The Mansion

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  1. Different people of many different kinds wake up to find themselves in a rather large castle. With rooms too numerous to count, these people find out that they have unknown roommates. Will there be friendships forged? Will enemies be made? Will love blossom? Or will hearts be crushed?

    JUMP IN EVERYONE! Have fun, and have at it.
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  4. Kayla woke up in the bed, it felt much bigger and softer than it should be. But she only thought that she were still half a sleep and in such a good mood so it became softer in her mind than it actually were. Without opening her eyes she rose in to sitting position, she swayed to the left and right a couple of times before taking one of her feet's down on the floor. But immediately when she felt the floor under her feet she were certain that something were wrong. Where were the carpet that should be under her feet at the moment? She was completely certain that it had been there when she fell asleep.

    She opened her eyes in a bit of a panic and looked around, it wasn't her room at all. The small room had been replaced by a room that were at least double as big as hers. Everything were different, the bed were much bigger than hers and looked very luxury, her room walls had been in a light grey boring color while this room were in a almost golden yellow.

    Kayla threw herself out of the bed but tripped and fell on the floor, her head turned from right to left to right to left, over and over again she tried to understand where she were and how she had gotten there. She remembered clearly how she went to bed, her own bed the day before and hadn't woken up to go anywhere after that. She looked down on her body and noticed that it weren't the same pajama that she went to bed with that she wore now. She turned to the window, but after looking out she were even more confused to where she were. She couldn't have sleepwalked to a strangers house and changed in to their clothes, that was only absurd, so how had she gotten there?

    Kayla (open)
  5. Zoe had been an early riser ever since she was little, so it came as quite a shock to her when she opened her eyes to see not the roof of her car, which she had to spend the night in last night after being evicted from her home, but instead a long flowing canopy of silk streaming downfrom the top of a king sized bed. The bed was soft and warm, and Zoe felt as if she was sinking deeper and deeper into it with every passing moment. She shot up into a sitting position, her sapphire eyes darting around the room. It was a bedroom for sure, with a large ceiling, floor length windows, and a smooth stone floor, but it wasn't her car...Or even her small room that she had owned.

    Kicking the heavy comforter off her legs, Zoe was even more shocked to find that she was wearing a long black nightgown. What had happened to her jeans and t-shirt she had fallen asleep in the night before? Sure waking up in a weird room was creepy, but having her clothes changed freaked Zoe out beyond compare. She jumped out of the bed, and marched for the bedroom door. The room was great, sure, but she needed answers, and she needed them now. She opened the door and walked out into a beautifully decorated corridor, her jaw dropping instantly. This wasn't a house, it was a freaking mansion! Zoe shook her head, and smoothed down her messy hair, which she had dyed blue a week ago. She needed to concentrate on finding someone to tell her where the hell she was.
  6. Kayla stood in the room for a moment, trying to figuring out what was going on but she couldn't understand the situation at all. In the end the only thing she could do were to go out from the room to try finding the one that were responsible for her getting there, even though she hated to show herself without fixing her hair she didn't have any choice this time. She tried to brush out the worst in her hair with her fingers before opening the door to find someone that lived there.

    The corridor were beautifully decorated, it made her forget that she were walking around in a pajama, which was a good thing because if she had thought about it some moments later then she would have been to embarrassed to talk to the person she met in the corridor. She saw a blue haired girl that were in her nightgown, was that the owner of the mansion? "Oy, you over there." She said trying to get the girls attention. Would she be able to get some answers from the girl?
  7. Diana happilly skips up the long hallway. She had found the dinning room a few hours ago when she woke of hunger in the middle of the night. She was a bit lost, but how hard could it be waling around in a large house? I mean, it was like a maze, wasn't it? She might be an Airhead sometimes, but this time, she knew she wouldn't get lost.

    She giggled to her self and kept skipping. Her booty shorts and shirt were her pjs last night, and even though she had no idea where she was, at least she looked cute.He blonde hair flew all around her face as she skipped. But suddenly, she stopped.

    A girl with Blue hair and a girl with brown hair stood in the hall. She waved joyfully.

    "Hiya!" She walked up to the brown haired girl.

