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  1. Michael Razzano sat in his room contemplating his recent actions. It was the first day of school as a Freshman in high school and Michael had got into a fight with three senior guys. Of course, Michael was not fully at fault. The seniors had bumped into him making Michael drop his stuff in which Michael glared at them telling them to "pick it up." The seniors' then started to harass Harry by pushing him against a locker yelling at Michael.

    "Freshmen can't tell Seniors what to do fucktard!" Michael vividly remembered a senior yelling. After all, who says "fuckwad?"

    Michael felt scared and threatened, so he threw a punch at one of the guys. In seconds they were all trying to hit Michael; however, Michael's boxing training came in handy as he was able to endure the punches and dish them back even harder. They stood no chance. One senior was knocked out when the teachers finally broke up the fight.

    Yet, nobody believed him. Not the principal...his class. They never did. The way he dressed, looked, and the aura he gave off all meant bad news. "This is why I don't have friends..." Michael lamented. He placed his hands on his head and violently ruffled his hair making it stand up on ends. Michael yelled out in a distressed tone. He wasn't happy.

    Michael had refused to go to school for the fear that he would be hated and others would be afraid of him He sighed and opened the window to let the night air into his room. Looking outside. Beneath Harry, on the porch, was his cousin, Vinny, his caretaker. Vinny was smoking a cigarette.

    "Yo..." Vinny said. "Going to school tomorrow?" Vinny asked raising his voice a little in volume so Harry could hear.

    "..." Michael did not reply and simply closed the window. He sighed and walked over to his computer to check his e-mail. He automatically deleted a message titled "You need to come back" from his homeroom teacher. She had been trying to convince him to show up at school. Michael was impressed that she cared so much though. She wanted him back and even had the nerve to come to the house and ask him to come to school the next day. Of course, Michael glared and slammed the door in her face, since, well the only way she would care about him is if he did not come to school.
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  2. Paige was in her homeroom and was waiting on her teacher to give her the papers she needed to deliver to a different student. Why she was doing this was unknown to the smart teenager. She was currently sitting in one of the desks in the front row of the classroom and working on a Sudoku puzzle in her book, pushing up her glasses every other minute because they kept falling down her nose.

    "There you are. I was hoping you didn't back out of this." Her teacher flashed her a smile as she walked into the room and shifted the papers in her arms. Her eyes drifted towards the papers and she flipped through them, trying to make sure she had them all. Nodding to herself, she walked over to Paige and held the little stack out to her. "Deliver this for me and I'll give you extra credit. His address is on the first paper."

    Paige looked up, her eyes looking towards her teacher, and she nodded, taking the papers into her hands. She didn't need the extra credit, she had only done this because she wanted to be nice. She closed her Sudoku puzzle book and picked up her pencil, stuffing the items into her bag before standing up from her desk. Gripping onto the papers in her arm, she walked out of the classroom and down the hall before exiting the school building, making her way down the street.
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  3. Vinny saw a figure walking up the street. He sprinkled the ashes off of his cigarette as a young girl with orange read hair walked up to his house. "Hmmm...." Vinny looked up towards Michael's room. "Here for Mikee?" He asked. "I'll go get him. Maybe you van whip some sense into him. I'm not going to get in another fight with him trying to get him to go to school. Last time I did I got a black eye." Vinny said with a smile, raising his sunglasses and pointing to a nice blue and purple eye. "What a piece of work, but I love that fucker." Vinny went into the house leaving the front door wide open. As Vinny climbed the stairs he heard a slamming of a door. "MICHAEL!" Vinny yelled. "NO SLAMMING DOORS IN MY HOUSE!" Vinny sprinted up the remaining stairs and ran down the hall to Michael's room. Vinny wrenched open the door to find...nothing. Michael had left his room.

    "Michael! Where are you, cousin?! You have a visitor! It's not your teacher" Vinny exited Michael's room and saw the bathroom light was on. He knocked. "Michael?" Vinny asked soothingly and calm.

    No answer

    "Mikee open the door."

    Vinny opened the door and saw the bathroom window had been opened. Michael had obviously climbed out the window. "Fucking shit...Typical..." Vinny sighed. He slowly walked downstairs and walked through the open front door shaking his head at the girl. "He's not home...If you'd come back later I'm sure he'd be grateful you dropped by. I'm Vincent Razzano by the way. Mikee's cousin." He held out his hand to shake the girls.


