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  1. I have an idea for an anime/manga crossover RP, tournament style! I have the story planned out and everything! But before I get ahead if myself, I want to be sure that I'll have the right amount of players first. I'm looking for at least 6 players, but I'm hoping to have a max of 12.

    Rules: the usual rules of the RP section, with the exception of no OP characters, to an extent. Power in anime/manga standards is different than the regular standard level of power, so there will be quite a few OP characters allowed. So, yes, if you wish, you may sign up as a DBZ character if you want.

    Story: a high-omnipotent, interdemensional being, known as the Midnight Lord, has started the multiverses biggest tournament ever. The grand prize? The winners get to keep their homeworld! That's right, every contestant is fighting, not only for their lives, but also the lives of everyone on their respective planets. Every contestant in the tournament is either the strongest fighter on their planet, or one of the strongest fighters on their planet. Do the contestants have a choice on whether or not they will fight? Of course not!! Their worlds are on the line, after all! Hell, they don't even have a choice of whether or not they attend! As soon as the tournament starts, they are all pulled into the Midnight Lord's demension, and forced to fight. :3

    Character sheet:

    Name: Vampire Hunter D

    Gender: male

    Age: 18

    Species: Dhampir (half vampire)

    Anime/Manga of Origin: Vampire Hunter D

    Personality: D is very calm, cool,and level headed. He usually keeps his emotions bottled up and avoids forming attatchments to anybody he comes into contact with. Yet, despite this, he is very loyal and recklessly brave for those he calls friend.

    Weapons/Abilities: a large curved sword, wooden stakes, and his left hand. He has many different powers, most of which will be revealed in the tournament.

    Appearence: IMG_0402.JPG

    And one more thing! I plan on making this a tough, badass tournament of extremely strong and powerful characters, so if you decide to join, I would suggest you choose wisely. :3
  2. Name: Dark Schneider

    Gender: male

    Age: 400+

    Species: artaficial human/Adam of Darkness

    Anime/Manga of Origin: Bastard!!

    Personality: very cocky and arrogant, loves women and sex. if you piss him off he will beat you to a pulp and test out new spells on you. although, underneath all the boasting and pride he is a kind-hearted person... he just hides it very well.

    Weapons/Abilities: he weilds a flame demon sword called Efreet, and can call forth a gigantic demon mech called "Demon Knight Lucifer", which amplifies his powers many fold.

    in terms of abilities, he has dozens of powerful and potent spells. some can reduce the opponent to scraps of flesh, others can dessintegrate you with millions of degrees of heat, depends on how he's feeling.

  3. Accepted!! Welcome to the RP.

    Now we just need at least 4 more players...

    Any takers?
  4. Count me in. I have two characters up my mind, it'll take a while to decide...
  5. Cool. Let me know when your ready to sign up, ok?

    Also, what 2 characters are you thinking of?
  6. Silver Crow from Accel World, along with- alright, just Silver Crow.
  7. Alright...but is he strong enough to compete in the tournament?
  8. Well, I believe he is. He's real fast despite being made from pure silver.
  9. Well, if you say so...

    But if you know anyone else on the forums who might be interested in this tournament, could you do me a favor and point them in this direction?
  10. I will try.
  11. Alright, thanks.
  12. Oooh!
    I want in!
    Are we allowed to be kinda silly characters, or does it have to be serious?
  13. Hmm...depends, are they powerful enough to survive? If not, then it wont matter if their super silly or super serious, either way they wont last long, lol.
  14. Name: Monkey D. Luffy

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Species: Human

    Anime/Manga of Origin: One Piece

    Personality: Luffy is not the most intelligent person you'll ever meet, but he's definitely one of the bravest. He would be willing to do anything to help out a friend, even if it means giving his life. He is very relaxed and carefree, but pretty stubborn. In the heat of battle, he is actually quite intelligent and always finds a way to defeat his opponent, no matter how strong they are.

    Weapons/Abilities: Luffy ate the Gum-Gum Fruit as a child, making his body essentially rubber. He can stretch any part of his body at will. He fights using his hands, feet, and even head on occasion. Apart from his Devil Fruit powers, he also is very strong and agile, capable of breaking stone with just a punch.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    I will be playing as Luffy from the beginning of the series, as I haven't read too much of the manga.
  15. Well...accepted, but are you sure you wanna pick Luffy? I mean, so far my character, D, and Chaotic_Sole's character, Dark Schneider, are both powerful enough to solo the whole DBZ cast...

    He's a badass character, dont get me wrong, but...if he makes it to D or DS, he isnt winning...if that happens, I could nerf them for the occasion, if you insist on using him, though.
  16. Nah, he'll be fine.
    He's tough as nails.
  17. Yeah, he's tough all right...but compared to those guys, he's not really a threat, even at his current level, to be honest...

    But if your sure, then your accepted as Luffy. Welcome to the RP.
  18. Name: Silver Crow

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Species: Burst Linker

    Anime/Manga of Origin: Accel World

    Personality: Silver Crow is a pretty brave avian warrior, but he has a timid, crybaby side that remains from his past experiences. He is very protective of his allies and will not forgive or show mercy to those who are cruel or deceptive.

    Weapons/Abilities: He is made from pure silver. His primary ability is flight, which gives him an advantage over those since he is the only one capable of flight in his world. His newly acquired Metatron Wings grant him higher and faster flight. His other ability, optical conduction, allows him to absorb, reflect, and launch light-based attacks like lasers from his body. His Incarnate System abilities, at its most basic state, is 'Laser Sword' and relevant variants. The Incarnate System runs on willpower. He is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
    As a metal-coloured avatar, he is resistant to slice damage, heat damage and cold damage. He is more vulnerable to smash damage and electric damage.

    Appearence: He is the mechanical being on the left. He is also seen with a pink pig as depicted. No one really knows the purpose of this pink pig.
  19. Accepted! Welcome to the RP. Now all we need is at least 2 more players to begin.
  20. Reserving for Edward Elric.
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