The Chronicles of Elym

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  1. Intro

    Welcome to Elym, a continent enriched by a history of tolerance and piety. This land has been dominated by a single and unmatched Empire for over three centuries. The culture of this nation has been embedded in those around it, along with a fear of the power they hold. Never had their armies seen defeat. Never had their people seen discrimination. Never had they experienced a tragedy as crippling asthe event known as 'The Spark'.

    The explosion erased the heart of the Empire, and left the world in shock and awe. For the first time in recorded history, The Kaidein Empire recalled its troops, and the world held its breath.

    The World
    Elym is an old world, whispers of gods whose names were lost to the annals of history and legends of times when the world was a much different place travel from the quivering lips of the wizened elders.

    Recent history has broken the bonds of past ages, fracturing the races into secular nations, each holding a piece of its people's past imbedded within its culture.

    The Kaidien Empire, the largest and most powerful of these realms is home to the Kitsune, a race of fox-like humanoids with a culture of honor and respect. War is no stranger to the Kitsune. Young men and women enlist daily in hopes to gain both honor and title. The people of this nation fiercely defend and worship their royalty, the more fanatic of the Kitsune are often seen praying to them as though they were akin to the gods themselves. The way of the samurai is the way of Kaidien. With the Culture of Feudal Japan and the might of Ancient Rome, these are not a people to be disregarded, nor offended.

    The Serres Kingdom is a loyal ally of the Kaidien Empire. The Humans that reside here believe the Kitsune to be above them, and many reffer to Serres as 'The Foxes Dog'. The humans are not to be under estimated however, for they are fierce warriors in their own right and with the combined training of Kitsune warfare and their own learned military practices, the humans are a surprisingly difficult foe. They are the Knights of this world, The Shield of Kaidien.

    The Tribes of Or'La'Desh believe the fate of the world to show servitude to the Kitsune both unjust and insulting. They follow the path of the warrior, the spirit of the Viking. These are the ways of the Orcs who reside here. Freedom and equality is what they fight for and as long as the Kaidien Empire stands, neither of these things will be had, or so they believe. They worship the ancient beings known as Dragons and they build their nation in that image. Great, walled cities, built to last a siege create the scales of this kingdom. Mighty and well trained armies, equipped with deadly and efficient weaponry make the fangs. They openly defy Kaidien, raiding the Serres republic freely as a show of hostility and might. Somehow these brilliant people have held off the might of both Serres and Kaidien, and through this miracle they have found confidence and security. They believe themselves strong, and rightly so.

    The Iron Cities is a diverse land, and the only ally to the Orcs. Many races roam the multitudes of cities that make up this Kingdom. Dwarves, Gnomes, Halflings, Dragon kin, Goliaths, and Imps work tirelessly at The Great Forge. This is a land built into the earth, Great mines that travel to the heart of the world and beyond riddle the mountains of Ironia. Their Cities are considered impregnable, and their people mighty. They have a weak and overlooked military, focusing instead on building unconquerable defenses. The People of this land do not condone warfare, but they support the beliefs of the Orcs and openly aggree with their stance against Kaidien. these are the only people who have nothing to fear from the Kitsune. Never has a force even scratched The Walls of Iron, and never does it seem one will. A council of advisers leads this nation efficiently and peacefully, many of its people are happy with their lives of work. Their continuous work.. Never will it end...

    The Fae Outlands is more of a gathering than a Kingdom. Inhabited by a loose collection of Faery creatures and Faery Kin, it's people are diverse and have been in a constant state of revelry since the beginning of this age. It is rumored that once, long ago, they were a wandering order of peaceful nomads that roamed the world offering wisdom and good company to those they passed. The reason they have settled is unknown. Recently, an unnatural silence has settled upon the people here. This change has greatly disturbed their neighbors.

    The Elem Enclave is an old nation, its origins as an ancient cult raises unease in many of it's neighbors. The Harpies and Mermaids that inhabit the Ilses of Elem worship the stars and the earth as gods and look to them for guidance, and judgement. Great cathedrals and mighty spires create a beauty only found nowhere else on the continent. An aura of piety and forgiveness is cast by both its people and its architecture. The enthralling and calming atmosphere created by the Ilses of Elem only lends itself to the beauty of this place. It is considered holy by the Kitsune and no army has ever been known too step foot on this hallowed ground.

    The Story
    It has been five long years since The Serres Kingdom first picked up arms against The Tribes of Or'La'Desh.Within weeks they had the support of their ally and neighbor, The Empire of Kaidien, and within months both sides realized just how bloody this battle would be. The fear of loss too great for either nation to accept forced a stalemate. The forces on both sides slowly grew, for five long years they approached the climax of this confrontation and now that battle begins.

