The Easterling Army

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  1. Out of all the adventures and events surrounding Middle Earth, there are few that escaped the knowledge of the common folk. Word would reach them eventually, through stories, poems, or simply word of mouth. However, little is known of the times betwen the major battles, and there are few stories surrounding Sauron's slow but sure rise to power, excluding Bilbo's adventures. The year is T.A 450, during the Third Age. 450 years after Sauron was defeated in the Battle of Dagorlad and the thrid age begab, and now the world seems to be quiet once more, or so it would seem. Another power grows in the East. there has been whisperings of an army. It is feared that Gondor is in great danger. Who will attempt to sunder this uprising at it's stem, and how?

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    Name (pronunciation) [name meaning if you have one]:
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  2. Name (pronunciation): Freya (Frey-ah. From Old Norse Freyja meaning "lady". This is the name of the goddess of love, beauty, war and death in Norse mythology.)

    Age: Appears no older than 18

    Race: She is an elf, yet not tricky like most elves are considered to be...well, kinda

    Background: She wasn't raised with a family per say, to her they were "a bunch of horrible people..." and she basically looked after herself. Teaching herself the essential survival skills, such as hunting and tracking. She claims to not remember much of her childhood as she usually compares it to being "a blur" when in reality she doesn't speak of it for her reasons alone. She also dabbled in magic at some point.

    Personality: She conveys herself as aggressive and often ignores everyone when in reality she is quite calm and considerate, and she is always there when she is needed. She just has trust issues and doesn't open up to anyone very quickly and keeps to herself...she has a soft spot for animals, especially kittens and other cats.

    Likes/Dislikes: Likes cats, chocolate, coffee, nature and most anything. Dislikes: Most people

    Weaknesses/Strengths: Paranoia can be a weakness or a strength, depends on the situation. Strengths consist of being able to track anyone and anything.
    Will always choose to save one life over a hundred in certain situations. She sometimes thinks before acting but more often than not she just acts.

    Weapon of choice: Bow and arrows, throwing knives.

    Regular Apparel: Generally seen wearing a cloak with a hood, black boots, black pants and a white or black tunic with a belt around her waist where she keeps assorted items in pouches. Her white hair usually down, only tied back when she gets sick of sitting on it.

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  3. Dissidia_Firion.png 48-firion-final-fantasy-render.png

    Name: Valtir (Val-teer) {Val being the elvish element for power, and Tir being the elvish element for watch, watch over}

    Age: 24

    Race: Human, with a small trace of elvish blood from his mother's side.

    Background: Valtir is a wanderer. He is a Gondorian, yet spends most of his time traveling in the lands to the north. He is known to the elves and is welcomed among them. He would eagerly learn of the elvish traditions and lore when he was in his adolescence. His family lives in Minas Tirith, the capital of Gondor. His father is the captain of the guard and his mother stays home, looking after his little sister.

    Personality: He tends to keep a cheery disposition, however he knows when the right time to be serious is. When he's angry, you dont want to be in his path, however he would never think of hurting anyone he loved. Since his father is the Captain of the guard, he understands authority and would never disrespect anyone of a higher status to him. However, he tries to treat everyone equally, even the lower class people of Gondor.

    Likes/Dislikes: Valtir loves all things nature, which he likes to attribute to his Elven side, however he also loves battle, and will go out of his way to get into it. He hates machinery yet will live with it if he must.

    Weaknesses/Strengths: Valtir is a hopeless romantic at times, and when he is in love, he is at his weakest. However, this can also prove to be a strength if the person he loved was ever in danger. He would stop at nothing to keep them safe.

    Weapon of choice: Valtir has a range of weapons that he carries with him, including: A sword, axes, a bow, daggers, a lance, and his fists. He also has a small buckler attached to his left arm.

    Regular Apparel: Valtir wears black and blue armour, covered with a flowing blue cape. He has silver hair tied in a ponytail, and covered by a brown, orange and white bandana.
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  4. It was early morning as a small wisp of smoke rose on the east side of the dark expanse of Mirkwood. Underneath a tree, separated from the main body of the forest, a campfire was snuffed and a bedroll was packed away into a small travel sack. Valtir straightened up and stretched. Now he had to decide his next move. he had been wandering for about two years now. It was wonderful not having anything holding him down. Every now and then, he would visit his family, but it had been a while. He had just come from the north and was in the middle of heading back to Gondor, but the mass of trees that were Mirkwood had shown themselves on his western horizon, and he couldn't resist. Now he could either enter the forest and wander for possibly another year or more, trying to find a way out, or he could continue on his way home. He had only met the elves of Mirkwood once before, and he had to leave shortly after, considering their dislike for visitors. However, he didn't have to visit them. Maybe there were some other hidden treasures he could find, or perhaps another beast or enemy he could take on.

