The Secret of Eli

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  1. ((Check out the OOC before joining this RP!))
    i was awoken by an odd pressure on my stomach. It seemed to appear, then disappear, appear, then disappear. I opened on of my eyes, partly, to see what it was. I wasn't surprised at all when I found my 8 year old brother jumping on my stomach. I closed my eye again and put my pillow over my head.
    "Eli! Eli! Eli!" my brother yelled , "Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" I groaned and rolled over to my side, making him fall off the bed. A few seconds later, when everything got quiet again, I almost fell back to sleep. Until I felt him shaking my shoulder. "Eli!" He yelled again and this time I sat up, but I scowled at him. I hate mornings.
    "What?!" I asked, sounding a little harsh.
    "Hey! Don't be grumpy on your birthday!" he puts on a fake pout.
    That's right... Today is my 17th birthday... My scowl changes to a smile.
    "Happy Birthday Eli!" he says with a big smile on his face.
    I ruffle his hair "Thanks bro. Now get out so I can get ready for school." he nods and heads downstairs.
    Once he gets out I stand up head into my bathroom, and take a shower. Once I am done, I get dressed, brushed my hair, and examine myself in the mirror. I certainly don't look like I am 17, I look like I am a little older than that. With my jet black emo looking hair (don't ask me, its naturally like that), dark grey eyes and my other dark features. Then I notice something weird. I look down and notice my sleeves are up to my elbows. Did it shrink? Then I look down at my jeans, they go up to my knees! I take a few steps back and notice I have gotten way taller! Happy Birthday to me, I thought. I head into my room and change into clothes that actually fit, then head down stairs.
    The smell of pancakes practically slap me across the face as soon as I get to the last step. I love pancakes. I walk into the dining room and see Max sitting in his chair, with his plate next to him. I go and sit in my chair across from him. He smiles as soon as our mom comes in with a plate filled with pancakes.
    "Morning you to! Happy Birthday Eli!" Mom said walking up to us, her blonde curls moving as she walks, and her smiles as big as Max's. Why is everyone in my family a morning bird?
    I put on a smiles and grab two pieces of pancakes on my plate, "Thanks mom" I say and I start eating.
    Once Max gets his, his smile gets even wider "Tanks mom!" He yells then starts eating. Hard to believe we are actually related. We both look and act completely different. He has short, spiky blonde hair, and blue eyes. He even has that cheerful person features.
    Once I finish my food, I lean back into my chair.
    "Hey mom. I need to go shopping for new clothes."
    "Why?" She blinks and looks at my with her blue eyes. I stand up, to show exactly why. She stands up, walks over to me, and looks me up and down.
    "Holy crap! You have grown a lot in just one night!" she smiles, "ok, I'll give you some money to buy clothes later." I nod and sit back down.
    "Eli!" Max yells in his usual cheerful voice. I look at him, "Its time to go!" I look at the clock then sit up.
    "Alright. Lets go." We grab our backpacks, say goodbye to mom, and walk out the door. I drop off Max at his bus stop and once the bus comes I head to my school. Today will be the day I find out the secret my family has kept from me. No matter what, I will find out the truth
  2. "Would it be too much to ask if I were to sit school out for just this day?"
    Entering the room in a rather pretentious fashion, Fiona mindlessly flipped strands of hair back to emphasis her request. It was around early in the morning, the sun was out and there were no signs of gusty wind ready to build up unwanted goosebumps all over her slightly rough skin. With a relatively pleasant weather to start off the day, there was no reasonable excuse to support Fiona's sudden, unexpected decision to ditch a day at school - well, unless being lazy or unprepared for certain classes was considered reasonable enough per se. Well, as if there weren't days when normal teenagers thought of something along the lines of; 'Goddamn it, I can't leave the comfort of my bed today.' However, considering the obvious fact that she was merely a troublesome mischief in everyone's eyes (especially the school faculty), having skeptical feelings towards her was not all that unusual. It wasn't rare for her to ask such an absurd question, really, she'd normally repeat the same words in the same form of sentence almost every two weeks or so. Depends on her mood that morning, or if something 'important' came up. Otherwise, she was supposedly present in class on time or sometimes even a few minutes prior.
