The Sins Of Our Fathers (DCEU)

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  1. There exists other realms, other dimensions, and other entities that transcends our understanding as humans. These paralogical occurrences holds host to many things that everyday life describes as "unexplainable" or "phenomena".....and these are the very things that co-exist in the commonplace of space and time, right under civilization's nose and within grasp. They hide away in the shadows, lurk outside the physical and abstract sight of many, but these anomalies reside with society every single day...

    So what happens when the gateway and interconnection between the two are explored? Explored through the perspective of one of the most powerful, darkest beings known to civilization? The cambion. The chosen one. A young girl raised in the pacifist ways for truth and light, but holds a dark, sinister secret inside her that will shatter all realms into an eternal abyss at the very wave of her hand...Or is there truly always light in darkness? For one will become the symbol of both, and ascend as something much greater.
    For that symbol will be depicted as...Raven.

    For another girl, a bright and stunning individual with the brains of the world's greatest minds, life under the spotlight of a multi-million dollar franchise and helm of an infamous man can be hectic, but in wake of a new truth, no longer is fame, fortune, or glory the topic of discussion amongst the world that she knows. She's about to be indulged into a brand new world of the unknown, as the reality she knows isn't as formidable as she realized. When she realizes that being the daughter of the corporate sensation Alexander Luthor isn't the destiny she foresaw, things will change forever.

    -When a mysterious girl arrives to Gotham asking questions about her mother and lurking in the criminal underbelly, darker, more stranger forces are watching her from all angles. In the city of the feared "Batman", an urban legend who was said to once have roamed the streets of Gotham causing terror, this girl soon explores that she's in for a darker journey she could have anticipated...however, she's not alone. She's being watched from the shadows. And even in that fact, Gotham soon may find out she's not as "innocent" as she may seem. This attention attracts outside parties, as another young female with a wayward path discovers that there are phenomena in the world that defy the views of reality.

    ch0sen X @Angelic Fusion


    -1064: Azar founds the astral realm of Temple Azarath, expelling all evil souls from there.
    -1997: Rachel Roth is born. She is taken to Azarath after her birth, raised by Azar.
    -1998: Angela Roth is announced missing; months later presumed dead.
    (Anything you want added to the timeline let me know)
    -2012: Unknown assailants and "vigilantes" begin to appear around various US cities once more for the first time in a long time.
    -2014: An unknown group begins to cause terror and messages across the US; LexCorp involved in a corporate scandal for espionage and secretism on Wayne Ent.

    Summer 2014
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    Name: Rachel Roth aka Metrion aka Raven
    Age: 18
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 137 lbs
    Blood Type: O+
    Race: HumanxDemon
    Ethnicity: Caucasian & Demonoid (Cambion)

    Traits(5): Strong-Willed/Adaptable/Intelligent/Gritty/Witty
    Flaws(5): Cold/Detached/Radical/Dark/Stubborn

    Rachel Roth

    Still1.jpg Still12.jpg


    Dc Comics Character or Original? DC Comics

    POWERS---> *powers as human *powers as demon form

    {td}Demonic Transformation
    Astral & Mental projection
    Dimension Traveling

    Psionic abilities (Possession, Pain Inducement, Illusions, Limited Pyrokinesis, Limited Electrokinesis)


    Energy Manipulation
    Time Manipulation
    Emotion Manipulation
    Darkness Manipulation (Umbrakinesis)

    Memory Alteration
    Inducing and amplifying the Seven Deadly Sins (Only Pride and Lust)
    Experienced Hand-to-Hand Combatant
    Expert Martial Artist


    Metrion was born to a mother who was very wayward in direction, Angela Roth. Angela was an orphan at a very young age, and herself was abandoned by her mother. Angela was adopted before long into a spiritual home, but developed a sense of apathy and rebellion against her creed enforcing adoptive parents. She then turned to the streets and got in with the wrong crowd, delving into the occult and practicing dark and unholy worship. It was here that she joined a cult feeling a sense of belonging, as they inadvertently summoned and unleashed an ancient, malevolent evil. This evil deceived Angela and the others, and posed as a pure being for the sole purpose of devising a plan to gain access to mortal planes. The being forced itself onto Angela, and thus unwillfully she was impregnated with Metrion, half human, and half evil. A traumatized Angela tried to cope with the horrific reality and sought out counseling, drugs, and other things, but when all failed, she attampted to take her own life. It was then that she was approached by beings of the other-dimensional world known as Azarath; a pacifistic society who had left Earth centuries ago. The Azarathians recognized that Angela was pregnant with the child of Trigon and invited her to return with them to Azarath where they could safeguard the child from the recognized evil's influence. Angela agreed.
    Angela gave birth to a daughter who she named Rachel. It was quickly found that Rachel had inherited great power from her father and the spiritual leader of Azarath decided that Raven should be raised separately from her mother to minimize the chance of emotional conflicts which were found to be the key to Raven's sinister power. Now Metrion as her given Azarath name, is under constant care of the Azar, leader of Azarath, and it's denizens as she must constantly live in a shell of herself, lest she destroy entire realms on a whim. She lives with the eternal burden of not knowing what she is fully, or the limits of her potential. She craves the one thing she can never have: to be normal. To never have emotions constantly burdens her of not knowing what it feels like to feel at everything will be put to the test in wake of a dire truth...she begins her journey to become more...
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  3. Name: Skylar Aer Luthor

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human/Tamaranean

    Energy projection (colored Aqua Blue)
    Starbolt beams
    Starbolt waves
    Starbolt blasts
    Starbolt bursts
    Starbolt eye beams
    Linguistic assimilation
    Survival in the vacuum of space
    Cold immunity


    Expert Trained Marksman (DeadShot)
    Trained Martial Artist (DeadStroke)
    Survivalist (Mentors)
    Educated (Luthor)
    Engineer (Luthor)
    Immunity to intense cold and Radiation(Genetic)
    Hacking (Herself.)

    Parents Genetic: Lex Luthor, StarFire


    Alias: MadCat

    Personality: Skylar is an individual who is never happy with just the surface aspect of things. Always the individual to dive into a project, individual, place or event farther than many would like her to go. Her intelligence overall has shaped her personality leaving it larger enigmatic in nature. Together in some ways and distraught in others. She is a individual who loves the chase and the eventual victory of knowledge.

    Lex Luthor (Father)

    Skylar was born as the daughter of Lex Luthor. The prodcut of Genetical Engineering meant to create a super human beyond that of Superman. The original idea was beyond science ficton but with the backing of Lex Corp the project went into full motion. The genetical engineers created the perfect girl using Lex Luthor and StarFire's Genetic structure as a base for her creation.

    When she was born the Genetical Engineering went through but resulted in a more than Imperfect result. All of the traits desired but one were lost. Although near perfect in genetical structure the desired traits of super strength and and intelligence. The true outcome of this experimental creation was that of Skylar’s Superhuman Intelligence that surpassed all others known at the time. Although unknown to her father… she would surpass his creations within mere years.

    Growing up Skylar enjoyed all the knowledge the young girl could feast upon like a ravage animal. Her father was more than happy to supply her with all of the materials she would need to grow her mind the way that both of them saw fit. It then became evident that her Engineering and Unique prowess began to show due to the Genetics of Starfire which served more like a mother donator than anything else.

    At the age of eleven she began to forge items in secret using the machines in Lex Corp after leaving her fathers eyes and running off into the building. Much to his distaste of course she would not be found for some time. It ws not untill she was fifteen that her true abilities surfaced as all that she was creating began to come to light. Her creations were found deep within a sealed off wing of Lex Corp where she was able to reuse the machines within. Although crude in design they were no doubt extraodinary considering the parts she had at her disposal.

    With the true potential shown her father gave her the backing of Lex Corp to create whatever she so wished as long as it did not conflict with any of the current dealings of Lex Corp. It was within this period that she began to forge a Exo suit. Although small it brings her already extensive training out more. Although she did not share the same mindset towards other as her father did. She found that others needed to be watched and studied rather than exploited through Ventures.

    It was with the creation and finalization of the finest creation that she approached her father about going out into the world. She had just turned seventeen and wanted to see what all was out there. Luthor himself was skepticle but knew that the girl would not be pursaded otherwise. With his blessing and the promised backing of him and Lex Corp under the promise to not interfeer with Lex Corp or him she left home and went out into the world.

    Current Suit:[​IMG]

    Medium Suit (Will happen before end Suit)

    Eventual Suit (Depending on Situation)
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  4. ((ORIGIN POST))

    Location: Unknown
    Time: 11:58 PM
    Year: 1996

    An eerie silence ensues throughout the dark and ominous area. Darkness surrounds the vicinity in a chilling mood of coldness and isolation, as if Death itself dwelled there. In this undisclosed abyss, an aura of despair and promise fills and fuels the air, in a way that only compliments the sinister tone of the moment at hand. a column of softly lit candles exist in this space, its golden dim light revealing frigid cole stone surfaces and splatters of red along the walls and floor. In the middle of this room lies an altar. Upon the altar, a young girl lays unconscious in a dark red robe, opened up to reveal her bust and half naked body. On the young girl's belly is a symbol of some sort coated in the same dark red. A pillar stands behind the altar with the same symbol, as the eerie silence transgressing into small and faint sounds of whispers. About a dozen beings linger in the mysterious dark with the young girl, as their garments brush against the floor. These dark figures increase their whispers as they kneel down in the direction of the young girl. The whispers go fourth just as dark as the abyss they all were enshrouded in.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.... In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos... Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus.... Et ostende nobis...."

    The still of the air along with the grisly breeze shooting through the void grips all individuals who dwell there. The figures chant on once more, as if chanting in harmony. They strive to fulfil their purpose, and they continue to kneel in the direction of the female.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi.. In ac desperationis supplicio... sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The beings rise their torsos from the kneel position and face towards the young lady they begin to reach out their hands to the girl, but never move a step forward. They begin to raise the volume of their voices as their hoods conceal who they are. The candle flames wave with a slight fury as if some unseen force was pushing it. The golden lights from the flames begin to flicker across the room. The figures chant once more with thunderous, heavy, deep tones of absolution.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi. In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos. Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus. Et ostende nobis."

    The current gets stronger as the flames begin to flicker back and forth the small chill air suddenly finds an unknown source of heat. The altar with the girl seems to develop a resonance as the chanting brings forth an unexplainable energy. The hair on the unconscious girl begins to wave in the unseen wind as her eyes begin to dart back and forth while her eyes are still closed. The chanting gets louder now, moving into strong shouts of words from the group. The entire space begins to tremble slightly.

    Mysterious Beings: "Unum abyssi! In ac desperationis supplicio, sed occulta divinae lucis et custos!! Quod si tibi hodie, ut dominus! Et ostende nobis!!"

    The presence of another energy then disperses through the place. the trembling turns into full vibration as the altar shakes with fury and prejudice. The candle flames wave back and forth with rapid haste, but never extinguish. The young woman then begins to slowly levitate while still unconscious, eyes in a subconscious frenzy. Her dark red robe hangs down scraping the stone altar as splatters of red are revealed all over the stone surfaces. The figures stand up straight and begin to walk towards her with their arms stretched fully to her, as she lifts higher and higher into the air. Their words now resounding through the entire void with echoes. The entire venue shakes with force as the apex moment comes and the figures continue to scream the incantations at the top of their lungs.


    The candles shoot up in a streak of flames and the tremors cease their activity as the yound woman opens her eyes, and they reveal to be a deep dark violet color. She drops back down onto the altar as the candles return to normal and the air and energy returns to silence. The young woman opens her eyes once more as they return to her normal crystal blue eyes. She awakens to the robed figures surrounding her, not moving an inch. Silent. She rises from the stone surface, tying her robe up.

    Young Woman: " it done? Did....did it work?"

    The group remained silent as she looks around in hope and confusion. She stares into the light of the candles as they stand beside the tall stone pillar. There was nothing but silence. Eerie and still air and a grip of oppression through the room. The woman looks back at the group and seeks them once more.

    Young Woman: "What happened? I thought The Ascension would work?"

    Before anything else could happen a whisper arose from behind the pillar. Both the young woman and the robed figures alike jumped to attention at the behest of this unknown source of sound. They all stare at the pillar in shock and bewilderment. Something else was there.

    ???: "I am here..."

    The robed figures kneel down on their hands and knees and all chant in unison at the arrival of the mysterious entity.

    Mysterious Beings: "Lord."

    ???: "So long....have I been in captivity from the planes of all have freed me..."

    The young woman stands surprised and taken back by the events that really just unfolded. This was stuff from movies and stories, but it just happened in real life. She couldn't believe it...she was so astounded that they had sucessfully summoned a divine being.

    Young Woman: " that really an angel..?"

    Suddenly the entity steps from behind the pillar, the darkness masking it's anatomy. It slowly walks forward into the candle light in grace and precision. Once the golden aura shines on the being, it's revealed to be a tall man with purple hair, and gold eyes that were only rivaled by the sun. He looks deeply into the group and focuses his eyes on the young woman, particularly focusing on the symbol on her stomach. He slightly smirks as he steps forth right next to the altar.

    Man: "You all have summoned me, and now here I am before you. My followers. My disciples."

    He walks down next to the young woman, and stands inches from her, looking into her eyes softly.

    Man: "What is your name, dear?"

    Young Woman: "My name is Angela..."

    Man: "Well Angela, you are one of supreme beauty and decadence. You carry the sigil on your stomach. The sigil of union, that represents the loyalty and faithfulness of your spirit unto the divine."

    Angela: "The Church said it was to summon you here, angel. So that I could be ascended to the Church as a Sister.."

    Man: "Oh, are so much more than that..."

    While still looking at Angela, the man raises his right arm, telekinetically snapping the neck of one of the robed figures. Angela gasps at the sight of his mangled neck and lifeless body falling to the floor. The other robed figures raise up in fear and shock and begin to back away. The man then lifts group member after member up with his mind, throwing them like rag dolls across the dark space. Their screams and panic fueling him. Angela screams in horror as the men hit the walls and floors at the snap of bones. She stumbles away from the man and backs into the stone altar.

    Angela: "Please stop!!! What are you doing!? We're your followers! Angels don't kill!!!"

    Man: "Whoever said I was an angel...?"

    The man smirks at Angela and continues to tear the men apart as their screams turn into gurgles of blood. Angela darts towards the door but is unable to find in in the limited light she has. She trips over the body of one of her fellow members, blood splashing on her bare feet. She screams from the sensation of the warm fluid on her and rises to run once more.

    Immediately her body movement is stopped, as she tenses all her muscles to fight to move. The man lifts her up from afar and controls her body as he moves her over to the stone altar where she lay once before. He gently places her down and gives her control of her neck up. Angela begins to cry as she pleads the man.

    Angela: "Please....d-don't kill me...I swear I'll do whatever you want....just don't kill me [sobs]"

    Man: "Dear Angela....I won't kill you...for you are the chosen one, you will be the bridge for all human kind and divinity alike. You are more special than you realize..."

    Angela stares at the man with confused and fearful eyes as he turns towards the dead bodies before him and raises his hands once again. This time a dark mist rises from the corpses slowly and gradually. Angela looks on at this mystifying sorcery as the dark mist emits screams of the dead members' souls. The man balls his fists as the mists begin to rush toward him. The man opens his mouth, consuming the dark mist as his gold eyes turn into a bright hot orange yellow, as if the mist is powering him. Faint screams and cries of agony leaves the dark mists as they enter into the man. Once all mist has been absorbed, the man turns back to Angela with his gold eyes intact. He approaches Angela as she screams.

    Angela: "NO!!! PLEASE!!! AAAHAHHHHHH!!!"

    The man shuts her mouth psychically and she squirms and squeals. He takes the candle flames and shapes them into a full on inferno, blasting them at all the dead bodies before Angela. The two look on at the burning bodies...Angela in sheer terror, and the man in a dark satisfaction. The area can be well seen from the inferno now. Splatters of old blood everywhere throughout the pure stone complex. The inferno spreads cinders and heat through the once cold and dark area. As the man grabs Angela and they both begin to vanish in an instant.

    Angela comes to in a dark place...far worse than where she once was. Fires cover the sky as black mist rises from the ground in all directions. Wails of suffering and screams of terror surround this new unknown place for what seems like miles upon miles. Angela shakes herself into consciousness....and when she finally becomes aware she sees that she's fully naked with nothing but the blood red symbol on her belly remaining. She tries to scream, but nothing comes out. She can't move, anything. She noticed that she was on some kind of gigantic platform with a throne, and sitting on that throne was the mysterious man. Just staring at her. Once he sees that she's awake he rises from his throne and approaches her, psychically stripping himself of all clothes as he continues to walk to her. Angela looks on in pain and torment as she watched this monster control her like a puppet. Tears flow from her red face as her veins pop out to the very limit.


    Man: "You are mine to be, Angela. You will always be mine....the queen of it all."

    A smirk covers his face as his voice becomes significantly deeper and more ominous than if he was otherwordly.

    Demon: "You just don't know it yet."

    He relieves control of Angela's neck up as she screams absolute screams of terror and fear. They resonate throughout the fiery abyss that was never ending and all-consuming. The man's eyes glow orange-yellow hot once again, as his skin turns pale and the silhouette of his shadow turns into something far sinister to that of a human's......

    -------------------------------------PRESENT TIME-------------------------------
    Location: Azarath, the Astral World.
    Time: Cycle 2014. High Morning.

    I awake from my nightmare and jump up faster than expected. The bright aura of the day shining on my face as I squint my eyes to the luminous sky. Another day in this crazy spiral of a thing called life. I sit up from my slumber and I levitate down onto the floor, my feet hitting the cold golden brick surface paved on the ground. I put on my Azarathian robes and make way out into the palace halls where I can seek to find Azar. I know she'd probably want to hear about this dream I had. I could never keep anything in, especially from least that's what I've been told since birth. Everything felt so...routine. I felt like a puppet at the hands of this world, just going along with the flow of life as the Azar says often. Something I can't argue I suppose, the Azar isn't even really my mother. She took me in when I couldn't even walk...said my mother wasn't fit to raise me because I was 'different'. That I was born extra special and that this was the place that those special people go, but for some feels like there's more to this life thing. Like I'm more... Time is different here. The mortal plane ages in nature, as Azarath does not, only the spirits in it. Everything's so lucid, so free flowing, yet so restricting; at least for me.

    Hello, Metrion..
    Greetings, Metrion!
    Hollow Eve, Metrion.
    Tidings, Metrion.

