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  1. Any new people who would like to join please ask on the OCC, Im sure we can get you in.

    Nicholas and Patricia are brother and sister and live on their own tropical island. Nicholas is 20 while his sister is 10 On the top of the highest point of the island is a mansion.

    Details of Mansion (open)

    Everywhere below the mansion is covered by a jungle with sandy white beaches around the entire edge of the island, this is also home too many different types of wildlife.

    The mansion consists of a large hall way with stairs on either end leading upwards. The entire floor and stairs are black carpet with a nice spring in it. The walls are painted red with portraits of a few older people. The handrails of the stairs are white and made of Ivory. Above is a black chandelier

    To the right is a large dining room with 4 large round glass tables with 13 medieval looking chairs going round it. One of the tables is covered with a white cloth with the family crest imprinted in black with plates and cutlery by each chair. In the middle of the room is a wooden spiral pillar, the floor is bright blue and the walls are basic white with photos of places of the world. One of them is the Eiffel tower. The Large windows bring a lot of light into the Dining room.

    To the left is a large living room where there is many leather corner sofa’s and 52 inch widescreen TV’s scattered round. Inside the sofas there are built in speakers for the corresponding TV it’s facing. There is 3 TV’s connected to the latest console. The floor is laminate flooring and the walls are wallpapered white with the family crest scattered here and there in black. The medium size windows are covered in Dark Purple curtains and most of the light in this room is by the spotlights from the ceiling.

    If you walked straight on and under the stairs the corridor goes on, and on one side is the kitchen, it’s sparkly white with many cookers, fridges and walk in freezers

    On the other is the Library which seems more of a maze than a library. It goes up 2 floors and has a stained window in the middle with many colours. If you look carefully you will notice the family’s crest is in the window.

    On the 2nd and 3rd floor are just bedrooms with their own bathrooms. Some with a single bed some with double but each bedroom has a walk in wardrobe and each bathroom has a bath and shower. Not one room is the same since every person who lived here decorated it whichever way they seemed fit.

    There are a few locked doors around there is one under the stairs in the hallway, one is in the Kitchen and the final one is the door leading to the attic.

    “You were meant to be looking after her!!” Nicholas shouted

    “I’m sorry sir but she….” the butler replied looking down to the floor in his shame

    With a wave of his hand interrupted the butler “Don’t give me excuses Fred”. Nicholas fell in one of the sofa’s and started to rub his head and muttered “where is she”. He started to click his fingers then stood up in shock “She’s dead oh I’m sure she’s dead”

    “Don’t say that master Nicholas” Fred said sincerely

    Nicholas came right up to him and started clicking his fingers “Look Look, now tell me she’s not dead”

    Fred was speechless “I’ll make you a coffee” Fred disappeared in a flash, he had super speed which helped do the housework with a breeze. As he was waiting for the kettle he was getting worried, Patricia power was fire and if Master Nick can’t use the fire, it either means she’s dead or given up her power.

    Nicholas started biting his nails which he does when he’s nervous, soon enough his mobile went off. Nicholas quickly took his phone out of his pocket and on the screen it said Patricia. He answered and started to shout “PATRICIA CAR……” He was cut off by a man’s voice “Nicholas”. It was a calm deep voice; it makes you feel like he’s taunting you

    “Yes….. Where is my sister?”

    The man chuckled “Well, I could tell you young man but that wouldn’t be the best interest of me now”

    Nicholas’s anger started to stir up but had to keep a level head. He had too, for her.
    With an edge to Nicholas’s voice What you want”.

    With a huff the man declared “Well straight to the point…… I want you, well your power. Your family destroyed my families power but all died in the process and now we have a way to steal your power”

    Nicholas never knew how his family died and he was ready to throw the phone to the ground when Fred came through with the drinks and saw Nicholas’s face. With a blink of an eye he quickly grabbed the phone off Nicholas put the drinks down where he could see it and went out the room.
    Nicholas stood there arm in the air and for a split second not realising what happened.

    Nicholas knew what he was going to do but first he needed to calm down. He lit a ciggy up, drunk some coffee and went up to his room where there was a computer and sent an email out to a few people he slightly knew. Nicholas called these people his online mates, these are the only people Nicholas could trust with the power given to them by him. To be honest it was his only choice.

