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    It was midday. The sun was high over the pride lands. Every creature thriving and doing their own things. Lavallia and Distani were relaxing by the waters edge of the large watering hole that lay in the middle of the pride lands. Well, Lavallia was. Distani was busy chasing a bug that happened to be crawling over a large stick laying not too far off from the waters edge. Lavallia watched her daughter lovingly as she wiggled her hind end in the air, lowering herself to the ground. She knew that Distani was going to pounce on the poor little bug. Distani did just that. She began to eat her catch too. Lavallia let out a little laugh as Distani spit the bug out promptly, and ran over for a drink. After that was taken care of, Distani deciding that the bug was gone from her taste buds she ran over to her mother.

    "MOM! MOM! Can I go play with the other cubs?" Lavallia raised a brow. "I'm not sure. How do I know you won't get into trouble?" Distani giggled and nipped at her mothers paw."Because I'll stay inside the path Dad marked." Distani knew the marked path meant that she was crossing into the outlands if she went past it. Lavallia thought about it for a moment then cocked her head. "Why don't you go find Veran? He might play with you, THEN if he doesn't you can go play with the other cubs okay?" Distani licked her mothers cheek and ran off too excited to say thank you even. Veran was a big brother to her. She loved spending time with him. So that was the better ultimatum in her eyes.
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  2. Holland's hanging about on his own near pride rock. He pounces along the smaller rocks and kicks some of the tinier ones around. He looks to the clouds above in the sky and then out across the whole Pridelands area.
  3. Chimalsi paced along the borders of the outlands trying to remember the last time he had anything good to eat. He had often considered sneaking into the pridelands to hunt but never thought it was a good idea until now. He placed his paw on the pride land soil and an evil grin swept across his face, it was the first time he had ever been in the pridelands as he was born in the outlands. He followed the hoof prints of a herd of zebra and crouched down in the long grass as he did so.
  4. Holland catches sight of Chimalsi while pouncing around upon the rocks. He knows he's never seen Chimalsi around before, therefore suspects that Chimalsi must be from the outlands. Holland ducks behind one of the larger sized rocks to conceal himself from being spotted. He had heard of the lions from the outlands and knows about the law of the pridelands prohibiting those of the outlands from being able to legally come over to the pridelands under any circumstances, unless a procedure is taken to prove them acceptable. Holland being just a cub, is nervous about taking on an adult lion like Chimalsi by himself. Yet no other adult lions from the pridelands are nearby. He decides to just keep his eye on Chimalsi for the time being, so he continues to watch him carefully from behind the large rock.
  5. Tor was lounging on a rock near the watering hole, his eyes halfway closed and his mouth open a bit. Korula was a few feet away from him pretending to snooze, while Ajura crept along behind her and prepared to pounce on her mothers hind quarters. He chuckled softly, as Korula tried to make herself look even more 'unaware', by pressing her chin to the ground, and trying to go with the 'half lidded' look.
    Finally after about five minutes of preparing and re-preparing herself, Ajura flung herself forward but miscalculated her leap so she flew into her father's side with a loud squeak.
    "Nice try, little one." Tor said, to his disappointed daughter. "Why don't you go wrestle with your cousin instead? Or Holland?" He suggested, and she nodded enthusiastically, and scampered off.

    Ajura soon found herself less than three feet away from Lavallia and she grinned wide, as an idea popped into her head. She ducked low to the ground and then jumped up quickly, yelling, "LAVALLIA! HII!"
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  6. The sun sat high in the sky, bathing all of the pride lands in warmth. Denali jumped down from the rock he sat on to watch over the pride as they lounged around the watering hole. He walked toward the water's edge where Lavallia lay and nuzzled the side of her head then took a drink. He had learned to enjoy these quiet moments when all was peaceful and no immediate conflict was occurring. He greeted the other lioness and scouted the area for any possible trouble. He was satisfied with the silence and headed back toward his queen.

