The Girl and the Cat (with DracoGale4)

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  1. It wasn't Makoto's fault she was lonely. Her parents hadn't been there for three weeks now, they were especially busy since the the holidays were coming up quickly. She had just gotten off the phone with them, they weren't coming home later that night like how they were supposed to, but in a couple of more weeks. Makoto didn't resent them, of course. She understood how hard they worked.

    Makoto stared at the cat in front of her. She was sitting down on the floor and watched it. It had white and brown fur and weird orange eyes. Since when did cats have orange eyes? She pushed a strand of hair back behind her ear and held on to her coffee mug with her two hands. Coffee was good. Coffee calmed her down. But that wasn't the mayter at hand. It wasn't doing anything, the cat, of course. Which just made it even weirder. Didn't they claw at your sofas and curtains? She had found it outside, and it had no collar, so she guessed it was a stray.

    "You're my cat now. Be happy I saved your life. You can go do what cats do. Start purring or something." she waved in front of its eyes.
  2. Meow, #A52A2A The cat stared at her hand, his eyes following the movement while he had his ears pinned back against his skull, looking extremely annoyed. In fact that's all he seemed the minute he was picked up off the street and dragged inside by this girl, everything about his look saying that he didn't want to be here, yet the stupid girl didn't seem to see it. Then again, it was hard to tell a cat's expression, since they always seemed annoyed. But as the seconds ticked by, he seemed to grow more and more annoyed, till he finally couldn't take it. With a furious yowl he swiped out his paw, smacking her hand away from him, keeping the claws sheathed.

    Suddenly there was a puff of smoke, hiding the feline within, and when it cleared there was a boy kneeling where the cat used to be, his hand still outstretched like the cat's paw when he smacked the girls hand. "I can claw your face, how about that?!" The boy yelled at the girl. "That's what cats do. What, you think that you can just pick up any stray cat wandering around outside and expect them to perform some fancy tricks for you? No thank you!"

    He curled his hand into a fist, his unusually sharp teeth clenched as his eyes glared angerly at her, the pupils slitted like a cat's. But that wasn't the only unusual thing about him. Poking out of his short blond hair were brown pointed cat ears, and swaying behind him in an angry fashion was a white cat tail, the base and end of it being brown. Everything else about him screamed human, his brown jacket with rolled up sleeves and red shirt underneath, regular blue jeans and plain brown and white shoes. But nothing could draw away the ears and tail he carried despite looking human.
  3. Makoto image.jpg Makoto had moved her hand quickly away from the cat. Apparently, it was pretty pissed and annoyed at her hand motion.

    When there was a puff of smoke she gasped and scrambled away from whatever thing that was going to appear in a matter of seconds. She watched a lot of horror movies, suffice to say. Some of her coffee had spilled on the floor. Then, a guy appeared.

    When the guy started yelling at her, it took a moment to process what had just happened. The cat had changed into a guy. When he had finished his rant, to which Makoto hadn't listened to, she finally finished processing.

    She screamed and threw the remaining coffee at the guy's face, then took the opportunity to run away. She ran through her house, screaming, "WHAT THE HELL?!", and up the stairs occasionally falling on her face. She got into her room and slammed the door.

    How was this even possible?! Magic didn't exist! Turning into a cat?! What?! How?! I'm going insane. That's what's happening. Yes, it's just a dream. Nothing more. He isn't real.
  4. Meow, #A52A2A Before Flynn knew it, he was splashed with something burning hot right in the face, and he screamed as he fell flat on his back. Holding his face and rolling around on the ground. What the hell?! It burned! Was that coffee? He certainly smelled it, the human girl stunk with it from before, so there was no doubt that she had thrown burning hot coffee into his face. The nerve of her! How dare she! He wasn't burn proof!

    He managed to peek open an eye and watched her run off. Oh she'll pay for what she did! There was another puff of smoke, a cat appearing once again in the guy's place, being in the exact same position the guy was in before. He rolled onto his paws, his face still burning from the coffee, but he ran after the girl. He raced up the stairs after her, and snickered when he saw her fall flat on her face, but then she had gotten up and reached a bedroom. Her bedroom he guessed.

