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The Trinity Wars (Mass-Fandom Crossover)

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    • [​IMG]

      .:General Grievous:.
      Supreme Commander of the Droid Army
      The Knight Slayer

      Star Wars - Villain

      "Jedi! You are surrounded, your army is decimated. Make peace with the Force now... for this is your final hour. But know that I, General Grievous, am not completely without mercy. I will grant you a warrior's death. Prepare!" Audio here.

      -General Grievous, during the Battle of Hypori.

    .:Info Panel:.
    "Unstoppable. He is unstoppable."

    Unknown. Assume around 45-75 years old.


    2.13 meters

    Completely cybernetic except for brain, some vital organs, and parts of head.

    Ruthless and evil, the Kaleesh Droid General serve only himself.


    Skill Set/Powers:
    Excellent commander and an ingenious tactician.
    Trained in lightsaber combat by Dooku.
    Uses prolonged lightning-fast flurries and power moves designed to overwhelm his enemy.
    Can split his arms into two, allowing him to wield four lightsabers.
    Able to spin these arms in a whirling storm of deadly lacerating light that few can withstand.
    Can spin his torso and wrists 360 degree at extremely fast speeds, becoming a lightsaber buzz-saw.
    Analyzes most of his opponents' attacks and respond thanks to advanced combat algorithms in his brain.
    Can directly control his droid army using two antennae built into his head.
    Can survive in space.
    Gifted pilot.


.:Bio & Personality:.

Arrogant, cold and without mercy. The General care little about civilian losses, and wouldn't think twice about their survival to his own. He is quite the sadist and enjoy killing or torturing his foes. He have also shown to care little about his own allies as well, and is more a killing machine than anything else. But while he is brutal, he is not completely heartless. He cared about his people, and even showed pity towards a Jedi before killing her.

General Grievous, born as Qymaen jai Sheelal served as the Supreme Commander of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Grievous was originally a Kaleesh from the planet Kalee, where he lived his early life until a shuttle crash and his transformation into a cyborg. During the Kaleesh conflict against the Huk, Qymaen jai Sheelal quickly learned the art of war, becoming a demigod among his people due to his skills. After the lose of his beloved Kaleesh Ronderu lij Kummar, he renamed to Grievous and turned his anger and grief towards the Huk. But as a cyborg General, he moved his hatred to the Jedi and the Republic because they helped the Huk fight the innocent Kaleesh.

The general was trained in the art of lightsaber combat by Dooku himself, who was also a Sith Lord. Grievous was a quick study and eventually came to be recognized as one of the most skilled duelists in the galaxy. Aided by his IG-100 MagnaGuards, Grievous killed many Jedi, and led the Confederacy to victory in many battles. Quickly gaining a reputation as a savage, merciless brute as well as a tactical genius, the cyborg struck fear into the hearts of many with his flagship, the ion cannon–armed Malevolence and later the large ship Invisible Hand.

Poggle the Lesser and his Geonosian scientists implanted his brain and eyes into a duranium alloy body reminiscent of a Krath war droid, complete with LX-44 robotic legs. His vital organs were housed in a synthskin gut-sack impervious to vacuum. The Geonosians would also alter his brain against his wishes, both to trim away disturbing memories—while enhancing his rage centers—and to enhance his equilibrium, allowing him to better employ his newfound agility. Internal implants were also placed in his eyes to sharpen his vision and to protect them from the vacuum of space.

The cyborg project was funded by San Hill to create a military leader that could counter Dooku's growing political influence in the Separatist Movement, although he presented the finished General Grievous as a twisted gift to Dooku. Though taken aback by his appearance, Dooku was pleased, and bestowed upon Grievous the title "Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies," planning to use him in his efforts to conquer the Republic. He presented him with his first lightsaber, the weapon of Sifo-Dyas. Grievous was disgusted by his new droid body and took Dooku's appointment as Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies as an insult. Immediately after he was presented with Dyas' lightsaber, he slaughtered all the MagnaGuards in his presence in a defiant rage, exclaiming that he was not a droid, which Dooku had referred to him as. He further rebelled by openly displaying his Kaleesh heritage by adorning himself and his MagnaGuards with masks and cloaks in styles closely resembling those found amongst his people, considered by Dooku to be an act of vanity. Grievous, however, would soon come to highly respect both Dooku and Sidious, considering them "necessary" political leadership.

  • [​IMG]
    .:Droid Army:.

    General Grievous commands an army of battle droids. Weak alone, but powerful in massed numbers. The droids are meant to outnumber and overwhelm the enemy. B1 Battle Droids are cheap to produce and are more cannon fodder than anything else. But as the main infantry, they get the job done. More or less. The B2 Super Battle Droid is another case. This heavy infantry unit can take a lot more hits than its B1 counterpart. However, the army is not complete without the infamous Droideka. Fast and armed with two twin blasters along with a shield make this a very powerful unit in the Droid Army. Its comes with a price though, and is not easy to mass produce. But we cannot forget the IG-100 MagnaGuard. Special built on the request of General Grievous, these Guard Droids are the finest in the galaxy. At least a lot smarter than a simple minded B1 Battle Droid.

    B1 Battle Droid
    E-5 blaster rifle and Thermal detonators.

    B2 Super Battle Droid
    Dual built-in laser cannon (Wrist blaster) and TriShot and 2x Wrist rockets

    2x Twin built-in blaster cannons

    BX-series droid commando
    E-5 blaster rifle
    Thermal detonator

    IG-100 MagnaGuard


    Armed Assault Tank (AAT)
    1x Heavy laster cannon
    2x Light laser cannons
    2x Antipersonnel blasters
    6x Chain-fed energized shell projectile launchers

    IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank
    1x Retractable laser cannon
    2x Missile launchers
    15x missiles each, 30 total

    OG-9 homing spider droid
    1x Mounted laser emplacement
    1x Anti-personnel laser cannon
    1x Retractable ion cannon

    Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)
    112x B1 Battles Droids or
    20x Droidekas or
    12 B2 Super Battle Droids

    Tsmeu-6 personal wheel bike
    1x Nd-53 double laser cannon

    Single Trooper Aerial Platform (STAP)
    1x Duel blaster cannon

    Vulcan Droid Starfigther
    6x Blaster cannons
    4x Buzz droid discord missiles

    Droid tri-fighter
    1x Heavy laser cannon
    3x Light laser cannons
    6x Buzz droid discord missiles

  • [​IMG]

    The Grand Droid Factory
    The Glorious City of Rogath. Home for thousand forges of war. In a seamlessly endless circle of metal, parts and circuits a massed army is built and assembled. No humans live here. Only droids and their evil and twisted General. In the beginning, it was merely a destroyed industry complex. But when General Grievous discovered this location, he turned into a City of War. The entire city runs on it own, powered only by the three Energy Spires. The fourth Spire, greater than the three others hold Grievous's headquarters.

    Rogath have become the home for the large Droid Army, keeping General Grievous effectively in power in the area. From his grand Spire, Grievous can control his entire army. B1 droids patrol the city nonstop, and other droids keep an eye from the sky. However, the surface is merely the shell for the factory complex underneath.
    Info Panel:
    81 km2 surface and 93 km2 total with outskirts.

    General layout:
    Red circles: Spires. (Middle is HQ)
    Green squares: Major surface factories/Stockpiles for complete Droids
    White squares: Access to underground area/exits.
    Red zones: Closeby outskirts zones.

    Important buildings:
    Three Energy Spires. Each keep a region of the city supplied with energy for the factory machinery.
    HQ is located in the last Spire, bigger than the other three.
    The access points are well guarded.

    Other buildings:
    Worn out factories, old worker housing, stockpiles.

    How much is operational:
    Currently a single Energy Spire along with large mining operations.

    Future/Droid factory.

    Amount of troops:
    B1 Battle Droids: 5.000 and growing.
    B2 Super Battle Droids: Classified.
    Other: Classified.

    The Outskirts
    Of course, not all of Rogath have returned to its former glory. The outskirt have become a graveyard for old droids. As well as those who have malfunctioned... This destroyed place is as dangerous as the center of the city, if not more so. For one never knows what horror lies in ruins of old.

  • General Grievous
    The large capital ship Malevolence shakes, crashing even the proud General Grievous against a nearby bridge panel. "Sir, the outer shields are down" The report came from a B1 Droid manning one of the stations as red alarms started going off. "Full power to the engines, get us into hyperspace!" The cyborg General commanded with a sharp, but rasped roar. The General got back up and craned his neck to the right to look out the large windows. The five Republic Venator-class Star Destroyers was moving in for a hot pursuit. The Vulture starfigther droids had successfully kept further enemy fighters off, but the droids were getting overwhelmed. Fast.

    "Roger, roger" The B1 responded, completely mindless to their dire situation. But that was because it was not programmed to know fear. However, General Grievous knew very well this was a lost battle, no matter what else he might think. "Curse you Jedi!" The General hit a one of the panels with fist, resulting in flying sparks from the destroyed electronics. The grand ion cannon had been destroyed because he had underestimated the Republic.

    "Sir, we are getting strange readings in the Hyperspace calculations" Another B1 droid looked up from its station. "I don't care! Engage the hyperdrive now!" Grievous commanded with a aggressive arm movement. "Moving into hyperspace" The same droid replied, its attention returned to the post in front of it. The next moment the Malevolence was gone, leaving behind the Republic Star Destroyers.

    "I don't think..." A third B1 droid managed to say before the dark space from the window panel turned into that of cloudy grey. The ship began to shake violently and all reading quickly went off chart. "What did you do you fools!?" General Grievous shouted as he hold onto the bridge control with a grip of his robotic arm. A huge red lightning suddenly flashed past them, lighting up the ship bridge in a sharp light.

    "The ship is about to crash against a large gravity mass". One of the droids who hadn't been thrown off its post, responded. "Grrr, activate the emergency booster engines before its too late!" The ship was slowing falling downwards like an arrow, and Grievous could only hold on to the panel to prevent falling against the windows.

    They felt a huge jolt the second the emergency booster engines started as they were suddenly slowed down tremendously. However, the ship was still falling down. On the surface of the planet, the roar from the hefty engines and the huge falling object could be heard miles away. Soon the ship broke the clouds, and Grievous saw the landscape of a destroyed world. The picture didn't last long though, as the steel windows shutters fell down to protect the bridge. Then they crashed.

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  • [i might edit a bit around personality and Bio]

    From: Original
    Name: Kira Erieen
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Show Spoiler


    Alignment: Good/evil
    Alliance/Position: The Resistance – Engineer
    Skill Set/Powers: Telepathic abilities mainly Technopath – Hacker,Engineer, Intelligence warfare.
    Theme Song:

    Personality: Kira is curious and tends to question things around her a lot.
    Intrigued by the unknown she explores and is rarely satisfied by a single answer.
    She enjoys sinking her mind into work and focus on solving problems this also helps her relax and gather herself.

