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  1. Profiles
    Amaterasu (open)
    Username: Shadowstream-chan
    Full Name: Amaterasu
    Age: Immortal
    Nickname: Amma, Fleabag (by
    Issun), and Snow
    Series/Game/Movie: Okami
    Race: Wolf
    Weapons: Divine Instruments (Sword, Mirror, Beads)
    Job: Goddess of the Sun, Mother to all Gods (Japanese)
    Likes: (at least 3)
    Cherry Cakes
    (◕o◕) Children
    (◕o◕) Animals
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Alcohol
    (◕o◕) Long Lectures
    Fears: Losing to Darkness, not being able to help.
    Sexual Orientation: Unknown, but it's to say she is Straight
    Side: Good
    Aims: To purify the world from the darkness, and to have nature prevail
    Abilities/Powers: Swim, Godhood [sheild from normal attacks], Celestial Brush (She uses her tail as a brush)
    Pets/Companions: Issun (a little bug that rests on Amma, very flirtatious)
    Crushes: None
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Human form (Will appear later in the RP)
    Theme: Kaguya's Theme
    Other relevant information: Has a child named Chibiterasu, the father is unknown. Also, her Celestial Brush Techniques are the following. If the ability is slashed, it means she has it but it will not be used in the roleplay for obvious reasons.:

    - Sunrise: Being able to change from nighttime to daytime

    - Rejuvenation: restores broke or damaged objects to original conditions

    - Power Slash: Attacks multiple people

    - Bloom: Restores cursed areas and plants to its former self, also used to purify demons

    - Water Lily: Creates a water lily on the water, can be used as a boat.

    - Vine: Attaches to anything, used as a rope to get to high places

    - Cherry Bomb: Basically creates a bomb

    - Waterspout: with an existing source of water, it can be manipulated to target fire or any demon

    - Crescent: Changes from Daytime to Nighttime

    - Galestorm: Changes wind direction. Can be helpful if using Water Lily as transportation

    - Inferno: With existing source, it can be used to target anything, also demons

    - Veil of Mist: Slows down time to be able to act more quickly

    - Catwalk: Being able to go up on walls to get to high places if Vine cannot find a stable source to attach to

    - Thunderstorm: With an existing source, can be used to power anything and also target demons

    - Blizzard: With an existing source, it can be used as a bridge temporarily and also target demons.

    Pucca (open)
    Username: Shadowstream-chan
    Full Name: Pucca
    Age: Ten Years
    Nickname: N//A
    Series/Game/Movie: Pucca
    Race: Human
    Weapons: Anything she can get a hold of
    Job: Nieces of the Chefs at
    Go-Rong; Delivery Girl
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Jajangmyeon noodles
    (◕o◕) Her Uncle
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Ring-Ring
    (◕o◕) Anyone that brings harm to her family/friends
    Fears: Anyone she loves (especially Garu) getting fatally hurt
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Good
    Aims: To get Garu's affection, and to make sure the village is safe (of course...haha)
    Abilities/Powers: Kung-fu, Super Strength, and Super Speed
    Pets/Companions: Yani, a pink cat
    Crushes: Garu
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    China (Sims 3 World Adventure Theme)
    Other relevant information: Pucca took a vow of silence at a young age and does not speak as a result. Pucca instead communicates with giggling, kissing, hissing, attacking, growling sounds, and occasional short words like "hello", "
    tada", and "yu huh!".

    Shadow the Hedgehog (open)
    Username: Shadowstream-chan
    Full Name: Shadow
    Age: Older than fifty years (otherwise it is unknown)
    Nickname: The Black Blur, The Ultimate Lifeform
    Series/Game/Movie: Sonic
    Race: Hedgehog
    Weapons: Inhibitor Rings, Hover Shoes, and also a Gun
    Job: His only job is to find the Chaos Emeralds
    Likes: (at least 3)
    Maria Robotnik
    (◕o◕) Solitude
    (◕o◕) Training & Improving his Abilities & Powers
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Anyone who can rival him
    (◕o◕) Eggman
    Fears: His Past, as he always reflects on it
    Sexual Orientation: N//A, but could possibly be heterosexual
    Side: Neutral. But he leans toward the good side than anything
    Aims: To be the Ultimate Lifeform
    Abilities/Powers: Super Speed, Super Strength, Chaos Power, and Chaos Blast
    Pets/Companions: N//A
    Crushes: N//A
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme: I am all of me (By Crush 40) (Shadow the Hedgehog Theme)
    Other relevant information:
    He is an anti-hero, someone who lacks heroic traits but still on the good side. He will appear WAY later in the RP since there is a plan that will involve him later on.

