The Knight Will Fall

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  1. It all started about eight years ago.
    It was eight years ago when a dark knight came riding in on a black horse.
    This knight was not any ordinary knight. He had a goal to accomplish, a goal that could not benefit any one but himself.
    It took him about a year before he could do what he needed to get done.
    This knight met a witch and practically begged her for a favor. No matter how much this witch refused, he somehow got a hold of her spellbooks and potions. The consequences to all the magic this knight played with, caused him to turn into an ugly man. Looks like the devil himself some would say, all though no one has ever seen his actual face.
    If only we could find this witch, but no one knows where she is now. Her place is empty. Everyone gave up on looking for her after a year of searching.
    The kingdom is going downhill and everyone is suffering. The princess is locked up, and the king and queen have been brutally murdered. No matter how many "heroes" try to save the kingdom, they always end up dead.


    "Welcome to my beautiful kingdom. There's nothing to worry about.... Just obey my every order and you will survive."
    "You think I don't hear you whispering behind me back?! You think I don't know you're all planing to take the thrown from me?!"
    "I can see everything. Believe me when I say I can."
    "I want you to watch me burn your buildings down just so you could rebuild them."
    "I want you to starve and watch as your love ones die trying to save your arses."
    "I want you all to bow down to me and regret you ever doubted me!"


    "My name is Evelyn Golde"

    "Most people call me Eve."

    "I'm twenty one."

    "I was born in the month of July. July fifteenth to be exact."

    "I'm told that I'm a bit too quiet. I can be cold at times, but if you get to know me, I promise you I'm not all that bad. You can say sarcasm is my best friend when it comes to speaking, and I do have a bit of a temper."

    "Just like everyone I've known since birth, I have lived in this small village protected by magic. We're all special here. I have the ability to bend shadows. I can easily disappear within the darkness, use the shadow to controls other objects, and even so much more.
    My parents weren't the happiest couple, but I loved them both, that is, until they were killed once leaving the village. I blame the dark knight everyone seems to fear, I vow to get my revenge no matter what it takes, I will go down fighting. "