    Bio: A Tyrilian Engineer from the Tyril conglomerate. Rebuilding itself from the collapse of the Cascade alliance with a high demands on engineers everywhere people like Kira found work where ever they went and with the new teaching system their minds where filled with knowledge.
    As the Gate system between worlds was in shambles much effort was put into restoring it to help far away colonies and protectorates that where In need of resources. Kira lead the team that worked on the main hub to restore the links to portals that where still functional. However a space, time wave caused a core destabilization sucking Kira and others into the main hub core…
  • From: Warhammer 40k/ Original
    Name: Vorth Mordac
    Age: 400
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: His own. anti-evil. He will do all in his power to oblitorate all evil in the world.
    Alliance/Position: Heros, Position, he's a warrior. but a brilliant one.
    Skill Set/Powers:
    400 years of battle experience. genetically engineered as a superhuman warrior, he spent his entire life fighting against foes that would make most mortals go crazy with fear.

    Blessed Armour. His armour is warded against dark magic and evil. it is also as strong as tank armour, made from a ceramic/titanium alloy that is capable of turning all but the largest shells and most powerful blades. while it is supported by internal mechanisms it does mean he struggles to jump high or move very fast. mind you with the internal mechanisms augmenting his strength and superhuman abilities he can still keep up with most normal people

    The Agis; A finly woven web of Silver wire fused in to his very flesh, made in to protective pentagrams and runes, this protects him from dark magics, spells, psychic abilities and the like targeted at him it is also immune to magnetism (to stop people just ripping it out of him)

    Psy Cannon, That gun on his arm? Yeah, that fires physically charged rounds the size of a normal persons fist that explode inside the target, made to send demons and the like back to hell, blessed with holy magics. Tipped with silver they also glow a strange, holy blue.

    Superhuman Strength, Stamina, healing. Genetically engineered to be 'better' than mortal men in every way, he is also immune to most non magical poisons and never feels fatigue or suffers disease, though this has its costs. he eats more, and often forgets others are not as strong as him, nor as resilient.

    Nemesis Force Weapon, A weapon imbued with immense psychic might along with a disruptor field, this disruptor field dislocates molecules from one another, causing it to cut through flesh and armour alike. however the true power of the Force Weapon is that it allows the wielder to imbue it with his own psychic powers, furthering its power and destructive force. Vorth carries 2 such weapons, a Halbard with a long pole and blade atop it, and a two handed sword, to large for any normal man to wield.

    Psy-Powers, Capable of manifesting his will and soul into psychic might he can manifest purifying flame, soul crushing lightning storms, and other such things through his mind. Though the most terrifying of these is called 'Purgation' which is where he causes the sins of all those in a area to come crashing down upon them in the form of holy fire and lightning. after using this skill he needs to rest for a few moments due to the immense strain on his mind.

    Theme Song:

    Personality: He is a believer in all that is good should be protected and that evil must be eliminated in any and all forms. totally and utterly. He will not rest until that is done, with or without his allies he. The first to march on to the battlefield, and the last to leave, In his life there are only a few things that really matters, care of his equipment, obliteration of all evil, and protecting good. Besides that unstoppable drive he's rather kind and caring, believing that the purest form of goodness is kindness and compassion and strives to show that in himself. He also believes himself to be free of sin.
    TBA (I'm not sure what to put here yet!)
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  • Schwarzwald

    "Peace is a lie... We're monsters. All of us."


    Omegamon Zwart - what many may refer to him as - is actually his 'species' name proper.
    He identifies as Schwarzwald, the very name of the city which he sees as his duty to embody and uphold.
    Informally, he is called War, a name that connects both his 'species name' and his formal name.
    However, the name also traces back into his past...

    [Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth]

    (as a digital life form, he is ageless)


    In his initial form, Schwarzwald possesses a maximum height of 20 - 30 meters.
    He is able to shrink down to only a few meters, and usually remains around 3 meters tall to better prevent excessive collateral damage. However, his power undergoes no noticeable change despite the decrease in size, and it actually grants him an additional edge in agility and mobility at the cost of stronger armor and a greater attack range. While not involved in battle, Schwarzwald dons a featureless black cloak around his figure, so as to "sheathe his weapons", so to speak. This refers to his arms, which truly are weapons in themselves. His mantle deploys only when entering battle.

    Schwarzwald believes in order through force, but still maintains a personal code of morals.

    The Empire - City Leader

    Skill Set/Powers:
    Schwarzwald possesses the Ruination Sword on his left hand, and the Desolation Cannon on his right hand. The Ruination Sword reads "TERMINATION" on its blade in digital code, and is the knight's strongest weapon. With it, he can cut through virtually any matter in the world. Peculiarly, the blade is classified as a holy sword. Perhaps due to this, the sword is just as powerful in defense as it is in offense. Schwarzwald is capable of brandishing the invincible sword to achieve a rapid round of successive slashes. Meanwhile, the Desolation Cannon allows him to rapidly bombard the opposition with powerful ice or fire shells. Schwarzwald may charge his shots to produce a much more heavy-hitting blast possessing a greater range. However, there is a limit to how many rounds he can fire at one time before necessitating a short pause. Because he is a life form created out of data, he is able to rebuild damaged parts of himself over time when given the chance. There is no way to accelerate this, but the rate is consistent enough. It is not an understatement to say that his entire body was built for combat, and is fitting for his moniker as the Fallen Royal Knight. For what he lacks in complexity and variety, Schwarzwald makes up for with terrifying strength, endurance, and speed.

    Theme Song:


    Fearless though he may be prone to recklessly rushing straight into battle, Schwarzwald is an honorable being, even in the servitude of his new masters in The Covenant. He is completely ruthless to those that continue to stand against him in combat. However, he goes to great lengths to ensure the safety of non-combatants, and will not harm those that have surrendered to him or the forces of The Empire. At the same time, he will not strike down an enemy that is unable to fight back. He also strongly believes that children, no matter what kind, do not belong on the battlefield, and may hesitate if a child is involved in a current predicament. Others have foretold this to one day be his downfall. Schwarzwald is not fazed, and even as he raises his sword against the rebellion, believes that everyone who wishes to fight must fully understand the things they're fighting for. And because children do not understand, they could not possibly deserve death in the name of any cause. Despising deceit, Schwarzwald respects strength and courage, and values loyalty above all else - to one's beliefs, and those that share it. And because he believes this new world as a whole has a better chance of surviving under the rule of The Covenant, he fights to enforce their rule, seeing them as a necessary evil. However, he does not condone unnecessary, selfish evil acts, and strikes them down as the seeds of chaos that they are. Schwarzwald can also be oblivious to concepts that seem common to others, his only source of information for them being the network as well as others. Schwarzwald can be quietly emotional, and often mourns the fallen under an exterior that is unable to shed tears.
    Ultimately, Schwarzwald is a soldier - a knight - and only that.
    He has seen the death of one world. He would not see another.

    Once a member of the Royal Knights of the Digital World before arriving in Chralmede, the knight now serves The Covenant as one of its enforcers and a member of The Empire, as well as the leader of Schwarzwald, the "Black Forest". As it is a developing city that is set up to maintain the high-power communications network across Chralmede, Schwarzwald takes to his duty very seriously, to the point that he has adopted the city's name for himself. He leaves the actual intricacies of administration to a comrade, Datamon, and instead appoints himself as the High Commander to the defense forces of the city, all the while keeping sure to tend to his obligations amongst his comrades in the Covenant. He continues battle against The Insurgency, all the while keeping a close eye on The Stars, as well as the nameless ones newly blazing trails across the darkened sky...

    IC Extract:

    The officer felt the air near his cheek cut apart by the shimmering blade though it did not move. At least, the sensation. Was the stroke not there, not where he thought the Commander had aimed? It was unknowable, an enigma of an occurrence almost on the level of its maker, standing in the middle of the practice room with nary the sound of a breath to his name; Schwarzwald. He had become a spectator to a discussion about the Commander the day before. People likened him to a force of nature. Warned one another to only approach the Commander with the utmost respect. He did feel sorry for them; they were all new recruits into the Corps.

    But most of all, he felt sorry for the Commander. Clearly they were making him sad, and now, like always, he's fighting himself in this very room again. Fighting the feelings that are trying to weigh him down. He's been fighting an awful lot lately. The Commander might not have a shred of flesh on him, inside or out, but what terrified the young man the most was how very much he acted like he did. After a while, the sword withdrew.

    Lt. Barnes raised a salute as the Commander walked up to him, then looked up into his red eyes as he handed the Commander his cloak. Nodding, the commander draped the cloth around his tall figure and walked out of the room. Barnes followed, the sound of the Commander's clawed feet following the two throughout the hall.

    The Commander was a monster, but it's better to have a monster that's more man than the other way around.

    Various, as he is the High Commander to the city's defense forces. Schwarzwald values loyalty in a soldier than anything else. He regularly rewards the hardworking personnel under his employ, and is greatly strict yet kind to the entirety of his military body. However, those that betray him or his cause will be met with swift judgement. He does not choose from certain pools to add to his battalions. As long as they are willing to fight, he will allow their entry into his force. Because of this, his small military is made up of different kinds of soldiers; the original inhabitants of Chralmede, machines, beasts, and even digital monsters such as himself, the latter of which often make up the bulk of his elite forces and generals.

    City Name:
    "The Black Forest"

    So named for the dark colors of the possibly hundreds of communications arrays installed around the city, it is a technological metropolis in the making, and an important epicenter for the future technological and networking growth in the new Chralmede. Though he feels he suffers as an actual leader, Schwarzwald is trying to craft the city into a microcosm of the world he hopes to achieve - stripped of all conflict by a superior force.

    Zero Nightmare

    "Kill, kill, and kill. Three reasons I need to keep living. So you're going to take my place! Hahahahahaha!"

    [by NightmareZeroX6]

    Zero Nightmare

    [Megaman X6]

    (he was only recently developed, owing much to his mental instability)


    Zero Nightmare is the same height as the original Zero, that being 1.7 meters.

    Zero is mentally insane, and is loyal to no one. He only fights to kill everyone and destroy everything.


    Skill Set/Powers:
    Zero Nightmare uses imperfect variations of attacks used by Hunter Zero in X5. He can also teleport to a degree, and does so frequently in battle. Lastly, Zero has the means to fix his internal systems if damaged. He had once been able to recover from complete destruction due to the Nightmare virus, but no more. Not in Chralmede, at least.
    Teleportation - Zero Nightmare can warp around the vicinity in a dashing stance.
    Z-Saber Slash - Zero Nightmare slashes with the Z-Saber, a powerful beam sword.
    Z-Buster Shots - Zero Nightmare transforms an arm into the Z-Buster cannon, and fires.
    Thousand Shots - Zero Nightmare shoots a large barrage of charge shots from his Z-Buster.
    Denharei - Zero Nightmare launches an crescent-shaped energy wave that is semi-homing from his saber after using Z-Buster, similar to Zero's boss patterns in X2.
    Shin Messenkou - Zero Nightmare punches the ground, making several energy projectiles fly up from the floor.
    Genmurei Kai - Zero Nightmare attacks with a weaker version of Awakening Zero's final attack, firing off single giant energy waves at varying speeds.

