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    BackgroundIn the southern kingdom of Alexandria, powerful crystals called Virtue Shards are given to every individual in adolescence. These shards, believed to be blessed by the Goddess Sylva and found in her temple, are embedded into the skin of its bearer, directly over the heart, thereby becoming a part of their life force and imbuing them with magical talents. This ceremony occurs on the youth's thirteenth birthday, in which they are presented with one of each shard type. Whichever shard resonates and glows with the individual becomes theirs for the remainder of their life. While they may not have a conscious choice of which shard they receive, every individual is still able to decide their own fate in life. However, if one's shard is ever removed, they will almost certainly die.
    Recently, a second location of Shards was discovered deep in the northern mountains. These new crystals, tinted with faint color, grant more powerful magic than their original counterparts. They have been unofficially referred to as Flux Shards, as their power is more difficult to control.

    ShardsThe shard powers are grouped into twelve categories of magical potential.

    Ardent (open)
    Those who possess an Ardent Shard have control over heat - whether by giving or taking it away. They are often temperamental and follow professions such as cooks or tavern owners.

    Crux (open)
    Those who possess a Crux Shard are often empathetic and compassionate individuals. They possess the unique power to heal the sick and wounded, and often follow professions as nurses or within the clergy.

    Dawn (open)
    The bearer of Dawn Shards are spiritualists and guides, often among the clergy. They have control over creating light. They are bright and charismatic people that others are often drawn to.

    Drifter (open)
    Drifter Shards are given to those who are free spirits and feel unbound by rules and regulations. They are often travelers, drifters or merchant. They possess power over electricity as chaotic as their personalities.

    Dusk (open)
    The control over darkness and shadows is often misunderstood and improperly classified as 'evil'. In reality, those who possess a Dusk Shard are simply calm and calculated individuals who proceed with caution and think through their decisions. They often follow professions which require them to work at night or hidden in plain sight.

    Kindle (open)
    The bearers of Kindle Shards are organized, rigid and follow orders effectively. Their ability to create and control fire makes them perfect for joining the militia.

    Life (open)
    Rangers, hunters, farmers and botanists commonly possess a Life Shard, granting them the ability to communicate with plants and animals. They are calm and good to have around in time of crisis.

    Rain (open)
    Calm and collected, bearers of Rain Shards often 'go with the flow'. They are not the type to be overly social or stand out. They possess the ability to create and control water. They are often fishermen, sailors and farmers.

    Regal (open)
    Reserved for only those of royal blood, Regal Shards are the rarest and arguably the most powerful. They allow the bearer to sway the thoughts and emotions of others.

    Shaper (open)
    Bearers of Shaper Shards are used to working with their hands. Able to bend any solid material to their will, they are often artists and craftsmen.

    Sunder (open)
    Sunder Shards are given to those who are stalwart and honest. Able to create and shape soil, rock and stone, they often follow professions such as builders and miners.

    Zephyr (open)
    Those who possess a Zephyr Shard have control of the wind itself. Often content and high spirited, they follow professions in which their talents are put to use such as sailors and mill workers.

    KingdomsIn total, the world is comprised of four kingdoms.

    Alexandria (open)
    Located to the south-east of the world. This human kingdom is presently reigned over by Queen Orina Alexandra. She had one child with her late-husband, newly named heir to the throne. Orina's twin brother (born only a minute after her), Draven Alexandra, has always been very vocal (behind closed doors) about his resentment for being passed over for his sister. The royal family are the only ones given their Shard at birth, and only the reigning crown possess a full Shard (siblings in the family are given only a half Shard, thereby possessing less power to command others).

    Avaliar (open)
    A kingdom far to the north, reputable for its neutrality in conflict. They are often mediators for the other kingdoms, refusing to take aggressive stances or choosing sides. Ruled by an Elven Queen and Dragonkin King.

    Balveria (open)
    The most central of kingdoms, it is the only one connected to the other three. As such, it is often the battlegrounds for past wars. Known for being the most tolerant of all races, it has a very diverse culture. Despite its violent history, they are very welcoming to outsiders. The present ruling family is Elven, their most common native race.

    Tanria (open)
    Far to the west lies a desert kingdom. Its nomad and gypsy tribes are rarely united, and is seen as being the most chaotic of all kingdoms. Their 'reigning sovereign' is constantly changing in an endless power struggle to unite the lands. Thereby, the people from Tanria are hardy and resilient, and not opposed to spilling blood in order to get their own way.