    "It seems the usual trouble is on vacation," he mused as he sat beside Lavallia. "I'm sure this should bring me some relief but I'm just as nervous as ever..." Denali sighed and laid down with his chin of the ground between his paws. "I like to see my pride being so relaxed." He smiled at the queen.


    Beyond the pride land's border, a lioness stalked the unkempt grounds of the outlands for some form of nutrition. A cub chewed on a root sticking out from the ground. She rolled her eyes and walked on in search of something with a little more substance. That's when it caught her eye- a tiny field mouse. The lioness moved in for the kill when another male pounced before she did and snatched up her prey. Afia's eyes flew open and she charged toward the offending male.

    She stopped herself just before coming within a yard of him and took several steps back. "This is pathetic," she growled. "Fighting over a tiny mouse should be beneath me." She turned away and walked back into a cave further into the putlands.
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  7. Holland continues to keep a close eye on Chimalsi's actions from behind the rock that he's using to conceal himself from Chimalsi's sight. Chimalsi doesn't seem to be doing much of anything suspicious at the current moment, but seeing how Chimalsi's eyeing the group of Zebra ahead of him, Holland watches him still. Holland thinks in his mind as he watches Chimalsi ~"If it comes to the point where I'll have to face him, right now it's only him on the opposing side, so it'll be one on one, which is fair. Though he's still an adult lion whereas I'm just a lion cub. Granted I've been on my own for about a year now so I've learned how to handle myself in rough situations, having had my share of battles and many of them. But experience wise since he's an aldult he's still got the advantage in that area over me."~
  8. Lavalliw nuzzled her king, returning his affection. She knew he was worried. It had been pretty quiet around the pridelands so trouble was just around the corner. Her tail flicked at a fly as she watch Denali get a drink. She smiled when he said the trouble was on vacation. "Indeed it is. So relax. You don't normally get the opportunity. " She leaned her head against his side. She found herself dozing when someone yelled her name. She snarled and jumped up ready to strike when she realized it was her little neice. "Oh, it's only you. I believe your cousin is looking for you." Lavallia knew that Veran would not be confused as her cousin. Not many accepted Veran because he was a hyena. She had raised him since he was a cub.
    Distani could not find her brother, so instead she decided to go search for other cubs. She soon found herself wandering close to the edge of the pridelands. A lion was hunting there so she turned to leave before she noticed that the lion was not one that she knew. So instead she lowered herself in the tall grass, to watch the lion.
  9. Chimalsi felt eyes watching him as he stalk the herd of zebra but he was not leaving there land until he had caught something to eat. He mumbled to himself before jumping out of the bushes and charging at the herd.
  10. Ajura giggled nervously, when her Aunt turned on her and nodded quickly before scampering off. "I probably shouldn't surprise others like that." She mumbled to herself. She spotted a grasshopper springing up from the grass and decided to stalk it. After awhile however, she grew bored with the game and went off to find Distani. She raised her muzzle to the air like she had seen her mom do, and tried to catch her cousin's scent. A small wiff, graced her nose and she charged in the direction that it came. She spotted her cousin, crouched in the grass and approached her from behind, forgetting her earlier experience with her aunt. "Distani!" She whisper yelled. "Wanna play--Who's that?" She asked, interrupting herself when she saw the adult lion going after a zebra.
  11. Holland looks over a little ways hearing Ajura from where he is at the large rock and he sees Distani and says to himself ~ "Good grief..What's Princess Distani doing over here?..She could get hurt being so close to the outlands border and one of their lions is already within our territory..but none the less..even if it is just one of them, Ajura better be quiet if she knows what's good for her. It won't be good if that lion spots us over here."~ Holland turns his attention back to watching Chimalsi and sees he's now charging at the herd of zebra in front of him. He knows, while watching Chimalsi do this, that the pride land king, Denali, would not be happy if any of the pride land animals were to get killed by any of the outland inhabitants, especially considering they aren't even supposed to cross into the pride land territory in the first place.
  12. Distani shushed Ajura upon hearing her get close enough. "It's an outlander." She whispered under her breath to Ajura. "Let's watch him hunt. Don't go tell on him either! Look at him. I can see his bones it's gross. He needs to eat too. Besides I think he's going to chase it into the outlands. That way the kill is legal. If he doesn't and we are asked, that's what happened. The zebra crossed into the outlands." She stood and began to walk back towards the pride lands. "I mean it Ajura. He's probably got cubs to feed. Why else would he break our laws. Do not tell my daddy okay?" She cast a final glance over her shoulder at the lion hunting the zebra.
    Niluna was just returning from her three day journey. She dragged a dead gazelle with her. She had hunted a log way away for the gazelle, near a different pride not anywhere near the prides where she was exiled from. It would be enough to feed the lone cubs and that was it. She luckily managed to catch a small bird to tame her own growling stomach. She realized that the gazelle would not be safe to eat if she dragged it too much further, so she ran. bringing the animal to the outlands where the cubs were. Another lioness came up snarling to try to take it, but she snarled and slashed at her face. Not willing to give the meal to any one other than the cubs. Yes she knew the adults were starving as well, but they should think to hunt away from the pridelands just as she did.
  13. Holland watches Chimalsi closely as he hunts. He looks back for a minute and sees Ajura and Distani still in the area but getting a safer distance away where they would be less likely to get spotted by Chimalsi. He then turns his attention back to watching Chimalsi doing his hunt again and watches him very carefully.
  14. (I'll come find you later Ajura for Distani and Ajura to play...)

