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  1. For many centuries there was a power many beings had searched for called The Power of Fraizar. The power was locked away inside Merion, the homeland of the goddesses floating in the sky land and sealed tightly hidden from the world by the goddess of light, Reliya. Reliya watched over the mystic artifact, which was a staff that could alter or even steal the power of the goddess's for themselves. As more and more came to try and steal the artifact, Reliya finally had enough. She took the staff and hid it deep within the mountains in a temple in a land called Delis. To ensure that no one could find it, she enclosed the temple and put a sealing spell on the chamber doors. Only allowing the one with the purest heart to open the doors

    resting place (open)

    One night, on the fifth day after she had sealed away the staff, the goddess of darkness, Carina set out to find the Power of Fraizar.
    Carina (open)

    Carina wanted to use the power to bring down Merion. She wanted to exact revenge on the other goddesses for banning her from their homeland. She passed the barrier that shrouded the temple, but was stopped shortly by Reliya.

    Reliya (open)

    Reliya stood firmly and in sheer anger, Carina attacked her. The two began to battle and the sheer force of their power shook the entire land of Delis. Finally, after one last attempt, Reliya unleashed a devastating attack, destroying Carina, as well as herself. Their powers scattered through the land of Delis.
    The power of Carina, merged with a young baby boy and the power of Reliya merged with a baby girl.

    Later on in life, the two infants grew into fine young teens......

  2. "Just one little touch.. Just a poke, and then I'll go home.."

    Speaking to herself as if trying to convince herself that she was committing no wrongdoing, a girl was perched on a rock next to a wide stream. Ever since she had been forced to admit that she couldn't swim, she was trying to get more comfortable around water. In secret, of course. Right now she was desperately late for her own party, but she was determined to at least touch the water before going. Just a tiny thrill, and then she'd run as fast as she could do the party. She leaned down carefully and trailed her fingertip along the cool water, her anxiety fading as she smiled. Well this really wasn't so bad, was it? Maybe next time she might even wade in a couple of inches.

    Suddenly she saw something reflected in the water. It startled her so badly that she squealed and slipped, falling in. The water wasn't even deep enough to fully plunge her under, but thanks to a few moments of panicked flailing, she was drenched. By the time she realized that she could stand up and walk out, she was thoroughly embarrassed and wringing out her dress.

    "Oh, wonderful.." she muttered to herself, looking down. Her dress was a soft silk that tied around her neck before falling to a deep neckline. The design was odd, with an opening over her belly that led to a flaired mini skirt. In the back the dress had another layer that went down to the backs of her knees. It was sort of like wearing an open robe over a skirt, she supposed, but her mother was very proud of it. The draping sleeves she had been squealing with excitement over just last night. Personally, the variety of orange shades was nice enough, but the design was strange. Why show off her body when it was just a birthday party? It's not like she had anybody to impress. She wasn't being forced on a suitor yet and she would rather run with the boys than flirt with them anyway.

    Her curly white hair was dripping from the pigtails she had it pulled in, and she had to wipe her face dry as she ran toward home. She looked all around with her golden orange eyes, alert for any sign of movment. If Takuya saw her now, he'd never let her live it down. She hadn't even told him what she was doing with the water.

    "Please dry, please dry.." she whispered to herself, wringing herself out as much as she could and patting the fabric down to get rid of the inevitable wrinkles. Her side hurt from where she had fallen, and after a little while she glanced down to see a spreading dark spot. "Uh oh," she said, peeking under her dress just above her hip to see a rock had managed to get the best of her. At least it wasn't deep. Quickly she detached the flower pin from her hair and put it on the dress instead, then nodded to herself and kept running. As long as her mother had no idea that she was injured or had been out 'messing around', everything would be just fine.

    Sliding around the corner of the building after she had made it back in town, she ducked into her bedroom and fixed her appearance as much as she could in the mirror. Thank goodness silk was fast drying, but her hair was still damp. She'd have to go with the I-just-got-out-of-the-bath excuse if her mother questioned it, she decided.