    As he was typing the email, Fred knocked on his door. Nick told him to enter and he spun around to face him “Well?” he asked

    “For your sister’s life” Fred started to explain “You will need to give up your power to them and both of you can come home”

    Nicholas gave a big sigh “I thought as much….Look Fred, I can’t do that my entire family sacrificed their lives to stop them and giving them power once again.” Nicholas shook his head and spun back round to his pc. “It’s a betrayal to my family’s name. I’m calling for back up. Oh and Fred…… Thank you”

    “For what sir?”
    Fred asked

    You always know what I need and how to react to me. Now grab a seat I have an email to send out”

    The Email reads as follows

    Hey up guys Nick here, I need your help.

    I am the head of the house with the power to grant you one super power; the catch is we need to save my sister. If you want to help and acquire yourself a super power email me and I’ll send Fred out to pick you up by helicopter.

    Characters (open)

    Captain Scrubz

    Name: Nicholas Flynn

    Age: 20

    Place of birth: On the tropical island

    How do you know Nick: That’s me

    Super Power Ability: copies any persons super power who has been marked with his family crest (Head of the family’s power)

    Looks like:



    Name: Maya Rivera


    Place of birth:

    How do you know Nick: She helped various members of his family anonymously until she had been successfully convinced to reveal her identity.

    Super Power Ability: Physics manipulation, she can alter the properties of physics around her though it's area of effect is about a 50 meter radius around her. Messing around with the laws of physics allows her to fly, raise and lower gravity, slow down/drop bullets etc but this will only apply to things within her area of effect.

    Looks like:


    Name: Kacey Willow

    Age: 19

    Place of birth: Canada (parents bedroom)

    How I know Nick: my mother was hired by the family years ago as a governess. She usesd to bring me sometimes during lessons. (Child hood friend)

    Super power ability: Mind and Mental manipulation (ability to controls ones thoughts, decisions .change and or alter ones mindset, implant emotions , memories and situations into their minds by eye to eye contact)


    Name: Carl Bringer

    Age: 18

    Place of birth: Unknown

    How do you know Nick:Nick's underclassmen when he was at school, Carl looked up to nick

    Super Power Ability: Metal manipulation, could reconstruct particles of metal into things that he imagine, with a limits of time and size. Overuse the poweronly resulting Carl to faint.
    Looks like:


    Name: Tiago Greyson

    Age: 24

    Place of birth: Brazil

    How do you know Nick: His father had once been a well trusted body guard of Nicholas' father.

    Super Power Ability: the crest had granted him freedom from mental restrictions that keep just about every normal human from using more than just 10-15% of their muscles capacity, allowing for leaps that go over 60ft, stamina to last days running at a top speed to match.

    Looks like:


    Name: Ella Carmen

    Age: 19

    Place of birth: Caribbean

    How do you know Nick: Her mother was friends with Nick's. When they would visit the mansion, Ella and Nick would play together while their mothers talked.
    Super Power Ability: Able to manipulate her body (shapeshifting, duplicating, and healing of her own self)

    Looks like: [​IMG]


    Name: Ashelyn Nightengale
    Place of Birth: New York City
    How I Know Nick: My father was a trusted friend of Nick's father and he brought me with him on seemingly random visits.
    Super Power Ability: Able to sense, use, and manipulate sound to her advantage.

    You have 24 hours from the last post if it's your turn to post. Please keep in post order

    Post Order (open)

