The Sleepy Tavern

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  1. Welcome to The Sleepy Tavern! The name is Leah Dawnson and I am the owner of this establishment. We have many options here at my humble hole in the wall. All races, species, sexual orientations, and well....beings, can find a safe haven here. So go ahead and have fun! Stay the night, ponder over a drink, enjoy the ever changing nightly shows, or ask me for the latest available adventures to part take in. I really don't care, I make money off of you either way! I look forward to your visit.
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  2. Leah hummed a cheery tune out to the empty room. She took her station behind the bar and was thoughtlessly polishing the drinking glasses. Her finder ran across the the lip of the glass she was cleaning and winced. She looked down at the tiny sphere of blood that had formed on her finger.
    "Well that's no good." She said with a sigh, she then stuck her finger in her mouth cleaning the blood off her finger.
    "Who the hell has been messing with my glasses! You know very well I don't like people screwing around with my equipment." shouted towards the back of the bar.
    There was no response. Leah huffed in annoyance and continued to tidy things up.
  3. Before the great hearth of the tavern sat a wide half circle table that trapped the fire beneath an array of tapestries, broken swords and stuffed animal heads. Around the table were men and women of all kinds; an elf here drinking and dreaming with a young and handsome mage. A sulking warrior there, sipping and eating quietly to himself gazing at the fire as a couple of young maidens swooned over a talkative and charming traveler. The center of the circle before the hearth, sitting quietly among the fur-lined floor beside her canine companion was a young woman dressed in a thief's clothing. Before her was a placement of square-cut and finely tanned leather, upon it lay many stones, crystals and wooden tokens, upon them were carved complex runes that were painted with bright pigment. She had a large satchel to her left, a quiver of arrows and a bow attached to it. To her right was a small drawstring sack that glistened with more gems, stones and runes that seemed to swell in the firelight and call to any who gazed for too long. "And you have a lovely night as well my dear. Take care of your father, he cares for you dearly." she women said, dipping her head and collecting her tokens to return to the sack. "Thank you! Thank you so kindly m'lady, blessings to you!" a girl of only fourteen said to the the women excitedly before handing her a few copper coins and bounding off through the tavern as if she had just heard the best news of her life. The woman smiled after her and closed her sack of treasures, placing it upon the leather and sighing calmly before gazing into the fire and patting the dogs head lovingly.
  4. Zeth let the door close softly behind him. Balancing four hot steaming mugs in his hands he left the intense heat of the oven to go to the counter, and placed all the mugs down, without burning himself this time... He was getting good.

    "Who the hell has been messing with my glasses! You know very well i don't like people screwing with my equipment!" A small smirk came to Zeth's face. He'd been working here for a quick tip for about two weeks now and it was no easy business but it was a pretty cool environment especially for him. Zeth loved to watch visitors blush, and oggle at him. He loved the feeling that spread through the air when their eyes met his own deep silver ones and they struggled to find any type of coherency. He fed off of those feelings. After all he was a Incubus. And at this Tavern with an endless supply of customers he was always energized... well fed.

    He watched as Leah huffed in annoyance and fought back a smile, whoever did it was so dead, the time that he'd been here proved that when angry she could probably scare off death it's self. He slid a loose lock of his hair out of his face. The long silver strands thrown over his shoulder in a loose binding at his neck.

    "It wasn't me. I swear." He looked over her shoulder as she put her finger in her mouth. "Are you bleeding, did you cut yourself?" Then he smirked. "I could always help with that... you know an Incubus' saliva holds certain... healing properties... they say it's even an aphrodisiac." He wiggled his eyebrows teasingly.
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  5. Tilting her head back slightly she looked up at Zeth with her left eyebrow twitching up into an arch. She then lifted her finger and waved it in front of his face.

    "You know very well, I do not require such help for such a small nick." she said as she swiveled her body to face him, giving him a light tap on the tip of his nose.

    "Nor, do I need your aphrodisiac." she said tilting her head, a small side smile appeared on her lips. "After all, with this...." she made a very dramatic motion with her arms refereeing to her figure. "I just need to give a little wiggle and I will do just fine." she said with a playful and jesting tone in her voice.

    Leah didn't believe Zeth would be the one to mess with her glasses, it was most likely one of the new waiters. Speaking of which, a waiter made his way over to the bar and handed a note over to Leah. "From the male mage." the waiter said in a very formal manner.