    He looked longingly into the dark trees, then back south where he knew his family would be thinking of him. There might be some interesting news that he hadnt heard of. Or maybe there was something he could do to help around there. A lot of the city was still in construction, and if it meant his family was safer, he would jump at the opportunity. He continued to look between the too destinations, then finally his curiosity got the better of him, and he began to make his way towards the edge of the forest. He could start heading south while he was inside Mirkwood, he thought to himself. Then he would pop out into the open closer to Gondor, making it a shorter distance to get home. The ground was covered in undergrowth, but that didnt bother him. He continued onwards until there was no sign of the open space behind him, and the only light was a very dim, filtered light that came from the canopy above. This was what he lived for.
  5. Hood up and eyes down to the ground, Freya walked. Mirkwood was busy today, she hadnt cared why either. She was oblivious to her surroundings and one might think she would fall or trip, but she could get around with her eyes closed. She knew every corner of Mirkwood and knew everything within it...well, most anything. Avoiding other elves as she walked, she almost flinched when one bumped into her, she practically growled as she walked on. She blamed her brother for this, for he was too slack to go fetch the herbs. She sighed and stopped, looking around, avoiding any eye contact. Others walked around and passed her. She knew her brother didnt really want herbs and simply wanted her to leave... That was okay too, she shrugged and continued to walk, keeping her eyes down.

    It was then she decided she wanted to see more... She only left Mirkwood once and was immediately returned on the grounds that she "was too young". She scoffed and that thought and pulled her hood down more. Maybe she could leave by sneaking out...
  6. It only took about ten minutes for Valtir to realise that there was no way he would be able to find his way back. it didnt really phase him, though. Just as long as he was going somewhere and not going in circles. With a shrug, he pressed on through the trees and ferns. He had tried to make his path so that he was heading slightly to the south, but he knew now that that was hopeless. He could end up appearing on the north side if he continued to try and go south, knowing this place. Honestly, this made him rather excited. To have no general direction, but still be travelling. he let out a yell for fun, and it seemed to echo back to him a hundred times. he broke into a sprint, feeling the humid air as it flowed past his face. He breathed it all in and closed his eyes as he ran, taking in only the sounds of the trees rushing past and the smell of the stagnant dew, that could have been there for centuries. Somehow, when he closed his eyes in a forest like how he was, he could still sense every growing thing close to him. It never felt like a power or anything special to him, just an option if he wanted to focus on his other senses. Eventually he stopped running and sat down in the roots of a huge tree. He had never been too good with names, and so couldnt think of what kind of tree it was. He didnt care. It was a tree. He was under it. He was happy. He laid back and laughed, throwing his travel sack to the side, and closed his eyes once more. The sounds of the forest were different now. Deeper. Darker. More ancient. it sent chills up his spine, and he relished every minute of it. He stood once more and walked over to the tree, then with swift, limber movements he began to climb the tree. he found a nice bough and sat there for a while, just thinking. Not about anything in particular, but everything. He thought about who could have passed through here. he thought about what the trees were talking about as they creaked. He thought about what this part of Mirkwood looked like thousands of years ago...
  7. She look around slightly, realizing everyone was heading home. For some reason they did this, maybe it was a curfew she didnt know about? Oh well. She took this as her chance to leave. She stopped and leaned against a tree, waiting till the streets grew quiet before walking through the town, taking back routes and paths to avoid being detected. Maybe once she left, she would try and find some adventure. She peered around a corner to see, absolutely nothing, she smirked and ran out, out of the place where she spent growing up, her boots silent on the ground, only occasionally stepping on a twig.

    After a few minutes of running she stopped to take a breath and smile, she could smell the plants, the trees and nature itself, this was bliss. She walked to a tree and placed her hand on it, her eyes closed. How she missed being able to get away
  8. "Hm? OhshitARRRHHHHH!!!!