    I pass my fellow Azarathians as they bow with their robes concealing their faces. I feel their indifference, their false courtesy...they're fearful of me. It's a bad feeling. A feeling I've gotten used to. I return a gentle nod as I continue to walk towards the main throne. Each of the high council has these pocket dimensions where they dwell as opposed to royal mortal throne rooms. Azar's was a floating garden, some even said the original Garden of Eden. I reach the throne door and I then activate my astral self to go outside my body and travel through the door. It wasn't a physical realm, so I had to access it spiritually always. I enter a gorgeous garden, with the utmost lush plants and trees ever seen by eyes in history. They all radiate light in a star filled sky...except the sky in below the garden along with a full moon. I drift over the grass as I see the Azar kneeling and meditating.


    I kneel beside her as I begin to speak:

    Me: Hello, Azar.
    Azar: I sense the concern in your mind, Metrion. How was your slumber?
    Me: Troublesome. There was death and darkness in my visons...
    Azar: How did you feel?
    Me: I felt despair, sadness...agony. I used my training and balanced them away.
    Azar: Good my dear, lest your abilities consume you and you cause destruct to this realm.

    Azar was the closest figure I had to a mother. She told me my mother of Earth gave me up after birth, that she was a mortal that was inable to properly care and raise me because of how 'special' I was. I never really knew much about her, only that she died shortly after I was taken to Azarath. Azar says that due to my abilities, I have the power to greatly influence the spirit realm, and even cripple the mortal planes if I were to ever lose touch of my emotions. I don't know why I am this way, but I can connect to being's thoughts and feelings ...I can feel everything. Azar teaches me to become outside myself and emotions to be clear in action and thinking. No matter how far I want to push my limit or my curiosity she constantly reminds me that I can never do that. Not ever. I've learned to live with it for 16 cycles now, but the feeling of this never truly feel anything for myself, to never have an experience of consumes me. These abilities...why me? I would do wonders to experience what it's like to just be normal...just for one minute. I close my eyes and meditate for a moment, clearing myself of envy.
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  5. The dawn broke over the sky of Metropolis as light filled my room nearly blinding me as I fell out of my bed and hit the floor like a bag of bricks. I look up as my black hair flowed out all around my head. I felt like a squid for several seconds as my body was twisted up like a knot stuck in a small sack. I didn't know what time it was or even what day it was as I rose to my feet half asleep and zombified in all ways. Giving one large heave of effort I fell back onto my bed and with couage filling my heart crawled up and into the covers.

    Seconds later the alarm began to blare loudly causing me to curse and hit the snooze button. Only then did I remember that it was made strictly to keep me from doing that meaning..... today was special. What was today....? Was it somthing special or just another day? I couldn't remember anything about its signifigance or what made it special. As I turned around I heard the door open and spun around causing a whirlwind of black hair to go everywhere obsucring my sight.

    "Time to get up Skylar... Todays the day." I heard my fathers voice say. It then dawned on me what today truly was. I was going to Gotham to explore the world. All I had was my backpack, Money..... alot of money and a heart full of life. Without any more hesitation and laziness I spun around and nearly jumped out of my bed in anticipation for the big day. It was my seventeenth birthday and well, my present was full freedom to what I please. It was somthing I was yearning for... I was always watched and I never really knew why. I was told because of my mother but I never knew her... I wish I did.. I was told I took alot from her.

    I got dressed in Aqua blue clothing to match my eyes which I was gifted with. I was told they gleamed every so lightly when I get upset. I didn't know if my father was joking around with me just to tease me but for some reason I felt like it was true. I saw a light glow whenever I was told I couldn't go out especially if it was in a dark room. But you know what... I couldn't stay angry for long as I owned my father everything.He took care of me and raised me on his own.... I just wish I knew my mother... I would really have liked to have met her.

    My father was waiting outside with a car waiting to take me to our family's Private Jet. The only thing I had on me was my large backpack and the clothes on my back. I kissed and hugged my father goodbye before getting into the car and driving to the Airport. I boarded the plane and within minutes it was in the air flying towars Gotham. My father had arranged for a Hotel Room in one of the best Hotels in the city and I planned to take full advantage of everything inside of it.

    Six hours late the plane landed after some delays and I stumbled out half asleep once more. A man waited for me and I just waved before getting into another car. The man drove me to the Hotel in center City Gotham. I got out and walked in and straight up to the elevator. The doors opened and i rode it up to the top. All around me the ornate design and rich style flled my senses. The smell of Vanilla and roses filled my nose making me take several deep breaths. The doors of the elevator opened to a larger door with a coded door. I walked up and slid a card down it making the doors open.

    Here I was... on my own and ready to live life how I wanted. This entire suite was mine to do with as I pleased and for some reason... I kinda felt like partying but I knew that at the moment I was still being watched. I would have to wait abit before I could make my move. With that in mind I placed my backpack down on the bed and fell back onto it. A long groan and sigh escaping my lips as I realize truly that it was here that I would make a name for myself...

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  6. Azar: 'You must never indulge on your emotions, Metrion.'
    Me: 'Yes, I know Azar...'
    Azar: '...your birthday approaches. Anything in particular you wish to retrieve?'

    How about being normal? That's what I wished to say. How about stripping me of these burdens that makes it uneasy for me to walk through life. mother, or father. Father...Azar never really mentioned him whatsoever. The last time I asked about it was a couple of cycles ago in meditation, and Azar suggested that he was as useless as anything in this universe, that he should never be spoken of. So not only may I never meet my mother, nor only may I ever feel any true emotion, I also can't speak of my father...I'm to be a drone in the realm of Azarath. It consumes me, it weighs me, but I can't feel any way about it. Such burden that no one will ever know, except Azar.

    Me: '...A cake would be nice.'
    Azar: 'But of course dear, anything else?'
    I was going to say it.
    Me: 'To see the realm where I came from....Earth?'

    In a split second Azar opens her eyes and looks over to me with deep eyes of piercing. Never in our time of meditation has she ever broken focus. Until now. She arises and walks to a precious tree in the garden and speaks as she rubs the branches.

    Azar: "How long have you been thinking about this?"
    Me: *looking down* "For some time now, Azar."
    Azar: "For what is your reason to impart upon Earth? You have no cause.."
    Me: "Because it's where I'm from...I've had years of training and honing my senses for events such as this."
    Azar: "The quiz and the test are two separate things, Metrion."
    Me: "Both which I've never failed."

    I've had some shaky moments in my past time. Azar even said when I cried as an infant Azarath shook with earthquakes and violent lightning storms. As a youngling, when I used to get sad or throw a fit things would break or move harshly around me. Azar has taught me to not bottle it, but release it in a balanced way of meditation, that I was a special breed that had enormous power, and in wake of that power I literally had the ability to destroy dimensions lest I succumb to my darker and mortal inhibitions. Ever since, it's been a daily meditation period. Another things that's helped my is my companion Zinthios. Azarath has very rarely seen any animal life since it was created, but Zinthios saved me one day when I was 8 cycles old and has been with me ever since. He's the only being I can fully unwind to and share everything with; even with him being a three eyed black bird. I often chat with him telepathically, and link emotions with him when he's happy so that I may feel joy myself.

    Azar: "Metrion, until you have an absolute understanding and grasp of yourself and abilities, you must remain here."
    Me: *clenching my jaw* "Very well, Azar."

    I get up to leave the domain of the Azar when she looks back and imparts that inevitable knowledge onto me: "Sometimes the shadows reveal themselves, only to mask that there's light."

    I turn around to see that I'm already back in the main halls of the temple. The lush golden bright aura radiating from an unknown source of light. We didn't have a sun as the mortal realm did, just light. I remove my hood as I trek through the palace temple and make my way towards the grand doors opening to the outside environment of Azarath. Again I feel the curiosity and contemplation of my fellow Azarathians as they stare at me from behind with eyes of indifference. Something I'm all too familiar with...

    I open the grand doors to the outside nature of beauty before me. The crystal waters, the souns of waterfalls rushing in the distance, the smell of fresh air and plants. This was an utopia I had to admit, no matter how twisted Azarath was towards me and my "ability". I levitate across the soft, lush blades of grass until I get to the river stream that shows only the most absolute perfect water. The current flows with ease through the rocks and stone objects at the bottom of the river. This was mesmerizing. I close my eyes as a slow breeze runs through my spirit. A sudden sound of a shriek causes my face to involuntarily smile. I knew that shriek. That caw. Zinthios. I look to the sky as I see a black-winged figure soaring at uncanny altitudes. It flies so gracefully, so peacefully until it locks eyes on me from afar. With another shriek, it darts from the sky in extreme haste like a dark missile from the sky. I look on at it with a grin as I read it's emotions: overly joyous. I copy the emotions into my own self, my heart warming and spirit brightening. I reach out my arm as Zinthios spreads its wings and glides onto my forearm, scooting up near my neck and rubbing itself against me.

    Zinthios (open)



    Me: *giggles* "Good to see you too, Zinthios."
    I place my feet in the river as the cool, crisp water rushes past them and slightly soothes them.
    Me: "What shall we tamper with today, Zinthios?"

    Zinthios: "CAWW!" *flies to the river and picks up a rock then drops it*
    Me: "Ahh, the rocks huh? That's easy, watch this...."

    I close my eyes and begin to feel the energy of the things around me. The roots in the ground, the flowing water, the rocks the lie at the bottom. I can feel their signature, their vibrance. I sync with that resonance and become one with it as I begin to make the rocks vibrate. Slowly and gracefully I begin to lift up the rocks with my mind as they levitate with peace above the liquid surface. Zinthios caws with anticipation upon the menial show being provided. I smirk as I'm not satisfied with just these small rocks. I dig deeper. I lift up the moderate sized rocks underneath the waters as well, as they join the unseen orbit of objects already floating. I open my eyes to the wonderous sight. I rarely got to exercise my abilities, well the mental ones anyway. This was the closest that I'd get to tapping into these gifts...or curses. I lift them high in the air as they begin a centripetal orbiting motion in the air. Zinthios jumps up and down with excitement as the velocity of the rocks increases more and more. I shape the rocks in the form of a giant hand and I roar while reaching for Zinthios, scaring it a bit as it flutters backwards. I chuckle and then I turn it into a heart. A simulated pulsating, pumping heart...I can get more creative than that. I levitate slightly as I mold the rocks into a copy Zinthios...well I tried. It looked more like the winged animal known as a bat. Zinthios caws and jumps on my shoulder as I bring the presentation of my abilities to an end. I clap my hands together as the rocks all collapse back into the water.

    Me: "How was that, Zinthios? Pretty fun huh?"

    It was sad what my definition of fun was. Not like any of the young inhabitants here would want to play with me. They're all mostly afraid, but at the same time most are still friendly. Theron is the only one to go out of his way to try to make me cheerful. I met him when we were ten cycles old. He was crying over his dying bird and I felt the bird's agony and sadness, as well as his. So, I walked up to the bird, and used my abilities to heal it. However, I took the bird's injuries and was down and out for a day. Ever since, he's been really fond of me. I remain outside playing with Zinthios for hours, staying right in front of the temple palace the entire time. Not many ventured outside, only to see the utopian scenery or to cultivate plants for food and medicine every so often. This was nice. I drifted afloat the air with Zinthios on my chest moving about trying to keep balance. I had lost touch of how far I was up, still my eyes remained shut. Until something broke my attention. The sound of a great horn. No....The Trials of Peace.

    The Trials of Peace happened rarely, but it was an extreme crucible of one's mindstate. Azar would push thoughts in our heads, make us see things that weren't there, all as practice of the spirit, and of the will. I open my eyes to the sky before me, as I begin to drop gracefully throught it. I was higher than anticipated. The temple gets larger and larger as I zoom towards the ground with Zinthios flying right beside me, cawing. I gather my feet and slowly levitate and descend on the grass.

    Me: "Well Zinthios, guess it's time for trials...wait for me in my chambers..."
    Zinthios: *caws, then flys off*

    I place my hood over my head as I begin to walk back towards the temple palace. I open the grand doors back into the temple as hundreds of black robed Azarathians all converge towards the temple courtyard, where the trials take place. I join in the masses of pedestrians as we all uniformly begin to fill the space of the great courtyard. The waters gush from the golden floors as the temple overview can be seen from afar. Such beauty. The entire population forms a large circle arounf the perimeter of the area as we all begin to kneel at once. Many thoughts rush through my mind at this moment. Why now? Was it because of what I said? Was this truly random? I look up into the center of the yard where High Magistrate Coman and Azar enter. Coman is the second-in-command to Azar, and oversees all Trials of Peace to judge who is worthy of the Temple Guild. The Temple Guild is a collection of the highest spiritual people, with tasks divided in three sections: Law, Council, and Preservers. Law members look after and address the oaths and rules of Azarath, and keep a list on all who break them. Council members judge the laws, as well as the people who break them. They also handle special requests by anyone who wishes to do so. Preservers are the protectors of peace and oppose any violence of confrontations. Coman runs the Temple Guild also.

    High Magistrate Coman (open)


    High Magistrate Coman: "Welcome, my people, to yet another Trial of Peace. We have came so far in our quest from evil, and now we will practice the pacifist way by stretching our spirits. I'm proud of each and every one of you, as we have had NO laws or incidents broken in the recent times. May your inner light continue to guide you thoroughly. Now! Let our leader commence the trials!"

    Azarathians: "HUO!!"

    Azar then sits then levitates into the air, in the center of us all. We close our eyes in droves as the Azar then uses her spiritual power to sync all of our minds together into the same pocket dimension. The courtyard transforms into an all black abyss. We all remain floating, as we levitate from the now vanished ground. With my eyes closed, I project my astral self from my body and I begin to look around. No one. Just me. Alone. I knew they were with me, but when we venture off into our own tether, then everything else gets excluded. I only see my body, levitating and eyes closed. It's amazing how Azar could send different telepathic communications to multiple people simultaneously. The amount of energy and concentration....impeccable. A winding road then appears before me, leading deeper into the darkness. I follow carefully as the road gradually curves more and more uphill as I walk. Echoes of a baby crying hits my ears hard. I sway my head searching for the sound...what was it? WHO was it? It was everywhere...I continue to walk up the path as my calves begin to strain as I walk. My feet feels shaky against the stone road in the middle of darkness. The road begins to vibrate harshly as I crouch to keep my center of balance. Rocks and pebbles fall from beneath me as I levitate and keep myself up, the road now breaking apart into an asteroid belt made of rocks and pebbles. I drift cautiously through the belt moving the stones with my hands.

    Azar: ' can never leave. You can never be anything other than what you are now: nothing.'

    I continue to drift, looking for Azar. Nothing. Her words resonate in my head, and I start to feel the cold distant sting of what I already knew. The truth. These trials were all the same. Words of how I can never experience anything, and be nothing. What really made them hard was that they were true....but I've started to get used to it. I'm stronger now, I had to show my strength to the Azar. I use my telekinesis to adjoin the many stones back together and continue to walk forward. I felt a surge of confidence. The road begins to level out as I make my way towards more darkness. Now I see dozens of robed Azarathians lined up on both sides of me. They're snickering and looking fearful. Soon it increases to them pointing and casting me out like I'm some evil entity. The road shakes again, but I use my focus to keep it joined. I use my telempathy to project my feelings of indifference and burden onto them, making the numerous robed citizens quell their words and actions, and simply remain staring at me. I begin to speed up my walk as I rush down the stone road. I've never felt this amount of momentum in the Trials. Ever. I'd gotten considerably stronger in spirit.

    Azar: 'You will forever be here, Metrion. You must never venture outside your inner will destroy worlds. You are powerful, but you are weak. You do not belong, but you MUST belong.'

    The road then breaks from underneath me, as I aptly use my abilities to stay afloat in the void of pitch black.

    Azar: 'You are a mistake, your parents abandoned you. Your own flesh and blood wanted nothing to do with you...they tossed you aside as if you were nothing but a rock in the sand. You have nothing. No one. You are a foreigner in a strange land. Lost, like you are now.'

    The words ring in my head and begin to bring forth a slight bit of sadness, but I knew it was a test. I had grown too much and come to far to let those words influence me. I knew they were true, and that they would forever be my burden, but right here, right now, I had control of who I am and the power to control the situation.

    Me: 'You're wrong Azar, I have you. You took me in, and I'm grateful. You care, just like you care enough now to push my spiritual strength to better ensure I'm responsible.'

    Azar: 'Is that what you think? I had no other choice! I couldn't let you destroy the planes of reality! We took you in for the safety of the realms, NOT for sentiment. YOU. ARE. A. MONSTER. You don't realize it and can't realize it because if you do, you will kill. You will destroy. Your emotions are dark and wicked, Metrion. As are you.'

    The words resonate heavier this time, but I can still ward off the harsh words of the Azar. Suddenly I feel emotions of isolation, despair, lonliness. More cries echo through the dark plane, but this time it was a woman not a baby. Who was it? Was that me? No, .........mother!? I swing my head around as I think through the emotions eating at me. If I can find the Azar, I can counter her telempathy. But nothing. I didn't know what else to do....this was tricky. The Azar didn't let up. It was like she was bringing my greatest insecurities out before me. The woman kept screaming my name. Loudly. It kept pounding in my head, like a screeching that wouldn't stop. I close my eyes and try to resist.

    Woman: 'METRION!!! METRION!!!! METRION!!!!!'


    The rain falls with heavy prejudice as the people on the streets scatter about like rodents. The traffic is backed up around primetime as usual. Beeping horns and cursing Gothamians collide with each other as the dark and loomy day presses on. One woman runs about the sidewalk in the utmost haste as she covers her head from the barrage of precipitation above her. Her umbrella thumps the rain off as she runs into the Gotham Public Library in her blood red heels and retracts her umbrella. Her heels click against the hard pressed floor as she unbuttons her trench coat and smiles at the librarian as they instantly recognize each other. The woman briskly walks to an isolated table and sits down where the librarian brings her routine book of the day.

    Librarian: "Here you are dear, quite the weather outside ehh?"

    Woman: "Tell me about it, thanks Mrs. Connors."