    Evelyn woke up that morning and quickly dressed in her usual attire. Today was a Sunday, which meant that a group of people in the village were to go hunting, of course it was only men who could go, but Evelyn had a crossbow from her father. She would usually sneak out of the village in order to hunt, but today she was heading out for a completely different reason.
    Evelyn head out her little cottage and set out to find one of her closest friends. She didn't want to go without saying goodbye to at least him.
    Everyone who died always went straight for the kingdom, but they never thought to find the princess, and they completely gave up on looking for the witch.
    Evelyn wanted to be smart about this.​
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  2. Sunlight lighted through the window behind the curtains, blinding the slightly tan face of Logan. The young Greek woke up from his sleep, sitting up as he stretched his arms and heard a pop go off from his back. Logan got off his bed and quickly got ready to go hunting with his father. Wearing a dark dress shirt, a blue vest over it as well as a pair of dark pants with leather boot. After five minutes, Logan walked out of his room and headed outside, skipping breakfast and waited outside for his father, sharpening his sword and arrows.
  3. Evelyn pushed her hood off her head and lowered the cloth over the bottom half of her face as she walked.
    A couple of people smiled at her, earning a quick nod from Evelyn as a way to say hello. Other people looked at her with disgust, seeing that she was holding her crossbow.
    She payed no mind to those faces, and only continued to walk while she straightened her leather gloves.
    "Logan?" Evelyn called out as she slowed to a stop once finding who she was looking for, sharpening his sword and arrows.
    Evelyn moved her crossbow from her left hand, over to her right hand.
    The girl was ambidextrous, causing people to despise her even more. During these times, being right handed was known as normal. Evelyn started off left handed, and had to learn to use her right handed. Now she's more looked down on because she hunts without permission and doesn't do housework like most women.
    "I need to tell you something," Evelyn said after calling Logan's name.
  4. Logan straightened up as he heard his name being called on by a familiar voice. Blue eyes moved over to a female figure, a smile taking over his features as Logan opened his arms for a hug after putting his weapons down. "Hello, Evenly!" He greeted, then hugged her not too tightly. After that, a confused look cross his face, head tilted slightly to the left. "Well, whatever do you need to say, Eve, go ahead." He said, smiling afterwards. "Want to come inside?" Logan offered.
  5. Evelyn smiled after Logan had turned around. She dropped her crossbow gently once seeing his arms open for a hug.
    Evelyn looked up to see a confused look on Logan's face, her smile faltered when he asked if she wanted to come inside. It was as though she was in a hurry, or too nervous to even say what she wanted.
    "Yeah, can we go inside?" Evelyn then said. She looked around, and knew saying what she was up to would have been better out of ear reach of others. Evelyn picked up her crossbow and was just about to go in.
  6. Logan walked inside after her, closing the door behind him. He pulled out a chair for her and went into kitchen. "Do you want tea or water?" He asked, noises where coming from the kitchen as he looked for the kettle and cups. He came back into the living with tea cups filled up as well as water, just in case. He also bough out a couple of biscuits. Placing the tray down, he looked at his friend with blue eyes, wondering what she wanted to talk about. "So, what brings you here?" He asked, eyes shying brightly.
  7. Seeing that Logan got the teacups and water already, Evelyn picked up a cup of tea to be polite.
    Her thumb rubbed the handle of the teacup nervously.
    "Logan, I need to go. Just thought I should say goodbye to you first..." Evelyn's voice was rushed and quiet. She wasn't sure how Logan would react, but either way, she wanted to get rid of that dark knight.
  8. Blue eyes blinking as Logan stared at her in belief, sitting down on the chair across from her. "Wait, what? But, why, Eve?" He asked, confusion in voice. Logan crossed his arms his chest, giving her a disapproving look. The young Greek stood up from his seat and sighed quietly. "Where are you going to?" Logan questioned Evenly, sending her a stren look. Usually, Logan never give those type of looks before to anyone, which is rare to see him like this.
  9. "I-I uh.." Evelyn stuttered. Just as Logan stood up, Eve did the same.
    She looked at him just as he asked the question. She couldn't bare to look him in the eyes. He was giving her that look...
    "He killed my parents," Evelyn whispered. "Logan, I need to stop the dark knight," she then picked her head up and spoke with more confidence.
  10. Logan frowned sadly as Evenly, giving her a pitiful look. "Evenly," He started slowly, closing his eyes for a minute. Usually when saying her name fully, it meant serious talk. " I know how you're feeling, but you can't do this alone. You can't just go out there and go after that bastard." He continued, arms now on his hips. Logan walked over to her and placed a hand on her shoulder and the other hand taking hers. "At least let me come with you. Please? I don't want to lose you to that guy." He whispered to her.
  11. "I don't know Logan..." Evelyn gently took his hand off her shoulder.
    She already lost her parents to the dark knight, she has nothing to lose if she went after him. If Logan were to come with her, there was a possibility he would be gone too.
