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  1. Stella (open)

    Stella had just gotten out of the desert and were now walking in a small town. It wasn't as warm in the town as it had been out in the desert, probably because there were more shadowed places in town. Her money were about to run out, she needed to find a job fast to be able to get food. Easier said than done, no one wanted a sixteen year old girl to work for them. But she often got the money she needed from dancing anyways, in some towns she got more money than in others. The town she currently were in didn't look that poor but it didn't seem like any rich people were living in it either, maybe she would be able to some money out of the people but she would need to find a real job to or else she wouldn't be able to get out in the desert again. If she didn't went out in the desert then she would never find the demon she was searching after.

    The thought made her remember the story her mother told her just some month earlier. When she were born she wasn't alive, her mother became devistated and begged for someone to save her daughter. A demon appeard in front of her and told her that he would give her life, but when the daughter turned eighteen then he would need to take the life back and eat her. The mother just wanted her child to survive so she would do anything to save her daughter, as long as she got to live at least some years then it was worth it. The demon saved her daughter and then disappeard.

    Stella first thought that it were a goodnight story of some sort but then her mother told her that it was real and it was about her. She couldn't believe that her mother had done something like that, even if she wanted to save her child it was still unforgivable. To let someone live and then letting them know exactly which day and which year they would die, it was horrible. But there was nothing to do about it now and she forgave her mother. But she decided to go out on a journey to try and find that demon, if she found him then she maybe could make him give her some more years. Even if it was impossible she needed to thank him for letting her live.

    She got waken up from her thoughts when she heard music from close by, she walked towards the sound and saw a man sitting with a fluet. The music were almost mesmerizing, it didn't feel like the tones came from this world. But most people were busy with other things and didn't even bother to listen to the beautiful tones he were playing. It was a pitty that people didn't even care about the beauty in the world.
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    "I had another woman accuse me of being a vampire last night, Blake. Do these humans seriously know nothing? What kind of vampire runs around looking like this?" Rilo asked, muttering to himself and washing the blood from his face. His servant, a lycanthrope boy named Blake, remained silent. There was no real need to respond and honestly he had no answer. Rilo nodded to himself and sighed, taking a towel from the smaller boy's arms. "I'll be out in a moment. Be sure the charm is ready," he ordered absently, then headed off to shower. The water was so hot that it would burn the skin of a human in seconds, but to him it was merely relaxing. He sighed and scrubbed himself clean all over, faintly amused by the practice. Today he had to make a good impression to prove he was still in control. Smirking at the thought, he stepped from the shower and wrapped the towel around his waist, wandering over to the sink. Once his teeth were a sparkling white and his hair was brushed into a not-quite-as-messy-as-before manner, he dried off. He ran his hands through his hair, the large wolf ears vanishing to be replaced by the weak ears of a human. At least it was only for a few hours, he told himself with a sigh.

    He left the bathroom and strolled to his makeshift living room, which was actually pretty normal looking other than being lit by candles. Having a home this deep in a cave made natural lighting impossible, but it wasn't as creepy as one might imagine. Blake has always favored the 'homey' touches, and Rilo wasn't home enough to care. The werewolf boy was waiting, holding out the charm. "Ah, perfect," Rilo said with a nod, taking it and slipping it over his neck. The long, delicate silver chain hung with hardly any noticeable weight at all. It reached just below his chest, the smooth black stone resting against the top of his abs. Almost immediately he felt more calm, and he grinned as his bright red eyes faded to a pale green. "Oh, the lovely feeling of being restricted," he muttered, tugging on a pair of plain black boxers and some worn-out jeans. Adding a solid white tshirt to hide both the pendant and his tattoos, he favored Blake with a glance. "If I'm not back in three hours, you know what to do," he said, waiting until he got a nod before scooping up his jacket.

