The Cursed Children

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  1. In the year 2021, mankind was brought it's knees by the sudden disease of Gastrea, a parasitical virus, and is forced to live within Monoliths, which are created from Varanium: a metal that is able to subdue Gastrea. Soon, the "Cursed Children", children born with the Gastrea virus who are able to control it, which gives them superhuman abilities, are discovered. Civil Securities are formed to specialize fighting against Gastrea, operating with the pair of a Client, who are cursed children, and a Contractor, serving to lead the cursed children and keep their powers at bay for the people that resent the cursed children. It's been 20 years since they've appeared. Right now, it's the year 2041.


    "Honestly, I've called for the Civil Security about half an hour ago, and they still haven't shown up? This is a life and death situation here!" The detective standing in front of a crime exclaimed as the surrounding police officers had already gone inside of the building to scope out the area.
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  2. Dominic arrived and looked at his partner as he liked to call her and then switched his attention to the officer, "I'm sorry we are late sir, but something..came up." He smiled and looked at him, "What exactly happened, could you give us a brief overview of the situation?"
  3. The detective turned around and in all honesty, he looked a bit taken back. He had expected a grown man to show up but a boy that looked like he was in his late teens showed up instead. "You are the 'civil security' that came as reinforcement? Aren't you just a brat...?" The detective asked examining him, before his gaze came to the girl that was standing next to him.

    Vanessa was twirling a piece of her long blonde hair between her fingers, looking around at the buildings around them before she heard what he said. "If you doubt us, we can just take our leave right now."

    The detective scowled before turning his attention back to Dominic. "Recently even brats are pretending to be civil security, show me your license."
  4. He grinned and gave him the licence that proved their status, "You know...we are pretty good at our job and she is right, if you want to take care of things by yourself..I don't mind leaving again..there is more things to do on this world than this..maybe there are even people that are more worried about lives rather than if a young person could handle this situation." Dominic gave her a smile as he sighed deeply. "So could you now tell us what is going on?"

    Dominic was rather annoyed by being treated like this, he knew he wasn't old neither was she, but there was a reason they were good and it was not because they were too old to walk, like this officer seemed to not realize at all, but his worries weren't too big, she was very skilled and she barely lost control or needed to be restraint.
  5. The detective snatched his license away from him before returning it shortly after and turned his back to the two and towards the building the officers were scoping about. "The incident happened on the second floor of this apartment building. They said the room upstairs kept leaking water and the tenant screamed and called the station."

    "A water leak...?" Vanessa tilted her head to the side in confusion. "There's no need to be screaming about something like that..."

    "Well, ah, it's actually leaking blood. But anyways, that's the conclusion after combining all kinds of intel. It can't be wrong. It's Gastrea." The detective informed them before walking towards the building. "It's thanks to you, civil security, that we can finally go in." The detective told them, suggesting to the law that in any incident that involved Gastreas, the detectives cannot enter the premises without being accompanied by a civil security.
  6. He heard the situation and walked to her, giving her the injection now just to have her save for some time. "Vanessa, as usual.. I got your back,but be careful..don't have too much fun." Dominic smirked and pet her head gently after he was done with the injection. He trusted her, but it happened every once in a while that she'd cause trouble.
    "Alright officer..let's get this over with..and please don't get in our way, this is already terrible enough."
  7. Vanessa flinched slightly at the pain that came with the injection and rubbed the base of her arm before nodding her head. "It'll only be fun if that Gastrea is still inside of that building..." She mumbled to herself quietly.

    The detective flung his hand over his shoulder in a dismissive manner. "Yeah yeah..." He walked up to the officers that were bundled up in front of the apartment's front doors and spoke up. "Any changes?"

    "Ah...well... Just a moment ago, two of our men circled around the back entrance before going in..." The officer responded looking down at his walkie-talkie. "After awhile, we lost contact with them..."

    The detective's eyes widened at the information and gritted his teeth, pushing the officer that spoke against the wall. "You idiot! Who in the hell gave you the authority and not inform me about this!? Why didn't you wait for the civil security to come!?"

    "We didn't want the civil security, who mess up the scene of the incident without remorse, to steal all the credit!" The officer responded as his commander tightened his grip around his neck.
  8. Dominic just ignored it and walked in with his partner, not quite caring now. "If we are lucky we can save at least one of the officers. I'm counting on you." He smiled and entered the building with her, grabbing a small crossbow, his weapon of choice over standard pistols, he did use rather efficient bolts for his job and his aim was not bad either.

