The Flight of Icarus

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  1. Everything we knew about our own race was a WRONG...

    September 1977, a rocket is launched heaven bound, on board is one of the greatest devices made by man, Voyager 1. After traveling beyond the Dwarf Planet Pluto, and entering the Kyper Belt, the unmanned space craft fell mostly silent, yet still relayed data back about the asteroid composition. In 2020 Voyager 1 finally died, its power and fuel completely depleted, thought to drift the Milky Way forever. Fourteen years after that something happened. Voyager 1 switched back on. A signal broadcast to the heavens found its way to the little craft. A trillion to one odds. The source was undetermined, Earth’s greatest minds from around the world worked night and day to triangulate the origins of the signal.[​IMG]
    In 2037 they finally cracked the origin. The source of it was in the Pleiades system, a multi-star cluster. This led to outside theorist to do some thinking, what if we weren’t of this world? That we were manipulated into what we are? How could we be evolved from monkeys? Our brains processed information faster than the greatest of supercomputers, our bodies resilient to most dreadful of diseases. This in time lead to another idea. What if Atlantis, a human civilization so far advanced technologically, didn’t originate on Earth but came from the Pleiades cluster? Myths of it said that it vanished from the world in a tsunami, earthquake, and volcanic eruption. After much speculation came about, one man named Isaac Antov released and idea that took the world by storm. He found that the Winterbourne Barrows and Stonehenge fell in line with the Pleiades system. Each Barrow was a star and the entire system of each matched.[​IMG]
    The entire Earth now knew…. We weren’t alone in the universe. As people searched through records of yesteryear information, they discovered stuff that was even more incredible. Golden gliders that when made into flight worthy models flew surprisingly well. Strange hieroglyphs in Egypt that depicted flying craft similar to jets and UFO’s. This further compounded the point. Everything just added up. We were not of this world. Like everything else that gets the world talking, it to eventually died off, yet the signal didn’t. No, the signal was always there. And every passing year, it grew stronger and clearer the farther Voyager 1 traveled. Hopes turned into dreams, and dreams were forgotten. Man didn’t have a way to travel to the stars.

    In 2080 man began to colonize the moons and the planets, Mars had been terraformed, discoveries had been made that everywhere we looked in our solar system, there were hints and items that didn’t occur naturally. A few years after that, on the fringes of the solar system, was a private organization that wanted to discover the truth. Known as Dancer, the organization had a project running, Project Area 51, named after the most publicly known Top Secret facility on Earth. For the past 43 years their scientist had been designing the Armstrong Drive. It would be the first Faster Than Light engine, named after Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon. Dancer would take man to Pleiades and discover the truth.

    In 2112, Dancer revealed its Project Area 51. A starship had been built in the shadow of Pluto. On board, the most advanced navigation systems that would take them on the journey to find out our origin of life. Equipped with Sub-light drives of Matter/Anti-matter engines and Armstrong Drive, the ship was a marvel of engineering. Along the Port side of the ship was its name, Icarus. It was a strange name, seeing as how Icarus disobeyed his father, and flew to close to the sun causing the wax on his wings to melt, and letting him fall to his death. Yet this time Icarus would not fail, it would succeed in its mission, to discover humanities origin. Those that joined may not make it back for space held many surprises, and Pleiades was 460 Light Years away. This would be the farthest any human had traveled from Earth. Something could go dreadfully wrong. Still tucked away in its dock sat Icarus, all systems were green, engines operating at one-hundred percent. The crew was ready, and the departing time was counting down. T-minus eight hours till launch....[​IMG]

    (Just a side note, I came up with this before watching Prometheus. After watching it, I was highly disappointed with the movie. This in no way is like Prometheus even if the base setting sounds like it. Sorry for the confusion to all of those that have seen that.)

