The Tattoo: A Unique Modern Vampire Roleplay

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  1. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=#000000][The Blight is Upon Us][/BCOLOR]​

    It is modern day, and the social fabric of every vampire’s existence is being torn apart from within. The several vampiric bloodlines, once arrogantly thought impervious and eternal by their children, have been infected with a disease so ancient and terrifying that even the oldest of nosferatu believed it to be nothing more than a myth. It is called the Sol Blight, and it has shaken the pillars of vampire culture to its very core.

    As the Sol Blight spreads erratically and unpredictably throughout the vampire community, burning its victims with unnatural light from within, fear and chaos spread with it. It is a disease that shows all the potential of becoming a pandemic, and every vampire upon the globe now looks to total extinction as a very real possibility. The search for a cure is frantic, and near all-encompassing. The clan-like bloodlines find themselves with strange bedfellows, working with longtime enemies and forgotten brethren in order to steal their very existence from the expurgation of time.

    Yet, even with a singular focus, unity is far from a reality. Some see this coming tempest as an opportunity to change the power hierarchy of the bloodlines, and perhaps even to supplant the long-ruling ancients that hold ultimate reign over every vampire upon the globe. It is a seminal moment for all the vampires with unnatural life still within their still hearts—and you are among them.

    This is the Sanguinoso Covenus, one of dozens of vampire covens in New York City that find themselves caught in the tumult. Beneath the overreaching purview of the Great Council of York, rests all of the covens within the five boroughs--and all the intrigue, scandal, and blood-letting that comes with it. The Sol Blight has begun to spread throughout the city. Survival, or perhaps more, steer the course of your actions now. How will you and your coven members navigate the strung web of disease, betrayal, violence, romance, and political machination?


    This is an Adept to [BCOLOR=#000000]Advanced[/BCOLOR] level, [BCOLOR=#000000]Adult[/BCOLOR] Group RP, where players will create a character that is a part of a vampire coven (the Sanguinoso Covenus) in modern day New York City. The RP will be open-ended and character driven, allowing players to help truly steer the course of the conflicts that they, and their fellow players, will face throughout the entirety of the story.

    I am looking for several dedicated and enthusiastic people who would like to build a unique story and world around one of the most iconic supernatural characters ever conjured by humankind…

    -All Iwaku site rules apply.

    -Though discussion and brainstorming are welcome and encouraged, once the GM has made a decision, that decision is considered final and absolute.

    -If a player has any issues or concerns that arise, please utilize PM’s to bring these to the attention of the GM.

    -This RP will have adult themes, and any sexual encounters will be strictly “fade to black”.

    -If a player loses interest, or cannot post for whatever reason, please be courteous and inform the cast or GM of this.

    -If a player is inactive without notice for more than a week, the GM may kill off that player’s character at his discretion.

    -Above all, be chivalrous in the OOC, and thoughtful of plot direction in the IC. Have fun, and be open to the ideas of others.

    The world of the vampire as we know it is on the precipice. Though peace holds sway among the nosferatu, the highly political covens that govern are becoming increasingly balkanized. This phenomenon was beginning even before the recent advent of the Sol Blight, and the disease has only amplified its progression. The Great Councils, made up of a select number of ancients, work to hold the covens in check. In truth, however, the twenty-three Great Councils are just as political and petty as their smaller counterparts.

    Power Structure and Hierarchy of the Vampire Realm

    The Lost Monarchs
    Thalia, the Queen of the Blood Moon, and Hirrus, the Alpha King, were the first two vampires to walk the Earth. Every vampire traces their lineage to either Thalia or Hirrus. Though believed to still exist in some form, neither the Queen of Blood nor the Alpha King have been seen in thousands of years. The Great Councils still act--in an honorary fashion--that their sovereignty is still given solely by the two Lost Monarchs.

    The Great Councils
    Made up a handful of ancients, each Great Council autonomously governs a specific geographical region. They hold sway over all covens, as well as the few rogue vampires that operate outside of the sanction of a coven. Their governance is generally sparse, as tradition has kept vampiric law mostly unchanged for centuries. However, when a decision is passed down by the Great Council, it is expected to be obeyed without delay or question.

    The covens are the backbone of vampire society. The thousands that exist across the globe range from ancient to recent, and they each maintain and hold a rich identity, history, and agenda. Covens can range in size from only a few members, to large groups of thousands of vampires. Generally, covens are operated by their own councils, with each group being under the ultimate command of a Covenarch. Individual covens have their own bylaws that determine the selection of councilmembers, as well as how long the Covenarch’s term may last.