  8. Zoe was about to attack the brown haired girl with waves of questions when some blonde came bouncing down the hallway towards them, giving them a joyful greeting. Zoe turned towards her with scrunched eyebrows, that turned into a full on glare. "Are you the one who brought me here?" She demanded the girl, taking a step towards her. Zoe wasn't usually so rude to people she just met, but she was so stressed out at the moment that she didn't even care.
    She jabbed her finger at the blonde. "Where the hell are we?"
  9. Diana saw the Blue haired girl come toward her meancingly. She cocked her head to the side. The girl asked if she had brought them here and where they were.
    Diana thought for a moment, she was sure this was her house. And she was sure it was like a maze. And she was sure where the dining room was.
    But the blue haired girl looked really pissed.
    Diana put a finger to her mouth and looked up, "I don't know."
    She smiled at the girl.
  10. Zoe rolled her eyes at the blonde who was looking up at her with innocent filled eyes. Alright, so apparently she wasn't the mastermind behind....Whatever was happening here. "You are no help..." She growled at her, than her cheeks flamed pink when her stomach growled just as cruelly as her voice had been. Giving her current eviction and money struggles she hadn't eaten since the day before yesterday, so she was starved. Alright, answers were going to have to wait, she needed to eat first before she passed out in a rather dramatic display.
  11. Diana heard the girl's stomach.
    "Are you hungry?" She asked. "I can show you the way to the Dining Room."
  12. Zoe looked at the blonde with skeptical eyes. "I thought you said you didn't know anything about this place..." She muttered at the girl, but she shrugged, it would be easier to get her food and get back to her task with assistance. "I'm Zoe. Now show me where the kitchen is." She ordered, looking down the hallway where the girl had come from, rubbing her hands together in anticipation.
  13. Diana grinned and started skipping down the hallway once again. Calling back she said, "Thisss Wayyy Zooo-eeeee!"
    She stopped to let Zoe catch up ever so often and made a bunch of turns.
    When they made it to the dining room, she pointed to the bunches of food on the table.
    "Pick whatever you want!" Diana told her. Grabbing a double chocolatly chip muffin.
  14. Zoe pinched the bridge of her nose as the blonde who had yet to introduce herself skipped happily down the hallway. She slowed down whenever Zoe fell behind and elongated her name in a way that annoyed Zoe - of course whenever someone did that it annoyed her - she could smell bacon, eggs, pancakes, bread, and all sorts of food drifting down the hallway towards her when they started to get close. The girl led Zoe around one final corner and she almost started drool when she saw the long buffet of food waiting for her. She never seen anything that looked so good, she just wanted to gobble everything up, but she would just stick to breakfast.

    Zoe made herself a whopping plate of eggs, bacon, and blueberry pancakes smothered in a river of syrup, and proceeded to sit down at a wide dinning table, dipping her bacon into the maple syrup and putting it into her mouth with a delighted sigh. Oh the sweet ecstasy of meaty goodness.
  15. Diana watched Zoe eat. She was happy. A new friend has come. But what about that girl with brown hair...
    She didn't follow and it worried Diana.
    "Wait! I forgot!" Diana said suddenly. She jumped up and clapped her hands together happilly.
    "I'm Diiiiaana!" She exclaimed in a high pitched voice.
  16. Kayla looked at the girl that turned to her, but just as it seemed like she were going to say something another girl appeared. Kayla didn't have any chance to say something before the first girl started screaming, it seemed like they all three had been brought there by someone without knowing why. With other words, those two wouldn't be of any help to Kayla. Instead of thinking of a way to get out of there the two girls took off towards the dining hall. Kayla just starred after them for some seconds as they rushed away, how could they think about food?

    She wouldn't think about food in such a situation, even though she were hungry and heard her stomach screaming she forced herself to ignore it. Instead she started to walk in the opposite direction to where the other girls had gone to. She wouldn't let food make her forget about her mission. She needed to find a way out or at least find the person that were responsible for what had happened. Walking around in a pajama were embarrassing but she just had to endure it until she had found whoever owned the mansion or she could just steal some clothes from the person before running out of there after she had found the exit.

    Mission 1: Find clothes
    Mission 2: Find exit
    Mission 3: Call the police

    Kayla thought to herself as she walked threw the endless corridors. How big were that mansion? All of a sudden she noticed that she had come back to the place where she started after departing with the girls. She screamed out loud because of the labyrinth like mansion, she had walked around in a circle. That is just perfect! She thought to herself. How long would she need to walk around before she actually found an exit in that freaking mansion? She kept walking after calming down a bit and opened different doors to see what was inside the rooms, mostly so she would be able to find other clothes but also to be able to find other people and maybe the one that were responsible for everything.
  17. Diana left Zoe to find the brown haired girl. She wasn't having any luck until she heard a scream. She ran down the halla nd took a left.
    The girl looked frustrated.
    Diana walked over to her, "You lost?"
  18. Alexhandr opened his ruby-red eyes and sat up. He rubbed his black, scaled face and looked about him. The lanky, tall, dragon-anthromorph was still weary.
    "By the Maker..." he murmured to himself.

    He pulled his black hood over his head and stood up. He patted his sash. His sword was missing. The benign necromancer whispered a vulgar curse and examined the room, not finding his blade.
    After awhile he sighed and stepped outside the room only to hear a piercing scream. He poked turned his head to the left and spotted the brown haired girl and a bouncy blonde haired one.

    He stared at them for a moment, then glanced over his shoulder, then looked back at the girls.
    'What madness is this?' he asked himself, closing the door to his room. He stood in the middle of the hallway, contemplating whether to walk away or walk forward.
  19. Kayla heard a voice that felt familiar and turned around to see the blond haired girl again. She let out a small sight, wasn't it obvious that she were lost?

    "No, not at all. I just woke up here today without even knowing where I am and have some strangers pajamas on me. But am I lost? No, of course not." She said sarcastic. Another sight escaped her lips as she opened another door to see if there were a wardrobe in there with good clothes, but sadly it was a library without any closets or wardrobes in it. She closed the door again and looked at the girl. "Sorry but I'm not in the mood right now, if you know where the person that owns this place is or where I can find cloths or where the exit are so tell me. I need to get out of here, if I miss work then I will be screwed."
  20. Diana was a bit scared now. Both the girls were mad they were here. This might have been a bad idea...
    She quickly noticed the girl was looking for some clothes.
    Diana smiled a sweeet and innocent smile and said, "I know where you can find your clothes"
    Then she realized a strange guy was standing in the hallway staring at them.