    Theme Song:

    Zero Nightmare seems to be mentally unstable, almost a botched project. At times he would ask X where Zero was, seeking him. Other times he would claim to be Zero himself, and yet other times, he would yell "BLUE LIGHT MUST KILL" among other incoherent phrases in a senseless rage. No matter what, though, X would deny his claims or snap at the "cheesy fake," and Zero Nightmare would instantly go into a rage bent on killing X, or claim X has gone Maverick and that he will retire him. These conflicting and random exchanges of dialogue seem to suggest that a particular quality that became botched was Zero's various memories. While some memories and attack patterns seem to have remained from different periods of Zero's life, the clone was not complete in any respect, and was therefore easy for X to see through as a forgery of his longtime friend. In the light of his arrival in Chralmede, Zero Nightmare found out that he would truly die in this new world if destroyed completely, because of the lack of the Nightmare virus. Because of this, he has mustered enough of a survival instinct to run away from a fight he can't win in order to strike at another time.

    Zero Nightmare was created by Gate and used by Isoc and High Max's investigation teams to justify their existence. The two claimed to want to get to the bottom of the Nightmares, but in reality, used the fraudulent claim of Zero going on a rampage for Gate's advantage--fully knowing that Gate was the true perpetrator. Created from Zero's DNA, Zero Nightmare seemed to retain some of Zero's memories, but at the same time sought out the real Zero, for unknown reasons. The investigators were to have the public believe that Zero had fallen under the influence of the dreaded Nightmare, but Zero Nightmare had simply been created that way as nothing more than a faux to give credibility to the claim. The real Zero decided to keep out of sight as the Zero Nightmare tarnished his name, and only revealed himself once X had disposed of the clone. Or, at least the Maverick Hunter thought so. Secretly, the Zero Nightmare was just as capable of rebuilding himself due to the latent Nightmare virus spread across the world. However, as soon as he managed to recover to his prime, a time-space aberration caught him within the ruins he was hiding in, and Zero Nightmare found himself in a world where the Nightmare virus did not exist. Seeing as such an ugly world, and one that would eventually kill him for real, Zero Nightmare sought out to kill the world before that could happen.

    IC Extract:

    The officer felt the air near his cheek cut apart by the shimmering blade though it did not move. At least, the sensation. Was the stroke not there, not where he thought the Commander had aimed? It was unknowable, an enigma of an occurrence almost on the level of its maker, standing in the middle of the practice room with nary the sound of a breath to his name; Schwarzwald. He had become a spectator to a discussion about the Commander the day before. People likened him to a force of nature. Warned one another to only approach the Commander with the utmost respect. He did feel sorry for them; they were all new recruits into the Corps.

    But most of all, he felt sorry for the Commander. Clearly they were making him sad, and now, like always, he's fighting himself in this very room again. Fighting the feelings that are trying to weigh him down. He's been fighting an awful lot lately. The Commander might not have a shred of flesh on him, inside or out, but what terrified the young man the most was how very much he acted like he did. After a while, the sword withdrew.

    Lt. Barnes raised a salute as the Commander walked up to him, then looked up into his red eyes as he handed the Commander his cloak. Nodding, the commander draped the cloth around his tall figure and walked out of the room. Barnes followed, the sound of the Commander's clawed feet following the two throughout the hall.

    The Commander was a monster, but it's better to have a monster that's more man than the other way around.


    City Name:



    Original (?)



    (presumed male, from the figure)

    His total height is 1.9 meters, and his armor may glow a luminous golden color from time to time.
    In this state, he would even 'fizzle', as if on the verge of fading away.
    His armor and cape are not immaculate, and are actually marked with numerous scratches, scrapes, cracks and tears, as if he had spent decades within one of the smouldering wastes of Chralmede.

    Very little is known about the silent, enigmatic figure, but he is heroic and seems to naturally oppose evil.

    The Resistance - Fighter

    Skill Set/Powers:
    For the most part, none. The knightly figure is capable of flying (or floating) to a degree, but seemingly not indefinitely. In a battle against Empire forces, his tactics seem to only consist of quickly swooping towards the enemy and striking them with his 'blade' of sorts. The weapon appears to be imbued with some sort of energy that causes it to leave ghostly light trails for every sweeping motion, but its actual damage comes off as low-to-average, and it is without any real cutting power. In this manner, it acts more like a club. The figure is described as possessing the strength of several men, though, allowing him to still be an effective force on the battlefield. Especially because it seems his armor, which he is never seen without, is virtually impenetrable. At the most, a strong attack will only leave him unconscious or unresponsive for a time. Lastly, he does not need food or air to live, but may require sleep as he still runs from a semblance of energy.

    Theme Song:

    When not joining the rest of the Resistance in battle or carrying out tasks given to him by the higher-ups, the "man in the suit of armor" can be seen around the Resistance base, often doing nothing in particular. The image of him standing or sitting in one spot brings to mind a forlorn being, yet one can never truly explain why. He seems to be unable to speak or make any sound, but understands others' speech perfectly. He can also seem to understand non-human languages, such as machine and animal, two types of beings which it seems to be particularly fond of. What is apparent, however, is his inclination towards defying the wishes of the wicked, as well as protecting those shown to be deserving of its trust, such as beings with good nature. Though he may not speak, he very often expresses himself through his actions, and has shown kindness to the other Resistance members, as well as sympathy towards the original people of Chralmede for the fate of their world. On a different note, people keep suggesting different names to call him by, and they have yet to reach a proper choice. The figure doesn't seem very responsive to this endeavor, though.

    Like the other "heroes", the figure was brought to the devastated landscapes of Chralmede by an unseen force, in a manner not unlike falling into a dream - without control, nor grace for that matter. What may be different from the rest, however, was how more literal it was for his case. The figure in the armor fell down onto the wastes in the manner of a shooting star, and had decimated and burned the rubble that was in his trajectory before he came to a stop at the foot of a decimated building.

    After that, he laid in rest, mind seemingly at sleep, until sounds in the distance pulled him into the wake of the living. And, knowing nothing else, he walked towards the source of the sounds, hoping it would rouse him from this waking dream, and dispel the blank slate his mind continued to show him. He felt he could understand that he did not have a history to recall, but what tortured him was the conundrum of whether he had one in the first place, which he felt strongly unlikely.

    To this day, he continues fighting with only a seemingly inherent nature as his guide. He hopes to replace this with the people around him from which he continues to learn new things from. This strange world offers many surprises, but the most surprising thing of all may be to come when the war is finally over. At least, the figure continues to hope, and pray, in absolute silence.

    IC Extract:

    The officer felt the air near his cheek cut apart by the shimmering blade though it did not move. At least, the sensation. Was the stroke not there, not where he thought the Commander had aimed? It was unknowable, an enigma of an occurrence almost on the level of its maker, standing in the middle of the practice room with nary the sound of a breath to his name; Schwarzwald. He had become a spectator to a discussion about the Commander the day before. People likened him to a force of nature. Warned one another to only approach the Commander with the utmost respect. He did feel sorry for them; they were all new recruits into the Corps.

    But most of all, he felt sorry for the Commander. Clearly they were making him sad, and now, like always, he's fighting himself in this very room again. Fighting the feelings that are trying to weigh him down. He's been fighting an awful lot lately. The Commander might not have a shred of flesh on him, inside or out, but what terrified the young man the most was how very much he acted like he did. After a while, the sword withdrew.

    Lt. Barnes raised a salute as the Commander walked up to him, then looked up into his red eyes as he handed the Commander his cloak. Nodding, the commander draped the cloth around his tall figure and walked out of the room. Barnes followed, the sound of the Commander's clawed feet following the two throughout the hall.

    The Commander was a monster, but it's better to have a monster that's more man than the other way around.


    City Name:

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  • From: Mortal Kombat

    Name: Mileena

    Age: Approximately in her twenties

    Gender: Female



    And, what lies beneath the mask, you ask? Let's just say...some things are better kept a secret.

    Alignment: She works simply to better herself. If that means turning her blades against the Empire, so be it. (Lawful Evil)

    Alliance/Position: She kurrently fights for the Resistance, but after the Empire is toppled, there's no telling what she'll do.

    Skill Set/Powers: Mileena possesses both the martial mastery of an Edenian, and the unbridled ferocity of a Tarkatan. Pairing this with her twin sai, she's truly a force to be reckoned with in hand-to-hand kombat. And having been konceived in an unnatural way, through sorcery and black magic, she was born into the world with the ability to teleport short distances, or in place, to use as a feint.

    Theme Song:

    Personality: Being an ungodly mix of Edenian and Tarkatan makeup, it shines through in her mental instability, and psychopathic behaviour. Being the psychopath she is, she has an insatiable bloodlust, and eats flesh and blood like bread and wine. That doesn't mean she doesn't know when to conceal such behaviour, however, as her upbringing as Shao Kahn's daughter taught her valuable lessons in kourtesy...including kovering up the unspeakable atrocity that is her jaw. Such an upbringing has also transformed her into an opportunist after having a front-row seat of the Earthrealm invasion.

    Bio: Mileena was not born from a mother and father, oh no. Rather, after Shao Kahn began to notice her "adopted" daughter Kitana begin to show rebellion, he decided to have another daughter created, so he asked his sorcerer Shang Tsung to pair up Edenian DNA with Tarkatan DNA, so that he could have the perfect daughter. Out came Mileena. Every part of her body looked just like a beautiful Edenian woman...save for her face. She had burning yellow eyes, and the jagged teeth that one could only define as Tarkatan. (Most of what comes after this is mentioned in my IC Extract, go check it out!)


    From: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Name: Amy

    Age: Twelve

    Gender: Female



    Alignment: Just like Sonic, Amy is the definition of a tree-hugger, and stays true to her title of a Freedom Fighter. She always strives for a greener and free(er?) future. (Good)

    Alliance/Position: Despite her short fuse, Amy's pure nature and drive to recover her stolen past has landed her on the path of the Stars.

    Skill Set/Powers: For a twelve year-old girl, Rose is surprisingly strong, and quick on her feet. With her physical capabilities, she's able to wield her trademark Piko-Piko Hammer with ease. It's no simple blunt weapon in her hands, as she can vault herself high into the air with it, just as one would perform the Pole Jump. The enchanted weapon can even summon gusts of wind at her command, allowing her to either float briefly, or attack foes with an onslaught of miniature tornadoes. It can even be summoned at will, how convenient.