    As Leah read the note, her eyes narrowed as she peered over at the mage. She casually picked out 2 clear glass a began to mix different liquids into the glasses from her special range of flasks under the bar. When done she lifted both glasses to her lips and whispered a few words, making them glow a dull pink.

    "It would appear that the mage there with the pretty elf has his eye on the little one over there by the fire. He just requested for a knock out potion." she said lifting one of the glass up to Zeth. "Why don't we have a little fun? Let's make sure he gets his monies worth, with a little of your special saliva." she had a extremely mischievous smile.
  6. The tavern door slowly swung open, revealing a tall man in ragged clothing holding a badly battered guitar case. He took a moment to take in the atmosphere of the room and examine his surroundings, then slowly walked towards the main bar and rested his case against it.

    "Service, please..." he said in a grim tone.
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  7. Zeth laughed as Leah tapped his nose, the sound traveled across the Tavern earning him a few looks from tavern goers. He took in a deep breath, recognizing the aroma and then inhaled the smooth scent. This job was perfect. If his laugh alone get such a reaction, imagine what direct contact could do. Not that type of direct contact, he was an Incubus not an insatiable harlot. All he needed was ten seconds with anyone and he was satisfied for days.

    Well almost anyone, it did not seem as if Leah was as affected by him as he was used to from the female gender. But it did not bother him he enjoyed their playful teasings. He watched as she read a note from a waiter and then went for her special flasks. He watched closely, he had always wanted to know what those were and did. She began to whisper into the glass and it started to glow a soft pink. Leah looked at him again. Some guy apparently ordered a knock out potion, for a young girl no doubt. A huge grin spread across his face at her mischievious look and her suggestion of his saliva, his sharp canines fully visible. "That's not very nice now is it? But... I mean we couldn't help it if some of it happened to somehow accidentally fall in to the glass... right?" He winked at her.

    Zeth lean't towards the cup, then watched as it slowly diffused into the liquid. This was not an everday occasion but come on the guy was trying to take advantage of some one he clearly deserved it. He tried to keep a straight face as he looked up at Leah "That should do it but we should not make a habit of it people will talk... then again who wouldn't want a taste of me." His signature smirk was back on his face as he turned around to the front doo dc opening.

    A ruggish man holding a guitar case approached the bar. Placing his case against it he spoke. "Service, please..." Zeth had learned by now to not question anyone who walked into the Tavern. He moved the loose lock of hair behind his ear again and gave a smile coated with charm. "Welcome what can I get for you today."
  8. The ruggish man carefully sat on the stool next to his guitar and glanced up at the smiling bartender, flashing a faint smile back for only an instant. His eyes searched the man suspiciously before making his request.

    "The cheapest rye you have to offer, please..." he said slowly, without taking his eyes off of Zeth.

    The ruggish man was only about 23 years of age, yet still seemed beaten down by many decades of harsh circumstances. Despite his young age, the man had cracked skin around his eyes and forehead. His long blonde hair hung in limp strands around the frame of his face. His eyes seemed an intense, deep shade of gold; filled with an entirely unreadable emotion.
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  9. Mara Grace McBride

    Mara was quiet as she walked into the Sleepy Tavern, her brown eyes with the inner green rims gazing curiously around the place as the door swung shut behind her It wasn't often that she ventured out of her forest, but she could quickly and easily tell that this place was welcoming to all beings. Hell, even the woman mixing the drinks appeared to be using a bit of magic. Mara lifted one hand and tucked her loose waves of startling scarlet hair back behind one pointed ear, figuring it safe to go ahead and let those who may notice see what she was.

    She wore a simple dress of a light, almost leafy green. It came down just below her knees, fitting perfectly over her figure and accentuating her curves. The other elves from Mara's homeland were all slender and tiny, and they had been very kind to Mara her whole life, fearing that their mere presence would give her self-esteem issues. Mara was happy with herself, though - she didn't care that she wasn't like the rest of the elves. She was proud of her body just the way it was.

    A kind smile was on her ruby lips as she approached the bar counter, her hazel eyes sparkling with warmth. "Hello," she said in her soft and sweet voice. "May I ask what you have available to eat and drink?" Eating and drinking was not a necessity for Mara, but it was something that she was able to enjoy without any repercussions. She would not fall ill, she could not get drunk, and excess amounts of food had no effect on her body as they did to humans.

