the forgotten 8 tribes

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  2. "Mm. I've run out of bread."
    Sielle left her pantry and took just a moment to cast a spell on it, conjuring back the otherworldly cold that kept everything inside chilled and fresh. It would have been easy for her to go on without it, but she felt it would have been simpler on her in the long run to simply go out and purchase what she needed right away. Her home being far into the mountains meant it would take her a good deal of time to get down to somewhere that actually had what she needed, so she decided to get moving soon.

    "Do take care of the house, Geoff." she muttered in the direction of her sleeping cat as she pulled on one of her robes and left the building, starting off down the mountain with care.
  3. Venus Wypij moved through the plaza with her prime companion, Haimi Airith. Even though Haimi wasn't much of a talker, Venus enjoyed her company just as much as Haimi enjoyed her's.

    There was no real purpose for the two being at the plaza, but it was nice to look around the bargaining stands and small shops every once in a while. It was a busy day, with many people looking about and around for good sales. Venus enjoyed being around people, and Haimi thought them interesting, even if it didn't look like it.

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  4. Aaron watched as she walked down the mountin, soon out of sight. With aarons pure white skin and pitch black hair he could of easly been spoted, if not for the heavy forest around the womens house. As he sat in slince he woundered why the women would make such a horrible protel. With quick pace he enters her home, to not only to see a beautiful house but to see a cat.
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  5. As of late he felt bored, or even tried of doing the same thing, stalking Venus. He didnt understand the seers interest in this girl. But as normal he would stay in sight and not be noticed. Truthfully she was rather boring.
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  6. Bracknoporet limped along his daily route, avoiding most people as they would only make his day worse. Isn't today just wonderful... he thought to himself, cursing under his breath. Ah, well, at least I can still go down to the stream. So he changed his path, to a quick way to his favorite part of the stream. In merely a minute or two he'd arrived, and began talking to himself while freezing the water into little ice sculptures, then melting them down.
    Soon, he'd forgotten what had troubled him, as he laughed at all the little 'people' melting away, back to their original form.
  7. Rose came to this stream daily, mainly because she had no where else to go. With magic at her finger tips she could survive for many more years to come, if it wasnt for her horns. A demon with the power to weld magic was considered a danger to not only her self but to everone around her. Her brother aaron was sent out this way and, with fear of being sent away by her father, she fled with her brother. Her blue hair shined as she sat on the other side of the stream starring at the boy.

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  8. "Aaaaaaaand, it's gone," he laughed as he continued to melt tiny ice people. Then, he felt strange, as if someone was watching, and he looked up. Seeing someone across the stream, he became embarrassed and then slipped. Landing, of course, in the ice cold water he'd just been messing with. Getting up, he hid his face by looking down, and turned away and began to limp back to the trail. Aren't I amazing at first impressions.... he yelled in his mind as he limped away.
  9. Roses purple eyes darted to the boys leg. Her heart sadden with ever limp he made, her magic pored out of her, healing, fixing and restoreing anything around her, and this is what made her different then the other demons. Her voice full of hope she yells "Hey come back!"
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  10. "He's watching us again, isn't he?" Venus asked the female mage as she kept her eyes fixated on a purple cloth with blue and silver patterns. Haimi only nodded. When you're stalked for a certain amount of time, it was inevitable to be found out, especially when the people you were 'observing' were unique in their abilities. However, they knew very little of their stalker, except that he was a man. They didn't know his interest in them, or rather Venus as Haimi so pointed out, and wanted nothing more than for him to leave them completely. But they knew that wasn't going to happen, and so hoped that he'd maybe, just maybe show himself to them.
  11. A alchemist with the power of magic, it was more powerful then any stone. In his powerful suit lies all needed transumate circles. But with out it he looked as a normal teenager. With a press of his hand agaisnt the malls pillar, a hole appares beneat the mages a magic barrier sealing them inside. 2 miles below the mall the landed softly, seeing a room of earth full of lights and a thore. The teen sat there, in his suit ready for what might happen next.

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  12. Suddenly, a magical barrier surrounded the two women and Venus looked to Haimi, whose stance was ready for a fight. However, they were suddenly falling... underground?? It could only be because of that blasted stalker.