    Michael had jumped out the window and snuck by the girl at his porch without her noticing him. "What does she want?" Michael pondered. He recognized her as the girl he sat next to at the very first day of class. He walked down the street a before going into a full sprint. His thoughts racing, he slipped into an alley way he was sure that the girl would walk by on the way home so that he could corner her. It was dark out so he'd probably scare her, but Michael wanted nothing to do with the girl. The teacher only wanted him back for her selfish reasons, and deep down, he wanted the teacher to chase him. To get him back at school. This way, Michael would be recognized for once.​
  4. Paige looked up at the man on the porch and nodded lightly. She shifted where she was standing and glanced towards the house before back at Vinny. "He likes to talk a lot..." She murmured under her breath as he walked into the house. Her eyes drifted towards the door and she didn't dare enter in the house. She didn't want to intrude. Shifting once again where she stood, she waited for the man to come back out and looked up, frowning lightly. "Can you at least give him these papers?" She asked with a small sigh and shifted her arm, gripping onto the papers with both hands before holding them out to Vinny. "And my name is Paige. I sit next to Michael in our first class."
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  5. Vinny smiled. "That would be the easy way out." Vinny looked out to the stars and took a drag on his cigarette. "Come back tomorrow and I'll be sure he's home. God...My mom would have killed him." Vinny said under his breath. "Hmmmm. Thanks for doing this and all, sorry you have to see Mikee like this. He's typically a good kid. Big heart. Just get to know him." Vinny tried to take a drag on his cigarette; however, he was down to the butt. "Be careful out there, Paige." Vinny said walking inside.
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  6. Paige frowned lightly and pulled the papers back close to her. So she had to come back tomorrow... She let out a soft sigh and pulled her back from her hip to the front of her, putting the papers into the bag. Zipping it up, she pushed it back around to her hip and nodded towards Vinny. "Thank you." She turned on her heels and started to walk once again, starting to make her way home. A long sigh escaped her lips once she was far enough away and her somewhat tense shoulders started to relax. "Why do I have to be so nice?" She grumbled to herself and shook her head.
  7. Michael was wearing a black hoodie. It was zipped up all the way and he had his hood on with the draw strings pulled so the hood closed around his face. He blended in perfectly with the night. Michael was waiting for the red haired girl. Michael wondered why she was there? Was she with the teacher? Michael sighed and relaxed. His shoulders loosened and he hung his head looking at his feet. His white shoes shined a little in the night.

    Michael heard footsteps coming towards him. He tensed right back up. He peered his head out a little bit and saw a girl, the one who was at his house, under the streetlight. Michael waited, his heart racing, back pressed against the alley wall. As soon as the girl passed, he grabbed her and pulled her into the alley, pinning her against the wall. "Are you with that teacher? Why are you here" he asked trying to sound menacing.
  8. Paige stuffed her hands into her pockets as she walked and glanced around every so often. She had about another half an hour until she reached her home and she knew that both of her mothers would be worried if she didn't get there quickly. Both women hated for her to be out and Mary always threw the biggest fit if she was out too long after dark. "Woman's gonna have a heart attack one of these days." Paige rolled her eyes and looked towards the sky. Her heart nearly stopped when she was suddenly grabbed and pinned to the wall. Her eyes drifted towards the face in front of her and she frowned deeply. "I was simply delivering your homework and nothing more." She answered and attempted to pull herself away from him. "Now let me go, Michael." She was scared, yes, but she didn't want him to know that so she attempted to keep a straight face.
  9. Michael released her. She didn't appear to be afarid of him at all. She acted, normally. Even his teacher was afraid of him. "Well you should of said so!" Michael said smiling and in a cheerful tone. At this moment he felt like he could be himself for the first time in front of someone else. Michael's entire demeanour changed. "Come on I'll walk you home!" Michael took Paige by the hand and started to pull her away. Michael let Paige lead as he smiled.

