The City of Cerberus (Modern Fantasy RP)

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    Brief HistoryBefore the renaissance era began, the numerous amounts of conflicts between involving humans them eventually led to the separation of humans and, well, everyone else. This resulted in all magic using creatures migrating from the Surface, the land where all living things are said to originate, to the Underworld, a massive habitable land that seems to be, as one could assume by the name, underground. After this, humans had begun to make major technological advances, whereas the non-humans further delved into the art of magic.
    About 20 years ago, the mages had begun to send people back to the surface to try and contact any other non-humans, only to be completely awestruck at by the technology the humans now possessed. This sparked the idea to reverse engineer the human’s technology, and use it in the Underworld as well, thus compiling the use of both magic and technology in their everyday life and promoting the continuous replication of any more advancements made on the Surface. Eventually, people had begun to fear the possibility of humans discovering the existence of the Underworld, and what humanity would do with the knowledge but fortunately, that has yet to happen.



    There’s a rumor going around that the magic is getting slowly cut off, the Keepers say that it’s nothing but a rumor, but I think we both know that is not the case. We’re going to need more people, looks like it’s time to go public. Mercury says to start recruiting immediately, so…

    Have fun with that – Hex

    Please don’t bring back any more “rare” items. We have enough crap lying around, and with newbies coming in we need any extra space we can find.

    The conformation of the existence of the Forsaken shock to the majority of the people in Cerberus, and it was and even bigger shock to find that a large amount of posters and flyers had been placed throughout the city advertising that they were looking for initiates. For so many years, the underground society of the Forsaken had been nothing but a foolish rumor, then again, who would believe in a group of people somehow working underneath the radar in both of the realms. Some say responsible for preventing humans from discovering the Underworld, helping stop the Oath of Redemption from invading the city, and keeping the Black Claw from gaining enough power destroy Cerberus.

    No one was quite sure how to respond to the recruitment call, fearful of what the Forsaken’s motives could be. Yet there were a few who decided to check it out, some who wanted to see what the Forsaken were like, others searching for adventure or desiring to help people, and some not evening knowing what they want to do, but they still went, completely unaware what they would be facing in the future...
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