    Character SheetName:
    (those from Alexandria are limited to Human)
    Kingdom of Origin: (only those from Alexandria will possess a Shard)
    Shard Type: (if possess one)
    Alignment: (good or evil?)
    Personality: (min. 5 lines)
    Appearance: (min. 3 lines)
    Background/Backstory: (min. 5 lines)

    • No Godmode or power play.
    • Limit: 1 Character.
    • Posts must be a minimum of 5 sentences.
    • Don't double post.
    • I expect a post-secondary level of literacy, spelling, grammar and punctuation.
    • NO ONE may possess a Regal Shard, or be part of the royal family.
    • Virtue Shards are ONLY granted to those native to Alexandria.
    • Flux Shards are very rare, and require permission to be possessed
    • Those who do not possess a Shard will be unable to use magic of any kind.
    • Please respect your fellow Roleplayers.
    • Real Life > Roleplay; that being said, please attempt to be active every day.

    Heroes (mostly)1. Synren as Evelyn Ternys
    2. Batty as Tyval Werchet
    3. SDNR_Falstad as Aralantia
    4. Step6543 as Rebel Fender
    5. BookDragon143 as Reelexis
    6. Kangutso as Dravus Shieldscale

    Villains?1. Axel Rover as Andrew Peterson
    2. RinRin as Hecate
    3. Deadlyclown as Sid Sigfried

    Name: Evelyn Ternys
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Race: Human
    Nation: Alexandria
    Shard: Life (Nature)
    Occupation: Botanist

    She is generally a very calm and rational person, who is able to keep a cool head in times of crisis. She is a very law abiding citizen, but also a free spirit who is rarely able to sit still for long. Even during her adolescence, she was well-mannered, obedient yet energetic. She often prefers the company of plants and animals to actual people, no matter their race or nation. She has a logical mind, excellent at problem solving and puzzles. She is curious yet cautious at the same time.

    5’10”, 130 lbs. She has rosy skin and long, vibrantly crimson hair. She possesses sharp features, high cheekbones, a pointed nose, and full lips. Her bright blue eyes are wide and regard the world with curiosity and she is often found marveling at its nature beauty. She wears anything that is comfortable, convenient and easy to move through the outdoor elements in -- sturdy, hardy fabrics in shades of green and brown.

    Born out of wedlock between a servant and noble lord, Evelyn was raised by her servant mother and shunned by her father for her impure bloodline. She would never be able to claim a title, but rarely ever concerned herself with matters out of her control. She grew up as a strong-willed child who preferred to run with other children outdoors, instead of finishing her duties and chores within the confinement of the palace walls. On her 13th birthday, the Life Shard resonated for her and she decided then in a change of direction in her life. She began to study horticulture and botany, studying under the tutelage of rangers when they passed through the city. Her main mentor was known for having excellent communication and control of wildlife, a less common power granted by the Life Shards. After her mentor’s death in a war, Evelyn found she much preferred the company of plants and beasts to other people – they were simple creatures, living day by day and focused on their survival, while humanoids were known for being destructive and chaotic creatures.
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    • Name •
    Tyval Werchet

    • Gender •

    • Age •

    • Race •

    • Kingdom of Origin •

    • Shard Type •

    • Personality •
    Most often he is found entertaining groups of people with his spectacular, and well practiced shaping displays. He revels in the enjoyment of others, and aims to put smiles on the faces of others. He also has a strong sense of justice, and is quick to jump to the defense of others, as well as speak out against villainy. While he is usually quite up-beat, he ends up becoming inexplicably uncomfortable, and quiet while around Crux magic. He never makes excuses for himself, and would much rather hurt someone's feelings than sooth them with a lie. Over all he tends to be a deviant Shaper, but when it comes to creating "static" art, as opposed to his "animate" art, he prefers to be alone.

    • Appearance •
    Short, soft raven hair sits atop his head, and his facial features smooth. His green eyes almost glow with the amount of joy that emanates from them, and he is rarely without a smile on his face. His skin is fair, his build sits somewhere between masculine and boyish. He stands at 5'10", and walks with practiced grace.

