The sea of bodies.

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  1. When will it be open for signups?
  2. This thread will be open for sign ups when I am done with all of the information I want to post on it. There will be a notice when that happens.
  3. This roleplay is now OPEN TO SIGNUPS!

    Make sure to look over the information in the overview carefully and keep it to mind. If there are things you feel I need to add to it then go ahead and tell me. I hope you stay. :)

    I've been working on this for a while, figuring it all out in my head. Quite hoping it works out. But anyway, I have been typing it out all day, and I'm kind of burned out on typing, so a CS is not coming from me today.

    Either way, welcome!​
  4. But in my excitement I forgot to make a character sheet.. wowzers.
  5. And now I've added it, there we go. Now it's truly done.
  6. Name:
    Sevrin Duvas



    Twenty one
    Merged (Y,N?):

    Mage (Y,N?):

    Yes, Primarily focusing in the fire school.

    Sevrin stands at a height of three feet, with a petite form, ears pointed upwards, and large antlers. He is covered from head to toe in white fur, except for a large patch of black fur on his face and a spot of identical color at the top of his left ear. His eyes stand out among the black and white of his face, them being deep Amber in color. He has no head hair, just as any other Noelit does not.

    Sevrin is a jovial and outgoing individual. One of his biggest dislikes is seeing other people down, and he buries them in his (annoying to some) happiness and optimism, the truth is however, it's all a mask. The Noelit prefers to be happy, it is the only emotion he wants to show, and it is all people will usually see from him. Alone though there is a big difference, he becomes a mess of self consciousness, always thinking about his flaws, putting that to his center. And alone he speaks to the one person who understands, the only one who will ever understand.
    Biography (Optional):

    Sevrin was born into a family that was used to luxury. Their entire future planned out in fortune, the family owned a large clothing business in Aksoame, and their factories spread across most of the continent. Duvas Textiles was their painfully generic company name. And Sevrin was blessed to be a part of it, or at least he would have been if he wasn't made to be host to a demon soon after. Tiny antlers sprouted from his head, and his eyes began to glow Amber.

    His parents were ecstatic, what a gift! What a joy! It was not the first time it happened in their family, but it was still a rarity among Noelit so what else could it be then a gift? Almost immediately he was sent to Codeame, and almost immediately the parents went on to bragging to family members about they had a mage child. Congratulations and some bitterness came upon the two, and they went back to their home in smugness, looking to raise their other child.

    However in Codeame's central academy Sevrin was not special, or an oddity. He was another student, and from infancy he was treated as such. In his infancy he was thought how to speak, walk, use the bathroom, and all of the essentials. At the age of eight he was put into a class in which he would be instructed in for the remainder of the time he would be in the academy.

    Sevrin did not meet the Noelit's thin definition of the word "Acceptable". He was not bad in any sense of the word. But he was also in no way perfect, he was not the prodigy that he was hounded to be. He struggled, and that was unacceptable. Soon after he began to be shunned by fellow Noelit, in the halls he would be laughed at by members of his race, and harassed by such. He never blamed them, it was the only way they knew how to react to a failure like him..

    He began to grow reserved, rejecting conversation with everyone, even members of other races who did not understand what Sevrin's problem was. In solitude he'd not do much at all, just lay in his bed and he would beg, beg whatever was out there to help him, to make him better. He didn't want to be a failure.

    That was when he heard the voice for the first time. The voice of his demon, it spoke soothing words, telling him to be strong, that "I will make you strong."

    His relationship with the demon was the only true one he had, the only one in where he let loose, and the stage of loneliness passed him, it was when he began to put on a happy face, when he was able to. If he was teased now he just laughed, it no longer got to him anymore. Because now he had It.

    He loved it. And it knew that.

    In the end Sevrin got through the academy, and while he was still not acceptable by Noelit standards. And he knew he would never be, he was measurable to everybody else. And life opened up. In it he became a hat Enthusiast, and after being re connected with his family learned how to make them, however he broke away with the main family business, and created a local one named Sevrin and Mason's Head Pretties. Most do not know who "Mason" is.

