The Humanity Complex

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  1. Hey, Welcome to Humanity Complex, hopefully we can get a lot of people here to take it from Jump In to a bigger roleplay
    So I'm just for your intro post, I'm just gonna need a tiny bit of info and then your first post. Anyone can join!

    Here's my character

    Name : Lacey Turner
    Age: 22
    Supernatural Ability: Witch,Coven-less
    Apartment 227
    Want Roommates?: Yes!
    Sexual Orientation: Queer

    So that's basically all the info you need to give before giving your post!
    Can't wait to see who posts back!

    Lacey was floating again. Her alarm clock went off and she opened her eyes to see she was hovering about a foot over her bed.
    " Shit! Not again! It's okay, I've got this. I've got this." She said to herself,closing her eyes in concentration. She focused on the elements to guide back down to her bed and it worked.
    Well almost.
    Lacey landed with a thump on the floor,and unfortunately on the tail of her new kitten Sora.
    " Ow, my ass. Oh Sora baby, I'm sorry. Mommy will never do it again,she promises!" She crooned to the kitten. Sora opened one eye as if to say bitch please, this happens everyday and scampered off.
    Lacey had only been living in Humanity a month now and the rent was okay,but being a lonely cat witch was starting to weigh on her.
    Plus,solo magick was boring.
    She needed a coven.
    She needed friends.
    So after putting a comb through her midnight hair and actual clothes,she quickly drew up a ROOMMATES WANTED Ad.
    Lacey ignored the hesitation she felt when she wrote the word " witch" but this was Humanity, the only apartment complex in London where humans and supernatural creatures lived together in co-existence,meaning well humans had no idea who lived among them.
    With a skip in her step,she raced down to the Apartment Bulletin Board,and tacked up her ROOMMATES wanted ad.
    Now all she had to do was wait to see who would knock on her door........
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  2. Name: Sahri Lantsur (Saah-rhi)
    Age: 15
    Supernatural Ability: Half breed shadow-elemental.
    Not yet an apartment.
    Want Roommates: Yeah, no roommates no room.
    S. O.: Straight
    Appearance: _Good__n_Evil_face__by_sakimichan.jpg

    Sahri Had arrived in the early morning, carefully walking around the first floor. The girl was new here and as a shadow creature not quite used to being out in the day. Soon her ears caught the sound of someone coming down at quite a high speed. She could feel the shadow moving. It startled her a bit and almost dropped her 'human face'. A girl with a note in her hand putting it on a board hanging against the wall. Hesitatingly she walked over to it and read what it said. A witch eh...?
    she leaned in a bit to read it again, it really said witch on it. At least she now knew there was at least one person who wasn't human, and looking for a roommate, even better. Sahri went upstairs getting lost two times before arriving at room 227, knocking soft on the door. A slight foreign accent was in her voice when she spoke.
    "Miss, I... I have just arrived here and am in need of a room. C... could I possibly become a roommate of yours, I mean until I have my own apartment or something.... "
    Well, she totally blew it on that one. Sahri could punch herself in her face or sink in the shadows at this moment.
    No turning back in any case, she was in need of a room after all and this looked like the perfect place.
    Humans were creatures way to strange for her to stay around long.

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  3. Name : Marshall Lee
    Age: 1032
    Supernatural Ability: Vampire with witch in his heritage
    No apartment yet
    Want Roommates?: Yesh pleashe :3
    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Marshall walked in with his bags and looked at the place. "oooo nice lobby!" he looked around and noticed a girl...she looked human but he couldn't tell...he walked up to her and studied her, then looked her right in the eye with a smug smile. "You're not human are you." he said, then he immediately bared his fangs. "It's okay...I'm not either." he smiled and stuck his hand out to shake her's "Marshall Lee."
  4. Name: Aaron/Erin Quinn (I'll try to make it clear what gender my character is so no one's confused)
    Age: 422
    Supernatural Ability: Doppelganger: Can imitate the appearance of others. (Including across gender)
    Apartment: 110
    Want Roommate: Yes
    Sexual Orientation: Pan/Bisexual

    Erin sat on her bed, thinking about the rent. Ugh... how am I gonna pay it this month? If I can't pay the rent, I might as well just pack up and leave. She decided, once again, to go down to the lobby and look check the bulletin board for roommate ads. If there's nothing down there, I might as well just give up. She grabbed her dark wool overcoat and headed out the door. The light brown curls she currently wore (borrowed from a receptionist at her last job) bounced slightly as she made her way to the elevator.
    When she got down to the lobby, there were a couple people already there. Since they were carrying their bags, she figured they must be newcomers. There was one shy looking young girl, and a very pale young man talking to her. Then he bared his fangs. Ooh, a vampire! Hmm... let's play a fun trick on this newcomer... Concentrating all her energy, she first captured the image of him in her mind. Then she began to magically change her body into his. Her skin paled, her hair darkened and shrank back into her head. Two fangs grew where there had been ordinary teeth before. When she was done, she (now he) was almost a perfect replica of the vampire.