    Lance Kennen Camp

    Lance strolled into the bar just a few minutes after the redhead, his stride one of confidence and strength. He smiled a bit as he looked around at all the people within, his smile flashing the white fangs that hid behind his lips. He had bright green eyes that darted around the room, examining everybody to assess how much of a threat they may be if it came down to a fight. He hoped it wouldn't, of course; he'd been fighting enough with his closest friends the past several weeks and had come here to get away from them for a while. He hated fighting with them after going to so much trouble to leave their little hometown together, but after the hundreds of years that they'd been together, tensions were bound to grow - especially between Cliff and Katrina, Lance thought, with how Cliff wanted nothing more than to be peaceful and Katrina was beginning to develop her powers and grow into more than just a pretty little vampire. His eyes fell for a moment on the redheaded woman behind the counter, her scarlet hair the spitting image of Katrina's.

    He paused a moment before deciding to make his way to a table, sitting down. There was a menu propped up between the salt and pepper shakers; obviously he had seated himself at a table typically used for meals. It was a good thing that he had a few vials of blood in his pocket; human food made him sick unless he washed it down with a proper drink, preferably A-positive, his personal favourite. He flipped through it absently, pondering whether or not to get something to eat or to just get himself a drink. He was a big fan of human food - it had excellent flavours, and the variety made for a number of textures that he enjoyed chewing and swallowing. Blood was all so plain - there were maybe seven or eight flavours, and it was all just a warm liquid. There wasn't even any chewing involved, only biting and sucking - or sipping, if it came in a glass.

    His gaze shifted around for a moment once he had made his decision, those emerald eyes seeking out a waiter in the tavern. For a place named after its own sleepiness, Lance was surprised by the number of people around. He had expected a bartender and a regular or two, but that didn't seem to be the case here.
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  10. Leah didn't quiet care if the patrons in her tavern knew of her meddling with their drinks. The rumors of her tavern weren't clue enough to make these people weary of her then perhaps they should be messed with. For the most part she was willing to to create whatever special drink is asked of her, for the right price that is. But, even she had some morals.

    "Give this one to the young lady."she said in a very strict tone, she wanted to make sure her instructions were very clear as she handed the waiter one of the glasses that was a simple fizzy drink with a hint of sweetness. It was a simple drink, meant to promote feelings of warmth and happiness.

    "Now, this one you will give to the mage. And make sure to charge him 3 times the amount for the drink, for the usage of extra fresh ingredient." she handed over the last glass filled with a highly potent aphrodisiac tonic. By the end of the night he will either be trying to mate with anything he can rub against or his pretty elf partner will have a extra surprise popping out of her. "Understood?" she said with a smile. The waiter nodded and quickly made his rounds, being sure to hand the proper glass to the right person.

    Leah's attention shifted over to the newcomer sitting at the bar. She quietly lifted her flasks and began to wipe them down. She didn't interrupt the interaction between Zeth and the customer, but she kept an eye on things. Her hands working with the items behind the bar without actually looking at them.
  11. The man at the bar could feel the stranger's eyes surveying him. He looked around the bar until he noticed Leah's unwavering stare. He met her's with his own, hoping to get a reaction out her.

    He became noticeably more tense and unnerved as the two watched one another. The ragged man's suspicion was evident, but his eyes still yielded no recognizable emotion.
  12. Leah eyes were drawn away from the Zeth and the newcomer to the elf now sitting at her bar. Her hand stopped working with the various cups and flasks under the bar. Rubbing her hands clean with a rage she placed her hands on her hips with a smile.

    "Welcome, I can differently serves your needs today." she said with a little nod. She began to count down with her fingers the meals available at the moment. "At the moment we have, roast stew, fresh herb chicken, a meaty rack of lamb with bacon, vegetable curry, and beef and potatoes." she named off all the normal foods off her list. "As for drinks I can bring whatever you wish, simply ask and you will receive. Well... for the right price that is." she said the last part of her sentence with a wink.