    Theme Song:

    Personality: Amy is an interesting mix of personality traits, apparently as happy to be fighting Eggman as she is chasing after Sonic or shopping. Though she loves fashion and is often quite cheerful, she also possesses a temper rivaling if not surpassing that of Knuckles. Despite this, she is a dedicated hero, and balks at the path of "the ends justify the means." Her somewhat materialistic hobbies hide a deep concern for her friends-especially Sonic.

    Bio: Since Amy's history is extremely expansive, as are any other Sonic character's, I'll keep this short and retell her story from Sonic CD to Sonic Adventure. Before Dr. Robotnik's conquests, Amy Rose was just a ditsy hedgehog growing up on the unusual Little Planet, before she found her surroundings undergoing the nasty process of Robotization. Soon after Little Planet was being converted, she was found and kidnapped by Robotnik's latest creation; Metal Sonic. Unsurprisingly, Sonic quickly came to her aid and fried the robot's circuits, and freed Amy. From then on, Amy was lovestruck. She admired the blue hedgehog's courage, charisma, and...basically everything else. Sonic was having none of this, but sadly, that only made Amy want him more. (If you want any more info, check out this page: )

    From: Sonic the Hedgehog

    Name: Nicole

    Age: N/A (Artificial Intelligence)

    Gender: Despite being a program, she identifies as female


    (Physical Form)


    (Holographic Form)

    Not much different from her physical form, except that she's coloured with a tint of brown.

    (Computer Form)

    Alignment: Having been in the Freedom Fighter's possession her whole "life", she follows their goals and beliefs to a tee. (Good)

    Alliance/Position: Just before the memory wipe, Nicole was trusted in Amy's safe-keeping. They weren't separated when they were brought into Charlmede, meaning she's affiliated with the Stars.

    Skill Set/Powers: Being a computer program with sentient A.I., NICOLE has some of the greatest intelligence and intellect man or Mobian can make. Although she wasn't programmed with the knowledge needed for computer hacking, she's learned it by working with the Freedom Fighters, and is quite crafty with the way she can toy with the inner workings of computers, or computer-controlled machinery. A most interesting way she's learned, is how to (literally) combat computer viruses, by manipulating a system's power into laser weaponry, and even into forming firewalls. NICOLE, with the help of the boy genius Tails, has also learned how to gain herself a physical form through Power Rings. Golden rings simply pull her from the virtual world...while the scarce Red Star Rings also empower her, overclocking her, if you will. While overclocked, the abilities she has in the virtual world also apply in the physical world. However, this form can only last so long before the Red Star Ring's power is depleted. The only ability she was programmed with was how to scan data, both virtual and physical.

    Theme Song:

    "Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space."

    Personality: NICOLE possesses many of the traits of a living being, and is fully regarded as such by her friends. She is able to express concern for others, and is not without the ability to mock or express defiance. However, she is at times out of touch with this part of herself, reverting to the more logical thought processes of a machine. Originally this sort of behavior was all Nicole was capable of, with logic being the only motivation behind any decision. Despite this, she is capable of appreciating beauty and of helping others in times of difficulty.

    Bio: Alright, this is a hefty one, so strap in.

    Nicole was created by Dr. Ellidy, a top scientist of the Kingdom of Acorn, who hoped to digitize the consciousness of his dying daughter Nikki. Nicole was designed to map out digital neural pathways for Nikki's mind to be copied into. Upon Nicole's activation, Ellidy hoped for a reaction of some sort from her; he was disappointed when she responded with no emotion and noted that she had no designation. Despite this, he chose not to delete her, and he later gave her handheld form to Sally. Sally quickly identified her by gender and asked Dr. Ellidy what "her" name was. Ellidy started to respond but hesitated, struggling over his loss of his daughter, which prompted King Acorn to suggest the name Nicole after a past queen of the House of Acorn. Sally became quite fond of her new device, though she quickly learned-with some help from Rosie Woodchuck-that Nicole responded to all situations with logic rather than emotions. Though Nicole would retain memories of these events, it would be with a different perspective than after she gained sentience, which took place some time after Sally fled to Knothole, taking Nicole with her. Eventually she manifested her holographic form to Sally, and demonstrated her first signs of real emotion by expressing a desire to see the stars.

    (For additional info, check out this page: )

    (I'm going by the Super Genesis Wave timeline, as the previous timeline is simply known as a clusterfuck.)

    IC Extract (open)
    The Kuatan Jungle

    It was a serene place, especially at night, as it was currently.

    To an Outworlder at least...most Earthrealmers would be dead within minutes due to the multitude of venomous species that inhabit the unusually lush environment.

    Mileena had grown a close fondness to it recently. After the former Empress had been taken out of power by her former allies, and her closest friend Baraka had been slain, she and the rest of the Tarkatan were forced into hiding. Dearest Baraka... reminisced the half-blood, ...loyalty like yours is hard to come by. Mileena had never noticed him much while his heart still beat, but in these quiet times of respite beneath the gentle light of Outworld's Moon, she began to see how a true Tarkatan had influenced her just as much as her sister Kitana, a true Edenian had as well.

    It often surprised her how explosive her own genes were. Since the Tarkatan were crossbreeds of both Outworlders and various demons from the Netherrealm, and the Edenians were rumoured to be descendants of the Elder Gods, Mileena was just a bit of everything. And because of Shao Kahn's morbid curiosity, she was created with a child's mind, within a grown adult's body.

    Gripping the insignia of the initial Mortal Kombat Tournament within her right hand; the elegant iron dragon's head; she was reminded of the lessons she had learned from each relative. Slowly understanding how to suppress her demonic bloodlust, and eventually coming to terms with the shape her teeth were in. But soon, suppression wasn't what she wanted. Mileena sought control. Edenian martial arts were the perfect solution. By watching her sister's demonstrations, and combining them with Baraka's pure ferocity, the young-minded Mileena was able to temper her fury, and become everything Shao Kahn wanted.

    Knowing that all three were dead brought a rare tear to her eye. Everyone she once loved had been slaughtered in dishonorable combat, that of which doesn't even deserve the K. And after all of this, her rightful place as Empress of Outworld had been stolen by a mere warrior. With a snarl, she threw the insignia to the soft ground, and crushed it beneath her heel, leaving a large dent within it. Mortal Kombat was dead. Now all that was left is deceit, treachery, and madness. Mileena could nary comprehend how she could win this war.
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  • From: Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Name:Leon Von Schroeder



    Leon has hazel eyes and dark maroon hair, in contrast to his brother Zigfried's pink hair, and ties it with a hairband. His attire consists of a light-blue sleeved school shirt with a cream vest bearing a school insignia, navy-blue shorts, white knee socks, and black dress shoes. In his youth he wore a dark green jacket and shorts, a white shirt underneath with a tie, black socks and brown dress shoes.


    Alliance/Position: The Empire

    Skill Set/Powers:Can bring any fairytale card he has to life, making it attack an enemy.He cannot summon cards greater then 3000 attack, and cannot make spells or traps real. He can't summon anything if he's greatly injured.

    Theme Song: Sorry not for leon

    Personality:Leon is polite and respectful of those around him, but has small doubts about himself when he made it past the first round. Leon likes to keep an optimistic attitude, and this is shown through his Duels by enjoying them, and is very modest in his skills, never one to gloat in his victories. However, during his Duel against Yugi, he became more determined and brutal, now Dueling to help his brother, unaware of his true intentions.

    Leon's family never paid very much attention to him when he was a kid. They were always focused on preparing Zigfried to take over the company, and they would punish him for distracting Zigfried from his studies.
    Leon discovered a fondness for fairy tales and wrote a letter to Maximillion Pegasus, requesting that he make Fairytale Cards. After building a talent with computers, as well as Dueling, he used these skills to enter tournaments under a false name so his family wouldn't find out, until was discovered by Zigfried. Who, rather than being angry or ashamed, was impressed with his brother's talents. Recognizing his abilities, he asked his brother to assist him with running their family business, promising him that he would never be alone again.

    Leon first meet's Yugi after a friend of his finished up a Duel against the Duel Machine, where he and the other people in the arena are locked in after Zigfried hacked the controls. He then witnesses Yugi Duel the Duel Machine, using Rick's deck, and winning. Later, during a party held to kick off the KC Grand Championship, he greets Yugi and Joey, sheepishly telling them that he's competing too. When Roland introduced him, he explained that Leon was a Dueling prodigy, shocking Yugi and his friends.
    During the first round of the tournament, he is paired up against Doctor Goat. Tea wishes him good luck, causing him to blush from the encouragement and nodding his head. Although the doctor's eccentric behavior was confusing to him, Leon still managed to win, and watched as his two nurse assistants took away on a stretcher.
    His next Duel would be against Ethan Shark in a overwhelming victory (as evident he still had 4000 Life Points by the Duel's end). Zigfried's second virus attack, however, would cause the haunted house they were Dueling in to go haywire, creating mass confusion for him and the other Duelists (as their dueling grounds were also affected by it).
    He later Duels against Rebecca Hawkins in the semi-finals. Their Duel was a back-and-forth match in the early parts, although Leon's Fairy Tale cards proved to be too much for Rebecca. He was able to counter each one of her attacks and strategies, eventually turning her own "Diamond Head Dragon" against her with his "Thorn Princess", winning the Duel. He tried to cheer her up after she lost, and although she snapped at him, told him to be prepared as there was still a long way to go before the tournament's end.
    When Zigfried is disqualified, he recruits Leon to help him with his plot to destroy KaibaCorp, by activating"Golden Castle of Stromberg", which will release a computer virus into the system. Leon initially agrees because he is unaware of his brother's plan believing that winning at Kaiba's own tournament and humiliating him will be enough.
    During the Duel with Yami Yugi, he eventually comes to his senses and refuses to help Zigfried, but is unable to remove the card from play. Yugi however, comes up with a strategy to destroy it by turning it's own effectagainst it, while Seto Kaiba works on stopping the virus. Once the "Golden Castle" was destroyed, Yugi would win the Duel using a combination of "Necromancy", "Diffusion Wave-Motion", and "Dark Magician".
    Afterward, Yugi praised Leon for his courage and strength, which made the latter break down into tears of joy. Even though Zigfried tried to salvage the situation, still thinking his virus did the job, he learns from Kaiba that not only was the virus stopped, but all the data had been completely restored, thereby crushing Zigfried's plans. However, Leon comforts him, telling him what he learned form the Duel with Yugi to help motivate his older brother, causing Zigfried to tearfully hug his brother in thanks, restoring their bond.

