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  1. Setting: When she is taken to him.

    Lilly was walking in heaven, but when suddenly, demons surrounded her, She didn't know what to do. She looked around. She frowned and going to walk backwards but she bumped into an demon. She was so scared. But then they all grabbed her and pulled her down, so she was in hell now. When she noticed where she was. She whined. ' No!!! Please take me back!!" But they all ignored her and they took her to the throne room, where it was all cold. Lilly felt her wings freeze up. She didn't know what to do. She frowned she didn't want her wings to get away. She sighed lightly. She then looked around.
    Her twin sister, which had been turned dark,and not by choice ran out of the room, ( she was in the picture). She paused seeing Lilly. She looked away and ran down to do what the prince did. She didn't know what to do.
    Lilly was brought into the room and looked up the throne, she frowned, she was let go as the guard spoke, " we got her,"

    ( It can be bigger if you want, i just am terrible starting it
  2. Cemo had sent for the angel girl that morning, knowing that it would infuriate her lord father, some elder angel with a highborn name, and bother his elder brother, who had ascended to Heaven when they both became of age. Temo, his brother, had inherited a small area of the light temple, while Cemo had carried on their father's legacy as Meister of Snow. Their father was off towards the northern area of Earth, acting as Warden there and causing the Russians and Canadians a bit of a snowy winter. Cemo had no idea how long he would be, and he liked it that way. Until then, he could rule the snow as he pleased, with no one to stop him.

    When Tielenie and his soldiers arrived with the girl, and her sister ran to him, he commanded her, "Make the necessary arrangements, place spells, that sort of thing...I don't want her leaving." Absentmindedly touching the old scar over his right eye, he let a slow smile spread across his face as the girl was brought towards him.

    As Tielenie spoke, Cemo made a small motion with his head, and Tielenie pushed the girl to her knees in front of him. "Here you and your God have no power here...Lilly, is it? Here, only I have any real power. Even the Dark Lord Lucifer won't dare to try anything, not here. I am the Meister of Snow, and will be your lord and master until such a time as I deem it necessary to return you to your kingdom." Forcing the temperature to lower several degrees, in order to let the girl truly feel the cold for a moment, he slouched in the throne, which was made of cold, dark iron. Running his left hand over the now-familiar armrest, feeling the contours and the way the iron curved, Cemo said, "Tenetur alas aeternum," speaking the words of a spell that would bind the angel's wings, preventing her from flying until Cemo let her go.

    "You are under my control now, Lilly...Tielenie, take her to her chambers, now. Remember the new guard positions and shift changes."
  3. Lilly gulped, she closed her eyes softly. She looked up from where she was. She blinked her eyes. she looked at the guy as he was commanding her sister. She looked up softly. " Lauren.." She felt her eyes soften up. She looked over at the person at the chair. She blinked a few times and when she was put onto her knees she looked down, It was cold in here. She didn't know what to do. She sighed softly. She then looked at him and wondered. She looked around and said, " but but. that's not possible." She frowned. She then blinked a few times. She tried to make flowers appear, but it didn't happen. She slapped the ground mad at this. She hated feeling helpless. She looked at the guy hating this, she never hates things Se frowned and said, " this isn't possible."
    Her sister blink at the prince. She nodded. She walked out to do this. She looked around, but she went to get up to run but she couldn't she felt her being dragged. She whined and continued to try to get out.

    Her sister came back after Lilly was dragged out, she stood there, " I just done this." She said softly. She looked around, she didn't know what to do. She looked around. She nodded as she curtseyed. " Is there anything else you want done?"
  4. Cemo couldn't help but grin as the angel began trying to use her powers, and then he watched silently as Tielenie dragged her away. As her sister approached him, he regarded her blankly, before answering her with, "No...Go to your chambers. You're done for tonight. Remember the rules, though, regarding your sister. No letting her escape, no helping her escape, no escaping with her. Nothing, got that?"