    Librarian: "Anytime dear, no one ever reads from the religion section anymore these days anyways...always warms my heart to see someone with some faith. [smiles]"

    The woman simply returns a smile as she opens the book and begins to read from where she left off last time. The title of the book was stated: 'Religion, Concept or Practice?' She raises her eyes through the library to see if there was anyone out of the ordinary or suspicious. No one she could see at least. She digs back into her book and begins researching. She was that much closer to the truth. A very important truth. She skims the book with her fingers as she zooms in on a particular symbol, it appeared much like a red diamond-shaped ruby. Her breath stops cold at the realizing fact of this icon. She couldn't forget the image even if she wanted to. She had seen it many many years ago....and now she was face to face with yet another lead. She was getting closer to them. To her.

    woman (open)


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  7. The next morning came quickly for me as once more I found myself sleeping on the floor next to the bed I had been looking forward to sleeping on for the last week. I never knew why but I seemed to always end up on the floor no matter what I try to do about it. It is somthing that I am unable to stop unless I have somsone or somthing to keep me still. I guess it has to do with my restless habits and nature. I was never happy in one spot alone.. even when I was allowed out with others.

    As mid-Morning approached I was up and dressed for a beautiful day in Gotham City. The sun outside glowing every so slowly giving the sky a beautiful blue hue. I walked outside of the hotel with my backpack slung over my shoulders. Eyes looking everywhere I had no idea where I wanted to go first. I had only two sets of clothes so shopping for the moment seemed to be the best approach for a girl out on her own. Little did I know what I was already being watched from the sides. I felt odd like I was being watched but passed it off because I was in the city and people looked at others often and it was a normal thing.


    A large figure muscle bound and slightly taller than all the people around him turned and lifted a hand to his ear "Yeah, I see her. Its obvious who she is... I mean her skin is a slight Orange.. she looks like a half carrot. Or like she had gotten a strong Tan that never went away. Then again.. the fact that she is also wearing shorts when its snowing is somthing else... she sticks out like a boulder in the desert. I will trail her." The large man said into a hidden Microphone. With that he picked up a suitcase and began a slow and subtle pursuit of Skylar

    He watched the tall girl stop and a shop and lean up against the glass like a puppy wanting to be adopted. Just then a man bumped into her and he saw that she was snagged by somthing. The mans face had what looked like make up on it but he knew trhat it wasn't the famed joker. Whoever it was had incited the girls attention. For sure he now knew who she was and he was on target with her. "This Mammoth.. Positive ID."


    I glanced over at the man who hit me and pouted "Asshole.." I mumbled before beginning to walk into the store. It was a fine establishment with coats and hoodies and everything I dreamed of owning but was unable to for some reason. My father always took interest in my skin tone. When I was born I was orange I was told... now I am half orange atleast... I though I was. It looks to be that was but others seem to notice it like I had some bad tanning experience. After all... I had to down play it all as I wanted to fit in whenever I did go out.

    Walking up to a large Coat. "Aren't you beautiful.." I said quietly before picking it up off the table. It was a display model as the actual coat was in a beautiful and nice box right below it. "I have to have you..." I continued on before hanging it up and picking up the rather decently sized box. Inside was also a black scarff that matched the coat. I brought it over to the counter and placed it down "Not done just yet..." I said to the person behind the counter. They just smiled at me before taking a closer look "You are her aren't you... I mean your a Luthor." They said to me. I turned around and nodded "I am.." I said before turning around and finishing what I was getting. I had gotten some nice Yoga pants... somthing her father would kill her if he knew she had and several sets of black Jeans.

    It was expensive but so I was told that my taste reflected it all. I paid for it without much of a thought and shoved what I could in my back pack neatly. I had to either carry the box with the coat or wear it... in the end i walked out in a different outfit than I went in with. Behind me as I walked out fell a wind up chattering set of teeth. I knelt down and pick it up before studying it. "Thats weird... I haven't seen chattering teeth in like.. ever.." I said out loud before shoving it in one of my coats many pockets.


    Mammoth watched Skylar pick up the teeth and growled "We have an issue... It seems some of Gotham's brightest individuals are after our girl.". A voice came back over. It sounds like a girl "Keep on her and keep her safe. That mind is somthing we cant afford to loose. I am coming as well as Shimmer... Bumblebee is in route." The female voice said before going silent. Mammoth grumbled to himself.. Skylar herself had turned down the road and seemed to be heading towards the old city area.

    He picked up his pace as he began to notice people coming out of the different groups of civilians. They all seemed to be heading in unison towards the unsuspecting girl. Although... how unsuspecting could she truly be.


    I continued my walk and suddenly turned to face a man who was reaching out to grab me from behind. The man seemed taken back by the sudden movement and lowered his hands "Hello." He said to me trying to play it off. I just stared blankly at him as if wondering if he was actually trying to get away with trying to abduct her. He just stared at her wondering if she was going to do anything and seemed to just not care and tried to grab her again. I brushed his hands aside while still holding the box making him grunt in annoyance.

    "Come on child.. Don't make this hard." He continued to say under the hood he wore. I just continued to bat his hands away as quick as he tried to grab me. Eventually he grunted and tried to wrap his arms around me in one go. Seeing my opening I lifted my knee not having any resistance due to me wearing shorts and kneed him with considerable strength in the groin making him squeak in a horrible high pitched wail. He instantly fell to the ground like a bag of bricks before several others began to push out of the crowd knowing that their cover was blown.

    Mammoth himself watched the scene unfold and sighed "Joker's Men have made their move... she seems to be fine." He said into his microphone. "Keep watching... If she gets hurt it will be your head... Blood needs her." The female said before the transmission cut. Mammoth dropped his suit case prop and waited for the moment to interject if she needed the help. But by the looks of it she had a aura about her that she was a tough girl that was far stronger than she appreared.

    I looked around as several men approached me in a tight circle. I dropped the box and considered activating the back pack for the first time in a true situation but decided against it for the time being. A man came running towards me with a pipe raised as if he was going to try to strike me with it. I raised my hands up and batted it away with a open palm before wrapping my hands around his wrist. I pressed my fingers into the gap between the Radius and Ulna and began to press with increased force. My nails and fingers pushed through the pressure point making the man fall to his knees and pass out from pain as my hand passed through the gap causing blood to drip onto the black gloves I wore.

    "If any of you get blood on my Jacket I will be very upset.." I said before regaining my stance. It wasn't the first time I had to defend myself but it was against people who didn't care about how they hurt me. They just wanted me down for some reason and it scared me. I wouldn't let myself get struck at all and it began as two men began to come at me. I stepped back and delievered a open palmed strike directly to one mans chest as I duck and wove around the strike from the other causing the mans fist to connect with the other mans face.

    The first man fell backwards with a broken jaw making his friend grunt "Bitch!" He yelled and tried to strike me with a set of brass knuckles he slipped on hoping that he could hit me. I bent backwards using my flexible body to avoid the punch but didn't account for the weight of the backpack which made me fall onto my back. The man laughed "You've got a nice body... Luckily the joker lets us have our way when hes finished..." HE said to me making me snarl. My eyes began a light blue glow making him blink twice. He looked up into the sky then down at me before shrugging and trying to lean down to grab me.

    I arched my back then in almost a worm like fashion used the momentum to swing my legs up and wrap them around his neck. The man let out a startled scream before I pivoted my hips and legs. I heard a audible crack and his body collapsed down ontop of me making me back pedal into three others. Without time to take a breathed I saw a hammer being swung down at me. I rolled out of the way just in time and grabbed ahold of one of thier leggs. I brought him down on my level making him smack his head on the concrete walk way.

    Rising to my feet I looked at the two others expecting them to run at me only to see them pull two pistols out of me. They laughed "Nice try bitch.. you brought fists to a gun fight.. come quietly..." They said obviously wanting to shoot me for killing one of their friends. Without much thought I put my hands up not wanting to be shot. I could activate the suit but it would take atleast five seconds to envelope my body and they would shoot me by then. But... I didn't expect a man to shoot out of the crowd when he did.

    Mammoth saw the guns being drawn and immediately moved into an interception course. He got out of the crowds just as Skylar raised her hands up. He saw the two men turned his way from the nosie he was making but it was to late. He grabbed them each by the throat and tightend his fists making their necks break instantly. He then let the bodies drop to the floor and looked at Skylar "Come on! We need to go... No doubt the police are on their way." He said making Skylar blink twice.

    I had no idea what had just happened but knew that atleast I had to get out of here. Without much thought behind it I followed behind him and into a dark alleyway. I finally got a chance to breath and just stood up straight "Hello there... Thanks for the help.. Wasn't expecting any of this but I am in Gotham." I said to him. Mammoth just nodded "You surprised me girl...." He said to me. I was unware of who he was but he helped me and that was enough for me to listen to him... for now.
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  8. I grunt and struggle in resistance as I can feel myself giving in. How?? I was just doing well, and ok at that! Just like that, the tables have turned....maybe that was the lesson here. Yes, it HAS to be! I had to find harmony in my lonliness, easier said than done. The screaming made it difficult, but I had to learn to focus. I think about Azar, how she took me in....then I think about her harsh words on why she did. Did she mean it or was it a test? She planned this, ugh. She knew I'd resort to these thoughts, she was one step ahead. I was losing myself spiritually, I had to get back. I got it....I found a way. Azar can only project thoughts and illusions, but I can project emotion. I dig deep and take my sense of gratitude I have for the Azar and project it through the entire void. This was my inner self, I had control.

    Me: 'No matter what you do, Azar....I am still grateful...'

    I didn't mean it as much. I had to admit, the words and feelings have altered my perspective a bit, but no enough for me to give in. That's the true meaning of strength: being able to bend and be bent, without breaking. I open my eyes to see black still, but this time I decide to do the unthinkable. Azar would never expect me to rebel; she's always seen me as this obedient and willing follower....but I have honed my skills in the darkness. At least to a small degree. She absolutely opposes me using my extranormal abilities, well let's see how resolute she can be. I clench my fists as my eyes glow an intense deep violet color. My hair begins to transmute into a dark purple, and my sclera turns dark as the void I'm in. I had tapped into these emotions of isolation, but not past the point of extreme emotion. I concentrate my energies as the entire realm begins to shake as dark mist eminates from my body.

    Azar: 'Metrion! Cease!'
    Me: ' than you know, Azar. This isn't about emotion, it's about will.'

    The dark mist forms constructs of things I see positive in my life: Zinthios, Azar, Water, a diamond...representing balance. I begin to shoot the mist throughout the void, as it travels everywhere and nowhere. Back in the reality plane of Azarath, all denizens remain meditated. I float indian-style, but I was different. My hair was purple. My eyes were black and violet, and dark mist began to resonate around my aura. High Magistrate Coman looks as his eyes widen at the gripping sight, even though I was in a meditative state, he was shocked all the same. The Azar opens her eyes and looks at me through the courtyard, seeing the use of my abilities.

    Azar: 'Metrion, cease your powers at ONCE!'
    Me: ' still grateful to you...Azar....'

    The mist begins to grow larger and larger, it starts to orbit around my body. As long as I kept it under control, I would be alright.

    High Magistrate Coman: "STOP! [slams staff to the ground]"

    I open my eyes in surprise, as does the other denizens. My hair returns back dark brown, and my eyes return to their golden color. I felt a bit of concern. What would the Azar and High Magistrate do with me now? I was to never display my abilities or use them, but technically I never did since we were meditating. Both look at me with sharp eyes, as the robed citizens open their eyes and lift their heads to the center of the courtyard.

    High Magistrate Coman: "The Trials...are over."

    A great horn sounds off through all of Azarath. Trials of Peace are over. All of the people descend from their spiritual highs and begin to rise from their positions and go on about their day. I stand up, still feeling the emotional toll of the past hour. Hour? It seemed like only moments. Everyday I fought these emotions, so that I don't get consumed into intense feelings. I showed them what I was capable of, my spiritual strength. The Azar descends from levitation and looks at me with countenance. I guess it was a trial...but did she have to go that far? Did I? Sometimes I wanted to just be isolated from it all...but I knew nothing would be solved if I did so. I begin walking away to my room as I hear Theron calling to me from behind.

    Theron (open)


    Theron: "Hey Metrion!!" *runs up*
    Me: "Hello, Theron.."
    Theron: "I almost lost my way in the trial...thought Azar was going to banish me to confinement..."
    Me: "Heh..."
    Theron: "So hey I was thinking that we trek the hills, go enjoy the beauty."
    Me: "I'm kind of drained, I just wish to relax."
    Theron: "Oh...very well, shall I escort you to your chambers?"
    Me: "I'm fine Theron."
    Theron: "Alright then, well if you wish to convene then just summon me" *smiles*
    Me: "I'll do that, yes."

    Theron then splits off into the reaches of the castle as I climb the gold-ivory steps up towards the upper levels where my room resides, as Azarathians greet and praise me on my way up.
    [Very well, Metrion.....Greetings....Well done, dear child....Hello Metrion, stellar focus today...]

    Robed Azarathians (open)


    One voice stands out from all the rest, a loud, reaching, annoying voice that I really did not want to hear: Juris. Juris always lived to detest and belittle me at every chance he was granted. A part of me analyzed that it was a result of fear, that maybe he was afraid of who I was and voiced his as well as the others' REAL feelings towards me. The sight of Juris climbing the stairs to meet me caused my blood to heat. I was already on edge.

    Juris (open)



    Juris: "Metrion Metrion never cease to amaze.."
    Me: " never cease to say things no one cares of..."
    Juris: "Speak for yourself, almost destroyed us all back there...what? You thought that people would not talk of it? And you expect us to adorn you?"
    Me: "By us I'm assuming you mean you, since you're always all alone. Is this an affection thing? Projecting your feelings of interest on me through discrimination and sullied words? It's not that attractive."
    Juris: "Hah!! Funny Metrion...I'd no sooner court you than I would run myself through."
    Me: "Then you have no reason to keep badgering me with ineffective banterings of an infant. Good day." *walks off*
    Juris: "Good day freak, I'm sure your mother would be so proud." *smirks*

    I stop in my tracks. My blood involuntarily boiled at that moment. My heart intensified with feelings of temptation and slight anger. I could feel him smiling from behind me, waiting for me to make a wrong move so that I may be outcasted by Azar. I was sick. Sick of tolerating the looks. Sick of tolerating these harsh words. Sick of being viewed as if I'm a dangerous animal in a cage full of harmless fawn. I turn around and glare at Juris, as I push a thought into his head, before walking away up the stairs to my chambers.

    Juris: "HARK! EVERYONE!!!" *climbs to the top of the stairs and yells* " I HEREBY PROFESS MY LOVE TO METRION!!!! I LOVE HER!!!"
    Me: *turns around and walks up the 2nd flight of stairs with a smirk*
    Juris: *regains consciousness, stands there confused as Azarath stares at him in bewilderment*

    Once I reach my chambers, I open the door as Zinthios sits at the window pane. He caws at my entrance as I plop on my velvet silk sheets. Zinthios then flies on my chest and stares at me, I think he senses my stress. We developed an extreme bond over out time together here in Azarath. I levitate from the bed as I close my eyes and just let my mind drift. Mother, Azar, Theron, Azarath, Love, Peace, Father, Outcast..... I've never been outside of Azarath, and I wished to go so bad. I wanted to see where I truly come from. How outcasted I really was. I rub Zinthios gently as I stare into the sky, letting my mind wander and emotions clear.

    Azar: *telepathically* 'Metrion, you have prevailed, my apologies for pushing those dire words and thoughts to you, but I knew you were ready.'

    I ignore the Azar and continue to float. I look out the window at the clear, azure, blue sky and wonder of the ways of Earth. About my mother, about my father. About everything. I had endured so much, but now it was starting to take its toll on me. I pull out my necklace with the red diamond on it...The Chakra. A center for my abilities and what helps me focus when I use them. It was a gift from the Azar on my 8th birthday, kept it ever since. What she didn't know was that I harnessed the crystal with some of the Azar's magic. I enchanted it with a spell from her great book.

    Azar: 'Metrion...I know you hear my thoughts...respond.'

    I just wanted to go away. From all of this. I think I was depressed, it was the only emotion that made sense. It felt so saddening, but so consuming. Before I know it a knock on my door hits, as Zinthios caws away. I knew it was her. Azar enters as she looks at me with eyes of emotion this time...must be nice.

    Azar: "Tell me what's wrong, Metrion."
    Me: *stares out the window* "Nothing."
    Azar: "I know that's false, is this about the trials?"
    Me: .........
    Azar: "You know, Metrion...I would never test you against things if I didn't believe you were ready."
    Me: "Which is why you were afraid when I used my abilites and I had them under control..."
    Azar: "You think your abilities are meant to control? No, they're meant to consume use and more and more you will be enticed to practice them."
    Me: "What's wrong with that? Better I practice and hone them as opposed to having outbursts I can't handle."
    Azar: "Tis never that simple.."
    Me: "It is that simple. You just are afraid that I'll become some destroyer of worlds when really by keeping me confined and treated like nothing by all these citizens it's making me more emotional, and I'm supposed to just 'clear it' from my heart?"

    This was the first time I rebuttled against Azar in a long time. It did nothing but stir my emotions more.

    Azar: "The people of Azarath have accepted you for who you are."
    Me: "No, you THINK they have, but you can read emotions like I can. I feel their fear, their indifference, their scrutiny. They all are waiting for me to explode, just like you are."
    Azar: "You let your thoughts blind you, I don't wait for you to explode...I wait for you to realize the day your abilities aren't for controlling, but for consuming."
    Me: "A little late for that...I've been using them since I was a childling and yet here I am still not destroying a realm. You don't wish to help me control my emotion, you wish for me not to ever have any realization that my abilities can be used for my will. You want to control ME. You and the rest of Azarath!"

    A small wind generates at my rising emotion. I immediately calm down and cease levitation.

    Me: "I'm glad you took me in. I will always be. But if the cost is being a puppet, and never knowing who I really am and not having a full life then who's really the monster? Me? Or a society that keeps a being unwillfully prisoned being in spirit and emotion, stripping them of their sense of free will?"

    The Azar stood quiet for a moment as I look out the window once more. I had pride in myself. I felt better, but now I knew that this utopia was just a mask for the place of confinement it really was. I heard the door close behind me. She left, without any words of insight. Strange, first time that's happened. Zinthios flies on my shoulder and rubs its head against my cheek to cheer me up.

    Gotham City


    The woman reads the fine print of the book for hours on end, and even into the night as rain still flickers outside in the hot and humid dark city. She focuses in on the symbol that she has seen so vivid in her head all too many times in her life. That was the symbol...the sign, the one that started it all. Her heart drops at the mere sight and realization of her discovery. She reads on in the text as she recites the words that have been scripted in the ancient-looking n religion and practices. She reads aloud as her fingers skim under the words.