    Naraku (open)
    Username: Shadowstream-chan
    Full Name: Naraku
    Age: Unknown
    Nickname: Onigumo (Real name)
    Series/Game/Movie: Inuyasha
    Race: Spider Demon (Half Demon)
    Weapons: Shoki (Miasma), and whatever his body can create
    Job: N//A
    Likes: (at least 3)
    Kikyo (That was who Onigumo liked anyways)
    (◕o◕) Shikon Jewel Shards
    (◕o◕) Ultimate Power
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Inuyasha
    (◕o◕) Onigumo (Since that other half is interrupting his goal to power)
    Fears: N//A....????????
    Sexual Orientation: Unknown (Had Interest in Kikyo but it is not otherwise known)
    Side: Evil...VERY Evil
    Aims: To be a full-fledged demon, and be the Ultimate Ruler
    Abilities/Powers: Shapeshifting, Flight, Master Manipulator, and ability to use how own bones/skin to create minions and weapons
    Pets/Companions: N//A for now
    Crushes: N//A
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme: Naraku's Treachery
    Other relevant information:
    Since he doesn't have the Shikon Jewel Shard, he has no power....for now (Goddess of Death will give him something to be able to use all his abilities). And he can no longer create Barriers, but this means he replaces it with more power.

    Korra (open)

    Username: Camleen
    Full Name: Korra of the Southern Water Tribe, daughter of Tonraq and Senna
    Age: 17
    Nickname: Avatar, Avatar Korra
    Series: The Legend of Korra
    Race: Human (Water Tribe heritage)
    Weapons: The elements
    Job: Avatar, former Pro-Bender
    Using Bending, all forms
    (o) Being the Avatar
    (o) Those she loves, both her friends and family (Big list!)
    (o) Seaweed noodles
    (o) Sea Prunes
    (o) Training
    (o) Pro-Bending
    (o) Being the Avatar (So much so it’s listed twice!)
    (o) Fighting!
    (o) Polar bear dogs (they’re so cute when they get all growly!)
    Not being able to help
    (o) Bullies!
    (o) Losing (at anything)
    (o) The Anti-Bending movement (and all those involved in it)
    (o) A lot of Fire Nation foods (most are too spicy!)
    (o) Disappointing people/hurting people emotionally
    (o) Being spiritually ‘detached’
    (o) Not being able to Airbend!
    (o) Not being the Avatar anymore
    (o) Losing her Bending abilities
    (o) Losing someone she loves
    (o) Causing someone she loves pain (emotionally)
    (o) Not being as great an Avatar as her many predecessors
    (o) The fear of possibly never being able to Airbend
    (o) Not being able to be of use, period.
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Side: Always for the positive of the world
    Aims: Mastering Airbending, being the greatest and most powerful Avatar in history
    Abilities/Powers: ‘Bending’. On her world, manipulating the elements is possible by a medium percentage of the people. It’s collectively known as Bending. There are many kinds; Airbending, Waterbending (subskill: Bloodbending), Earthbending (subskills: Lavabending and Metalbending), Firebending and Energybending. The element you are able to manipulate is dictated by what nation you are born into, therefore your heritage. Those born amongst the Air Nomads can Airbend, those born in either of the Water Tribes will be able to Waterbend, being born into the Earth Kingdom will allow you to Earthbend and being from the Fire Nation will let you Firebend. Not everyone born in every nation
    is able to manipulate the elements, in fact, it’s not a terrifically large percentage. Being able to bend the element whose country you are born into does not, however, apply to the Avatar. Once fully realized, the Avatar is able to use all forms of the Bending Arts (theoretically). While the Avatar can use all of the Bending Arts, he or she will be able to use some easier than others. The nation you are native to dictates this.
    Companions: Team Avatar! (Naga, Mako, Bolin, Pabu and Asami (bleh))
    Crushes: No one at the moment
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme: Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer (Completely Aware Dreamer)
    Other relevant information: The version of Korra I am going with for this story will be the Korra that has yet to Airbend, so early in Book 1. Naga (her
    bestest pal!) will be along for the ride.