    After she had gone, Cemo called for wine for himself, feeling a headache coming on. In her room, there would be wards placed so she couldn't leave without Tielenie or Cemo touching her. There would be basic necessities, like a bathroom, a four-poster bed, and a wardrobe that contained clothes that would fit the girl, should she wish that she could change.

    When he had his wine, Cemo drank deeply, finishing the cup in one go. He wasn't in a sipping mood, and there wasn't any polite company nearby, so he had no reason to act polite. Passing the cup to a servant, he stood up from the throne, declaring the throne room closed for inquiries. If anyone had something they needed done, they could wait until tomorrow.

    Walking to where the girl's chambers were, he nodded to the guard before sending him to the end of the hallway. Knocking on the door, he said, "Is it true? Are angels so arrogant that they won't share meals with demons who have been so kind to them? Pushing open the door, not caring if she was changing or indecent or anything of the like, he stepped inside. "It is dinnertime," he said, the room's temperature instantly dropping with his presence.
  5. Lilly sighed softly, she bit her lower lip. She tilted her head as she shown her chambers. It was dark... She hated the dark. She turned on the light. She then went to the wardrobe, just to check it out. Angels are used to wearing white and longish stuff, but this.. short skirts.. corsets... mini shirts, shirts that showed the belly, dresses that barely covered the bottom is very out of the uncomfortable box. She groaned. She shook her head. She sat on the bed, what did they think she was. She glared when she heard someone at the door. She rolled her eyes, " not necessary, is it true that demons take advantage of angels?" She asked. She tensed when it got colder. She said, " is it true that demons don't have souls." She muttered under her breathe. She could see her breathe. She looked over at him, " is it?" She asked. She crossed her arms. She walked over to him.
  6. A frown flashed across Cemo's face at the girl's quip, but it was only visible for a moment. "If I was going to take advantage of you, I would've done it already. And if I demons didn't have a soul, how is it we are able to play instruments, to get angry, to cry when we lose someone..." He grabbed her wrist, pulling her to his chest. "...To love," he added with a dark smile. This close to him, she was probably freezing, but he didn't care.

    Smirking when he saw her breath condensing, he leaned forwards, acting like he was about to kiss her, but instead he just sniffed at her hair before pulling away from her, letting go of her wrist.

    Turning, his overcoat flying around his frame as he spun, he adjusted one of the buttons on it, which had gone askew with the angel so close to him. Holding a hand out to her afterwards, he said, "Come, angel dear, it wouldn't do to keep dinner waiting. Improper manners and that. Besides, the only way you get out of here is through me or my right hand."
  7. Lilly sighed. She blinked softly, She was confused. She then felt her wrist grabbed and her body was touching his. She looked down she went to move away but she was stuck. She bit her lower lip. She was unsure. " you don't have to have a soul to play instruments... I mean sorta but so.." She shrugged. She gulped and seeing him move closer. She moved her head to the side, she wouldn't kiss a demon.. that is going to far, plus... angels can't kiss.. well. she as before. She looked at him.

    She pulled away from him when he let go of her wrist, his mark began to form on her She moved her sleeve. She sighed softly. She then looked over at him, " Okay... Well I know that... I am not a complete blonde." She said softly. She bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to do about this. She knew that she had to take his hand. She grabbed it, " alright, well lets go then."
  8. Smiling pleasantly as she took his hand, he led her as he would a lady through his mansion, speaking with her respectfully, even though she was less than kind towards him. Wrapping his hand around hers, he made sure not to give her a chance to let go, not in the mood for foolishness. Occasionally, as they walked towards the dining hall, they would come across a servant, who would bow or curtsey to him, murmuring a, "My lord," or a "Your Grace." Cemo was always cordial towards them, having known most of them most of his life.

    Down one long hallway on the way to the dining hall, there were paintings of every Meister of Snow that the castle had seen before, from Temo, the King of Winter, to Cemo's father Caswur. Caswur had one of the more magnificent paintings. To his right stood a much younger Tielenie while Cemo's mother stood to Caswur's left. The former Meister of Snow looked happy then, his wife's hand in his and a slight grin on his face. It was odd, to say the least. Cemo had never seen Caswur smile in real life, but Temo had always said that he had used to, before their mother died.