    Although Valtir had Elven blood in him, he didn't have Elven balance. While he had been thinking to himself, he had started to fall asleep, only to be rudely awoken by gravity and by falling about four feet. He tried to stand up, but had hit his head on a thick root, and so he fell back to the ground shortly after, in a daze. He tried to focus on the ground next to him, but he could barely keep his eyes open from the splitting headache he had. he just wanted to fall asleep and... No! he shook himself, making sure he stayed awake. He remembered that his father had told him not to fall asleep after hitting his head, or he wouldn't be waking up for a while longer. He dragged himself over to the tree trunk and propped his back up against it, sitting. The headache only seemed to get worse.

    "Alright then..." he said to himself. "We're just gonna have to sit here and wait until you can move again... Why the hell did you climb up that tree? It's a miracle you've lasted this long." he laughed, then groaned as it felt like his brain was being crushed inside his skull. He tried to focus on something so he could keep his eyes open. His travel sack. It was a short distance away, so he could see it easily. He trained his eyes on it, making sure he didnt lose focus.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Valtir saw movement.

    He sighed as he realised it was nothing more than a black squirrel, rather native in this forest. This would be the perfect lunch, if he hadn't been such an idiot and injured himself to the point where he couldnt wield a bow.

    "Go on. Run along now little guy. This is your lucky day." Valtir motioned for the squirrel to leave, but it just sat there and stared at him, then it sniffed and started making it's way over to the travel sack. It poked it's head inside the opening, then disappeared. Not two seconds later it reappeared holding smaller sack, filled with an assortment of nuts and berries.

    "Oh hell no! Put that back now! That's mine!" the squirrel chattered it's teeth mockingly, then ran off into the undergrowth. Valtir punched the ground, then cried out as the shock reverberated up to his head.

    "I should have gone straight home... today is just not my day."
  9. She chuckles as the tree tells her stories, smiling honestly for the first time in a while, she opens her eyes and her hand falls back to her side, her ears, hidden beneath her hood twitch slightly as she hears something, turning quickly, her hand moving to a dagger. she sighs and shakes her head. It was a squirrel, holding what appeared to be a sack. She walks over, clicking at the squirrel as she kneels in front of it. The squirrel chattered its teeth and runs up her shoulder. She chuckles and takes the sack, opening it to find nuts and berries.
    "Huh.." She mutters to herself and looks around, then back to the squirrel, "Where did you find this little guy...?" The squirrel chatters its teeth and climbs up a tree. She shrugs and follows it.

    A few moments later the squirrel stops and looks down, walking silently across the branches, Freya stops and looks down, seeing a bag. Confused she looks to the squirrel and tilts her head, the squirrel then chooses to sneeze and climb back the way they came. She scoffs and crouches on the branch, staring at the pack in wonder of whom it could belong to, she them looks to the small sack of berries and sets it on the branch, "Come on..." The squirrel comes back and takes the sack, dropping a berry down and then runs off with the sack. She shakes her head and mutters, "silly squirrel..."
  10. It had been only a short while before, much to Valtir's gratitude, the pain started to ebb. Soon, he was able to stand again, and so he carefully walked over to his travel sack and picked it up. Now he only had his water skin and his bed roll... He would have to do some scavenging sooner or later. He rubbed the back of his head, where a rather large egg had began to form, and started heading back in the direction he came from, taking a few swigs from his water skin. he decided now that maybe this little venture was a bad idea. He was injured and had no idea where he was. he really hadn't thought this through.
  11. She blinks as she watches the person pick up the bag and walk away, picking up the berry the squirrel dropped, she starts to follow him, curious as she stalking in the tree branches silently. She tilts her head and looks at the berry, defiantly not something from around here... She looks at him again and continues to follow him. A hand on her throwing knife, She didnt know who this was, so she would rather be able to pull a weapon out quickly in case things didnt go well.
  12. As Valtir walked off away from the tree, he smiled to himself. He knew he was being followed of course. His Elvish blood gave him equal hearing to that of an elf. Whatever was behind him, most likely an elf, must think he is nothing more than a human. Well, it was in for a nasty surprise. In a split second, Valtir turned on his heel, pulled out his bow, loaded it, got down on one knee and waited, aiming directly at whom he now saw was an elven girl. He lowered his guard for only a moment, captivated by her beauty. But then his guard was back up in an instant, remembering how the elves of this wood were. He couldnt trust her just yet. "I'm guessing you want me out of your forest, right? Well I was just trying to leave now... You wouldn't happen to know the way, would you?" Even with this casual talking now, he still had his bow raised.
  13. She cautiously ducked down slightly out of paranoia, she tilted her head at the man, sensing he is more than human to be able to sense her. She hesitantly holds her throwing knife in her hand, not planning on throwing it, she was slightly distracted as she studies him, her guard up, not to sure whether to say anything. She stays crouched on the branch, pulling her hood lower and drops a berry down at him and mutters, "A squirrel bought me that..." She tilts her head and stays in the tree.."And i may know the way out.."
  14. Valtir raised an eyebrow when he saw the berry, then cursed under his breath.

