The Forgotten Divine

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  1. It wasn’t very fair, all the Gods deserved to get recognition and be worshiped yet that wasn’t the case. No one would have thought about it, but not all Gods were the best of people. See, the popular ones were quite mean and they bullied their fellow gods. These ones bullied wanted to prove themselves, so they went down to the humans to try to teach the humans that they exist and deserve being worshiped.

    Lullaby sighed; she was one of these gods who came down to get the humans to acknowledge her. She had taken residence at a large once abandoned shire, which she left open for other gods to come who wanted the same thing that she did. Of course, it was her home though so they had to curious of her and understand that they had to listen to her. Unfortunately, she still didn’t seem to have any kind of change in her existence. She still wasn’t known very well, she was going to have to think of a better way to get the people to notice her.

    Lullaby was sweeping up the floors of the shire, hoping to get it looking nice so that humans would realize that there was a god there and they could come and wish for something. So far, she was actually doing a pretty good at making the place look nice but people were still afraid and didn’t know to come.
  2. Out at sea, the Prospero sat dead in the water, proving to it's single inhabitant that the gods had indeed abandoned him. The mainland was so close he could see it. He paced nervously back and forth across the floor of the boat, thinking of a way to signal the mainland. He would not be lost now, not so close to rescue. He searched through the compartment and found a plastic red gun. A flare pistol.
  3. Alyssa was tired of pretending. She just wanted to be whatever she was, and, everytime she felt like that, she just went as far from the city as she could. She found herself in a lonely forest and sat next to a tree. It started to rain, and, a few minutes later, to snow. She loved snow in summer. Sometimes she swore her abilities, but the truth was that she loved them. She lied down, watching her snow falling, and smiling. The only thing that it would make that moment more perfect was having someone to share it with.
  4. He quickly made his way to the top deck. His hands shook as he loaded the pistol. He fired the pistol, pointing upwards. He reloaded and fired a second time. Hopefully, the so-called gods would do their job right this time.
  5. Ayra walked her way down the city streets a smug smile on her face. She flicked her wrist slightly as she passed a group of humans and kept on walking normally. She laughed to herself as she heard a girl scream that turned into a squeal. Oh how I love turning people into pigs... She thought to herself as she continued to walk having a small laughing fit. As she made her way near the dock to go put holes in some ships she noticed a small flare go off in the sky a couple ways out in the water.
  6. The man loaded a third flare into the gun. Nothing yet. Maybe the gods were total jerks. He watched the third one go off over the boat. As he watched, he noticed some of the ships near shore were sinking.
  7. Ayra closed her eyes for a second and when she opened them she was on the ship that she saw far out. She was sitting on the rail of the captain's deck her feet swishing back and forth. She noticed the man in a frantic state his gaze now fixed on the shore. She giggled slightly, "Someone's in some trouble..." A small smirk plastered on her face.
  8. The man heard giggling behind him and whirled around."What! Where did you come from?! Who are you?!"
  9. Ayra continued to giggle slightly, "Slow down there Cowboy"she said teasingly and jumped gracefully off the railing landing on her feet. "Now can a girl not help a lost sailor without getting accused of murder? I mean you did ask for help.." She said her mouth twitching into a smile.
  10. "Yes I did. Looks like it came a bit late." He forced a smile.
  11. Ayra frowned, "I come to help and you insult me? Ha no wonder no God has helped you. If you'll excuse me I have some more important business to deal with other then you".
  12. "Don't take it as an insult." As he talked, he noticed that the boat was getting closer to land-maybe enough to swim to shore.
  13. Ayra glared at him, "I should just sink this ship now, might do the world a favor".
  14. "You wouldn't." He was messing with something behind his back.
  15. In an isolated plane there stood a cloaked deity, a deity that knew that eventually it'd be their turn to be worshipped, not as a concept but as a being. Fate stood at the end of its plane, contemplating facts. "Even I, in all my glory... I know all will be fine, yet..." Fate closes it's eyes. "Yet, I am afraid... Humans became what they currently are out of fear... I know all, control all, and yet... I am afraid..." Fate stood quietly, sure that it was its choice to make. Then Fate stepped out of its plane and traveled to the land that went by earth. Fate awoke in a grassy plain. The air felt heavier, the light, more dim than Fate had ever known. If fate were to learn from humans as well as teach them, it would be best to start off small. It was time to find a village.
  16. She fell asleep in the forest under her own small snow storm and woke up with the sound of some fire shots. She followed the sound until she found herself at the coast. Far enough to go swimming, but not far to stop seeing it, she could spot a ship lying dead on the water. Around it, there were pieces of many others. The firing probably came from there, like a scream for help. She thought about it and changed the weather providing a not really strong wind. It would take a while to get that piece of wood to the mainland with that wind, but at least she was sure it wouldn't sink. As she realized that it was working, she increased the strenght of the wind.
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  17. DIN
    There was a shrine. Din paused, sight hovering in the air, before moving closer to cautiously inspect it. His physical body was left not far behind, somewhere in the tangle of trees surrounding the shrine, all his other senses -with the exception of touch, which was having a field day in a pile of blankets somewhere or another- with it. Years of continuous practice had gotten Din rather used to the strange, taken apart feeling of having his senses in completely different places all at once, and Din ignored everything else for the time being, concentrating solely on his sight. The shrine was a pleasant enough place -large, old, and piteously damaged in some areas, but someone had obviously taken time to make it look inhabitable. A deity? Din wondered, moving in closer, A persistent worshiper -no, definitely a deity. A god has taken up residence here.