    A force that numbers greater that 13000 stands at the edge of the Orc Kingdom, The Kitsune and Human banners wave lazily in the wind as they make the final preparations for march. It is within the final days that it happens, an explosion that seems to tear reality itself is heard across the continent. The Heart of Kaidien is swallowed by what seems to be the void itself. The Royal family is unaccounted for, along with the majority of Kaidiens' standing army. The worst is assumed, and the order is given. Recall.

    When the dust settles, three days have past, and the Human-Kitsune allied army numbers 3860 soldiers, a fraction of its former might. The King of Serres refuses to back down, he orders his best General, The First sword of Serres, to the field. With her leadership and tactical mind he hopes to go forward with the invasion, his people think him a fool.

    The Orc's now outnumber their opponents with a force of 5360 Warriors. The General Gromek the Liberator, given charge of these men and women, grows bold and raises his army from its fortifications. His warriors take to the field, and begin their march to meet the enemy. This brash decision made by the Orcish General Gives the Humans a chance, albeit small.

    The two forces will meet in two days, and all the while the Kaidien Empire will fall apart.

    The Echo

    Long ago, gods walked this earth. The Celestials were beings who descended from an astral plane out of curiosity and wonder. The Dragons were beings made of the earth and walked it as its keepers and defenders.

    All races to date are descendants of either The Dragons or The Celestials. Only the Humans are descendant from both. These beings were gods and creators; as such they each held miraculous power within them. This power has been passed down to the races of today through an ability known as 'The Echo'. This ability is microscopic when compared to that of the gods that once lived and it's traits are different from individual to individual.

    The Descendents of the Draconic:
    Dragon Kin(3)

    The Descendants of the Celestials:
    Fae Kin(10)

    The Echo of The Dragon is that of Enhancement and Blessing. It is triggered by the raw power of the Voice and Emotion. Draconic Echoes directly enhance physical material or the individual themselves. A Draconic Echo will last three minutes after it has been activated, and it can be activated multiple times per day (The number shown in brackets shows the number of times a particular race can cast a draconic spell per day) An individual must rest a minimum of ten minutes in between activations, or risk loss of consciousness.

    The Echo of The Celestial is that of Illusion and Trickery. It is triggered by the power of Chant and Focus. Celestial Echoes create illusions that can be cast on an individual to confuse and frighten them. The Illusion lasts as long as the Individual chants and remains focused on the individual they are targeting. If the initial target dies or loses consciousness, the illusion can then be moved to a new target for the rest of duration, this can happen infinitely. The number of minutes each race can Echo for is written in brackets beside their name. Any Celestial descendant can join in a chant to increase the number of allotted targets by one, and increase the time the illusion lasts for five minutes. The number of chanters can always increase, but once a single chanter loses focus or stops chanting, the illusion is broken. An individual under a Celestial Echoes effects believes the illusion to be real, and will rationalize it to be so for as long as they are affected by the illusion.

    Example of a Draconic Echo: Casting a flame that burns those I consider to be my enemies upon my sword.

    Example of a Celestial Echo: Creating a false clone that disappears into smoke upon being struck.

    All Echoes are unique, keep in mind that when creating the Echo there cannot be duplicates.
    The Playable Races (open)

    The Empire of Kaidien
    The Kitsune; This race is known for its pride and loyalty to the Empire. The Kitsune appear to be humans, however they have fox tail and ears, and often are slimmer and slightly shorter than the average human. This build makes them slightly faster than humans as well.

    The Kitsune are mostly a warlike peoples, and they hold honor above all other virtues. They follow the path of the samurai, and their culture can be related to that of Feudal Japan.
    The Serres Republic
    The Humans; The humans believe themselves to be a race beneath that of the Kitsune. It is thought that they are the beings that are closest to god, and some sects. of human culture even worship the Kitsune Royal family.

    Despite these majority beliefs however, the Human government is rather independent, and do not believe themselves to be directly guided by Kitsune influence.

    The Humans follow a strict caste system, and believe in the existence of birthrights and 'better blood'. While all are welcome to join the ranks of the military, only noble men and women every achieve mighty titles and rank. Their culture can be related mostly to the legends of Camelot and other such western European tales.
    The Tribes of Or'La'Desh
    The Orcs; They are a proud race, and firmly believe in proving one's worth through strength and character. Even though they are ruled by a monarch, the Orcs do not follow the same caste systems of the humans'. Titles are earned, not granted. Every high ranking official has proven themselves to deserve the position.

    Even though the culture of The Tribes is not a peace loving one, war and brute strength are not all an individual is judged for. The cities of Or'La'Desh are beautiful works of art,with Gothic styled spires and bustling town folk dotting the scape. Great minds and great muscles are both bread and celebrated here. Revelries and tournaments in honor of both the warrior and the artist are held frequently in the streets.

