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    I'm quite new to being a GM, so if I missed anything, PM me please.


    During AC III timeline

    Age: (15-20)
    Appearance:( I don't care if it's anime or not, just make it look like an assassin, no other races from human)
    Strengths: (5 max)
    Weaknesses: (5 min)
    History: (One or two paragraphs)
    Personality: (Maybe 2-3 sentences describing what you're like)
    Order of Assassins:
    Equipment: (Hidden blades, specific swords, armor and such, pictures are allowed)







    Any other nationality you may want to be, pm me before you post the order. You may also join an order another player has created, such as the Scottish Order below.
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  2. Name: Shui Nguyen ( Pronounced New-wen)
    Appearance:[​IMG] Cloak, appearance,[​IMG] 5'9
    Strengths: Coming from China, Shui learned the martial arts, and how to be the ultimate ninja. This being, you can imagine his strengths (Speed, Stealth, seduction, persuasiveness, agility, and most of all, badassery. And he knows English pretty well. And as all ninjas are, they are CON ARTISTS.
    Weaknesses: Although he is, the most badass assassin in his generation, he has some weaknesses. These are: He's cocky and full of himself, he has a seemingly unhealable huge scar on his back, and he falls for too much girls, not that he can't control it or he can't sense if they're bad, he just thinks of boobs too much. In other words, he's perverted, but he can control it.
    History: After his parents were slaughtered by Templars, Shui discovered the Brotherhood. He found one of his parents' friends who got him into the Brotherhood and after years of missions of training, Shui was the over-the-top. People figured he inherited his skills from his parents, others say that he's just awesome. After hearing of this academy and wanting to hone his skills and avenge his parents, he enrolled and traveled to Italy to attend.
    Personality: Kind, energetic, and very hyper, he is very seductive and really bright. He's fit to be a leader, and can seriously kick ass if he really wanted to.
    Order of Assassins: Chinese
    Equipment: Katana named Sage, under armor above and of course, DA HOLY HIDDEN BLAAADE download.jpg
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  3. Name : Anarita Cortez
    Age: 16

    Strengths: Sexy, persuasive, brilliant con artist, expert at double swords, and bow and arrow.

    Weaknesses: Stubborn, impulsive, cold, manipulative, and if she loses her mothers necklace she will stop what she is doing and go after it.

    History: Both of Anaritas' parents were the best latino assassins in the world making it hard for them to be around each other, letting Anarita run wild in her home with her aunt unable to stop her growing interest in conning and weapons. Yet when Anaritas family got together they enjoyed every second they had each other in their company. Until Anaritas' mother is killed by Templar in Italy on one of her missions. It was a set up to take down enemies they are now after her father. Before they find him he takes Anarita to Italy to train at the brotherhood telling her she needs to be strong, and trust no one, because her father thinks there is a mole in the system. Anarita is now at the brotherhood watching her father drive off in the small car.
    Anarita seems cold and distant but is really very caring and understanding, she's basically following her fathers words. She is kind and gentle but can give you a glare that makes you want to run and hide in the closet and never come out.
    Order of Assassins: Spanish
    Equipment: Double swords

    Bow and arrow

  4. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Sorry didn't put my pics in right
  5. Okay, thanks!
  6. I wil make a character soon, I promise. Sayounara!
  7. Name: Tavari Shinjeki

    Age: 18

    Appearance: [​IMG] Except dark dark green shiny hair, and her regions traditional assassin attire.

    Strengths: Coming from a Japanese family, Tavari learned how to wield blades, and learned her teachniques from a great assassin. her areas of expertise are Stealth, Technique, balance, seduction, and agility.

    Weaknesses: She is hotheaded and shy, and cannot stand to be compared to other people in any situation. She also has troubles getting to know people and becoming friends. When she was young, her parents were killed by people she believed to be 'authority figures', and thus has problems with any authority other than her order.

    History: Her parents were killed when she was a teen, but all through her kid and and teen years, she had been trained as an assassin, learning from the absolute best from her region. after their deaths, she set out to avenge them, and after hitting twenty-one, finally found a solid lead that ended up being what she needed. A few years down the line, she was pulled and accepted into the Japanese order, being mentored by Sakura Dasashi(a guy despite his first name). She favored Professionalism and sharp blades over botching any contract, and always excelled in getting her target, though she hated public executions. She didn't like the thought of potential Templars fixated on her. She always keeps a family pendant around her neck, to remember her parents by. (Please don't steal this necklace at any time, that's just going too far. She has a watch you can steal instead)

    Personality: Shy, but sweet, and kind-hearted, and always out to help those in need. Also very hot-headed, and gets angered easily when picked on or messed with by friends.