    Regardless, they ar ein this lan dnow and are too confuse do fwhat's going on to accuratly participate in the war, so they tend to stay out of it.
    Minions: open

    City Name: Crystalia

    IC Extract: I have an exerpt on my resume

    From: Original,Yu-Gi-Oh

    Name:Anastasia von Schroeder



    Appearance: nichigo__oc_of_nichigothecat__vector_2_by_yutheelementalmage-d7u011b.png


    Alliance/Position: The EMpire

    Skill Set/Powers:Ice magic, Shapeshifting-wolf

    Theme Song:
    Personality:A Kind girl who got cast here with her Family. Sh edoe snot tak esides, and is friends with many people of diffrent sides.

    Bio:Lucky was born as Anastasia Von Schroeder, but Mrs. Von Schroeder, not wanting a daughter to get mixed up in any affairs figured she'd be safer if she were adopted. For years she lived in an orphanage, before Seto Kaiba adopted her.
    For a long while she loved her life, and even attended school with Yugi and his friends. She traveled with them on all their adventures, and her world crashed down at the grand championship..Leon was the one to Recognize her first, though she didn't know him. She didn't know either of her siblings. At the castle, when backgrounds came out hers did too. Seto said something about not caring who Anastasia was born as, she was a kaiba at heart always.
    Upon hearing this, she left the top balcony and joined her friends on the bottom and began cheering Yugi On. She took her original name but became known as Anastasia "Lucky" Kaiba. Still however, she worried about her brother Leon returning home with Zigfried after all he had done.
    She moved to europe a year later, moving into her family home to keep an eye on Leon.Soon, she heard the newest plan and she noticed leon had begun to act a lot like Zigfried. Realizing she would have to keep them from getting into too much trouble, she tended to hang around with them more often.

    Minions: open

    City Name: Star City

    From: Yu-GI-OH!

    Name:Zigfried von Schroeder





    Alliance/Position:The Empire

    Skill Set/Powers: Master hacker, Former Company CEO,Master Swordsman

    Theme Song:Ziegfrieds theme
    Personality:Cold and calculating, Easy to anger. Wants to be the best at eveyrthing. His Sister Anastasia and brother Leon are the only people who matter in his life.

    Zigfried von Schroeder is the CEO of Schroeder Corp, a rival ofKaibaCorp. As the champion of Europe, he participates in Kaiba's KC Grand Championship under the name "Zigfried Lloyd" (Sieg Lloyd; ジーク・ロイド Jīku Roido). He is Leon von Schroeder's(Leonhart von Schroider) older brother.
    Zigfried seeks to take down KaibaCorp as revenge because he feels that Seto Kaiba stole his plans for holographic Duelingtechnology (In the Japanese Version, it is because Kaiba's project was accepted before he arrived to display his own technology).
    He comes across as arrogant and vain, but he has a kind side, as evidenced by how regretful he feels at the end of the arc for lying to his brother Leon, so Leon would help him with his plot. He genuinely loves his brother, as Seto loves Mokuba.
    He entered the KC Grand Championship. He was scheduled toDuel Fortune Salim at the Flower Clock. However, Rex Raptorand Weevil Underwood impersonated him after knocking Salim out, but were caught by Mokuba. Zigfried persuaded Mokuba to let them Duel him. Zigfried defeated them in 1 turn with "Ride of the Valkyries".
    Zigfried used his Goddess Magic Cards and "Nibelung's Ring" strategy to defeat Joey Wheeler in the next round. He then defeated Balfry Ginger in the semifinals. When it came to the finals where Zigfried was to Duel Leon, Seto Kaiba intervened when he found out who Zigfried really is. Even though Zigfried tried the same strategy on Seto, he was defeated.
    Though Zigfried's revenge wasn't done yet. He manages to give "Golden Castle of Stromberg" to Leon in his Duel with Yugi Muto. During the Duel, Leon's identity as Zigfried's brother is also revealed.
    When Leon does activate "Golden Castle of Stromberg", it was revealed that it was illegal as Zigfried revealed that he engineered a virus to be sent into the KaibaCorp's databanks and even explains the card's effects.

    With Leon forced to continue Dueling, Seto rushed to stop the virus. "Golden Castle of Stromberg" was removed when Yugi had only 1 card left in his Deck. With Leon defeated, Zigfried found out that Seto had stopped the virus. Though Zigfried and Seto managed to settle their differences. Zigfried apparently got a new position at Industrial Illusions along with Leon.

    Minions: open

    City Name: Roseville
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  • [​IMG]

    Gorgutz 'Ead 'Unta!

    From: Warhammer 40K

    Minions: All da Ork boyz from da old world! (Orks and Gretchins of all walks of the Ork society.)

    City Name: Da Gutpit!

    Age: Unkown

    Gender: Fungus

    Apperance: Huge, green skinned and with a hell of a underbite! Mega-Armor bolted onto him, including a big gob, huge horns, a 'uge powah klaw and a mega-blasta!

    Alignment: Evil

    Alliance/position: The Empire / Mostly not hostile, figuring he'll need time to get set up properly if he wants to take the whole planet for himself...

    Skill Set/Powers: A charismatic, if brutal leader. Extremely strong, by his Orkish nature, as well as the Mega-armor. Surprisingly cunning for an Ork.

    Personality: Cunning (by Orkish standards), brutal, and occasionally funny.

    Bio: Gorgutz started as a smalltime warboss on Lorn V, who united the waring clans under his own banner! He then led a few unsuccessful WAAGH!!s, before leading a successful one, conquering the entire Kaurava system for his own. And just as he was about to launch his WAAGH!! on the rest of the galaxy, a strange portal to a strange new world was found. It lead to a place he had never seen before, yet he decided to do what he did best. Conquer it all, and take more heads for his pointy sticks!
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    • From: Original

      Name: Professor Neltan Oldlake

      Age: Appears to be in his fifties

      Gender: male


      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

      Alliance/Position: Neutral

      Skill Set/Powers:
      A genius regardless of his mental state, he is accomplish as much if not more than when he was sane, no longer restricted by moral, ethical or restraints made of reason.
      During the Cataclysm something happened to him, making his body start converting its matter into quickly dissipating energy, which force him to supplement himself with external energy to survive. Born from the fusion of his current situation and the knowledge he harbor he is now able to channel external energy to some degree.

      Theme Song:

      Neltan was always a little erratic and paranoid, but after the Cataclysm his good traits became even thinner and his bad ones took a turn for the worse. Now his behavior borders on lunacy during good days, and any mention of his work would make him go into crazy loops of madness.

      Once a promising scientist, while a bit peculiar, with numerous published works in the fields of molecular, atomic and high energy physics as well as computer science. He began working together with professor Mortekai on a multitude of projects. But that was before the apocalypse, and now he wants nothing to do with his former colleague.
      "Felix betrayed me, he left me to die, too much. He left me behind, I couldn't get out, I saw. We made a mistake, and we will pay."
      His whereabouts are as shrouded in secrecy as before the apocalypse, but now he seems to pop up wherever whenever. Only Felix would know how he manages to do so.

    • From: Original

      Name: Scem'Hoar Ionlink

      Age: Twenties

      Gender: male


      Alignment: Neutral evil

      Alliance/Position: The Resistence - Subduer

      Skill Set/Powers:
      Field-Energy-Negation (fen for short) Scem is able to weaken any magical, scientific or physical powers, abilities and skills of those in close proximity to himself. The taxation on himself is directly proportional to the energy-negation necessary for the fields within the range, which he is able to widen or draw together even though it taxes himself extensively.
      As his old powers and abilities are no longer available to him, he now utilize the fen along with his experience as a soldier.

      Theme Song:

      Cynical and un-talkative, the fen made the formerly cheerful and friendly soldier turn everyone away from him, realizing that he is best off alone. He has also thrown away most moral and ethical restraints, no longer seeing any need for them.

      Born somewhere in the capital city of that worlds strongest nation, Scem'Hoar Ionlink quickly lost his family to the dangers of the city, whether lucky or unlucky, he survived for someone to find and bring to one of the orphanages run by the nations military
      Growing up in an institution with hundreds of others like him, the boy had his life set for him, spending his time learning and training to be fit for joining the army to once he got old enough.

      Going into service along with the girls and boys he grew up with in the orphanage, using psychic and magical powers as well as mundane weapons to defend their nation and conquer their foes, never doubting the justice in their orders.
      Scem'Hoar became part of an augmentation-project along with other especially promising personnel. Those that endured the body and mind breaking training were augmented both physically and mentally, to make their abilities and powers reach new heights.
      But something went wrong during the final stages of the process, causing the test-subjects to go insane, turning on the researchers and engineers overseeing the project as well as each other...

      Only four subjects survived the incident, their reason calming the frenzy, but their bodies and minds irreversibly altered by the failed augmentation. The army dismissed them from active duty and set up a facility to care for, and monitor them. Initially they were hoping that they would stabilize enough to use as a secret unit, but that hope was quickly crushed as all four turned themselves inward, finding their own ways to cope with the pain.

      Scem tried to be alone, secluding himself in the slums of the big city, where he saw with his own eyes what had formerly only been a bad joke in his mind. The fact that the glorious nation he had risked his life for treated most of its population like garbage, forcing them to slave away in the industries and factories supplying the nation with its living standards and military might, and then leaving them to fend for themselves against all the criminals that controlled the underside of the great nation.

      Then and there he lost the remaining respect he had for his country, deciding to clean it it up from the bottom. From then on Ionlink exacted his own personal justice and judgement on the scum and corrupt of the capital city.
      When trying to stop a mad scientist from making a personal army through a portal to another dimension he was somehow sucked inside.

    • From: Original

      Name: The Spymaster

      Age: unknown

      Gender: unknown

      How the Spymaster usually appear:
      How the Spymaster is thought to look underneath his metal mask and hood:

      Alignment: Chaotic Evil

      Alliance/Position: Empire, Leader of "Thread-Ruin", Messenger of the Empire.

      Skill Set/Powers:
      Mastery of countless magical arts, specializing in ritualistic curses.
      Mastery of all arts of assassination and war, including those of information and disguise.
      Racial traits including huge four-jointed feathery wings, often hidden from sight under his cloak.

      Theme Song:
      The Spymaster

      Manipulative and cunning, the Spymaster knows who you are, where you are and what you are doing.

      The Spymaster is the leader of an underground organization dealing in the procuring and protection of information, with its net spread across a whole world. When a summoning ritual opened a portal to another place than what was intended, he saw the prospect of furthering his reach and went through.

      All operatives, assassins and information brokers of the Thread-Ruin hide their identity, and they are sometimes not what they seem. While they were originally from a world less technologically advanced they were quick to upgrade their gear and equipment, though in some cases there is no need to fix what isn't broken.

      Inner Watchers:
      Answering only to the Spymaster himself, proficient in both magic and the arts of war they strike fear in those that know of their existence. Their word is law in the Thread-Ruin, acting as the voices of the Spymaster.

      Outer Watchers:
      Directing any operatives and missions taking place in their territory, locked eternally in a cold war among each other for the resources and personnel available, but also for their masters trust. Tend to be masters of either war or magic.