    • Background •
    Tyval was born into a small Alexandrian community, the village of Groth, named for a small-time hero that founded it. After he received his shard, his family, and most adults in the village tried to dissuade him from the life of excitement he so desired, saying that he should simply live a simple life in their village. He blatantly refused to live his life in such mediocrity. He seized the first chance he got to leave his home, in favour somewhere more lively, and he ended up with the liveliest of all, the capital.

    Upon arrival, he was greeted with everything he could possibly want, and much more. The city was bustling, and full of life. Everywhere he looked there were people practicing their magics with such vigor, and in turn imparted such vigor into him. He made all of his money, in the beginning, from working for the Crown to create arms and armour for their soldiers, and guards. When he earned enough money, he purchased a small studio in which he would create his art. He still earns money from the Crown, but now also performs in the streets, and sells creations of his imagination.
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  3. Name: Aralantia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Kingdom of Origin: Tanria

    Shard: Dusk (Stolen)

    Personality: A humble and solemn woman, Aralantia cared very much for the people she used to see everyday. The loss has left a hole in her heart, and caused her to put walls up. She rarely smiles anymore, but when she does, it is genuine happiness. She will almost always help someone in true need, for she doesn't want someone else to go through the pain she has. She has a weakness for cats, and will usually beeline towards one to pet it.

    Appearance: Her hair is jet black, her skin dusky mocha, brown eyes with streaks of violet horizontally through them. Her hair is cut short in the back and sides, while only an inch long on top. She is well toned from traveling the sand dunes of her home country, and wears loose fitting white clothing to protect from the sun. She wears a black jewel around her neck tucked into her clothes, a kopis (Single Edged Blade) on her belt.

    Background/Backstory: Growing up in the desert during a civil war is a brutal life, one that she benefited from as all had to learn to protect themselves. Aralantia lived with her family in a small community, one who tried to stay out of the fighting that embroiled the country, merely wishing to be alive when all is done. During a scouting along the borders, Aralantia felt the ground begin to shake and heave violently, causing her to be almost buried in the shifting sands. After the event had passed, she returned home to find a large divide in the earth where the village was. After investigating the site for days, she found no trace of anyone who has lived there. No food, no clothes, nothing. She wandered the desert for a time questioning all she came across about what could have caused the destruction, but none knew. Some believed it had to have been magic, for there had never been earthquakes like that in the region. She eventually came across a trader, who offered the sale of many interesting items, one of which caught her eye. A black crystal, said to be magical by the merchant, so she inquired about it and it's origins, for all knew only those in Alexandria had crystals given to them. But a thought overruled her mind at this point. Magic. What if it was the cause? People suspected magic caused the earthquake, and she began to believe it. Her mind raced as she wondered why someone would do that. And who? She realized she needed to go to Alexandria, and search for who had enough power to open such a rift in the earth itself. But she needed help. Desperation and anger overcame her, so she knocked out the merchant and stole the crystal, then fled to Alexandria, to hunt.
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    Name: Rebel Fender

    Gender: Male

    Age: 17

    Race: Human

    Kingdom of Origin: Alexandria

    Shard Type: Drifter Shard

    Alignment: On the line, it usually depends on his mood, as he could care less. You can mark him down as evil, for now.

    Personality: Rebel is a jokester, he finds humor in everything and always finds a way to tease someone. He likes to be right, and he always makes sure he is. He hates to be proved wrong, and usually angers when he knows that he is in the wrong. He is a prankster, that one kid who will do something just because he was told not to. He enjoys the thrill of odds against his favor, which is why he usually pulls his stunts during daylight and with many people around. He could care less how his actions affect other people, thinking only about himself.

    Appearance: Rebel has dark brown, wispy hair that he parts to the right. He has dark brown eyes edged with an almost gold color that always seem to hold amusement, and a small button of a nose. His mouth always seems to be set into a slight smirk or smile. He is average height and average weight, and he has a slight tan. He wears tight-fitting clothing for stunt purposes. He also carries two small knives in the pockets of his shorts as a back up in case one of his stunts goes wrong.