    Distani smelled something and stopped dead. But before she could say anything she heard the familiar call of her aunt. She was calling Ajura. Probably bath time. She flicked her tail at Ajura. "Remember not a word." She then watched as she went off to her mother. Distani turned back around, looking for the source of the smell, she spotted Holland. She knew Holland had seen her. She quietly approached him silently. "Hey Holland." She whispers under her breath as she approaches as silently as possible.
  15. Denali, finding it a little difficult to ignore the peace, decided to take a stroll across the plains to ease his mind. "I'll be back before sun down," he told Lavallia. With a sigh he walked out into the plains to clear his mind. He walked by a heard of grazing antelope and smiled to himself. "How could I not be grateful for this peace in the pridelands? There must be something wrong... Maybe I'm missing something..." He stopped to look in the direction of the outlands. "There hasn't been any out of the ordinary activity but it wouldn't hurt to take a look around." Denali ran toward the place on the horizon where the ground shed it's green coloring for a dark, earthy tone. He meant no trouble, only to scout.


    In the caves of the outlands an afflicted Afia lay among the rocks and termites whom she she found little pleasure in flicking away. It was at least much cooler inside the caves so her hunger was reduced by a bit. She racked her brain for something to do to take her mind off her growling stomach. Her ears flicked under the spot of sunlight coming through the broken foo of the caves. She had been born into this poverty and yet as a child it had seemed so much better. It was at times like this that she longed for the simplicity of being a cub again. Alas...

