The Time We Shared

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  1. A slice of life roleplay about two teen girls in their senior year of high school who fall in love.
  2. The minutes seemed to pass slowly. Tick. The clock lurched forwards another minute. Quinn sighed, more than ready to escape this dreaded class. Math class seemed to last the longest, especially with her teacher droning on and on in such a nasally voice. To occupy the last few minutes before class ended, Quinn took to doodling in her notebook, a hand propped underneath her chin. Lazily she scratched little spirals in the corner of the lined paper. Finally, the bell rang and students began to fumble with their backpacks. Revived from her bored stupor, Quinn deposited her notebook and pencil into her backpack, which was a plain black, but adorned with various decorative pins. One shoulder strap seemed to be falling apart. Still, she swung it over her shoulder and headed out the door.

    Ah, lunch time. Sweet, sweet freedom from a suffocating lecture. The hallways of the high school were swimming with people and chatter buzzed with enthusiasm. Expertly Quinn wove through the crowds of people huddled by lockers and set off to her favorite lunch spot, a table outside behind the school. There were a few others like it, wooden and worn with age, generations of teens having carved into its surface for the hell of it. However, not as many people sat outside, making it a bit less crowded. Here Quinn sat, awaiting the company of one of her closest friends.

    In the mean time Quinn pulled out her lunch, half of a bean and cheese burrito she had snagged from her house earlier. She began to eat it despite the fact that it was cold since she rather liked it that way. A single earbud was pressed in one ear, playing a song from some rock band she couldn't recall the name of. Finally, her friend Amy made her appearance. Amy was a rather tall young woman with black hair cut into a bob. She was rarely seen without a beanie and had a casual air about herself. Now she approached, but she wasn't alone. With her was someone even taller than Amy, at least 5'10". Light brown hair was loosely wavy, resting on the girl's shoulders. Quinn stopped herself from staring much longer, but truth be told this girl was easy on the eyes.

    For now Quinn just awaited their approach, crossing her legs neatly. Suddenly she felt a bit self conscious, fixing the hem at the end of the muscle t-shirt she wore currently. Finally Amy and the stranger reached the table, sitting down. "Heyyyy, what's up, Quinn?"Amy greeted.

    To be polite Quinn removed her earbud from her ear and swallowed the bite of her food that she had been chewing. "Nothing much. Just got out of Satan's class."

    "Mr. Miller? That batty old man?"Amy asked with a trace of a laugh.

    "Yes, he's out to get me, I swear. Always calling on me when I least expect it."

    "You should be paying attention in the first place."

    Quinn lightly snorted. "Just because I should, doesn't mean that I want to."

    "True,"Amy answered. Then she seemed to remember her manners and said, "Oh, I should introduce you to my new friend. This is Sydney. We have English together." She pointed to the girl seated beside her.

    "I didn't know you had other friends, Amy,"Quinn teased, eliciting a fake pout from Amy. Then Quinn's laugh died off and she offered Sydney a handshake across the table. "Nice to meet you, Sydney." Her hand looked much smaller than Sydney's, fingers not nearly as long. This girl had to play some sort of sport, right? That would explain the fact that the young woman looked as lithe as a jaguar. Again, Quinn avoided gawking.
  3. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. The mind-numbing Spanish class was taking a toll on Sydney. She was questioning why she even elected to take the class her freshman year. The first couple years weren't too bad, but as the class increased in level the teachers just got worse and worse. "Take Spanish, easiest class ever." Her siblings said, "You could just fall asleep and still get an A." But no, that wasn't the case. Sydney was working her ass off to maintain an A in this godforsaken class. Apparently the teacher before the one the current one decided to retire right before Sydney came along. Now there was this younger teacher, who decided that the way the previous teacher did things were rather inadequate (but it actually was).

    The miserable girl took a lock of her hair and played with it for just a little bit as the teacher was busy lecturing the class about something that was covered in the previous course. There wasn't any point in trying to pay attention to this, it was just review. Her twin sister had it easier, opting to take French. In fact, the vast majority of the classes Sydney and her sister took were influenced by her older siblings, who had also attended the school. The Rossi family had made their mark at this very school, starting with the eldest of the eight kids. It was always a pain the ass to keep the Rossi name as an honorable one, but in the very end all members did a great job at making sure the Rossi family were good people.

    When Sydney was seconds away from planting her head onto her desk, the sweetest sound that any student could hear had finally bellowed throughout the school. Class was over and Sydney was quick to pack her stuff into her backpack and hauling ass out of the classroom. One of her friends, Amy, had arranged for them to meet-up somewhere to just hang out. Sydney didn't have a problem with Amy, she was a great person and she really did enjoy her company. The brunette walked out, her phone in her hand and texting her buddy Amy to see where exactly she was. She had replied to meet up in front of where their lockers were located. Sydney had made her way there, walking along and replying to the other texts she had accumulated when she was in class. She had finally made it in front of the gold-colored lockers, and there she was, her friend Amy.