    Background/Backstory: Rebel was born into a peasant family. His father was a farmer, and his mother simply helped out around the house. Rebel was raised well until he was around five, and then he started to drift away from his work and duties. He started stealing from local markets, despite the fact that as farmers, his family had plenty of food. He simply liked the thrill of getting away with his small crimes. As he got older, stealing food became too easy for him. Around ten he considered that child's play. Then he began to steal clothes, candles, small furniture. He was finally caught, and his parents were less than happy, the merchants even less. He was scolded and beaten for his crimes, but that didn't stop him. He began to get into fights, cause disturbances around town. Trouble followed him everywhere he went. Eventually he got fed up with his parents' punishments, and he left. A year later he received his shard. After receiving it his mischievous stunts went to even greater heights. He began to rob markets in full, using his power to do so. After so many of these, he grew bored, and then he decided to escape to the capital instead. He now lives on the outskirts of the capital in a small abandoned cabin he found. He is still up to his antics today.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Andrew Peterson




    Kingdom of Origin:

    Shard Type:

    Evil(According to those above ground)

    Andrew is a very passionate person who cannot be easily convinced to stop doing whatever he is doing at the time. Some may say he is overly passionate however, not being afraid to hurt those who interfere with his goals. He is not a heartless person at all regardless of this, as he actually holds friendship to a very high degree. If you really get to know him, he can be a very social man who will listen to you when you speak to him, and will always try to help you with certain problems. It is due to this admiration for others that he is considered to be a dangerous threat to the world above him.

    Andrew can be very cruel when someone messes with him or his 'family.' He is not a merciful person, so it is best to tread lightly when coming in contact with him. During battle, he is vicious and won't stop until the enemy is dead. Protection of his allies during battle comes first however, as he can't consider himself a friend if he allows them to get hit by the enemy.

    Andrew's age shows with his Gray - and - White hair all around his face. He has the athletic build of a middle aged man however, as the warrior exercises at least one hour a day. He is 6'2 and weighs 185 lbs. Andrew wears gray armor, and has a blue cape attached to his back as well as blue cloth around his waist. His weapon of choice is a steel mace.

    Show Spoiler
    Andrew was born in a city that is controlled by the Kingdom of Alexandria. The city's name is Cervellum and it is only about 20 miles away from the capital of Alexandria. Axel and Sylvia Peterson, Andrew's parents, were both bearers of the Sunder shard, so their house was full of objects made from stone, which delighted their young son. Andrew grew up as an only child, but he was never lonely since his parents spent a ton of time with him, because their jobs were able to be done from the house. They were both sculptors, selling directly from their home. Growing up Andrew was mesmerized by building material from just rock, and hoped that he would get that same magic when it was his time to get a shard. Axel and Sylvia rose him to be a very good and honest child, which was the personality of a Sunder User.

    Andrew had a ton of friends around his neighborhood, so if he ever got bored with watching his parents sculpt, he would go outside to play. In Cervellum, there seemed to be a ton of bullies roaming around messing with other children for some reason, and with this being a problem, Andrew trained his body on his own time to protect his weaker friends. His success in doing this made it clear that no one was to mess with his friends. Seeing the look of happiness on his friends' faces made him love the idea of protecting them, and so he also vowed that with whatever shard he obtained on his 13th Birthday, he would use it to help others as well as get into the sculpting business just like his parents.

    Andrew's 13th Birthday finally came, and to his immense joy, the Sunder Shard resonated and Glowed for him. He began training this power to shape and create the earth as soon as the shard was embedded into him right above his heart, with the help of his parents. Over time he learned to sculpt, which didn't take him as much time as Axel and Sylvia thought it was, as if he was naturally talented in the area. Instead of using it to sculpt statues and such, the boy also created his own little underground hangout spot that him and his friends would play in as well as just chill. It was right under the backyard behind his house, and was originally just a small room that he decorated with stone objects and various light sources. As Andrew's powers grew however, so did this underground location, adding more rooms for more friends and just for junk that he made. His father and mother were impressed, since doing something like that took a very long time, so only consistency and dedication could get the job done. Of course, Andrew didn't do it himself, because he had friends that used Sunder as well. It was more like a joint effort.

    While Andrew's sculpting skills went up in five years after he obtained his shard, so did the crime rate of the city. Sure it was close to the Capital, but not close enough to get High classed guards, and so criminals got away with some things before some of them were eventually caught. Andrew kept up with the city news, so he knew that the threat of these criminals grew. One day he sat down in his underground cave and thought to himself, 'Maybe I could save the people of this city from horrible fates such as getting murdered by filthy convicts,' and that was when he came up with the idea of perhaps making his own city underground, with the Sunder users in charge. Crime would then be easier to maintain since you would be dealing with law enforcers who thrived around a bunch of earth, being able to capture their enemies in seconds.

