The school for the gifted

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  1. It started off like any day for you until you were snatched up and brought to a strange school that was titled "Gifted School". You look confused as you are taken to a dorm and told this is your new home........
  2. Kira sits in a room locked from the rest of the school watching as students pass by her metal door. Can't they see the big metal door with the girl inside?
    She looks outside her dress falling down to her knees and waits for someone to save her somehow. Now standing she hears the bell and sees couples and singles running to make it in time for their next class. How she wished one day her feet would run across the tiles trying to make it to class How she wished she had a friend. She falls to her knees and uses her claw like nails to scrape the hard cement floor creating another slash mark of over 1000 to show how long she has been here in this one room. Will anyone even notice her she thinks dying to find someone.
  3. Just like any other day, Dom is skateboarding through the halls although he’s been told number of times not to. He passes people and gives them a smile with a nod as he passes. Sometimes he has to Ollie high up over a few people to get past them. Anyone who’s been there a while know what he is like and carries on walking their normal pace while anyone who is new freaks out when he passes.

    As he went round one corner he never noticed someone put up a new direction sign and he smacked straight into it knocking his head clean off which went rolling towards the big metal door. He chuckles as his head rolls “my height” he muttered. His height sometimes is a bad advantage for him but he didn’t care.

    His head stopped outside a big metal door and heard the scratch noise from behind it. He was confused, not on which that there was a Big Metal door but he has never seen this door since he’s been here.

    Dom turned his head round so he can look at the door more clearly. Dom thought it might be an animal behind it waiting to probably be used in a class and thought nothing more of it. It still slightly bothered him he has never seen that door before but first things first he needed to get his body back.

    He looked to see his body standing still with skateboard in his arms. As he thought about it the body moved towards him. He giggle to himself and started making his body move like a stereotypical zombie. Soon enough a new girl bumped into his body, she screamed and ran way.

    This set Dom off and laughed loudly which also made his body fall with his hands holding his stomach.
  4. Kira looks at the boy dazed Does he see me?
    She laughs a bit at the sight of him and tries to say hi but the metgal door lets no sound through. Noticing this she looks for something anything that she could write with but to no prevail. She simply waves.
  5. Iris was wandering down the halls of the school, she wanted to get to class but they didn't start for another day... She was bored, and most of the others around here didn't really like to associate with her for fairly obvious reasons, then as she was walking past some sort of metal door, something about it caught her attention. She could swear she'd never seen that door before during her time in this school, perhaps it's because she's just never been down this particular hallway before. "What secret do you hide..." she thought, she was about to place a hand on the door when she heard a rather loud laugh, which distracted her. She turned around to spot a light green skinned boy clutching his stomach and rolling on the ground with laugher. "What's so funny?" She asks him, a little annoyed about the entire interruption, but rather curious now what he found so funny.
  6. Kira puts her hand on the doors window also showing mechanical wings in the background. 2 people? Kira looks astonished that they are there no one has ever noticed her door or her before. she looks at the boy on the ground confused what is he doing? Then looks at the girl who seems friendly but just a bit annoyed with the boy. Kira paces around the room trying to think of a way to grab their attention. Finally she got it She taps on the window loudly about 10 times and looks out seeing if she had finally grabbed their attentions. ((your welcome))
  7. Breathing heavily he noticed the female cyborg. He laughed harder realising she hasn’t even noticed the body hasn’t even got a head. He kept giggling as he spoke “Hey up chick, my head’s underneath you give me a hand. I can’t stop giggling”
  8. Hmmmmmm..... Did I tap loud enough? Kira Taps another 10 times

  9. "Hmph, and I thought you just didn't have one to begin with." Iris said with a wry smile, then she looked around, locating his head not too far from his body, picking it up and placing it ontop of it... "There, is that better?" She asked him, but before either of them could say anything more, a tap came from the door, followed by 10 more... Iris whipped around, scrutinizing that door she decided she'd find out what's behind that thing, forgetting momentarily about the boy whom she had been walking with, she placed a hand on the door. She could practically "feel" the lines of code making up the locking mechanism of it, though it was far more complex than the average electronic lock, which made her all the more curious what's behind it. Closing her eyes, she began to alter the code, trying to over-ride the door's programming which kept the thing closed, and after about 15 minutes, she felt something click within the door...
  10. Dom swivelling his shoulders and used his hands to do the minor adjustments he was in one piece again. He took a few deep breaths and finally has now stopped his giggling fits.