    ". . . . This isn't another one of your plans to hang out at some shady place, is it now?" her mother questioned seriously after a long moment of silence. She was seated comfortably on the couch with both legs spread across, whilst having high-pitched voices blaring through the tiny television screen in front of her.
    Fiona, expecting her mother to assume, let alone, wonder something like this aloud as if not caring whether it would've offended her - didn't so much as overreacted. Sure, there was an reaction. Her lips quivered slightly, but other than that, she remained inexpressive.
    "I don't know where you got that weird idea from, but no, I-I just don't. . . feel so well this morning. Possibly a morning flu or," she paused abruptly, reaching up to gently caress her throat. "even a colds. You know? Seasonal sickness or something like that."
    In the background, the sounds from the television screen continued to fill the still air. Moments flew by without exchange of words after Fiona's response that she was beginning to think her mother was not buying her story. The same excuse she used to not attend classes on a specified day. Usually, she'd get what she wanted, but unfortunately there was a first to everything and that morning sure wasn't the highlight of her day.
    Crossing her arms elegantly, Fiona's mother shrugged nonchalantly and not once did she glance up to meet Fiona's intense gaze. The clock ticked and seconds were wasted, until finally, in a monotone, Fiona's mother muttered, "Suck it up and get out of my house."
    She honestly wasn't expecting that, and was rendered speechless as the harsh words sunk in. Utterly baffled, there was nothing she could've done to convince her mother to think otherwise, but that still didn't stop her from mentally strangling the somewhat irritable woman to. . . death. It was a horrible scene to imagine, even inside her head, but there were days when she just didn't give two fucks.
    "Are you deaf or what? Go. Leave. Begone. Get your a-"
    "Ah. I forgot you're still talking for a second there. Alright fine, I'll go," she interjected, tilting her head to the side and cockily flashed the older woman a cunning grin. One that she used to annoy others. "Good riddance," she added quickly, twisting on her heels to head out towards the front door where a miniature sized dog sat waiting patiently beside Fiona's favorite pair of sneakers. Perking up by the familiar thumps of Fiona's footsteps, her dog, Chocolate (the origin of the name shan't be questioned), abruptly climbed up to its paws and wiggled its tail excitedly.
    Approaching the dog, Fiona pouted. "Sorry buddy, I have to go to school today. Evil witch- er, mother dearest isn't letting me off~" Sliding into her shoes, Fiona briefly crouched down to pet the poor dog. "Don't worry, I'll be back soon enough. Wait for me, okay?" Giving Chocolate one last look, Fiona stood up, grabbed her bag and left the premises.
  3. Xanthia sat on the edge of her bed fumbling with her small backpack. She sighed. "Do I have to go? What if..maybe I could just stay home schooled? Or..we could go back, or-" She tried to convince her father not to send her too this new school. He shook his head.
    "Nu uh. No getting out of it. You've got to go or you'll miss the bus." He said gently, pulling her to her feet and pulling her out the bedroom door.
    Xanthia sighed and followed unwillingly after. He took her to the front door. "Ready?"
    "That's what I thought." He sighed. "Be good." He opened the door and Xanthia stepped out, looking nervously around before walking to the sidewalk to start to the bus stop. She was scared, to be honest. She was nervous, to be truthful. But she had done this so many times that this time, she was also annoyed. She kept her head down and a white, zip up hoodie was zipped up, the hood over her head. Underneath was a crimson red, fit t-shirt and a pair of simple black jeans along with navy nikes. She sighed, crossing her arms and staying silent as she walked, listening to the small sounds around her. A few kids were already at the bus stop and she stood in the back of the group, not really wanting to talk to anyone at the moment.