    "If you get a survivor out..I'll get you something nice for dinner, if that motivates you." He chuckled and looked around, not yet seeing any threat to them.
  9. "S-Seriously?" Vanessa couldn't help but blush at what he had said and looked down at the floor in embarrassment. "You promise?" She asked looking up at him.
  10. "You get whatever you want, be it food or a blanket or whatever you can imagine, I promise it to you." He smiled and moved her hand through her beautiful hair, he was lucky getting not just a girl, but a cute one as a partner. "Concentrate for now, okay?"
  11. "R-Right..." Vanessa blushed redbefore she looked around for a moment and realizing they were on the first floor. "Shouldn't we go on the second floor? That's where the officer said where the blood was leaking from before right?"
  12. "Yes, you are right, but we can never be careful enough..let's keep going then." He walked forst as he entered the second floor, waiting for her, making sure she was close enough to cover him in case of an attack.
    "Vanessa, can you tell me anything about it's strength? I would judge it a medium one so far..problem wise."
  13. "I can't really tell so far... I mean, I know it's not a very powerful one because-" Vanessa started before her gaze came upon an open door at the end of the hallway, and soon after maniacal laughter began to break out. "Huh?"
  14. He looked towards the door in a surprised stare, "That's probably more of a bad sign..." Dominic got a grip of his weapons. "We can't exactly tell if it's just someone that has gone mad..I guess we gotta open that door." He walked towards it, carefully looking around, he didn't trust the situation at all, but probably it would be trouble ahead.
  15. Vanessa walked behind him closely with a tight grip on the gun in her hand, since there didn't seem to be a Gastrea in that room there was no need for her to activate her powers, she sighed at the high possibility. "You know whatever is behind that door we're gonna have to apprehend it right... Before it decides to cause trouble outside..."
  16. "Apprehending the target would be amazing, but if it gets too hot we will have to take more drastic measures." He warned as he slowly opened the door with the laughing coming from the room. "Ladies first?" He joked as he offered her the first step in, she was stronger than him and there was no arguing about that, her abilities brought a lot of power that they might need even in this situation that could only be a small threat.
  17. "Why thank you very much." Vanessa responded grinning and walked into the apartment room, as soon as she had stepped inside, she was immediately met with the sight of a messy living room, with a trial of blood leading into another room to the left. She looked around and could immediately hear the laughter that was coming near by.

    "Cursed child,"

    She looked to the side and saw a man wearing a mask over his face and a black suit standing in the middle of a tragedy. The two officers that the men were talking about outside were badly beaten, their blood staining the walls and their limbs bended in unnatural directions. She immediately pointed her gun at the man, anger surging through her and gritted her teeth, she didn't know if this was the work of the Gastrea that was just here or the man standing in front of her.

    "You came late." The masked men said, his emotions hidden from the mask on his face but was still cackling like a mad man.
  18. He looked at her entering and heard a male voice, this was odd to him right away, considering they didn't exactly expect any survivors in the building anymore, but it seemed that there was someone alive there. He entered the room and joined her side as his eyes went to the man that seemed to either have gone mad, or be the cause of this mess.

    Dominic spoke up, hoping to solve an issue with what seemed like a man that caught up in this, he was honestly preferring Gastrea to a maniac right now, but maybe this was just no his day, he raised his arm and pointed his weapon at the man as he gave him a grim look, "Did you cause this mess here? Just let us take care of the men before anyone else gets harmed, it is better for both parties, wouldn't you agree?"

    His eyes went through the room, he just didn't feel comfortable in here, which was surely not so odd, considering all the blood and the half dead persons in the room. "If you could just give us information about what happened here and why it happened, I would be glad to just get this whole mess fixed up as soon as possible."
  19. "Oh look and even a Civil Security as well~ Isn't this just my lucky day?" The masked man said as he took in the appearances of the two. A gun shot went off as smoke poured out from Vanessa's gun, leaving a hole on the floor near his feet.

    "He asked you a question. Answer it." Vanessa demanded glaring at the man, she wasn't going to activate her powers just yet.

    "Straight to the point I see, well, I am searching for the source of the Gastrea infection, but these officers here got in my way so I had to dispose of them before they got in my way. Do you get what I mean?" The masked man gestured to the police officers on the ground, their blood oozing out of their wounds. Vanessa glanced over at Dominic as if to silently ask him if she could activate them now.
  20. He looked down at the police officers and gave the man a disgusted look, he realized Vanessas look and considered it for a moment, still unsure of the situation, this man had a goal they didn't know yet and just killing him of would be problematic. Dominic smiled at her, "Get him alive..I want to hear what he has to say." He mumbled and shot his weapon towards the man, he was entirely sure he would somehow avoid the bolt and thus she would have an opening to catch him.

    "Don't worry...I'm sure we will get to an agreement~" He chuckled and left the girl to do her work as he looked through the entire room, hoping to find anything that could help them out at least somehow, it was a tough thing for them if they would return without anything besides that guy taken care of, how was he able to cause this much trouble anyways, it was a mystery to him and he just hoped to figure it out soon.
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