The Kingdom of Astaeron [OOC]

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  1. For any confused or curious people, Gladis and I are co-owning this RPG together, which is why the introductory and informative posts are split between the two of us :)
  2. heya! just wanted to stop by and introduce myself. :) you guys can call me zico, and i'll be accompanying you all on this wonderful adventure with my character, Adolin Sinnet the Spriggan! hope we have lots of fun together. :D

    anyway, i do have a question though! it seems like our Queen had made a post in the IC already. are we to assemble our characters there, or can we start off on another part of Astaeron? :)
  3. Welcome then, Zico, you can just call me Lala and I hope you enjoy yourself with us :D And you can start out anywhere you want! Obviously you don't have a house yet because you're new to the kingdom but just do whatever you'd like. You can come to the castle if you want, you can visit anywhere else, you can start doing anything...the whole goal of the RP is for it to be sandbox and freeplay fun where you can do whatever you want ^_^
  4. heya lala~.

    first and foremost, you and Gladis did a wonderful job setting all of this up. although this can be considered my first 'sandbox' RP, i am truly amazed at how amazing this all turned out! :D thanks for letting me be apart of something so cool haha.

    but thanks for the info! i'm still fleshing out my character even further and figure out how I want to play him, but i'll definitely post something by tonight.
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  5. I'm glad you like how we have it set up! I used to run a very similar RPG elsewhere, lots of stuff in the rules for Astaeron is basically just copy pasted from over there. Gladis was a part of it, and we wanted to make something similar over here since it's what we both really like (I personally don't enjoy RPGs that are driven by a central plot, I like being able to go off on my own and do my own thing) and it took a LOT of brainstorming and planning and fleshing things out, but I'm really happy with how it turned out. The formatting was all Gladis, she did the first post and I formatted mine to match, the glowing text was a new thing for me lol. I can't wait to see what you post ^_^
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  6. hello! i also adore how you guys set up this RP. i also have a question, how are we going to play our parts? do we just do whatever we want? is their a job system set up?you mentioned to come meet you when we first start to find housing and jobs
  7. Yeah, you just do whatever you want. Jobs are just kind of a generic thing if you need a place to start or something to do, although talking to the Queen is required to get a house, otherwise idk where your character plans on sleeping when it gets dark :P I'm glad you like it, thank you! I'm sure Gladis will be happy to see all this feedback in the morning when she gets up :)
  8. ok ill make sure to come barring grifts lol
  9. Posted~. Kind of made it like an introductory post - that way, the characters who have already came up with requests for the Queen can go first and talk to her, as I am indecisive of what I want my character to do. I hope that's okay! :D Also let me know if I need to clarify or fix some things. :p I have a habit of jumbling up my sentences sometimes lol, though I do try my hardest to proof-read.
  10. Of course it's okay, I just read it and it's lovely. I'm going to be heading to bed soon though since it's 1am, lol, so anyone popping in to visit the Queen might have to wait until morning for a reply lol.
  11. Hope you have pleasant dreams! :)
  12. [​IMG]
    I think I should have swapped the school with the hot springs.
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  13. Yeah, that's...that's pretty much what it looks like.... I'm super impressed :O
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  14. *whimpers*
    People need to actually enter the throne room so Ari can talk to them :( so lonely. except for Gladis and Christopher...
  15. * jumps out of the shadows* I have returned! ..want me to send Sephy, Lala? I don't mind :]
  16. Send anyone <3
  17. okay :] I think koolkat4595'S character is waiting to see the queen if that helps :] but I'll get to work on a Sephy post just in case :] I sooo cannot wait to offically bring Gladius :] have you ever seen him in his human form, Lala? :]
  18. I have a quick question. How big would the population be necessarily.
  19. Of the city itself? It'd be about 5 thousand people.

    And noo, lovely, I don't think I have :O Is it the pic you used of him in the Demonarchy when he was there briefly? Because I faintly remember that...