    Captain Scrubz

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  2. "There... Done!" Maya thought as she sent the email to Nick, it wasn't unusual for her to do favors for Nick's family, so she figured it couldn't be too different to help Nick himself... Plus; she'd always wanted to mess around with the laws of physics and baffle her science professor from back when she was in university, a smile crossed her face as she imagined the look on his face after seeing something like that. It made her want to giggle, though she preferred not to, it felt strange doing something like that. Instead, she kicked back in her chair and waited for Fred and his helicopter to arrive like Nick indicated, though if she got too impatient, she'd call him up or something...
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  3. Kacey shook her head as she read the email
    , her fingers tapping rapidly against the keyboard as she stared blankly into the screen. With a frustrated sigh , she snapped lidclose and tossed her laptop on the couch.
    She knew it wouldn't be long before they arrived and she grabbed a bag and started to pack a few things.
    Kacey was excited to see the family again it had been years since she'd seen Nick, she flashed a small smile at the thought of seeing their faces again. Until she thought of Patricia , her expression soured.
    "Why would someone do this to them?" Her mind was racing with thousands of questions. "Its no use..." she thought as she tried to focus on something else. There was no reason to over react.. not yet at least. Instead she tried to.focus
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  4. Carl was having his tea time in the balcony sitting on an exquisite old wooden chair and suddenly his personal butler came to him "Sire we have an email, from Master Nicholas." Carl directly stood up in stated of shock mixed with happiness. Carl began to anxious as Nicholas never asked him for everything, since Carl was like a stalker and Nicholas trying to avoid him as much as possible, "There's must be something going on with Nick, well time to get serious, Arnold pack my things up, we're going to meet Nick!" Carl finishing his last sip of tea and went out of his home with his trusty butler, Arnold to meet Nicholas. On the way, Carl phoned Nick while walking up to his heliport (with Nick consent or acknowledgement), "So what's the matter Nick?" "Wait? Carl.. how did you...?! Never mind, You see..." Nicholas started to make things clearer for Carl and finally Carl understood why Nicholas sent the email, "I see... well I wouldn't act like jerk if that's the case... I'm on my way now Nick."
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  5. In a large and empty room with a flat and wooden floor and paper panel walls, replicating the appearance of a japanese dojo, music that focused more on the bongos and percussion filled the air with its rhythm. Along with the music, was also the sounds of thick but loos fabric rubbing against its own material. Shadows cold be seen from outside the room of two men, seemingly dancing in an acrobatic form.

    Tiago was engaged in a capoeira sparring match.

    His legs didn't touch the floor in his graceful sweep that one would see break-dancers pull off in their routine, and it managed to knock his opponent off balance. This was chained by a forward flip that ended with his leg straight across his foe's throat. The match was over but his opponent safe from harm, for the attack was faint.

    "That was a good match, Hope we can match up again", The losing challenger bowed and was on his way. Tiago always loved a good fight to test his martial arts skill. Now that his heartbeat eased to a steady pace, he checked his phone; to his surprise, there was an email. He was good on replying through technological means, but he packed his bags that night and took the off on the next flight.
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  6. In a lavish condo set in the prime hub of Central London, soft pop music floated through the space. Two girls sat by a vanity in the master bedroom, each gazing intently on the mirror before them. The more tan of the two picked up a piece of her own hair and made a face before setting it down.

    "I'm just not feeling the red," she frowned. The other girl gently set a hand upon her shoulder, "It's not that bad Ella."

    Ella just shook her head before banging it down upon the vanity. "It's been 4 hours Liz. I just can't find the right color." They both stayed silent for a while before Ella shot her head up, surprising Liz in the process. She jumped back, nearly falling off the small bench. Ella grabbed onto the small girls wrist before yanking them up and off the seat. "I've got it!" She have a huge grin, "Light blue!"

    With a snap of her fingers, it seemed as if the red coloring of her hair dripped off, leaving behind a beautiful light blue shade in its wake.

    Liz gave her two thumbs up and big smile. They both played with her hair for a while before a ding pinged through the music. Ella made her way over to her bed where her laptop sat and opened it up. She took a minute to read before letting out an audible gasp.

    "What?" Liz asked, coming over to the bed also. Ella didn't respond though, just leaped off the bed. "Help me pack." When Liz stayed where she was, the blue haired girl huffed before pulling her friend over to the closet. "Now!"
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  7. Nick was lying flat on his back with his hands under his head in bed just staring at the ceiling. He has just finished summarizing who is coming and set a path for Fred to go pick them up. He was still debating if this was a good idea. Nick hasn't really seen anyone for the last 6 months since the families deaths. He wasn't to sure if they all knew.

    Most of the people were childhood friends, how much have they changed since last they met. The problem for Nick was, it all came down to one thing. Will they treat there new found power with respect, or will it corrupt them. It's easier to respect it when you grow up with it.

    Nick's mind just kept going round in circles when Fred knocked and talked through the door "Is my plot ready Nicholas"

    "Come in Fred.... I'm all-right" Fred opened the door and just gave him a look which indicates "I don't believe you" look. Nick put on a small smile "I have to be" Nick said in responce. Nick passes Fred a folder which contains the addresses of everyone he has to pick up "Make haste Fred, we don't want to keep them waiting"

    Fred nodded then asked "where would you like them to wait for you sir"

    "Dining room please" Nick Answered

    In a blink of an eye Fred was out the door to the beach where the helicopter was. He started up the engine and headed in the directions which was stated out to him in the folder.

    The helicopter was rather larger than normal helicopters but sitting in the pilot seat was too noisy to and needed ear protection. At least in the back was just noisy and you probably get a half decent conversation going, with a bit of shouting.