  3. Takuya sat outside on the roof of his house and smiled up at the sky. As the birds flew high in the sky, masking the sun, he closed his eyes and laid View attachment 10965 back. Today was such a beautiful day. The sun was bright, the wind was cooling and he lived a normal life like any other teenager would. Takuya placed his left hand over his mouth as he yawned. Even though the day was good, he was still bored. He really wanted something to do or else he would have died from boredom.

    The sound of water could be heard splashing loudly but he ignored it, jumping off the roof of his house. He landed on his left knee swiftly and as he stood upright, he was greeted by his mother. "Takuya, there is a letter here for you. Its from your friend, seems she is having a party and wants you to come." His mother chuckled a little as she turned away." You know Takuya, I think that that little girl is jsut the cutest! She would make a perfect girlfriend to keep you company." His mother said, as she giggled.

    Takuya felt his cheeks burn with a blush. He had no idea why she was implying that he dated. "Come on, mom!" He responded, cheeks as red as blood. It was somewhat a pain, but hey, that was the way his mother was. Always trying to get him to find a girlfriend. But, in all honesty, he did have feelings for his friend. In any case! He wasn't going to tell her that! No way, never in a million years! He shook his head after his mother disappeared back into the house.

    Takuya looked down at the blue envelope that he held in his right hand and turned it over several times. Finally, after a few more moments, he opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It was the invitation to Seray's party. The blush escaped his cheeks as he read the directions on how to get to the party. After fully examining it, he headed out of his front yard and took a right, then headed down the rocky path that lead to Seray's house. He was only 19, but he still loved to do many things that he did, when he was younger.

    He liked to take the rocky path because he always passed the little river and look into it as he walked by. Takuya placed his hands behind his head as the river came into view and he smiled, as he looked over at it. The lake wasn't deep at all. It could be called a kiddie pool if anything. But, something was a little off. In the center of the lake he could see a girl. She had leaned forward to touch the water, then slipped in. She stood up and began to wringe out her dress. Takuya dropped his hands and rushed over to the girl. "Hey are you al-" He stopped in mid-sentence and he came to a stop two feet away from her. He had realized who it was now.

    "Seray?" He said, curiously as he stared at the girl.
  4. Seray had given up on her appearance and ran out the door when she suddenly had to stop. There was Takuya, looking confused. Had he seen her fall in? She sighed and a faint blush touched her pale cheeks, but she took his arm and pulled him along with her down the street.

    "We can talk later. For now, move it! My mother's going to slit my throat for being so late," she said mournfully, prodding him along to follow her as she finally came to a stop in front of the building she was supposed to be in an hour ago. She took a deep breath and turned to him, giving him a smile. "By the way, I'm glad you made it Takuya. It wouldn't be a party without you," she said, then pulled the door open and ushered him inside in front of her so that she would have an extra moment of freedom to hide before her mother caught sight of her.

    No chance.

    "Seray! Oh, darling, there you are!" her mother trilled out, sweeping up her daughter into a hug. Seray winced and hugged back a little, her hand pressed to the flower that she had concealing the cut from earlier. "Where in the world have you been?" her mother hissed quietly in her ear. Fumbling for an excuse, she came up with nothing but a stutter before her mother pulled away and eyed her. "Why are you all wet?" she asked, bewildered. "Bath," Seray lied quickly, then smiled and slipped off to 'mingle with her guests'.

    She immediately made her way back to Takuya after scooping up a plate of food. Offering it to him as she munched a random snack with barely a glance at it, she eyed him curiously. Had he seen her? Probably. Looking back over her shoulder, she saw her mother talking to another woman that she knew for a fact had a handsome son that was looking for a bride. She also knew for a fact that he was a bore and never laughed.

    "Hide me," she pleaded to Takuya quietly, only half kidding as she smiled up at him.
  5. I wasn't too long after he had extended his hand to help Seray up, as she pulled him by the arm, dragging him down the street. His eyes widened as he blanked twice. "H-hey wait a minute!" He yelled out, but it was in vain. Seray dragged him along the path like a rag doll and he felt abused if anything. Why exactly was she panicking? He overheard her say something about her mother killing her if she was any later for her party. A bead of sweat formed on the back of Takuya's head.

