The Love of a Rocker

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  1. Johnathan was gasping as he ran through the woods. He had been sleeping under someones house when they caught him and were calling the police. He ran as fast as his feet could take him, jumping over fallen trees until all he could see was what the trees let in. The light from the moon. He looked around him and couldn't remember his way back. He decided to press on, since it wouldn't be safe to turn around and go back towards the house of someone who wanted him arrested for sleeping under their house. He pulled his hood up, which had fallen as he ran. He did pull off the scarf that covered his mouth and let out a cough. He was sick with a cold and he couldn't afford a doctor. He continued walking, making sure to keep moving forward. He was really tired and he could feel the cold in the air, in his lungs, making it hurt to breath.

    He continued to walk for what felt like hours until he came to an opening onto a dirt road. He decided to walk along the dirt road, wondering if it led to an abandoned house or something, which meant a place for him to sleep for the night.
  2. Sky saw a figure approaching his house from his balcony as he was playing his music. The mansion was lit beautifully with candles and other forms of lighting, taking his guitar with him downstairs he waited until there was a knock. Before settling on the couch he grabbed some blood from the fridge to quench his thirst. Within a few minutes he started to play his guitar once more, as he got into it a knock was heard. He went to open the door and saw Johnathan standing there cold and in need of a place to stay.
  3. Johnathan was shivering and pale, sick looking as he looked up and saw a man open the door. He looked a bit fearful but he cleared his throat. "Umm... I'm sorry for intruding on you evening sir, but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to allow me to stay the night. I have some money to compensate you for allowing me to stay," he said softly, pulling out a small bundle from his pocket and opening it. He only had sixty-five dollars and he held it in his hands. All of it was in singles and one twenty. He pulled his arm up and coughed into it, the cough sounded painful and such. His backpack was packed with only one other pair of clothes and under garments, snow boots and a few days supply of food and water. He was a little dirty from sleeping under the house but he had showered yesterday morning at the hotel he had stayed at just a day and a half ago.
  4. "No worries, please come in and stay as long as you need to." letting him keep the money. "I don't have much company anyway so it's fine." moving aside to let him in. He led him upstairs to a guestroom with a bathroom attached to it. "You can stay in here." opening the door to it. "My room is just down the hallway on the right." smiling softly at him. Skylar was happy that he had company and he could some help around the house and he didn't mind Johnathan staying and living here. "By the way, I'm Skylar you may also call me Sky." as he entered the room and started to open the windows to air out the room. "Are you hungry or thirsty?" turning around to face him.
  5. Johnathan was surprised to say the least. He cleaned his shoes outside before coming inside, not wanting to track anything into the house. He followed the man until they reached the room. It was huge. He looked in wonder and then snapped out of it when the man introduced himself. "Oh... Nice to meet you Skylar, I'm Johnathan," he said holding out his hand to shake. His hands looked cleaned then the rest of him, which was true, he always washed his hands as much as he could. "Thank you... again... Not many people are so kind..." he said softly, taking his backpack off and setting it by the door. When he offered Johnathan food he shook his head. "No its okay, I have food with me," he said softly, offering Sky a gentle smile.
  6. "Nice to you meet as well." giving him a handshake. His hands were as cold as death, which was true since he was a vampire. "When you do go downstairs to the kitchen and into the fridge, I have blood stored in there." This was a bit sudden to say to his guest but he wasn't going to hurt him and he also didn't want him to freak out when he the blood. "Don't worry, I won't hurt you. Blankets and towels and towels are in the closet here, in case you need them." showing the closet to him before leaving the room. "Is there anything else, you might need or want before I retire to my room and practice my guitar some more." realizing that he still had it in his hand.
  7. Johnathan seemed a little freaked out at the sudden confession of blood in the mans fridge. He nodded his head though and as the man left he let out a breath of relief. He was still cold from how cold the man was. He was a little slow so it would take him a while to put it together but he decided to eat. He pulled out some apples and ate and then drank some water from one of the bottles he had. He then went to the bathroom and decided to shower. He scrubbed up and kept the towel on him while he washed his clothes in the sink. He hung them up to dry and pulled on the sweats he had in his bag along with the tank top. He then looked at the bed and laid on top of the bed, moving the thick blanket out of the way so he didn't ruin it or something. He used one of the blankets he found in the closet. He curled up on his side and shivered in his sleep as he slowly fell asleep. In the middle of the night he began to shiver worse and he began letting out soft painful whimpers. He was really sick and he knew he'd have to leave tomorrow morning because he didn't want to intrude on the mans life.