    Woman: "Chakras are energy points or nodes in the subtle body. Chakras are part of the subtle body, or the state of one's mind-emotional spectrum, not the physical body, and as such are the meeting points of the subtle (non-physical) energy channels called nadiis. Nadiis are channels in the subtle body through which the life force (prana, chi) (non-physical) or vital energy (non-physical) moves. Various scriptural texts and teachings present a different number of chakras, but the red rooted chakra is to be considered the most important. There are many chakras in the subtle human body according to the tantric texts, but there are seven chakras that are considered to be the most important ones. Finally, colors and gems can help bring a chakra into balance. The root chakra’s color is red. Gemstones for the first chakra include garnet, red jasper, black tourmaline, and bloodstone. You can place the gemstone on the area of the chakra while lying down to help open and align it. Some cultures and religions practice this as a rite or custom, considered to be deeply spiritual and strive to consider mastery over the complete state of spirituality and mind-emotional balance."

    The woman flashes back to the past as the sorrow in her heart creeps upon her like a silent snake. She raises up and checks the book out, going up to the counter as Mrs. Connors the librarian smiles and widens her eyes in surprise at the revelation.​
    Mrs. Connors: "Oh! You finally checking out? Five years here and this is your first time...must be special. I feel so honored haha"
    Woman: "Haha oh Mrs. Connors, you are too much, but yes...I finally found something that caught my eye. Thanks, you have a good one."
    Mrs. Connors: "Same to you sweetheart :]"

    The woman leaves the library as she runs out into the barrage of rainfall once more. She continuously looks around in the dense and smoky area to see anyone out of the ordinary. It was Gotham, everyone was out of the ordinary. She hails a taxi for several blocks to a series of apartment complexes in the midtown of Gotham. She exits while paying her fee, and continues up the stone steps and into the building. After arriving to her floor and room, she unlocks the door and enters with a sigh of relief, immediately opening the book again and reading its texts from where she left off. The red symbol, the chakra, the blood diamond, it was all coming back to her. It had never left to begin with. Those knowledges burned and seared into her memories and soul like a brand. She read for more hours. And more. More. The rain had stopped and it was well into the middle of the night. Her eyes grow weary and body comes with yawns as her flickering eyes scan the text page by page. 18 years. A full adulthood of life wondering and hiding from the truth, slowly discovering its secrets and the ties that come along with it. Hiding in plain sight, but as a shadow. A life unfulfilled and encased in misery, sorrow, and despair. A shelled life of emptiness and nothingness. Dark nights and long days, in what seemed like a long dream of going through the motions as a puppet in life's strings. 18 years of that reality. Finally, she was beginning to get close. Her head falls upon the book as her eyes close and drifts off.
  9. "I may be pretty and beautiful but I am far from being defenseless." I stated boldly. I may have been tall for a girl but I was dwarfed by the size of the man next to me. He just looked down at me like I was a child. It was rediculous his size up close... I mean he looked small from a distance but everyone looks small far away due to the curvature of the earth. In the end I took two steps away from him and rose to the tips of my toes "Well.... Thanks for the help but Im gonna go.." I said before turning around and beginning to walk away.

    I had taken several steps in one direction before two people walked in on that side of the alleyway entrance. I stop in my tracks and raise my hands up to the links keeping my backpack on. "Let me go..." I say defiantly. A girl with purpel hair walks up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder. I feel energy pulseing from it and it gave me a small shock that ran down my spine. I shook and tried to move back before another girl came up behind me "Relax Skylar.... You are among friends.." The girl behind her said.

    Mammoth laughed "Well said Sister..." He stated before walking over "We were sent to retrieve you... Your technical expertise and mind has gotten the attention of our leader." Mammoth said making me look around. I then look at the girl infront of me again and realised she actually had pink hair. I didn't know what to say or do as I was stuck between the two girls and the giant next to me. "Well.... I am entrigued.." I said feigning a interest. I wanted to run but was stuck horribley right now. My father had warned me about people in the world and my senses were screaming right now making me begin to feel uncomfortable.

    I closed my eyes as I was beginning to feel really weird. I saw a light glare off the pink haired girls ring and closed my eyes tight the moment I saw it. Jinx looked over at Mammoth and nodded "Yep.. You don't need to close your eyes.. you are fine.." Jinx said making me exhale. I wanted to flip out and activate my suit. I knew I would be able to and it would take them off guard. I screamed in my mind and I felt like I was about to loose it once more.

    Shimmer looked back at Mammoth "Good job protecting her.. By the looks of her hand she didn't need it." She said to him. I felt like I was going to lash out but Jinx ran a hand across my cheek "Relax girl..." She said to me. "Its alright.. we were just watching you and making sure you are alright. Just... come with us if you want or you can walk away." Jinx said to me. I blinked twice at being given a choice. "Uhm... I guess I will go... I mean... you all seem alright.." I said mumbling out my words. I felt like I didn't have much of a choice so... I went along with it.

    Jinx smiled "Wonderful... looks like H.I.V.E has a new plausible member then.. Brother will be happy to hear that." I heard her say. They all looked around my age so it was abit easier. I mean... that pink haired girl is so unique looking... I couldn't help but feel abit connected... especially after that shock. It sent electricity up my spine making me twitch and it seemed abit addicting to feel. Was I a adrenalin junkie... today made me feel so much more alive.... I think I like this all... I dont like hurting people but I mean no die died...
  10. Location: Gotham City
    Time: June 1997

    In downtown Gotham, a woman with blood on the backside of her body and a crimson robe with mangled undergarments roams the dark alleys alone. Her cries fill the night air as rain and lightning fills the atmosphere, only complimenting her pain and torment. She stumbles barefoot, legs shaking weak from her struggle as she leans against a wall and begins to bawl. She slumps down on the brick wall and releases her weak cries. She runs her trembling hands over her her stomach as the old blood smears around it. She spots a garbage bin across the alley with a broken bottle right beneath it, taking her mind instantly to an easy escape. She could end it all, avoid this catastrpohe that just occurred to her. She weakly crawls over to the broken glass and takes a piece and grips it tightly, causing a slight rip in her hand. She looks down at her wrists right at the vein underneath and breaks down at the thought. Just as she was about to apply the glass, a intense bright light shines on her as she looks into the abundance of shine in front of her. She shields her eyes as she hears the impact of something metal hit and a figure emerges, forming a huge shadow in the light. It approaches the woman and stands over her, slowly reaching it's hand out to grab her...

    Man: "Miss!! Miss are you okay!?" *radios in* "Dispatch, I need a paramedic on site of the west alley beside Monarch Theater I have a half naked woman with I think is blood on her and she's on the verge of passing out. Hang in there miss, what's your name?"

    Woman: *cries*

    Man: "Hey'll be okay, look at name is Detective Jim Gordon, are you hurt?"
    Gordon (open)


    The woman just looks at the detective with lost, longing eyes.

    Angela: *sobs* "The end is coming.....the end is coming.....the end is coming...."

    ----------------------------------Present Time--------------------------------------------------
    Seems like an endless void of time as I lay adrift in the midst of the air. I gaze into the exhubrance of the golden walls and ceiling of my chambers. I wondered away at the worlds outside of my own. How they were, what they looked like, the inhabitants therein. All the more reason for me feeling so confined and so controlled. Azar thinks she knows what's best, but I'm slowly starting to discover that she's blinded by a limited perspective; one that has a recipe of fear in it. Zinthios flies onto my chest once more and stares at me with all three of its eyes. I can feel it's loyalty to me, it's companionship bonded with me over the cycles. I was starting to disprove of the Azar's guidance. More and more I began to wonder of the planes and worlds outside of Azarath, especially my birth realm, Earth. Was Azar blinded in perspective about Earth also? What if it wasn't as dangerous as she says? I levitate out of the window as I ascend to the top of the temple. I sit on the golden paved surface and look out among the beautiful utopia.
    Chambers (open)


    "Hmph....some utopia..."

    The land was astounding in nature, however the Azar and her strict spiritual ways were starting to become irritating. Maybe because of the trials earlier. I have been on edge a great deal lately. I finally decided to display my higher abilities to Azar and the High Magistrate. Clearly it was more of a shock than an impression. I just wanted to understand who I am and the power I possess. Azar swears as soon as I tap into this inner darkness that I would become a dangerous threat that could destroy worlds. I clearly see the magnitude of my power, but at the same time I also know my spirit. The Azar has made me humble and controlled, which is why her current demeanor of indifference towards me is baffling. In any event, I wasn't going to stop honing my abilities. I have them for a reason, no matter however sinister the truth may be. I'm different, if I wasn't then Azarath would have been crippled long ago. I was tired of being a liability. A cocoon. An empty life used only for meditation and repression. That wasn't a life, that was condemnation. I look out among the plains of Azarath to spot Theron walking. I stare for what seems like endless moments before levitating from the top of the temple and flying to meet him down by the river stream. He turns and looks into the bright sky with his hands shielding his eyes as I land a few feet from him. He smiles.

    Theron: "Metrion! About time you trek out here, ready to explore?"
    "No...actually I would require your input. About this place."
    Theron: "Oh? What about?"
    "Do you feel at times as if the Temple is more of a place of spiritual confinement rather than spiritual fulfilment?"
    Theron: "Uhh...not in a sense, no. Why do you ask this?"
    ".......No reason. We can explore."

    I walk on into the canyons of Azarath as Theron stands confused for a moment then runs to catch up with me.

    Theron: "Anything troubling you?"

    "I am fine Theron, Stop asking."

    Theron and I walk through the lush hills and forested canyons of Azarath. This realm had many wonders. A bright sky with no sun, caves and coves that seemed to produce the greenest grasses and most complex crystals. I thought about showing Theron my abilities, but that would only do more harm than good. I could read his emotions, I knew he was fond of me. He was a nice boy in nature, but sometimes he could get a bit eccentric and overactive. Just not suited for my tastes. We climb to the top of a hill and look out in the distance at the undiscovered portion of Azarath. It stretched for miles upon miles, a remote distance away from the temple.


    Theron: "What do you think is out there?"

    "...I don't know, but it's very vast. Something has to lurk in the greater beyond.."

    I had a mind to go find out for myself. I wasn't thinking of the Azar's emotions in this moment, I was considering my own. Screw this.

    "Let's go."

    I continue to walk down the hill into the unknown void as Theron looks at me with puzzled eyes.

    Theron: "Are you insane!? Azar would have our heads!"

    "...then stay."

    I continue to press forward. Theron scrates his head in great reluctance and then runs down the hill to catch up with me. We venture on into the wonders of Azarath. Theron cautiously walks about as he sticks close to me as we venture into the beyond. There was a reason Azar told us not to go too far out, she used to tell the youth tales of wicked spirits that lived out in the beyond land when we were children. How they were so dark and evil that they would cling on to any life form they could find to consume them whole. If they were out here we'd have surely seen them by now in almost 18 cycles of my life. I look back and chuckle at Theron's lack of bravery. He was the one that wanted adventure. Usually we just explore the outer hills and plains of the Temple, but never have we thought to go to the valleys and lands beyond. Fog and deep canyons and mountains can be seen in the distance. The sight was beautiful, and full of awe, but also full of wonder and mystery. I actually needed this to get my mind away from earlier. Theron begins to get comfortable and starts his ramblings about the Trials Of Peace and then on to random things like birds and their prey, how numbers are powerful things, random nonsense if you ask me. I stop as I take in my surroundings and focus on the energies around me. The flow of water in the nearby area, the sway of trees with the vibrant grass, the fog as it encases the mountains of will above us. If felt...belonging. Like I was here the whole time. Theron copies me and meditates as well, feeling the energy.

    Theron: "It is quite nice, huh Metrion?"

    Soon his words become a distant blur as I meditate and focus my aura to the outside world. I just wanted to feel, just for once. I started to contemplate my own emotions.




    Flashes of a distant past. Turmoil of pain and a barrage of screams. It comes and goes as the woman moves her eyes in a sleep state. Her body is paralyzed before the drastic and dark nightmare happening. That red blood, on her stomach. Another...on dark robes of mysterious and unknown beings. There were two different symbols...both in red. She didn't notice it before. But they were discrete. The sounds of crying, not only hers, but a young infants as well. A blinding light. Then nothing. The woman jumps up from her kitchen counter with the previously read book still open. She had dozed off. The sun is now up and midday almost approaches. The woman runs a hand through her ruffled mane as her sharp ice blue eyes readjust to the waking world. She removes the trench coat she still had on and dumps it on the couch. Stripping her garments off she runs a hot shower and turns on the tv as she does. New reports of a nuisance in midtown Gotham just minutes ago, as Gotham PD on the scene investigates. News anchor gets reports from eye witnesses that say a group of thugs attempted to rob, assault, and possibly kidnap a young girl.

    The woman stops what she's doing instantly and darts to the tv set, bare naked in the comfort of her home. She turns the volume up as the witnesses describe the girl as dark haired and very young, maybe a high school teenager. She would be about 17/18 now. That's all the woman thought about. They then proceed to say an unmarked van intervened, subduing the thugs and taking the girl off to an unknown location. Witnesses give the description of the vehicle as an all white non-vinyl van with a permanent license plate. The woman grabs a pen from her nearby working room and writes down all the details. Right before she turned the tv off, one last witness attested to the sight off a huge bodyguard looking man and some other lady with pink hair. Leads. She writes them down and zips to the bathroom to brush her teeth before finishing her shower.

    Hopping out the shower and quickly drying herself, the woman starts to throw on some skin tight jeans along with solid black heels. A black tank top and once again her trench coat as she started to make her hair in a tolerable fashion and head out into the depths of the dusk city. A piece of her heart resonated when the news talked about that young girl. Any part of her wanted to believe that was the girl she's been looking for. The one thing that she was also terrified of. She hails a taxi to the scene where the girl was assaulted. She hops out and sneaks past the crowd to get an up close view of the scene. Obviously no leftover evidence, and the suspects were already taken into custody or to the hospital, so she scans the environment for anything to go off of. Nothing. Then it hit her...permanent license plates on the van...had to be a government enforced vehicle. She began to walk to the nearest place with available wifi. This was the first time in almost 20 years she'd even had a cause and ambition to do something. So long she's been a shadow in the world, no feelings, no purpose. For the first time in decades she felt alive.

    Now she had a lead, but not just a lead. A path.
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  11. I look at the pink haired girl sitting across from me in the van and just tilt my head. My large backpack sitting on the ground infront of me causing the other two girls to look at it "Whats in it? You were carrying it with you when Jokers Men attacked." Jinx said to me. I just stared at her and smirked "The reason I am known but unknown is in this bag... Trust me.. you would not want it see.. if you are on the end of it atleast. I would love to show you some time and maybe when we arrive and you make me actually trust me." I said to pink haired Girl. The pink haired girl looked at me "My name is Jinx... The other girl is Shimmer and the big guy driving is Mammoth.." Jinx said to me.

    I couldn't help but blink twice "Well.... That is interesting atleast. I am a girl with a Giant.. A magician I think and... another girl I know nothing what so ever about. So... where are we going?" I say then ask Jinx. To me she looked like the leader of the entire group. She was only slightly older than I was and it was alittle easier speaking to her. The other two seemed more uptight but Jinx seemed chaotic. Abit more like me in all aspects than the others. And it was that and her that I put what little trust I had at the moment in.

    I looked out the front window to see the van pulling up to a ordinary looking building. The doors opened and several people with military clothing opened the doors. None of them had guns and all of them seemed to acknowledge those inside. "Welcome back...." One of them said to Jinx. I saw them all looking at me like I was a giant in a room. One of them nodded and I just nodded back feeling alittle odd about the situation. Jinx came up behind me and put a arm around my waist. I glanced over and she smiled "Come... Our employers wish to speak with you." She said and led me to a large room.

    Inside the room was eight chairs and one at the end. Jinx nodded to me and I walked in to take a seat in the one chair. Several seconds later a group of seven walked in with hoods on and took a seat on the other side of the large table. "Skylar Luthor.. You father speaks highly of you... You have a ability to get into places and figure things out beyond what any of those here are capable of. It is with that in mind that we extend to you a position within." The man at the end of the table said before sliding a docket across the table. "If you agree then merely say so to Jinx and we will be informed. Untill then... Take care Miss Luthor." He said to me before the group rose and left.

    Two minutes later the door behind me slid open and Jinx stood there with her hands behind her back. "Well, what do you think.. breif but all you need is inside that docket... Now if you would we need to see what you are capable.. of... Mammoth said you can handel yourself but we as a group are seeking a fourth. Much of the time you may be working on your own to get into places we cannot due to our size... inability to use technology or just sheer intellgience. You are known to convince people using your mind... You are also stronger than the average person it seems as I tried lifting your back pack while you were in here.. that thing must weigh a ton." She said to me.

    I just smirked and nodded as I picked the docket up and walked out with her. I saw my backpack on the ground with mammoth holding onto the end "They wanted me to carry it.. its light for me.." He said and tossed it to me. I grunted as I took a step back; I carried it all the time but it was still heavy. Oh... so very very heavy and it sucks carry it all the time. The only upside was that I was getting stronger and stronger slowly.. I don't know why but it was like somthing in me was coming out. It felt great and it wasn't freedom that was coming out... it felt like somthing else... I would have to ask my father... I always did and it began with my eyes..

    Jinx led me down a hallway to a large open room. Inside stood Shimmer hitting a large object with her fists and feet. Jinx nudged me "Head inside and we will get some of the guys to come in... Don't worry they will only hurt you if you let them. If you want out just say so and we will make it happen." She said to me making me shrug. "Am I allowed to use anything?" I asked her. Jinx nodded "Not weapons... yet.. So yes you can but not just yet.. we wll see where you stand in close combat.. if you want to use blades... if thats your thing then wait for the next round. Let me know when you want to begin.

    I stood in the center and took a large breath "Alright.. lets do this!" I said and let the backpack down on the ground next to me. Jinx nodded "Alright Skylar Luthor! Lets see what that Business man has taught you! Begin!" She yelled out as men began to pour into the room. Some of them had kevlar armor some didn't. I knew I would have to isolate those that did from those that didn't. My chances of hurting those that did were slim but somthing told me I would be able to. So.. with the though passing through my mind I moved my arms up and blocked a swing before twisting his arm around in a counter and snapping it. The man cried out and fell to the floor.

    Another man came from behind and tried to wrap his arm around me in a sleep hold. I threw my elbow back into him causing him to grunt but keep his hold. With surprising force that made even Jinx and the others blink I lifted him off the floor and fell back onto him making him relax his grip. I spun around and jabbed him in the side where the armor wasn't present. He grunted and threw me off of him. I rolled onto the floor a few feet from him and rose to my feet. He began to watch me closely as I moved in a circle around him as another came up from behind me. I spun around and used his forward momentum to throw him towards the man in the middle of the circle. The two collided and fell to the floor giving me an opening. Immediately I ran towards them and without any special finess simply kicked each of them in the side of her head knocking them out cold. I was a dirty fighter but it was what it was.
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  12. Gotham City
    Current Time.