    Appearing in a deserted alley, he slowly opened his eyes and allowed his fangs to vanish from sight. It was the last step in appearing perfectly human, and he stretched his arms as he listened. Mindless chatter, some laughing, nothing of interest until the pure notes of the flute struck him. He smirked and pulled the army green jacket on, not bothering to zip it up since it wasn't really cold. Well, it wasn't cold if one wasn't used to near-boiling temperatures. As he left the alley, his eyes roamed until he found the player. It wasn't long after that, that he discovered his true target. A black haired man, leaning up against the wall of a restaurant and watching the flute player. Rolling his eyes, Rilo made his way over and cleared his throat. "Luring females in with music? Typical," he muttered, earning himself a chuckle from the other. "I hear that your methods aren't all that different lately," came the lazy reply, the man finally turning to look at him with piercing blue eyes. "Before we begin business.. Take a look, over there at that girl. She's Marked, is she one of yours? If so, such a pity, she's a real looker," he said, nodding his head in the direction of the girl. Rilo blinked and looked up, his gaze settling on the girl. For a few moments he didn't react, but then he chuckled to himself. "I had nearly forgotten about that one.." he mused, then took a seat at a small outdoor table in front of the cafe. "Sit with me, pretend we're friends," he suggested, his gaze never leaving the girl.

  3. She got disappointed when a man came and made the fluet player stop playing. It looked like they knew eachother, they were probably friends, she hoped they would just chat for a moment before he would start playing again but she weren't that lucky. They both took a seat at a outdoor table, that was probably the only music she would get to hear for the day. But it didn't matter, she had to try to find a job as fast as possible anyways or else she wouldn't be able to get out of that town. The money she made by dancing often just lasted for one day because she had to pay the food and the place she lived at. To get enough money to buy food that lasted for traveling threw the desert she needed a real job.

    She sighted and were just about to go away but a thought stopped her, she should go to that fluet player and tell him he were really good. Even though he probably already knew that it was always nice to tell people, especially when so few actually payed any attention to him as the people in this town had done. At the same time she could ask those two if they knew a place where they searched for workers.

    With that thought Stella turned towards the two men again and started to walk in to their direction, she loved music and dancing so much so she loved to chat with people that did those things. But now she really hadn't time to chat and he would probably want to go back to talking to his friend as fast as possible when she would interupt them. Maybe they would think she were irritating for doing such a thing, but the most people with that kind of job or hobby often liked when people came and told them what they thought about their performance, at least she did when people had told her she were really good. But all people weren't the same.

    She came to the table and gave both the men a smile before turning to the fluet player. She made sure that she didn't interupt them in the midle of a sentence or anything like that before she talked."Hey, I just wanted to tell you that you played really beautiful. I have never heard anything like it before." She said.
  4. The flute player, Asael, chuckled to himself after ordering a glass of ice water. "Well, Rilo, we shouldn't waste any more time. You know as well as I do that I can't stick around for long, this place is disgustingly hot," he complained, leaning back in his chair with a grin. Rilo tore his gaze from the girl who was now approaching them and cocked an eyebrow. "Maybe you should go back into that icy tundra you call home, then," he suggested, not bothering to even look up at the girl until he was finished speaking. Asael, on the other hand, was already giving her a charming grin. With a dimple on one side and a lovable puppy sort of face, he rarely had problems getting ladies to come up to him. "Well, thank you miss. I'm glad you enjoyed it, it seemed nobody was until you showed up," he replied with a grin. "I'd love to teach you how to play, if you're interested. I'm an instructor," he lied easily, making Rilo turn and glance at him. Was he seriously attempting to corner a Marked girl? How utterly rude. Something had to be done before the boy stepped above his bounds. Rilo considered the problem for a moment, quickly coming to a conclusion that would benefit himself in more ways than one.

    "Excuse me for interrupting," he said smoothly, his deep voice hiding his amusement as he stood, his muscular form a mere 6 feet tall at the moment. "Miss, I believe there's something you should know about this man before you agree to anything," he went on, earning a suspicious look from Asael. He ignored the look and reached in his pocket, taking out a small stone figurine that looked like a man. Immediately Asael jumped up, lunging for the girl, but Rilo blocked him and slammed the figure against his neck. In an instant, Asael vanished into a huge poof of ashes that fell to the ground, coating the table and chair. "Disgusting.." Rilo muttered, pocketing the figure before turning back to the girl. "That was a demon. Nasty things. I'm sorry you had to see that, but I couldn't let him harm such a beautiful girl," he said with a smile, wondering how she was going to take all of this. On one hand, she had actually just helped him by providing a distraction. Yet on the other, she was only human and had witnessed something that shouldn't even be possible.

