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    The two teenage boys stepped off the bus after it stopped at it's designated point, a few others followed behind them. They looked to be about 16 and both neko's. They continued up the walk and through the main entrance to the school. They're parents had told them they had to go, if they wanted to legally live among the regular mortals. They both detested the thought, but saw a future adventure in the situation. So here they were. They looked to eachother and smirked as they looked around, the other kids were all talking and giggling to eachother. They quickly went to work picking out the weak and helpless. They instantly wanted to ensure they're dominance over these people. The things they could do....The thought brought a smile to they're faces.

    You see, Brian and Seth were both known for they're influence through-out the underworld of the unnatural. If there was a immortal incident deep within the shadows of the cities, they were normally somehow connected. They're parents were both involved within the mob. Which originally started out as a type of " Enforcement " for the world of the unkown, they basically kept the peace. Well it didn't take long for greed and jealousy to quickly turn it into an organized crime mob. They quickly set up a hierarchy and set up a few ground rules. If anyone crossed them they died. At first they had a security squad, but whenever his sons were old enough and trained to mastery of they're abilities they were quickly put to work as a new security squad for the dear family name. Well after a few years of carving they're name deep in the cornerstone of the business, and setting up a pretty nice reputation, they were quickly praised and brought from the streets, only to work as they're fathers quiet assassins. There was truly no one who could hide from them.

    They both nodded to eachother and broke off, quickly blending in with the masses. Warm smiles across they're faces as they introduced themselves, using that unique little skills of theres to help everyone accept them a bit better. You see, they were able to quietly pluck at the emotional strings that ensared themselves in a persons aura. To be more defined, if they wanted you to smile, you were going to smile. But, by blood they weren't allowed to influence someones life to badly, they could only motivate someone to do something, instead of force them too. They were a bit different though, they were able to influence large groups of people at a time, or concentrate they're focus on small groups of 3 and 4, such as they were doing now.

    Suddenly a woman came to the podium and made a knocking noise on the wooden surface. Everyone quickly quieted down and focused on her.

    " Students, if you could please make your way to the dormatories,which is on the second floor, they're will be student advisor's there to show you your assigned room. After you all are settled in you will have the rest of the day to explore and mingle. So please, the faster and smoother we get this done, the faster you can all get settled in! ", he then excused herself with a bow and warm smile.
  2. Ben hopped off the bus with his axe guitar in a case. Where ever he wend the guitar went with. He walked behind two, what looked like, nekos. 'Hope there are no werewolves here,' Ben thought to himself, but his luck was so thin. He didn't care. He had his axe guitar and he was fine. He walked into the building popping his neck and watching all the girls crowd around him. A hot vampire has just entered the building and the girls smiling and giggling at him are making sure to take care of the problem.

    Ben smiled back at them and winked at a few, for he was not one of those "know it all, arrogant, right above it" vampires. He took out his axe guitar and decided to play and sing to the girls surrounding him. He could tell they loved his voice and him. When the woman knocked on the podium Ben stopped playing and looked at the woman floating up in the air a little to get a good view of her. When she was done with her speech he waved at the girls and floated up to the second floor to find his dorm.
  3. Brian found his respective room pretty easily, his room mate was a spunky young demon. He was actually quite annoying, bragging constantly about his abilities. Brian rolled his eyes and left the room, wandering about the halls lookin for something amusing. He found his brother pretty quickly, he was leaning against the wall, a girl swooning over him, nearly drooling. He smirked and nodded his head as he looked up to Seth, and continued on. The rest of the school was slowly making they're way out onto the grounds now, and the halls were clearing up a bit. He took advantage of this and checked out the other rooms, curiuos to see if they were all the same. Which they were, big suprise there.

    He made his way downstairs, and out into the courtyard, watching the rest of the school body do so as well. He didn't really interest himself with the landscape or the architecture. His eyes rested on the actions of the others. He was definetely the observationalist whenever it came to him and his brother. Seth was normally the crazy one, he was the more level headed. He was constantly thinking and taking in his surroundings. They amazed him, the way the social crowd threw themselves from person to person. Trying to learn everything he could about the populace.

    He took a seat in the corner, along a stone bench in the shade. Out of the way, and out of sight.


