The Seven Deadly Sins

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  1. A mercenary band roams the earth called The Seven Deadly Sins. Each member in a manifestation of a deadly sin with a personality to reflect it. The band goes from town to town in search for work. They take jobs like bounties and escort missions for a reasonable pay.

    So which sin are you?

    A few random things you might want to know:
    The world is not set, we will make it up as we go along.
    You character must act like their sin. Such as sloth will be lazy, greed will be greedy and such.
    We earn money my doing jobs we get from bounty boards or from citizens.
    This is medieval fantasy based.
    There will only been seven in our group and seven people in the role-play.
    We all know how to fight.
    Everyone should have a knife, even if its not your weapon of choice.
    You can be different races.
    We will go lots of places and make up a deeper story as we go along.

    Just a bunch of random stuff you might want to know. I don't know.

    Okay now pick your sin.

    Pride: RedWinter as Stolz Klinge
    Name: Stolz Klinge
    Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Sin: Pride
    Strong Woman.jpg

    Story: Stolz lived in the slums of a great city and learned to fend for herself. She became one of the best at swordplay. Stolz left the city to see the world and to escape the slums of that wretched city. Stolz
    ventured the land to recruit others in to a band of mercenaries which she called The Seven Deadly Sins. Now she leads her group around the planet in search for work and for battle.
    Fighting style: Long Sword
    Other: She is one of the best, if not the greatest, at swordplay and is very strong and a leader. She is confident and Prideful. She is also the mercenary leader of The Seven Deadly Sins.

    Greed: E-Claire as Natalie Ellis
    Wrath: NorwayFOO as Anne Archetto
    Envy: IceChateau777 as Parsee Adele Verde
    Sloth: Enezrel as Logan Reis
    Gluttony: GeekOut as Sylvie DeMounde
    Lust: Wreath.of.Geistmane as Wreath

    Story: (who are you?)
    Fighting Style: (magic, sword and shield, bow, knives? What do you like to use)
    Other:(something you'd like us to know?)

  2. Name:Logan Reis
    Race: Nephilim (so of a Fallen angel)
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Story:Father was Angel Azazel, whom was killed by a demon slayer, mother captured and sold as a slave, he got revenge and then lost interest in life.... his life goal is to sleep a week straight but he is always interrupted before even 3 hours is past. (that is a curse from a pissed off witch)
    Fighting Style: Master martial arts ability's, (so he doesn't have to carry weapons...) he has a knife and is quite good with all weapons really.
    Other:Has massive clerical abilitys, always burns bacon... (another curse!{howls moving castle})
  3. Oh my! That made me laugh so hard! Thats an admirable life goal, I wish you luck!

  4. Name: Acaia Holtz
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Race: Siren
    Sin: Lust
    Fighting Style: Close Range: Capoeira and Two Custom Daggers.
    Story: After years of learning Capoeira, she became very skilled and even added it her regular dancing techniques. Acaia grew old of the same old stereotypical Siren ways. She didn't want to be like all the others of her race. Acaia left and ventured out on her own. Travelling through the land her people still owned, she came across Stolz. Thus, now being a mercenary for The Seven Deadly Sins.
    Other: Acaia is very flirtatious and uses that in her way of fighting. Unlike other sirens though, she doesn't like to sing in front of others.

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  8. My Character of Envy: Parsee Adele Verde

    Parsee Adele Verde

    16 (September 12)


    Psychic Human


    Since she was a girl, Parsee had the power to predict a terrible event before it actually happened. Later in her life, when she was chosen as one of the seven, she gained power to create energy from her growing envy of other people and eventually manipulate the powers of jealousy. Her Envy is shown in the form of green energy balls or a green aura that surrounds Parsee. She can also use the power of telepathy to communicate and manipulate the minds. When she can get jealous of certain things, she can destroy or stop it by her mind overloading the energy of certain things (namely televisions, trains, cars and computers). She can also mold her jealousy into useful items like pencils. She can also trans-locate herself.


    Former Appearance
    Parsee has emerald green eyes. Parsee also has white skin with a few blemishes and freckles. Parsee also had curly, blonde, shoulder-length hair and often wears a green shirt with designer jeans. She had to kill someone for these jeans and will not give them away, though they are too big for her body. Parsee is 5' 5" and has 34D breasts. She still wishes to have bigger breasts, in spite of the pain they would cause.

    Parsee is actually gifted with exceptionally high intellect and wondrous beauty (though not beautiful than the one whose sin is Lust). Parsee is also rather forgiving and sweet when you know her well. She is also quite a crybaby because she can't have what she wants. Though she seems as if she doesn't have much clothing, she has a very high fashion-sense. She can be very defiant when she tries to get the same items.

    Parsee Verde used to work as a tailor at a shop before her powers were given by being the Chosen. After seeing five people come in with things she wanted, she decided to snatch it from them. Secretly, she tried on other people's clothing with a burning desire to be them. Legends say that she kills the people she tacks to the wall to get their clothes. In reality, she just has them drink a special punch (really poison disguised) and lets them die on the floor. All should know that Parsee is dangerous for all to be around, even some loving beauties that we all love.