    The symbol of the Sanguinoso Covenus

    The Sanguinoso Covenus

    Years in existence: 351 Years
    Answers to: The Great Council of York
    Covenarch: Lothaire Hamilton
    Size: 238 members
    Important Note: The Sanguinoso Covenus only accept vampires who can prove their lineage to that of Thalia, Queen of the Blood Moon.

    This coven can trace its lineage to some of the first settlers of the colony of New York. As the humans that fled persecution by the British during the 17th century, the vampires that formed the Sanguinoso Covenus likewise were seeking to remove themselves from the iron hand of the Great Council of London. These vampires had a vested interest in seeking autonomy from England, and as such they fought and died alongside human patriots during the United States’ War of Independence.

    As the centuries past, the Sanguinoso Covenus worked actively to maintain an influential, yet inconspicuous level of power in the New World. When at last the vampire population grew large enough in the north eastern United States, and the Great Council of York was founded, they were among the first of the covens to seek to limit the power the ancients, and maintain their own freedom to govern. Their efforts were only moderate successful by means of the appointment of their founder, Alexander Hamilton, to the Great Council.


    (Picture: Please use only high-quality photographs. No anime or comic images please)
    Actual and Apparent Age
    -Gender: Male or Female
    -Appearance: Describe any relevant features or characteristics you’d like to include.
    -Coven Position: Create a reasonable position or duty that your character holds within the coven. Anything from second-in-command, all the way down to…whatever. Use your imagination. Please keep this selection “realistic” however.
    -Special Abilities: Choose no more than three unique abilities, beyond that of a basic vampire. Please be judicious in this section. When coming up with abilities, think of the vampires in the vein of Anne Rice, or the Underworld movie series. Abilities should have little direct influence on the physical world--i.e. no telekinesis, pyrokinesis, absolute mind control, or transmutation. Also, abilities can be more skills based, such as adeptness with swords, multilingualism, etc.
    -Bio: A short description of any information you feel is pertinent to list for your fellow cast members to know about your character. I encourage players to create linked backstory and pre-existing relationships with other player characters if they so desire.

    Submit all Character Sheets in the "Thread" tab.

    Lothaire Hamilton--Covenarch|| played by Omicron

    Zoe Bachman--Hostess|| played by Adelaide

    Sebastian Brauer--Enforcer|| played by Lady Martinet

    Theodore Stone--Historian|| played by neptune

    August Pendragon--Blood Keeper|| played by Corpser Roach

    Ophelia--The Culler|| played by Muirgen

    Charlotte Rose Callaghan--Tech Support|| played by Krysondra
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  2. Welcome to the OOC/Signup Section!

    Please submit all Character Sheets in this thread.
  3. [​IMG]
    Name: Dante Aber

    Age: 136 (17-40)

    Appearance: medium length black hair dyed white. Yellow eyes (wears contacts to change to black). 6' 0".

    Coven Position: None/exile

    Special Abilities:
    Blood bending: able to control and weild blood as a offensive or defensive tool. Can also crystalize blood to to create tools/weapons
    Smoke/intangibility: Dante is able to turn his body into smoke, letting attacks and other hazards pass through him. This does not allow him to fly or slip through small openings. It does, however, let him drop from high places without getting hurt.
    Shadow Manipulation: Dante can hide in shadows by literally sinking into them. He cannot move while in the shadow and can only "ride" it. He can also see and hear through shadows.

    Bio: Dante was born and raised as a vampire. From a young age, he was taught that vampires were superior to humans and that humans were only meant to be food. This changed when at the age of 89, Dante fell in love with a human woman. Dante courted the human and at the age of 94, married her. Dante ran away from his coven with his new wife but sadly, the coven didn't take kindly to Dante's betrayal and killed his lover after a short three years of blissful marriage. Enraged, Dante hunted down his ex-coven, killing many of them, including the entire council (as they were the ones who ordered the murder of his wife), and scattered the survivors. Still mourning the death of his wife, Dante disappeared into the human world and has not been heard of since.
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  4. This seems wonderful!, before I make a character history and biography, however, I have a question(@Omicron ).

    Would it be possible to play a human character who is converted near the beginning of this RP, or do vampires not necessarily work that way in your world? If it's possible, may I inquire to what logistics would fall behind it?

    If I can't go with this idea I have a back-up, but I would really like to explore this side of the vampire world with my character.

    -Name: Pending on answer to above question.
    -Age: Pending on answer to above question.

