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    Ataria Awoke that morning, stretching her wings and rolling off of her sheer hammock that she had slept on since she learner she had wings, which she was pretty young when that happened. Walking into the bathroom, she almsot ran into her dad, He chuckled and kissed her forehead. "I hope you are excited for your first day at this new school." Atartia smiled and nodded quickly stepping into the bathroom and strecthing once more, for herself, he wings wrapped around her small body as if to give her a hug. Brushing her hair and tiing ribbions in it she dressed and walked downstairs. Grabbing a poptart and her satchel, he stepped out and waved to her neihbor. He was an old man, and practically blind so he couldnt see her wings. waiting for him to return into his house Ataria smiled at him, lifting herself off the ground as she left, flying through the sky and wondering if she would run into anyone as she flew to her new school. She had never been able to fly to school before and very few people besides those that attended this school knew how to get there, it was either by flight, a long walk through the woods or over a large lake. it was seclided from all others and she liked it that way, she didnt have to hide who she was.
  2. Alexander was doing his usual, staying away from sight was he hoped the shadows of people. Alexander was blessed with the ability to meld with shadows and he preferred to travel through shadows. He caught the shadow of something flying."Hehe finally something faster then the pace of normal" he laughed and caught the ride. Alexander thought to himself this girl, huh must be new to school, never jumped her shadow before. I'll keep myself out of her head today. Alexander was able to even meld with the shadows of thoughts giving him sight into the thoughts of people, one down side, if its a negative memory it hurts him just as bad. Lets say hi. Alexander thus travels up the shadow and forms her shadow into his silhouette. "HEY!! NEW GIRL! WHAT's UP!
  3. Ataria COntinued flying and couldnt feel happier, until her sillouette talked to her. "Ahhh." Ataria lost controll and started to fall through the sky.
  4. Raiden took a look up and noticed a falling girl. He looked down and mutter. "Alexander..." he sighed and jumped up into the air catching her and falling back down hitting the ground leaving a circle of cracks on the ground. "DAMN IT ALEXANDER!" he yelled. He glared straight at the shadow.
  5. Raina was a elf. Yes the kind with pointy ears.
    She wore her hair down, letting them poke out.
    She watched as the people went by from a tree.
    She always came in about 3 minutes before the tardy bell so she could see as many people as possible.
    She watched as the shadow boy scared what seemed to be a new girl.
    Then she saw Raiden, a boy in her class.
    She couldn't help but laugh at them all.
    "Don't hurt the new girl already!" She called.
  6. Atiria felt someone grab her and she let out a loud oof, as they landed. Blushing she looked at the guy who had saved her. "thank you..." she stepped out the mans arms and backed up, now maybe you can tell me why my shadow just talked to me..." Ataria said staring at her shadow
  7. "What!? i was just being friendly" The shadow then grinned huge showing cartooned white teeth. The shadow then stands up in 3D, the head of the shadow melts and reveals Alexanders face still grinning. "Hey, sorry don't get new folks out her and i got excited"
  8. Ataria's mouth dropped... "your me..." Ataris said noticing the elf. "oh you are so pretty." holding in her giddyness she smiled. "My name is Ataria and I can you can see." Ataria wings stood tall, in a defensive way. "Oh calm yourselves." Ataria said patting her wings, they relaxed and stretched out once, it was a dominacne sort of thing. "sorry about them...they have a mind of their own...literally." Ataria bowed slightly and went on her way. "If youll excuse me, I have class. Thank you for scaring me, thank you for saving me and yeah thanks."
  9. Raina smiled, "Thank you."
    She looked at the girl's wings.
    They seemed to be their own person.
    "You're wings are amazing..."
    She hopped down examining them.
    "What classes do you have?
    We might have some together?"
    She asked.
  10. Ataria looked at the elf. well my first is a hidden in flight training class...all of my classes are training classes, then I have a comabt training glass, with like bows and swords and stuff like that." Ataria had always been good with a sword.
  11. "Blahhh class is lame, well lame when all you have is behavior class..pft i interact with my kind and that's it, humans are just sheep. Fun to freak out though haha." Alexander fully shades and sinks into Raidens Shadow.
  12. Ataria chuckled and noticed a strange darkness begin to take over the sky. Looking into the sky Ataria's mouth dropped and she noticed a dark coud cover the sky, it wasnt a rain cloud it was something else. "guys...I know I'm knew but that cant be normal.." Ataria said pointing into the sky.
  13. "Combat Training huh?
    Looks like we have that one together.
    I have Woodshop and Welding where we create weapons,
    then training.
    I love my bow and arrows," She winked laughing.
  14. Alexander popped out, "no that's not normal at all, its strange i can't meld with the shadow its making" Alexander fully jumped out and immediately went back into Ataria's shadow. "Nope fuck that, im not touching that"
  15. Ataria couldnt help but keep staring at it, feeling it pull at her she felt herself lift off the ground and move closer to it. a starnge wind began to brew and leaves and dust flew everywhere. Ataria's eye's locked with it she stooped moving towards it and quickly landed, like she was slammed into the ground. A tornando type thing began to form out of it and touched the ground, a man stepped out of it, his teeth sharp like a demon and his smile devilous. "hello boys and girls, I am your new principal and welcome, meet me in the gymnassium as fast as you can, things are going to be a little diffrent around here....starting now." The man snapped his finger and boys and girls that looked like him also walked out of the wind tunnel all staring at Ataria and them all. slithering hello as they passed. "This is not gonna be good.." ataria said walking to the gym

    (hope you guys like plot twists)
  16. Raiden looked at all of them. "I think we should head to combat training. I mean...I'm in the mood to fight," he laughed a little and winked at the new girl. "No problem by the way," he said with a smile.
  17. Raina looked at the new principal.
    He gave off an eerie feeling.
    Raina didn't like it.
    "To the gym I suppose..."
    She mumbled and starting walking with the group.
  18. Raiden being the person he was looked back and saluted the principal with a smile. He regretted immediately and kind of hoped he didn't notice it. "So um...that guy gives me the creeps," he said chuckling a little.
  19. A grinn forming at Ataria's shadow as it falls behind her looking at Raiden "Hehe just a bit, maybe we should hang around today and not ditch, i don't trust this guy with these gals he's got eyes like a horror movie, and that's coming from me"
  20. "I'm with you all the way bro," he said with a smile.
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