    But Sevrin knows, Mason is the name of the one that saved him.

    Mason is the preferred name of it. And Sevrin's one true love.
  7. I would like to reserve a non-mage human, please; and I'll make her open for a master, provided he/she/they don't want to do anything intimate with her.
  8. Go ahead and make one ;) I'm sure someone will want to have your character as a slave, and if not you could either NPC it, or I could have Sevrin purchase her. Welcome aboard.
  9. Thanks! I'll start working on a CS ASAP. Could I ask for a bit of information on the setting? Your overview focuses rather heavily on the mages only...I'd like to know about the names of the continents, coutnries, towns, whether or not it's steampunk or high fantasy, etc. before making a CS.
  10. Aksoame is very Pangea esque any other continents being too far away for any interests in exploring there currently. I purposely left all of those things like towns very loose, as it is up to the player where they are from, course if there are any problems with how they make their towns then may have to step in. I may not know that much about Steampunk by itself, or even High fantasy by itself. I would like to think that it is sort of a mix between the two. If that's even helpful.

    It might be too loose, but I'm not sure.
  11. Name: #2691
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Age: 20 years
    Merged (Y,N?): N/A
    Mage (Y,N?): N/A
    Appearance: A skinny runt of a girl, 2691 stands at approx. 5'4" with filthy skin, visible ribs and a podgy belly; all the usual signs of malnourishment. Her hair is a greasy mass of black strands, reaching around the waist-line. Her face is waxen and her eyes are sunken, a dull slate-grey colour to match the once-white rags adorning her form - now a mottled shade of grey from repeated layers of grime and dirt. Her lips are thin and she walks in a hunched, quiet and unassuming manner. All across her body are scars from previous ill treatment.

    Personality: To say that '91 has a personality is a bit of an overstatement. It seems as if someone has successfully 'broken' her; she remains usually silent, scared, wary and submitting to whatever comes her way. Certain reactions have clearly been forced into her system, which she immediately spouts out whenever she picks up on the warning cues for it. When alone, or 'safe', she usually sits somewhere out of the way and trembles.

    Biography (Optional): All that is really known about '91 is on her document, which are brief. She's had a past of 5 owners: Three Noelits, all of whom unemployed, a Dwarf who was the owner of a wine company, and another Dwarf, this time the taskmaster of a mining operation in the mountainous outskirts of Aksoame. She was transported to the City two weeks back, currently being sold at a reasonably high price to whomever will take her.
  12. Accepted, I love it.

    And that right there is an example of lore building, the fact that her name is just a number, I had not thought of that, but it might become the standard now. c:

    Really hoping this roleplay works out.
  13. Wanna join, human character as per my usual but I cant think of something. Is there any archetype you need?
  14. Nah there isn't any real "archetype" I can think of.

    For some reason I feel like everybody is going to be a human. I do wonder why. Just try to think of something, I believe in you!
  15. Name: #1178, Loque
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Age: 29
    Merged (Y,N?): No
    Mage (Y,N?): No
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    He stands at 6ft with broad shoulders and a dangerous glint to his eyes. He hunches over in order to seem less massive to his owners but stands tall among his human brethren.
    Personality: #1178 is a strong individual, he fears little but is clever enough to pretend he fears things. He is subservient when in the eye of the Noelit and Dwarves but has a fire in his stomach and deeply hates his servitude.
    Biography (Optional): #1178 was raised as a slave, he worked the mines and grew large from his days there. While there he was witness to an older human refusing to work and wielding his tools against the dwarf that commanded him to work. The old man was put down quickly but the imagery never left #1178's eyes. The older man had claimed a name, something he hadnt had. He called himself Loque, and #1178 liked that name so he took it as his own in secret. Never telling anyone that it was his, never letting on that he was not more than a servant.
  16. Accepted! Love it.
  17. Save me a female dwarf!! I will post a CS as soon as possible, I tried earlier but my laptop broke right when I was halfway through my biograhpy....
  18. Oh RIP
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