The Digital beast war (A Digimon Roleplay)

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  1. I am checking interest in a digimon roleplay I have been working on for some time. The plot in fairly simple, a video game company is developing a virtual reality digimon game. 1000 beta testers are chosen to test the game. When everyone is logged into the game, it becomes infected by a virus created by a programmer who was fired from the program. The virus corrupts several virus type digimon and prevents the log out feature being activated. So The players must delete The digimon infected by The virus to be able to log out again.
    The digivolution system is set by my own paticular method which I will only reveal if the rp has enough interest. And I intend to include a digicard system but would like some help in setting that up. But tell me so we have anyone interested?
    I am definitely interested!
    One question, what exactly do you mean by digicard? You mean like Digi Modify from Tamers? If so that sounds awesome :3
  3. Yes I did mean the digi modify fiction from gamers. I intend to create a digicard shop in the Ooc of the rp if we have enough interest. I would like at least ten people interested before I reveal any more information.
  4. sounds great :3
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  5. @Crow, are you not a Digimon fug?

    By the way, I must beg the question @The Mystical Skunk

    Based on the plot, can player characters have Virus Digimon as partners?

    I'm iffy about the execution of Digicards, but... if you want to, go ahead.
  7. Yes players can have virus type partners. However which ones are available is one detail I haven't finalised yet. I am actually looking for aid on that subject if you wish.
    @CursedDawn you are welcome to help too if you wish.
  8. sure :3
    I'm a giant digimon nerd after all lol
  9. Sounds fun, although I'm not sure about digi tames etc. I watched the first two generations and stopped
  10. Hmmm...

    1. How does multiple Digimon Partners(usually 2) sound?

    2. How about partner Digimon from big groups such as Royal Knights, Seven Demon Lords, etc?
  11. I think you misunderstood, the plot isn't from tamers it'll just have something similar to the digi modify system from tamers (where digimon can be temporarily empowered or partly altered via digimon cards)
  12. Oh, then yes. I am interested
  13. When I jump into a Digimon RP, I don't immediately expect particular gimmicks or continuity from prior series.

    I only expect the traditional four-stage(or seven if you really want to start from the bottom) evolution system and flexibility in evolutionary lines.
  14. You hab me at Digimon. Now, where do I get a Tsunomon/Gabumon/Garurumon/Weregarurumon/Metalgarurumon?
    Gabumon and it's Digivolutions are my favorite, if you haven't already guessed.
  15. Excellent! But the multiple partners thing is not possible. As for the digivolution lines you can make alterations in them but that is irrelevant right now until we have more interested. I will say I have claimed the Impmon line. As for the royal knights and demon lords they could be partners but that would need to be discussed in pm.
  16. The standard Impmon line does contain the Demon Lord Beelzemon. If you're going that way, I personally think that Baalmon from Xros Wars is a great addition to the line as an Ultimate.

    How about multiple characters per player, usually two to boot? Is that valid?
  17. @Crow is Baalmon known as Reapmon?
    And could you pm me your other ideas.
  18. Yes, Baalmon is known as Reapmon.

    I personally prefer the former because I watched Xros Wars in Japanese and the Baal ---> Beelzebub thing

    Alrighty, I'll PM dem ideas.
  19. I always just use whatever name I think sounds better xD
  20. Yeah same here. Sometimes I switch between using Gatomon and Tailmon out of instinct.
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