part of the Avengers :3

    So if you want your character to be a part of the team for the 1st post, let me know and I'll send you all a PM setting up the scene. From there, we'll collaborate with each of us posting until a certain point (where Spidey splits off from the group and we get a plot-mover from the future).

    To put it simply, the 'flashback' will be similar to the opening of Age of Ultron (all the heroes attacking a villain base to capture the bad guys)

    Anyways, post below and let me know who's part of the team (remember; this is only for those who were on the team a year ago in a flashback).
  9. I've also updated the first post to include the current character roster (all those who are posted there are accepted)
  10. Well Christine just won't work for a team then lol she hasn't had her powers that long so don't need to worry about her
  11. Alright, thanks for saying so. Did you want to control an NPC for that post, or are you fine with sitting it out?

  12. I'm not too sure if either Wanda or Bucky would be a part of the Avengers at that point. Out of the two of them, I would say Bucky might have more chances being a part of the team.​
  13. Alright, well you can totally have them both be on the team if you want.
  14. I don't mind sitting stuff out at first, I'm patient :3
  15. Alright, just thought I'd offer ^^

  16. Alright, that sounds good.​
  17. barely omg my iwaku fix was not met! x3

    anyway, x-23 will be arriving in New York the day the rp starts so then she'd ask Matt if she could stay with him after their adorable reunion (so definitely not an Avenger)

    and uh.. Matt's connection to the avengers would be the one factor deciding whether May is on the Avengers so that's up to you though from what i've read, i doubt any of the spiders are...right?
  18. Well in the comics, Spidey and Spider-Woman are actually part of the Avengers (starting officially with the New Avengers, but now they're part of the proper Avengers), so you could theoretically have May be there with Matt.

    But its up to you. If you don't want to be May or Laura in the flashback, you can be an NPC hero ^^
  19. i mean, i don't mind either of them in the flashback, but if they need to be in the Avengers to be in the flashback, i guess it'll just be May. I mean if Matt is in the Avengers, she will be too.
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