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  1. There is much argument over what caused what is known as the "blight" to come rampaging across the earth. Many say it was god bringing his wrath down upon the heathens. Some say it was just bad luck. Some say aliens. And then there were those who knew the truth, but told not to tell. It doesn't really matter where it came from, really. All that matters is that it happened and it changed the world as we knew it. Social standings became based on how blighted you were. The pure stand at the top of the totem pole. They think that just because they don't have the markings of the blight, they deserve everything. These people are purists. Now, some of the pure sympathize with the blighted and are marked as heretics. Then comes the various severities of blight, ranging from those who were only touched by it to those who were consumed by it. These people became known as the Deprived. The Deprived live in the underground of any given city. They are said to have been completely stripped of their humanity. Those who had befallen this blight live on the streets and in the slums being spat on by those with minimal blight and the pure. The blight starts in one spot on the body and spreads outwards, turning parts of the skin a bruised color. Welcome to Kenton Island, the blight slums of Panorama City.

    Character sheet:

    Blight: (from pure to deprived)
    Social stance: (purist or sympathizer)
    Infection point: (Where your blight starts and has spread to)
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  2. Name: Aleron Staig
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Occupation: Unknown
    Blight: Severe
    Social Stance: None
    Infection point: Starts at the small of his back and spreads all the way up his neck and around his torso, but not completely.

    Aleron wakes up in his shitty apartment on Kenton Island with a groan. He sits up and looks across his room into a cracked mirror at himself. "Good morning, handsome. Lets see what kind of trouble we can stir up today"
  3. Name: Daren Mansturgeon
    Sex: Male
    Age: 26
    Blight: Extensive
    Occupation: Minor Gang Leader
    Social Stance: Sides with the sympathizer purists and runs around doing dirty chores for them
    Infection: For a man who used to do it a lot, Daren's blight is in the worst possible spot: his genitals, buttocks, between his thighs, and his lower back are completely covered.
    Not again Daren thought as he walked around in the tenement district on the island. At least people there had homes ,but that was hwy the homeless came creeping in like a second blight among the blighted, men with stone flaky like stones, surrounding anyone who looked like they had money.
    "Get away! You don't know how many I've killed!' Daren said, drawing his long knife. That, and the two throwable knives in his belt were the only weapon he dared to use, everything else he had no practice with. Daren's ring was small ,and unlike the big bosses, he didn't carry around bodyguards while he walked. HIS blight, already robbing his virility, his manhood, and his sex from him, threatened to spread to other areas if he even let one of these infested touch him.
    "Anyone up there, come down here and kill! Big rewards!" he shouted up into the tenements ,but he had a feeling he would have to deal with this problem himself. The blighted men stumbled around like zombies, thrashing at him. He cut one's hand off, then severed its adam's apple. The rest backed off, but he was sure that was only for a moment.
  4. Name: Kailena (ky(like sky)-len-uh)
    Sex: Female
    Age: Twenty
    Occupation: Whatever she can get.
    Description: Slightly shorter than average for a female, though not by much. Pale porcelain colored skin adorned with a few scars, including one in particular that traced her left collar bone that was now a faded scar. Big, cat shaped(the eye itself, not the pupil) blue-grey eyes. Waist length deep red/auburn hair that was usually kept up in some sort of bun or ponytail done in such a way her hair always looked like it was only shoulder length or so. Skinny, hourglass curved. She usually stands awkwardly. Usually dressed in blacks, whites, and occasionally reds, always wears gloves and boots of some kind.
    Blight: Unknown, but she definitely didn't act or seem pure.
    Social stance: Neutral.
    Infection point: Unknown.
    Kai sat on the edge of the old, falling apart rail of the walkway outside of the apartment complexes staring out into the city slums with pale, blank eyes. She usually walked around all of the different districts regardless of infection level, but often stopped to find places to think or rest, or even both. Places like unstable old railings, roofs, trees, anywhere at least a little difficult to get to.