    Though it was rare, demons did die, and their mother had, many years ago. To see a demon who was dead, and who was related to him, gave Cemo an odd feeling in his stomach, almost worried.

    As soon as they passed the last of the paintings, Cemo brought Lilly into the dining hall, where settings for two were made by servants bustling about. All the servants bowed once they saw their master, and he nodded at them before finally letting go of the angel's hand. Pulling out the chair directly to the right of the head of the table, he waited for her to sit in it before pushing it in. Afterwards, he sat in his own chair, gazing down at the raw salmon dish Cemo liked.

    "I was not sure what would suit your tastes," he said to her, "so I pray the mixture of greens will be sufficient until you tell me what you like." She had a salad of sorts, made up of mostly lettuce and carrots. In truth, if he had served that to any demon, it would be considered exceptionally rude, but he figured that Lilly did not know much about demon customs. Bowing his head for a moment, he mumbled a quick word for his parents before beginning to eat, trying to appear as casual as possible.
  9. As he was walking, she started to slow down, to look at all the stuff. She noticed how he wasn't on the wall. she glanced over at him. She blinked softly. She tilted her head. She bit her lower lip. She didn't know what to do. She blinked as she seen a grin on one of the face. She sighed and when they stopped into a hall. She glanced on how long the table was. She looked at the prince. She tilted her head softly. She would be respectfully, but seeing how he was, maybe she should to? She didn't hear in heaven that demons were respectful, but they were nice. She gulped. She didn't know what to do. She went to sit into the chair that was brought out. She softly said, ' thanks.." She looked at the food, " it's fine.. " She said softly. " I love all salads anyways." She blinked.
  10. Nodding at her response, Cemo had cups of water for him, figuring he would learn more about her as they spent more time together. Sipping at the chilled drink, he began eating, enjoying the sweet, slightly tart taste of the salmon that he had loved all his life.

    He didn't eat much. Cemo never really did, but he enjoyed the meal nonetheless. After his dishes were taken away by a maid, he patiently waited for Lilly to be finished. When she was, he had her dishes cleared, too, before he summoned Tielenie.

    "Has there been any news today?" he asked his right hand. "More specifically, word from my father?"

    The black-haired demon shook his head and said, "Today was the same as ever...Your subjects have not had anything to say, but your father has sent word detailing his exploits on earth. Here, my lord." Tielenie handed Cemo a folded letter, the wax seal broken by Tielenie.

    Cemo read the letter quickly. It wasn't much, and was the same as always, but it made Cemo feel closer to his father, since he hadn't seen him in many years. After reading it, he dismissed Tielenie, standing up and helping Lilly out of her chair.

    As before, he led her by the hand to her chambers. In the hall of paintings, you could see a definite difference between the older Meisters, who were called the Kings of Winter, and the ones from the last thousand years or so. The elder Meisters were darker in color, their skin dark blue, while many of the newer Meisters had lighter blue skin, almost white in Cemo's case.