  5. She could barely believe her ears, he wanted to teach her playing flute. She could play a litle but not as much and beautiful as he did. But she weren't certain if she would have time for such a thing, she had to keep searching for that demon as fast as possible. But she would need to stay at least a week so she could work up a bit of money, so during that time she could always find some places in her schedule where she could train fluet with him.

    Just as she were going to accept his proposal the other man interrupted. She looked a bit questioning at him, what would she need to know about him? Then it seemed like everything happened so fast, the man took up some kind of figure and the fluet player jumped up then she weren't certain what was going on anymore. All of a sudden the fluet player had disappeard and left were only ashes. Demon, so that was a demon, she didn't know that they could turn in to humans. The one her mother had seen weren't in human form. She had a pretty good description of the demon but if they could turn in to humans would she really be able to find the right one then? What if that demon had been the one she was searching after, if that was the case then would she be able to live normal from now on when it was dead?

    But it was better to asume that it wasn't the right Demon, because if it weren't then she would get eaten anyways. She should keep searching even though it was harder now when she knew that they could turn in to humans. "So that was a demon, I didn't think they would look so human." She said calm but a bit worry was in her voice. She had already prepared for meeting a demon, but she didn't think that she would see one getting killed like that. "How did you know it was a demon?" She asked turning to the guy. If it looked so human then how could he know that it were a demon? Why had he talked to it from the beginning and looked so friendly towards it if he knew it was a demon?
  6. Her lack of terror and shock told him a lot of things. First off, that her mother had apparently educated the girl in her condition. That seemed foolish to him, but it was also interesting. This girl had, what, two more years to live according to his mental calculations. He nodded as she spoke of appearing human, bending down to scoop a small ruby out of the ashes. Blowing it off as if used to the practice, he turned back to her and smiled a bit. "Oh, yes, demons have many forms. Most don't have the power to appear completely human, you see. They leave some sign of what they are. Sometimes it's oddly colored eyes, other times they have a tail hiding in their pants. Yet some, as Asael here was, are powerful enough to make a complete transition. I've been hunting him for months, allowing him to think that he was in control. I fed him false information to gain his trust," he said with a shrug. Most of that was actually true, though altered a bit to fit the situation and maintain his innocence. The thought amused him.

    He reached out and gently took her hand, pressing the ruby into her palm. "If you leave this with the ashes, he can come back. I would recommend not losing it," he said quietly, then looked around to be sure nobody was watching. "It was a pleasure to meet you, miss, but I must be on my way. There are a lot of demons out there waiting to meet their end," he said, giving her a small grin. Oh, how fun it was to dangle the truth in front of a human, yet be filled with lies. He only had two hours left to get back to Blake and he figured the girl would be running home to her mother anyway. So, with a slight bow, he turned away from her and began strolling down the street.

    Asael Malachi had been getting too cocky for his own good. For years now he had been scheming and gathering forces in an attempt to bring Rilo down. He made a foolish mistake a few months ago by recruiting a very old friend who would never think to betray Rilo. The man had come to him and laid all of the plans out, opening Asael up wide open in ways he couldn't imagine. Now the forces gathered had been nearly completely eliminated, with just a few loose ends waiting to be cut. Rilo smirked and rested his hands in the pockets of his jacket, allowing his gaze to wander around at all of the idiotic humans who were enjoying the day.
  7. Stella listened to the man, so he were some kind of demon hunter. That meant that he knew quite a bit about them and maybe he could help her find the demon she were searching after. Even though she just had a descripsion of him that man maybe would be able to help her. He put the ruby that had been left in the ashes and put it in her eyes, it was beautiful, why was it left after the dead demon?