    Seth grinned softly at the girl that was hanging off of his arm. They had made they're way from the dorms to gardens, which were found at the back of the school. The giant maze found in the middle was where they were going, there wasn't anyone here to see them, so perhaps he could have a bit of fun. He had to keep himself occupied somehow. He swung his arm around her shoulders as they walked, rolling his eyes as she giggled with delight. She had no idea what he was capable of, and he liked it that way. Ofcourse, if she knew what he had done through-out his life, she would probably run screaming.

    The wind picked up a bit, blowing his glossy white hair about, whipping it around his eyes. With a little swish of his head they quickly found they're place again. He looked up, watching the birds fly about, hoping that soon something would happen. Just something to keep him occupied. Idol time was his downfall, thats when he normally started to fuck up. He needed to release that pent up tension every once in a while, his urges. They plagued him ever since he was a child, just these obscene horrible urges to just totally and completely disembowel someone. It was one of his greatest traits when it came to his line of work. He loved using fear and disgust to his advantage. It could get a certain type of satisfaction that no other taboo could.

    He smirked softly, feeling that lowly feeling come crawling back up. He was going to have to do something about it soon.
  4. [​IMG]

    Cielia was a vampire. She hated any school, but her parents had forced her to go.
    She hoped, there would be no werewolves this time. Last time was a disaster.
    She saw the trees the grass, the students. She hated them all.
    All she wished for was a decent vampire friend who could put up with her.
    Sighing she went to the office and found where she was living.
    She walked slowly up the stairs to her room on the 2nd floor.
    She easily avoided people and found her specified dorm.
    She walked in, hoping for the best.
  5. Myra was sure she was going to have a panic attack. A really tough, hard to breathe, shaking panic attack. The feeling always came when she was in large crowds, like the one she was in of course. There were people pushing this way and that, some shoving kids out the way without politely saying excuse me, while others pardoned themselves as they squeezed passed the clumps of people in the middle of the room. The first thing on Myra's mind was to keep a full grasp of her tail. The big, bushy line of fluff was forcefully shoved into her own hands to save it from being trampled on. The many kids that swam around her were not paying attention to where they were going whatsoever. One could have easily trod over her precious tale, sending her yelping high into the air in pain. The tail was sensitive to her and if hugging it close to her case meant to save herself from the pain of having it stepped on, then she was never going to let it go.

    Myra's two tiny little fangs dug into her bottom lip, not biting hard enough to draw blood. Once again, she did not want to endure any unnecessary pain if she could help it. All of the kids around her looked preoccupied with their own things, some stereotyping others and some gossiping about people they could not stand. There was even the occasional couple engaging in a fierce make out session, locking and unlocking lips over and over again, making her stomach twist in an uncomfortable lurch as she looked away. Myra was probably the only girl standing by herself, in the middle of the crowd with no where to go, holding her busy brown and white tipped tail squeezed against her chest, still biting her lip even as the woman in the podium spoke out above the crowd.

    Myra sent brown eyes up to the direction of the woman, turning a bright red color at her beautiful. Myra had no idea how the woman had become so beautiful and spoke with such an air of authority. Myra could barely get her first name out in a sentence let alone speak over a crowd of gossiping teens. Her nervousness had taken her by the throat and constricted, reminding the young Fox-Girl who was boss in her life. Anxiety. Everything she did, she did it out of anxiety. Soon, the woman finished her order, her voice ushering the kids off to their designated dorms. Myra;s fingers sunk into the fur of her tail while she tried to shuffle around the kids and down the hall. She didn't know where she was going and wasn't even looking up! Her brown eyes were down to the ground, hiding from the wandering eyes of kids, until she payed for it.... falling and smashing her face into the ground, yelping in pain and embarrassment as an array of laughter filled the hall.
  6. Cielia had left her dorm to watch the speech some woman was giving.
    The lady at the front desk made her promise she would listen to it if she got into her dorm early.
    Cielia had left everything of hers in teh dorm, since no one was in it yet.
    She watched as the woman spoke about school related things.
    Cielia yawned and dozed off until she heard the woman tell everyone to go back to their dorms.
    She followed the many kids into the hallway.
    Suddenly she heard a boom of laughter.
    She squirmed to the middle of a group of kids to see a girl with ears and a poofy tail sprawled on the floor.
    Cielia's blood ignited and she turned to the kids and hissed, showing everyone her unusually large fangs and bright red glowing eyes.
    "Back off!" She shouted and the people scattered.
    She turned back to the girl, "Are you okay?"
  7. Cailleach (open)