    Nico Violete (open)

    Username: PurpleDemon
    Full Name: Nico Violete
    Age: 15
    Nickname: Violet Demon
    Series/Game/Movie: OC
    Race: Demon
    Weapons: a sniper gun, a crossbow and 2 handguns (all of them are silver in color and look elegant)
    Job: Assasin
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Entertainment
    (◕o◕) Easy-to-do things
    (◕o◕) Killing swiftly and efficiently
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Bothersome things
    (◕o◕) Being lectured about justice and kindness (mostly by heroes)
    (◕o◕) Annoying children
    Fears: Inability to hear anything (complete silence, one that does not happen naturally)
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Side: Evil
    Aims: Be praised for his work, have some fun and pass immortality
    Abilities/Powers: He can turn any part of his body into a moving shadow, also detach and control it, he can do it either one body part at a time or his entire body at the same time (shadows can't be hurt, however, he has a clear weakness in shadow form, a glowing purple light coming out of his chest and head, if damaged the wounds can be fatal) he can control and create fire (when he does, it turns purple) he can turn fully invisible (only at night) he can use his eyes to increase his already impressive reflexes and speed much greater (about 5 times, 7 in some cases, although this ability can only be used for 10 minutes, and requires a lot of energy)
    Pets/Companions: none
    Crushes: none
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    What he wears on assassinations
    Theme: Jhin, the Virtuoso [Login Screen] (League of Legends)

    Hei (open)

    Username: The Wanderer
    Full Name: Hei
    Age: 22
    Nickname: BK-201, The Black Reaper, Li Shengshun
    Series/Game/Movie: Darker Than Black
    Race: Human/Contractor
    Weapons: A set of double edged daggers.
    Equipment: A harness that is connected a mechanism that holds several wires, and retract them, so Hei can throw metal wires that can act as a grappling device or to wrap around a foe so he can deliver a fatal dose of electricity. And a bulletproof trench coat. And two identical masks. [Incase one breaks.]
    Job: Assassin/Spy
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Food
    (◕o◕) Isolation
    (◕o◕) Stars
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Other contractors
    (◕o◕) People who are "tied" to the mission
    (◕o◕) Arrogant people.
    Fears: Losing his loved ones
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.
    Side: Neutral
    Aims: To find his lost sister, Bai.
    Abilities/Powers: Molecular Manipulation - Basically, Hei can manipulate molecules on a quantum level. Utilizing it to either deliver deadly amounts of volts or as an instant knock-out. Though, in order to knock out someone, he has to make physical contact with both of his hands. And despite his slender frame, he is still strong. He is also extremely fast and agile, to the point he almost catches people off guard. Or make moves in a blink of an eye.
    Pets/Companions: None.
    Crushes: No one
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Appearance [BK-201]:
    Show Spoiler

    Theme Song:
    Other relevant information: Hei is known for using his persona "Li Shengshun" to act like a humble quiet person.

    Zer0 (open)

    Username: The Wanderer
    Full Name: N/A
    Age: Unknown
    Nickname: Zer0
    Series/Game/Movie: Borderlands 2
    Race: Cyborg.
    Weapons: A "digistructable" sword. [Basically, a sword that is similar to a lightsaber. Just less OP.] A sniper rifle and pistol.
    Job: Assassin, Vault Hunter
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Haikus
    (◕o◕) Challenges
    (◕o◕) His sword
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Boredom
    (◕o◕) People who don't fight back.
    (◕o◕) Losing
    Fears: To never meet a worthy foe.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Neutral
    Aims: To meet a worthy foe to challenge.
    Abilities/Powers: Decepti0n - Zer0 deploys a hologram, while he turns invisible. This will wear off if he attacks, or is attacked. He is also extremely fast and agile, as well as skilled in marksmanship and hand to hand combat.
    Pets/Companions: No one
    Crushes: No one
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song: No rest for the wicked.
    Other relevant information: He won't always speak in Haiku.