    The people here are fiercely competitive with one another, oft times even the bonds of blood are not strong enough to prevent challenges between two Orcs. Conflict and proving of worth are common place in this land.
    The Elem Ilses
    The Harpies; The Harpies are organized and stern by nature, the majority of these creatures prefer to scour a library than the world outside of it.

    They are the only race capable of flight, and they use this ability, coupled with muscular builds, to construct great alters to their gods. They are a very religious race, and believe that the great towers they construct bring them closer to the dragons they worship as gods.

    Most Harpies are content to perch atop their towers, reading legends of the time their gods ruled the skies; or simply constructing new monuments to these ancient and extinct beings.

    The Harpy race does not condone war, but those few exiles that partake are fearsome on the battle field. The ability to fly, coupled with superior strength and endurance gives them a complete edge in combat. Most Harpies that do follow the path of war prefer bows and spears due to the ease they have with using them.

    The Mermaids; This playful race is the only race capable of surviving on both land and water. Each Mermaid is born with the strange ability to poly-morph their body to suit either environment. Strangely however, when in their 'Human' form, they crave the sea, and when in their 'Fish' form, they crave the land.

    The Curious and adventurous nature of these creatures often has them wandering from their homelands and into the troubles of the other nations. They believe that enjoying the life one is given is more than enough worship to their gods.

    The Celestials that they pray too are believed to guide them through chance encounters and coincidental events. Mermaids go on pilgrimages, usually in groups of three to five, in order to attain enlightenment and a greater understanding of the world.

    Like, their Harpy sister's the majority of the majority of Mermaids do not believe in war, however, unlike their Harpy sister's, Mermaids do not have much of an advantage when in combat on land. A professional Navy would have little chance against a well trained Mermaid Army however.
    The Iron Cities
    The Dragonkin; This mighty and caring race believes in both strength and humility. Truly a race of gentle giants, most Dragonkin chose to use their strength to help and teach those around them. They are masters of the forge and brilliant engineers.

    Many Dragonkin are employed as teachers and scholars. They apprentice many young aspiring smiths, scientists, and engineers teaching them how to excel in whatever they wish to do so in.

    The natural might and ingenuity of the Dragonkin also creates gifted warriors in those that choose that path, however, most of their kin do look down on the aggressive ones. This causes Dragonkin warriors to be rather rare.

    Goliaths; These powerful and stern beings are the descendants of the now extinct Giant race. Ancient tombs and stories handed down through the generations speak of war, and how it brought their forefathers doom. These tales cause the majority of the Goliaths to fear war in its whole and avoid conflict almost entirely.

    Most Goliaths stand over 8 feet tall and can lift almost two times that of a Dragonkin. Their skin is extremely tough, almost as if it were made of rock. They are resistant to pain and are not easily wounded. This strength coupled with lightning speed makes them perfectly fit to the warrior role.

    Despite this, many Goliaths choose the forge over the blade and live simple, uneventful lives in The Iron Cities. Those that do follow the path of the warrior often leave their homeland and sell their services to kingdoms that need the strength they bring.

    In The Iron Cities they are used as grunt workers mostly, since they do not usually have extremely high organization or engineering capabilities.

    Gnomes/Imps; Both of these races are rather similar. Despite the imps being slightly smaller and faster than their gnome cousins, both are considered valuable in Ironia culture. These races are naturally quite smart and many are seen employed as contractors or Engineers.

    Many of these beings also work as messengers, running from work sight to work sight relaying messages from contractor to contractor. They are suited perfectly for this job due to their size, speed, and ridiculously accurate memory.

    Dwarves; This race can be most related to a short tank. They are much stronger than the average human, but cannot move all that quickly due to their stature. They are natural wise and usually fantastic organizers. Dwarves are the true brains of Ironia, and are most commonly involved in politics.

    Halflings: Halflings fill an interesting role in The Iron Cities. Due to their size and build they are rather lackluster in comparison to the other denizens of this Kingdom and most of them fall short when compared to the Dwarves or Dragonkin in terms of brainpower.

    These jolly beings run the taverns and other entertainment establishments in Ironia and are the best story tellers in Elym. They bring a welcome respite on the few days off the denizens of this Kingdom get, sharing laughter and good company with all who meet them.
    The Fae Outlands
    This nation is diverse and multicultural, all are welcome here, as long as they do not break the peace within. Most of this nation is populated by fairy creatures and their kin, however many other minorities are present as well. This is a nation solely made for custom player races, as well as any typical fantasy races not present within the other nations.

    Most minority races within The Outlands are endangered and therefore shy from participating in world conflicts. As mention, The Fae Outlands are a place of celebration and revelry. No real monarch rules over them, however great respect and authority are given to the elderly.