    Her gaze and thoughts both were broken by the sound of a man shouting from nearby the apartments, down in the streets. Kill? Reward? She thought, must be one of those gang members I've been hearing more and more about. With ease, she quickly pushed herself up from the wooden railing and hopped up onto her feet to get a better view of the commotion down below.
  5. Aleron steps out of the run down apartment building and stretches with his arms to the sky. He breaks into a run, weaving through the blighted masses and alleyways with a clear goal. He stops in an allyway between two unnamed streets and creeps around to peer around the corner with the look of a hunter in his eyes. A toothy grin spreads across his face as his eyes lock onto something unknown.
  6. tumblr_nd3sk3Rdfk1s5wms6o1_1280.png

    Serenie (Sar-AH-nee)



    Medical Researcher/Doctor


    Social stance

    Infection point

    Serenie had woken up in her room, letting out a soft sigh. "Ah.. That was a nice nap!" She chimed, smiling to herself. For some reason, the pure were considered as the 'top' and the most severed blighted were considered the 'lowest'. In her opinion, it was utter nonsense. She actually was debating how she had not been exposed to the so called infection, and it didn't seem to harm other's health. For the past few years, she had dedicated herself into researching blights, and figuring out what it actually was. This was also why she had chosen to pursue the path of a medical researcher in training, and a doctor in training. Although unlikely, she hoped that she would find even the slightest bits of information on the blighted, and end the stupidity society had based off the blighted.

    First it was racism, from when she was young. There were already so many different things that suppressed others, and really now, the whole blighted idea was ridiculous. Despite this, she always made sure she was still pure, as she needed to stay pure to collect information. The more information she could collect, the better it would be for her, as she would hopefully find some sort of cure, or proof, that the blighted didn't deserve to be treated as they did, and they should all be treated peacefully. Her co-workers pretty much shunned her, as most were purists and didn't care for the blighted.

    For now, she would sit on her bed, as her strands of both pink and brown mixed in together. Her parasol was leaning on her nightstand, right next to her and always in her reach. It was a pink and velvet parasol. and it had helped her out of sticky situations more than once. What bothered her however, was how it never managed to stay dirty. It was as though everything that would possibly stain or rip the parasol would eventually rid of any thing that could have harmed it. Science couldn't explain it, so she would figure that out eventually as well. "Another day, huh..?" She smirked to herself, listening to the crowds of people below her. She usually did visit the slums and the streets, giving the blighted money and food, along with medicine when she saw that they needed it. If they attempted to attack her, she would be able to defend herself properly.
  7. Name: Daria Elisabeth
    Sex: Female
    Age: 22
    Occupation: None - was fired the moment it was found out she was infected.
    Description: Mahogany brown hair that's cut to end just under her chin and jawline, her eyes are an equally dark brown but with hints of hazel-gold. Average height for a woman her age, skin colour tanned from working outdoors for her teenage years.
    Blight: Minimal, just beginning
    Social Stance: Was a sympathizer when she was a Purist but now just doesn't get involved
    Infection Point: Left wrist, slowly moving up her arm


    "Get out! Get out of this house before you infect us!" Daria's mother yelled, shoving her back with a broom toward the door. "Disgusting! Get out! Such a disgrace!"

    Daria stumbled, heart pounding and blood roaring through her ears, and continued backward until she fell down the small step and landed on her arse. A bag and a suitcase was thrown out onto the dust beside her, leaving her staring up at her old Purist house as the door slammed in her face. Her family...they'd...they'd just kicked her out. Just disowned her and disgraced her and thrown her out. The people who were supposed to support and love her no matter what.

    Hurt bubbled and constricted her chest, leaving it hard to breath before a gunshot went off, "Get off our land, Blighted!" Her father shouted and Daria soon scrambled to her feet to drag her suitcase and bag away.

