The Return of King and his Guild(open to all)

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  1. Years ago a man named King lived in a place known as Etheris. He, like most people of Etheris, could wield the power of an element. In his case it was Darkness. The guild became established and went on for some time until an unfortunate accident occurred causing King to shut the guild down and went to the human world known as Earth. There his past followed him and all past aspects of the guild followed him and ended up dead for one reason or another. Now, after returning to Etheris with his now human wife Kat, King has decided to reopen the guild and keep it open. He has decided to call the guild Volculan which means "Undying" or "Immortal" in Etherian.

    Character Sheet:
    Elemental Power(or if your character was born without one a skill they are good at)-

    Elemental Power-Darkness
    Personality-Strong willed and open minded. Isn't afraid of a challenge and will always protects his friends and guild members. Naturally born leader and can be both compassionate and ruthless when he needs to be.

    Elemental Power-No powers do to being a human, but helps keeps the guild clean and food ready for it's members.
    Personality-Shy and kind hearted. Still getting use to Etheris and elemental powers so she's jumpy a lot of the time. Even though she has no powers, she's willing to help out King and the guild in anyway she can.
  2. Name- Lilsy Archness
    Gender- Female
    Age- 25
    Elemental Power- Electricity
    Personality- Very hyper and jumpy. She easily jumps to conclusions but only takes action if told to or if needed. She defends her friends and anyone in the guild, especially Kat and King. If anything goes wrong, they are her first priority.
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  3. Name: Gekido Senketsu
    Gender: male
    Age: 21
    Elemental power: Air
    Personality: very shy and introverted. Some times can be very erratic and unpredictable especially when around lilsy. He is powerful, but only uses the power when King tells him too. Has great resect and admiration for King and Kat.
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  4. King walks out with Kat by his side and sees the first two of what he hoped was a fresh start to the guild.

    "Welcome Lilsy and Gekido to Volculan. I can already sense by ya'lls power this guild will achieve it's former glory. Lucas, our previous lighting mage, would be happy to see someone such as yourself Lilsy. As for you Gekido, Windia our air mage would have loved your company." King moved around and shook the new members hands and hugged them. He was glad to see new faces.

    "Now...though we only have four members so far, we have been commissioned an extremely high paying job that if we complete will allow us to rebuild our guild greatly." He moves towards the center of the small guild main hall and then looks at both Lilsy and Gekido. "Who amongst you is ready to quest and bring glory not only to yourself, but to Volculan as well!?"
  5. Lilsy was ecstatic. She's ready to go. Get the guild back to it's former glory and serving under King. She would do anything to protect Volculan and King. She takes a step forward. "I would gladly take this quest King! It would be a great honor!" She smiles.
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  6. "Wait! I'm here! Sorry, I'm....a little...late." The new girl heaved as she slowed from running into the room. After regaining her composure, she stood up and smiled, facing Lilsy and Gekido and sticking out her hand for a shake. "Anyways, hi! I'm Carson!"

    Name: Carson Raines
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Elemental Power: Fire
    Personality: Carson is very bubbly and energetic. She is a great socialite and is adept at making and keeping friends. However, she can be a bit of a hot-head, getting angry whenever she feels threatened or she fails to be first in a contest or competition.
  7. Lilsy smiles and shakes Carson's hand. "Nice to meet you Carson. I'm Lilsy."
  8. King saw the girl and smile.

    "Ah...Carson I have heard of you. Great fire mage with lots of potential from what I hear. Fitz, the original fire mage, would have enjoyed a fight with you." HE shook her hand and gave her a hug as well.

    "Well...unless anyone else wishes to say something, or make a late introduction...may I inform us of our mission?" He asked looking at everyone.
  9. Name: Rin Kiyomizu
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Elemental power: Water/ice
    Personality: She is calm the moste of the time but sudenly she can turn super angry, happy, sad etc. She is cold towards people befor she knows them but when she knows some one beter she become more open but still a little cold and reserved. She is not the friendly type but very loyal.
  10. A girl run in to the guild panting.
    "I'm very sorry...I'm..late but, I had somthing important to do." She said while trying to regaine her breath. She let her blue eyes sweep over the people in the guild.
    "I'm Rin and it's not a pleasure to met any of you but King and Kat." The tall girl said in a monotone voice.
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  11. Carson leaned toward Lilsy and whispered in her ear, "What's up with this chick?" Lilsy shrugged, but they both stood at attention when King cleared his voice.
  12. Gekido stood slightly away from the crowd in the center of the room. He didnt want to upset anyone by taking the quest. As he stood, his eyes fell on King and Kat. They were his role models. Gekido played with a leaf, blowing it up and down, trying not to be a bother.
  13. Lilsy clenches her hands into fists, trying to stay calm and happy. She hears Carson ask her what Rin's problem was but she just shrugs. "I don't know but it was very bold and rude for her to say it in front of everyone." She whispers to Carson.
  14. Gekido heard what Rin had said. He stood suddenly walk to join the group. He stopped, first to bow to King. "please forgive me for this, King" Then he turned and looked at Rin, his storm grey eyes colder then Ice. " Yes you may not trust any of us yet, but that gives you no right to talk to your fellow guild members in that way, especially in front of the whole assembly. If you have a problem, deal with it personally not in a disrespectful rude tone." The air swirled around him a little as he spoke and waited for the girls reaction.
  15. Lilsy grins and tries to hold in a laugh. Her blue eyes spark electricity, showing her happiness. "I'm sorry but I agree. No one deserves to be treated that way unless they are the enemy. I don't see any enemies here but instead allies and future friends. Maybe if we close enough we could even be called family." Lilsy smiles at Rin.
  16. King saw what was about to happen and was wanting none of it.

    "Enough!" He shouted as he stood between Gekido and Rin. A dark aura was created around his as his power began to physical manifest itself. He first turned towards Gekido to speak.

    "Relax...tearing the guild apart with our powers won't look good to Volculan. Violence isn't always needed." King then turned and looked at Rin.

    "I swear by the Elements if Glace and Terra could have a kid, both being women that couldn't be possible, you would be there kid Rin. I have heard a lot about you. Both Water and Ice powers. Impressive. Your ability to make such bold moves in front of your fellow guild mates reminds me of Glace. Cold as ice as well she was. Your respect towards me and me only reminds me of Terra." King then turned and moved so he could look at everyone at once so he could finished speaking.

    "Now I know Volculan is just starting back up, and we're slowly gaining members, but we shouldn't tear ourselves apart already. Back in the day, the old guild, if we had issues with one another we took it outside and had ourselves a friendly brawl to release the tension. We were a very happy, and dysfunctional family because of the many different types of people we had. Being dysfunctional isn't a bad thing because it means we have variety. We may not always like one another, but in the end we are all family here in Volculan." King had more he could of said, but the matter of the quest needed to explained.
    He gave everyone a few minutes to get one last word in before he explained what was about happen with the quest.
  17. "Im sorry, King" Gekido bowed low to the guild master. As the wind died down, he looked up at King."please forgive me, Air is very unpredictable and i am still learning how to completely control it. I am sorry for the disrespect." Gekido turned quickly to retreat back to the corner of the room to hide, when someones hand landed on his shoulder.
  18. Lilsy quickly walks after Gekido and puts her hand on his shoulder. "Don't go off and hide."
  19. Gekido looked at Lilsy then at the ground."Im...not very good with people...." He said. continueing to look at the ground he thought of all the times he had embarrassed himself in front of people.
  20. "Well these people, even if they aren't yet, are your friends. They won't bite." Lilsy laughs. "Except probably give you the cold shoulder."
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