    He started to walk away, it wasn't good. Maybe she wouldn't be able to see him again if he walked away now, she needed to ask him if he could help her. First she didn't move, she looked down on the ruby and thought about how maybe her only chance to find the demon were about to disappear. She decided. "Wait" She shouted after the man and started to run towards him, she couldn't let him leave before she had at least asked him to help her. "I know that you're probably very busy right now and don't have time but please listen. There is a demon I must find, but I don't think I can do it on my own." She said when she came closer to him.

    Would he stop and listen to her? If he hunted demons then maybe he would accept it and help her. This maybe was her only chance to find someone that could help her, he noticed who were human and who were demon, she still didn't know what she had missed in the fluet players appearance that showed that he were demon. If this man would help her then she would have a much bigger chance of finding the demon that had given her life once. She could thank him for her life and maybe get some more years to live, even if she couldn't get more years she at least needed to thank him, she wouldn't have been able to see everything she had seen if she hadn't been able to live.
  8. Just as Rilo had decided on a lovely young woman to charm and bring back home with him as a toy for Blake, he heard the girl yell after him to wait. Curious, he halted his steps and turned, watching her chase after him. Well, this was unexpected. He listened as she pleaded with him to help her, his mind working around the issue. There could only be one demon that she was after, and that would be himself. She didn't have enough knowledge of demons to be chasing any other, which meant she was working off of whatever information her mother had provided. If she was indeed hunting for him, wouldn't the best place for her, be with him? It'd at least ensure that she didn't go around causing trouble for him or messing with his plans. He scratched his chin thoughtfully and considered it all, having only paused a few moments after she finished speaking.

    "You're after a demon? Are you sure that's wise? They aren't exactly warm and fuzzy creatures, you know," he said with a grin, moving over to the entrance of an alley so that they wouldn't have to have this conversation on a busy sidewalk. He leaned back against the wall and eyed her as if sizing her up, seeing if she were up to the task. "Let's say for a moment that I agreed to this. What do you have to go on? There are thousands of demons out there, narrowing it down to just one takes a lot of information," he said casually, wondering just how much her mother would have told her. It all depended on how much the woman remembered. He had been really into being theatrical back then, and honestly couldn't remember what he had appeared as.
  9. She were lucky, he had stopped to listen to her. He started to move in to an alley, probably because people would give them weird looks if they heard what they were talking about. She followed him and listened to what he said. It was already falling apart, she had so litle to go after and when she heard that they could take human form it was even less clues to how to find him.

    "I don't care if it isn't wise, actually I think that the demon I'm after is warm, he saved my life when I was a child and now I really need to find him. I have really litle information to go after because my mother didn't remember that much about the demon except that he had big wolf ears, red glowing eyes and fangs. And now when I know that they can turn in to humans that information doesn't even matter anymore. But there must be someway to find him, I won't give up just because I don't know how." She said serious, she didn't tell him about the part that she would die if she didn't find him, mostly because she maybe would die anyways even if she talked to the demon.

    She knew that it was to litle information for him to be able to find the demon she was searching after, but maybe he would help her anyways. She were looking in to the man's eyes while she waited for him to reply, if she would get a no then she had to search all on her own as she had done for the last month's and she would probably never find the demon. But with a guy that knew how to see the difference between a human and a demon that looked like a human she would probably be able to find him someday.
  10. Rilo tilted his head a fraction, watching the girl. She really was quite pretty, it was a shame he never broke his contracts. That made her strictly off limits for another two years, but he could still think about how wonderful she was going to taste. His mind was wandering, but he still listened to what she was saying. She knew more than he expected, but it still wasn't much to go on. Warm, a child saver, wolf ears, red eyes, fangs. Honestly, she could have been describing a lot of other demons. He sighed as though disappointed and shook his head slightly.