    Character Name:

    Zodiac Sign:
    Place of Birth:
    Current Residence:


    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance:


    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:
    Fondest Memory:
    Biggest Regret:



    Tools of the Trade:


    General History:

    Present Life:

    Character Name: Jonathan Imlay

    Alias: "Piston"
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: American
    Age: 32
    B-Day: December 3, 2080
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Bloodtype: A+
    Place of Birth: Rougemont, North Carolina
    Current Residence: North District, Pluto
    Occupation: Captain of Icarus
    Family: Sara Imlay (Mother) Carter Imlay (Father)
    Gemstone: Turquoise


    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 200 Lbs
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue
    Distinguishing Marks:
    General Appearance: Jonathan is usually well groomed and clean cut. Most describe him as an athletic build with chiseled features. Having a strong jaw line he can pull of scruffy, but will never been seen with a beard. Usually he is found wearing comfortable clothes. Usually dressed in darker colors, he is often seen what looks to be metal plated leather gloves and a "utility belt" on.

    Strengths: Can bench his own weight, and squeeze into thigh places
    Weaknesses: Not very flexible, and not a long distance runner. (Military Knees)


    Aspirations: To return home from this mission.
    Hobbies: Building models, drawing, listening to music, watching lightning,
    Likes: Tornadoes, 20th Century Muscle Cars, anything Rock/Metal, spicy food, games of chance, animals, chess, women
    Dislikes: Animal abusers, cheats, Space Pirates, celery, molasses, runny eggs
    Talents: Skilled chess player, decent artist, can cook, mechanically inclined,
    Inabilities: Cant sit still for long, can't tolerate Bullshit, can't tolerate stupidity of any kind
    Fears: Claustrophobic, mysophobic, fears getting spaced with or without a spacesuit
    General Personality: Normally kind and warm hearted, he is usually the laid back type of person and always seen with a smile on during and after a mission, but never before departure. Can be quiet outspoken at times which has gotten him in trouble before.
    Inner Personality: Quiet and reserved, he normally likes to be alone with his thoughts.
    Secret: Always has wanted a tea cup chihuahua.


    Weapons: Usually carries a 20th century .45 revolver, and has in his cabin KTB Ar 7 Needlewind railgun. Can be seen carrying a baseball bat around with him at times

    Tools of the Trade: His brain


    General History: Raised in a small town in North Carolina back on Earth, Jonathan went to school with people he grew up with. At the age of 18 he wanted to do more than just b another farmer. He wanted to see space and serve his county. Signing with the United States Air Force, he was quickly accepted into the Space Operations Division as a cadet to become a space pilot. During his 4 years at the Academy, he showed remarkable knack for war time movements and procedures. Out of his class he graduated in the top five percent and went on to be a pilot for the 103rd SFW (Space Fighter Wing) At which he quickly became his squadron leader. After his six years was up and two bad knees later, he signed on with Dancer for their project.

    Present Life: Being selected out of ten candidates for the position of Captain for the Icarus, Jonathan set forth on getting his affairs straightened out before the starship departed on December 4, 2112, one day after his 32nd birthday.

  4. I'm reserving a spot, I like this premise

    The name of the ship too, Icarus, a tragic name

    Character Name: Drake Lost

    Alias: George Carson

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: New Zeland

    Age: 47

    B-Day: October 5, 2065

    Zodiac Sign: Libra

    Bloodtype: O+

    Place of Birth: London England

    Current Residence: Pluto, North District

    Occupation: Chief Engineer

    Family: Sarah (Aunt), Jacoby(Uncle)

    Gemstone: Opal



    Height: 6'6

    Weight: 206

    Hair: Bald

    Eyes: Brown

    [B]Distinguishing Marks: Scar under eyer.

    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]General Appearance: [/B][/COLOR]
    Strengths: Fixing things, breaking bones, being angry.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Weaknesses: Can't take orders the right way, doesn't get along with people.