    Leah looked over towards the end of the bar and noticed some of her waiters standing around chatting. Her frowned and slammed her hand on top of the bar. "You lazy ingrates, get back to work. Before I skin you alive for our next stew." she shouted, her eyes narrowing into a ticked off gaze. The waiters jumped in surprise and rushed out into the floor. She bite her lower lip in irritation.

    She turned back to the elf. "Now, what is it that you wanted to order?" her face quick switched back to a smile.

    She quickly glanced back at the male newcomer and began to pull out a large glass, to clean and ready for Zeth to fill for the male.
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  13. Mara Grace McBride

    Mara smiled as she listened to the woman behind the bar count off all the meals available, and she definitely noticed the devious sparkle in the woman's eye as she mentioned making any kind of drink for a certain price - it was clear that making special beverages was something the woman did frequently, as she listened to the directions given to the waiter by the barkeep. She held back a laugh at hearing the woman snap at the waiters as they chatted - perhaps the barkeeper here was also the owner, as they certainly seemed to listen to her more than she would expect waiters to listen to a bartender. She smiled warmly as the woman turned her attentions back to her.

    "Do you have any metheglins?" Mara asked softly. "I think a tall glass of spiced metheglin would be lovely." Her hand came to the coin pouch that was tied around her waist with a leather cord, hoping that she would have enough. She did business with the humans often enough that their money was of use to her, whereas very few other elves tended to collect the human currency. She sold them spells, herbs, potions, and other things that brought in a good amount of money, however, so she had gathered up quite a bit of it - and where better to spend it than in their towns, where it was always in high demand? She was sure that the amount in the little pouch would be plenty for a drink, and perhaps a room for the night. As much as the forest was the young elf's home, she felt very comfortable in the presence of humans and sometimes chose to stay in their towns for the mere convenience of it when travelling.
  14. "Of course! one spiced metheglin come right up." Her hands began to move quickly, she looked up at the elf and smiled as her hands moved and picked up items without looking. She decided to make a spiced royal metheglin.

    " So lady elf, what brings you into my tavern." she said as she pulled out a small glass container. On it was the image of a bee with it's stinger ready to attack. However, inside the contain was a golden color content that gave a heavily sweet smell when she opened it.

    Leah reached under the bar and pulled out a pretty tall glass. It's body was slender but it slowly widen as it reached the lip of the glass. "Usually the females elves that come in travel with a group." She dipped her spoon into the honey and dibbled a small amount into the glass. It wasn't the typical way of serving spiced metheglin, but something about adding more honey made things a little more sweeter to life.

    "I just find it interesting..." she said as she turned to the back wall of the bar. She began to ladle slowly the spiced metheglin into the tall glass from a large container. Once she had filled the glasses to the top she made sure the container was sealed tightly before turning back to the counter.

    Placing the glass in front of the elf. Leah took pride in not making thing exactly in the typical way. There was something about the experimenting process that made her smile. Even if sometimes things did not come out as expected, and at times induced vomiting. She still felt it was all meant to be.
  15. Uma stretched out her arms and let out a soft yawn. No wonder this place was called the 'Sleepy Tavern'. She wasn't tired, really, but she did feel relaxed after having a few drinks. There were pros of having more than two arms.Well, in her case, six to be exact. And one of those pros was the fact that she could multi-task with ease.

    So, even with this fact in mind, the people that surrounded her were still baffled by the amount of empty of empty beer glasses that lay beside her. "T-That's twelve beers in a row!" A cyclope friend of hers pointed out in disbelief. Uma chuckled bringing another glass of beer up to her lips with her second arm on the left side of her body as her friend oggled her. "Calm down. That just means I'm on my second round. Six arms, remember?" She said, wiggling the fingers of her top two arms as her third arm on the right side of her body picked a piece of chicken.

  16. Mara Grace McBride

    Mara watched curiously as the woman prepared the glass of metheglin. She could see how much this woman liked being unique - doing things with a twist, doing things her own way. She was sure that the drink would still be good - and she liked the touch the woman had added with the extra honey, which Mara knew would certainly give the drink an added sweetness. She smiled as the woman set it down in front of her.

    "My name is Mara, and I tend to be a bit of a lone wolf," said the young elf softly with a soft, musical laugh. "I'm simply looking for a place to sit and pass the time, I'm passing through on business right now and thought I'd get a drink and perhaps stay the night." She smiled, pausing for a moment.