    Din paused for a moment, waiting for Father to say -anything, really, but the other didn't give any indication that He was present, so Din forged on. If Father didn't deny anything, he had free reign, after all. Din took his time to explore the shrine, starting from what he suspected was the back of it. So far, there weren't signs of any gods -but then Din turned around to the front, and paused. There was a deity there after all, sweeping the floors. Din hadn't heard of any god doing menial chores before, so he was suitably surprised. Is she really a god? He watched her for a moment more before retreating, tracing his way back to his body. He'd head there himself; there wasn't much he could interact with if only his sight was present, after all.

    '-and he simply kicked me out! Don't you find that awfully mean indeed?' Raffe gestured widely with his hands as the small crowd of his laughed, more at his theatrics than at the story itself. 'I have quite the mind to return the favor...'

    'He'll destroy you!' Someone among the crowd called out, and Raffe waved a hand at him, 'Thank you, kind sir, for that vote of confidence!' Another round of laughter, and then -abruptly- Raffe started. Something had crossed a boundary. Boundaries were crossed every second of every day -that in itself was nothing unusual- but something that wouldn't have otherwise breached the one between land and sea did, with the help of a god. Or something. Whoever it was that pushed that ship forward certainly seemed like one, but there was a strange sense of mortality that Raffe didn't usually feel in gods, too. Either way, he'd go check it out. Perhaps one of the boundaries had shifted.

    'Well! I shall have to exact my revenge now, having announced it to so many people,' dipping into an exaggerated bow, Raffe rose, and left with a wide grin, dropping it as soon as he was out of sight. Mixing around with the humans was always fun -Raffe always did feel that interacting with them was much easier than with other gods- but Raffe still had to do his work at some point. Humming a little tune he'd picked up, Raffe thought Bring me to the boundary that was crossed with the help of foreign influence and the next thing Raffe knew, there he was, watching a sea of sinking ships.
  18. Ayra laughed slightly, "Hmm that's the question isn't it? Will I.....?" She said tapping her finger on her lip smirking.
  19. The wind was picking up again, pushing the Prospero torward land. He looked in confusion at Ayra."Is this your doing? You just threatened to scuttle her a moment ago!" He began backing away torward the side of the boat. He was fairly sure he could swim over to the mainland, at this distance.
  20. Ayra laughed as he moved towards the side of the deck, "You know, I'm starting to like you" she said teasingly, "but that's not a good thing". She smiled and flicked her wrist and the deck all around him started to crack and break.