    Order of Assassins: Japanese

    [​IMG] This is an original drawing by ME, as well as Tavari's secondary weapon.
    [​IMG]This is her primary sword, and is always at her hip.
    [​IMG]This is Tavari's assassin clothing. Just imagine that the ever-iconic belt is there.

    Hope this is good!!
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  8. According to the actual game and honor of the Brother hood, I don't think an Assassin would steal from another unless it was important or it was to steal back. Also, Accepted :D
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  10. Well it's just there in case anyone gets any bright ideas. I'm a little uneasy when it comes to family heirlooms.
  11. Well, I forgot the age limit so you have a choice to either make your character 15-20 years old or keep the age. Sorry Aragwen! :S
  12. Changed! No worries!
  13. JOINING! c: I love this game! Posting characters soon c:
  14. Name: Rias Hanamie
    Age: 16
    Strengths: Persuasive, Sexy, Sword master, close combat, Flexable
    Weaknesses: Far range combat, Stubborn, a little to kind hearted, Soft spots for kids and animal
    History: Rias lost her family at the age of 12. She was shunned by most people in her home town for they believed she was the one who killed her family. She lived her life as a lone after that. Fending for herself and doing what she can to survive. Her home was the streets. She was offered a job, a job that paid handsomely. The job was to kill someone. She didn't know why the man picked her to do this job, but she accepted, needing the money for food. The man had no idea she would survive, and when she showed up at his door step, he was shocked. He tried to deny that she had killed his target. The day after there was report on a murder. The man paid her and she was so happy. At the age of 15 she was discovered by a kind man who took her into his home. He helped her and trained her to be a better assassin. He may have been an old man, but he taught her how to use seduction, and persuasiveness. Helped her in close range combat and how to combine her flexibility in her fighting. When she turned 17 he was killed protecting her. The person who killed him fled and she vowed to hunt down who ever killed him, and get revenge.
    Personality: Rias is quiet and sometime preserved. She usually keeps to herself and does her own thing. She has a strong head on her shoulders and is pretty smart. She doesn't get close to anyone for fear she may lose them like her family and the old man. Rias is very brave and will do anything for what she believes. One of her main flaws is her need for revenge, and she will get it I it the last thing she does.
    Order of Assassins: Japanese
    Equipment: Her Assassin Outfit
    Hidden Blades

    Name; Niclouse Bay
    Age: 19
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Strengths: Speed, Silence, Smart, Cunning and Brave
    Weaknesses: Hot headed, Stubborn, Cold, Doesn't work well with others
    History: (One or two paragraphs)
    Personality: (Maybe 2-3 sentences describing what you're like)
    Order of Assassins: Russian
    Equipment: Mini syth thing?

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  15. It's looking good @Griever.
    And loving the game is the reason I made the RP! I've never seen an AC RP on here, so why not?
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  16. Name: Angus MacLeod
    Age: 20
    Strengths: Endurance, stamina, intimidation, precision aim
    Weaknesses: Prideful, slow trusting, intolerable to others, drinking problem, Shoulder injury
    History: Unlike most people that become an assassin by finding them, Angus was born into the assassins because the Scottish order was comprised solely of the MacLeod clan since its founding on the Isle of Skye in the western isles of Scotland. The MacLeod believed in team effort and so always trained new assassins in pairs. Angus was paired with his younger brother, and together, they became a deadly team for the order. However, Angus' brother was greedy and desired profit more than the assassin cause. So, he betrayed the order. He told the Templars the locations of all the assassin dens throughout the Isle of Skye as well as the main headquarters. The Templars quickly attacked these dens leaving few to no survivors. Angus and the rest of his clansmen barricaded themselves within Castle Dunvagen, which belonged to their clan since its construction. Angus was appointed to send word out to the other orders that the Scottish order had fallen. Angus made his way through a secret passage that led through underground burial chambers of the fallen clansmen. Before he got out, he was ambushed and shot in the shoulder by his brother. Angus immediately knew why the Templars attacked and charged at his brother with his axes. All he could do was leave a deep gash along his brother's chest before more Templars started showing up. Angus has since been on the run, looking for any of the other orders to tell them of what happened. He has picked up a bad drinking habit since then.
    Personality: Proud, to the point, sarcastic, closed off. Is easily set off by those that want to get close to him.
    Order of Assassins: Scottish
    Equipment: Scottish flintlock, Ceremonial Dagger, Two war axes.
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