    She drummed her fingers against her leg, the long, slender and pale digits making an almost inaudible ‘tap tap tap tap’. </SPAN>Cailleach</SPAN> sighed under her breath, when the woman finally came out onto the podium. She was quite lovely, and Cailleach’s mind instantly set on figuringout who she was. A teacher perhaps? More likely a Vice Principal or even the Principal herself. It wasn’t worth much thought really, but she was grateful for two things. One was that she made the room hush to almost silence with her presence, the second being that she kept her speech short and sweet. Then they were free to go, so she wasted no time in getting out of the overly loud room. </SPAN>
    She did as instructed, feeling as if she might as well get the act over with so she could go enjoy herself, going up to the second floor as instructed. It took her a while, but she eventually foundthe stairs. Unlike most witches, Cailleach seemed to find herself hopelessly lost quite often, but usually it was due to the forgetting of a turn or something of thelike. Other times it was pure bad luck, and Cailleach was prettysure the Universe just enjoyed messing with her by addingnew turns that shecould have sworn up and down were not there before. Of course, she had never been tothisplace, so her misdirectionwas perfectly explanable. She wondered how long she could go on using that excuse.</SPAN>
    After making it to the second story after coming across sevreal classrooms (she thought she had found the science hall, which was worth noting for a later use), she found the student adviser. She quickly listed off her name, and was led to her dorm. Making a mental note of its number, because she simply could not afford to get lost, she entered and took a look about. Her roommate musn’t have arrived yet, because their suitcases were still packed, just as her own where. She opened one, and took out a book, checking that all her other belongings where there at the same time, before closing it and leaving as if she herself hadnever been present.</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>

    There were a lot of people in the hallways, so whenever one would not move out of her way, she would give a littlepush with magic, forcing them a stepor so away so she could get by without having to squeeze through awkwardly. As one girl fell, she wondered if she had pushed a bit to hard, but could not seem to remember pushing this fox-like girl, even though she was in close proximity. Annoyingly loud laughter started, and even thoughanothergirlwas there to stand up to her, Cailleach knew that the easiest way to remove the unwanted noises was to remove their source. So, crouchingdown to this unknown kitsune, she gently took the girl’s forearm to help her up, all the while speakingto her with a small smile. “You alright? Come on, get up.”</SPAN></SPAN></SPAN>
  8. Having arrived late to the School, Yorik noticed that everyone was leaving the auditorium. Stopping for a moment seeing they were all heading in the same direction, perhaps that was were he needed to go. He grabbed his large sack of belongings and trusty shovel and followed. Yorik wondered what sort of people were attending this place as well while following far behind everyone purposely. Noticing there were stairs, he paused for a moment and grunted with disapproval, Yorik hated stairs; Even if it was only one floor up. He took hold of the railing and slowly made his way up making sure not to go to fast and fall back down them...Cursed stairs. Seeming like an eternity, he reached the 2nd floor.

    There were so many people in the way Yorik couldn't find the darn adviser. "Where are you?" He said softly to himself, eventually pushing through enough people to meet with the adviser. After checking 4 pages of names and double checking, he was clear to move in. Yorik shook his head at the chaotic state of Move-In day, walking down the halls to find his dorm, the one with the broken number plate. "Of course." Yorik muttered to himself, slowly opening the door and realizing he was the only one in the dorm...For now. Placing the large sack in the closet behind the door, and keeping the shovel hidden behind it, he figured this would be a good time to get an idea of where everything was.

    Slowly shutting the door on the way out, he looked both ways and had to make the choice of which way to go. "The less crowded way.." He said without too much thought.

