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  1. Description
    Welcome to The Thin Skinned roleplay. This is a fantasy/animal/anthropomorphic roleplay.
    There are two different types of beings in this roleplay, humans or thin skins (Skinners for short). Skinners are humans with one animal form of your choice. You can be anything from a Bumblebee to a Griffon. So there are mythical creatures involved, if you wish. If you were to be a mythical creature, since you may be more powerful than a bear or whatever your fellow roleplayers choose to be, you cannot go around killing them for unknown reasons. It will be accepted in a situation where they have to fight, but a dragon going around picking fights with a dog randomly. Making people mad at you, which results in fights is your fault and you may die. Humans are also allowed in this roleplay. They can be fellow companions of the Skinners or family of them. Humans may also be the villains that made the Skinners who they were. During human form some of your animal form characteristics may show, such as a tail, eyes, a skin tone, small claws. All Thin Skins have 3 digit code imprinted on their neck that the scientist used to identify us with.

    Humans of all ages were once kidnapped and brought to a facility where they were tested on. Only certain humans were picked for the testings and only some survived. We are the Thin Skinned. Bacteria and chemicals roll through our bodies making us one certain animal. One night after living behind caged doors for years, you wake up in a cage but you're surrounded by other people, people like you. You are in a plane flying to an unknown area, the scientists are planning something but what is it?

    1. Follow Iwaku Rules
    2. Try not to be the same animal form as others.
    3. Do not have the same 3 Digit Code on the neck
    4. Do not excessively swear.
    5. No picking unfair fights unless its necessary.
    6. No more than 2 characters per player.
    7. No wings in human form.
    8. No powers like fire breathing in human form. (message me if you are uncertain)
    9. HAVE FUN
  2. Nadia wakes in a small cage, just big enough to fit herself. Where am I? Her head felt heavy and foggy. She notices the cage was spotless, shiny and prestine, it smelt of a cleaner they used to use in the facility. Am I still in the facility? Panicked thoughts began to penetrate her mind as she wiggled around in the cage. She paused as she looked around, a few cages that were different shapes to match there occupants body size, sat in the small hallway she was placed in. Nadia didn't recognized some people, she had seen them for moments at a time when the scientists would move her to rooms for testings. Am I going to die? The thought floated around her head like a ticking time bomb.
  3. Alexander's first feeling when he woke up was soreness. He had a horrible ache in his arms, his legs, his back. He hurt everywhere. He groaned and got up, rubbing his eyes. But when he barely even hunched over, his head hit the ceiling.

    Realisation dawned upon him. He was in a box. A metal box, to be precise. "W... What?"

    Energy suddenly burst through him as he held onto the bars. "Hey! Let me out!"
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  4. “They won't just let you out if you ask,” Arthur said out loud “so just chill out for a bit.”

    He had been here a long time (Wherever here was.) so waking up to find himself in a different cage was nothing new to him. Being comforting to other experiments was something he rarely did but it was that or listening to the other boy yell, and that was something he just couldn't stand to do.
  5. Nadia's jumps, back hitting the bars, the screams of a man a bit older than her, scaring her. Hands found their way up to her head as she shook, terror corrupting her

    The scientists never let us interact with other subjects, why not. Where am I? Nadia's thinks to herself again as she pulls at her hair.
  6. "Well excuse me if I'm surprised to be in another room than the one I've been living in for who knows how long." muttered Alexander, as he sat back down. "Can't I be surprised? This is the first emotion I've mustered since... well, since they took me."