    He was pretty sure that her mother wouldn't go as far as to try to kill her if she was late for her own party. If anything, wasn't it still good to be late, than to never show up? Takuya managed to pick up the paced enough to run side by side with her. She couldn't to rant on and on with a worried look on her face and Takuya let out a slight sigh. "Listen, I'm sure you're mother won't be mad if you came la-" He was cut of by the sound of Seray's mother's voice.

    When she looked at Seray, in suprise, he looked away, behind him, at a couple of cats with an annoyed look and twitching left eyebrow. I hope she doesn't think I have anything to do with this. He thought to himself. He could feel the tension start to build up and he didn't want to see what fury Seray's mother would whip up. He looked back towards the two and walked inside Seray's house with his hands behind his head and smiled at Seray's mother as he walked past her.

    It wasn't more than a few minutes after he was in the house, that Seray was clinging to his arm, pleading with him. "What do you want me to do?" He gave Seray an annoyed stare as his left eyebrow twitched again. But, the worried and scared look she gave him was too much. He was probably going to regret it later, but he grasped her left wrist with his right hand and lead her out the door. Her mother was greeting the guest, so they had a clear shot at getting out of the house.

    After they had made a dash to and out the door as Takuya lead the way, Takuya stopped and looked back at Seray. "Well, I managed to get you out of the house. Now what are you going to do now?" He asked, curiously.
  6. Waiting for Takuya to snap out of whatever train of thought he was in when he stared at her, a faint frown crossing her features. He looked upset with her, somehow. Had something happened to him earlier or something? She was about to ask, but then he led her outside and she was preoccupied with running out with him. Nobody had even seen them leave, but she was sure to catch hell for that later. It hadn't really been what she had in mind since she'd have to sneak back in through the back door in a few minutes, but at least now she had an opportunity to question him uninterrupted.

    "What's wrong with you?" she asked, tilting her head as he asked her what she was going to do now. "You're acting really strange, as if you've never spent time with me before or something. Just because my mother managed to force me into this outfit doesn't change who I am," she said, a bit miffed that he was being so distant with her out of nowhere.

    The sound of footsteps made her quickly step aside into the shadows on the side of the building, and sure enough her mother came out and looked all around. Not seeing her daughter, she huffed and eyed Takuya, then went back in. Seray put her hand over her lips to keep from laughing, her eyes dancing with amusement as she tugged him gently out of sight the second the older woman was gone. Once they were hidden, she simply crossed her arms and waited for a response, curious and mildly frustrated.
  7. Takuya looked back at Seray, who was frowning at him. Uh oh.... that was the last thing that he wanted to happen. His actions had gotten him into trouble and he was sure that he had hurt Seray's feelings. He looked at her then smiled, sweetly. "Nothing is wrong Seray, I apologize for being so-" Once again he was cut off, not by talking, but by Seray's quick dash into the shadows side the house. There was only one explanation for it, her mother,

    He averted his eyes away from the spot Seray hid and looked at her mother. She locked eyes with Takuya and gave him a glare as if she knew, A woman's intuition was sometimes scary to him. Especially when Seray did it to him. She could easily read him like a book. So she could tell if he lied about something, or if he was telling the truth. He sighed and looked down, only to look back up as group of older woman made their way out of the house.

    Takuya's eyes widened, If they knew that the two of them had sneaked out of the house during the party, they would have notified Seray's mother. He remembered the whippings she used to give the two of them when they were kids for palying in the mud. Although Takuya wasn't here real son, she still treated him like one. The worst part of it was, his mother was absolutely fine with it! Even though he was much to old for whippings, the memories still made him shudder, slightly.

    A minute before the woman spotted him, he felt a tug on his left arm and he was dragged into the shadows. He blushed hard as he stood close to Seray. She was giggling as she covered her hand and Takuya only looked down at her with a suprised expression, speechless and with his face heated up.
  8. Seray put a single finger over Takuya's lips to ensure that he stayed silent, but she wasn't even really looking at him. Instead, her eyes were following the group of old ladies. Friends of her mother's, no doubt, and probably all here with sons. Despite Seray's pleading to be able to skip the whole marriage idea, her mother had pressed forward until her daughter agreed. However, she had only agreed on the terms that she could choose who and when as long as it was within a few years. It had only been a few weeks and already her mother was throwing guys at her left and right. What good was a handsome face and a wealthy family if they just didn't get along? She had denied every single one so far and had no plans to stop. Watching the old ladies fan themselves and talk about the food, she waited in perfect silence and didn't move an inch until they trudged back inside. That was when she finally looked up at Takuya and took her finger away.