    Before she could close the door he managed to slip right through the crack of the door before it shut, sneaking passed her, such were the advantages of the felines. Never making a sound, easily able to slip through tight spaces, and enter anywhere completely unaware. He stopped in front of the human girl, who seemed too panic stricken to notice him yet. Well that was fine by him. He glared up at her as he pinned back his ears.

    "Hey! You!" He yelled at her. "How dare you throw coffee right in my face! Do you have any idea how hot that is?! No! Because why would you throw coffee in your own face, hm? That was very rude! First you kidnapped me then nearly burn my face off!"

    There was a puff of smoke once again, and where the cat had once been, was now the same boy again. "You think you can just pick up any cat off the street and throw coffee at them? That's animal abuse! You're lucky I didn't pick up the phone right away and call the authorities on you!" He continued yelling, his tail flicking back and forth in an angry fashion, his ears still tilted back.
  5. Makoto image.jpg
    Makoto screamed once more when she saw the cat by her feet. It was going to kill her. She was going to die. Death by cat. So that's how I'm going to go. The cat changed into the guy again, his face red from either the coffee, or the yelling.

    His tail flicked angrily behind him, and his ears were pinned back. He was going to call the authorities? He was in her house! She was going to call the cops on him! She took her pillow and started slamming it at him, with no remorse. "I won't let you kill me! I won't die! Not today, monster!" she threw clothes at him that were strewn across the floor.

    Heh. Her uncleaned room did help her after all. She kept on beating him with the pillow on the head. She had a life to fulfill. She had to go to a university, get married, have a job, and then retire. She wasn't supposed to be killed by a cat.
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  6. Meow, #A52A2A Instead of receiving an apology, the girl had suddenly started bashing on him repeatedly with a pillow and clothes and anything else she could find on her filthy floor, hardly giving him a chance to breath. "Ah! Owe! Watch it! Stop! What's going on?!"

    Over and over again she beat him, shouting things at him, having thought he was going to kill her. Him going to kill her? She was the one attacking him! He was the victim here! He covered his head, trying to block the blows, but she was merciless. He really thought she was going go keep going till he stopped moving, not that a pillow and random objects in a bedroom could kill him, although he was starting to think otherwise.

    That gave him an idea. There was another puff of smoke, and once again there was the cat, but it was laying on it's side on the floor. His eyes were closed, mouth open with tongue rolled out. He was playing dead, remaining still and unbreathing on the ground, without so much as a twitch. Hopefully this would stop her constant violence on him.
  7. Makoto image.jpg
    Makoto stopped, suddenly feeling nothing but air. She opened one eye. Did he leave? She hoped so. She sighed in relief and let go of the pillow. But then she saw the dead cat. It was on its side and its tongue was sticking out.

    "Oh my god. Oh my god. Is it dead? Did I kill it?" she pushed it over with her foot and it did no movement whatsoever. She knelt down pulled it up so that it seemed like it was walking on its hind legs. She put her ear where its heart would be and she heard a soft thumping noise.

    "Hey!" she put the cat in front of her and kept on holding onto it. "You're still alive!" she started shaking him. "I don't want to be responsible for your death."
  8. Meow, #A52A2A The feline was jerked awake by a sudden shaking, his whole world spinning around him and he couldn't focus on anything. "Whoa! Stop it! I'm going to be sick!"

    When she finally did stop he laid limply in her hands, his eyes rolling around in his head while his world still spun, unable to grasp onto anything around him. He shook his head, trying to clear it, and settle the queasy feeling in his stomach. His eyes finally settled on the girl, staring at her blankly, then narrowed his eyes.

    "If you don't want to be responsible for my death, then why did you keep attacking me?!" He demanded to know, pinning his ears back as his eye twitched and he gritted his teeth, but then he closed his eyes and lowered his head. He let out a long and annoyed sigh, lowering his ears. "Look, we don't seem to be getting anywhere with this. How about you put me down and let me explain why exactly what I am. Ok?"