    The first recipients of this city, which Andrew called 'Sunderia,' were his parents and some close friends and their families, who all believed that what Andrew had told them about the crime rate was true. It was really crazy, especially since a gang recently moved into Cervellum and caused more trouble than the police force could handle. All of the Sunder users that lived in Sunderia were split into two groups. The law enforcement squad which dealt with crime in the city and the creation squad which built the many areas by molding the earth around them. A ton of the recipients also went around recruiting the civilians of Cervellum to join them, and most of them said yes, since the system actually did work, and there virtually no crime. Within two years, All of the good residents of Cervellum migrated into Sunderia, and the criminals didn't really notice until everyone was gone. Andrew wasn't worried when the enemies found an opening into Sunderia, bacause the law enforcement were in their area of advantage, having created tons of traps , and some of them even camped near these traps to finish off the criminals that managed to escape the traps.

    Not in their wildest dreams did they believe that they would stop crime in Cervellum, but it happened, because without the ability to storm into Sunderia, with no one to terrorize or take control of, the gang and individual criminals went elsewhere. At first, Andrew believed that they would be able to go back to the surface, but many of his friends advised against this, since the gang would probably just come back. They already took the food from the surface shops, and even managed to make a great society with several underground shops anyway, so it was then that the group decided to just keep expanding Sunderia.

    And so, in the next 33 years, Sunderia had went from a simple city, to a land that matched, in size, the one it was directly under, Alexandria. The society has since advanced, using several magic users to mesh their abilities together to create useful objects that help with life underground. It kind of mirrors the surface, except with a cave setting. Lights are everywhere however, so that is nothing to worry about. Crime is also almost non existent, since the Sunder Police Force has grown immensely. Many kingdoms attempt to infiltrate Sunderia, but fail due to the Sunder users being able to detect movement from the various hidden openings(As hidden as they can be at least). Only Sunder users are able to leave and enter the areas with others, and they were a special outfit to be identified as a Sunder user of Sunderia.

    The population of Sunderia has grown, mostly being inhabited by people attempting to find a better life, away from crime, as well as those who are poor and can't support themselves. The Scouting Squad from this underground land search for these kinds of people.

    In order to keep the Sunderians clean, A lot of the areas have been created near the rivers, creating openings so that the water can flow through the underground. There is a cycle to ensure that water isn't just being recieved, but returned as well(I am not an expert on this thing, so I will let your imagination, imagine it lol). In order to keep Sunderians fed however, stealing occurs. Sunderia has it's own Thief Squad for this, created on the command of the leader, Andrew.

    Yes, Andrew is still alive, running Sunderia along with a council of his own. They have all agreed upon allowing stealing to happen, since nothing can be grown underground naturally. If the thief squad steals too much from a certain city however, the Scouting Squad goes to the location to recruit those effected by this change greatly, so they don't believe they are doing anything wrong really. If anything, it is helping others discover this great society. For this act however, the Kingdoms on the surface has been weary of Sunderia, calling them a great threat. Andrew's ultimate goal is to submerge everyone into the underground so they can be governed by his Law Enforcement Squad, believing that everyone will be much happier this way. Those that get in his way of doing this, like criminals who run rampant in Sunderia(very few) and people attempting to raid the land and stop it from thriving, will die by his hand, or his Law Enforcement Squad's.

    Currently, Andrew seeks the Flux Shards that have recently been discovered in the North, in hopes of getting his hands on enhanced Sunder Shards to make his Ultimate Goal easier to achieve.

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  6. Name: Reelexis (Lexy for short)

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20

    Race: Elf

    Kingdom of Origin: Avaliar

    Shard Type: (if possess one)

    Alignment: Mostly considered good but her ability to be bad has caused some mixed opinions on her true nature.

    Personality: Reelexis is quite a character when it comes to her personality. She is quite when she wants to be but that is very rare for she has much to say about the world and how creatures choose to live in it. She has always been the type to be curious and adventurous which can get her into tight situation she would otherwise avoid on a normal basis. Without a shard she is harmless but her aspiration to gain a Regal shard has caused her elders to be concerned. She has a very powerful mind and the possession of a shard such as that could possibly be a large problem for the minds of those around her, including themselves.

    Appearance: Classic Elven armor covers her ivory skin and she stands at six feet even. Her hair is auburn with a hint of blonde on the underside and her eyes are of the purest blue. With elvish markings covering her arms and her back she stays true to her elvish blood. She is rarely seen without her bow and or her daggers.