    "You keep staring at me like that and you're going to make me think my mother conned you into being a suitor,
    " she complained, though she was only teasing. Takuya would never look at her that way, it was silly to even consider. "Come on, tell me what's wrong before I go in there and tell my mother that you kidnapped me just to watch you get a beating," she threatened lightly, giving him a sweet smile.

    She waited for him to respond for a few moments, but then she heard the start of singing inside. Oh, her mother was going to flay them, both alive! Quickly she grabbed Takuya's hand and raced around to the back door, hauling him inside behind her before she released him and quickly straightened herself out. Glancing him over to make sure he didn't look too disheveled - all the while trying not to laugh at his expression - she made her way into the main room right as people really go into the song. She was standing in the middle of the room before her mother even realized that she hadn't been there. Crisis averted. Once the song was over and everybody clapped, she gave a small curtsy and began thanking people for coming. It wasn't long before she managed to edge over to Takuya again, avoiding her mother who was speaking to yet another young man.

    "So, I'm going to need a hand opening presents later after everybody leaves. You know how Mother doesn't let me do it until I'm alone because it's rude or something. You want to help me out?​" she asked softly, giving him another smile as she continued to wonder what in the world he was thinking.
  9. Takuya maintained his blush as Seray put her finger on his lips. As much as he wanted to move, he couldn't. Seray had him pinned against the house. She averted her attention away from him and watched as the women walked passed them. He looked over towards them as well and another bead of sweat formed on the sides of his head. He felt like a one of those guys in the movies. The one's who kidnapped the girl and held her hostage. Except, he was the one being held hostage instead. Once the woman were back inside Seray and him looked back at each other.

    "W-what are you talking about?! Theres' no way I would even think about-" Takuya stopped ass she talked about her mother giving him another beating. He shuddered a little. When she smiled at him, he just stared at her more. Seray was so bright and happy. Honestly, he admired that about her. But, of course, he wouldn't "say" that. There was absolutely no way she looked at him in that way. He wouldn't even waist his breathe to get laughed at.

    Soon after, he could hear singing. Seray turned her attention away from her and then pulled him by the arm and dragged him from the darkness and into the house. His eyes widen again and yet another bead of sweat formed on the back of his head. It was really strange how Seray could pull him so easily. Once they were inside, his face expression went back to normal, and he stood upright, firmly next to Seray. Her mother looked back at them and a slight nervous feeling kicked in his guts. He was ready for her to scold or even threaten to give him a beating for their disappearance. Instead, she only looked back at the cake and Seray made her way towards it, then blew out the candles.

    The people clapped and she bowed, thanking everyone for attending her party. Takuya placed his left hand on his hi as his eyes slanted. He smiled a little and straightened his face when Seray made her way up to him and asked him a question. Once she was finished, he spoke in a low tone, so that the only person who could hear was Seray."Sure, I don't have anything else to do."

  10. Seray smiled up at Takuya delightedly as he told her that he would help her after the party, but before she could respond, her mother had come up behind her and was taking her arm. All smiles and never one to put on a bad show to anybody outside the family, her mother guided her over to the young man she had been chatting up earlier. Seray didn't even have the option of squirming away before she was being introduced to 'Duke'. Seriously? What kind of name was that? It sounded like a name she would give a dog. Still, she was polite and managed to smile as he told her that her mother had ever-so-kindly told him all about her. 'I'm sure it was all lies..' Seray thought to herself, managing to make some aimless comment that sounded half decent so that her mother could cut in and make sure the conversation went smoothly.