    A man in business attire stands in an old abandoned church outside the slums of the dark city. He looks around at the cobwebs and worn pieces of wood that surround the building. He encases his hands in his pockets, more of a reminiscing look on his face as he reflects back on his youthful days. A slight smile crosses his face as he rotates to look at every angle of the old church. He senses another presence there with him as he smiles and begins to speak into the unknown.

    Man: "You know, my father always told me stories of where we come from. Our home. Zandia was but a small island with nothing but native pilgrims back then. A very small and select population who knew nothing of the outside world. All they knew was that of the island. Until the refuges came. Criminals that sought to run from their paths and live a life of secrecy and isolation, but to their dismay, the island inhabitants took them in not out of fear, but of hope. Hope that those criminals would embrace their path and become something more, to expand themselves and their influence. 800 years later here we are, a regime about hope and expansion, to all nations. The first criminal that ever was taken in, he was the most difficult to convince, but once he saw the truth...he saw the greater horizon...not only did he reform, he revolutionized."

    ???: "And thus the Church was born..."

    A woman in a hood steps from the shadows and approaches the wise and upright man. Blood red robes drape across the dusty and pale floor as she gets closer and closer. The man turns around to see the exuberant woman dwell within his touch and kneel before him. He smiles as he strokes her face softly and lifts her up to his eyes.

    Hooded Woman: "HIVE has begun the recruitment phase, they're targeting only the best and brightest individuals around. Soon our order will be backed by a disciplined and reformed force. It's really happening."

    Man: "Yes dear, it is. Eons of waiting and practicing what we believe in the shadows, and now the light will be seen at last. The world will receive a gentle and keen guidance into the world of the unknown. Their enlightenment will be awarded with eternal freedom. In due time."

    Hood Woman: "They've managed to recruit a potential powerful figure. Alexander Luthor's daughter."
    Man: "The little girl? She's just a kid..."
    Hooded Woman: "A potent one. Genius IQ, secretary for LexCorp with access to municipal and scientific records, and apparently she can fight ahah"
    Man: "Hm! Interesting. For now my lady remain humble, only when HIVE finishes their obligation will we begin to move."
    Hooded Woman: "As you wish...Head Brother Blood."


    The woman enters the library once more to see a smile on Mrs. Connors face. She returns a smile this walks by her, passing up the usual conversation with a sense of urgency instead. The librarian looks a bit surprised at the woman continues to walk towards the computer lab section. She sits down and logs onto the web. She then begins to search all government sponsored buildings that are located in Gotham and records the names and addresses of the venues. Post offices, Police, Fire, Hospitals, City Hall, prisons, courthouses, everything. This was going to be a busy day for her. A huge part of her wanted to stop and just go back to being no one, she didn't even fully understand why she was doing this...but if there was a chance it could be her...then she wanted to act on it. Even if it wasn't, helping solve the case of a potential kidnapping would go to gain anyone good standing. She grabs her notepad with the list of locales and logs off. She buttons up her trench coat once more and starts to walk out.

    Woman: "Sorry Mrs. Connors, sort of in a rush today I'll see you later."

    Mrs. Connors didn't even have time to muster a word before the woman takes off into the city of Gotham. A finger still raised in anticipation, the librarian makes a slight frown and moves back to placing books on their respective shelves. The woman started at the hospital in a reporter-style demeanor that would suggest she actually was one. Pen and notepad, trench coat, a female that was being nosy, she most certainly fit the bill. She began to ask staff and transportation employees about any white unmarked vans that they owned, and if one was missing earlier today or did anyone drive it. Her story was that she was a reporter from the Gotham Gazette, it seemed to work for the most part. The hospital was a bust. Next she figured that she would hail a taxi to the Blackgate Penitentiary to further investigate there. Half an hour later she was there as well as the guards all approach her and scan her at the door.

    Guard: "I didn't hear anything about a reporter coming."
    Woman: "Which is exactly why I showed up, the element of surprise, what would you expect from us? I would like to speak to the warden about any vans that may have been driven and/or missing earlier in connection to that girl being taken."
    Guard: "...wait here."

    The woman waits for a moment until the guard comes back and signals the woman to follow him up to the wardens' offices. She can hear the rants and yells from the inmates as she makes her way up the central staircase and to the warden. The metal door slowly creaks open, as a large brute man sits in his desk eyeing the woman before him. His eyes are grim and engaging, hers are cold and withstanding. The two glare at each other before the guards close the door and the warden burns out his cigarette.

    Warden: "Come on in..."


    Current Cycle

    The energies of it all flow through me ever so freely. I felt the chi, the life prana, it was fantastic. Other than this feeling I would be nothing but an empty shell, forced by the Azar to live a life of misery and despair. How does she not see that by keeping all of these burdens bottled in that it will result in emotional explosion? She thinks that emotions are that of water, in which they flow freely from and through the spirit. But if one is to have no emotions, then that river is nothing but a dry canyon, full of dust and desolation. That is what I am right now. Who I am, and I was becoming tiresome of the notion. Theron exhales with a satisfactory tone while taking in the beautiful scenery and wonders of outer Azarath. I open my eyes, still focusing on the feeling. I look at Theron with his back turned to me and I sense his emotions: Sheer bliss. He was tranquil, serene, not a care in the world. A bit nervous since we weren't to venture from the Temple but yet and still very happy. I imprint the feelings onto myself as if they were my own.

    "Ahh...come on Theron, further."
    Theron: " far will we trek? We musn't delve too far lest we get in trouble..."
    "Stop thinking about the downside for one second and just flow freely as the waters of emotions do."

    I return Theron a smirk. It was weird to say the least, to use someone's feelings and copy them to yourself and then to convince them of their own will using what they only supply me. It was like living as a doppelganger I would imagine, a false identity of what one really represents. That was what I was least that's what I feel like. Azar and the people can fabric the idea all they would like, but I see it clearly for what it really is. They were afraid of me, and they had every right to be. I didn't know what I was, but something told me they did. Azar, High Magistrate, The Council, perhaps the entire society. As we venture further out into the misty fields, I begin to inquire upon Theron.

    " you think of me as unorthodox? I regards to everyone else in Azarath."
    Theron: "Uh, well you are a bit...reserved. I mean we all practice the ways of peace in spirit but it's're really secluded. Like you have more inside you than you present to bear..."
    Theron: "Ever since we were 8 cycles old, and you saved my avian pet...I..I've just been so fond of you Metrion, but as we aged I noticed you seemed locked away inside yourself. Like a stone that never moves."
    Theron: "What? Did I offend you?"
    I brashly walk onward as Theron steps right behind me and follows. A few birds fly overhead as they are silent amongst the sky. They seemed incredibly graceful in their flight. I look up the the brightly vibrant sky as I wonder what lies beyond it. I was thinking about a ton of things lately pertaining to what lies outside this realm. Azar said that Azarath was a spiritual dimension, a world in the web of souls and astral energy. She told me stories of how different realms and planes exist that contained many other types of spiritual energies, and that only here was peace assured. I was beginning to wonder how much of that was an illusion cast off by the Azar's words as well. Theron stops when he looks down into the lower hills where solid white mist fills the entire void of space. A low and deep wind can be heard in the fog below, masking mystery and intrigue.

    Theron: "This is the closest we've ever gotten...the mist is so...frightening..."
    I give a slight glare to Theron.
    Theron: "..and exciting?"
    I step from the woods and start to begin down the hills. Theron grabs my shoulder and stops me dead in my tracks. His face shows a look of dire concern and nervousness. By now the copied emotions have worn off, so I was back to my natural and reserved state. I look at his hand, and then back to his face as he stops me.
    Theron: "No Metrion, we have gone far enough! We've traveled further than we ever have, it's been a fair amout of time since the Temple, we can barely even see it over the mountains and hills now!....I will admit...this has been fun, and I enjoy the time with, I refuse to take penance for this. We will come forth another day, but for now, let us return."
    I just stare into Theron's soul and his reasoning with emotionless eyes, with a face to match. As much as I wanted to get away from it all there was no reason for me to dwell off into the unknown and possibly cause something worthy of an uproar. Even though I could protect myself and him with my abilities, I had to keep them a secret still. Only in respect for the Azar and they cycles of time she's raised me.
    Theron: "...and I'm becoming a bit hungry...."
    "....[sigh]......fine. But we better come back out here or I swear...."
    Theron: "Sure! I could even bring us food and a horn for preparation..!"
    We make our way back towards the Temple of Azarath. This was refreshing. Seeing this beauty, I had to wonder if this place was really so peaceful, then why would we ever care to stay only in one area? I feel like it was more of a tactic by the Azar to try and contain ME, not anyone else. Theron walks in a tranquil silence, saying nothing to me as we head back. I read his emotions: He knew I wouldn't say much, so he didn't bother to talk, instead he was just happy I chose to spend time with him. That was enough to him. Hmph, I guess Theron was alright...a little sappy, but rather decent considering everyone else was nervous around me, or just absent minded of me altogether. He had to have heard the ramblings of our people...had he not once wondered on why people were suspicious of me? The thoughts begin to fill my mind. He was loyal I give him that.

    As we walk back to the Temple, something else was out there watching. In the woods by the mist, a figure watches us two fading figures in astounding solace. We didn't know it, but something was there.
  13. Jinx and Shimmer began to clap for me as I turned and shrugged "That was rather easy... The armored man was abit of an annoyance but I think I took care of him rather well." I said before slinging my backpack over my shoulder. "So..... What will we be doing next?" I asked Jinx specificlly. I noticd the other two looking at me "You are so... thin,.. how can you fight like that.." Mammoth asked me. I glanced over and shrugged "I have always been extremely strong for my size... I mean I have always been far above guys in strength but yeah..." I mumbled before Mammoth shrugged "I was rather frail before getting an injection in our Soldier project...." He said making me nod.

    Jinx had turned me around suddenly "Not done yet chicky. Everything goes... You stand untill you fall now. You proved your strength now you prove your will to fight and resolve to stand up in overwhelming odds." She said before letting out a sharp whistle. Several men came in that were huge but not as big as Mammoth. "Is this a joke?" I called out making Jinx, Shimmer and Mammoth laugh "Nope, you are our first recruit that passed the first group right off the back... this is protocal." Jinx said before folding her arms and watching.

    The Super Soldiers began to surrounding me raising their fists up. To me they just looked like huge muscle bound soldiers that spent far to much time in the Gym. Little did I know I was dealing with Chemicle engineering at its finest. I closed my eyes and gathered my courage and opened them to see a fist coming at me. I took a blow straight to the face making me to back several feet and land on my stomach. Jinx and the others just sighed "That was fast... To think and you are stronger Mammoth." She continued on before I rose to my feet.

    Blood was pouring from my nose making me sniffle and grumble "Asshole..." I said before turning around. I had no idea why I was standing. It seemed normal to me that I could get back up I mean... I never had fights like this before so I just thought that he was strong... I just didn't know that it wasn't natural to get back up after that hit. Mammoth just stared "Impossible.. How can she get back up... Shes insane.." He said before beginning to walk into the group. Without warning my eyes began to glow ever so lightly as I put my hands on the straps of my bag.

    The energy flowing through my body although unknown to me began to pulse into the backpack causing several large metalltic rings to shoot out around my stomach. Mammoth stopped moving as he watched the metal rings begin to unfold and cover her body. Synth Muscle began to string out across my arms as well as Servo joints forming from the spindral rings flowing out from the large backpack. Seconds later the light suit encompassed me my body making me take a deep breath. The glowing of my eyes hidden by the half visor but still being seen by the blue eye peices.

    The four super soldiers began to stalk towards me as the suit fully activated a half second later. The lead soldier threw a punch towards me and I responded by throwing a punch right back. Our fists conected immediately causing a sickening crunching noise. The noise was not of metal crunching but of bone shattering. My fist struck the mans causing muscles to tear and coil up like springs being let loose in the arm. The mans hand instantly turns to dust at the force of both fists connecting. I didn't know I had put as much force as I had behind the punch as I never used the suit in a combative role before.

    The man screamed in anger and pain before trying to hit me with his other hand. The suit being light I was able to duck under and weave up close to deliver a six inch punch to his chest making him fall backwards. I rose up from my crouching and looked around the room. Mammoth himself was speechless. He didn't know what to think at all about it. He just shook his head while Jinx was on the phone with somsone. Two minutes later a man with a hood and a suit came into the room without me even knowing,

    The remaining super soldiers began to swarm me at the sight of their brothers horrible defeat. I began a duck and weave like boxing pattern as I moved in and out of the punches using my smaller size to my advantage. Even with the suit on I was still much smaller than they were. The suit was thin but strong enough to stop all but a 50. Cal round. Making most Melee hits on me useless and all around painful to the aggressor. It was then that I spun around without warning and grabbed one of their feet. I brought his feet around using both my already Unnatural strength and the suits Synmuscle to spin him around and throw him into the wall. The whining of the servo's spinning up as the suit's fucntions continued to come online. The suit wasn't even finished booting yet I had to continue to face off against those around me. Then I didn't expect the punch that hit me in the chest. I was knocked back a foot but stayed on my feet. The look of surprise on everyones face just made me laugh. "So.. that was in the bag... no wonder it was so heavy..." Jinx said outloud.

    The man with the hood on just nodded before walking out. I turn to see him leaving "Alright... I am in" I said feeling the enjoyment and adrenalin of being able to actually do somthing. "Well... I don't really want to kill anyone... I mean we are just protection right?" I ask not knowing anything much about what I was getting myself into. The only thing I was sure about is that I wasn't sure about anything and that rather fightenend me.
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  14. Gotham City.


    Warden: " think it was an inside job?"
    Woman: " I don't. I think someone knew these types of vehicles were common yet private, and used one to nab a girl for ransom."
    Warden: "Do you even know who this girl is...?"
    Woman: "No one has ID'd her to my knowledge yet, which is why this is time critical."
    Warden: "I keep my men and staff on a tight knit, I assure you that there was no Blackgate van involved."
    Woman: "And your proof? Transportation manifests?"

    The warden glares at her for a moment before nodding to a guard to go and retrieve the manifests. They silently stare at each other, mentally battling one another in a standoff of wills. The woman knew she could get in trouble for this, but she didn't care. She was a ghost. She could disappear again if she needed to, as she did before.

    Warden: "..what's your name, miss?"
    Woman: "Raye Rails."

    She answered quickly, inclining the warden to believe her. He sat silent for a moment as the guard entered with the manifests and handed them to the warden. He viewed the documents before passing them to 'Raye'.

    Woman: "I trust these weren't tampered with...sorry, it's just a young girl's life on the line."
    Warden: "No, Ms. Rails they were not."

    She scans the manifests and sees that the prison buses, as well as vans were all in tact and accounted for earlier this morning, they'd had no transports.

    Woman: "No one called in sick or left early? Missed a day? Anything like that?"
    Warden: "No."

    The woman looks one last time before rising from her chair, and shaking the warden's hand, her ice blue eyes meeting his dark and warm ones. She then exits back into the halls full of criminals and heads back outside to where her taxi was waiting for her. Nothing. She gets back in and decides on where to go next. Post office...nothing. Fire Department, no white vans. She contemplated Gotham PD and City Hall, but she would need a more convincing story to dig deeper, maybe a private investigator? For now she heads to the only other government institution besides those two: Arkham Asylum.

    She approaches the gate as it slowly creaks open into a world of paranoia and disturbia. She is greeted by a few guardsmen as they walk up to her.

    Woman: "I'm Raye Rails with the Gotham Gazette. I'm here looking into a possible van that may have been used for a kidnapping earlier today. I know us reporters can be a hassle so all I need to see is transport manifests from this morning and last night and I'll be on my merry little way."
    Guard: "Look...we have enough trouble as it is kay so why don't you--"
    Woman: "What if it was your daughter? Niece? Baby cousin? A girl's life depends on I said, the sooner, the better, unless you want me to call Gotham PD..."
    Guard: "Jesus alright alright! Come this way, I'll take you to Warden Sharp."

    She follows him inside, and as soon as the asylum doors open nothing but screams, and terrible sounds can be heard from all over. The banging of heads on metal, the ramblings of women and men with no sense of meaning or purpose. It was a nightmare. One man locks eyes with the woman and calls her a witch, and that she must be burned. Another woman asks her for frogs through the bars. The woman shrugs it off and continues down the central hall and into the staff offices. Before long the guard knocks on the door and enters to see Warden Sharp on the phone, raising a finger to the party and talking.

    Warden Sharp: " I don't give a DAMN about the figures right now we need those materials! what? Ya want a bunch of lunatic goons running around the whole gaddam place sliting throats and drinking blood like it was fucking red wine!? GET THEM TO ME NOW! [slams the phone down]"

    The guard just looks at the woman and leaves with a stricken face. The woman was quite abashed by the warden's attitude, it certainly wouldn't make things easier, but she had to follow through. She enters from the doorway and shakes the warden's hand, introducing herself.

    Woman: "I see you're busy, so I won't be long, all I need to see is the transport manifests from this morning and the night before, a government plated van was taken and used in the kidnapping of a girl this morning."
    Sharp: "[sigh] ...sit down, tell me the situation."



    What seemed like endless amounts of copious time, Theron and I finally catch sight of the temple once more. He stretches a satisfied yawn and places his hands on his hips as he stands bold like he's slayed a dragon. I walk up the hill to join him, a bit tired admittedly from the travels. I wanted to slouch down and rest, but I had to appear strong before Theron. Not to impress him, but to practice resilience. The temple shines a bright gold aura from here as the metal refracts from the light in the sky. Swiss grass and green blows softly as we start to move towards the Temple.

    Theron: "This was nice."
    Theron: "Now it's time to FEAST!"

    A smile hits his face as he rushes back to the Temple in eagerness to consume food. I suppose I was quite hungry as well. My stomach feels empty as I walk onward and back to the Temple, a place of mysterious wonder and now what I considered hypocrisy. How would one learn the ways of peace truly if they were tailored to become nothing but an emotionless shell their entire life? I place it in the back of my mind as I approach the Temple palace doors and I make my way inside. The illustrious gold shines through the ceiling and down into the main hall where the citizens walk about in peace and serenity. I enter as I look around at the people who looked at me as if I were a doe in a jungle of birds. For right now the emotions in this room were tranquil, but rest assured before long I would sense someone that would begin to feel indifferent towards me. I was becoming tired of feeling these ideas that the Azar and others knew something I did not, there had to be a bigger story behind why my mother and father didn't want me. More than just 'they weren't fit to'. I was 17 cycles now and my birthday approaches. I deserve to know the truth in transition into my adulthood among the Azarathians. I dwell the main hall and walk calmly through the foyer towards the garden, where all of our food was cultivated and grown for food. The most precious and decadent berries, fruits, greens, and breads were here, with the richest crystalline waters for rejuvenation.