    Background/Backstory: Born into Avalair to a set of Elven Elders, Reelexis has always been seen as a kind of black sheep in the high society that she was raised in. From a young age she took more interest in hunting and exploring her world and feeding her curiosity rather than participating in her studies to become one of the Elven Elders as she was born to be. Over time she was labeled dangerous due to her asking too many questions about how society was run and why it was so, they basically tried to put chains on her wide mind. When it came time for her to marry as she was arranged she caused such a scene of disapproval that the city square was shut down and she had to be escorted away in shackles. Her temper got the best of her and after firing one too many arrows at the city walls in an attempt to escape the marriage she was placed in imprisonment. Three years later she was released on the grounds that she had been observed to have calmed her mind although in reality she had learned to keep her thoughts and ideas quiet to the world but raging inside her head. She was made to take a vow of silence and therefore has kept it since and can only communicate through body language and writing. The shackle around her wrist is a sign of this as it is programmed to cause immense ongoing pain if she ever dares to speak.
  7. What is your definition of a dragonkin? As in what would you picture them to look like in general?
  8. I envision them something like this. (I couldn't find a male as quickly as female.)
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  9. I'm expressing tentative interest. Are you still accepting characters?
  10. I'll probably accept one more person hero-wise, and a couple villains. I believe Axel is working on a hero (but don't quote me on that).
  11. Ok, I guess I need to find a male pic then to use.

    EDIT: I can't find any... :(
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  12. Since it looks like you need some villains, I can play as one, though I am not sure on your exact interpretation of villain in this case. Are you looking for major boss type villains, or just anyone that is against the party, whether it be a small squabble or a very big one?
  13. @Axel Rover PM Synren if you want info on the baddies!
  14. @Kangutso Aww. :( It can be anything close, if you feel you need a picture. But you aren't required to include a photo with your CS.

    @Axel Rover I'll PM you and we can discuss further if you're interested in playing a villain. We do actually have a full plot line in mind, but you could follow or derail from it as much as you wanted.
  15. Name: Hecate

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Race: Human

    Kingdom of Origin: Alexandria

    Shard Type: Zephyr

    Alignment: Evil

    An eccentric young woman and rarely has a plan... Or so people think. Hecate's slightly insane aura and way of being makes people dismiss her, and she often gets away with many things. She's manipulative, intelligent, calculating, and cunning. If Hecate chooses, she can blend into the background and become forgettable, and in the same breath become your worst nightmare. She is not above picking fights, shedding blood, and/or taking lives. She can either be a leader or a follower, it really depends on her mood. You never now what to expect when it comes to this young Zephyr shard wielder.

    Hecate is a young, doll looking woman, despite her strong personality. The doll face always baring a subtle grin, whatever the situation may be. Her garment is designed and sewn by her, the fan only for show since her natural ability to control wind makes it rather useless. The long blonde hair that cascades down to her waist always seems to stay in motion and her piercing red eyes captivate her victims. She has a rather delicate figure, standing at 5'4".

    Hecate was abandoned by people she never knew, growing up in the care of a young woman running a small adoption house. The woman was very patient and kind, but she rather too giving for Hecate's taste. The woman's kindness and charity brought severe poverty and hunger. Quickly, the young girl knew charity wasn't her cup of tea and would sneak out to steal some food and jewels, along with doing other mischievous things. She became quite notorious, and a troublemaker in the household. But still, the care giver would not give up on her. Until one faithful night. Hecate's greed took the best of her and she snatched away too much for her small hands to hold. As she stumbled away with the goodies, she bumped into someone... When she finally cleared up the stolen goods, she realized who it was.. The brokenhearted care giver. Finally having enough, she banished the 10 year old girl from the orphanage. She has been living in the streets and deserted roads of Alexandria ever since. Yet not alone, her loyal friend, and partner in crime Sid has always had her back, and he is the one and only person she cares for.
    At the age of 13, Hecate received her shard.. Zephyr. And she wasted no time mastering it's full potential. Now, at the age of 22, she has learned to master it in ways not many thought possible, going beyond "wind" and air, but able to control any other gas she can think of. While some counterparts use the shard for work, she prefers to create and manipulate deadly toxic gases and reek havoc wherever she pleases. Hecate is truly not a human to mess with.​
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  16. Wait, does that mean its too pate for me to apply?
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