    "I'm sorry, what?" she said distractedly, having no idea why her mother was looking at her as if expecting a response. "I was just telling Duke how much you would love to visit his estate during his holiday," her mother said, her eyes shooting daggers. Seray wanted to protest, but she forced another smile and nodded. It was only then that his 'holiday' was apparently this week and he was going to expect her to show up for dinner tomorrow evening. She blinked a few times and started wishing really hard that Duke would start hating her right then and there, but by the time the conversation ended, he seemed rather pleased. "A pleasure to meet you," Seray said, excusing herself to go mingle with her guests so that she could get away.

    She was so distraught over the entire stupid situation that she didn't even speak to anybody on her way through the crowd. Instead, she just went out the back door and sat on the steps, sighing to herself and looking down at her hands as she waited for everybody to leave so that this torture could be over. No doubt her mother would have an earful for her later. Something else to look forward to, she thought with a frown.
  11. Seray was all to happy that he had just agreed to help her open presents. She smiled at him and He smiled back. After what seemed like minutes on end, Takuya was about to speak until Seray's mother came over and grabbed her by the arm, then smiled and dragged her over to some guy. Takuya watched as they talked. Honestly, the guy whom Seray talked to didn't look all that cool. More nerdy if anything. Was Seray Really going to date THAT guy? Its not as if he was jealous or or anything! Still though, she could do better than him. She would have a better chance being with him- Takuya shook his head and blinked, twice.

    He did not just think that thought, did he? Ugh! Why did he even bother!? Its not like he would care if she wanted too. It was her life, she could talk to whoever and do whatever she wanted too. He turned away from then and walked over to a window on the left side opposite of where the other three stood. He propped his elbows up on the panel then placed his chin on his palms. He looked out at the trees across the street and his eyes lowered.

    Takuya had grown up with Seray. They would always go to the park and build sand castles as kids and even buy each other candy. But, as they began getting older, he slowly stopped taking an interest in those things. He sighed, then looked down at the plain blue panel. He really didn't want to be there while she talked to that guy. Even though he didn't show it, he really did enjoy spending time with Seray. If she were to marry that guy, then he wouldn't be able to see her anymore.

    He honestly didn't want that. But, he had no control over what her mother felt was best for her. All he could do was suck up his pride and accept that she may be leaving. But, it was a sad thought, because she was one of the closet people to him. He turned around and leaned back on his elbows on the panel., waiting for Seray to finish talking.

  12. For some reason, Seray found her eyes filling with tears as she sat there on the back steps, keeping her gaze turned downward so that nobody would wander up and realize something was wrong. Nothing seemed to be right anymore. She didn't want to go to Duke's estate and have dinner - there was no point since she already knew what would happen. He would be perfectly polite and charming and wonderful, just like all the others. She would have nothing to truly complain about and her mother would push on another visit, and he'd probably try to kiss her or ask her to come visit him at home when he was back from his 'holiday'. All she could see happening was getting forced into marriage with this guy - somebody she couldn't see herself even being friends with, much less being in love with. She felt hopeless, like her future was done and she had nothing to say about it, no control over what would happen.

    "I expect you home by nightfall," her mother suddenly said behind her, but that was all she said before she was gone. Seray didn't bother responding. People were starting to leave, finally, so she waited until her eyes were dry before standing up and making her way back inside. She looked around, then went over to Takuya and gave him a small smile. "Glad to see you haven't bailed on me yet. I was worried that you might have left," she admitted quietly as she looked up at him.

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  13. Takuya had been so engulfed in his own thoughts, that he didn't notice Seray walk through the crowd. He blinked twice and looked around. She was no where in sight. Takuya began to worry a little. He should have been paying more attention. Normally, she would come up to him with a witty remark about how he looked emo for being in deep thought. But, she disappeared, in the crowd. Takuya made his way through the crowd, searching for Seray wherever he thought she may be. He checked by the presents, no luck.

    Takuya looked around other parts of the house. After he was done, he made his way back to the living room with the big crowd and drooped his head with a bead of sweat. It was a pain to him. Where could she have run off too? His left eyebrow twitched. It was annoying searching for Seray, because she never kept still. She was always on the move and always tended to disappear when he least expected it. He raised up and closed his eyes, sighing heavily as he started giving up hope of finding her. He opened his eyes, when he heard Seray's voice.

    "Yeah, I'm still here." He looked away with his eyes closed.

