The Outer Reaches of Space

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  1. The year is 2384, travel and life among the stars are commonplace, planets of all sizes and wildly varying climates and inhabitants exist. But you all knew that right?

    This RP is somewhat of a revival of an old RP I was in that died I think three times and I can't help but beat a dead horse and just try again but with my own variations and whatnot. The idea is that there is a mercenary hiring crew for his ship, doctors, engineers, more mercenaries, the whole shebang.

    It'll be somewhat plot driven but I encourage input from the players to really steer the course of it all, and along with that the universe is up to you, be as imaginative as you possibly can create technology beyond your wildest dreams (it is Science FICTION after all.) Alien races of all shapes, sizes and strange languages and weird cultures.

    With that disjointed intro aside I'd like to see some interest in this before I go any further, questions, comments and concerns are appreciated.
  2. I think you're premise is a bit broad, but the freedom and creativity it offers is just as delicious as always (I'm a sucker for adventure Sci-Fi).
  3. I'm interested
  4. Suhweeet, well I'll see if this gets anymore interest over the course of me sleeping but expect the OOC/sign up tomorrow sometime with more information as to what this is all about.
  5. I think I'd be interested. How about an artificial lifeform (android) that serves aboard the ship?
  6. Yeah I so believe there is room for an AI on the ship.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Outer Reaches of Space (OOC/Signup) |

    Link to the thread, it's a Work in Progress due to me having to go to work but I'll update it sometime this afternoon sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. Thread's been updated, there will be more to come but feel free to start working on them CS's
Thread Status:
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