    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Aspirations: He is only doing this for the money...
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Hobbies: Fixing things, eating, breaking noses.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Likes: Animals, women, dark chocolate, T.V, fighting.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Dislikes: White chocolate, lamps, old bikes, smelly food, church, babies, oranges, Rhinos, magazines, orchids, white women, waffles, milkshakes, in color movies, kids, soup, musicals, short people, short stories, biographies, blue cheese, finger-less gloves, missing limbs, soap operas, vineyards, libraries, weddings, children being born, ocean sounds.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Talents: Fixing things, hurting things.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Inabilities: Dancing, singing, showing compassion.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Fears: Spiders.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]General Personality: Drake is a hard-ass who wants respect. He doesn't take anything personal unless it is directed toward him. Then he will make a pulp out of said person's face. If he doesn't have anything to say it doesn't mean he doesn't have an opinion on it.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Inner Personality: Drake acts like he does normally, he doesn't act any different inside than he does outside.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Fondest Memory: First time he smoked a cigar.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Biggest Regret: Nothing, everything he does is for a reason.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Secret: Killed his baby cousin once by dropping it's head "on accident", because he was crying so loud.
    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]More: [/B][/COLOR][B]


    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Weapons: Shotgun, Knife,
    [B]Tools of the Trade: His fists, and his opinion.[/B][/COLOR][B]


    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]General History: [/B][/COLOR][B]

    [COLOR=#00FF00][B]Present Life:[/B][/COLOR][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]
  6. john_07.jpg
    This is the basic layout of the starship



    Captain Jonathan Imlay

    Chief Engineer: Drake Lost

    Science/ Tech Officer: William Fuyama, June Madrigal

    Security Officer: Ryan Osswald
  7. Could i ask why the warp engine would be on the outside of the ship?
  8. It not actually a warp drive, it a tachyon rail drive. What this means is that is creates a beam of Tachyons fore and aft of the starship before running Tachyons along the surface of the hull. Once engaged this then theoretically allows the starship to travel along the rails of Tachyons in a means of FTL.
  9. wouldn't there then need to be a slingshot launch to generate the hyperspatial transition through tachyonic dispersal? also wouldn't there need to be rail anchors at the end of the distance that needed to be traveled, so that the ship and the rails of Tachyonic matter/energy don't diverge from the proposed course and have the ship end up only hell knows where? The proposed method is sound it just seems like a rail way would have to have a set receiver to intercept the tachyonic beams holding them to our plane while hyper accelerating the ship or am I just completely wrong cause I have a very little understanding of tachyonic FTL travel
  10. That's a bit to much, the model I was proposing was that instead of the Tachyons being in on long line, its just a small distance infront and rear of the ship, this way there really won't have to be anchors for the tachyon beams. Also maybe this will help you out.

    Character Name: William Fuyama

    Alias: Jack
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Caucasian/Asian Ancestry; Martian
    Age: 22
    B-Day: June 30, 2090, Earth; April 14, 2090, Martian Calendar
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer (Earth); Aries (Mars)
    Bloodtype: Due to failed radiation containment, his blood type seems to identify with all types known on Earth.
    Place of Birth: Lilythis, Mars
    Current Residence: Technology Research and Development, Io
    Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Guinea Pig, in reality, he is a testing associate on Io, the one who performs the tests. He tests weapons and Anomylous Materials under supervision deemed too dangerous for normal humans, as a result of being one of a minority breed of mutated humans.
    Family: FuyaTech Director, Zaku (Deceased) and wife Jillian Fuyama (Parents) Yuki Furonara (Cared for like their own children), Alexander Fuyama, Samantha Fuyama (Siblings)
    Gemstone: Alexandrite (Earth); Diamond (Mars)
    More: Due to longterm exposure to radioactive materials and other exotic matter, Three of the Fuyama's children were born with benign mutation. No physical mutation was recorded, but their bloodtypes are unclassifiable on normals terms, simply given the name M type, it runs red like humans, but their mutations gave slight boosts to their immune systems muscular systems and cardiovascular systems. This means they are somewhat stronger, have a bit more stamina and can fight off infection and disease with more efficiency. The downside is the increase to those areas requires more energy to keep the body healthy, meaning they must eat nearly half their body weight in food to keep active or they become lethargic and weak due to lack of energy.