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  9. Ben sensed another vampire near by as he was tuning his guitar axe. He smiled widely and continued to tune his guitar axe awaiting his room mate, hoping it was the vampire he sensed nearby. He laughed a little. 'Those girls were cute,' he joked with himself. He didn't wasn't really looking for a relationship so early into the year. He finally got his guitar axe tuned and he immediately started writing a song with it. He jammed to himself waiting for that door knob to turn.
  10. [​IMG]
    anna was walking around she could for the life of her tell why people where looking at her until she looked down and noticed she was still wearing the clothes of her people ((seen in the picture)) which if she guessed was alittle less than the people around her where used to. She didnt pay it any mind because she would not change her outfit it showed that she was proud to be a member of the goddesses of time. She knew this place well for she had already been here many times in her dreams and already knew what room she would be in, She started to walk to the gardens and figured this would be as good of time as any to find let her animal partner out "come on little one its no longer time to be sleepy and its time for you to see our new home." She pulled out a small gem and kissed it as she layed it on the ground, backing away the gem started to glow. The glowing from the gem got bright enough that you could not see the gem or a few inches surounding the gem, She smiled because as the glowing fadded she could see her partner who was nothing more than a white rabbit creature "oh little one why do you always show up in this form." Giggling she picked up the rabbit and kissed it on its head "oh well its so much easier to bring you places when your so easy to carry." the rabbit made a squeek and nodded they could talk to each other without the use of words but it would always confuse people who where not used to her peoples ways and they would just think she was looking at a rabbit for far to long and almost think she was insane. Walking around the garden she made quick note to not go near the maze because she would find a way to get lost for sure "it doesnt take a time watcher to know that i would get lost in their." The rabbit sneezed and looked up at her "do you think im that dumb i know better than to go anywhere without you plus if i where to get lost without you how would you ever be able to tell me you told me so." They continued to walk around until she found that she grew tired of the garden and started to walk to the dorms. Being such a cute furry creature her partner didnt like all the attention he was getting from the girls wanting to touch him but this made Anna laugh all the more "oh calm yourself you know just as well as i do that you cant get hurt by them." sneezing again the rabbit made a effort to not get so much attention. Finding her room she opened it and found the room to be just as her teacher back home asked for it to be with a telescope and many many books along one wall. The bunny lept from Anna's arms and onto one of the beds, he instantly found his way under the covers.
  11. Viper Slate sat in his dorm. He was a puppeteer. And a damn good one. He could animate anything from wooden dummies to dead corpses. And he sure knew his way around knives also. Dressed in his favorite jeans and shirt, he adorned his gloves and headed out to the opening ceremony. He watched on as the rather authoritative lady said a few words and then headed out into the gardens for a bit of air. He came upon a hedge maze in the centre of the garden. Probably a massive make out zone for the younger, more pubescent students. He could definitely cause some mischief here... Viper's frame of mind was a scattered one. He was always thinking about at least two things at once and to some, he seemed almost schitzophrenic. He sauntered past two first-years making out and he cracked his knuckles slightly. He swished his hand as he passed them and the hedge reached out with a hand-like form and pinched the young girl's backside. She yelped and slapped the young man she was previously kissing. On the inside, he was laughing maniacally...
  12. Cielia walked back to her dorm.
    She decided to leave the situation from earlier.
    She walked to her door and heard a musical sound inside.
    She paused and slowly walked into her room.
    A boy was playing on a guitar...that looked like an axe.
    She put her hands on her hips, "Are you my roomate?"
    She looked at him. It was obvious he was a vampire too. He was quite attractive, but she wasnt going to let him know she was intrigued.
    "What's your name?" She asked, walking over to stand in front of him.
  13. Ari looked around, her eyes scanning, watching the creatures around her. Her pink lips were pursed into a straight line, her expression was blank... but her expression changed into one of surprise when she noticed that the beings around her weren't human. So... the rumors about this school were true. These students certainly weren't normal. But... what is normal, anyway? She shook the question away, not allowing her train of thought to start chugging away. Ari held held her notebook firmly against her chest as she walked along with the group that was headed toward the dorms. Her light blonde locks softly caressed the back of her bare neck with each step she took and her icy blue eyes were constantly moving around to watch everyone. She had a small frame and figure... she was maybe five feet tall and just over a hundred pounds. A petite and dainty little beauty, she was. She was wearing a simple, baggy white t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. The jeans fit just right, but the shirt was a size or two too big. But, she didn't mind. It was comfortable, and that was all she really cared about.

