The Survivor's Savior (For Taven and LLM)

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  1. That day had started out as just another normal day. Juliet Berkovich had gotten up early to dress for classes and she'd woken up her little sister, Annabelle to walk her to school as well. Would Jeremiah be there to walk with her as he did every day? She wondered this as she ran her simple wooden hairbrush through her long deep brown hair, her sparkling chesnut eyes looking into the mirror of the bathroom at the flowing waves of hair. Her mind wandered from wishing her nose were smaller to being overly proud of her hand-me-down school uniform. Her blouse was white due to a hardcore bleaching from her mother, and her pleated plaid skirt was rising just above her knees, revealing knee-high white stockings and shining black mary jane shoes. She smiled a bit, excited to be going to school. She loved her mother dearly, but she also knew the older woman was tired of them both and needed a break during the day. She finished preparing for school and bounced into the living room, glancing to the golden menorah on the fireplace and her face lit up. Tonight would be the very first night of Hanukkah. She felt the joy rise in her chest as she called out for Annabelle and she opened the front door, waiting for the small girl to appear in the room beside her. Once she was sure they were both ready for their first day of school, Juliet swung the door open and froze in her tracks. The figure in the door was not that of Jeremiah, but of a tall man in a German soldier's uniform, staring down at them. He had others behind him, but by his clothes he was obviously the Sergant. Juliet felt the joy of Hanukkah to come die and a new swirl of emotions - Hate, anger, fear - welled inside her chest as she pushed her 6 year old sister behind her. She knew her 19 year old frame would not protect the girl for long, but it didn't matter.

    The war had started only 8 months ago, but it seemed like a lifetime of people disappearing and Jews having to wear the 'Jude' pennant on their clothes. Juliet hated the war, she didn't understand why it was necessary, but what could one girl do? Her family had had to move away to be able to send Juliet and Annabelle to a school that accepted Jews and their father had lost his job and was not searching for a new one daily. This war had torn their lives to shreads, and now there were Nazis at her front door. She made no move to run because she knew there would be nowhere to go, and no cry for help for she knew there would be none. She just looked up into this tall man's cold eyes, the color of ice, as she knew his heart was. Any man willing to be a Nazi had to have a heart of ice. She spoke, trying to keep the hatred and bitterness out of her voice as Annabelle's tiny hands clung to her own trembling ones.

    "Y-yes? May I help you?"
  2. Sargent Taven Wolfe looked down at the girl with an evil smile and then started to laugh at her pathitic atempt to protect her sister with his heavy german accent he spoke to the girl in what seemed like a gental voice caked in venom. " I am here to annouce that you and everyone in this house hold is to be moved to new loction with better living quality gather only what you need and get in the truck." He stepped aside and pointed to a truck in the road that had other jews in the back of it. " you all have 10 minutes before we force you out." At that SS soldiers pull out thier butons and stared menecinly at the girls and started tapping it in their hand." Taven looks at a watch on his wrist. "I suggest you hurry up and back your shit"
  3. Juliet's eyes widened. No. No! They were here for them. This had been her worst nightmare since the war had started and people started going missing. She calmly took her sister upstairs, but the second they were out of sight she fumbled around for whatever they both needed, knowing their mother would be too sick to move. She fled into her mother's bedroom after packing and tried to shake the woman awake.

    "Mama, Mama, please wake up! They are here! The Nazis are here to take us away! Please Mama, wake up! Please!"