    Height: 5' 8"
    Hair: Black
    Eyes: Blue/Green
    Distinguishing Marks: A Jagged scar across his Left Hand from an accident when he was a child.
    General Appearance: MV5BMjA5MTU0NTYxNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjk4MzkyNw@@._V1._SX640_SY960_.jpg His skin is a soft gold, and his build is average, a good cross between athletic and lanky. His face carries the general characteristics of Asian background as well as German though you'd have to ask to realize that the other ethnicity is in fact asian
    Strengths: Boosted Biological functions due to his unusual bloodtype, Has an aptitude for technology, and can hold his own in a fight if there's no other option.
    Weaknesses: Must eat, often. He's shy and also has issues adjusting to cold weather.
    More: He can usually be found tinkering with weapons and other bits of hardware in order to try to make them more effiecient or effective


    Aspirations: He has always dreamed of Making First contact, and possibly learning about Extraterrestrial technology from the species who built it.
    Hobbies: He enjoys Archaic technology from other worlds. He's fascinated by the complexity of devices built hundreds of thousands of years before he was alive.
    Likes: Space, Science, Technology, Food, and firearms
    Dislikes: Old Sub-Light Travel Vessels, he always believed the stasis field holding the ship together would fail and he'd be rubbed of existence in sub-light travel.
    Talents: He's a good shot as long as he's using particular weapons, meaning FuyaTech firearms he modified himself. He's also rather affluent in jury-rigging devices from junk and has a talent with science.
    Inabilities: No matter how hard he tries Hyperspatial Physics escapes him, the science behind the Armstrong Drive blows his mind, he also cannot read analogue clocks or pilot a ship larger than a planet hopping skiff. He also suffers from the inability to process certain amounts of light or sound, either will cause him to fall unconscious.
    Fears: JelloWalls, Old Sublight Vessels, Hull Breaches, and bodies of Water larger than a small pool.
    General Personality: Amiable, Laid back, Compliant. He takes things in stride.
    Inner Personality: Ambitious, frenetically anxious at times, and sometimes a bit Paranoid.
    Fondest Memory: Building his first prototype weapon, A directed energy weapon that magnetically accelerated molten metal, Firing it however was a not so fond memory, as it wasn't ready and his hand got seared in the misfire.
    Biggest Regret: Not taking his schooling seriously
    Secret: He never told his parents about the prototype rifle he said he burned his hand on the oven when his sister denied to make him food.


    Weapons: FuyaTech Type 78b Cold Maser Rifle and a FuyaTech K84a Handcannon

    Tools of the Trade: FuyaTech "CompuDeck" Version 9 and a simple tool kit


    General History: "Jack" was born to the Fuyama family as the Second of their three actual Children. All of Fuyama's biological offspring were mutated in the same way, due to failed Radiation Containment and longterm exposure to radiation and other exotic Matter. He grew up around technology and fighting. When he wasn't studying or building something, He was wiping the floor with bullies who picked on him at school because of his existence as a bonified mutant. At the age of 16 He was offered a scholarship to one of Earth's best Applied Technologies schools, but refused, not willing to waste his time when he was already employed at FuyaTech.

    Present Life: Jack lives with a girl named Kyra on Io where he tests FuyaTech Weapons and applications of anomylous Matter as Guinea Pig was the best his Father could hire him for not having the necessary educational prerequisites for a higher position. When Dancer asked FuyaTech for support FuyaTech's CEO, and Jack's father requested that Jack be recruited for tech officer, believing there to be no one better for the job.
  12. Just to clear up Babydoll, is your character a R&D member aboard the Icarus​?
  13. I was Thinking Science Officer or Tech Specialist, on the sheet I was Referring to his occupation before being aboard the Icarus
  14. Alright, thats all I needed to know
  15. Still need more people to join.
  16. Character Name: June Madrigal