      Assassins, Warriors, Mages. Operatives trained for and tasked with the protection of Thread-Ruins assets, and the execution of its undertakings.
      assassin_by_albert_radosevic-d4he7mt.jpg 63744.jpg

      Information-brokers of Thread-Ruin, they find you, your family, your friends, and anyone you have ever met. And you will never know. Procuring information about anything and everything using diverse methods, the Links are good at keeping their own necks out of danger, but they are also true to their word.
      Claymore - 15 - Large 02.jpg

      City Name: Ruin
      A city as much a metaphor as a result of its residents mindset.
      Located somewhere underground, it is a vast system of caves and passages meant to allow quick access to any part of the Chralmede, while also allowing it the secrecy it entail.

    • From: Original

      Name: Ver'lie Zelft

      Age: "I'm not sure, but I feel young."

      Gender: male


      Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

      Alliance/Position: The Stars - Cat

      Skill Set/Powers:
      At first glance you would think Zelft is a magician like any other, but what he does is more linked with the body, mind, spirit and soul.
      His physical and astral bodies are one, allowing him to slowly change himself both in the way the world sees him and the way he sees the world. But every change drains his spirit, and that is not as easily regrown as a portion of magical energy.

      His power manifests in abilities like Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Enchantments and Spiritual powers.
      One trait that is possibly a side effect of his state of being, and thus interwoven with his powers, is the way he is affected by magical energies.
      They make him sleepy, and while he can't consciously use them it seems to refresh him.

      Theme Song:

      Curious, friendly and always cheerful, Zelft manages to brighten up the mood wherever he goes.
      When he is a cat, which he is more often rather than not, he is more of the same, while also absolutely adorable, and he talk less.

      Even if recent events had not transported him to Chralmede without any of his memories to rely on, Zelfts existence has always been a nomadic one, every occasional meeting and friendship done in passing. He doesn't know how long he has been that way, living on while others disappear, so like a stray-cat he arrives, and as a stray he journeys on.

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  • So how 'bout that weather?
  • Suggested Additionals for the banned list;
    Lex Luther
    Iron man (comic version, go look up Extremis armour and the Symbiote armour)
    Witchblade (Anime)

    Other than that I'm considering Drawing up a CS for the horsemen or something like that for the true nutral faction
  • From: Original
    Name: Craïs Magen
    Age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Craïs has scarlet red hair that cascades down her back in curls and her face is filled with freckles. Her eyes are quite peculiar, ringed with colors of gold and green. She wears robes that are very oriental and flashy, mostly colored red, white, and black. Around her neck hangs a round, crimson jewel the size of her fist.
    Alignment: Neutral
    Skill Set/Powers: Sorcery
    Personality: Craïs barely acts as her age. However, sometimes it slips through in the forn of petulant brattyness. Otherwise Craïs often acts far beyond her years, imparting the image of a cool and collected woman.... trapped in a child's body.
    Bio: Enigmatic child mage on a mission assigned to her by an entity only known as Mother. She seems to know far more about this clash of worlds than she lets on.

    From: Original
    Name: Hayabusa
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Hayabusa is a tall man of Asian descent. His body is muscular with scars both old and fresh marring his entire body. He has long, dark brown hair set into a ponytail. He wears a pair of black hakama pants, with a pair of katana blades strapped behind his back. He wears a leather strap around his torso with throwing knives and a pair of larger knives attached to it.
    Alignment: Hero
    Alliance/Position: The Resistance
    Skill Set/Powers: Channeling and manipulation of physical energy, martial arts, swordfighting skills.
    Theme Song:

    Personality: Hayabusa's personality is quite dual-sided. Normally he is a cheerful young man with a positive outlook on life and its challenges who'd rather avoid all conflict, but once he enters the battlefield his personality switches entirely into that of a ferocious, feral beast who can barely distinguish ally from foe.
    Bio: A former assassin who grew disillusioned with the heartless nature of his line of work, Hayabusa had just begun to start his new life of non-violence before he was transported to Chralmede. He has since joined the Resistance despite his innate pacifism, hoping to bring a peaceful, new era.

    From: Original
    Name: Aleister Grendel
    Age: 29, in her current body.
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Alliance/Position: One of the Main 5
    Skill Set/Powers: Necromancy, sorcery.
    Theme Song:

    Personality: Thousands of years old, Aleister is largely detached from the rest of humanity and holds little to none interest in anything else but advancing her research and fulfilling her goals. Aleister is cold and calculating, yet full of charisma with a manipulative streak miles wide.

    Bio: Having lived for several millennia, switching from one host to the next, Aleister gained the moniker of the Thousand Year Witch back in her homeworld before fading into obscurity. Watching civilizations rise and fall, she eventually began to build her own nation from the shadows while keeping her identity hidden from the citizens of her realm. This was made possible through the use of her Dolls, highly advanced golem constructs made from corpses that can pass off as humans. While a democracy on paper, all meaningful positions are filled by Aleister's Dolls. The existence of the nation is a farce, a facade set up by Aleister to cover up her plethora of human experiments and to have a supply of test subjects at hand. Only a select few knew she existed, people of talent whose skills she wasn't able to incorporate into her Dolls.
  • Ok, so...this is how the judging is going to work. I just had my Co-GMs take a look at your stuff, and relay their opinions back to me.

    I'm going to first PM the ones we had...problems with. And then I am going to edit the list to bring in the Accepted.

    But before I do...



    None of you seem to have a writing sample on your Resume. So I would like an IC Extract from the three of you.

    Since Gilgamesh is a Type-moon series character, he's already black-listed. Everyone else I will consider for it though.

    Out of curiosity though, why Lex?

    Also, the IC will begin as soon as we fill up all 5 slots of the Covenant. Two spots are taken, and one spot is reserved, so there's two left.
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  • Lex can go toe to toe with superman and thus is on par with him. thus also valid for the blacklist.
    I'll set to on a IC sample. just as a question does it matter what it is on?
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  • Hola! Mind if I run a Doctor Who OC (I can PM the GM details about him, if required).

    He's also a time traveler and he would get along very well with 11 :3
  • I see...Makes sense.

    And No, it really doesn't.

    Sure thing.
  • Welp, I changed my mind about not joining somewhere along the line so here are my character sheets.

    From: Original

    Name: Enrem

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing at 5’3”, Enrem has incredibly pale and ashen skin and a thin face. He also has red eyes and white hair tied into a miniature ponytail, with his sideburns out and reaching down to his chin. Enrem wears a long-sleeved tunic, pants, and black boots, with everything covered up by a cloak. Besides the boots, everything he wears is white with the cloak bearing blue patterns on the hem and collar.

    Alignment: Good

    Alliance/Position: The Stars

    Skill Set/Powers: Healing, has chakrams as weapons which he rarely uses unless absolutely necessary, quick reflexes, able to traverse the digital and the real world

    Theme Song: &

    Personality: Enrem is, to put it bluntly, a derp. Friendly and naive, he often socializes with everyone he meets, including members of the Empire. This makes it hard because for some odd reason, the avatar can't speak. He seems to like it well enough, though, and generally communicates through gestures with the occasional writing out what he wants. Around Primary_Batter, however, he becomes more timid and shy. Perhaps because he has a crush on it but why he becomes that way has yet to be seen. He’s absolutely terrified around Corruption, though, wanting nothing to do with him whatsoever.

    Bio: Before his rebirth, he went by the same name, but was an 18 year old avatar to a mmorpg that allowed players to live their lives in the game, though the avatars were sentience. He had many adventures, but alas, he somehow stumbled upon glitch data and turned corrupted as a result, only returning to normal with the power of friendship through Primary_Batter. Guilt ridden, he asked his player to delete him, which she did. His data scattered and bits of it found himself reborn as a younger version of his old self. Coincidentally, the new player sister happened to control Primary_Batter, but he was soon found with hostility from his crush, though he didn’t know why. He has no memory of his first life and after being one of the avatars to be taken out of the game and made into real life after an incident, found himself transported to Chralmede through a strange device after being chased along with Primary by Corruption.

    IC Extract: Enrem ran as fast as he could from his pursuer, Primary_Batter. He was injured, bruises on his pale skin from where the metal bat had hit him. He didn’t want to heal them though, not while he was running or even after when he had long escaped her, yes, her to the young man. He looked back and found himself running from Corruption now, his sadistic laughter and cooing voice causing him to trip on a root and he could only watch as both of them rounded on him with sword and bat and- When he awoke from his nightmare, he couldn’t remember it at all. Heaving a silent sigh, he righted himself up and began wondering why he was so scared. ...Whatever, maybe he'll find the source of his memories and the mystery to the destruction as he went along. Off he went, into the ruined city with a hope burning in his heart for the future.

    From: Original

    Name: Primary_Batter, Primary for short

    Age: 15

    Gender: Genderless, most assume it to be male except for Enrem

    Appearance: Standing at 5’6”, Primary has completely white skin, the color of a sheet of new paper. They also have straight white hair that goes a little bit past the chin and red eyes. It wears a blue jacket, black pants, white tennis shoes, and a yellow baseball cap with a red, unfilled hexagon in its center. It also has on black goggles that mostly stays across the eyes or, when taken off, down on its neck. Primary has red markings on its face which resemble the unfilled hexagon on its cap with lines snaking down to its neck, go down its arm, and end at the back of its hands in what seemed to be hexagonal plug outlets.

    Alignment: Good/Anti-Hero

    Alliance/Position: The Resistance

    Skill Set/Powers: Has a metal bat as a weapon, high stamina, able to run fast, good depth perception, able to traverse the digital and the real world

    Theme Song:

    Personality: Primary is a severely stoic individual, rarely showing any emotions whatsoever and it reflects in its constant monotone voice. The only time it seems to display anything akin to feelings is when fighting a person, it becomes completely sadistic and will often fight until either party is unconscious. However, this only happens if the other person specifically asks it to battle them. Primary is not much of a talker, only doing so when prompted. It also tends to keep its thoughts to itself and not voice opinions on an issue.

    Bio: Primary_Batter was created to be the avatar of a girl playing a mmorpg that allowed people to live their lives in the game, though the avatars were sentient. After a time of being alone, it managed to find itself in the company of Enrem. They formed a friendship and it soon found itself gaining emotion through its friend. However, after many adventures Enrem stumbled upon something he shouldn’t have and it fought to snap him out of it, doing so after a while. It went back to being emotionless after Enrem’s deletion and it spent time alone once again. Later on, it found itself once again in the company of Enrem, a younger version from a different player. Feeling that it wasn’t the one that it had adventures with, it would attack him without mercy unless their players were online. Enrem stayed by its side though, even as they found themselves in the real world after an incident with the mmorpg that had all avatars come to the real world. The last thing that happened before finding itself in Chralmede was running away with Enrem from Corruption.