    He looked at her, waiting for her to comply, taking everything he had to keep himself calm and collected. He still looked as peeved as ever, but seeing as yelling and freaking out on her only made her violent and loud, he had to try a different approach this time. As much as he would love to go at her and claw her eyes out, he wasn't allowed to physically harm his owner, so could do nothing about this no matter how badly he may want to. He was trapped, so if he was forced to stay around this girl, then he at least needed her to comply and stop freaking out around him.
  9. Makoto image.jpg
    Makoto stopped and looked at the cat. She didn't trust him. Or it. Or whatever he/it was. One does not morph into a cat and then into a guy with a tail and cat ears. It defies logic.

    The cat looked pissed. Its tail was still flicking around and his ears were pushed back. It was pissed. Why would it be pissed?! She got scared half to death.

    "Fine." she answered, not freaked out anymore. She set him down on the ground and grabbed the previously dropped pillow. "I'm just warning you, I have a pillow." she muttered holding it defensively.

    Was this actually a dream? It might be. I've been studying too hard for the test next week. In reality, I'm probably asleep on the couch! I may actually not be a total psycho. If I just pinch myself... She did just so, and it hurt. Shoot.
  10. Meow, #A52A2A Flynn allowed himself to relax a little when he was finally put down, but he still looked pissed as all get out, glaring up at the girl with those dark orange eyes. He eyed her pillow as if it were a bomb she held, deciding to stay in his feline form so that he could dash out of there quickly if he needed to, and will be a harder target to hit if she decided to use it. The nerve of some humans, thinking it's ok to hit others at their convenience. taking no responsibility for themselves. All he had done was walk down the street, then she suddenly came out of no where and scooped him up, stroking him and saying how 'cute' he was. Then she took him to her home against his will, then threw coffee in his face when he said something about it, then began beating him repeatedly with useless junk when he followed her to her bedroom.

    He never liked humans, but now he liked her even less, especially her.

    He cleared his throat and lifted a paw. "My name is Flynn. That's with an 'i', not a 'y', and two 'n's'. You'll be surprised by how many people misspell my name. Anyway, I'm not exactly a normal 'cat', nor am I really human. Of course you already figured that out. The thing is, I am a Guardian." He placed his paw down. "Many years ago my family has been cursed by the gods, or powerful unworldly beings, whatever it is you wish to call them. My ancestors had angered them by betraying a royal prince who was in the gods' favor, and he was supposed to go to their shrine to offer tons of gold for an offering, something at is done once every year.

    "I'm not exactly sure how the story goes..." He continued, scratching his chin. "Over the years it always changes, but the layout and the ending is all the same. My ancestors' family were the ones who were supposed to escort him, taking him on their huge ship to carry both him, his guards, and the gold. They set sail across the ocean to head towards the gods' shrine, but halfway there, my family betrayed him. They ended up throwing the prince and his guards overboard to be swallowed up by the sea monsters beneath, taking the gold with them, and the prince was never heard of since."

    He sighed, lowering his head and ears. "That's when the curse was born. The gods were angered and laid a curse on that family, shaping them into felines, since cats are 'deceitful' creatures as the gods put it. Then they were scattered, never to be in a family again, but instead forced to connect with someone." He looked up at them then. "Whoever should pick up such a feline from the streets and claim them, that Guardian is forced to stay by their owners side and protect them no matter what till the end of their days."

    He lifted a paw, pointing it at her as he glared. "And that would be you. You see, before there were many of us Guardians, but as generations passed, there grew less and less of us. Now only one is born in every family, technically speaking whoever is born with cat ears and tail, it is they who carry on the family curse. That would be me, and now since you have claimed me, I am stuck with you till the end of my days." He lowered his paw, releasing an annoyed sigh. "I tried so hard to get out of this curse, for I had nothing to do with what happened to the prince and don't even care that much about gold, yet I'm stuck with it anyway."

    He crossed his paws over his chest, sitting on his hind legs, wrapping his tail around his feet. "And that's my story."
  11. Makoto image.jpg
    Makoto looked at the cat incredulously. She put the back of her hand on her forehead, she didn't have a fever. "You're actually real?! Not a figment of my imagination?!" she exclaimed disblievingly. She poked its cheek, and it really was there.