    I grab my food and I leave the garden to a secluded part of the Temple where no one could see me. I close my eyes and picture an image of my chambers. And with one swift concentration, I instantly warp as I open my eyes inside my sleeping quarters. Zinthios jumps a bit and flies to my side and rubs its head on my neck. If no one was going to know of my abilities, then I had to use them in secret as I have been doing for a long time. Azar finds out then who knows what type of penance I would have to pay for doing so. I levitate indian style above my bed and indulge in my fresh food.

    "I'm getting better Zinthios...I didn't drop my plate this time..."

    As I consume my food I think about my life here, and how I was raised by a society that wasn't my own. I was thankful to them indeed, but also I was curious. I wanted answers, now more than ever. From a little girl I noticed that the only time there was ever storms here in this plane was when I cried, my emotions that were dark caused dark things to happen here. Maybe that was because I don't belong here. High Magistrate and Azar took it upon themselves to raise me personally as if I were they own, but the truth was that I wasn't. I was still born a mortal, from my mother and father. My mother had dies after I was born, but why wasn't she fit to raise me? And what of my father? They never said he'd died, just that he wasn't any good. But how? What did all of that mean?

    "I want to know about my parents Zinthios...I deserve to know. All this time I've felt so empty and incomplete without meditation and reading others' minds and emotions...I want to have my own. I need my own!"

    With that last outburst a small wind generates around me. Zinthios flies on my bed and looks at me with a tilted head. I apologize to Zinthios and rub his sleek black feathers as I start to contemplate life if I had known my parents. If they had taken me in and I was raised away from Azarath. I told Azar I wanted to go to Earth. Before it was just about seeing the realm I came from, but now I wanted to go for me, for my life and progression in spirit. I was ready, no one seen that but me. I could control my emotions, I could hone my abilities. I wanted to find my father and come face to face with him, for him to explain things. I was mature enough to handle any unwanted responses from him, after all he didn't want me in the first place, so why should I expect anything different. I look at Zinthios and I smile genuinely for the first time in a long time unprovoked.
    "I'm going to face my crucibles, Zinthios. It's time I'm revealed to the true path."
    Zinthios caws at me as I confidently rise from my levitation and I leave my chambers, using my mind to grab the plate and bring it to my hand. I head down from the golden staircase as I spiral down towards the main hall once more, with only the mission of entering the Azar's chambers and finally asking her about my heritage. This was it. I wasn't supposed to have emotions? I grew tiresome of that, I was exctited right now as nothing happened around me, no spontaneous storm, no shaking or flying objects, everything was in control. Seeing this only made me feel more confident and excited. I was having real emotions! It was...enlightening, refreshing, clearing. The Azarathians all looked at my unusual behavior as I walked briskly and peppy through the halls. Their faces of mild worry were greeted by my slight smile and positive demeanor.
    "Hello to you...hello...greetings..."
    I greet my fellow people and head right up towards the Azar's chambers. Her Preservers stand at her door looking after it, as they smile and bow to me as I approach. One moves to stand in my way as he stops me.
    Preserver: "I'm sorry dear Metrion, Azar is in a meeting right now with High Magistrate Coman. You are more than welcome to wait here if you'd like."
    "...hmm. I'll be back later. Thank you."
    Little do they know...I'm 'special'. I leave the door of the Azar and head towards a secluded area. I knew just where to go. I find myself and small and empty slot near the walls of the main hall and I teleport to the very top of the Temple in the lush golden roofs. No one ever comes up here, because nearly everyone are inable to due to lack of ability. I smile at the bright light shining from the sky as I bask in the glorious moment of my plan. I inhale then exhale a deep breath of satisfying gratification as I cross my legs and focus my meditation. I feel my spirit bonding with the energies of the outside world as my astral body begins to take over and I rise from my physical body. Azarathians required focus and concentration to acheive their astral states. It was a common skill of our people here. Only the truly powerful spirits and advanced minds could acheive levitation and/or telepathy, but for me everything was seemingly....natural. I drift around my physical self for a moment to ensure no one is around. And in an instant I warp my astral self inside Azar's chambers. Once there, I clear my conscience and focus on the two talking. Eavesdropping wasn't common for me, but I wanted to know when the meeting was over that I may talk to Azar myself.
    Coman: "She's getting bold in her ways, that trial today could have been chaotic! Favorably the trials are designed to test mental and spiritual prowess so no one would believe her abilities were real, only an illusion summoned by her inner self."
    Azar: "She wishes to go to you sense that?"
    Coman: "What?"
    Azar: "A presence..."
    Coman: "I feel energy, but that could be a number of things or people that are in deep meditation."
    The High Magistrate approaches Azar in extreme proximity and stares into her eyes.
    Coman: "You need to keep her in control, one more outburst and this time I'm not sure what will come of Azarath or the consequences. She is strong, and you have done well, but she may never know the truth of who she is or her parents."
    Azar: "She's beginning to think she's being confined...eventually she will grow more resentful towards me, she's already rebelling now, with emotions and thoughts that oppose mine. She says she's been using her abilities for some time."
    Coman: "!?... Place a sheath over this situation immediately Azar. If you need assistance from the Guild then notify me, but we can not let her succumb to her darker inhibitions...we hold the fate of realms in our grasp. We cannot fail."
    Suddenly I sense the emotions of Coman and the Azar as an overwhelming force of emotions hit me, I had never felt emotions so strongly: urgency, deception, protectiveness, anxiety. It was true...I didn't want to believe it but it was true...they were hiding something from me. The truth about my parents? The emotions almost were enough to make me feel betrayal and anger had I been in my physical body...I was even starting to feel it now. The High Magistrate leaves as I instantly snap back to my physical body, gasping and feeling the shock of my experience. I instinctively ball my fists up and become filled with emotions of animosity and mild sadness. Azar told me to never bottle emotions, to flow and release those emotions and have a clear mind, but she was the very venom that she spoke to me. A hypocrite. what else had she kept from me!? The skies darken a bit as faint rumbles can be heard in the distance. I had one emotion at this very moment.

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  15. It was later in the day and I knew I had to get moving. No doubt my father would begin to freak if he saw the news so it was best for me to talk to him before he had seen it. I was obvious due to my skin tone being alittle odd and orangish. Jinx had turned to me and just smirked "You are full of surprised aren't you.. Well I would have to say that you will need to go back to where ever you were staying for atleast the time being. You are all over the news are being reported as 'Kidnapped' and we cant attract attention. So, I will tell you this... Tomorrow we will come and fetch you again if you so wish." She said to me before handing me a docket "This is your task tomorrow if you decide to formally join us. Trust me... it isn't safe nor is it dangerous. For your skills its rather comfy but it wont always be like this. Welcome to the 'Private' sector Skylar Luthor... It will be profitable." Jinx finished before coaxing me into a car.

    A Merc was driving the car making it so none of those that supposedly 'Took' me were present. The man pulled the car out of the building and began to drive me back to the hotel. Outside the hotel were several camera crews interviewing the hotel staff but all turned towards the blacked out car as it pulled up. I opened the door and looked around before simply walking around the car and up to the Hotel. I kept my face partially hidden by my stature gave me away as well as the same clothes as I had before with the same backpack. The reporters all swarmed towards me at once "Miss! Were you taken! Miss are you okay! Are Gothams gangs still rampant!" they all asked at once.

    I simply waved my hand towards them "I am fine... I wasn't 'Abducted...' I am just you know...Tired.." She mumbled beofre pushing past them and into the hotel. Now inside the hotel she moved passed check in and straight over to the main elevator. Behind her the reporters swarmed around and into the hotel. I hit the button and stepped into it before turning my back to them to keep them from seeing my face. I didn't want my father freaking out if he had infact seen the news. The doors shut and I relaxed before turning around and waiting for the doors to open.

    Once the doors had opened I walked out of the elevator and straight into my suite. Everything was exactly how I had left it. My pillows still jumbled up from my midnight cuddling act I had always pulled. I seemed to wrap myself up around everything no matter what it was. If I was sleeping I had somthing in my hands and arms at all times otherwise I wasn't able to sleep soundly. As childish as it was it was a slight gift. I could sleep standing up as long as I had somthing to hold onto.

    I flopped down on my bed and threw my arms out after taking my backpack off and setting it on the floor next to me. I took my phone out and instantly dialed my phone in. "Skylar... What is this about you on the news. Where are you?" He asked obviously worried. I couldn't help but giggle "I'm fine dad. I just had a run in with a group of Gotham's less than desireable individuals... I was told they were part of the infamous Joker's group of thugs... I was helped out by a group of individuals that took me with them to make sure I was safe... Wow.. they are an interesting bunch. I was offered a job as well.. I am going to take it for the time being." I explained to my father.

    The line was silent before a long sigh carried "There is a reason I had lost my hair Skylar... You are going to kill me... I am going to assign you a body-" Was all he was able to say before I cut him off "I am more than capable of protecting myself father..." I stated making him mumble somthing "I know you are... more than I think you know you are... You are growing up fast but still as strong as ever and.... growing.. Just.. be careful. Call me when you have a chance again. Its late so get some rest." He finished "Love you Dad." I said before he said the same in response. I put an end to the call and sprawled out ontop of my bed.

    Minutes passed before I lay passed out on the other side of the bed in a caccoon like state with blankets wrapped around me tightly. That night I felt like I was floating in space before I awoke the next morning refreshed and awake. I wasn't being picked up for several hours so I decided to get myself somthing to eat and wash up before I was to go out to meet my new 'Team Mates' as I alled them. I could still decide to pull out but had an uncontrolable urge to push forward and to find out what more lay ahead of me in this group.

    Having showered and having dressed myself I decided to go back to the lobby of the hotel to get myself somthing to eat for breakfast. I walked out of the elevator and into the glass room to look out the window. I didn't know if anyone would try to swamp me with questions but the reporters outside were gone. It seems the news of my return was pushed under compared to the news of my so called 'Kidnapping'. Although, all news stations showed me walking back into my hotel. I did a good job covering up my face from people but it was obvious I was the one who was 'Kidnapped' before. Everyone seemed relieved but all of them had questions.
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  16. Gotham City: Arkham Asylum.

    Warden Sharp: "So you think that it was one of our institutuons' vans that was used in the napping eh?"
    Woman: "Never said that, I'm just a reporter diggin into all leads. An all white unmarked van? Government issued, heck the plates were even permanent."
    Sharp: "Well...[sigh] I'll admit we've had out share of mishaps here at Arkham but if someone nabbed my van I would have some sort of warning."
    Woman: "Unless they took the driver out, unless the driver was an inside man. There are many logistics to this."
    Sharp: "Hm. Well one of my van drivers hasn't radio'd in yet on a supply you know Ms. Rails you may be right, but how about we keep this out of the press between me and you?"
    Woman: "...I only care for the life of the girl, the rest are nothing but details. Not all of us are obsessed with the 'big reveal'."
    A guard then walks in with the transport manifests and hands them to Sharp.
    Guard: "Rogers hasn't radio'd in yet, he's the only one not on schedule."
    The woman exhanges looks with Sharp as she burrows her brow at him, folding her arms as she does so.
    Woman: "All white unmarked van right? Permanent plates?"
    Guard: "..yeah."
    Woman: "And where was that route going to?"
    Guard: "That's confidential."
    Woman: [turns her head and glares] "Really?? So you want me to go ahead and bring Gotham PD down here and start a full scale investigation as to why a Arkham van was used in the kidnapping of a young girl that could possibly lead to her death??"
    Sharp: "Alright! Settle down, go ahead and tell her."
    Guard: " was going to a Gotham Community Center in midtown. Grabbing supplies for the patients here."
    Woman: "Thank you."
    The woman rises up from her seat and walks out as Sharp beckons her before she leaves.
    Sharp: "Remember...maybe we keep this quiet until the girl is found?"
    Woman: "....Maybe..."
    She turns and leaves as she head back down the main corridor being escorted by the guard who was in the office with her and Sharp. She listens to the howls and screams of the patients and wonders about who all could possibly be in there. Were they all really lunatics? Psychopaths? Or were some just misunderstood, different? Like she was....and like her...the things she'd been through in her life she felt like she belonged here as well, even if she told someone of the things she's seen, the things she knows, they would surely throw her in here. The darker world, a world the the everyday citizen knows nothing about. How she yearned to be one of those people. Even with all these reports going around of genetic enhancements in humans and illegal experimentations going on, those rumors would have nothing on a grisly truth. About the underworld and what lurks in the darkness and unknown. She was surprised she'd made it so long without breaking down or even ending up dead. She took a bit of solace in the fact that she just pulled off being a reporter for a day. Finding leads, tracking bad guys, and she was quite good at it indeed. She internally boasts herself as she leaves with a small emotional boost. She takes the taxi once more and orders him back to midtown.
    Taxi driver: "Ey we're doing alotta running gonna pay for all of this?"
    The woman reaches in her purse and pulls out two crisp 100 dollar bills and slides them up to him.
    Woman: "Only if you promise to stop complaining and act like you never drove me around today."
    Taxi driver: "Sheesh! You got it miss!"
    The taxi pulls of from the Arkham Asylum and makes its way back towards the urban mecca of Gotham city. She takes the quickest and most common rout from Arkham to midtown as they cross the bridge back into the main city. The buildings begin to tower gradually over the skyline approach as the woman looks out the window to her dusk and greyed city that she's called home for almost all of her life. Taking the main route, she looks for anything out of the ordinary that she could spot that would hint at the van's hijacking and disappearance of the girl. She spots nothing. Now in midtown, she looks around as they get closer to the community center, but her crystal blue eyes lock onto a peculiar scene happening in front of a hotel. A wave of reporters...REAL reporters and news crews were infesting the front entrance to this hotel.
    Woman: "Stop the cab."
    She opens the door and hops out before the taxi can even halt to an impeding stop. She shoots across the street as cars begin to zoom past on the road. She makes it to the sidewalk and hatily walks towards the massive scene before her. She listens at the dozens of live reports that describes that the young girl had indeed returned to the hotel, claiming she wasn't kidnapped and was fine, just a bit tired. The woman tries to wrap her head around a days worth of digging for such a mundane result. She enters the lobby of the quaint hotel and approaches the receptionist.
    Woman: "Hi, excuse me I heard the girl that was kidnapped...or wasn' here? My name is Raye Rails and I would like to speak to her for a public confirmation her life isn't truly in immediate danger. I'm a reporter."
    Receptionist: "I'm sorry we can't give out any private information nor can we allow the press to visit personally."
    Woman: "I'm sure you could send security with me I don't mind at all I just need a--"
    Receptionist: "Sorry ma'am. No can do."
    Woman: "Alright, thanks."
    She then leaves the hotel and diverges away from the media frenzy outside in the front entrance. She was sure it'd be on the news, and then she could finally see the face of this mysterious girl. A huge part of the woman wanted to could really be her. All these years of not knowing...of being without her or knowing her fate. Maybe by some divine stroke of hand, she was supposed to be reunited with the one she lost touch of so long ago. The thought fuels her as she heads back to her private apartment complex some blocks to the east of the midtown hotel. As soon as she gets back, she ditches the trench coat and turns on her tv to turn to the Gotham News....and sure enough, there it was. The story. The camera shows a sleek black sedan pull up with tinted windows, and out comes a girl with an extreme tan and a rushed posture hiding her face. The News headline titles it as 'Skylar Luthor Safe in Gotham Hotel'. The woman looks at the name to know that it wasn't who she thought after all...but still was happy that a life wasn't in danger. She sighed deeply and returned to her checked out religious symbols book.
    Woman: "I'm going to find you...I swear I am...this is a sign...that I'm on the right track..."
    The woman focuses in on the book once more, along with that familiar, red diamond symbol burning in her brain taking her back to the dark times of her past that occured so long ago...
    Blurry. Everything was blurry. The radiant sun-golden rooftops was now but a coalescence of mixed light in my eyes. My eyes were tainted with blind fluids that suggested that I had been pushed to my most absolute limit. Enough was enough. After all this time, everything I believed, and was led to believe...could all be a potential lie. The Azar...the person that I adored and trusted the most with my guidance has been teaching me the ways of peace and of the pacifist path, and for what...only to beguile me with treachery and emptey despair. She wasn't trying to control me, she was trying to contain me. But from what? Apart of me wanted to believe it was for the best, that it was in order to protect me, but if that was the case she would have said so. Azar wasn't one to withold information that was pertaining to the ways of peace, especially my peace. And Coman...I wondered if the entire council knew!? I begin to breath fatser and more focused as I begin to feel my blood become steaming hot and ice cold at the same time. I had been mad before, usually when Theron or Juris annoyed me much, or when I couldn't have something I desired badly....but this....this was new. This was on another level. I clench my fists as I can hear rumbles around me. Not too heavy, but apparent. Before I could think to do anything else....I send a telepathic message to the Azar, if I seen her right now...I was sure no good would come of it.

    'Why....why would you lie to me.....'
    Azar: 'Metrion...what are you....oh no...Metrion that was your presence I sensed!?'
    ' lied to me! You led me astray, when you said that it was about peace. About preservation!'
    Azar: 'It is dear Metrion, I know you wish not to hear it right now but this is all to preserve peace as well as your well-being...'
    'What about my parents Azar....what truth are you masking from me??'
    Azar: 'Metrion...come to the garden that we may discuss this.'
    'No. Tell me.'
    Azar: 'Metrion these are affairs I would rather not discuss in the wake of the society'
    'Oh? Is it not convenient for you? Like being raised all your life to believe something that was false!? Gnnnngh!!'
    I was spiraling out of control. I released a grunt of frustration as I can feel my betrayed emotions buliding inside me. My skin begins to fade out into a grey-purple as I can feel my vision becoming eagle-eyed focused.The white around my eyes turn solid black as my eye color goes from golden orange to a deep and mesmerizing purple. My brown hair turns a dark purple as I can feel my emotions. There was no more hiding. No more being a shell or puppet. If the Azar was going to mask who I was, then I will show her first hand. I imagine the Azar's chambers as I teleport myself there in an instant. The room shakes from the force of my warp as the Azar jumps back and stumbles into the stone walling behind her. Her Angel-white eyes with a look of the most deepened state of shock and fear I had ever seen. It made me sad, sad that this was her first time ever seeing me like this, and that she no longer viewed me as a daughter figure, but that of a monster. I could read her emotions: Fear, rejection, denial. I stare at her as she breathes with pure adrenaline.