    What the hell would the scientist do to them now? He'd never been out of that room before today, which adds to the strange and unexplained fact to why there were there.
  7. Nadia looks up from the ball she'd rolled into, placing her hands in her lap. The sound of new people's voices strangely calmed her, they had meaning compared to the monotone voice of the men in white coats. Nadia's bright blue eyes darted around looking between the browned haired man to the guy who had started the yelling. They looked about the same age, but Nadia was sure she was younger. She tried to think of how she had gotten here in the first place, but she had no recollection of leaving her cell. They must have drugged our meal.
  8. I groaned as I heard people talking. "N-No more.." I whispered, my legs up to my chest and my arms wrapped around them. Then I heard yelling. Yelling? There was almost never any yelling. It was always rough, growly voices. Kila opened one eye cautiously, unwrapping her arms from around her legs. She sat up, and her head hit the top of the cage. "W-What is this?" I asked with a soft voice, looking around. My eyes widened as I saw other people. Other experiments. Kila looked around once again, before settling on the only other girl. "W-What's your name?" She whispered, wondering if she was supposed to be talking with them or not.
  9. Nadia looks at the girl surprised to here her talk. "Oh Oh Six" She whispered loud enough so the girl could here it. Nadia was referring to the code on her neck, that all the scientists used to address the people. No one had used her name in 5 years so she wasn't sure what the girl was asking. She shifted in the box, trying to get in a comfortable position but it wasn't big enough to sit ugh straight in so she stayed in a position where she was hugging her knee's. Where are the scientists?
  10. Kila shook her head, a small smile on her lips. "I mean your actual name. Your birth name? Not the numbers the scientists refer us to. We're not items, we're living people. We have names, and we should use them." Kila said, shaking her head in disgust at the word numbers. She looked around, making sure there was nobody around before taking a bobby pin out of her hair and putting her hands out of the cage, pushing the bobby pin inside the lock and fumbling with it.
  11. "It's uhm Na-" She stops when she see's the girl trying to pick herself out of the lock. "No don't" She says in a voice that sounds like she's begging. "They'll come soon, they probably hear screaming" Nadia says her voice still not louder than a whisper. "They'll hurt you" She says even quieter, her blue eyes gleaming.
  12. Arthur cut in "Yeah and last thing we want is you getting us all in trouble." It wouldn't be fair if he had gotten in trouble for someone else's escape attempt. He had willingly worked with the scientists for years and he didn't just now get on their bad side.
  13. Kila rolled her eyes, stopping from picking the lock. She'd done it many times over the years, and she knew just how to pick the various locks they'd have on the sites. She could probably break out of the whole place in under ten minutes if she wanted to, But she had been so drugged out of her mind that she hadn't been able to process things clearly enough to break out. That's what they did to 'trouble' experiments. Drugged them. Like they were mice or guinea pigs.
    She shook her head to clear her thoughts and looked up at the girl, returning the bobby pin to the back of her scalp. "I'm Kila. Although you can call me Lia, Li, Ki or whatever you like." She slumped against the cage, watching as the scientists came in slowly. They took a quick look around to make sure nobody was free, then left, locking the door. Kila looked at the girl who had begun to tell her the girl's name. "What's your name again?" She asked, tilting her head.
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  14. "Nadia" She says eyeing the browned haired boy as she speaks to Kila. She agrees with him, about the whole not pissing off the scientists since she hadn't yet. Soon after the the scientist left, another one returns, standing in the front of the hallway for a moment. He was dressed in the usual white lab coat, he was also bald. "Do you know where you are" He says in the same old monotone voice but with a smirk this time. No
  15. Alexander turned his head away as he passed a hand through his hair nervously and muttered, "Is that a rethorical question?"

    Seriously. How would any of them possibly know where they were? They had been locked away for years which isn't exactly helpful.
  16. Nadia watches as the man continues. "Ah, 129. Correct" His bold head shimmers off the fluorescent lights. "Always so intelligent" He walks down the hallway infront of the cages, stops when he turns around again. "You're all currently on a plane" He snickers. Plane. Nadia cowers at the thought of where we could be going. The scientist leaves with no further explanations.
  17. [Late to the party oops]

    Ace groaned as he let his eyes flutter open. He caught sight of the familiar white coat leaving the room he was in. He was tempted to go back to sleep, thinking he was still in the facility, but, then, he heard other voices. There's other people?, he thought as he tried his best to become comfortable in his cage. Cage. The word disgusted him. "What did the scientist say?" The brunet questioned, missing the announcement.
  18. My eyes widened. A plane? I looked around quickly. "W-Where are you taking us?" I whispered, not asking that question to anybody in particular. My head spinned and the world around us started to fade out. My head fell to the floor with a Thunk.
  19. "He said that um, we're on a plane?" Nadia says quietly, watching as Kila passed out. She gasped as she hit the ground, eyes rolling back in her head. Was she okay? Nadia wrapped her fingers around one of the bars, peering out at the others, most looking frightened and confused.
  20. Kila was able to hear and smell everything around her, but she couldn't move. When she tried to speak, It came out as a voice in her head. W-What happened?! She screamed inside her head, furious. She felt herself slowly come to, and eventually her eyes opened. "S-Sorry.." She whispered, looking around.
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