    "So it begins..." Venus stated with a hint of amusement, looking to the mage out of the corner of her eye. Haimi smirked out of amusement as well, staying close to her hybrid friend. When they landed, both looked around the candle-lit earth room. Haimi spotted the boy first and stared at him, expression as stoney as ever. Venus looked to him as well, taking in his suit. An alchemist?

    "What do you want?" she asked.
  13. "my dear girl, its not what i want, its what my boss wants. The seer wishes to speak to you, and by all racial laws you must attend a summon with him. Or a battle with his court. I am the only court, for now." He smirks, "if it was my chose you would become a test subject."
  14. "If it's by racial law, why didn't you just invite me to the summon, then?" Venus asked, annoyed by how unnecessarily all of this felt. Was it really that difficult to just send a message to her or ask her in person instead of stalking and posing a threat? She highly respected the Seer, as did the majority of the tribes' population, thus why she was puzzled he would send a negative force to only give her a message.

    Haimi stood quietly by. Venus was being summoned by the Seer, a revered person who could see into the future just by will. Was it possible Venus was an acting Seer as well? Though it didn't make sense, for Venus never said anything about being able to see into the future.
  15. He smirked bigger then before,
    "you are no normal race, you are a monster. For 600 years we burnt and killed your cross breed kind, the seer was a gateway to kill you." The walls started to cumble the shieling started to fall. As fast as it started, it stoped. "By the gods-" a boy of the age of 17 stood in the middle of the room, eyes white, hair sliver and a skinny body structure. "You did just as the future fortold, with that i must forebid you from my court. Or to send you to battle to the death agaisnt those you chose to distory." The boy truned to the girls, "I am the last known seer. Both of you must choose his fate." With quick past the alcemist jumped from his seat but was magically forced back into his thorne. "You will not leave without a judgment!"
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  16. The alchemist explained himself, his smirk growing bigger than before and a dark aura surrounding him at his next words. He explained himself, informing Venus that she was a monster and his kind had spent the last 600 years using the Seer as a gateway to kill hybrids just like her. She was shocked; she had never heard of another hybrid such as her! She supposed that made sense as this man in front of her claimed that he and his tribe had killed off each hybrid such as her...

    Before she could speak, the walls started to crumble and the force field disappeared. All of a sudden, another teenager stood in the middle of the room. He had white eyes and silver hair, and started speaking almost immediately to the alchemist, telling the girls that he was the Seer.

    So the alchemist wasn't here on the Seers orders? What the hell was all of this?

    "Do as you wish," Haimi answered the Seer about what to do with him. Venus looked to her, about to protest but Haimi just stared at her before starting to lead her away. "He was going to try to kill us. You especially." Venus looked down in defeat and then to the Seer.

    "Kill him, banish him. Whatever you think would be the best action."
  17. "For him to die, it must be a battle to the death between you 3 or two" The seer stood tall waiting for their next words.
  18. The Gentes family owned a quite large amount of properly in which the family had made a castle like structure, inside the many hallways and twists and turns there was. Large library filled with books of many kinds, yet you can hear the sounds of words being shouted and then loud crackling noises. As coming through the library stood Ignis a proud man at that, his shirt off his pants dirty as so for his footing. He was sweating and there seemed to be markings traced about his body. Mostly symbols as it seemed. His hair plastered to his forehead as he was holding a book in one hand and his other Palm free. He mumbled a few words and a symbol on his right shoulder began to glow before he slammed his Palm down on the floor and arose a granite sword from the ground which he placed his Palm to. " brilliant it works perfectly. He said nodding his head. He picked a cloth shirt off the floor and put it over his shoulder as he read from the book. " Ignis inferne, almorai Gentes" he placed the book on the shelf and let. Long breath escape his mouth and nose as he used it as a breathing technique.
  19. like many homes on evee their castle had many servents, cooks and maids. As normal violet made her rounds, cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms and doing laundry. violet stood in the library in the distance watching ignis. Her hands where red from all the washing, she moved her light blue hair outta her eyes, placing her hands back at her sides. Her hair was in a ponytail, she was out of her uniform, wearing blue jeans and a blue t-shirt.
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  20. "Hey come back!"
    Stopping, Bracknoporet turned around, confused. Coming back, though hesitantly, he sat down on the edge of the stream.
    "H-ey," he said with a nervous wave. "I'm Bracknoporet."