    "This is who I am Azar! I have been this way since birth! And you knew that! You chose to embrace only the notion that I remain a puppet to Azarath, but you said I was special. How dare you raise me to see that I'm special yet not choose to embrace it!?"
    Azar: "Metrion...I--"

    The Preservers knock on the door to Azar's chamber as they hear the commotion.
    Preservers: "Azar, is--"
    Azar: "No!! don't come in here!!! I'm fine....Metrion listen to me...There are things that has to be preserved, even from us in order to maintain the proper cycle."
    "What cycle is that!? Deception? Control? Hypocrisy!? Tell me the truth about my parents. If I didn't have my abilities in control Azarath would be in storms right now....the realm would be destroyed! Don't you see the ONLY reason that is so is because I have been practicing and honing my abilites, NOT rejecting them!"
    Preservers: "Azar? Are you--"
    Azar: "I said I'm fine! Leave me be!"
    The Azar looks at me in a yearning plea of compromise and subtle pity. To her I was a monster now, I could read it in her emotions, but also she sees that I'm sad and hurt as well. This was why I was always so isolated, in order to reject these dark and consuming emotions, but I couldn't any longer. Those long nights of wondering what else was out there, why was I really here. Nights of feeling so low and outcasted that I was contemplating if my life was even worth living. Now I had a reason. To let it all go. In the beginning I was nothing. I could be nothing, Azar said it herself.
    Then I have nothing to lose. And everything to gain.
    Azar: "Calm thyself, Metrion...please..."
    I unclench my fists and lower from my levitative state and descend to the golden floors. I clench my jaws in order to fight back the emotions ready to take over. Rage, sadness, despair. I calm my breathing, but yet and still I remained in this....state of transformation. I never really asked to know what it was, the first time I discovered it I was alone wanting to see what I was capable of. I looked at my reflection in the water and needless to say, I was frightened. I was so scared that Azar would kick me out or punish me, even exile me. Over time I got used to it and discovered I could do great things, and in this transformed state they were amplified greatly. And now I was face to face with my provider, my mentor, my guardian. The irony sets in as we see mirror opposites of each other for the first time ever.
    Azar: "Metrion....I'm so sorry.... [tears form] matter what you may believe in notions of deciet and was for your protection, I care for you as if you're my own....I didn't know how to raise you. You weren't like aren't one of us..."
    "What am I then? Why was I taken from Earth...?"
    A moment of silence ensues as Azar takes a deep breath and finally locks eyes with my black and violet sockets. Now the sense of fear was being replaced with that of sentiment. As if she realized she's been on the wrong path this entire time herself. She looks into them with soft, sympathetic eyes of her own. I can feel her emotions along with my layered emotions of angst and contempt. She wasn't scared of me anymore, now she was scared of losing me. I take note of that as I begin to lighten up.
    Azar: " were taken from Earth because your mother was dying. She wnated to commit suicide with you in her womb. Not because she didn't want you, but because you were tied to a fate of great evil and misfortune. Your mother was involved in a society, with divine beliefs and moral practices as our own....but they were much much darker. More sinister. Where we thrive on the light, and the clear and free souls, they dwell in the darkness. They feed from the corrupt souls that only seek to destroy and create chaos. Your mother was a member of this society, and in turn she was chosen to bear a child of a great mark..... You are that mark Metrion."
    " "
    Azar: "Your mother was only human, and when the mortal plane tampers with the spiritual plane, disastrous results can happen. Especially when tampering with those of the dead, and of the dark & evil. This society used and constantly fed and worshipped these dark souls, and summoned them to Earth. It was their dark essence that was imbued into your mother while pregnant, namely into you. This was all due to a sacrifice made to summon the very Devil himself...but where they went wrong, he was called."
    " he?"
    Azar: "He has many names through the centuries...but all the realms know him as one. The one thing that all rush to call him: The Terrible. He was summoned, the very essence of darkness and malevolence. He took your mother, and used her humanity against her, and thus you were conceived."
    "So....this Terrible....he' father?"
    Azar: "Now you see....why I had to protect you...why I always strived for you to never use your emotions against your conscience. I could not afford nor bear to see you fall to the darkness Metrion...I raised you as my own, and you are as my own, and I will protect you as such."
    I read her emotions. She was heartfelt, but mostly it was sourced from her still eminating fear, and also the emotions of elusion. She wanted to distance herself from this waking nightmare that was this stiuation, but no. She had to deal with it firsthand as she taught me to. some of her reasonings were for the purpose of trying to make herself more trustworthy. She still lied. She led me down a flase path all this time.
    "So...I'm half human....half evil?"
    Azar: "Cambion. A being of mortality and that of the otherwordly abyss. And No, because you've had our guidance. Yes the people may look at you like an outcast, they may internally condemn you and all the like but you have been SO strong Metrion. Oh my dear, everyday you prove them wrong, and that you're more than worthy of belonging within out fold. Because you may not be of this realm, but you are mine, thus you will always be one of us."
    Now she was just wooing me. Sucking up. There may have been some truth to her words, maybe even generosity, but all that remained for me was the truth. And now it was out. I remain there silent for a moment processing and taking everything in. This was more than I could ever imagine. All my life I was but a lass in another dimension, raised as an adopted citizen destined for a life of spiritual freedom. I was. A contradiction. A being of darkness and mortality in a place where both of those things are desolate. My mother an occult mortal. My father a malevolent being of darkness...if this wasn't a beautiful nightmare, I wouldn't know whether to awaken or keep dreaming.
    Azar: "I ask for your forgiveness, but you must keep this quelled. We still seek to protect you from the darkness. I beg you."
    I say nothing as I look back at my skin and I'm now back to my tanned peach complexion, with my brunette hair and orange eyes. I felt so emotionally triggered, that when I released all of them at once it was actually refreshing and uplifting. I still focused mentally on the situation though, my mind forming a headache and a blank spot. I move to leave as the Azar stops me with her telepathic communication.

    Azar: ''re not the darkness your father're so much better. You've proven that to me today, and it seems I'm the student and you're the mentor in this scenario. You know....your mother....she gave you a mortal name...before she departed to Earth....."
    I say nothing, awaiting Azar's response.

    Azar: 'Your name. Your name is Rachel. Rachel Roth.'
    I pause at the announcement of my mortal name. My heart became stricken with surprise and a sense of rushing thrill as I begin to hear the name over and over and over again. name is Rachel Roth. I turn back to face the Azar with a blank but serene face at her attested statement. What she said next would turn my world, no, universe upside down in shambles. Something that would spark the path towards a bigger destiny and cause of life than I could ever anticipate. Just when I thought it was all over, at the moment I thought the surrela smack to my face had ceased, I was hit with one hard, pounding reality.

    Azar: '.....and she's still alive.'
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  17. I saw a lady walk in and cross the lobby to speak to the receptionist. I guess she had gotten turned down as she quickly turned and left the hotel. She may have been a reporter but I definitely did not want to deal with any of them for the time being. At this moment I was happy with waiting untill Jinx and the crew I was to be working with came to pick me up. It was as if on cue that they showed up and opened the doors to the black van they drove. I got up and walked out of the hotel and up to the van. Jinx looked out and smirked "Welcome to the crew... MadCat..." She said to me making her laugh "Sure thing.." I said before climbing inside.

    Mammoth at the wheel turned around "We will be taking you to the old town. Your docket should have listed your mission's perameters and they should be adequet. We will be working secruity for you for the time being so take condolence in the fact that you will be high guarded.. Now... You will be taking the Technological end while we watch your back. It will be in and out so do not take to long... it will be dangerous." Mammoth finished before turning back and beginning to drive. Jinx laughed "We are going after a Gotham conglomeration that is actively funding a Splinter organization... this organization is giving weapons to the gangs that are around. In doing so we are effectively limiting the gangs strategic value." She explained to me. I simply nodded and leaned back against the side of the vans interior.

    Minutes later we pulled up outside of the location where we were to do the infiltration and Jinx suddenly threw a helmet onto my head "You'll need this.. trust me.. we dont want anyone to see that beautiful orange skin of--- Why do you have orange skin?" She asked me suddenly. To be honest I had no Idea.. I thought it was due to me being out in the sun all the time "Because I tan myself alot..?" I answer with honesty. Jinx just nods "Its unique... Anyway.. we dont want anyone to see who you are. Don't worry about us as we are techniclly ghosts. We don't exist within the system." She explained before sliding out of the van with me behind her. Meanwhile Mammoth suited himself up in a large tactical vest and pulled a machine gun out from the passanger side.

    I looked around at all the things around us as Jinx walked over to a door and with a whisk of her hand the door opened. I didnt catch her doing what she did but heard the door open up as if it was waiting for us. I walked in behind Mammoth and looked around. The tower was huge but it was mostly empty. "The perks of a Saturday job." Jinx said before we got into an elevator. She then pulled out a captured Id card and swiped it on the console activating it. She chose the route and the elevator began to shoot up into the tower.

    The doors opened to a large suite. Jinx strolled out followed by myself with Mammoth brining up the rear behind us. "Now.. when you begin you will set off an alarm. The faster we get done the easier it will be for us to get out of here. The slow you get done the harder and more dangerous it will be. What do you say MadKitty." She said to me. I just blinked at the nickname and laughed "Ill be done in a few minutes." I said before sitting down on the spinny chair and setting up a small hardbook computer they gave me. I was assured everything I would need would be on the computer and when I turned it on.. there was more than I would ever have needed.

    Taking all of the programs into account I jacked the main CEO's computer into my own and began to run each of the programs. The CEO's computer blue screened and I just kicked back and began to watch the data begin to steam onto my own. Funds were being transfered, Files being transfered, Files being deleted and locations being uncovered all before my eyes. It was a glorious thing to watch and I loved it all. The feeling of invincibility flowing through me.. I felt ontop of the world untill a Alarm showed up on my computer showing several teams of Private secruity coming into the main lobby "We have company." I said as the work was only fifty percent done.

    Mammoth pulled the receiver of his machine gun back and leaned against a wall. His armor looked tough as hell to me. Nothing compared to my own but for a normal human it was somthing rediculous. It had to weigh a ton but I knew it was nothing for the behemoth of a individual. I continued to monitor my own work before the door opened on the other side of the massive office and several people poured in with guns in hand. I ducked down as bullet fire erupted around me. Mammoth took the full brunt of the pistol fire but just laughed and shrugged it off due to his over military grade Ballistics vest.

    I glanced up just as the noise of the firing increased. The noise of Mammoth's rifle firing filled the room as he cut down the individuals infront of us to help keep me safe. I didn't like death and well... I felt like running.. I didn't know what to do and I froze. Jinx ran over at seeing me on the ground and picked me up "Nows not the time to get your tail wrapped up! Come on Skylar we are counting on you." She said and sucessfuly stirred me out of my horrific state of mind. Mammoth ahd cleared the hallway for the time being and I finished my work "Done!" I yelled and we immediately began to exfiltrate from the area. Mammoth at one point picked me up and began to run as Jinx kept up. I had more things in my arm than people in china town and with all of that and my backpack it was slowly me down ever so slowly.

    We made it to the Van and Mammoth didn't bother getting out of his armor. Jinx jumped into the driver seat with Mammoth sitting on the open back. He raised his machine gun as people began to chase after us. A Car broke out of a corner and began to follow behind us only to be caught in the fire of Mammoth's Heavy MG. The machine gun broke through the car like a hot knife through butter and it quickly cameot a stop. Two minutes passed and Mammoth get out of the back and shut the doors. He let out a sigh of relief "Well, that was unexpected.." He said "I wasn't expecting as many." He continued on.

    I felt horrified by the death but for some reason I didn't really care. They said that man stole money and helped gangs by funding them to get guns. If some death was to be done to help others survive then it was better this way. I just had to keep saying that to myself... I just had to keep saying that to myself. It wasn't easy but I had to. Otherwise I wont be able to do this anymore... I kinda liked it but I mean... I don't like hurting people... Oh.. this is tough.
  18. Azarath.

    I was zoned out. I could hear the echoes of the Azar's voice within my ears, but I didn't concentrate on them. I didn't know whether to feel anger from Azar keeping my mother's life away from me for all this time, or to feel sad...that all those years of me potentially spending time with her were gone. Or should I feel relieved? That the one woman that brought me into existence was actually still out there somewhere. Waiting. The Azar's voice finally snaps me back to reality as I focuse in on her halo white eyes.

    Azar: "Mertrion!"
    Azar: "I feel your emotions. Your thoughts. This is a heavy weight to bear, even afte ryou've been through so much--"
    "Take me to her."
    Azar: "Metrion--"
    "I said take me to her. I'm going to Earth."
    Azar: "Please consider the clear mind right now Metrion, in your emotional state you may not be quite ready yet..."
    "Do you REALLY wish to speak of emotional states right now?? After everything that just happened?? I just showed you I'm in control of my life and my abilities, and I think it's time you noticed that as well."
    I was conflicted inside. The one female who raised me as her own was not in fact the only maternal source I had left. My mother, my REAL mother still exists somewhere out there amongst the planes. I had never thought to speak to the Azar in a manner such as this, a day ago if one would tell me that I would do so, I would laugh and scoff them away. But now the tides are different, the hands of fate have switched. Now was the point in time where everything that has defined me will either make me, or break me. I still respected the Azar for her compliance in raising me, but now I wonder...why would she need to if my mother never died? I wanted answers, no, I demanded them.
    Azar: "It still does not alter the fact that you are what you are, and that you possess the power to destroy realms Metrion, dear please heed me...I more than sympathize for your scenarion, but you have to think outside yourself. Think of the innocent people of Earth, your mother. Could you contain your emotions should you inadvertently harm them in some way?"
    "I'm so much stronger than you think. You fail to realize how much I've grown my power without you nor anyone in Azarath even knowing. You fail to realize now that all this has happened there will never be a day I won't fight to see my mother when I know she's alive. Ever. You're right Azar....I was a shell, I was to be nothing, but now I have a cause. A purpose and belonging. You can oppose me on it all you'd like, it won't change a thing."
    The Azar stares for a moment as she looks upon me in deep contemplation. Her emotions I read were full of conflict and indecisiveness. I could feel her mind at odds with her emotions, as her spirit becomes cluttered for the first time. But my gut told me the truth. The same intuition that compelled me to discover my abilities. The same intuition that caused me to revive Theron's pet avian. The same intuition that made me look out among the heights of Azarath and just know that there was something more on the horizon. My gut told me that this time there was no way out, and that my path was finally beginning to diverge on it's own trajectory.
    Azar: "[chuckles] I swear child you're going to make me meditate stronger than ever to clear my spirit."
    "Sometimes the shadows reveal themselves, only to mask that there's light."
    It was then that she finally understood. I could feel that it finally got through to her. The same thing she told me, was the same thing I used to place it all in perspective. Now she knew firsthand the contradiction of her ways and the folly of her path.
    Azar: "Meet me in the Temple Courtyard Metrion, and I will reveal the light. I promise."
    I slowly nod at the Azaras I teleport back to my chambers, and at the intense storing of all my emotional energy, I release one big burst as I exhale and begin to feel anxious and nervous. These were mortal emotions, I was actually doing it! I never felt so....present. So alive. So...meaningful. To embrace the emotions and not cast them out, it was soothing to my spririt as a waterfall to an all-consuming flame. Zinthios caws at me as I rush to his side and I rub my face against his. For the first time in my entire life, I experienced joy. Sheer joy. It was my own, and not copied or imprinted. I, Metrion....or should I say Rachel Roth, felt....happiness.
    "I did it Zinthios! mother's alive! I stood up for myself...and all will be revealed."
    Zinthios: *caws, flies to my shoulder*
    "My name is Rachel, my mortal name is Rachel! Isn't that wonderful!? Rachel! Rachel!"
    I spin happily in circles as small items in my chambers begin to float and orbit around me. I catch awareness to this fact and I instantly cover my mouth and jump to contain my giddiness. Once I cease, the items all simultaneously drop to the ground.
    I reach out my arm as Zinthios flies onto my forearm and I make my way out of my chambers and down towards the Temple Courtyard. Today was the day, the time was now, the moment was imminent and upon arrival. I walk down the golden steps to a crowded main hall with all citizens entering into the Courtyard. The Azar was calling a summit. The horn echoes through all of Azarath as the people, my people all converge to one location in the center of the Temple. I place my dark robes onto my head and begin to join in the fray of bodies. I no longer feel like an outcast, ironically upon hearing that I was one it never made me feel so welcomed. I see the Azar, High Magistrate Coman, Councilor Tynan, the other councilors and my personal steward, Galya all on the central platform in the middle of the yard where the Azar was earlier during the trials. After moments, the Azar steps forth as the crowd silences.

    Azar: "Metrion, come forward."
    I step from the crowd and remove my hood as Zinthios scans the waves of onlookers working my way towards the central platform. I step up to join the high council as I stand beside Azar with Coman and the other members looking in slight confusion.
    Azar: "We have preserved the peace for so long. Ages after ages, centuries after centuries. We have kept the ways of the stronger path away from that of darkness and sin, and we have been noble in doing so...but now I have been revealed a new light myself. One that pains me to believe that I had partaken in a path of darkness, as have all of us. I led you all to belive preservation of knowledge was key, but where there are secrets, there is darkness. We all knew of Metrion's fate, and who she was....but she did not. For so long we....I had led her astray. Masking the light in darkness, and for so long she has had to endure extreme conditions of strength and crucible. Criticism and judgement. Well no more, she knows the truth now Azarathians...."
    Coman and a few others look at Azar with extreme shock and awe at her announcement. The entire society knew this whole time, except obviously for the Azarathian generation that was born with myself and younger. The looks on their faces share a different shock that suggested even more they knew nothing of this truth. I scanned the crowd for Theron, even Juris. There were just too many robed figures.