    Afia rolled her eyes and went back outside to possibly find something or think of something more satisfying. As she emerged from the caves she saw another lioness, Niluna, she thought her name was, dragging a gazelle. Her eyes widened at the sight and she hesitated before approaching. She must have gone through a lot to get a catch like that. Afia swallowed the lump in her throat and dared to approach the other lioness. "You might not want to be hearing this right now, but where did you get this gazelle?" She walked beside her as she talked.
  16. Holland turns at the sound of Distani speaking to him and says "Hey Princess Distani. How's everything been going?"
  17. She saw the lioness approaching she was an older lioness, and she didn't really bother her much. When she asked where the gazelle came from Niluna put it down and sat her paw on it. Then she placed her other paw on it. It's not that she didn't trust Afia, it's that she didn't trust the others around there not to try to steal it out of hunger. Her eyes met Afia's. "I traveled for three days, to land that belonged to another pride of lions. I hunted enough for the cubs and left. I didn't let any of them see me. I figured it would be easier to get. I think it's disgraceful that I have to hunt on someone else's land, just because Denali wont let us hunt on his. The cubs will die if we don't find them food. I did what I had to do." She watched Afia carefully, waiting for her to scold her. Tell her that stealing from another pride was immoral. She didn't care though. It would be worth it, to see the cubs survive.
    Distani smiled to Holland, then jerked her chin in the direction of the outlander. "Look at him. It's saddening. I can see his bones sticking out. I"m sure you have seen not only him, but myself and Ajura watching him. I warned her to let him take his kill and to keep her mouth shut. I don't want my father to know."
    Lavallia watched Denali walk away. The lion never could keep himself still for more than a moment. He needed to put his mind to ease. Always worried about his pride. How could she not love him for that? She stood and took a sip of water, then went to find what her sister was doing.
  18. Afia stopped next to Niluna. She kept her eyes on the lioness and not her kill so as not to offend. Her eyes widened when Niluna told her where she had captured the gazelle. She glanced at the gazelle then her eyes met the other lioness' once again. "That was dangerous... What if they had seen you?" Afia shook her head and stood. "I understand what you mean though, this is not the best place for raising cubs." She sighed deeply. "Just make sure you don't go and get yourself killed." She nodded then turned and walked away. Niluna had gone way beyond the border of the outlands to hunt. Afia looked toward the horizon, her thoughts straying for a moment. "No... That's not me either."


    Denali ran toward that border between the pridelands and outlands with his eyes fixed for any movement. He did not want to start any conflict but if someone was found in his territory he would deal with them curtly. He slowed into a weak trot then a slow stride as he got closer. Denali stayed a few feet from the border so as not to seem too imposing and walked along the length of it. His eyes scanned the area for some abnormality. He paced the border for a while, just to make sure there truly was nothing. As satisfied as he knew he would be, Denali eventually turned around to go inspect the lands closer to hyena driven territory. They were sure to be doing something wrong.
  19. Holland "Yeah I saw you watching him as I have for a while now. And I agree. It's very saddening that the lions of the outlands, cubs included, aren't able to have enough to go around hardly if much at all on their end. I may be a pridelander and we may have a lot of rations to go around among us food wise. But I'm still an orphan, and experience wise, I'm making use of my own skills and tactics I've learned to survive each and every day. I know the fight for survival rather well due to being on my own for the past year. So I can relate to him in this case, the case of doing what one needs to do in order to survive." He then continues to watch Chimalsi close along with her and says "Don't worry. I won't say a word. But, reguardless on if we squeal on him or not, if King Denali catches sight of the outland lion himself, then the outland lion is going to be in a whole lot of trouble."

    Over in the outland territory, an orphan male cub of the outlands, Spencer, is just strolling around. He comes across the location where he sees Afia and Niluna. He ducks behind one of the bushes and then looks back after concealing himself from sight, and sees the gazelle that Niluna caught. He blinks his eyes at the sight of the dead gazelle and how big it is.
  20. (That was complete and utter godmod, but whatever...)

    Ajura flattened her ears and trudged off in the direction of where she had last seen her mother. She hated when people bossed her around especially when she hadn't done anything yet! She wasn't going to tattle! She was practically the same age as Holland and Distani, but they were always treating her like she was freshly weened or something!
    When she returned to her mother side, she snuggled up to her and stared into the distance angrily resolving to ignore her cousin for the rest of the day. All she had wanted to do was play!
    "What's wrong, little fluff ball?" Her mother inquired, using the nickname she had given her daughter.
    "Distani--" Ajura began, but stopped, remembering what her cousin had said. "Nothing..." She muttered.
    Korula frowned, but didn't press the matter. Her daughter would tell her when she was ready. She pulled her daughter towards her and set her between her front paws as she began to groom her. Usually Ajura would have been squirming and complaining, but this time she was staying comepltely still and glaring at the dirt beneath her paws.

    - - - - - -

    Tor was patrolling. Well sort of. It was more like he was taking a stroll while on guard for any danger. Not that that was very likely. The pridelands had been extremely peaceful, for a long time. No hyena trouble and no outlander intrusions. Just the way he liked it.
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