  4. Girls...naked girls everywhere surrounding him in this king sized bed, just the best life a boy could wish for. But then a cold feeling rushed his body and a hard hit to the head caused him to wake up immediately from his lovely dream and be layed on the cold old dust covered wooden floor with his bed on top of him, A man who was obviously drunk stood there looking down at him " Get up you lazy ass bum " Akuma stood up slowly rubbing his head the man grabbing him by the arm and looking him in the eyes " I dont know why your so fucking happy boy " Akuma was still smiling and said " Because fuck you " He shoved the guy off him and out the door closing it. The man stood outside the door yelling as Akuma got dressed and walked towards the window, He grabbed his car keys off his table. He owned a old camero which had a bit of rust on it, getting his license early was the best idea of his life. He opened the window when he heard " YOU BETTER NOT BE HANGING OUT WITH ELI! " Akuma looked back and said " HES LIKE MY BROTHER OF COURSE I AM " his dad bum rushed the door and akuma had already leapt down to the floor below into a bush. He rolled out the bush and ran over to the car and climbed inside. Screeching out the drive way and heading towards school.
  5. Eli made it to the school. He had enough time to chat with his best bud Akuma. He jogged into the school and found him in less then a second. "Hey Akuma!" he said with a grin.
  6. " Eli! " He said with a smirk standing up off one of the lockers holding his hand out for a greeting from him " How are ya "
  7. Not even a minute had gone by since Fiona left home, grudgingly heading towards the path where she'd normally take for a shortcut and all she wanted to do then was curl up into a fetal position on the ground. Ah. Sleep sure sounded like a pleasant idea, there was never a time when Fiona would ever reject the thought of spending endless hours deep in slumber. If only her mother didn't have the tendency to bitch at her for whatever reason she could come up with on the spot, even if it absolutely made no sense whatsoever.
    Streams of cars past by and Fiona wordlessly continued to trudge until her legs literally felt like jello. No wonder why coach wouldn't let her in on the volleyball team the previous session, she had little to no stamina and despite maintaining a healthy diet, Fiona was no where near physically fit. Nor will she ever be.
    Halfway to the third stoplight she encountered that morning, Fiona faintly spotted a familiar bus pulling up at where a slightly huge crowd gathered, from across the street. In spite of not entirely being a fan of sitting on a potentially germ-infested seat next to some creeper of a stranger, Fiona, still reluctant, decided to simply take the bus for a change of pace. A ride would be nice; it'd save her the effort of walking farther. What bad would it bring to try something new once in a while? Sure, she really would've preferred walking barely a block in exhaustion than having to come in contact with someone she'd rather not interact with. Oh well. At least she still had another dose of 'special' substances to look forward to later on for lunch.
    "Great! I made it right on time." Barely managing to stop the bus door from closing by riskily sticking a hand inside, Fiona confidentially stepped inside and mock saluted the baffled driver. Then, as if she only realized a new presence, Fiona briefly glanced over her shoulder to see an unfamiliar blonde girl (Xanthia) standing alone at the furthest back of the a small crowd. She subconsciously waved to get her attention. "Planning on catching this bus too?" Still blocking the door with one hand, Fiona nodded over her shoulder. "Hop in before meanie bus driver closes it in your face~"
  8. Xanthia stepped forwards, nodding slightly but not speaking to Fiona. She stepped onto the bus and sat in the first empty seat she could find by a window. She watched the neighborhood outside and sighed slightly, her shoulders dropping a little. She thought back to her father and decided she should do something so she could come home with something to tell her father. She looked to see if Fiona would sit by her.
  9. Eli gave him a high-five and started walking him. "I am good." he paused, "Have you noticed anything different about me?" ((Remember he grew over-night. He was 5'8'' now he is 6'4'' XD))
  10. Once Xanthia complied, Fiona cheerfully peeled her hand off the door and finally allowing the bus diver to pull off before following suit. The narrow-spaced bus was close to crowded, if not all seats taken. The sour stench of morning breath mixed in sweat and dirt filled the thick air, nearly causing Fiona to gag rather dramatically on the spot. Ah. Another reason she loathed riding the bus to school, especially with it being annoyingly packed. But she was in no place to complain as pairs of curious eyes suddenly averted towards her direction, noting the fact that she was now the only person standing awkwardly in the middle of the aisle. She didn't even notice until a fake cough snapped her out of her brief trance. Rather in an abrupt motion, Fiona sauntered as casually as she could muster whilst searching maniacally for an available seat. When she found none, unfortunately, she begun to panic almost instantaneously. She didn't display the look of anxiety on her face, but the feeling was there. Her stomach churned in a nervous way, as if needing to hurl her breakfast out and just as the bus made an unexpected swerve to the right, Fiona lurched forward, nearly falling over on an empty seat she didn't notice beside Xanthia.