    Ari began trying to figure out what kinds of creatures there were here... she figured that there would be vampires and werewolves... maybe elementalists... were those neko's that she saw? Eh, it didn't matter. She found herself looking up, pondering whether or not she'd make any acquantances during her residency here. She hoped to be able to stay here a while... she'd never had any luck staying in one place for very long. There was always a thunder storm... a strike of lightning that would end up driving her wild... and that wasn't necessarily a bad thing... but it does heighten all of her senses to extreme extents... to the point where she can actually tame and control the lightning. Of course, she could control it on her own anyway without nature creating it for her. She was born with the ability to summon lightning down and use it to do whatever she pleased. But... there was one minor problem. Whenever she'd summon the lightning down, her clothes would desintegrate. She didn't plan on bringing any lightning down anytime soon, so... she won't be exposing herself to the student population anytime soon, either.
  14. Yorik went down the hallway with the less amount of people, just trying to create some breathing room. He shook his head and looked back down the hallway to see that even more people were arriving. "How packed is this place going to be?" muttering to himself again. Yorik noticed there were all sorts of unusual creatures and people here, much more interesting then he thought he was. Perhaps it was best to try and fit in? This was a new beginning and a chance to be someone here..Was Yorik ready for that? No, not just yet, though, to have one friend would be nice.

    Though, he was still indecisive...Did he want to keep on going down the empty hallway? Or go back and actually try and be social? Softly rubbing bottom of his chin where it was exposed..Yorik decided, he was going to give it an effort. Wiping his clothes off in case there was any dirt or such, fixed the little bow tie around his neck making sure it was neat, and finally fitting himself into his coat. Inhaling softly, then exhaling deeply..He felt ready, and began walking back down the hallway towards all the people. What if they don't like me? What if I'm too unusual for them? Yorik began questioning himself, stopping every few steps. He shook his head and kept going not realizing he accidentally bumped into someone, a small blonde girl who was wearing a shirt and jeans. At this moment, Yorik panicked and his heart began to rush. "I'm..I'm terribly sorry.. I wasn't watching where I was going."
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  15. The two brothers met back up not long after they're little adventures onto the grounds. They needed to collect they're information and get there little " Experiment " under way. They quickly met in Brian's room, and began talking. There words were low, but there was a devilish gleam in they're eyes. They finally had enough to continue. Which meant they could now move onto phase 2 of they're little plan.

    Brian rose from the bed first, nodding to his brother as he left his room. Now he needed to become the teachers pet, he needed to get as close as possible to the staff if they're plan was going to work. He smirked softly as he walked down the halls, but quickly getting a bit irritated when he didn't find any teachers. They were probably hiding somewhere, getting all they're last minute preperations out of the way for the next day. He growled a bit as he continued walking around the grounds. He quickly noticed the goddess though, the small spectical she put on in the garden wasn't to hard to notice. So, he followed her for a bit. Keeping a decent pace behind her, and he continued on as she turned into her room. He stopped for a moment, looking in before she could turn around, and then continued on.

    He wondered what other type of individuals were taking up residence here on the grounds for the semester, so he decided to find out. He continued walking around, introducing himself here and there, then that goddess came back to his mind. He could see her face perfectly and cursed himself and his curiosity. He turned, and made his way back around to her side of the dorms, stopping at the entrance. He knocked quietly, hoping that he wasn't intruding, which ofcourse he didn't truly care about it, but whenever you showed you were worried, your body still showed it was worried.


    Seth on the other hand decided to stay in his room for a bit. He needed to get in contact with they're family to let them know that they had made it and had completed phase 1. His father was anticipating his call so he didn't want to keep him waiting. He quickly pulled out a cellphone and hit the 1 key.

    " Father, it's me, I wanted you to know we have completed the first phase. And Brian is continuing on with phase two. He was the more social so we decided to let him go on with it alone. I won't help him again until the third phase. "

    " Thats perfectly fine Seth, you two are my most trusted children, and I know your capable of this. So don't contact me again until you two are done with our little plan. You two be safe, I do expect both of you two come back to me alive and in one piece.. " There was actually a bit of warmth from his voice..