    Her feet carried her until she felt like she couldn't walk anymore, until she was in the darker side of town that she delt like she deserved to be. Sure, she may only be touched by the blight...but that didn't mean that she could ever become cured. Things were only going to get worse from here. Daria knew that. She forced herself to continue, looking for somewhere half-decent to stay for now...along with praying that her family had the decency to give her the money she earned herself. But her gut told her not to hold her breath.
  8. Aleron spots a girl he'd never seen in this area before. Perhaps she was freshly blighted. He stalks behind her, curious as to where she was going. He followed her past all of the crumbling and decaying buildings around. He moves closer, trying to find her infection point. What he got from not paying attention was jumped. A group of severely blighted brutes come out of a narrow alley nearby and surround both of them. Aleron looks around and hopes that the girl can fend for herself "Morning gents. How, uh. How can I help you boys?" He knew they didn't want money. by the look of some of them, they just want to see blood. Aleron's hand goes to his pocket where he keeps his trusty blackjack.
  9. Daria couldn't believe her luck as from nowhere, a bunch of severely infected Blights circled her. She was close to breaking down and crying, to hysterically giving them anything they wanted and everything she had. Daria had no idea on what to do, nor did she have any weapon to defend herself with. Here, in the city, she was lost. Her Blught was covered too, gloves made sure the bruising skin remained from sight...but that didn't seem to stop people. "N-Now, gentlemen...there truly is no need..." She began, bags at her feet as the group closed in, "There's nothing valuable in my bags, honestly." The blood thirsty look in their eyes was beginning to make her feel ill and she swallowed thickly as she backed up even more to where she almosted bumped into the other Blight that had been caught up in this with her.
  10. One of the thugs grabs at Daria. Aleron reacts to the thug moving by swinging the blackjack at his head, knocking him unconscious. He grabs Daria by the arm and pulls her with him when he knocks past the stunned thugs. "This way. I know where you can hide"

  11. Name: Marcus Walker
    Sex: Male
    Age: 25
    Occupation: Unemployed (previously held a job as a teacher)
    Description: His illness has made him appear much older than he actually is.
    Blight: Deprived
    Social stance:
    Infection point: The origin point of his blight is his right hand but the blight has spread to cover almost all of his right half.


    Marcus woke up in darkness with his shoulders shivering from both the cold breeze that blew threw the sewers and also from the blight infection. He felt nervous and butterflies seemed to be loose in his stomach but Marcus managed to clumsily make his way over to the entrance. "Well it's either this or starvation" Marcus told himself, "although I sometimes wish that I would just starve anyway."

    Pushing up the pothole, Marcus grimaced from the bright light. It was strange to think that he used to be able to walk around the city so easily. Marcus gave out a grunt of pain as his right leg descended to the ground to support him. The blight was merciless in dealing out pain and it seemed to be a miracle that Marcus could still move around at all.

    Suddenly a sharp pain erupted in the back of his head!
    "Get out of here you monster! Go back to your cave, you disgusting beast!"
    "You damn brats! If I could reach you I would tear off all your little heads and feed them to the rats!"
    Marcus knew that his words of retaliation would just make the discrimination worse but after so many years of being blighted he no longer cared.
  12. Crying out in surprise as one of the thugs lunged toward her, Daria ducked and pulled away to the side as the other attacked Blight swung his weapon to defend her. Before she could do anything else but just grab hold of her bag and suitcase again she was being dragged along by the Deprived that was attacked with her. "Who even are you? What's your name? Who were those people back there?"
  13. Name: Kleo Landings
    Gender: Female
    Age: 21
    Occupation: Unemployed.
    Description: Light brown shoulder-length hair with darker streaks, almost black. Dark Brown eyes and Medium olive skin.
    Blight: Deprived
    Social Stance: None.
    Infection Point: Ankle and spreading around her left leg.


    There was a time when Kleo did not have to worry about how she looked, she had never heeded the glances that people gave her and she did not care about the words that were spoken. Ever since she was touched by the Blight her heart changed, she saw the world differently. Until then, Kleo had never discerned the ruthless side of humanity. She despised the Pure and the Sympathizers. They did not know what it felt like. They did not understand.

    Kleo paced her room, she kept it clean, made sure that everything was ordinary. Plain.
    She tried to hide the notion that she had been exiled from society, that she had become an outcast. Kleo sat down by her small window, and gazed at her hazy, distorted reflection in the glass, like how she felt on the inside. She touched the spot where her Blight had started to spread and grimaced at the bruised area, there was a dull pain. It faded and turned numb. Kleo did not hide her Blight, hiding was for cowards.

    She looked down at the dilapidated street outside her window, a thick putrid smoke rose up into the air, it was heavy and humid. She hadn't breathed fresh air in a long time, Kleo couldn't remember what it was like.