    After leading her to her chambers, letting her in, he left her with, "I shall see you in the morning, my dear angel. And please, change into some of the clothes I've left you. It would not do for a guest of my house to be wearing dirty clothes."
  11. Lilly only wished that she talk to her family she looked up, as if looking up at her father, though even though she couldnt do any harm , he probably only sealed the harmful ones, like warmth. She hoped that she can still keep in touch with her father. She sighed softly when she finished her food, when she ate, she ate. She heard a demon speak, she remembers when she was younger, when demons attempted to take over heaven, she heard from her father that they were people you shouldn't trust, and still trying anything to take over, which she was told if she was married to the demon prince he'd have the same control as she. Was that what he was planing? She looked over at Cemo as he read the letter.
    She stood up when he helped her she felt her hand touched, she hated how angels were claimed by touch of a demon, did he know that? Well tomorrow is a new day, but she would say anything about it, maybe when she is free, she'll show her father.. but her father can't.. She sighed softly, she was cold need into get into blankets. She looked as she was walking, when she was stopped, since it was her chambers. She nodded to when he asked to do something, about changing, she isn't stupid, she slowly walked to the wardrobe, she glanced at the people, she needed to change somewhere else, where she doesn't want her being watched, she grabbed some pajamas and went into the bathroom, closing the door before any demon came in and she changed and she looked into the mirror thinking. Before she went to the plain bed.
  12. When he left her, Cemo went to his chambers, changing into his nightclothes before summoning Tielenie. When the man was there, Cemo told him, "Send a letter to the girl's father...Tell him that as of now, I hold his daughter hostage, and anything that happens to my father will happen to her, regardless of whether or not he did it himself. Furthermore, if he chooses to attack me, I will kill his daughter or force her to marry me, depending on the mood I'm in."

    Tielenie bowed, and said, "Yes, my lord. I will write it immediately." When his right hand left, Cemo practically collapsed into bed, tired from the days activities. He hadn't done anything particularly grueling, but he had worked his mind for the last two days, almost nonstop. Pulling the bedclothes around him, he sighed once before falling asleep, both body and mind weary.
  13. Lilly sighed softly. She was just horrified, she was thinking of her father. how he was doing. Maybe she should stop worrying. She kept on tossing and turning, until it was morning where she finally fell asleep, she couldn't get used to people watching her. When she woke up, some of them were sleeping, but then she stood up from the bed, and went to go and change into a cute corset and one of the black high-low skirts. She seen there were shoes that would match each and every outfit, she put on black heels. She gulped softly.
  14. In the morning, when Cemo was awakened by his servants, he washed and dressed before leaving his room in order to see if Lilly was awake. Buttoning his jacket while he walked, he soon found himself outside her room. Knocking before entering, he saw some of his guards asleep while others had stood watch all night.

    "I never told you to stay in the room with her...Just in the hall at the door would be fine, you know..." Sighing softly, he looked to Lilly. "I pray you slept well, my dear? I'm sure you're famished after a night like that, come." He held out his hand, the barest hints of a smile gracing his face.
  15. Lilly noticed the guards leave after Cemo came. She sighed softly. She fixed her outfit, this was going to be different wasn't it. She blinked softly, she knew that since she couldn't use her wings, they transformed into a tattoo on her back. That was what was amazing about demons, they can hide their true self. she blinked softly and seeing him. She smiled a little, why was she happy to see him. She looked to the side. " I suppose." She said softly, "I mean I am hungry.." She said softly. She tilted her head. She blinked softly and smiled lightly. She grabbed his hand, She had taken out her hair out of the pony tail and her hair was reaching to the middle of her back, it was really long. She blinked softly.
  16. Cemo cocked an eyebrow as he saw her smile. It was strange, yet endearing at the same time. Why would an angel he had more or less kidnapped be smiling at him? Even if she wasn't kidnapped, why would she be smiling at all? This was a demon's mansion, and she was an angel. Cemo could remember how unhappy he had been when Caswur would take his sons to some angel's mansion to discuss Temo's ascension. Cemo had only been eight then, and Temo fourteen, but the memories were still fresh in his mind all this time.

    Biting the inside of his cheek at the sight of her smile, he tried to avoid saying anything that would remove the smile off her face. It was pretty, and made her face light up. Forcing himself to look away, he led her from the room, dismissing the guards until she returned. Leading her back to the dining room, he seated her to a setting of eggs and toast, a breakfast that was extremely simple for Cemo. But, with only him being the noble in the house, and hardly ever anyone else to dine with these days, he tended to eat rather simple breakfasts, if at all.