    Seth smiled and wished his father goodbye before he hung the phone up. He sat back on his bed, looking out the window beside him. He looked down, watching the kids run around and talk, some were actually playing a small game of football in the courtyard, it seemed it was getting pretty exciting too. Well, he didn't have anything better to do. So, he closed his door, changed into some basketball shorts and a t-shirt and made his way outside to join the game.
  16. As Viper continued his little stroll around the grounds, he saw all kinds of people enrolling this year. Elementals, vampires, werewolves, demons. And he could tell just by looking. He strolled on through the corridor and saw a young man carrying a shovel who kept stopping every few steps. Of course, due to Viper's rampant personality and mischievous compulsions, he decided to imitate him... Right up until the point where he slammed into a presumably nice young lady donned in a baggy shirt and jeans. He tried to contain his laughter that was boiling up inside him. He helped the young man pick the lady up off of the floor. He introduced himself. "Greetings!" he said with a touch too much enthusiasm. "My name is Viper Slate! I am a puppeteer and I gather that you are first years? And that at least one of you is... Ooooh... A lighting elemental?" he said with a slight chuckle.
  17. Anna was reading a book with her Rabbit on her lap sound asleep when she heard a knock on her door "please come in im sorry i can not open the door for you." She looked down at the rabbit "i have a picky little fur ball who doesnt want to move." Looking up at Anna the rabbit sneezed and shook his head, Anna whispered "dont give me that you know that you dont like to move very much your so lazy but dont worry i still love you." Anna closed her book about the stars which was written in a unknown language, she waited for the person to come in.
  18. Brian heard a soft voice answer his knock, he slowly opened the door, and let himself in. He walked in a bit, stopping and approaching the woman. He stopped a few feet away and leaned against the wall. He didn't say anything at first, instead he let her aura poke a bit at him. He didn't know if she knew what was going on, but he knew that a conversation always went better if the person was truly interested. After a few moments a small smile came to his lips. He didn't have any worries.

    " Hello, my name is Brian. I'm a first year here but I'm going to be a youth advocate for this semester. So I'm going around and introducing myself to the students. I have to eventually meet everyone, but i'm going to pace myself. ", he chuckled a bit after this, and the swished his head a bit to the side, causing his bangs to swing away from his face.

    " But, I you are most definetely the first person i've approached. So may I ask what your going to be taking? Anything interesting? I'm trying to get a few opinions on what people think of the place to better help me to get associated with the ' mass '. ", a small smirk came to his face and he looked down trying to hide it. He didn't want anything he said to bring up any suspicion so he let the comment kind of fade a way as he waited for her to introduce herself.
  19. anime_girl_elf.jpg
    Arista slowly headed up the steps of the school knawing on her bottom lip. She wasn't good with new surroundings, new people, or just new things in general. She had never left her small town and didn't know how she would feel about this. With a deep breath she looked at the paper she held in her hand with her dorm number on it. As she began to walk she could feel a few eyes on her. She had a feeling that she knew why. Here she was with light blue hair a gold band across her forhead and arm. Plus she she wore shorts and a top that didn't really hide much. "I can do this." She thought to herself. "I know I can." Not long after she reached her dorm and took a deep breath before heading inside. When she entered she noticed no one else their. With great ease she began to unpack. When she was done she decided to head outside. She wanted to scope out the place hoping she could find a place that would be great for dancing. Something she loved to do.
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  20. Anna smiled "my name is Anna and this is also my first year and i guess i should feel special about you comming to me since im not one to go out just to talk." She laughed and then thought for a second "i dont think i am taking anything that is really that strange since well they only sent me here to be around people, they said i spend to much doing my duties and not being a normal girl." She looked down at her Rabbit who had just sneezed and make almost what sounded like a laugh, she gave a face to him "hey dont be so rude i dont need you telling me what my problem is if you where any better at speaking to others then you wouldnt be with me." The rabbit squeeked and then made a coughing sound until the coughing sound became deeper and more human in sound "no i dont think he wants to hear you speak my dear friend so just go back to sleep." She looked up at Brian "sorry i guess its not often you see a girl who talks with a rabbit but well if you know about my people you would find it actually quite normal but enough about me i guess you wanted me for something." Anna was smiling but she knew something was up with this guy it wasnt often that she got this feeling but when she did something would usually happen that effected time itself.
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