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  14. Seray hesitated uncertainly as Takuya gave her a short response and looked away. He had barely even met her gaze before closing his eyes again, and she was concerned. Had she done something bad? She didn't think that she had offended him but he seemed like he wanted nothing to do with her right now. That hurt a lot more than it should, probably because she was so emotional over everything that had happened with Duke and her mother. She looked down, lower lip quivering for a moment before she regained control of her senses. There was no way she was going to break down and cry in front of him right now. He probably wouldn't even understand. It's not like he'd care about her getting married anyway. They were just friends and marriage wouldn't change that, so he shouldn't even be concerned.

    "Well.. Good.." she finally said, her voice unsure for a moment as she tried to figure out why he was acting like some depressive emo kid. "If you're still willing to stay and help, I'd really appreciate it," she added, giving him a hopeful smile since she really didn't want him to have changed his mind. People were leaving in large groups now since the party was basically over, and soon the building was empty except for the pair of them. A lot of snacks and drinks were left, plus the pile of gifts and some confetti on the floor. She waited for some sort of response, debating between fidgeting like an anxious girl or smacking him until he came to his senses.
  15. Takuya found himself acting cold towards Seray once again. Its not like she cared anyway, after all, she had the other guy to keep her company. But, he could feel a sort of tension build between them. Its not like he wanted to do that her, it just happened. Takuya opened his eyes and looked down at seray. He could see her lip quivering. He wasn't sure why she was so sad and upset. She should have been happy. Happy that she was getting married to that guy. The thought didn't sit well with him.

    "He shook his head as Seray spoke. Yes, something was definitely wrong. He didn't like seeing Seray this way. He spoke softly, as he held out his left hand. "Seray, lets go for a walk." He smiled at her. Hopefully, the walk would make her feel better. Something felt off about her. It was as if he could feel her emotions. By the looks of it, seems that she didn't want to marry that guy either. It was more like she was being forced against her will. Takuya lowered his hand for a brief moment then looked down, before raising his head again and grabbing her left hand with his right hand and leading her out the front door. He could care less about what Seray's mother had to say at the moment. All he knew was that he wanted to be alone with Seray, so that he could talk to her.
  16. Nodding in agreement as he offered to go for a walk with her, she took his hand and automatically laced her fingers through his just as they always had as children. They used to be inseparable, what had happened to them? It was like he barely wanted to be around her at times, but a minute later it seemed like he did and that he was enjoying himself. The changes left her confused and disoriented, and she wished things could just go back to how they should be. As they walked to the front door and outside, she glanced either way down the street. It was mostly deserted and nobody paid them the least bit of attention, which meant that her mother hadn't left anybody to make sure Seray didn't do anything 'stupid and inappropriate'. Good.

    "Will you tell me what's wrong, please? Did I do something or say something wrong? I know I didn't spend a lot of time with you at the party but my mother had other ideas of who I should be in company with," she finally said as they took a familiar path away from the buildings and into the calm of the woods. This was where she had come from after falling in the stream, and hardly anybody came this way. She was so worried that he was upset with her and she really wanted to fix it. That was what she figured he wanted to walk with her for, was to talk. Hopefully, anyway. "Takuya..​" she said softly, stopping her steps and looking up at him uncertainly.
  17. Takuya stopped at the same time as Seray. As she questioned him, he turned to face her placing his index finger of his free hand on her lips, before speaking again. "I don't know why, but I can't stand the fact that you guys will be getting married, I can't explain it. All I know is that I don't want you to marry whoever that guy is. You can do much better than that. I would just as much rather marry you myself. Not because of jealousy, but I think that I may really like you, Seray.

  18. Seray fell silent as his finger touched her lips, looking up at him patiently. Well, at least she was trying to be patient. As he started speaking, she was completely lost until she realized that he was talking about Duke. Before she could point out that she wasn't even engaged or being officially courted by the man, Takuya had gone on to say that she could do better. She wanted to argue, but he had continued on again and she was left staring at him in shock. He.. Liked her? Enough to have a problem with her getting married? She had never thought that he would even care if she married and moved away as long as she wrote him the occasional letter or something. Lately he had been so cold and distant.. Was this why?