    Azar: "We have succeeded, Azarath. In raising a being destined for dark and dreary paths, into a bright and strong young spirit, forged in morality and truth. All that she has beared, she has overcome. All that she knows, are of our ways and the lightened path. Now I can no longer stand for darkness, I have decieved not only you all...but myself. Now I will right that wrong. To Metrion, she is just as much an Azarathian as any of you, in reality...she is much more. She is a beacon of will, and of hope. That if any being destined to become condemned can over come impossible odds in the name of inner strength, then their path can be forged to that of the highest beings. So I called this summit, to reveal to you all that she knows the truth, and still decided to embrace the light, not the darkness. And that, my destiny. And we helped acheive that. Together, we defeated the darkness that was tied to her, and The Terrible will not have his way! HE WILL NOT HAVE THIS ONE!"
    A flurry of roars, chants, and courageous screams surround the Courtyard as all of Azarath cheer in the downplay of the entity known as The Terrible. My father. An evil being that succumbed my mother into trickery and conceived me. Without him I wouldn't be here. Without him there would be no special abilities, or my mother for that matter. Azar was right about destiny, this felt like it was meant to be. The powerful message in it all. A weak mortal mother, an all evil and power-consuming entity, together creating an unstable seed built on involuntary destruction. Will vs. Nature. I now see the mastery isn't in winning or controlling one side over the other, it was about embracing them both, and finding balance. Balance.
    Azar: "So now I call to you Azarathians, for one penultimate trial. An ultimate crucible. That in which Metrion succeeds, she will ascend into out ranks as no longer a child of Azarath, but a full adult spirit. Not only that.....should she pass this crucible...."
    Azar ceases her words before making eye contact with me. She locked hers into my deep orange gold eyes as I sense a emotion of genuine hope of promise, while also a deep sense of indifference.
    Azar: "...She will be granted passage to her home realm of Earth."
    Chatter and whispers echo through the crowd as the young citizens speak in uncanny shock, and even the members of society in Azarath look to and from one another with skeptic looks of consideration and analyzation. I could feel all of their emotions like a stream of feelings, hitting me at once like a tidal wave. It was difficult to sort out whose were who, but they all relatively had the same emotions: Skepticism, astonishment, befuddlement, and contemplation. The High Magistrate eyes Azar with a surprised face, his mouth slightly gaped open.
    Coman: "Azar....!?"
    Councilor Tynan: "Leader Azar....what is the meaning of this....?"
    I look at the Azar and finally return a stare of hope and gratitude. I still wasn't completely ready to release the turmoil I had shared for the Azar yet, almost 18 cycles of deceit and despair just for a preservation of a dire secret, it wasn't going to just flow away as freely as either of us has trained for, but this was a start. This was a new phase of my life that would re-define who I was, not what I was or what I was to become. Councilor Tynan approaches Azar and rests a hand on her shoulder, as he looks at her with pleading and astounded eyes.

    Councilor Tynan (open)



    Tynan: "Azar, this can't be....what was your cause of this? Granting her to go to Earth?? That could be catastrophic..."
    Azar: "I have seen an iron strength and will form her that you cannot...she will be warded should she pass the trial..."
    Coman: "This is madness Azar!? What trial?? We had a discussion about this..."
    Azar: "[glares at Coman] you may need to consider who is the spiritual leader here, lest we have a different discussion. Turn your criticism Coman, we willl no longer keep the darkness sheltered here."
    I was ready, more ready for anything I had ever been in my life. I could feel my blood speeding up and my heart racing as I thought about the Grand Crucible. I knew it was probably going to test every single limit I had in my being, but I could not care less. There was too much on the line, this was everything to me. I had nothing before. Now I have everything, and it was something that I was ready to exceed above and beyond my capabilites and limits for, even if it killed me. Even if it literally killed me. I wasn't going back, there was no going back now anyways. The time was here, and it was time to show my people not WHAT I was, but WHO I was.
    "I'm ready Azar, High Magistrate, Councilors. I'm ready."
    I had something to prove, nothing to lose, and everything to gain. That was a more dangerous combination than any of my realm crippling abilities I was said to have. That's why I knew...I was already going to excel in this crucible, because no matter what it was. I was going to be bigger than the obstacle, better than the opposition. I was going to soar like the black birds in the sky, as Zinthios does. I look down at Zinthios as he caws and tilts his head towards the side and flaps in exhiliration. I focus my eyes as a small, pleasured grin forms on my face. I could feel Zinthios' emotions. He wanted me to soar like I was one of his own. He wanted me to fly above the crucible like the raven he was.

  19. The van pulled up into the Mercenary headquarters as the doors slid open. Several armored men stood there waiting for us as we all got out. I glacned around and saw them claping for either the group or for me. It then became apparant as Jinx glanced over at me "You broke into that heavily fortified firewall faster than any of our top techs... Enjoy the applause.. record time... good job MadCat.. Your bonus will be considerable." She said before we all began to head into the main area. The door to the meeting room slid open once more as I took the hood off.

    I sat down in the chair and glanced around the room as the door behind me shut. The door across the room opened and only two people with masks entered. One sat down in the chair directly across before undoing his mask. I gazed at his face and nodded "Thanks for not really stay you know... secretive.. makes it kinda hard." I said to the two. The man with the mask off nodded "Ahh, Yes.. I am not the one you are currently working for but I speak for him. Brother is pleased.. He has heard of your indcution and as of this moment his views are positive. Do you have the data you were sent to collect." He asked me.

    I nodded and slid the computer across the room. The man with his mask off opened it up and nodded "The funds were transfered.. data was secured and in a time not seen before.. Consider your already considerably charitable payment double... Keep up the good work.... Callsign MadCat." He finished before he tossed a briefcase across the table and left. Before I even stood to leave I opened the briefcase to see it piled with money. "Oh.... I like this... i don't need money but I can give it to people." I mumbled to myself before standing up. I turned and walked out of the room to see several soldiers waiting for me. "Well done Cat.. You next task will be alerted for you in the coming days. Enjoy the time off" The captain said to me before I got into a blacked out car.

    I laid back on the seat and let out a sigh of relief "Well... That wasn't to bad... atleast I have money to help people now.." I mumbled again. The car drove up to my hotel once more and I got out to just grip the briefcase. It was money earned doing basiclly nothing... Well... I kinda felt weird almost like I was stretched... Hmm... maybe its just a growing pain.. I hope so. Although I haven't grown at all in a year. I hope Im not getting sick at all. I want to keep going with this. Not only can I help by doing this but I can also help others by donating the money I get like my father does.

    Hm.... Maybe sleep will do it for me.... With the last though I passed through the doors of the hotel and up to the elevator that would take me up into my permanent penthouse suite. I stood in the elevator and exited into my room. I crossed over to my counter top and placed the case on the table. I flipped it open and began to count. 10 thousands, 20 thousand, 30 thousand, 40 thousand, 50 thousand.... I had fifty thousand dollars in my hand and I kinda wanted to spend it since it would be tracked by my father... Oh the possibilities.

    With the day slowly turning to dusk I mumbled to myself about time and space and argued with the televison programs about Quantum Mechanics and how they were getting it all wrong. I didn't understand how people could get confused with such a low leve Kelvin reading. Idiots.. they are all idiots and it began to dawn on me that maybe I was smarter than everyone else... What else was I... Jinx mentioned my skin... is it really a Tan... Maybe my dad would know more... for now I just want to rest for the next few days... I think I deserved them while I wait for my next assignement.

    With that last though I instantly picked up the phone and began to order myself dinner. I would bumble around here for the next few days as I waited for somthing elese to happen. I wanted to get around but I didn't want to get out and risk being jumped by gothams brightest individuals once more. Idiots... gang bangers and thugs are idiots.. preying on those who sustain them unknowingly.... they should know better but you know what.. if you grow up believeing in only that they that is what you know for your entire life... I am just glad I was raised differently.. I just want to see my mother... I wish I knew her.
  20. Gotham...

    Head Brother sits in a church somewhere in Gotham listening to a choir rehearing their songs. He smiles and nods his head to their glorious voices as they practice cues and notes. His phone vibrates as he gets up and exits the church to the outside.

    Head Brother: "Go ahead"
    Disciple: "Sir, the funds are transferred and the data has been retrieved. We now have gains to all access points across the grid."
    Head Brother: "Good news. Great, actually. Enjoy your day."
    Disciple: "Thank you Brother."

    The Head Brother takes a deep breath and exhales a smoky and pale air as the polluted city starts to look a bit more brighter to him. He places his hands in his pockets and looks up at the sky for a moment and thinks. How far he's come, and how far his cause has come. Soon they will all know his platform, and the world will change forever. He was going to enlighten the world, and awaken it all at the same time. He walks back into the church and sits back down and listens to the music for a moment, before finally stepping up and interrupting.

    Head Brother: "Sorry, excuse me. First of all your singing is exquisite...but where's the feel? The meaning? You sing like you have no spiritual cause. I'm sorry where are my manners, my name is Sebastian. I'm sort of a ....religious freak as they say, what if I told you I could show you your cause? You all worship God right? Strive for a path of light?"

    The choir looks on in suspicion.

    Sebastian: "I'll donate 100,000 dollars to this church right now if you sing like you've never sung this song before, I'll even sign the check right now."

    The choir and the director all look at one another and look back to Sebastian as he displays a stern but lighthearted face.

    Director: "Uhh, who are you?"
    Sebastian: "Already told you, so what do you say? Sing for $100,000?"

    The director stares for a moment before turning to the choir and they begin to take it from the top to start off with a very strong uniformed voice.

    Sebastian: "Stop!"

    The choir jerks quiet and looks in shock as Brother raises a hand motioning them to quit.

    Sebastian: "I've seen enough. You struggle to sing and get your spirits in tune for the song but yet when one stranger sits in the back and nods along then comes and throws money at your feet THEN you decide to amp up?? No no're not singing for God, your singing for wealth. And that...that's just wrong."
    Director: "Now listen he--"
    Sebastian: "And you as a leader allowed it to happen. That my just wrong. You lead them astray, and I am sent here from God himself to make sure you're on the right path. I have a church of my's not mainstream, and we have all backgrounds and denominations, but we all live to serve in spirit. That's all that matters. I urge you to come to a meeting."

    Sebastian pulls out a card with a red sun in the shape of a blood drop on it and hands it to the director.

    Sebastian: "The address is on there, but is invisible. Only if God means for you to find the address will you see it. Only in the light. If it's fate for you to be there, you will see the enlightened path away from the ways of this world. And I assure will change you forever."

    Sebastian walks out of the church hands in pocket and a smile on his face, looking down at the ground on the way out. He twirls around with a zest and looks back one last time before speaking and turning and taking his leave.

    Sebastian: "You guys are apart of something so much just don't know it yet."


    Everyone kneeled. Not a single word through the entire crowd. I finally caught glimpse of Theron as he looked at me with astonished eyes. I could see behind his behavior that he was so disoriented, I need not to read his emotions at all at this moment. I wanted to explain things to him, he was one of the few that was actually nice to me, and I knew he thought I was just being rash all these cycles. The few of my generation that were young I could feel their thoughts now. I was actually feeling thoughts along with emotions. They wondered of my heritage, and what the society was keeping from them all this time. Admittedly I understood why it was kept a secret, but what upset me was the notion that Azar told me all the things of what not to do, as she practiced them herself. I feel the emotions of every member of my people: Absolute zen. They were in complete balance, hinting that I was to do the same if I were to handle this Grand Crucible. I turn to the Azar once more, telepathically talking to her.

    'When does this start?'
    Azar: 'It already has dear...'

    Suddenly the Azar slits High Magistate Coman's throat, as blood spews from his ripped flesh like a faucet of wine. He instantly grabs his neck and gurgles as the sound of jumbled blood impedes his attempt at speech and screams.


    My eyes widen as my heart jumps through my skin. I involuntarily shriek a low grunt as I stumble back on my behind. Blood pours from Coman as the red fills up the platform. The rest of the council and even my steward Galya draw blades in which I'd never ever seen before on Azarath, their golden blades shining with a radiant fury. Seconds later splashes of red coat my face as my fellow people of Azarath begin to slaughter one another in the crowd. Mangled bodies and torn flesh begins to fill the Courtyard as I had to think fast. I instantly allow them to feel my emotions of shock and fear of not being in control. My sadness and remorse for death. My abilities were being tested, but NOTHING prepared me for this, Azar just murdered somebody! The High Magistrate! A crime punishable by spiritual death. I focus and hone my emotions as they project through the crowd, as one by one the people cease. The Azar then approaches Tynan and snaps his neck, breaking my focus as his corpse drops to the ground lifeless.

    "Azar stop this!"

    She was the source of the problem, I had to contain her. I lift my hand and push her with my mind as she jumps across the platform and lands on her back. I project my feelings how grateful I was for Azar taking me in, while stepping up in front of the council and members to defend them. This was the very crucible I fought against: darkness. Azar had taken the form of the thing I most wanted to reject. What I now condemned. Azar then started to levitate, a feat she hardly ever did and began to glow a gold aura around her, with her eyes turning gold as well. I stand back and watch in amazement as the Azar sends her gold light towards all members of Azarath, giving them gold eyes and auras as well. They all begin to break their current emotions and become filled with anger and malice. I could feel it. Azar...she could project emotions too!? Something she never did around me before. That caused me to wonder what else she was hiding, and that I could no longer take her for granted. She tricked me all my life with words, and now she was doing the same with her spirit. I would not allow her to best me with her mind. I send a telepathic message to all of my people to stop their madness, as they all divert their attention to me, blades drawn.
    'Please cease! Azar is using you....!'
    They respond with a shared mind as if to reply to my response.
    Azarathians: 'We know.'
    They all converge on me as Galya grabs me from behind and holds me as they get closer. I struggle against her but I do not retaliate, I will not hurt my personal ward and steward. Azar wanted me to succumb to the darkness just so I could stay here, and prove everyone right. I could not afford to lose. I could not afford to fail now, not after 17 cycles of passing and strengthening through the burdens. I drop down using my body momentum to put force on Galya's arms. The council and the others assist her and pick me up and constrain me as the Azarathians get closer. They were really going to kill me!? No, ther ehad to be another way. They begin to taunt and chant as they get closer and closer.

    Galya (open)



    Azarathians: "Demon. Demonnnn. Demon!!! Demonnnn!!! DEMON!!!"
    "No....please release me! I....I have been..."
    I stop my words. They would not help now. Azar had them under spiritual control and guidance, and they were to follow her orders to the letter. I never begged for anything in my life, I've always fought for what I have, and I'll be damned if I was going to give up on that notion now. Wait....that was wasn't about fighting. Something I had been doing all my life, so the Azar knew she would have to take form of the one thing I resented in order for me to reach outside of myself and become the opposite of all I've known. Like an enlightened soul on the way to the gates of Heaven, I look up towards the sky as my pupils dialate to the brim of my iris' and I release all emotions. No more projecting my feelings as I have all my life, or forcing people to feel what I feel. No need to display my Cambion side or my dark abilities, because it wasn't about darkness. It was about all that Azar has preached and what Azarath stood for: light.
    "It's okay. I understand now. I will not retaliate. I am stronger, I want to be stronger. I am not the evil I was destined to be. You may attack me, but I will not attack back."
    The Azarathians get closer now with their gold blades and all begin to surround me. I look into their illuminated eyes as they state into my mortal-ridden eyes, as they pause for a long final moment, and deliver the blade straight for my heart...but that didn't mean just because I couldn't attack, I couldn't defend. I snap my head back down to the crowd as I look at the blade, instantaneously stopping its momentum with my mind. The member strains with all his might as he pushes to thrust the blade even a centimeter, but my mind and spirit was one and fully in sync for the first time in my life. No struggle, no burden. My dark side and my conscious side intertwined as one. Another member joins in, trying to pierce me as well. I stretch my mind and stop their blade as well. I tense my mind as more and more try to thrust their blades, and one by one I stop them effectively and instantly. More and more build up, as I can feel my mind becoming heavier and heavier. Blade after blade, dozens of screeching, golden blades inches from my body as I hold to keep them at bay. And then I think about about Zinthios, my companion and pet. My best friend, I look up to see him soaring high and cawing under my crucible. I think of the Azar, as she approaches me while flying, council behind her watching as she slaughters them one by one. Blade through their hearts. I don't break focus. I can't afford to. I close my eyes and feel the energy all around me as I begin to transcend myself, my astral body soaring above as Azar looks at my soul self floating.
    Azar: "Die, demon."
    "No. My name is Metrion, of Azarath. And Rachel Roth, of Earth. I was raised by the strongest society of the soul known to all the realms, and no matter how much darkness lies inside, I will always be better because I was forged in light. So no, Azar, I shall not die, but you shall see my strength."
    I then release and project my feeling of complete and sheer balance across the entire land. The light from inside spreads through Azarath as all beings feel what I feel: nothing. Total balance, a state of unconditional beatific spirit. Slowly the gold aura around the Azar and the members start to disappear and dissipate away as the Azar attempts to power up her abilities to make them stronger, but I return the action by doing something I had never done before, a bold and daring gesture that pushed not only my abilities, but my spirit. I focus my attention on the blades, as I give one strong push as all of the strained Azarathians are repelled and them along with their blades are staggered backwards in one large repulsive wave of energy. I then immediately use my soul state to dive into the Azar's being, merging with her mentally, and spiritually. That's when I see it. The truth. The real light, the real reality. Azar ceases everything as I snap back to reality.
    My mind refreshes to the Courtyard full of kneeling Azarathians as I look upon them. I turn my head to see Galya, Coman, Tynan, and finally the Azar and the rest of the council all staring at me with disiplined faces. Galya smiles and nods at me, suggesting that I have overcome the illusion set up by the Azar. It was all a facade. A ruse put up by Azar to test not my abilities, but my temperament. And once the Azar walked over to me and stared for what seemed like an eternity, before taking a slow bow and nod then walking off, I knew I had done it. I had passed what I was being repressed from for the entirety of my life. All Azarathians stand and raise their hands to me, before one ceremonial chant that was loud enough to challenge even thunder.

    Azarathians: "HUO!!!! HUO!!!! METRION!!! HUO!!!"
    Coman and the rest of the council looks at me rather grimly before walking from the platform and Courtyard, the council right behind him. I did it. Pure nerves and adrenaline filled my body as I begin to tremble slightly from the rush of a moment I had just experienced. It was so real. So vivid. I stretched my mind, and surpassed my spirit. I had chose to delve inside of the Azar, I seen that it was all a false reality. She knew I had bested her, I had taken a step ahead of her in the path of wills, and I didn't even have to transform into my Cambion state. I felt something so strong and pure for the first time since I was born: Pride. Uncanny pride. I was proud of myself, and now I was that much closer to a life changing event.

    I was that much closer to seeing the being that brought me into this world. A great horn sounds off through all of Azarath, and it was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard in that moment. It sounded perfect. As perfect as balance.

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