    "Y-yeah... that squirrel... um... I gave him my food..."

    There was no way he was going to say that he had been outsmarted by a squirrel. He stood up and put the arrow that he had drawn back into it's quiver, then slung his bow over his shoulder. He stepped towards the elven woman and smiled.

    "If you would lead me out of here, I promise I wont bother you any longer. I'm headed to Gondor and have a while to go. I'd like to be on my way as soon as possible. How far off from the east end of the forest am I?
  15. She chuckled softly and shook her head, "the squirrel told me otherwise.." She tilts her head and removes her smile. "Animals dont lie..." placing her cold demeanor up she jumped down and landed gracefully in front of him, looking up at him.

    She was short for an elf but she didnt care, "I can lead you out but...i wanna know why your here first.." She tilts her head, putting her knife back. She slowly starts circling him, curious as to why he doesnt look familiar as she knew all the elves.
  16. He was unsure whether to tell her, as he had known one or two scheming elves from Mirkwood. Reluctantly however, he decided to tell her about himself.

    "Well... I've been wandering the lands to the north for a couple of years now. I was on my way home to Gondor when I came across Mirkwood here. I couldnt resist visiting. I have no business anywhere. I have nowhere to be. I basically live all over Middle Earth. Wherever I wish to go, I go. I've just decided it was about time I went home and visited my family. Will you show me the way now?"

    Something about telling his story to this elf felt easy for him, like he could tell her anything. He guessed it was just because of how she listened intently. However, she was rather beautiful, so that may have been contributing towards the affect she was having on him.
  17. She stops in front of you and tilts her head, nodding slightly. She takes a step back, removing her hood and letting her hair fall from its confines, the tips of her ears pierced. She looks to the left. "This way..."

    She starts to walk in that direction, her bow visible from her back as the carvings stand out. She looks behind her and smiles softly, "I dont bite...." She starts walking again.
    She nods to herself, happy that he told the truth
  18. Valtir walked behind her, trying as hard as he could to keep his eyes on the back of her head, and not any lower. That wasn't all that difficult, however, considering her long silver hair which stood out to him. it reminded him of the light of the moon. He shook himself out of the trance he was in and continued following her. It was quiet for a while, as the two made their way through the forest, until eventually Valtir decided to speak up.

    "Umm... My name is Valtir. Might I know the name of my escort?" He was unsure how she would take this, as he didnt want her to feel like he was being nosy or imposing on her personal territory. He wasn't sure if she wanted wanted to know him personally or not, or if he was just slowing her down on a more important errand.
  19. She keeps walking, hesitating. He may have told the truth of his being here, yet she didnt know if he could be trusted. Yet, he shared his name, breaking the silence when he had done so. She thought for a moment in thought, still walking she looked over her shoulder slightly.

    "Freya...Pleased to meet you, Valtir..." She muttered quietly before looking forward again, she didnt need to speak any louder, she knew he would hear her. She only hoped she wouldn't regret telling him... She had a thought, he was leaving and she wanted to leave, maybe she could ask to tag along...She shook her head gently, nonsense, he has places to be and things to do. She would simply have to play it by ear once she left Mirkwood completely. Her hands held at her sides swinging gently as she walked.
  20. "Hm, that's a lovely name." He said, slightly distracted by the trees. "...It's beautiful here. I envy you, being able to live here all your life. To be able to know this forest back to front. I'd give anything. Although, I guess it is rather amazing outside too. Have you ever traveled outside of Mirkwood before? From what I remember, the elves in here dont really like the outside world all that much..." Now that he had gotten her name, he decided to keep going. he wanted to know as much as possible about her kind, and a bit about her as a person too. They had been walking for about half an hour now, and Valtir knew that if they were heading the right way, they would be out in just a few minutes. He wanted to get as much out of her as possible, before he had to go.