    Aaron, the name he went by as a male, walked over to the vampire as quietly as he could, then tapped him on the shoulder.
  5. Marshall turned around and looked at the replica of himself. He widened his eyes and tilted his head. He then poked his replica's nose and smiled. "Hah...this is awesome!!!" he exclaimed. "What are you long lost twin or something?" Marshall wasn't going to show off too much of his powers, because he felt that there were still humans around somewhere watching, but he still hugged his replicas head. "YOU'RE MY NEW BEST FRIEND ME!" he said with a huge smile.
  6. The vampire's reaction was not what Aaron expected. At all. "Uwaaa"His head was soon in a rough hug. "Omigod let me go!" He struggled to no avail. Guess I have no choice. He concentrated his energy again, hard to do with the rambunctious manchild wrapped around his cranium. He rushed to find the first person he could think of, and that person happened to be the bellhop in the lobby. He transformed into the rather small bellhop and escaped the vampire's grip. "Whoa, man. What're you doing?" he laughed. "Not quite your long-lost twin. My name's Aaron Quinn. Nice to meet ya." He held out his hand.
  7. Startled by the vampire she took a step back before watching another vampire looking exactly like the other, were they fighting...? No, from the expression on their faces it didn't seem like it. Sahri stood there cautiously staring at the new people. One vampire and a copycat as she like to call it. It was strange seeing creatures interact like they knew each other for a long time already. "I... I'm not human indeed, and you're a vampire and then you are... a doppelganger if it was the right word...? " -She smiled gently but a bit shy needing to calm down from the shock she received from the sudden encounter.
  8. Marshall started laughing as he saw it was shapeshifter, just like him. Those were one of the powers he liked to suppress. Marshall turned to his human form which was an Asian American, slim, but muscular guy with short black hair, a 5 o'clock shadow, and a lot of animal tattoos. "You're not the only one," he said with a smile and a cross of his arms. He tilted his head as he raised his eyebrows. "Come me your REAL form."
  9. "My... true form?" Aaron paused. "I... I don't know. A doppelganger only exists to copy other people. Ever since I came into this world, I've been an imitation of other people. If I have a 'true form,' I don't know what it is..." He sighed, deflated. But he decided that it wasn't any good to stand around all depressed. "Well, that's enough of that depressing stuff. Welcome to the building!" he grinned at Marshall. "Do you have an apartment yet? Looking for a roommate? I have extra space in my apartment... if you want." Wow, that's forward. Even for me. There's just something about this guy I trust.
  10. Sahri relaxed, the ones she ad met so far weren't human.... good. Her ebony hair became a bit longer and shifted to a pale blue/green mixed with a hint of gray. Her eyes becoming slit and a bright almost fluorescent green. Her ears a bit pointier and through her lip a piercing and a bridge piercing between her eyes on her nose. The form she previously had was simply an illusion and with non humans around she felt comfortable enough to drop that illusion a bit, keeping it up enough to hide the small horns growing atop her head. "So what are your names eh? "
  11. Marshall kept an eye on the shapeshifter, then he turned back to the other girl. "What's your name?" he asked grabbing his bags.
  12. Here's my character

    Name : Raven Darken
    Age : 24
    Supernatural Ability: Chi-Magic
    Apartment: Looking at Apartment 229
    Want Roommates?: No
    Sexual Orientation: Bi

    Jamaican-American Human Male; 6’6” 260 lbs.; Muscular Build;
    Bleach-blond hair; Hazel, when calm eyes (all black with gold sheen when
    angry); tribal tattoo on each arm and the Eye of Horus on his left deltoid.

    Just got to the city and my former agent set me up with a new job and an apartment. I am just to thrown by what happen in LA. Hoping that everything works out here. The last thing I need is another case.

  13. "My name is Sahri Lantsur, pleasure to meet you. " She looked around for her own bag, realizing she had dropped it before. She turned and walked to the information desk to retrieve her bag.
  14. Name : Ellis Mayer (male)
    Age: 19
    Supernatural Ability: Crow winged anima, with control of air.
    Apartment 226
    Want Roommates?: Depends on who's asking
    Sexual Orientation: Bi
    3325-318058394.jpg (ignore the thumb nail)

    *BOOM.* "Shit. Another explosion. May as well start looking for a new place to live," Ellis muttered. After only a week nearly all the neighbours hated him. It wasn't his fault he enjoyed collecting all the elements, then mixing them together to collect all the compounds. Well, it was, but it was all that stupid books fault! It told him to. Well, it told him not to. But that's basically the same thing to him. He couldn't help his DNA! Well, actually, he could. He did let that weird professor implant weird
    crow DNA into him. But that was scientifical influencey pressure stuffs fault! After a minute or so he decided to see who's wall he'd blown up, instead blaming others for his life again."Damn. Part of 227's wall. I've heard rumours about her," Ellis stated. Ellis wondered through the mist and rubble, to see what he could do to help destroy more... I mean help fix the wall.