    The cat looked like a human sitting like that, and it was weird. Cats shouldn't be able to do that. So, he was actually a guy cursed to be a cat. He had to guard her for the rest of her life. Wait. Rest of her life?!

    "Wait. Guard me for the rest of my life?! No no no no no. That's not going to be possible." No way in hell. Makoto had plans for her life, and being babysitted by a cat was not on her bucket list.
  12. Meow, #A52A2A He narrowed his eyes at her when she poked his cheek, resisting the urge to bit her, though his fur had bristled up a bit. "Hey, this isn't exactly 'good news' to me either. I never wanted to be tied to some violent female, yet here I am. Maybe next time you won't go picking up a stray animal." He waved a paw. "Whether we like it or not, I'm stuck to you. I can't leave."

    He rubbed his chin, looking around as he perked his ears, then spotted her window. He smirked and glanced at her. "Watch."

    Moving back onto all fours he bounded over to the window, jumping up on her bed then onto the bed post, then up on her dresser and padded along the surface. When he reached the window he jumped down right onto the sill, using his paw to undo the latch then slid it right open. He glanced down at the ground, seeing it was a one story height drop, but he didn't seem nervous at all. He then padded right onto her desk that was scooted right up to the window, so that when she was studying or doing homework, she'll be able to look right outside. He then turned, facing the open window, then ran right for it....and jumped.

    He flew right through the window and out into open air, yet still he did not panic, simply going along with the wind. Quite literally. As he began to descend, a thin blue aura streak suddenly appeared around his neck and stretched out to Makoto, almost like a leash. It was connected to her wrist, and Flynn was yanked back, letting out a choked breath as he flew right back in through the window. He hit the floor, the blue aura disappearing from his neck and her wrist, leaving him gasping and coughing. Finally he rolled onto his paws, shaking his head and glanced up at her.

    "See? No matter how badly I may want to, I cannot leave you side." He said, pinning back his ears in annoyance. "I'm stuck with you, and you're stuck with me."
  13. Makoto image.jpg
    To say she was surprised would be an understatement. When he jumped outside the window she shrieked, and was about to run down to see if he was dead, but he had just bounced back into the room again.

    A blue circle of light had appeared on her wrist and on the cat's neck, but quickly disappeared. She lightly tapped her skin to see if it would reappear. She clawed at nothing on her hand, trying in vain to make it disappear.

    "You've got to be kidding me." she muttered. Her wrist was now red and stratchy from her nails. "Can't you take away the curse or something? Can't I disown you and then you don't have to be my guardian anymore?" she was pratically pleading for a cure, something to stop the curse. "Please tell me there's a way. Please." she was looking at him dead in the eye posting on her arms so that she was right next to his face. "Please!"
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  14. Meow, #A52A2A He leaned back a bit when she got right up in his face, tilting back his ears and stared at her, his eye twitching a little. "I already told you, I'm stuck with you. That means there is no cure. If there was, don't you think my family would have found it a long time ago?"

    He lifted his paws, lightly tapping her cheeks with them. "Get it through your thick skull. You're stuck with me. The bond has been set, you can't disown me now. No matter where you go, I go. That's just the way things are. That weird energy thing you just saw is the connection between you and me, and it's still there, it's just invisible now. It's a chain that keeps us locked together, to prevent me from escaping my destiny." He lowered his paws. "I don't like this any more than you do. If there's any way to undo the curse, I have no idea what it is. I can only assume that the gods or whatever must finally be appeased somehow, but I don't know how to go about doing that."
  15. Makoto image.jpg
    Makoto's eye twitched back when he tapped her face with his paws. "Correction, I'm stuck with you. I'm not the one at fault, you have that stupid curse on you, that cursed me to have a cat as a baby-sitter.

    She leaned back on the door. "Can you, um well, can you, like talk to them or something? And say, 'please I did nothing I don't want to be a cat anymore forgive me'." she raised her hands up into the sky as if the gods were actually listening in on them. "Are you immortal? Do you live forever?" she blasted him with questions.