    -Gender: Male or Female
    -Appearance: Describe any relevant features or characteristics you’d like to include.

    -Coven Position: Pending on answer to above question. (Recruit or Spiritual Authority)

    -Special Abilities:
    Ω Dark Transfiguration - A rare, powerful, and risky ability in which the user can cause a change in their body that allows them to become a purely spiritual essence, much like a ghost. Overzealous use of this ability has the potential to kill the vampire and cause them to permanently rest in the spirit realm. The spiritual form has the ability to interact with spirits of the dead, and occasionally spot more elusive creatures of spiritual essence, so elusive that many are deemed not to exist. (Extent of this ability should be left up to the decision of the GM, so I will request using it before I ever do, providing the reasons are for more than conversing with the dead.)

    Ω Mimicry - Simple ability to mimic the voices and appearances of people the vampire has fed upon or given their blood to. Requires the vampire to remember the person's general appearance.

    Ω Slytha's Mark - Slytha was a more ancient vampire, the first of which to be likened to a snake rather than a bat or a wolf. On occasion, a vampire is born with the ability to transform themselves into a snake, and is said to bear her mark.

    -Bio: Pending on answer to above question.
  5. Just a quick question before I get started, are multiple characters allowed?
  6. Hello all, sorry I've been slow to reply. I've been without my laptop today, and limited access on my phone. However, I'll get to your questions and character sheets in short order.
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  7. Thanks for your interest, Corpser Roach. I would be fine with your character having literally just changed before the RP began. Would you be ok with having my character having initiated the "change" in your character? I obviously don't have my own CS up yet to give you a lot of detail, but I think it would add a nice element right from the start. How does that suit you? Feel free to PM me with more questions.
  8. Ok, on to more general stuff for character creation.

    -Each player may only have ONE character. Sorry, but I can't negotiate on this point. I have had bad experiences with this in the past.

    -Think of these vampires as your more "vanilla" Anne Rice, Vampire the Masquerade, Underworld style creatures. Think of their powers and attributes not necessarily along the lines of superpowers, per se, but more like skills (I will clarify this in the CS Template). For instance, you could have a vampire that has learned the techniques of healing, and is a renowned doctor within the coven. Or your character is able to move faster than an average vampire. Perhaps your character has spent many years acquiring combative skills to fight other vampires. Things of this nature.

    -The vampires in this RP die like you think a vampire would: sunlight, prolonged exposure to flame, stake through the heart, decapitation.

    -In this RP, only ancient vampires have the longevity to possess the ability of altering their state of being/matter--i.e. transforming into anything but a human-like vampire.

    -Vampires are created via being bitten by another vampire, and then subsequently feeding upon their sire's blood. No one can be "born" a vampire.
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  9. So no super-supernatural vampires

  10. [​IMG]

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Name:[/BCOLOR] Zoe Bachman

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Age:[/BCOLOR] 73 (looks early-mid 20’s)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Gender:[/BCOLOR] Female

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Appearance:[/BCOLOR] Tall with black hair that falls in a thick curtain around her face when she bothers to brush it, a tangled mass when she does not which is about half the time. She has a long nose and a broad mouth that finds its way into the most disconcerting smiles and a body built well enough for those inclined to decide it’s worth trying to get past the tangles of hair, the unsettling smile and the tattoos that seem to move. It is rarely worth it, but still they try.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Coven Position:[/BCOLOR] Hostess (she “owns” the bar where her coven meets)

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Special Abilities:[/BCOLOR]
    Intoxicating- Zoe’s kiss is mildly intoxicating which makes her chosen prey happy and complacent when she latches on and more than happy to see her a second time. Over time they can grow addicted to the kiss but she has a rather short attention span for prey and rarely dallies with anyone frequently enough to make them addicted.

    Addicting- Her blood, should she choose to share it recreationally is very addicting. Good thing she very rarely shares.

    Maddening- Given the right mood and the right circumstances she can rouse a state of madness in a group. Typically this just manifests as a really good party or a particularly fun night at the nightclub but if she lets loose at a charged political rally or an aggressive concert things can teeter towards violence with little provocation. But sometimes violence can be fun.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]-Bio:[/BCOLOR] She’s old, right? Like ancient old. From the time before the Romans even. She’s a fucking maenad. Or not. Maybe she’s just a left over Hippie who was thick in the heart of the Psychedelic era chasing enlightenment and altered consciousness when she got bit. But even so, it was fucking Dionysus who turned her. He was beautiful and she’d never known truth until he fed it to her from his vein. Oh what sweet truth it was. She’d never tripped so hard in her life. She hasn’t really stopped, if truth be told. Only when she woke from her little death he was gone, long gone but for the blood that boils in her veins and whispers truths to her in the quiet of the day. She’s going to see him again someday. Oh yes she will and when she does she’ll feed him the truth that boils in her veins and it will be earth shattering for them both. It's just been a real long time since she's seen him. Forever even...