    "And thank you, by the way, how much is it?" Mara asked softly as she gave a slight nod of her head towards the glass before her, untying the little knot that held her coin pouch to her waist so that she would be able to get out the coins for the woman.
  17. Zeth watched as the man took a seat at the bar then nodded his head at the ruggish man. "Will do, care for anything else while your at it?" He shouted out a Rye to the waiters and then went back to silently studying the man. It was weird because he couldn't feel anything from the man anything... gold eyes watched him with little emotion. Psh maybe he was a vampire they liked to silently watch people, human girls liked that kind of thing, if you asked him it was just plain creepy. He rubbed the back of his neck his long black tail flicking back and forth behind him absentmindedly.

    "What part of the world are you from my friend?" Blonde hair, gold eyes, cracked skin... could be a rougue elf.
    He could not be an Incubus... Incubus could always recognize eachother. Plus Leah was busy with another customer he had time to talk while he waited on the rye. Plus people that stopped here often turned out to some interesting stories. His curious nature was beginning to show.

    Waiting for the guy to answer he leaned on the counter when he was handed the mans order. He slid it over to the man and just watched.
  18. Leah's eyes widen in surprise as she ears tingled at Mara'a laugh. "How interesting..." she mumbled to herself. The sound actually made the tingle in her ears move up to the back of her head and pleasently fade away. Now, it was known that elves were just as magnificent and beautiful as the forest in full bloom. But, the effect that Mara's laugh gave her an idea. After all, it isn't everyday someone can make her ears tingle.

    "I tell you what Mara..." she said leaning forward against the counter. "Every night we have some sort of entertainment here at the tavern. Unfortunately, my entertainer couldn't make it this evening. I was going to do it myself, but you have a wonderful voice." she motioned to a small stage that was raised off the ground high enough so that everyone in the tavern could get a look at who ever was on it.

    "The drink, meal, and night. Would cost you 1 doesn't matter what it is or how long it is." she said as she pulled out a bowel. "Plus, anything these lovely people give in thanks to your act will go directly to you. All I want, is to see these people happy." said again with a smile. "Or you can pay the full price of 150 coins, the choice is yours." she said as she stood up straight, leaving the bowel in front of Mara.

    She began to walk off towards the other end of the bar, about ready to clobber one of the waiters. But stopped for a moment "Oh! and my name is Leah...Leah Dawnson and welcome to my tavern."
  19. The man silently looked down at his glass, pondering the question he had just been asked. While in deep thought, he seemed completely lifeless; quiet and motionless. The only sign that he was still alive was his eyes, which suddenly became even deeper and more mysterious.

    "I couldn't really tell you myself." He spoke solemnly. "I have a hard time remembering anything earlier than when I had my last drink."

    Slowly he brought the glass to his lips and tilted it back, pouring the contents into his mouth and swallowing quickly. There seemed to be no apparent reaction to the biting effects of the alcohol he just gulped down, but his eyes showed a very noticeable increase in lively-ness; as if he had just drank a glass of pure happy.

    Looking back up at Zeth, a faint smile crept across his face. His eyes looked content, which seemed jarring considering the expressionless person that he seemed to be mere seconds ago.

    "You can't even begin to imagine how badly I needed that..."
  20. Zeth watched as the man silently took hold of his glass his face as solemn as death it'self. He looked like he was in deep thought. " I couldn't really tell you myself I have a hard time remembering anything earlier than when I had my last drink." Wow that kind of sucked, must of had a run in with a witch or something. The real vicious ones tended to leave an everlasting impression. Zeth gave a low whistle.

    He watched as the man brought the glass to his mouth and began gulping down it's contents. As soon as he did Zeth could Iimmediately sense a change. He could feel the spark of energy, he could tastes it in the air, it was almost happy... Happy did not taste as good as lust but it was good all the same. Zeth's interest had piqued at the mans mention of his lack of memory but most customers preferred their privacy. Perhaps if he stuck around for some time the man would feel more like sharing his story.

    The man turned to Zeth, a small smile on his face. "You can't even begin to imagine how much I needed that." Zeth grinned and slapped the man on the back of his shoulder. "I would say that I have a feeling. I am Zeth, Bartender under this fine establishments lovely owner Ms. Leah. Welcome to the Sleepy Tavern. Would you like a room prepared for an overnight stay?"
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