    Nick watched through the window seeing Fred taking off. As he did so he saw his own reflection staring back at him. He thought he looked paler so he decided to check the mirror. With a big sigh he saw himself. He really didn't look like himself and he was paler than he first thought "Right" he said a loud to himself. He needs to be presentable and looking better so he turned to get it done but as he does he stepped right into the door making him fall over.

    "Great" rubbing his head. He hopes it doesn't leave a mark.
  8. After waiting for a while, Maya hears the sounds of a helicopter not too far from her house, in her back yard to be more precise... She gathers together the few clothes and a backpack she figured she may need before heading out her back door to find a rather large helicopter parked there. Fred had already unlocked the doors to the cabin as she realized when she pulled on the door handle closest to her. Climbing in, she realizes she probably wasn't the only one who had been emailed considering the amount of seats around her, it intrigued her what others Nick could have requested the assistance of other than herself. "How many others?" She calls over to Fred at the front, wondering if he could hear her "Four madam." Fred called back before he started the helicopter, knowing full well he wouldn't hear any other questions Maya asked over the noise. Maya sits back and relaxes, wondering what the other 4 people will be like, and what powers they themselves would want from Nick's family crest. "Actually come to think about it, it's been years since I've last been contacted my Nick's family and this is the first time Nick has personally contacted me..." Maya thought to herself, she was sort of looking forward to seeing them again, though it was really odd that they haven't requested much in the way of assistance in those years of silence... Could something have happened to them?
  9. Kacey lived with her mom on the fifth floor of their upper east side penthouse. Which had been expensively redecorated this summer by her mother, in deep reds and chocolate browns, old antquies and furniture.

    She raced from the bathroom to her bedroom, looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair was wrapped in tight messy bun, still damp from her shower. "Shit..." She frowned staring blankly at her reflection.

    Isabelle came trotting into her room
    "OH!" She squealed ,patting Kacey's hair letting it fall free around face, her hair had grown much longer and Kacey smiled happily at her moms reflection ,as she watched her brush her fingers through tangles. Her mom was wearing a fitted deep green cashmere dress , that Kacey bought, she looked fantastic.

    "I bet...." Isabelle murmmed as she walked into Kacey's closet, returning moments later with a light blue silk strapless dress on a hanger,handing it to Kacey. " would look great on you, come on!.. Hurry and get it on".
    Kacey quickly slipped on the dress and stepped infront of the mirror. A small flash approval crossed her lips as she looked up at her mom "see!" She whispered happily as she whirled around walking out of the room, into the front hall.

    "Mom where are you going? I still need to do my hair !"

    Kacey called out after her mom, she kept walking heading straight out the door. Returning minutes later "mom?" Kacey said "what's up?"

    "Time to go ,honey grab your bags"
    Kacey slipped on her new black stappy heels ,and grabbed her Louis Vuitton luggage bags, before kissing her mother goodbye and headed to the roof.

    Kacey ran to the helicopter as he hair whipped fiercely in the wind. So much for it looking nice..
    She waved at Fred a big smile on her face ,as she hopped in. Realizing she wasn't the first to be picked up she smiled at the girl
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  10. Carl was the last resort that Nick had, so that's why Nick emailed him the last. "Same old Nick when his in high school, I'm the last person that he will asked for help," Carl walking to his hangar along with his personal butler and went into his helicopter. Carl called nick to asked for his home coordinate, "Coordinate of your home Nick, I'm already in the air right now."

    "Wait... I already sent Fred to pick everyone... nevermind I'll cancelled yours, my coordinate would be 41 degree 8'44' N, 73 degree 59'42" W."

    "Right I'm on my way now." Carl soon closed his cellphone and told his butler to go to given coordinates (his butler drove the helicopter.) "You never change huh Nick..."

    2/3 years ago...

    It was another bright sunny day in New York, Carl was just another freshman in his College. He was never been good educationally or socially, the only friends he had was his butler, Alfonso. When he was in school he got bullied and when he was in his mansion, he was alone. Until one day when he was in verge of getting bullied, a tall young man with blue dyed hair stopped the bully single handedly and offer Carl his hand, Carl still remembered those light that are emitting from the young man. Carl still remember what the young man said, " Hey are you okay? Carl isn't it? my name is Nicholas but you can call me Nick, I'm your senior." since then, Carl has been following Nick and looked up for him, Carl also learned way how to fight through him.

    back to present reality.