    From: Original

    Name: Corruption

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Standing at 5’10”, Corruption has incredibly pale and ashen skin and a thin face. He also has red eyes and black hair tied into a miniature ponytail, the sideburns left hanging out and reaching down to his chin. Everything Corruption wears is black, from the boots on its feet to the cloak that covers everything up. The cloak has red patterns on the hem and collar. He sometimes flickers into static in the digital world, with bits of data floating about him. In short, he looks like a taller, black and corrupted version of Enrem.

    Alignment: Evil

    Alliance/Position: The Empire

    Skill Set/Powers: Has a short sword as a weapon, quick reflexes, ability to manipulate and absorb data, able to corrupt people’s data, able to traverse the digital and the real world

    Theme Song: &

    Personality: There's really only one word to describe Corruption: insane. Impetuous and silly to those who first meet him, they'll soon find that this avatar loves loves loves torturing people before messily killing them and absorbing their data. Doesn't matter who it is, he'll try to murder anyone unless Ellie's there to hold him back. Corruption's imbedded speech is jumbled up at best, complete nonsense at worst, and is extremely glitchy due to his incomplete data. His hacker managed to smooth out some of the kinks, but even then there are some moments when it hiccups and returns back to its glitchy state. However, his speech is normal, if still childish with a tinge of malice, in the real world. He constantly wears a smile on his face due to being happy all the time. Woe betide to those who managed to make him unhappy. He is also very manipulative, playing on people’s weaknesses and working to have them join his side. He has a complete interest in Enrem, due to their shared past, and loathes Primary with a passion.

    Bio: When Enrem’s data split, the little bit of corruption within it found itself in the company of a hacker. Thus Corruption was born, with memories of his past life as the original Enrem, his body when corrupted, and the corrupted data within that made him sadistic and horrible. He spent his time with his hacker sabotaging the game, though he found himself chasing Enrem with an obsession due finding his other half. However, he also fears him for if the two ever reunited, both would perhaps cease to exist or have one fighting the other, with the winner and most likely Enrem coming out on top. His obsession drove him to chasing after Enrem, even after they found themselves in the real world and most certainly even after they found themselves in Chralmede.

    Minions: Pieces of glitched out and corrupted data, think Missingno except not as big and twice as violent. They can also infect a person’s hardware and overheat their brains at Corruption’s whim.

    City Name: Data Marks. Here, everyone is required to be tapped into the digital world at all times, unless it’s a designated break time. The digital world is where Corruption rules supreme, terrorizing the people with games and having their avatars complete in bloody sports that don’t necessarily kill them, but leave them extremely traumatized. After all, it’s just a game, right?

    More info on Data Marks:

    [The Real World Theme]

    [The Digital World Theme]

    Name: Data Marks

    Size: About the size of a normal abandoned city. Not exactly a metropolis, but not exactly a village either. Population could reach to 1,000,000 if given the people, though.

    General layout: Taken from the abandoned city, it’s all really underground. That’s where the people are, in cryo pods, living in the digital world.


    The REAL city looks like a bunch of data strewn together, into three districts. Really, it looks like a normal city except everything is made of data, with a different color data meaning different things.


    Important buildings: There’s really only one building worth note, the palace in the Red District. This is where Corruption lives, alone. Quaint little headquarters really, and unoriginal too, but he honestly couldn’t think of anything else to make it. Other than a tiny little house and he knows that the other villains would make fun of him if it was so tiny so palace it was. Here it is a very glitched out area, the glitchiest of all. It’s as if reality couldn’t hold it together well and it’s nearly falling apart at the seems.

    Other buildings: Again, the city is divided into three zones.


    The Blue District is home to the Avatars, a safe haven for them. They live blissfully unaware to the Users plight, or just outright scorn and laugh at them from their home.


    All bets are off when in the Green District, however, where crime reigns supreme and where Corruption has his fun with the Users as he calls them.


    The Red District is strictly for Corruption and all his minions except Avatars only, no ifs ands or buts. Should you go there, you’ll meet a hoard of troops glitching out and having their way with the intruder. The area around the Red District is also glitched out, be prepared to meet interface screw if you enter. Other than that, there is no actual buildings present other than normal skyscrapers of data, along with various little shops lining the streets. And lots and lots of arcades and dance clubs.

    Tech-level: Futuristic post apocaplyptic

    Amount of troops: 4 kinds, Viruses, Malwares, Glitches, and Avatars

    Troops: Viruses are the bugs of the system, taking everything and devouring it, much like Corruption except he’s not a glutton. They are confined within the Red District, eating their hearts out to glitched out and old data.

    Malwares are the protectors. Standing like a paladin in fire wall armor, they patrol the streets of all three districts to make sure nothing is out of place. Of course, they are corrupt and turn a blind eye to the things they should be focusing on, like reducing crime rate. Anarchy is encouraged, after all.

    Glitches are the foot soldiers. Looking like blocky people of black data, they can come and go out of the digital world at will, taking the form of a Minecraft persona while outside. Why Minecraft? No one knows exactly, maybe Corruption programmed them to be that way on a whim.

    The Avatars are people from his world that are just like him, avatars that had gained sentience from the mmo game and found themselves stuck in the real world. They were highly discriminated against in his world, so he brought them here for a better life and to laugh at the Users, making them pay for their treatment. Why the benevolence? Again, perhaps on a whim, perhaps not. Who knows?

    Alarm-level: Pretty easy to sneak in, the top is relatively unguarded. The bottom, however, is rigged with traps and people are kept in separate rooms. Plus, the only way to free them is by going into the digital world, that is where the alert system is highest. Once you’re in, your “name” is displayed for all to see, alerting Corruption to one’s presence.
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  • "So, all of Time and Space, everything that's ever been and that ever will be... Where do you want to start?"

    ~ The Doctor, 2010. "The Eleventh Hour"~



    Original from "Doctor Who"


    Daniel "John" Smith-Song

    a.k.a (open)
    "The New Doctor" ("The Second Last Child of Gallifrey")


    In the long run, Unknown, he figures somewhere just above 100 years. In his current regeneration (the 2nd Daniel), he looks like he's 21





    Alignment Position:


    Skill Set/Powers:

    Daniel, thanks to his multiple years of traveling space and time, has become quite street-wise. He is incredibly intelligent and crafty (something he inherited from his father). And just like his father, he is a "Time Lord", but again, that is just a title. He doesn't have any powers outside of an enhanced mind, a quick-wit (he's known for spouting snarky insults to his enemies), the ability to fly the TARDIS (which is his only means of traveling through space and time), and a rather enhanced cardio-respiratory system (due to constantly running away from the things trying to kill him).

    Daniel's intelligence also relies on the universe he is currently in, so many of the factors he relies on may or may not be skewed dramatically. However, he's gotten used to this idea, having travelled to other universes during his run as "the Doctor". Daniel also doesn't like using force to deal with his foes, instead deciding to rely on his intelligence and the tools at his disposal. He absolutely hates guns (they almost cost him a regeneration!) and will scold anyone who wants to use them in order to find the "solution" to a problem.

    He also owns a Sonic Screwdriver, which can only be used on virtually anything for multiple purposes: opening/locking doors (but not wood), destroying circuitry, dismantling machines, repairing electronics, scanning, detecting life, etc. The screwdriver can also stun certain enemies or even cause a distraction, but it cannot kill. Although, he has poked people with the edge on occasion, so technically speaking, it can be a weapon.

    Like his mother and father, Daniel has the explosive energy inside of him that can be used later on whenever he grows too old or if he is mortally injured. He calls it "Regeneration" and it does exactly what it implies it does. His entire body changes at random and when it's over, he becomes a new person. Daniel, however, is able to keep his personality (like his mother) when regenerating, so he is virtually the same person each time. The only difference is his new body. As of now, he's only regenerated once (his original body was killed by a Dalek), but he still has 12 more to go through.

    Handy Dandy List of Useful Things (open)
    As a learning time traveller, Daniel has equipped himself with the most cunning and high-tech instruments to assist him. The overall list is massive, but he has found that the most important ones can be placed within a (relatively) short list:

    • Time and Relative Dimension In Space Model 40 Mark II, "TARDIS"

    Exterior (open)

    Interior (open)


    (His Father's Pride and Joy, and technically his Aunt. Hasn't bothered to fix the Chameleon Circuit)

    • Sonic Screwdriver


    (Still doesn't work on wood)

    • Time-Journal


    (Gotta chronicle his adventures somehow. Its not like he's on the telly)

    • Model 40 Mark II TARDIS Key

    (He also has a way to make multiple spares. Its a good thing that the old ones disintegrate when a new one is created, otherwise Daniel would have lost the TARDIS the first time he travelled)

    • Multiple Packets of Sweets

    (Would you like a Jelly Baby? How about a Jammy Dodger?)

    • "Smarty Specs"

    (They don't do anything, but they make you look really brilliant)

    • Paper 3D Glasses

    (Lets you see "Void Stuff" and many other types of invisible anomaly leftovers much easier. Also looks cool.)

    • A Banana

    (Great fun at Parties)

    • Cellphone

    (Never know when UNIT might call. Great for keeping in touch with Mum.)

    • A Fez [​IMG]

    (Which he is often caught wearing. Why? Because they're cool, dammit)

    He never/very rarely carries around or uses weapons because he despises conflict/violence of any sort. Much like his father before him. This is one of the main reasons why he adopted the same name his father chose for himself: "The Doctor"

    Theme Song:



    Daniel is very polite to everyone he meets, male or female. Most girls find it hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice. He doesn't like to do things by himself and would rather have someone give him orders to follow. Daniel can be odd at times, but that's just because he tries to see the world from every outlook. Even though he smiles, he sometimes feels that nobody really gets him except for a select few.

    However, he's a fun guy who would stop at nothing to turn anybody's frown upside down. Daniel's a hopeless romantic, but hopes to one day finally make the girl of his dreams happy (as soon as he meets her, that is). He is also very adventurous and loves the thrill of a good book. His love for nature really provides him with a green thumb, as he's always trying to protect the natural land (and the galaxy) wherever he can by doing the smallest of things. He's also a bit of a nerd and loves all kinds of video games, movies and television shows. Daniel is an amazing guy who can easily become a very good friend. He's trustworthy and honest, taking it upon himself to act like a gentleman whenever he can.

