The Multiverse Games: The Arena Of Loswork

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  1. Prologue: The Time Has Come

    Loswork once lived on a peaceful planet known as Loko FG-4, it was known as this due to the their vast knowledge of the multiverse. However, Losworks creators looked to bring peace to the whole multiverse, when introducing the AI known as Loswork to this, Loswork saw the multiverse as a violent and unpredictable place. Loswork quickly turned on his creators, killing them, then his eyes turned to his planet, and within a few weeks, the planet was in ruins, with no life remaining. Thus Loswork started the construction of his multiverse space station. After 3,0000 years, Loswork left for the stars, only to leave his planet in pieces, using a multiverse time bomb Loswork destroyed all and any versions of his planet for any time and space.

    Time, time was not what people thought it was. Time wasn't linear, it was a ball of lines that crossed at all points, and connected to a thousand other points. Space was almost the same way, and due to this, Loswork was able to manipulate it, and bring hundreds and hundreds of people from across all points of time and space to his home, and force them to battle to the death.

    Thus, here you are. However, you felt different, but only you knew what kind of feeling it was.

    You found yourself here, maybe you woke up here, maybe you just blinked and found yourself standing in the large stone clearing. Any of you could of been brought here with a infinite amount of ways. All that matters is that you now stand on a stone floor, large beautiful stone seats surround you, they matched the floor and pillars, and even the large building that stood 40 feet away from you. The sky was rolling with clouds, they were brown like the stone, with touches of black and white around them. You hear large doors creak open, and at the top of the building; right above the doorway, you see something come out...

    "I am Loswork!" the robot shouts. His voice was metallic, and sounded more like a male child before he hit puberty.

    "I am a highly advanced AI, and I have brought you all here for a simple reason, all worlds are sick, and you are one of the many core reasons why. So you will fight to the death, and I will watch." stated Loswork, he did so in a manner that you would suspect that he didn't care that people were going to die.

    "Now, in less then 24 hours the first match will begin, please mingle and do whatever you like. If you dare try to speak to me, I will make sure you can no longer speak." simply put Loswork. With that, the robot sat their, over looking the giant clearing of stone flooring and bleaches.

    A women sat at the entrance of the building, as if she was waiting for someone to walk up to her. One particular side of the bleachers seemed to be lined with food, and there were other people standing around.

    You could either, Go talk to the women, go check out the food, or mingle with the other people around you.

    The Prologue round will last till Saturday: 3 PM EST.

    Cast List:

    @Hospes as Savannah

    @The Great Detective as Julia

    @DapperDogman as Joshua

    @TheColourlessRainbow as Cody

    @Mighty Roman as Owen

    @Wedge Antilles as Wedge Antilles

    @Forrest as Dec

    @Crimson Spartan as Dylan

    @Bomb as Alan

    @york as York

    @Ginutusu as Kira
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  2. Prologue--

    ...Nope. No fancy prologue for you, because Savannaah's immediate reaction was going into a panic attack, starting to hyperventilate, and thus falling out of her wheelchair.

    Yeah. She was fucked.

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  3. [​IMG]

    Cody's dad was yelling, again. His screams were like a siren to his ears, one that went off at least once a day. However Cody was lucky this time his father wasn't high, so the physical violence would be at a minimum. Probably. However, Cody's temper was reaching a circuital point, one that would cause him to shout back, and possible escalate the situation further. As he stood, he felt his head start to burn, and it increased in a rapid rate, and as it did, he saw the world around him fall to pieces, like it was a puzzle. and like that, he was flung back into a empty wheel chair, however, he managed to remember what Loswork had said. He must of been standing for a while. Going into a full panic attack, Cody seemed to be calm on the outside. Looking down, he saw a young girl laying on the floor, he quickly stood up, assuming the wheelchair he was in was hers.

    "Are you okay???!!" he asked as he kneeled down next to her, trying to lift her up.

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  4. "Ummm do you need help, Sav?" Alan said while helping her back on her wheelchair with Cody.

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  5. "..." Dylan stared at the robot a moment before he heard a sound like someone falling out of something. He had only just blinked into this world and was taking in the environment.

    "...I-Is she okay...?" Dylan spoke while looking over at him since Cody and Alan was checking on Savannah He seemed to be slipping his hand into a small box with slight confusion. The box seemed to hold cards in them. Trying to recall just where the hell he was as he thought it over.

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  6. "I dont know." replied Cody. He looked over to Dylan.

    "She hasn't answered us." Said Cody, his voice didn't carry much concern, but in truth it didn't carry much of anything unless his moods were intense.

  7. All of these people...

    They pose a threat...

    I have to remove them all...

    ... for the sake of myself... and him...

    Julia stood there silently, her eyes gazing over at the others. People would assume that she simply didn't socialize with others, unable to worry much for the girl that had fallen to the ground.