    Soon Michael was outside of Paige's house. "Hey..." Michael blushed a little. "I think I'll come to school tomorrow...but I want to be with you..." Michael turned away a little embarrassed. "Ummmm..." Michael pulled Paige into a hug pressing his body agianst hers. "Thanks. I love you." He whispered in a sincere tone. Without thinking Michael pulled Paige's chin up and kissed her. "Told you I did." Michael said smiling. His entire face beaming. "Ciao" he said releasing Paige and walking away
  10. Paige raised an eyebrow at that but she soon relaxed. She nodded and followed after him quietly, unsure of what to think about the situation. "Be with me?" For a smart girl, she could be extremely dumb at some points in time. A blush came across her face as she was pulled into the hug and she wasn't sure what to think at the moment. The blush depended at the kiss and his words. He loved her and yet she barely knew him? Shaking her head, she heard one of her mother's calling for her and she looked towards the house. "Coming!" She called out and walked over, opening the front before stepping inside.
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  11. The next day, Michael woke up in order to get himself to school. Michael crawled out of bed and went through the conventional morning routine: shower, eat, and brush your teeth. Afterwards he checked his phone and noticed he had a miss call. "Vito" had call him. Michael deleted the missed call from his phone log and left to go to school. He straightened his school uniform to make sure he'd look fine for Paige and hopefully avoid the "looks"

    The walk to school took about ten minutes, so Michael casually strolled to school passing other students with bookbags and backpacks. He left his house pretty early to corner Paige, so when Michael got to school he was half an hour early. As the minutes ticked by, Michael was given strange looks by the rest if the students. Michael had a face of extreme discomfort. Everyone was whispering to their friends and or giving Michael an afraid look then avoiding his eye contact. Michael saw a glimps of red in the crowd of students and immediately tried to look cool and comfortable with all the stares he was getting. Michael turned his head towards Paige and smiled brightly. "Yo" he said his voice quivering a little.
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  12. Paige got up later than she normally did but she got up in time to make it to school before the bell rang. She put her hair up today, to keep it out of her face, and quickly finished getting herself ready before making her way to school. She didn't even bother to eat breakfast. Once she reached the school yard, she spotted one of her more geeky peeps and followed him into the school, looking over his shoulder to see what he was showing her on his Nintendo 3DS. "I still say you should've caught Deoxys." She muttered to him when she heard Michael's voice and looked up from the game screen to look at him. "Good morning." She nodded in greeting.
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  13. Michael beamed and silently followed Paige into the school like a puppy following it's master. Michael's tension disappeared even though The others surrounding Paige looked uncomfortable. One boy opened his mouth as if he was going to comment on Michael's presence, but bit his tounge. He didn't want to get beat up today. Michael didn't understand why it didn't bother him. He gazed at Paige and his thoughts brought him back to last night...was that the right thing to do? Well yes, he did love her, but it was a spontaneous feeling. He had only felt that sort of feeling once before in his life, and that person he knew he loved. So he had to love Paige, yet, she didn't mention anything about his actions....maybe he should say something...

    Before he knew it, he was in the classroom, sitting down in the back of the class with Paige. Assigned seating can be a drag sometimes but Michael enjoyed the back of the class. He could doze off and look out the window if he needed to.

    The bell rang signifying the first class was about to start. Everyone in the school had the same first period class since it was taught by their homeroom teacher.

    As the teacherwalked in she saw Michael and squealed softly, half from excitement and half from fear. She looked at Paige and nodded. Then the teacher started to hand out a test. "I hope you all have been studying. First test of the year. This is one of the easier ones, but tue Document based questions are taken from the AP tests to help you prepare. Remember this is only on ancient Greece to the rise of the Roman Empire. Michael you can take the...."

    "It's fine. I know it." Michael said. He immediately started to work on the multiple choice questions as soon as the teacher handed him a test. "You have one hour to finish."

    Michael finished in 45 minutes. Well before tue rest of the class. He handed in his test and walkes back to his seat rocking back in forth in his chair like a child. His thoughts drifted towards Paige and he looked at her furiously working on her test. "Cute" Michael thought smiling brightly
  14. Paige frowned lightly as she was handed the test and scowled at it. History was one of her weaker subjects and she hated it. Pulling her legs up onto the chair, she set her chin down on her knee and grabbed her pencil, practically glaring at the test in front of her as she attempted to think of the answers for it. Moving her pencil to a certain angle, she pushed up her glasses with the eraser of the pencil and wrote something down before going back to glaring at the test. It was just a few minutes before their teacher started pick up the tests that Paige finished. She let out a long sigh and leaned back into her seat, frowning lightly. She figured that she probably failed it or barely passed it. She wasn't doing too great in this class anyways. Shaking her head, she reached into her bag and pulled out her sudoku puzzle book. She set it down on her desk in front of her and grabbed her pen, opening up the book before starting a different puzzle.