    (I'd prefer to show this in the story, so I just put a placeholder of what he's like here)


    Daniel is the biological son of Professor River "Melody Pond" Song and The Doctor, conceived after an extravagant evening which involved David Bowie, the First Christmas, Ice Skating at Central Park in New York, and enough fireworks to make a Dalek think the upper atmosphere of Earth was being set aflame. From the time he was conceived and all the way through his childhood, he grew up not knowing much about his father, other then the fact that he was a "brilliant and good man who could change his face". When Daniel was 12 and visiting with his grandparents, Amy and Rory Williams (who seemed shocked that River had a child with somebody called the Doctor), a strange man with a bow tie appeared out of a blue box and whisked him away on a trip through time and space. Daniel was fascinated by all these adventures and felt himself growing extremely fond of the TARDIS and the Doctor. He soon realized that this man was his father and grew to respect and love him (which the Doctor found odd, considering he had never met the boy before). However, their adventures ended when Amy and Rory were taken by the Weeping Angels, which resulted in Daniel saying his farewells to the extraordinary man. Upon his departure, Daniel began to question his mother more on what he was and how he could be the son of the Doctor. As he learned more, Daniel realized he was Half-Human, Half-Time Lord, but he was able to maintain the genetic differences without going mad. Like his father and mother, he had he power to regenerate, but he inherited the ability to remain the same, personality wise, from his mother.

    However, Daniel was more Time Lord then Human, a fact which allowed him to live as many years until his 12 regenerations had finished. With a new desire to find his father again and tell him the truth, Daniel borrowed his mother's time journal and memorized everything within it: all of the Doctor's many faces and personalities, the TARDIS manual (which he actually ignored, because he disagreed with it), their adventures together throughout time (which he arranged in the right order with his mother's help), and all the places that the TARDIS had shown up and why.

    His journey took him a bit over 100 years, travelling from planet to planet and using a Vortex Manipulator to travel though time, praying that the Doctor would show up. After around 12 years of looking, he had only run into the Doctor once (quite literately), but he dashed off before Daniel could do anything. In all this time, Daniel discovered he had the worst of luck. Whenever the Doctor or the TARDIS was in a world, he would always arrive too early or too late and miss it. However, there were a few select times when he ran into the Doctor, but they were older regenerations (one wore a trench coat with a brown suit, another had an outrageous scarf, probably the strangest one wore a vegetable on his coat, and one looked like his grandfather, but he was travelling with a girl who Daniel realized would be his daughter). He also encountered many people who praised the Doctor and everything he's done for them. Eventually, his search led him and a small robotic dog named "K-9" (whom he had acquired from a 75 year old man named Luke Jane-Smith on Earth) to the planet of Trenzalor, where he heard the Doctor would be buried.

    Daniel knew that his father would show up sooner or later, dead or alive. However, it surprised him when he saw just how young the Doctor still was. He was still on his 11th regeneration, but after remembering that there was another version of the Doctor who appeared in the legendary Time War (a form which River had just labelled in her diary as "The Warrior" and had a crossed out face) Daniel realized that the Time Lord was on his last legs. Without any further waiting, Daniel explained to the Doctor what exactly he was and how he had searched for the Time Lord. The Doctor merely played this off as piddle-paddle and ignored it, knowing River would have told him if he had a son when their timelines coincided. When the alien forces came to attack the town of Christmas, Daniel was right alongside his father and defended the little village with all his might against the Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, Sontarian's, Zygon's, the Silence, and multiple more enemies of the galaxy. When the final days of the Doctor came around and his companion, Clara Oswald, had rejoined them, the Doctor made his last stand against the Daleks. Before even one of the cursed monsters could yell "Exterminate", Daniel "borrowed" his father's TARDIS (well, technically speaking, it materialized around him and took off, so it "borrowed" him).

    With quick thinking as he appeared on the Dalek Flagship, Daniel tried to force their retreat by claiming to be the 13th Doctor. When they didn't believe him and one of the Daleks shot him, he began to regenerate and destroyed the flagship with the massive amount of energy bursting from his body.

    Daniel narrowly escaped on the TARDIS and made his way back to the dying Doctor, who finally accepted him as a son. With his dying breath, he asked Daniel to take his body and burn it. Agreeing, Daniel, along with Clara and K-9, took the Doctor into the TARDIS for the last time. Clara immediately told Daniel to travel for the cracks in the universe, telling him that they would lead them straight to Gallifrey. This seemed absurd to Daniel, but upon discovering the truth about how the Doctor had transported it to another universe, he immediately planned to open the crack and pass through. While Daniel told Clara and K-9 to begin opening the cracks using the two Sonic Screwdrivers (the Doctor's current one, and an older one his mother had given him which had previous belonged to the Doctor), he set out in the TARDIS for one final dedication to his father. It took him a few years, but he finally gathered all of the Doctor's companions (some of them who he knew had met foul ends were grabbed first at earlier points in time, but still when they knew the Doctor). Once all the residents of the TARDIS, both past and present arrived, Daniel returned to Christmas and broke through the crack, only allowing the TARDIS to enter. He knew that travelling to alternate worlds and pocket universes was dangerous and impossible (meaning he would have to seal the way off after he left and the paradox would most likely cause everyone to forget anything that happened), but he broke the rule just this once for his father. Once they landed on Gallifrey, Daniel explained the situation to the high council, who quickly planned a funeral for their saviour.

    The turn out for the funeral was massive and everybody was feeling the same sense of loss. Daniel and a select few companions who had volunteered spoke about the Doctor, which resulted in a beautiful sermon. Once the main service was ended, the Doctor's body was burned and a monument was erected in his name as a dedication towards his efforts for the galaxy and sentient life. However, Daniel knew now that his father was gone, those who stood for villainy and destruction still existed in the galaxy and would strike harder. He had already made the decision long ago to take up the TARDIS and continue his father's legacy, but not for his fathers sake. The way Daniel saw it, the entirety of space and time was within his hands now... And after 100+ years of searching, it was time that he finally saw it all.

    IC Extract:[/font]

    ~ 100 Years Earlier ~


    "Easy there, boy-o!! Come any closer and I'll activate the TARDIS detonat-"


    "Alright... Fine.. Guess the Jammy Dodger bit got old... And who's to say I'm not the Doctor?"


    "Oh yes I do!! Lookie here gents, you've just met with the 13th Doctor. In honour of this amazing encounter, I'll give you the generous option of running away.




    "Alright, you got me, I'm not the Doctor, but I'm something far worse... I'm his son, a "Doctor 2.0" if you will... And I'm just like-."



    "AGAAAH!! ... O-Oi!! I w-wasn't done t-t-talking!!"


    "W-Well... That just sounds all fun and dandy, but you guys have forgotten one important thing... What happens when you kill a Time Lord?"




    "Hahahaha.. Good dog, K-9... Oi, Daleks!! S-send a message... All across the galaxy... Go tell them.. The New Doctor, is in.. And he eagerly awaits his next patient.. HURRGAAAA!!"


    ~ Present Day ~

    "It is your move, Master."
    K9 (open)
    said with a lift of his head, his naturally positive tone only infuriating Daniel even more. With a look of absolute determination, Daniel grabbed the Black Knight and moved it to A3, taking K-9's White Rook. After the move, the time lord crossed his arms and leaned back in the chair, smiling confidently. He turned his head towards K-9 and winked. "Beat that, K-9." Daniel said with a laugh before he heard the mechanical whizzing of the robotic probe belonging to the metal dog. With shock in his eyes, he watched as the White Queen overtook his Pawn, then his Knight, then finally, his King. "That would be checkmate, Master. Shall we play again?".

    Daniel simply stared in shock at the chessboard, his arms now hanging aimlessly by his sides. His jaw hung open with surprise when he knew that he had been beaten at chess for the 48th time. Suddenly, he flipped over the chessboard, knocking all the pieces to the ground of the TARDIS. He got up, cleared his throat and fixed his tie before saying "Good game, K-9" in a surprisingly calm voice. After that, he moved over to the TARDIS console and began tapping it impatiently. They had been floating in an isolated time-stasis for a while now (all because "Auntie" was in one of her moods again) and so they had tried to pass the time with friendly competition. That plan, however, failed horribly. "Listen now, TARDIS!! You'll stop this tantrum right now and land us somewhere interesting! I didn't go searching for you and Dad all those years ago just so I could get stuck in a time-stasis!! I want adventure! Now take me to it!" Daniel yelled in an aggravated voice as he banged away and fiddled with the console. She still wasn't responding to him, which frustrated the living hell out of the boy.

    "Master, if I could interject here-"

    "Not now, K-9."

    "I believe that I must-"

    "K-9, with all due respect: Shut it!!"

    "Master, we have landed."

    "What do you mean we've landed?"

    "We have landed."

    "There's no way we could have landed! We've been stuck in a time-stasis for the past three hours.. And she didn't make the noise."

    "What noise would that be, Master?"

    "Y-You know, the noise... Heeeeee... hooooooo... HEEEEEEE... Hoooooo... Heeeeeewwwweeee-hooooo... DOOOOOOOM."

    "That is because she landed by herself. The cause of the noise is because you leave the parking brake on."

    "Well, its a brilliant noise. I love that noise... But if she's landed, then that means there's a planet out there."


    "Right then!!" Daniel called out with a revived enthusiasm as he stood up and ran to the door. He reached out and quickly grabbed his cane and smiled widely at his companions. "Off we go! Lets get'explorin!"

    As he whipped open the front door to the TARDIS, he was greeted with a rather unpleasant sight. As it turned out, he had landed directly outside of a small apartment in some city. He figured most likely an American city, but he couldn't totally be sure. What he was sure of, however, was the fact that there was something going on. Something seriously wrong. There was seriously something wrong. Turning his head, Daniel realized that not only was there a gruesome scene before him, but there was an even more gruesome scene outside. Daleks? And the Cybermen? God dammit. Just when he was starting to relax. "K-9! Begin a scan-search for the sources of both Dalek and Cybermen forces on Earth. The results need to be given to me in an hour at the most! This could very well get out of hand even more then it already has!" he called out, opening the door to the TARDIS briefly before rushing out to the apartment. The weeping young woman didn't seem to hear him, but he clearly made his entrance as a domed figure roamed through the doorway. Eyes opening in horror as a Dalek rounded the corner, the young man grabbed a potted plant from the balcony and shouted "DUCK!" he dashed into her apartment. The Dalek staring in through the apartment door silently turned towards her before shouting EXTERMINATE! Just before it managed to fire off the death ray which all Dalek's were equipped with, Daniel tossed the potted plant directly at it's eyestalk, getting mud on the lens. MY VISION IS IMPAIRED! I CANNOT SEE! the Dalek shouted, turning and flailing in distress as Daniel bent down over the woman. Grabbing her by the arm, he shouted "No time to explain; RUN!" before roughly yanking her off of her father's corpse and charging back into the TARDIS with her, shutting the door behind him.​
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  • I feel rather hesitant on joining this roleplay as Princess Celestia from MLP (Mainly because you guys seem like rather advanced roleplayers and me well not so much).

    Also i suggest blacklisting Discord and Tirek from My Little Pony, as Discord has the power to reverse gravity and pretty much do almost anything and is only able to be defeated by the Elements Of Harmony which doesn't exist in this universe. And Tirek has the power to become Superman/Lex Luthor level of OP'ness.
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