    Gabriel Reyes (open)

    Username: The Wanderer
    Full Name: Gabriel Reyes
    Age: 56
    Nickname: Reaper
    Series/Game/Movie: Overwatch
    Race: Enhanced Human
    Weapons: Twin shotguns
    Job: Mercenary/Terrorist
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Money
    (◕o◕) Killing Overwatch members
    (◕o◕) Revenge
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Overwatch
    (◕o◕) Losing
    (◕o◕) Being manipulated
    Fears: Staying dead.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Evil
    Aims: To destroy Overwatch and it's members
    Abilities/Powers: Wraith Form - Reaper becomes a 'shadow' allowing him to pass through people and not take damage. But he cannot attack or use other abilities.
    Shadow Step - Basically a teleport.
    Death Blossom - In a blur, he empties both shotguns at breakneck speeds. Though he is extremely slow when moving around.
    Pets/Companions: No one
    Crushes: No one
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song: Dead Man Walking (BloodSimple)
    Other relevant information: He can absorb stuff from dead bodies.

    Kaminari Wolff (open)

    Username: Shadowstream-chan
    Full Name: Kaminari Wolff
    Age: Twenty-Three Years Old
    Nickname: Kami
    Series/Game/Movie: OC
    Race: 2/3 Tennin, 1/3 Elf
    Weapons: Magic Staff
    Job/Occupation: Prince of Eukasia (Asian-inspired looking). He is first-in-line for the throne
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Reading
    (◕o◕) Astrology/Mythology
    (◕o◕) Cooking
    (◕o◕) Kids
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Violence
    (◕o◕) Propaganda
    (◕o◕) Alcohol
    (◕o◕) Having a Weak Body
    Fears: Coimetrophobia [Fear of Cementaries] and Fainting/Passing out [due to weak body] while someone needed him
    Sexual Orientation: Demisexual (who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone), and Straight
    Side: Good
    Aims/Goals: To rule over his empire and make it a better place. If not able to, he still wants to help his people in any way.
    Abilities/Powers (Max 4): - Flying & Form Change: If wearing a Kimono, his hair would grow longer and he would gain the ability to fly. This can only happen if he is wearing the Kimono.

    - Thunder: Like his name, Kami can use the Thunder/Electricity element along whether it's with his staff or bare hands. Besides that, he can use it to help power up the room in case of a power outage. He can grow weak, however, as he is a fragile being (Being a Tennin), so he only uses it when he really needs to.

    - Defensive Magic: Kaminari does very well in defensive magic, and it does not affect his weak body much more than offensive magic (thunder). Defensive magic can include making barriers, purify anything purged of evil, and protection spells against other's magic.

    - Magic Alchemy: The knowledge of making magical items and potions that can help his teammates in a way. Of course, they do take time so it cannot be used in a battlefield that requires you to be fast. Can only be used when there is enough time to do so.
    Pets/Companions: N//A
    Crushes: N//A
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song: We were so Close (Disney's Frozen)
    Other relevant information: He likes to talk in big words sometimes....just a warning. Also if he doesn't get the throne (Since he is considered a half-breed to the royals), he plans on opening a restaurant/food house for his people.

    Gilgamesh (open)

    Username: LoveandHate91
    Full Name: Gilgamesh
    Age: Immortal, but looks like his early 20's
    Nickname: N//A
    Series/Game/Movie: Fate Series
    Race: 1/3 human, 2/3 god
    Weapons: Lance, sword, chains.
    Job/Occupation: First human king.
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Tasty Drinks
    (◕o◕) Gold
    (◕o◕) Beautiful Women
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Being Looked down upon
    (◕o◕) People taking what's his.
    (◕o◕) Being ordered around
    Fears: Being killed
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Evil
    Aims/Goals: Reclaim what is rightfully his.
    Abilities/Powers (Max 4): - Gate of Babylon (Allows him to fire multiple weapons from a wall at an opposition. But this will take up a lot of his energy to do so)
    - UFO (A jet-like vehicle from ancient times. Can only be summoned once a day)
    - Chains of the Gods (Chains used to restrain enemies. Has higher power against divine creatures, but it easily misses)
    Pets/Companions: N//A
    Crushes: Female King Arthur
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song: N//A
    Other relevant information: N//A