    "Well, let's see. The warm part is intriguing but most demons are warm since they come from the pits of Hell. Some prefer the cold, but that's rare. Chances are the demon you seek is hanging around a desert or volcano or something. As for saving your life, that's kind of bizarre. I mean, demons aren't usually kind," he mused, allowing her to think that he didn't know the terms of her condition. Crossing his arms, he shrugged a little. "The physical description is only useful if you see him out of human form," he added quietly. He straightened up off the wall, recalling his time limit, yet unwilling to let such a fun opportunity walk away from him. "Tell you what. I have some spare time. If you want to meet me back here later tonight, I'll help you search around for a little while and tell you what you know. We can go for about a week before I'll have to send you on your own," he offered, his pale green eyes focused entirely on her.
  11. It wasn't really what she had meant by warm, that demon must have been gentle for saving her that time. Ofcourse some people would say that he only did it to get to eat her later but still, giving someone life that were supposed to die was something just someone gentle would do. She shined up as he would help her for at least a week, it was better than nothing even though she really thought it would take more time than that. Maybe she would be able to learn how to see the difference between humans and demons in human form.

    "You will do that? Thanks ehm.." She stopped as she realised that she had no idea what his name was. "Excuse me, I don't think we have introduced ourselves yet, I'm Stella." She said and reached out a hand for him to shake. She usually asked people about their names just as she started to talk to them but now she had been busy when she got to hear about him hunting demons so she had forgotten about that she probably needed to know his name.

    She had one week to try finding the demon before she would be without help again, maybe if she were lucky she could make him stay around her a bit longer than that or if he would allow it maybe she could just follow him. After all he were hunting demons so if she were with him then maybe she would meet the demon she was searching after eventually.
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    As she fumbled for his name, he chuckled and extended his hand out to grasp hers in a gentle shake. His skin was warm to the touch, but thankfully not incredibly hot since he had been cooling down the longer he stayed out here. "Rilo. It's a pleasure to know you, Stella," he said easily, releasing her hand and giving her a small smile. "I'll meet you back in the square at eight. Don't forget to pack food, we won't be sticking to towns," he warned, then turned and walked off without another word. Once he was certain he was out of sight, he turned a corner and vanished completely.

    "Isn't it fascinating, Blake? The girl I cursed to die is actually seeking me out. Do you think I should tell her who I am once I get her alone in the woods somewhere?" Rilo mused a few hours later, once he had finished packing a bag to take along for the journey. "I don't think that would be wise, m'lord. Remember the contract," the werewolf boy replied softly, and Rilo nodded with a sigh. Two more years until she was his. He wondered how she would react on that day, when she realized that the one who had helped her was the one who would he taking her life. The irony was simply marvelous.

    He sat on a low wooden bench exactly fifteen minutes before the scheduled time to meet Stella, his packed backpack nestled by his feet. His eyes roamed over those who were still wandering the streets, but he had no interest in them. To ensure his identity was kept a secret, he had fed multiple times in the hours before. Stella should pose no threat to his breaking the contract now, as long as he didn't get too close to her.
  13. As he took her hand she noticed that he were a litle hotter than normal people, maybe he had stayed out in the sun to long, sometimes when she did her body temperature could go up a bit over the normal. "Okay I'll be there, see you then." She said and walked in to the opposit direction. If they were getting out of town then she needed to get in as much money as she could in the next hours. She still had some food left and a bit of money so if she didn't eat to much then it would last for a while. But it was always better to have more than needed then she wouldn't need to fear that the food would run out faster than predicted.

    Originaly she had planned to stay in town for at least one week so she would have more money than enough, but she couldn't miss out the chance to actually get help finding the demon so she needed to stick with what she had. She knew that people in the town weren't that much for music so dancing on the street would probably not give her much money. With other words she would need to get a job for one day.

    She walked around for quite long before finding a person in a small shop that needed help, the mans usuall worker had suddenly gotten really sick and he needed someone to fill in for that worker. Stella actually got pretty much money on that work, it was a tough work where she needed to carry heavy boxes and such but she got payed more than she had imagined she would. When the clock almost were seven she was finnished for the day and thanked the man for letting her work there, she went to some food shops to get enough food for a couple of weeks traveling if she wouldn't be able to get in to town for a while.

    When the clock were close to eight she went to the place were they were supposed to meet, even though she were at least five minutes to early she still saw him sitting there. "Hey Rilo, thanks again for helping me out." She said as she got closer to him.