    So for now she bides her time, enjoying the pleasures to be had and listening for the truth to be found in the oddest places and watching for her god to make another apperance.
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  11. Are you one hundred percent sure about this? I would REALLY hate for the wasted potential of the female vampire that helped out Felix. I myself feel as though the rp would be enhanced with such character addition! I mean, not every player can pull it off, but COME ON! Isabelle (the vampire that helped out my character) would be a much needed addition to this group. I'm not trying to rude at all, just airing my thoughts is all.

    Would you change your mind if there were strict rules and requirements about a second character being played? I feel that would be fair at that point! I've seen such on other forums and websites where they allow such, but they are much more strict with requirements and such. (I really just want to play the two characters together and have them go back and forward every once and awhile to spice up the roleplay~)
  12. Could we have some more examples on the extent of the abilities cause I'm now slightly confused.
  13. + Could we have some more examples of positions within the coven? If it's not too much trouble ofc. Sorry D;
  14. Great CS, Adelaide. Zoe is accepted into the coven!

    Yes, I'm 100% on this. Every time I've had it where people can use more than one character, it has become an issue. There will be plenty of drama and excitement created by your fellow players and myself, I can assure you.

    Yeah, I'll post some more examples.

    Not too much trouble at all. I'll post some in a bit.
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  15. So, I totally know this doesn't guarantee me a spot, but I'll likely have a CS up tonight. I'd have it up already, but... I can only do so much during my lunch break.
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  16. Hey, how do we know if we are part of the rp?
  17. I would imagine just like every other RP sign-up ever, in that the GM will let you know you've been accepted either here or in a PM, and in this case, move your character's name to the "Cast" list. (Unless O has developed psychic powers, in which case I gotta see this shit).

    Also, yes, I will be putting up a CS in the next couple days as well, tonight or soon-ish if I can.
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  18. I'll post here that a player has been accepted, and add that player's name to the cast list.
  19. [​IMG]
    Name: Lothaire Hamilton

    Age: 184 (appears early-30’s)

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Lothaire stands just above 6’ in height. His build is lithe and muscular. The color of his eyes is a reddish-orange, and his hair is a dark brown.

    Coven Position: Covenarch

    Special Abilities:

    Obsidian Wings—Lothaire is swifter than the average vampire. When he desires, his movements can appear almost instantaneous to the untrained eye. However, the more highly tuned visual acuity inherent with vampires allows them to see Lothaire clearly when they focus upon him.​

    Lionhearted—Due to a trait in his sub-bloodline, Lothaire possesses a passive, yet perceptive authoritative presence. To the weaker of mind, especially mortals, he can inspire great awe, zeal, and even righteous fear. For those of a stronger constitution, and for most vampires, this trait manifests in a natural sense of respect and trust. The effects of this trait can be easily ignored by those that are both aware of its existence, and possessive of a strong enough mind to overcome it.​

    Faust’s Rage—Lothaire can slip into a trancelike state that grants him higher than average fortitude and strength. However, in this state, his higher brain function is limited, and it is much more difficult for him to differentiate friend and foe. Furthermore, when coming out of this trance, he often experiences a period of an inexplicable, and even juvenile, desire for vice—intoxication, gambling, and loose women.​

    Bio: Lothaire is the bitten-son of the Sanguinoso Covenus’ most famous ancient, Alexander Hamilton. Alexander came across a dying Union soldier on the field following the battle of Antietam, and for some unknown purpose, deigned to save the man by granting him immortality in living-death. That man, possessing a name that has long been forgotten to history, became the vampire Lothaire. In homage to his savior, and to acknowledge his bloodline, Lothaire adopted the surname Hamilton soon after his change.

    Following his acceptance into the Sanguinoso Covenus, Lothaire’s star quickly rose. His sire's prominence notwithstanding, Lothaire possessed a keen mind for statecraft, and an ambitious vigor. He also maintained the rare quality of loyalty to his brethren, and as such managed to garner a significant support base within the coven. When the opportunity came to elect a new Covenarch in 1942, Lothaire was able to win the position with little opposition. He has served as the Covenarch for the Sanguinoso Covenus ever since.
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