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  15. Michael got up from his desk and placed his arms on Paige's desk, spred his legs, and leaned over a little. "Hey. Ummm...About last night" Michael blushed; however, right when Michael was going to continue the bell rang. He scowled..."I'll see you later...I have to talk to the administration and the principal."

    Michael left the classroom and fought through the hordes of people, like a salmon swimming upstream. Suddenly, Michael felt a tug on his shoulder and fist connect with his face. Michael yelled in pain as he gripped his nose. He had felt it pop out of place, so he moving the bridge of his nose back into place while yelling in pain. The senior who he had knocked out had come back. "Trying to take your revenge?" Michael asked tauntingly. He raised his fists for a fight.

    "Just you and me fuckwad!" The senior yelled. He charged at Michael, but Michael side stepped him swiftly bringing his own knee to the seniors chest. The senior crumpled in pain trying to catch his breath. Michael looked around. All the students were afraid. He wasn't sure what to do, so his fight or flight response triggered and Michael ran away from the scene. He climbed up the stairs until he founs a door that had roof access on it. He climbed up the stairs and wrenched open the door to roof. He laid down, sprawling his arms and legs out. Michael looked into the cloudy sky, closed his eyes and fell into a slumber.

    By lunch, the whole school had heard about the sequel to Michael's original fight. The administration was looking for him, not because he was in trouble, since the security cameras showed him protecting himself, but rather to get his side of the story. Michael had no intention of leaving the roof. He had missed his last two classes and had no intention of going to the others.
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  16. Paige looked up as he started speaking to her and tilted her head lightly. "Yes? What about it?" She asked curiously and pushed her glasses back up the bridge of her nose. "Alright." She nodded and gathered up her stuff before standing up from her seat. She waved towards him and walked out of the classroom.

    At lunch, Paige frowned deeply as she heard about the fight. Of course, no one had told her about it but she heard whispers about it. She was concerned for Michael and wanted to see if he was alright but she had no idea where he was. "I just hope he doesn't get into more trouble." She grumbled under her breath as she sat down with her lunch at her table of geeky and nerdy friends. Lunch passed by quickly for her but the rest of the day went by very slowly, almost agonizingly slow.

    The final bell rang and she hurried off to her locker, opening up so she could get the stuff she needed to do her homework when she got home. She reached into her bag and pulled out a few of her books, putting them into her locker before grabbing one other book. Looking down, she stuffed that book into her bag before closing the locker and making her way towards the side entrance to the school.
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  17. Michael, towards the end of the day, was sitting on the edge of the roof facing the setting sun. It was pretty late, so he was sure everyone at school had left. He stood up. Standing on the edge of the building. He looked out at the sun set. Michael heard the door open under him and saw a girl walk out. She had red hair and was tiny. "Paige!" Michael called waving. He sat down on the edge again smiling a little. "Come up here."
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  18. Paige stopped where she was and looked up towards Michael. She shook her head and frowned lightly. "Why should I?" Heights weren't exactly something she was fond of. The thought of being up on the roof made her want to shudder. Crossing her arms, she waited for an answer and shifted lightly on her feet. It was also getting late and so both of her parents might get worried if she stayed out too late.
  19. "Cause if you don't I'd have to jump off to see you!" He yelled back. "I don't think I'd look good as a pancake! Do you?" Michael's tone had a childlike playfulness to it. "I'll keep you safe from falling up here and I'll take you out for ice cream afterwards if you're good!" Michael yelled trying to bribe her to come on up. Even from this distance he could tell that she was a little uncomfortable with heights. He smiled. Everything he learned about Paige made him smile. "Yep...It' s confirmed love" Michael told himself.
  20. Paige frowned lightly at what he was saying and bit her lip. She wasn't so sure that this was a good idea. She was happy where she was on the ground. "I think I'll stay down here. The ground is much safer." That was a lame excuse but she wanted to stay where she was. "And besides, I have to be home in about an hour. If I don't, one my moms will come after me." And then she'd be history. It wouldn't be good if she got into trouble. "I also have some things I need to get to. Urgent things."
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