    Kleo saw a man walk along the brick path, lined with bins. She thought his right leg was rather queer, like it hurt to use it. How old was the man? She heard people sneering, shouting. She saw something being thrown. Kleo turned away in disgust. Bastards, she thought.
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  14. Kai sighed, reaching down from the railing to grab her bo staff from the walkway behind her, quickly yanking it up and tossing it down to the ground a floor down. She then swung her legs over the rail, swiftly pushed off with one foot, and jumped down, rolling as she hit the ground as to not take any damage, grabbing her staff mid-roll.

    "Guess I'm gonna have to help." She told herself. A sharp whistle pierced through the air in the direction of the crowd. They turned to look at her, but only turned back to the man, perhaps to finish what they started first. Another hard sigh left the girl's mouth as she approached, her staff clicking against the ground beside her as she used it more like a walking stick than as a weapon.

    When she was finally in range, she immediately threw up her staff, and caught it with both hands towards the bottom, positioned almost like she was holding a bat. With all the momentum she could get, she turned her body into swinging in front of her, then bringing it around full circle again over her head to get another hit in. The first hit one of the men in the head with enough force to actually kill him, the next swing knocking another off of his feet. The staff was circled around again, but upwards this time, then slammed down on the downed man.

    With two down, a pathway was cut directly to the man who was shouting, so she got closer to him, plunged the staff into a weak, cracked part of the ground and jumped with it, swinging her body in such a way that her body flung towards a few more of the men, which she kicked off of, knocking them down. She landed lightly in front of the man who was in the middle. "You going to help, or do I have to do this myself? Because if you're not going to do anything it'd be a lot easier and a lot more fun if you weren't in my way." She said, regaining her grip on her weapon.
  15. Not long after Kleo had turned her head and stood up, a shrill whistle pierced the air, the sounds of a scuffle broke out from the street below her, Kleo looked back down and saw a young girl using her staff in a most peculiar way. She had never seen someone fight like that before. Kleo had seen many things, she had seen gun fights, and daggers and swords but not a staff. A staff seemed ridiculous to her. It was only a stick. She peered at the Red-haired girl, Kleo guessed by her appearance that she must be a pure, a sympathizer. How innocent she looked but Kleo could tell by her voice that she was not. She was strong.
    Kleo climbed down the rusty metal stairs which led down to the alleyway, it was awfully hard to be quiet when going down those stairs. It creaked and groaned in protest.

    She searched for a weapon. Kleo was not very skilled with weapons, she was clumsy as she rarely involved herself with danger or the drama that took place in the alleyways. Alas, her curiosity had the best of her.
    Kleo's hands searched for something sharp, something that would protect her. Kleo breathed hard and fast, clouds of smoke appearing in front of her in the cold air, she picked up a dislodged brick from the ground, it felt weighty in her hands. She eyed the girl with apprehension. What was a pure doing in this part of Kenton Island.

    "Be on your way now girl. This is not a place for someone like you to be" Kleo hissed. She gripped her brick tighter "You've done what you came 'ere to do..those sacks of meat, they'll be waking soon and you ain't gonna wanna be 'ere when they do."
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  16. As Kai finished off the last one, she turned to the peculiar looking girl wielding a- was she really being threatened with a brick? "Someone like me?" She questioned "I'm not the one threatening someone with a brick." She quickly jabbed at it with the staff that was as tall she she was, knocking it from her hand. "So do you have a problem because you're against cruelty to such severe blights that there's not even a person inside anymore, or is it me helping out a thug? Regardless, it's unclear to me why you've decided to come down to judge, shun, and quite frankly be just plain rude. I imagine, judging by your leg, that you've been shunned to that little place of yours up there. So whatever my kind, I think you should leave your mouth shut until you've fully assessed your words, especially if a threat is what you intend to utter." She practically scolded, already irritated with this new company.
  17. Damn.

    Kleo was disarmed, she clenched her fist at the girls sharp words but stood her ground. She was quite impressed by the girl's staff-wielding, perhaps she needed the staff to accommodate her short frame, to make her look less vulnerable. Kleo let out a chuckle at her thoughts.

    "Hey now, there is no need for such threats and rude words girl, it is unbecoming. Did no one raise you properly. Clearly, it is not me being rude 'ere but you." Kleo retorted rather coldly, she was not particularly happy being chided like a 2 year old and most likely by someone younger than her.