    Parsee's parents, Herald and Vengalta Verde, noticed something strange about their daughter. At the age of seven, Parsee gained the power to read minds and telekinesis. One time, when Vengalta was baking a chocolate cake for Herald, a magical thing was happening. The bag of flour she was using suddenly had a purple aura glowing from its edges and was floating smoothly towards the bowl of cake mix. The flour was also neatly poured into the bowl, measuring EXACTLY one cup. The mother was utterly shocked. Terrified, she stepped aback, looking as bewildered as possible. Forgetting what she made to cook, she noticed Parsee around looking at a spoon. The spoon was possessing an otherworldly aura that seemed green to the eyes. The spoon then shook violently in the air and turned into a metallic ball. Thinking that it was a ghost, Vengalta tried to get Parsee out of the room.

    When Herald came home from work, he found Parsee with a knife in her hand. Trying to take it from her, a force nailed him to the living room ceiling. Afterwards, Parsee was able to control a chair with her mind. She had the brainpower to force the chair up in the air where he was. Strange enough, this saved her father from harm. Vengalta then hugged her daughter, even though she was basically trying to kill them.

    When she was 9, Parsee became one of the first legally psychics at her age. Parsee's power grew stronger and stronger as she went along. Parsee saved a girl from being trampled by horses by having the horses go elsewhere. Her parents were amazed at her ability to the point where they protected her. Parsee was sometimes moving things around without movement.

    There, she was excelling at the highest grade point average. When she decided it was time to leave, the princess Deita accused her of being a "sinner". When she revealed her magic powers, rumors were reeling that Parsee was sent from Satan and was there to haunt everyone. When Vengalta found this out, she demanded execution of Deita. Deita was later accused of being a witch, and was thus killed on the stake.

    Since then, Parsee has gotten excellent feeback when fighting. She was also popular at her castle. She never took the time to get noticed. When she was 13, she became to be extremely spoiled and somewhat of a nit-picker. Parsee was jealous of nearly everyone that had on better clothing than she did She WANTED to be them--only them. Herald took Parsee to the Marigold Ball for her birthday. Parsee felt like taking the whole ball with her since everything looked too beautiful. When she didn't get what she wanted, she'd sometimes torture them by keeping them in air for a while before letting them fall---rather harshly-- to the ground. Her parents were soon tired of keeping her a their child, so they let her go from the house.

    While walking away from home, she was found by a strange man named Virgo. He allowed her to go to his shop when she told him she was lost. At his shop, Parsee told him of her parents, and where she lived. She also told him that she hated her parents since they were "worthless dopes". He offered her to sleep in his house. That night, Parsee was sleeping in her bed when she was awakened by a green moon. It was about three in the morning, and she was feeling her tattoo burn with the green energy and it fused into her eyes and heart.

    When she went outside, she was affected by a type of mark on her left shoulder blade--the Eye. When she received the Power of Envy which was enveloped in the eye, she was able to save herself. With the power of Envy, she was able to make a green energy called "Jelly" which was really green chi. Parsee remembered the man telling her to get out of his house. Since then, she has learned how to use her green power for her magic. Now, she lives alone while trying to figure out her powers slowly. She once killed a dragon and a lamia with her powers.

    Fighting Style
    Parsee usually uses street fighting, but sometimes employs a bit of sharp knives and the power of Envy within her.

    Parsee has asthma and an allergy to peanuts.
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    Great great just a minor thing; this is more of an medieval setting so there is none of that technology. Just thinking you might want to fix that.
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    I just pathetically pasted a girl from another site that I used. Is it a fictional medieval setting?
  11. Sure why not! Dragons will make the story interesting. Our band could even kill a dragon! But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Oh we could kill a bridge troll! Oh the ideas!
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    Maybe magic can change 3 of us into goats for the troll bridge~!!!
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  16. Name: Anne Archetto

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Race: Elf

    Sin: Wrath

    When she was just three she was given a bow and told to start practicing because she was going to join the elven army. When she shot her first arrow she got a perfect bulls eye and the captain made her shoot again. After several tests the captain held his head and looked a little confused.
    "What the hell... have you used that thing before?"
    Anne looked at the man questionably "Umm... no. I wasn't aloud to touch a bow until just now."
    "Then how are you so good already! It takes most elves 3 years to get a constant rate of bulls eyes!"
    "I-m sorry." Anne looked down a little sad thinking he had done something wrong.
    "Look up girl! Your going in front of the king! He will reward you greatly!"
    Anne looked relieved and exited at the same time. "R-really?"
    After that Anne had been considered the best archer of all the lands for the sole reason, she never missed! When in battle she would kill anyone who injured her friends. At the age of 5 she was appointed as one of the seven deadly sins. She was wrath because she only killed anyone whom she felt was unjust in their actions. (I hope you don't mind me taking that version of wrath. I could go for the very strong anger if you wish...) She is still very childish compared to the others but has a very strong sense of right and wrong. The only people she doesn't 'punish' is the others of the seven deadly sins because she considers them his friends.
    Anne is normally tired (read fighting style) and has a hard time running and sometimes even walking unless she see's something that angers her. At that point she is in a 'righteous rage', as her captain put it, and is filled with energy until she stops everything he considers unholy or dissolves one of her arrows. After her righteous rage is over she feels the full effect of the energy she has used and almost always falls to the ground unconscious.

    Fighting Style: Bow. She was given an ancient enchanted bow that creates arrows out of her energy. The arrows are pure white and she can shoot as many as her body will let her.

    Other: She never misses a target though enemy can still dodge/block her arrows... only if they are very skilled and have an incredible reaction time.

    Ignore that... I don't know how to get rid of it -_-

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