    Alias: June
    Gender: female
    Nationality: Mexican
    Age: 23
    B-Day: October 25, 2092
    Zodiac Sign: Libra (don't know why this matters)
    Bloodtype: AB+
    Place of Birth: New York City
    Current Residence: Methane Labs Building 7, Titan
    Occupation: Experimental technologies expert, primarily the field of E-M conversion - changing matter into energy and back again.
    Family: deceased
    Gemstone: (not sure why this matters, either)


    Height: 5'6"
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: also brown
    Distinguishing Marks: Unusually soft hands, given the abuse she's subjected them to. Burn scar on her left leg.
    General Appearance: [​IMG]
    Strengths: Devastatingly intelligent. Has an inherent knack for machines and molecular physics. Has a strong, assertive attitude that can help her get what she wants.
    Weaknesses: Her strong, assertive attitude is sometimes as much a hinderance as an asset. Also, her beautiful face means that she usually isn't taken seriously as the impressive mind she is. Strawberries (allergic)


    Aspirations: Her dream is to invent the ultimate multitool. A machine that can convert matter into energy and give the power of god to man. Even if they only find a ruin on their adventure, the knowledge that could be gained may finally make goal a reality.
    Hobbies: Taking apart ordinary machines and making something different out of them. May come in handy if you need an improvised weapon.
    Likes: The rain, being right, tiny fluffy dogs, incredibly complex machines, classical music.
    Dislikes: Being wrong, idiots, anyone smarter than her, food that is stereotypically Mexican, hairless things.
    Talents: Understanding the nature of complex machines and subatomic particles.
    Inabilities: Relating to people, building the machine of her dreams (at the moment)
    Fears: The void of empty space, but is willing to brave it in the pursuit of knowledge.
    General Personality: Stubborn, abrasive, self-confident.
    Inner Personality: Not much beyond general, other than that she tries her hardest to hide her emotions.
    Fondest Memory: One time at the park with her parents, it started to rain. They wanted to go inside, they offered her refuge in an icecream store, but she refused and laughed as the rain soaked her through the bone. Her parents stayed with her in the rain, making a mess of themselves as they played and slid in the mud.
    Biggest Regret: Her worst experiment.
    Secret: Her parents are dead because of her. One of her more daring experiments successfully converted matter into energy; and her house into a crater.
    More: has enough lollipops to last her the entire voyage.


    Weapons: She built a small device able to shoot a bolt of plasma like a small lightening bolt.

    Tools of the Trade: Plasma weapon can be used as welding equipment; typical tools - screwdriver, wrench etc.


    General History: From a very young age, June showed a higher than average understanding of the world around. She passed through grade school at near light speed, and made it to college before puberty had gotten a chance to hit her. She graduated at sixteen, but had nowhere to go but back to her parents. She had convinced some wealthy financial backers that she could solve E-M conversion, and they began supplying her with equipment that she assembled and experimented with at home. She learned that hydrogen and most hydrocarbons convert to pure energy with relative ease, but during one of her experiments she accidentally added too much matter, and when it all converted to energy, she and her mom and dad only had a few minutes to get out of their house before the explosion. June made it out, her parents did not. To this day she blames herself for their death.
    Her financial backers were not very sympathetic, though some cared enough to pretend. They paid for her to be transferred to Titan, where she would have the hydrocarbons she needed for her experiments due to the methane atmosphere.

    Present Life: June currently lives in the Methane Labs. Building 7 is a building that only ever has three other workers. Most of the time she's completely alone, the whole place all to herself. She's not too bothered by this. Most people are hesitant to be in Building 7. While these are scientists and they know that without the right stoiciometric (pretty sure I spelled this wrong) June can't possibly set fire to the whole planet, the fact that she's working with E-M conversion has most of them too scared to be anywhere near the place.
  17. Yay Jack has a partner!
  18. And there will be much friction between them.
  19. My bad. I was thinking of Drake. I think their respective personalities would grate against eachother, and that sounds like some good fun. Your guy I'm wondering if June can push around with her arrogant ways.