    "Sire, we're here," Alfonso said to Carl to indicate that their already arrived at Nick's mansion. "Just wait for me Nick," Carl went out of his Helicopter and hoping that isn't bad that coming ahead of him...
  11. After a mildly long flight, Tiago picked up his only suitcase from the rolling conveyor belt, a man in a chauffeur outfit was awaiting at the public airport with his TIago's name on a sign. He rode with the chauffeur to a helicopter launching point. Finally, the last mode of transportation.

    It wasnt long before he touched land on the Nicholas' Island. He took in a deep breath of the fresh air hardly spoiled by industrialized zones in the mainland, bringing him a rush of energy then took of through the foliage of the island. Taking any moment to keep himself in tip top shape he dashed through the tree top canopy with the mansio in his sight.
  12. The sun was setting over the horizon of the FDR as Ashelyn decided it was time to get back to her empty apartment. A few days spent a friend's house In Manhattan was just the remedy she needed to rid the feeling of loneliness that had settled over her. Now, she could get back to her life.
    After gathering her things from the spot of grass she had spent the sunny day on, she left for home.

    A few minutes later, at her studio apartment...

    She opened the door and stepped inside, tossing her things carelessly at the threshold. After shutting the door, she dragged herself to bed and booted up the Mac. For some odd reason she had an odd feeling at the pit of her stomach. Was there something she had forgotten?
    After clicking on a few things, the red-head ended up at her email and found a few from her parents. How are yous.. and blah blah bl-..
    "Nick? An email from Nick?" Awake now, she scrambled into cross-legged position on the bed and opened up the email.
    A few moments of surprise kept Ashelyn frozen on her bed. Nick needed her. Nick, who she rarely had any reason to talk to, emailed her. For Patricia.
    She quickly sent an email back, verifying she had read the message and that she would find her own way there, seeing as how she seemed to be a few days late.
    Packing up a duffle bag of clothes and other necessities, she quickly grabbed her keys and left her dark studio apartment without a glance back.
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  13. As Fred piloted the helicopter to each destination he managed to pick up a few of the people while a couple of them didn't show up. At least Carl phoned him so he wasn't waiting around. As Fred landed the helicopter he noticed Carl's helicopter in the garden by of the mansion. Fred shook his head and thought how much work he has to do when that goes.

    Fred directed his helicopter back onto the beach where the helipad was nice and smoothly. He quickly got out and helped each person with him down to the floor. Fred greeted them all properly "Welcome to our island, I wish it was with better circumstances. Please follow me and stick to the path". As Fred lead them all up the path he explained of the wildlife in the forest and how he controls them so they stay away from the path. It was only a animal repellent sprayed on the path which made them stay 20 feet away.

    As he got to the mansion he directed them all to the dining room and to wait for Nick there, After he said thank you he used his quick lightning speed to find Carl, then he can make drinks for everyone.

    Nick was shaking his head in front of the mirror, he was just wearing a towel since he came out the shower. The bump on his head as formed and there was no way to hide it, soon enough he had a phone call from Carl and he told him his co ordinates. He hoped letting Carl in would be a good idea but he is loyal and loyal people is what he needed. With a big breath he carried on getting ready

    Nick was trying to work out what was best to wear normally he would put a suit on for anything like this but he knows he will have to make a move soon as. So he ended up just throwing a black short sleeve shirt on jeans and trainers. He looked out the window just to see if he can see Fred or Carl but there was no sign, he checked his email again and noticed Ashelyn is on her way. He smiled and then he started to stare at the PC for a while until he heard a helicopter.

    Nick jumped to his feet and looked out towards the helipad but saw a helicopter in the distance but this was much closer. Nick closed his eyes and just thought *Carl's in he back garden isn't he. Fred won't like that*. Not much he can do about it and he thinks Fred's helicopter was not far behind so Nick decided to stay out the way for now especially since Ashelyn needs to turn up.

    Nick has to get his hair done anyway and think of his welcome and hey let's save my sister speech in the best way he can. He has after all got his family name to protect.
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  14. Maya woke up with a start as the helicopter landed, she didn't realize she had dozed off while she was on that helicopter. Following everyone else off the helicopter, she only half listened to Fred explain why there wasn't any animals on the path, it turns out it was just some animal repellent on the path. Fred lead them to the dining room, where she along with everyone else waited for Nick to arrive. She was more than a little curious how much he had changed over the years, same with his family, which she made a mental note to ask about after his speech is over.
  15. "Another glass miss ?" Offered Fred holding a bottle of bubbly , Kacey smiled nodding holding her glass up "yes thank you" ,she watched as he filled the glass with champagne before taking a huge sip. She was sitting at one of the tables mindlessly nibling on Tic-Tacs, found in her dress pocket.