  8. Johnathan was intruding in his life at all, since he's lived in solitude for quite some time now. He played his acoustic guitar softly and it could be heard throughout the house, not trying to wake his guest. From when he saw his guest at the front door he knew he was sick and he wanted to help him. Staying up until dawn was his thing nowadays, he waited for Johnathan to wake up before going to bed.
  9. Once Johnathan woke up he went to the bathroom and coughed, covering his mouth with a piece of toilet paper. He sighed, in pain from his throat. He cleaned up and realized he could help by cleaning up the house as best as he could. He did just that, making sure to be very quiet as he did so, coughing randomly during the day. He finished just as the sun set, the house spotless and as clean as it could get. He sighed and sat on the floor a moment before getting up and going to the room he had been allowed to sleep in. He fixed everything up and then got dressed, putting on his snow boots, having seen how snowy it was outside.
  10. Once sunset dawned, Sky awoke to a clean house and saw Johnathan about to leave. "Johnathan, where are you going? Please stay inside, a snow is on it's way. I suggest you stay here and your also sick." trying to stop him from leaving. Sky was impressed with Johnathan's cleaning. "I appreciate you cleaning the house for me. I never have the time to do it." sighing softly.
  11. Johnathan looked outside and shrugged. "It's alright, I've been through worse things. Besides I don't want to intrude on your life any more then I already have," he said softly When Sky mentioned that he didn't get much time to clean Johnathan nodded his head. "I thought since you wouldn't accept my money, that the least I could do was clean up for you," he said. He looked like he was going to fall over and pass out from how dizzy he was.
  12. "No, you are staying here." he said sternly. "It's too dangerous and you are not intruding at all. I live here alone and it does get lonely at times." sighing softly letting Johnathan decide what he wants to do. Sky really wanted him to stay and help take care of him.
  13. Johnathan looked out into the snowy sky and sighed. "Okay... but only till The snow passes. I really don't want to be a nuisance," he said softly, his hand went up and rubbed his head, pain filling his face.
  14. "You won't be, I promise you. Are you feeling alright?" noticing the change in his health and closing the door behind him. "I'll turn the heater up for you." going to the thermostat to change it.
  15. "No... No its okay... my head just hurts...." he said softly. He took a few steps before he collapsed onto the ground. When he was touched he was on fire, having a high fever. He trembled and tried to get back up only to have his legs give out on him again.
  16. Turning back around he saw him on the floor; "Johnathan?" helping him up "are you okay? Let's get you over to the couch." setting him on the couch and placing a blanket over him. After Johnathan was on the couch, Sky started to search high and low for any kind of medicine that would help, but there was none, but he did find a thermometer and a can of chicken soup and started to cook it for him. He went back over to Johnathan and checked his temperature which turned to be really high almost to the point of death. Once the soup was done, he brought it over to him. "Please, eat." worried about his guest.
  17. Johnathan was shaking but nodded his head slightly, taking the soup and eating some of it. "Do you... Do you have... camomile... tea...?" he asked his voice pained. He knew a simple remedy that worked for him the last time. He learned it from another homeless teen he had met on the streets. She died last winter, because she couldn't find any places that were warm enough for her to sleep in and she had asthma.
  18. "I might, I'll take a look." he goes in search of camomile tea. "Found some, how do you take it?" he said putting it on the kettle and grabbing a mug when it was ready. "How's the soup?" smiling softly at his guest.
  19. "Its good..." he said softly. "I need to grind it...." he said weakly setting the bowl down. He tried to get up, with out falling and walked over to him. He took the little baggie and the mug. He opened the bag and put it into the mug. He used the back part of the spoon and began grinding the tea. He was really weak and could barely muster the strength to ground down the tea. He too the mug and put a tiny bit of water and made it into a paste. "This usually... helps me...." he said softly.
  20. "You could've told me how to do it. I rather you rest and try to get better. I really don't mind helping to take care of you." smiling softly as he watched Johnathan make the tea. He sat across from him and started playing his acoustic guitar to help Johnathan try to relax.