    "T-Takuya.." she stuttered, pulling his finger away gently as a blush colored her pale cheeks. At first she didn't know what to say, but then she knew that she had to tell him the truth. "His name is Duke, and we're not getting married if I can help it. All he wanted was dinner tomorrow evening and it'll probably be awful and I'll have nobody to talk to about what a bore he is," she explained quietly, then smiled a little and looked down at her hands nervously. "And.. um.. I've really liked you for a really long time now.." she added, peeking up at him, still blushing.

    "Seray!" her mother's voice called out, clearly hunting for her daughter. Seray jumped and quickly looked back up the path but there was no sign of the agitated woman yet. No doubt she had gone back to see how the clean up was going, only to find her missing. Trying not to laugh since she suddenly felt rather giddy and excitable, Seray looked back up at Takuya with a smile and tilted her head.

    "Run away with me," she suggested, half joking yet at the same time completely serious.
  19. Takuya looked at Seray with a surprised look and a blush. She had just admitted that she liked him too and now he felt a nervousness in this pit of his stomach. He had let down his tough-guy look and allowed Seray to see the more sweeter side of him. That was something that he didn't want to happen but it did. Takuya watched her, as she looked down at her fingers and blushed. He was completely oblivious to the fact that Seray had those types of feelings for him.

    She was also right. If she were to marry that Duke guy, she would be gone forever. Takuya was more than glad to hear she was not going to be marrying him. On the other hand, what would her mother say to it? He was more than sure, that Seray's mother wouldn't like the sound of her denying the person that she wanted her to be hitched with. Still, that wasn't really fair to Seray. Takuya didn't like to see Seray being forced to do things against her will. Even if it was none of his business, Seray was more happy at home where she had grown up.

    "Seray!" The sound of her mother could be heard from the house. Takuya could not allow them to be spotted. He didn't want Seray to get into an trouble. He began thinking of a way to keep Seray out of trouble, until Seray's voice broke his train of thought. "Run away with me." Seray said to him, in a soft tone. He looked at her as his blush disappeared. She couldn't have been serious. Then again, Seray always did come up with crazy plans. Usually, they ended up getting beatings for them. But, that was when they were kids. Now, they were both teenagers. They could make their own decisions and not get in trouble.

    Takuya turned around to completely face Seray with a serious look. " Seray, there is no point in running away. We have no place to go, as well as no food or water. But, you are older now. You shold tell your mother that you don't want to marry Duke and that you are much happier here at home. There is no point in hiding what you truly feel. Keep quiet forever and that will only be a door mate for people to walk over you. IO understand completely that she is your mother, and I am not saying to disrespect her in anyway. Just to let her know your feelings on her forcing you to marry." Takuya said, as he placed his hands on Seray's shoulders.
  20. Seray watched Takuya's expressions closely and knew that he was going to say no before he even spoke. As he did begin speaking, she nodded slightly. He was right, of course. It was silly to run away from her problems and assume that they'd be fine since she had plenty of savings. She knew that - it had been her wilder side speaking, she supposed. Looking down for a moment, she sighed silently, then nodded again and looked up at him.

    "You're right. I'm sorry, that was silly to even say. I just wante-" she began, but was cut off by a voice she really didn't want to hear again. "Seray!" her mother exclaimed as she walked into sight of the pair. She was clearly furious about having to hunt down her own daughter, and annoyed to find her just standing around instead of doing what she was supposed to. "Can I not leave you alone for even five minutes and trust you to do a simple chore without you running off to do Heaven knows what? You are nineteen years old now and had better start acting like a lady! No more running around with random boys who have nothing to offer you," she went on, one hand on her hip as she eyed Takuya dismissively before turning her gaze back on her own daughter.

    "Mother!" Seray gasped in shock, but her mother didn't pause to listen. "Hush, Seray. Go do what you're told and stop pretending that you're a child. You're betrothed, for Heaven's sake," she exclaimed, and Seray froze. "What did you just say?" she managed, but her mother was already ushering her back up the path toward the house to clean up the mess, all the while chittering about 'irresponsible females' and 'rude children'.