    "Hey girl!" Sydney beamed.

    "Hey!" Amy replied back, before grabbing Sydney's arm and pulling her somewhere, "C'mon, let's go!"

    Sydney was only pulled by her buddy towards her usual hangout spot. Truth be told, Sydney didn't know where exactly Amy hung out even though she'd known her since Freshman year. Sydney was rather curious. Amy had let go of the girl's arm which was good, allowing her to adjust her red and white checkered button-up. Before she knew it she was headed towards the back of the school, which wasn't an area that Sydney had been around that often.

    As they arrived, the first thing Sydney saw was the girl parked on the bench wearing the muscle shirt. How her hair complimented her face really intrigued Sydney. She hung back as Amy greeted the girl, quickly finding out the girl was named Quinn. The two conversed as Sydney awkwardly stood behind Amy, her hands by the sides of her white short-shorts. Finally, Sydney was introduced to Amy's other friend, Quinn. She smiled and waved, before listening to the two conversing momentarily.

    Sydney took a seat at the table, and right on cue Quinn's hand shot across the table. Sydney looked at it for a brief second, looking confused before she remembered what she was supposed to do. She put out her right hand and shook Quinn's hand, which felt rather delicate underneath Sydney's comparatively giant hand. Sydney plopped back in her seat and pulled out her lunch, a pesto chicken sandwich with Swiss cheese, and began snacking on it before Amy put her hands up to her head.

    "Oh shoot! I forgot something! I'll be right back!" The girl darted off to god-knows-where, leaving Quinn and Sydney alone. The sheer awkwardness was prompting Sydney to actually start a conversation. She chuckled sheepishly, swallowing her food.

    "So, Quinn, tell me a little about yourself. How'd you come to meet Amy?"
  4. As expected, the taller teen's hand enveloped Quinn's smaller hand with ease. Once a firm shake was given Quinn released Sydney's hand and allowed it to retreat back to her side of the table. It seemed like they were eating again so Quinn picked up her burrito again and took a small bite from the top, relishing the flavor for a moment. All was calm in the moment. Not too awkward. A bird fluttered overhead and the clouds lazily roved overhead. The sun shone down gently to illuminate the few table's worth of students. A light breeze ruffled the trio's hair.

    Then the peace was shattered when Amy's hands flew up to her head in a frenzy. And just like that Amy left the two strangers alone with one another. Complete awkwardness. For a moment Quinn wondered what she did to deserve this uncomfortable situation, While she was more than content to keep her mouth shut until Amy returned soon enough, Sydney seemed to have other ideas and initiated a conversation.

    "I met her sophomore year. We had a few classes together and enough group projects and fortunate seating arrangements landed us as friends,"Quinn answered. After delicately biting, chewing, and swallowing another bite of burrito, she decided to prolong the interaction as to not risk coming off as rude.

    "So, what about you? How to you have the misfortune of befriending a goof like Amy,"she asked, resting her chin on one hand, elbow propped on the very edge of the table. It was clear she was just teasing, voice practically dripping with humorous intentions.
  5. Sydney listened intently as Quinn explained how she came to met someone like Amy. Throughout her career in high school, Sydney came across a ton of people, whether it be just everyday interaction, or of the many hours she spent in her athletic career. Despite the competitive nature, friends were easy to make in high school athletics. Everyone wanted to be better than the other, sure, but at the same time everyone was gunning to play in college. As a result, people bonded over this. They talked about strategies, shared techniques, knew each other over the love of the game. But nobody ever shared strategies until after the season. That was a big no-no. But - someone like Amy fell into the category of non-athlete. But at the same time, Sydney always remembered Amy. Every time she saw her face she'd immediately recognize her. Amy was one of Sydney's favorite people at the school, and that was rare considering how popular she was.

    "Me?" Sydney stammered just a little bit, "I met Amy during gym class our Freshman year. We were partners for some stupid dance unit and ever since then we've just hit it off. I was there when she got that really bad haircut and then had a buzzcut for half of Sophomore year. I kept teasing her about that." Sydney chuckled, before taking another bite of her sandwich, "If it wasn't for me, Amy would've walked on campus with one seriously fucked up haircut." The high school athlete looked at Quinn for a little bit, trying to figure out how to continue the conversation. Something about Quinn intrigued Sydney. It was like something was tugging at something else inside her. She wanted to know more about this Quinn girl, especially since she had apparently been here since Sophomore year, but she hadn't really seen her around.

    Sydney cleared her throat, before asking her next question. "So Sydney, with the 'how we met Amy' story aside, what about you? What can you tell me about yourself personally?" Sydney asked curiously, planting her arm onto the table and looking onto the brunette rather curiously.
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