    She could if she want, in her defense, he just blasted her this whole new reality into her face. Everything she thought she knew was a lie. Maybe that was an exxageration, but whatever. So blasting questiins was allowed.
  16. Meow, #A52A2A "Don't you dare act like this is my fault!" He yelled at her, standing up on his paws with his back hunched and pointed a paw at her. "You're the one who claimed me. Do the words, 'You're my cat now' not ring a bell? You catnapped me!"

    He then lowered his paw and sneered. "Oh sure, let me just sprout my little wings and fly to the other Realm and kneel before the gods." He began motioning with his paws and body, practically dancing around on his hind legs. "'Hey, excuse me, I know you're upset with my great great great great great great great a million greats family, but I had nothing to do with the betrayal of the prince and your anger, so you should just lift the curse from me. Okay?'"

    He sat back down, glaring at her. "Stupid girl. If it was that easy, don't you think I would have done that a long time ago?! I have no idea how to contact them! And no, I'm not immortal, I told you that I'm a descendant. However I do have nine lives, but that doesn't count for old age, so I grow the natural pace of a human and die when I get too old. But so long as you're alive, then I am alive, unless I use up all of my nine lives."
  17. Makoto image.jpg
    "Oh yeah?!" yelled Makota back to him, he was seriously pissing her off. "How the hell could I of known that your family had a millenium long curse?! How was I supposed to know that you weren't actually a bloody cat?!"

    "God! It's your fault you were walking outside! Somebody else could've done what I just did." she pointed an accusing finger at the cat. "And stop doing that. It looks so weird, and you're not from the movie, The Cat Returns so stop walking on your hind legs like a human."

    Everything was blowing up in her face, and it was seriously pissing her off. How was she supposed to be content with life if she new things she could never talk about to everyone else?! She would go mad.
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  18. Meow, #A52A2A "I don't even know what movie that is!" He hissed at her, then got back on his hind legs and began walking around, waving his front paws like arms as if he were walking like a human. "Oh look at me! I'm a cat that can walk on two legs! La la la la la." However he couldn't do it for long, his hind legs soon shaking and he was forced to crawl back onto all fours, but continued to glare at the girl. "What are you going to do about it? I can do what I want! I might have to protect you, but that doesn't mean I have to listen to you!"

    He padded over to her bed, jumping up on top of it. "You're giving me a headache. You're overreacting way too much about this, it's not like I changed your whole life. Go on, go about your business, see if I care. The only difference is that you'll have a pet cat with you that happens to turn into a guy. As for me, I can't go about my own business, because I have to remain with you." He yawned and stretched out his front paws, then kneaded her blanket before walking around, getting comfortable. "We'll just have to get used to each other."

    Finally he laid down, curling up with a relaxed sigh, tilting back his ears. All the yelling and stress made him tired, now was the perfect time for a little cat nap. Maybe if he woke up he'll find that all of this was just a dream, for it wasn't exactly a picnic in the park for him either, forced to go through with this mess.
  19. Makoto image.jpg
    "Hey! Hey! This is my house, thank you very much! That doesn't mean you can go and boss me around! God!" she raised an eyebrow as he settled on her bed comfortably. Who did he think he was?!

    "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" she asked, annoyed. This was her room, he couldn't settle down. She got up and picked him up by the neck. Hey, he wasn't going to stay in her room, nope.

    She walked out, and went into the guestroom by hers and threw him on the bed. "You can stay here." He was still a guy, and so she would consider him one, even though he was in cat form.
  20. Meow, #A52A2A When he was suddenly picked up by his scruff, he was beyond pissed, thrashing his body around and swiping out his claws. "What the hell do you think you're doing?! Let me go! I may be a cat but you can't just pick me up like a helpless kitten!"

    Then she had kicked him out of her room and tossed him on another bed. He landed on his feet, bouncing a bit on the bed, then quickly turned to her and hissed. "That was extremely rude! I'm still a human being, you can't just toss me around willy nilly! How about a, 'Will you please leave my room?' That would have been just fine!"
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