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  15. A muffled explosion distracted Aaron from the newcomers. "Oh my god, is that moron blowing up stuff again? How stupid do you get?" He saw the expressions of the people around him. "Oh, there's some idiot on the second floor that thinks he's a scientist. If you'll excuse me," Aaron started on his way to the second floor. When he arrived, he noticed that 227's wall was damaged. 227... she posted an ad today on the board, didn't she? I think there was a picture, too. Aaron tried his hardest to remember the photo, along with anything he remembered of the witch herself. Alright, this'll be fun! Hopefully I won't mess this up. Aaron began channeling 227's appearance, struggling to remember enough details for the power to take full effect. Then Erin, fully transformed (or so she hoped) stepped up behind the psycho-pyro-crow-thing and said, in her strongest tone, "What's going on here?!"
  16. Name: Jay Shadow Storm
    Sexual Orientation: Female
    Age: just turned 14
    Apartment: # 18
    Want roommate: Depends on the person.....
    Ability: Read people's minds/mood reader/physic, animal whisperer, the 6 senses are stronger than the best humans, teleports
    Race: Genetically Mutated human
    Appearance: Crimson red left eye, deep ocean blue right eye, jet black hair usually hangs down into her face, fangs (not a vampire though...), average weight and height for a 14 year old human, bad temper to those who push her buttons, yet loyal and friendly to those who are careful. Seems nice and cute on the outside, but is severely loyal and threatening to those who threaten those she holds close to her mind and/or heart.
    Outfit: Usually wears a dark green camo tank top, black elbow-sleeve jacket (unbuttoned), black jeans, dark dark brown combat boots, black mirrored sunglasses, black leather knuckle gloves

    Jay turned off her music and stretched. Time for a walk. She used her mind and searched the building, then walked out of her room and started wandering the hallways.
  17. Name : Diana Pond
    Age: 21
    Supernatural Ability: Werewolf
    Apartment: None Yet
    Want Roommates?: Yes
    Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
    Ability: Can change into a full werewolf at will, ( Not just when the moon is out.) Super Empath and can see all forms of spirits as if they where solid people.
    Appearance: Diana is 5'9" with black hair and deep green eyes. When in human form she retains the fangs, tail and ears of a wolf, as well as her eyes. To hide these she wears a maroon colored trench coat and military style hat, and dark blue tinted glasses to hide her eyes.

    Diana entered the tall apartment building and observed the group gathered in the lobby with a raised eyebrow. She stood with her single bag in hand while she approached the board and let her eyes wander over it. As she did this one of her lupine ears moved to listen in on the conversations. But they perked forward, despite being hidden under her hat at the advertisement for a roommate.

    A witch huh? And openly stated too... I should see about this offer, it would be better than living with a human... Diana thought to herself before quietly slipping passed the group gathered in the lobby until she found the apartment 227.

    Once there, she knocked on the door and waited patiently, while she sniffed the air curiously, enjoying the scent of the incense that lingered around the apartment.
  18. Lacey was about to open the door when a sudden boom from the side of her wall,sent her flying back from the door in fear, her arm knocking into her glass table slicing it open.
    Goddamn her neighbors.

    " Shit!" She cussed and was about to try and use her magic to heal when she heard a knock at her door.
    She placed a towel on her arm and stood up.
    " Just a second!" Lacey ran over to the door and opened to see a beautiful woman at the door and several other magical creatures in the lobby talking.
    She pressed the towel to her stinging arm and tried to smile which turned into a grimace.
    " Hi, I'm Lacey. Lacey Turner. Are you here because of the ad?" She asked kindly. She looked over the balcony at the variety of supernatural creatures conversing in the lobby.
    " Hi everyone ! Did I miss something? Who are you all here for?" She asked.
  19. Name: Lilian-Rose Catora
    Nickname: Just Lily.
    Age: 19
    Supernatural Ability: Witch, Coven-less
    Want Roomate?: Yes!(:
    Orientation: Bisexual
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Name: Jeffrey Catora
    Nickname: Jeff
    Age: 21
    Supernatural ability: Vampire
    Apartment: 556
    Want roomate?: Sure
    Orientation: Straight
    Appearance: [​IMG]
  20. Jeff- Walks into the building with his sister at his side. ''This place looks amazing...I really can't believe we're here!"
    Lily- "Me either!" She smiles at her brother then glances around at the surrounding people.