    Dom smiled to the female cyborg “Thank……..” He cut of midsentence cause she walked over to the door. “Hey!” he shouted walking up to the door after her. “Name’s Dom whatcha doing”. There was complete silence. Soon enough there was a click and then he realised what she was doing. As the door clicked he turned to the female cyborg and whispered “Have you seen this door before”
  11. Iris shook her head "No... Not that I remember anyways." She finished her sentence quite curtly, as she was curious about what was behind the door, though she stopped for a moment "My name's Iris by the way, Dom." She told him, after all, just because she was busy with the door doesn't mean she couldn't hear what he had said to her. Then, without another word, she pushed on the door, wondering if that was the way it's opened.
  12. Kira looked at the girl and boy seeing the new found freedom that she could feel. Her mechanic wings turned into hands of sorts and they waved hello. She was overjoyed with the world in front of her, her ears twitched listening to these new sounds, her tail swayed, and her eyes traveled from place to place trying to figure out the place she had been released into.
  13. As the door slowly swung open Dom nodded to Iris and replied “pleased to meet you”. He turned facing the open door curious of what animal was in there but was astonished of what he saw.

    It was human and she waved, Dom put on his cheesiest grin on and waved back using his skateboard “Hey up, what you doing in here I’m Dom” He quickly pointed to Iris “This is Iris, she unlocked the door”
  14. Iris observed the girl who had been locked behind the door for who knows how long, she looked like a sort of cyborg herself... But she the way her mechanical parts behaved were quite peculiar indeed, they weren't something she'd ever seen before. She was about to talk when Dom decided to talk, he had quite a cheesy grin on his face when she turned to look at him though she was thankfull he at least introduced her. Turning back to the girl she looked at her curiously the electronics signals the girl gave off were also foreign to her, they weren't from any programming language she'd heard of, or even read about yet... "Who might you be?" She asked, cocking her head a little, her voice sounded a little softer than it usually was.
  15. "Well Thank you both Im Kari!" The mechanic hands on karis back keep waving for about a minute and then become mechanical wings. "Where am i?"
  16. The wings on karis back seem to have blue lights on them then form into a point, they also seem to be reshapable at will. There is also a bandage on her right hand covering something most likely. The dress she wears is dark black with vines on the bottom that go only to her knees. Her ears are black with pink inside and her tail is black. Her hair is blue as is her eyes and she has a soft complexion and her smile seems to be quite cheery.
  17. "Well... Kari, you're at the school of the gifted." Iris said, she looked confused why Kari wasn't already aware of where she was... Could she have been stuck in that room for that long, without any notice of where she was? If that was the case, then what reason would anyone have of doing something like this to another living being...
  18. Dom’s cheeky smile faded away, he looked at Iris then back to Kari “Kari…… who put you in here and why?”

    Dom wasn’t happy with this no one derives to be locked up for god knows how long.
  19. Kari looks at dom and her smile fades away slowly, "I was known as a national threat i have been in that room for about 10 years if i recall". her eyes turn from a calming light blue to a dark menacing blue. " I dont really understand why" Kari looks at a bush and blue flames burst out of no where turning it to ashes "oops".
  20. "They never taught you how to use your power... Have they?" Iris said, noticing the bush that had just been incinerated by some sort of pyrokinesis or something... Again, it wasn't something she was familiar with, she'd only been taught about electronics and combat. Though what she did know was that the government often was responsible for rash decisions, and Kari's lack of proper control over her powers might just be because of one of them.
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