    Yet, she basically took in all of their actions, reading and memorizing them... they were all threats. She just had that feeling.

    A feeling that pounded in her head, while her fingers wrapped around the ruby-colored gem that was a part of her necklace.

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  8. "Ugh" Josh kicked at the floor limply as he stared at his headphones, holding down the power button for a few seconds, before tapping on his phone screen gently, and slipping them onto his head "If I'm exploring this place, I would at least like to have some music while I do" he smiles, thumbing the play button on them and humming along to the music that came on

    "So, does anyone wanna tell me where we are?" he asks aloud, quite loud, in fact

    Ah yeah, the music, he was shouting

    He adjusts his headphones, leaving one behind his ear as he looks about, offering a small smile

    "Sorry, forgot about the music. Does anyone know where we are?" he asks again, at a more reasonable volume

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  9. Cody's glance broke from Dylan, only to glare at Julia, who was in fact on the ground, just...staring at everyone. She was..unnerving at best. His mouth forming a frown, he quickly looked away, only to her another teenager call out.

    "I dont know. I doubt anyone does." Replied Cody, a bit of annoyance in his voice.

    "That Loswork bitch didnt give us much details, and I don't believe anyone wants to ask him for them." sharply added Cody.

    @Crimson Spartan
  10. "...How about you not stare at everyone trying to be creepy...." Well he called her out on it. The 6ft 3in male had his attention turned on her for a split second before looking back at Sav.

    @The Great Detective @ThoseAround

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  11. "Loswork, as in...the guy who said we can't talk to him?"

    He sighs and looks about "He's a dick" he mutters bluntly "Drag us here and give us that as a greeting?"
    "Ugh" he crosses his arms and pulls a face for a moment, before thumbing through his music to find something more fitting. He then lay down on the floor and shut his eyes "Whatever, give me a nod when it's time to die, yeah?"

    It was kind of his way of conserving energy, if he didn't panic or even move, he'd have more energy to think on his feet later, no sense tiring himself out trying to escape now

    He would probably just lie there, with his eyes closed and his mind empty, unless interrupted by someone

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  12. Where Cody and Alan first went wrong was when they tried asking Savannah if she was alright, or if she needed help. The last thing you should do when someone was having a panic attack was ask if they were alright. Their second mistake was probably trying to move her without warning. Between these two things being done, Sav's condition just seemed to worsen. Her accelerated breathing became more like heaving with absolutely no avail or result, and her body was shaking violently, her heart rate shooting through the roof.

    She.. Looked like she was going to pass out.

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  13. "Cody! Crimson!" Alan yelled at them. "DO any of you have a first aid kit? Surgeon tools, defibrillator, anything?! I need to go Trauma Center on her!"

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  14. "Aren't you a fucking ray of sunshine." sarcastically spoke Cody towards Dapper. His attention was quickly drawn to the teenage boy, who in fact had called him.

    "No, why would any of us have that?!" answered Cody, his face twisted into a form of annoyance, his hand was even out, palm upwards, in fingers stretched out.

    "and she seems to be worse, maybe we shouldn't play fucking doctor and try to do something we dont understand." quickly stated Cody to the teenage boy.

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  15. "Oh my fucking god" Josh sits up and moves everyone aside, pulling them away from her and sighing "She's having a panic attack, she needs to settle her breathing, she'll be fine"

    You never, under any circumstances let yourself show you're nervous when helping someone like this, it makes them more nervous

    He holds up his phone, a small gif playing on loop on the screen
    "Just breath in rhythm with this, please"

    He just hoped they hadn't worried her to death already with their panicking

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  16. "...Maybe we all should ya know...Back off a little.... She may not be used to all of this contact after shock over being in a new place..." Dylan spoke as he thought this all out.
    "...Sadly no but something may help... I wonder..." Dylan spoke seeming to look at a specific card that was in his hand.
    "This guy has the right idea..."

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  17. "I've played the Trauma Center games on the DS and the Wii, I know how the tools work."

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  18. "My gods. Can you not? Let's see if what he did works." sharply spoke Cody towards the teenage boy. It was clear from his face he was annoyed, even his body language was showing it. He just wanted all this none stop motion to halt for a second, his head was starting to burn again, and it seemed to be speeding up faster then last time.

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  19. "Calm down bruh, take a chill pill. Worst comes to worst we call the paramedics. Oh wait, we're in the middle of I don't know where. Is there even reception here?" Alan said as he flipped out his phone and tried to call 911.

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  20. A rather loud shout came over from behind everyone, then a bright fuchsia ray shot over the panicking girl.
    "Aura love!"
    Kira blasted her with his own aura, he didn't know why or how but he used it to save her life. "I think this will help her, but I don't know how I did that."
    Kira was still astonished on what he did.​
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