    Kacey slowly walked over to one of the large windows overlooking a garden and looked outside for several minutes .
    The sun came out from behind a curtain of clouds now making everything look like it was basked in a glow that sparkled. She had almost forgotten how beautiful the mansion was. Kacey took small sips of her drink, as she got lost in her own thoughts ,as she waited patiently for Nick to show up.
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  16. “So this is it...” as Carl went out from his helicopter but somehings odd, he thought that heliport would be a lot less grassy? "Welcome to our island, I wish it was with better circumstances. Please follow me and stick to the path" Fred led them to Nick's mansion, as they walked towards the mansion Fred gave a simple tour of the forest like how they made every animal to stay away from the pathway. Carl was fasinated on every aspect of the animal and ended up roaming in the forest playing with every animal he met. Luckily Fred was able to find Carl in a second and continue to go to Nick's mansion.

    As soon as Carl arrived at nick's mansion, Carl started to wonder around the mansion. Carl would open every door he saw, until he saw a door that's out of place. It was a huge metal door with gold as the trim, He opened the door and man he was amazed on what he saw. He saw a lot of ancient paintings alongside with words he doesn't know as he went over rowards the painting and touched it, Fred took Carl's hand to halt Carl's action, “Pardon me but this is a restriction area to every visitor even for staffs. Anyway, let me guide you to the place where you'll be meeting Master Nicholas.” They both went out of the room with leaving Carl full of curiosity of the painting....
  17. The boat fought relentlessly against the waves. In the distance, Ashelyn could spot the outline of the island. She huddled into her mid-length hooded black trench coat, warding off the chill. It took some time, but she managed to find rides from place to place. She was currently on the boat of a deep-sea fisherman who she'd offered a handsome payment to in exchange for giving her a ride to the island.
    The predicament Nick was placed in gave Ashelyn a purpose. Something to reach for besides work and the simplicity of her life. Though she was not a very close friend of Nick's, he was someone she always remembered and had always considered him to be a friend. His family was nothing but kind to her in all the times she had come for a visit. His desperate email was all she needed to drop everything in one go, even if she really didn't have much to leave behind.
    Time passed and she safely arrived at the docks.
    After sending off the fisherman, she lifted her gaze up and examined the island. She finally arrived.
  18. Nick was ready to meet everyone once again, he was dressed and had a rough speech in his head. He took a deep breath, and made himself look confident.

    As Nick entered the room he spoke loud and grateful "Hello Friends". He looked who was here, he noted 3 people, Maya, Kacey and Carl. Nick was hoping for more but he didn't show it. Nick went to each individual and shook each persons hand with a smile and a nod. After he finished greeting everyone he spoke up "Glad you all could come here at my time of need, Please take a seat". He waved his hand over at the table with the cloth on showing of the family crest .

    Nick grabbed a seat himself and asked Fred if he would get him a drink and anyone else who hasn't got one already.

    Fred nodded and walked up to Nick and whispered into his ear that there was one more who was meant to be here but it seems that he has strayed from the path his name was Tiago. Fred will keep an eye out while he is looking after the mansion. Nick hoped that he was alright, Tiago is tough enough to survive in there but trying to get out is another story. The jungle likes to play on people's mind.

    Fred stepped back and bowed "one coffee for you sir"

    Nick responded "Thank-you Fred"
  19. Maya sits down with a nod "I guess alot of us haven;t met each other until now though... We should probably introduce ourselves after your speech Nick." She said before looking around at the other arrivals with great curiosity, wondering to herself if they themselves had decided on what powers they wanted for themselves... "Exactly how many powers does that crest have..." She thought to herself realizing these may not be the only ones Nick had invited over, some may arrive later or not at all if her guesses were correct.
  20. Kacey sat her eyes scanning every inch of the room, she really did miss this place,and wished she had visited Nick before and wasnt here for such an unfortunate visit. She missed the family and would've loved to have time to catch up with everyone.

    Kacey sipped her champagne, one positive thing was she would get to use her power against the arrogant ass who threatened Nicks family and get his sister back.Kacey did a quick head count of everyone around the table confused for a moment, she cleared her throat gathering her thoughts " is there more to arrive?" her voice low as she looked up at Nick.
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