    After gaining back her balance, Fiona let out a sigh of relief. "Hi, there!" she perked, maneuvering into the seat and faced the blonde. "Good morning~"
  11. Xanthia glanced over at Fiona's stumbled. "You okay?" She asked in a quiet, emotionless voice. Her eyes betrayed her and showed the slightest bit of curiousness. She watched Fiona a moment. "Name?" She seemed to want to say things with the least words as possible. She's found it keeps her from making a fool of herself when meeting new people, as it gave her less words to stumble and mess up on.
  12. Masking her embarrassment with a sheepish shrug, Fiona responded casually, "Mhmm. I'm fine, thanks~" The lack of emotion in her voice confused Fiona, but then again, maybe it was simply just the 'way she talked'. Shifting in her sitting position, Fiona turned to face her properly, noticing curiosity etched in her eyes.
    She nearly squeaked in surprise. "Oh. Right," she countered, struggling not to make any sudden strange gestures to scare the crap out of her. "I'm Fiona~" She tilted her head, humming. "You don't talk much, do you?"A laugh. "That's alright, I love talking more than listening to others speak about crap anyway~" She leaned back on her seat, sighing. The ride on the bus frequently got bumpy and from past experiences, she knew better than to sit up and risk falling over, again.
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  13. " what the fu..." he looked Eli up and down " who told you to get taller than me!" He punched Eli in the side laughing. " but happy birthday bro " akuma reached into his bag and pulled out a shark tooth necklace " Tada a gift from me to you " akuma held up the one around his neck to show they were the same.
  14. Eli grinned, tookt he shark tooth necklace and put it on. Then he realized somebody was missing. He looked around for Fiona, "Hey where is Fioan by the way? I dont see her?"
  15. He rubbed his chin " haven't seen fi anywhere she must be running a bit behind her usual routine " rubbing his chin and saying " she doesn't have a routine what am I saying "
  16. Eli laughed, "Well we should get headed to class."
  17. " Lets go then loser " He said as he turned around and lugged his backpack along with him
  18. Xanthia listened to her name and let it roll around her head before settling under the picture of Fiona. Memorized. She sighed slightly as Fiona pointed out her lack of words. "No." Was her simple answer to you don't talk much. Then she decided to tell her name. Maybe if this girl knew her name, she could have someone to follow around the building until she had a map in her head, and then she wouldn't get lost. "I'm Xanthia, Xan for short." She said, but her tone had slipped slightly into a slightly lighthearted pace. She turned and looked out the window, even though she was still listening to Fiona, she wanted to look outside too. To see the school as they approached, her new school.
  19. "Xanthia," Fiona repeated slowly, mentally reminding herself not to forget this girl's name. Having to frequently ask for Xanthia's name over and over again due to her short attention span would be embarrassing. "Awesome, pleasure to meet you~" It wasn't as though Fiona was obligated to remember her name, let alone anyone else's in the bus or at school, but she believed it was necessary. Maybe she could use a friend that wasn't a guy or didn't want to use her to get the guys she was friends with. Subconsciously nodding twice to confirm the fact, Fiona turned to sneak a look at her new founded friend. She seemed outgoing enough, despite her lack of expression and that trait alone didn't bother Fiona at all. Maybe she should introduce Xanthia to her friends later on. Maybe. Just to get her to open up little by little.
    As Fiona drifted off to daydream land, the bus slowly came to a slow stop nearby the school gates until the engine was completely cut off. Almost instantaneously, or before the bus driver even had the chance to announce 'we're here' to everyone else in the back, piles of students came rushing out of the bus eagerly.
    Before saying another word, Fiona fumbled casually through her purse to ensure the 'thing' she saved for a certain somebody's birthday was still there. When her finger touched something rough, Fiona sighed in relief. "Ah. We're here~" Fiona muttered casually, briefly giving the school building a once-over before climbing up to her feet and headed out the bus, waiting for Xanthia.
  20. Eli stopped for a moment, "Hey Akuma. I got to get something real quick. I will catch up." he jogged to locker which was right next to the door.
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