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  14. Hearing the light footsteps coming up to him, a smile curved his lips and he turned to face Stella. She was even more beautiful than he remembered, and for a moment it was all he could do to not snap her up and take her back home. Luckily he had long rehearsed self control, and he simply smiled at her. "No problem at all, Stella. I'm happy to help," he said, standing up and slinging his backpack over one shoulder. He pulled a folded up map from his pocket and half opened it, showing it to her. "This is where we are now," he said, pointing. "And this circle is where we can get in a week from here," he continued, tracing the circle with his finger. "Now all we need to do is pick a direction," he concluded, tucking the map back into his pocket. "Feel free to choose, I have no preference," he said with a smile, then paused as he felt a strange presence.

    He stepped slightly closer to Stella and put a light hand on her upper arm, leaning in a bit. "You were followed, and not by a human. Stay close to me," he murmured in her ear, keeping a smile on her lips to give the illusion they were friends or lovers. He stepped away from her and nodded slightly, turning to begin walking down the street toward the edge of town. As the buildings began to thin out and they got further away from the witnesses, he knew that he would be forced to make a move. Already he was making plans in his mind, to keep his identity a secret and still keep the girl in one piece. After all, he couldn't have somebody else steal the pleasure of killing her before her time was up.
  15. Stella had never before thought about where she were going so she got a bit surprised when he took forth a map. Maybe it was a bit stupid to go threw the desert without even knowing where the closest town could be but it had worked good so far for her. She didn't really care which way they took as long as they got there. Rilo stepped closer to her and put a hand on her arm then leaning in. It felt a bit to close for Stella and she were almost about to push him away but got stopped when she heard him talk.

    She had been followed? It was probably a bad idea to look around and see who or what it was even though her instincts told her to look. But somehow she were able to keep her head steady in the same position it were in. How had he noticed that someone were following her? Maybe he had chased demons for so long it was easy to detect them, or maybe she was really bad at noticing things.

    She followed him as he started to walk, Stella didn't know what to do in that situation. Her senses still told her to look around and find whatever or whoever were following her but if whatever it was or whoever it were noticed that she knew that he, she or it were there then it could get worse. Did Rilo have a plan so they could get rid of the stalker? She didn't dare to ask if it would be able to hear them. She did as he had told her and stayed close to him, she would probably have done it even if he hadn't told her that, it was to frightening to hear that someone was following her without her knowing about it.
  16. Rilo was inwardly cursing the longer they walked, all of his senses on high alert. He knew exactly who was following them and why, but he had hoped to avoid this for as long as possible. For it to happen in front of Stella before he had a chance to win over her trust was disappointing but it was too late to be avoided. "Stella, dear, when I say to duck, do me a favor and don't hesitate. I'd hate to watch you die," he said, keeping his voice light and friendly so as not to make her panic too badly. They were nearly out of sight of the last building now, and he paused in his steps. "Duck," he said, then turned around as if to face her.

    The second he had turned, a large wolf slammed into his chest and forced him to topple over. Tumbling over and over they struggled, with Rilo keeping a hand on the wolf's throat, and the beast trying to get close enough to bite. "I despise werewolves.." he muttered, throwing the beast off to the side and standing quickly. He pulled his jacket off and tossed it over the wolf, allowing a moment of distraction as he pulled a small pocketwatch out. At least, it appeared to be a pocketwatch. Winding it up calmly, he watched the wolf pause and collapse. He was only knocked out, but ripping him apart in front of Stella would be... unwise. "Are you alright?" he asked cheerfully, looking over at the girl.
  17. They walked for quite a bit in silence and the worry grew stronger and stronger inside of Stella. To not know what were about to happen made her nervous and she couldn't ask him what he had planned because the one who followed them maybe would hear. Then Rilo spoke, his voice were friendly and light but his words were confusing. Would she die if she didn't duck? What had he planned? She decided to just do as he said, he at least seemed to know what he were doing so it was better to just trust him.

    They walked a bit more untill Rilo paused in his steps, then the words she had waited for came. Without hesitation she ducked, actually it was more like she were throwing herself at the ground, when she looked up Rilo were a bit further away from her and fought with something that looked like a wolf, but it was bigger than a wolf. She watched how he fought with the beast with ease, she couldn't get strenght enough to get herself up from the ground so she sat there and starred at them. When he were able to distract the beast he didn't try to attack it again instead he took up something. It looked like a pocketwatch. What was he doing?