    "If the meal is not to your liking, I will tell my servants to adjust accordingly, okay?" He smiled pleasantly as he said that, saying his words for his parents before beginning to eat.
  17. It was strange that she was smiling. Why was she smiling? Was something wrong. She sighed, but thinking of her father, made her just go straight face, and not show emotion. She wanted her powers back. Maybe if she would talk to her sister about it. her sister was taken by the demons when they were younger, so she was consumed of darkness but she still cares about her. Lilly bit her lower lip. She was unsure about this. Sitting into the chair. She began to eat, she nodded to him, " it's okay." She said softly. She looked up once again before she began eating, she was sweet when she was eating, being all quiet. Maybe if she attempts to escape, what will happen? She glanced at the door thinking. She bit her lower lip. She looked around, when she ate the last bit.

    Lauren was in the kitchen cleaning up, when they were done, she took her sister's place. She blinked and nodded before she left to take the plate away.
  18. While he was eating, Tielenie leaned down next to him, whispering in his ear, "I sent the letter off, by now the girl's father knows. What would you have me do, my lord?"

    Cemo shook his head before lowly saying, "Nothing for now...we'll wait a few days or so, if he tries anything...then we've got both of his daughters here with us, now don't we?" Cracking a smile, it disappeared as soon as he noticed that Lilly wasn't smiling anymore. Flinching, he waved his right hand off, finishing the remainder of the meal in silence.

    When he was finished and the dishes were cleared, he led Lilly to a group of rooms that held the things that Cemo used to entertain himself. In one room was a library, in another instruments of all kinds. In yet another, there was things one would use to paint, as well as easels and paints of many colors. Placing guards at the doors to any hallway and at the doors connecting the rooms, so she couldn't escape, Cemo said, "Do what you will in these rooms. Do not try to leave, but I think you will be able to enjoy yourself for a while."

    Leaving her there, he strode into the instrument room, sitting himself at a large grand piano. Playing a couple scales to warm up with, he was soon playing a darker piece that held heavily onto lower minor chords. It was low, yet angry, almost, and every time he played it, it made his heart pound. As the music filled his ears, his piercing yellow eyes moved almost as if he was reading sheet music, though he had this song memorized by heart and had no music in front of him.
  19. Lilly sighed softly, she looked at Cemo when he spoke about the two daughters. " Two out of ten." She said softly. She looked down, " Yes.... he has ten daughters." She looked over at him before she felt Lilly led into a group of rooms. She was stuck, she didn't know what to do, she looked around, she went into the library trying to take herself away from this horror that is going to go on forever, maybe forever. She looked around.
    Lauren walked into the room, sitting in a chair across from her, she said, " So you are wanting your powers back?" She said softly, knowing the prince and the guards have really good hearing.
    Lilly looked from her book, glancing up and said, "Yes and I want to use it to escape." She noticed a mirror. " I Want to see if I can.." She muttered. She then looked at Lauren who said, " don't do it." Lilly raised an eyebrow. " Sister, we need to get out of this place, who knows what they are going to do to us. "
    When suddenly. Their father came out of the wall, a portal. " lilly, lauren, get in the portal home awaits." He paused, " Wait lauren you are... dark now.. we can't let you. "
    Lauren looked down ashamed, but jumped when some guards opened the door, since some things broke from the wall. She looked at one of the pictures. the Meister will be mad. She looked up at their father.
    Lilly blinked and went to go, but the guard with the prince came in. She then quickly walked to the portal, walking fast to it.
  20. Over the sound of the piano, Cemo heard the sound of something falling off of the wall in an adjacent room. Closing the cover, he stood, calling for Tielenie to bring his sword or dagger, whichever was closer.

    His right hand returned quickly with his beautiful dagger, made of a steel colored icy blue and black. Once he had the dagger in hand, Cemo strode over to the library, seeing Lilly walking to a portal in the wall.

    "No!" he shouted, commanding, Tielenie following close behind him. As the temperature raced downwards by both his presence and his anger, he grabbed the collar of her shirt, pulling her back into him while he held the knife to her throat.

    "Lauren," Cemo said lowly, "go to the kitchen and see if Shara has any need for help with the preparations for lunch..." Focusing his gaze on the angel, he said, "I trust you received the letter? And you know what I will do now?"
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