    "You have hunting to be doing... you should go do that," Evelyn said a bit quietly as she looked away.
  12. Arms crossed themself over Logan's chest as he gave Evenly a sad look. "Evenly.... You're not going. Not without someone to look out for you and make sure you're not hurt. Or treat any wound you might end up having...." He trailed off, eyes moving down to the ground. "Even if you will say no, you know how I am." He finished, looking out the front door as he heard his father called.
  13. Evelyn huffed and crossed her arms.
    "I know what I'm doing, Logan," she stated stubbornly. She looked between Logan and the door.
    "But if you're that set on coming," Eve started as she lifted the hood over her head, "you better look out for yourself." There was no way she would have wanted Logan getting hurt just because he was too worried about what she was getting herself into.
    Evelyn grabbed her crossbow and made her way towards the door. "I'm not waiting forever, grab what you need."
  14. Logan glared slightly, but grabbed his sword as well as his bow and arrows. "Y' know, Eve, you might need more than just a crossbow..." He mumbled, grabbing his cloak as he walked out. The blue eyed male talked to his father about skipping hunting, then going back to Evenly's side. "I know a place where we can get some things. If you need such things.... Even if you say you wouldn't..." He stated, muttering the last part under his breath as he adjusted his sword and arrows on his back, one hand holding the bow.
  15. "I don't need anything else...I have my shadows" Evelyn knew disagreeing with Logan would get him irritated.
    She didn't use her power over shadows often, they weren't much, which was why she also had her crossbow, but it was all she believed she needed.
    Evelyn didn't want to take much, thought it would slow her down, and even Logan couldn't get her to change her mind.
    Eve lifted the cloth around her neck to cover the lower half of her face. All that could be seen was her eyes now, and she was perfectly fine with that.
  16. A sigh left Logan's lips, his eyes watching Evenly's figure walk as he trailed behind her. Wanting to change his friend's mind will be not worth the time now... "Did you even pack any food just in case or anything to treat any wounds?" The Greek asked, though he feels like she didn't pack any of those stuffs. Logan looked around their surroundings, then at the village as it was fading in the distance. "Do you know where you're heading to?" He questioned, hurrying by her side as he slid his bow over his shoulder. The young man took a deep breath through his nose, exhaling afterwards. Logan doesn't travel that much outside the village, aside from the hunting with the other men. Though, he never said goodbye to his family, but he wouldn't let Evenly go off somewhere on her own, even if she can be quite stubborn time to time.
  17. "We hunt for our food, and I... haven't thought to bring anything for any wounds," Eve said truthfully.
    She walked quickly, wanting to get out of the village. Her arms swung loosely besides her thighs as she walked.
    The moment the left the village, Evelyn looked around and back at the village.
    Logan hurried besides her and asked where if she even knew where she was going.
    "Well... we can't go to the kingdom just yet...We could try and find the witch, but no one was able to find her in years.... so that leaves us to finding the princess." Evelyn lowered the mask from her face so she could speak more clear. "Some say she's locked in a tower east of the castle, but a lot of other people think she's in a dungeon below the kingdom. We're looking for the tower first. Heading to the kingdom is too risky." Evelyn has thought a lot about this before she even went to talk to Logan about leaving.
  18. Blue eyes moved over to Evenly as she spoke. Logan sighed to himself quietly. "Thought you say that..." He mumbled, more to himself. "Good thing I'm always pack some extra supplies before leaving to go hunting..." He added, patting his torso. Logan frowned slightly as he listened to his friend, his hands now fold behind his back. "We could try to find some lead on the witch case..." He trailed off, a thinking look crossing his features.
    "But getting to the tower would be the most difficult, wouldn't it?" He questioned, eyes looking over at Evenly.
  19. Evelyn frowned once hearing Logan's reply.
    "People who have tried looking for that witch come back empty handed. Her place has been abandoned, she completely left it," Evelyn stated.
    "If we find the princess maybe should would know something about the witch's location." Evelyn started to think. If the princess ended up not knowing where the witch is, it would have been a waste of time.
    Eve sighed as she pushed her hood off and ran her fingers through her hair.
  20. Logan put on a thoughtful look as they both kept walking, silence taking over the atmosphere. Until the young, tall Greek spoke again. "What about the Protector of the Garland Forest? Y'know, the earth witch.... Tathariel." He stated, thinking about the whole situation. "Although... we could split... but then... no... maybe not..." He muttered to himself, going back and forth. "Nevermind that stupid idea of mine..." Logan mumbled, straightened his cloak and back. He looked around their surroundings again, a question look on his face as they both kept walking.
    Do we even know where we are? Or... does Evenly even know how to get to the tower?
    Logan thought, even wondering if he should ask these questions or not.
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