    The wolf didn't attack again and he turned to her and talked calmly. She couldn't understand how he could be so calm after fighting such a thing or that he wasn't hurtened anywhere after fighting it. She slowly made it up from the ground keeping her eyes on the wolf that still were lying under his jacket, almost believing it would wake up any second. "Yeah, I'm alright." She said still keeping her eyes on the creature under the jacket while walking closer to Rilo. That thing couldn't be a wolf, both because wolf's didn't live there and it was bigger than a normal wolf. "What... what was that?" She asked finally able to take her eyes off the wolf and looking at Rilo.
  18. "This is a werewolf, Stella. Nasty things. Cursed by the moon and eternally angry. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the legend, but the important thing to know is that werewolves appear human until they transform like this. However, there are signs. Gold in the eyes, a short temper, disappearing for an entire night when there's a full moon.." he explained, not bothering to add that they also smelled like wet dogs since he knew her nose wouldn't pick up on the scent of it. "It seems this journey is going to be more interesting than I anticipated. I wonder why he was chasing you," he mused, knowing perfectly well that she hadn't been the target.

    He walked over to the wolf and picked up his jacket, grimacing as he saw it had wolf slobber all over the arm. Sighing, he shrugged and tucked it into his bag, his body having adjusted enough to the temperature that he wouldn't shiver with the cold without it. He put the bag back on his back and went over to Stella, placing the odd pocketwatch-like device in her hand with a smile.

    "This emits a high pitched sound that will knock a werewolf out for several hours, even if they're in human form. It works on vampires too, so it's pretty handy to have," he said, then shook his head slightly. "I know things are confusing right now.. I didn't want to tell you this earlier, Stella, because I didn't know how you would take it," he said, then paused to sigh as though having some sort of internal battle. "I'm a warlock. Spells, enchantments, all that mythical stuff. I made that device myself, and it would mean a lot to me if you kept it," he said quietly, giving her a sincere smile as he wondered with a touch of amusement how she'd react to his lies.
  19. So it was a werewolf, she thought they were just stories. But on the other hand she hadn't believed in demons either just a few month's ago. Did that mean that vampire's and such things also excisted? She listened to Rilo when he spoke, she wondered to why it had chased after her, it wasn't like she were anyone special except the fact that a demon had given her life when she were a baby.

    Riol walked away from her to get his jacket, she instinctively backed some steps when she saw the wolf again still thinking that it would get up and attack them. But it didn't, it just laid there on the ground passed out. Rilo came back to her side and put the watch he had used before in her hand, it could apparently make werewolf pass out and also vampires. Stella almost lost her jaw when he said vampires, so they excisted to. She started to wonder if any myth would stay a myth. Then he told her something even more chocking, he weren't human either. Somehow she had already thought about that possibility even though she never let that though to the surface of her mind, that a human would be able to both defeat a demon and a werewolf so easily that was a bit hard to believe.

    "You're a warlock? Vampire's excists? I don't think I will get surprised of anything ever again." She said still in half chocked state, getting to know about that demons excisted that was okay but getting to know that everything else excisted and actually meet three of the creatures in just a day that was a bit to much.
  20. Rilo examined Stella closely as she absorbed everything he had told her. Most of it was true - enough to maybe save her life someday, but not enough to truly understand who she was traveling with. As if he would settle for being a weak warlock. He had several under his control who made him devices such as the one he had just given to her, but he held no respect for them. Spineless men who tossed magic around as if it would change the world. He sighed and shook his head a little, moving closer to Stella but not too close. No need to scare her more.

    "I think you're still in shock," he judged, eying her and frowning a bit. She was so fragile, why did that bother him? He glanced up at the stars, then looked back down at her. "We'll walk for an hour or two, then set up a camp somewhere and you can relax. I'll answer any questions you have as best as I can, so don't hold back," he said with a small grin, starting to walk again in the direction they had chosen.

    [Short D:]