    Artorias (open)

    Username: LoveandHate91
    Full Name: Artorias
    Age: Twenty-Six
    Nickname: N//A
    Series/Game/Movie: Dark Souls (DLC)
    Race: Human
    Weapons: Abyss great sword, and wolf great shield.
    Job/Occupation: One of King Gwyn's four knights.
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Wolves
    (◕o◕) Peace
    (◕o◕) Harmony
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Demons/Devils
    (◕o◕) The Abyss
    (◕o◕) Dark Gods
    Fears: Losing to the abyss and it tainting the world.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Good
    Aims/Goals: To Vanquish the Abyss
    Abilities/Powers (Max 4): - Black sludge: that he can throw to poison enemies.
    - Acrobatic attack patterns that can catch enemies off guard.
    - Dark aura explosion: He surrounds himself in darkness and it explodes outward in a AOE effect.
    Pets/Companions: Sif the Great Grey Wolf
    Crushes: Lord's Blade Ciarn
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Theme Song: Animal I have Become (Three Days Grace)
    Other relevant information: N//A

    Jackal (open)

    Username: LoveandHate91
    Full Name: Jackal
    Age: Immortal (Appears to be 16)
    Nickname: N//A
    Series/Game/Movie: Fairy Tail
    Race: Demon
    Weapons: Explosion magic, claws, and teeth
    Job/Occupation: N//A
    Likes: (at least 3)
    (◕o◕) Killing
    (◕o◕) Hurting People
    (◕o◕) Chaos
    Dislikes: (at least three)
    (◕o◕) Peace
    (◕o◕) Friendship
    (◕o◕) Harmony
    Fears: Being killed without being resurrected
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Side: Evil
    Aims/Goals: Cause as much chaos and death as possible
    Abilities/Powers (Max 4): - Can cause things to explode.

    - By being hit the opponents body part will explode with a massive shockwave causing major damage to the body part.

    - Demon Form: if someone is proving difficult to beat Jackel can go full demon form growing claws and fangs, in this form he is faster, stronger and more resistant.

    - Self-destruct: If someone can defeat Jackel he can make himself explode to try to take that person with him.
    Pets/Companions: N//A
    Crushes: N//A

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    His Demon Form
    Theme Song: N//A
    Other relevant information: N//A

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  4. I'll be playing Korra.
  5. Ok, I will reserve the character for you. So you can relax and take some time to create the profile.
  6. I am laughing because it seems like it's girls vs boys now. The girls are heroes, and the bad guys are villains (Exceptions is Illiad whose the only girl in the villians). Am I the only one who finds that funny? XD


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  7. It's funny.... well goodbye to romance :P
  8. Oh wow I didn't even notice that till now lol. That's funny! GIRL POWER!
  9. Jade is mentally unstable and her friend in on the Goddess of Death's side. She might be on the evil side as well. If she doesn't drown herself in the lake.

    Someone play Kiora from magic so I can start the ship ship.
  10. Well guess I'm adding the only boy to the hero's.
  11. @LoveandHate91

    Nah, I decided to get rid of the girl OC I made, and make it a boy you'll see another boy soon =3
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    Your guy can still be a lady's man. My guy is a wise demisexual (and straight) XD

    Well the RP will start in a couple of days (on Saturday or Sunday), we seem to have plenty of characters to go on =)
  15. I'll do my best to get some acquaintances in here.
  16. YAY! That'll be so awesome. Do let them know if they have any questions, they can contact me ^_^
  17. Alrighty!

    I am going to have to improve my haiku skills for Zer0.
  18. I'm really interested in what's going to happen. I'll better work on how I describe my killing shot, I want it to be especially beautifully written. Does anybody have any tips? I haven't roleplayed with a character with guns before...
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