    After moments of shaking, she realized the woman in the bed wasn't breathing. And she was cold. Terror swept through her. Her mother was dead and she and her little sister were about to be taken to Hell by Nazis. They were alone. She bit her lip and whimpered, sweeping Annabelle up into her arms and running to a hall closet, where she hid inside, locking the flimsy door and covering her sister's mouth, quietly begging her to be quiet. All that could be heard was the pounding of their hearts. Then the footsteps came.
  4. Taven started to bark oreders at his troops take"you two look for anything valuble you know the drill, the rest of you do a sweep of the house ill check up stairs" with that he walk upstairs into a room with a older femal in a bed he walk up to her and notice she was dead. He spat on the body and spoke with haterad in his voice. "good one less jew to deal with." he then looks around the room and slowy with delibiet steps around the room serching for the girls not finding them in to room he walked out into the hall to a colost he he had pass. "hmmm i wonder if they are here" he tried to open it but found it to be locked. "I guess they wouldnt hide in here its locked" he walk away for a few steps then walked in place geting softer as if he was actly walking away from the cloest.
  5. Juliet heard the footsteps fade, but she stayed in place. If they had to stay in that closet for days, they would. She knew Annabelle was getting restless and wanting to leave, but it couldn't happen. Never trust a filthy German.
  6. Taven quietly walk back to the cloest and effortlessly broke the doors lock and threw it open with is cold icey stare and vemons smile he looked at the girls cowering in the cloest before him. "Why did you have to make it diffifcut could of been so easy but you worlthess disiesed riding money grubing peieces of shit dont know that they are fuckin worthless and are only to be treated like cattle.." with that his hand shot out and grabbed the oldest hair and dragged her out he then called out "upstairs i fould them."
  7. Juliet finally let out a breath of relief, but then something shot up a red flag inside her. They never give up that easy. They were like blood hounds, sniffing out the smallest scent of a jew. She prayed as hard as she could until the door ripped from its hinges and bother her and Annabelle let out a scream. A large hand shot out and grabbed her hair, yanking her from her hiding place and she whimpered out, struggling a bit.

    "Let me go damn you!"
  8. Taven picked her up and spat her face. "Shut the fuck up you dirty jew, jow dare you tell me what to do." With that taven slaps the girl acrosse the face.
  9. Annabelle let out a terrified scream for 'mommy', her wide brown eyes shining with tears as Juliet whimpered, her own tears slipping down her face. There was no one to help her, no one was going to save them. They were alone at the mercy of this man's hands. She went limp in his arms and looked up at him with wide, pleading eyes.

    "Please... I'll do anything... Please just don't hurt Anna..."
  10. Taven lets out a smile "anything hmmm" taven then shouts out in german to his troops. "very well then but your sister will be take away you and i will stay here." Taven then smiled a wolfish grin.
  11. Without hesitation, Juliet nodded quickly, kissing Annabelle's forhead gently and whispering a soft Jewish prayer to her.

    "Be good, darling Anna."

    She watched the men take her then she looked up to the officer, her eyes wide in fear. She tried to speak, but her voice came out weak.

    "Wh-what are you going to do to me?"
  12. Taven slaps the girl " shut up you dirty whore dont you worry about what im gonna do to you." with that taven undid his trouse and slid them down along with his dwars and his member was standing up in her face." Im sure you fucking jewish whores like your self know what to do get to work."
  13. Juliet blushed dark and jumped back, backing away from him as he uncovered himself and she cried out, shaking her head. She was a virgin, she'd never even seen a man nude before. She whimpered and shook her head, her mouth clamping shut.
  14. "come one you fucking whore you said you do anything, or maybe i could show your lil sister what was her name? annebelle was it,? what its used for." taven then walked up to her.
  15. With tears of shame streaming from her eyes, Juliet gently stooped up onto her knees and reached a shaking hand up, grasping the hardened member and she winced as she felt it throb.

    "Wh... show me how..."
  16. "Yes Thats a good whore."Taven's hand tightly grabbed her wrist hand made her hand move up and donw his member "just like that it isnt that hard now is it." Taven then let go and stood there to enjoy the had job he was reciving.
  17. Juliet closed her eyes as she massaged his member, moving the way he showed her. She was thankful that her mother wasn't here to see this, and she was grateful that Annabelle was safe. She had no other choice but to appease this monster that stood before her.
  18. "thats a good filthy jew it seems you have a knack for this thats good for what i have planned for you." with that taven smile. " now put it in your mouth"
  19. With no objection other than silent, terrified tears, Juliet leaned forward, and parted her lips. Slowly, her eyes squeezing shut, she allowed her mouth to slip down over the head, tasting the soft warm skin and she whimpered out before slipping her lips further down, her hand still massaging the base.
  20. "that right you whore suck my dick. thats all jewish bitchs are good for a good blowjob and fucking." Taven then spat on her. "lets see how good you are the sooner you make me cum the less ill beat you later for hiding from me." with that taven began to laugh.