    "Shunned?" she glanced down at her blight and grinned.
    "Ah..this old thing? I suspect it won't be healing anytime soon but as they say, don't judge a book by it's cover. There's more to me that meets the eye girl." Kleo advanced towards the red-haired girl.

    "You're a pure, ain't you?" she reached to touch her hair, curling a strand round her finger. "All the boys 'ere would kill for a girl like you, hm? So sweet, so..." She paused
    "-what's the word again?" she leaned in close to her ear.

    "Ah yes!" Kleo snapped her fingers "Vulnerable, that's it! Pardon me, my verbal skills ain't as good as they used to be." Kleo could see that the girl was obviously irked by her and it gave Kleo great amusement to watch this.
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  18. Kai grinned, "Strong words for a girl with a brick. You're not as helpless as you first gave off, at least not with your tongue." She laughed in return "No ill intent, no rudeness. Just pointing out what I see. I don't doubt that there's more, there usually is, blighted or otherwise. You're verbal skills are fine from what I hear." She was obviously less irritated, thankful she didn't have to deal with some sympathetic pansy who didn't know right from left. This was much better. "You're not so bad. Assumption driven, but I suppose most, if not all of us are in these times."

    She smiled again before leaning on the staff in the girl's direction, disregarding the rest of her retaliation about her being pure and males. Why don't we try this again, since you aren't what I thought, thankfully." She paused and extended a gloved hand, "Kai. I can appreciate your attitude now that I've heard you talk a little more." She stopped for a moment, thinking more about the girl's words, "Speaking of vulnerable, you don't have anything more threatening than a brick up in paradise?" She looked towards the door the girl originally emerged from.
  19. Kleo could tell that she meant no harm, she returned the smile and shook hands with the girl's gloved one. "And you aren't that bad either, anyone could tell that you're a fighter. Where'd you learn to use that stick of yours." She nodded towards the staff that she currently leaned on. Kleo couldn't help but chortle as it made Kai look immensely shorter than she actually was. Kleo found many things amusing, petty things. She did not ask whether her speculations were accurate. Maybe she was blighted, and maybe she wasn't. Kleo would find out in time.

    "What did you think I was." she raised an eyebrow at the girl. "I ain't the weak type, I ain't afraid of you either." she tilted her chin "I am merely judgmental is gotta size up your competition in the world we live in now."

    Kleo turned to the door to her room "Naw..nothing dangerous, just a couple a' old knives and a gun. Don't use 'em much, they're turning into a pile of dust."

    ((It was a joy roleplaying with you :) i've gotta get going now, we should continue it soon.))
  20. Name
    Ray Frostwood



    None-Lost his job at Bluecorp after infection



    Social stance

    Infection point
    Right eye, Scalp(Hence the white hair strands)

    Ray sat atop the rooftop of the infamous Bluecorp company, an organization renowned for having the most skilled doctors and medical experts. It owned the largest medicine warehouses in all of Panorama city. Ray rested his chin against his knee and stared distantly into the polluted atmosphere of the city, thinking of the possible reasons that might have gotten him to where he was now. He could only think of one possible antagonist, Bluecorp. All the threads he had gathered throughout these past few years of infection, have so far led him to one conclusion, Bluecorp created the blight.

    He laid himself down on the floor and stared up into the grey sky. He raised his hand in front of his eyesight and clenched his fist, a lump forming in his throat. "Alexa..." he muttered, his mind taking him back two years in memory.

    "Alexa! Oh my God! What happened?" Alexa's face was covered in spots. Her chest, her breasts and legs. Her arms and eyes. Blood gushed out of her throat, spraying Ray, who was holding her in his arms, in the face. "What happened to you, baby?" he yelled, tears running down his cheeks and hitting her spotted skin. Alexa was gone, her hand tracing his jaw line before falling to her side. Her breath stopped, along with his life.

    "It's been three years now, Alexa. Three years since you died in this very building." Said a sorrowful Ray, looking at a photograph of his deceased girlfriend. He placed the photograph back in his pocket and stood to his feet, towering over the rooftops below him. He was five storys above the ground, and could hear the whole city roaring in pain.
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