    The easy going culture of this nation is one that provides for all of its occupants. The people work together to cultivate the land for food and drink in order to fuel the next festival. It is a place of equality and acceptance. All are treated equally, for they are seen as such.

    **I require that you pm me with a draft of your custom race. We can work together to create something well integrated and thematically correct if you are cooperative**


    1: My Co-Gm's and I have final say, please respect our wishes. We are looking out for both the Role Play and the Players.

    2: While Collaborative Posts are a useful tool that helps Role Players bond, my Co-Gm and I have determined that such posts be avoided if necessary, so as too retain a consistent posting speed in the play.

    3: All Basic Iwaku Site Rules Apply!

    4: I am here to live a story and make new friends along the way, professional Ooc environments are necessary, but try and loosen up a bit when you are in here. My Co-Gm's and I encourage Ooc Banter. In fact, we have a group for such!

    5: I would love it if every player who joined us stayed eternally loyal, but I am also realistic. Do not be afraid to tell me if you have to leave. I am very forgiving in this way, RL responsibilities sometimes cause us to leave things we would rather not have too. I will try my best to portray your character in the Rp if they are essential to the plot, and if not I will either retire them in case you decide to return or give them an epic death scene if you know you won't be able too.

    6: Have fun and enjoy the play!

    Note: Characters from all races allowed and welcomed! Each side has a percentage of their force that is made up of mercenary enlistments. Any Characters not of the races Kitsune, Human, or Orc will fall into this category.

    Character Sheet:



    (Mermaid and Harpy races are female only)

    Physical Description: pic or paragraph

    Personality: minimum paragraph

    Occupation: how does this person get by on in the day to day?

    Skills: non basic skills your character may have. Should be directly related to occupation, max 4

    Flaws and Weakness: Should be directly related to Skills. The number of flaws your character has must be equal to or greater than their number of skills.

    Echo: Try to be specific and creative. Remember, no repeats.

    History: ***Pm this section directly to me. This way we can work together to build a story that you can reveal on your own time, and I can incorporate into the world through subtle plot bunnies.

    Misc: Any odds and ends you might find necessary to include.


    Accepted Characters:
    Note: Please pm @Ner0 for joining this play.
    General of The Human - Kitsune Allied Forces (Azathoth):

    Azathoth (open)


    The General
    Name: Princess Alayna Havel, the First Sword of Serres

    Age: 28

    Race: Human

    Physical Description: Alyana stands at 5'10" and her physical training keeps her weight up to 155 lbs. of lean muscle. Even if she doesn't recognize it, she has a firm posture suited to a leader of men, and all she need do to command a room is stand up.

    Personality: Alayna's personality is generally dictated by whether she is with her soldiers or her officers. When discussing tactics among her officers - off the battlefield - she is humble and serene, doing her best to appear calm, collected and wise. She will listen to suggestions and deliberate them internally before deciding on their merit. This is because she feels intimidated by their combined wealth of experience, and doesn't wish to come off as being a novice to warfare. When she is actually looking down on a battle, she becomes far more antsy as she struggles to contain her mixture of excitement and trepidation. Although she tries to hide it, her officers often notice her impatience and it can effect their own confidence in her.

    When among her soldiers, she's entirely different. As the youngest daughter of King Cylarc, she led the sheltered life of a princess and was never exposed to the type of men whose lives led them to become professional soldiers. She seems ashamed of this inexperience, and despite her status as their commanding officer she tries to fit in among them and gain their trust. Although they mostly know she means well, these awkward attempts end up distancing them from her and can never get her men to relax in her presence like some of her officers do.

    Occupation: Generalizing

    • First Sword of Serres: In the Kingdom of Serres the most esteemed military minds are created at the Castigan Hills Academy of Military Arts. However, their teachings are not limited to the kingdom's venerated tactics. The academy is home to masters of each of the renowned Sacred Forms which make the Knights of Serres so feared in single combat. Alayna has become the youngest to officially master each of the forms, and has earned the title of first sword due to her prodigious skill in single combat.
    • Leading by Example: Alayna has never been one to let others do what she was capable of, which is evident in her pursuit of sword mastery. On the battlefield she will often dive into the front lines where she is most needed, shoring up a deteriorating formation or closing a breach with her sword, despite the wishes of her officers. This has inspired her men to have faith in her, even if her commanding hasn't, because they know she'll sweat and bleed alongside them.
    • Untested: Although Alayna has experience on the battlefield, she has only ever fought in small conflicts before. So, while no one doubts her skill with the sword, she has never commanded forces on the same scale as the army she now leads against the Orcs. In fact, many of her detractors accused her father, the King, of nepotism when he appointed her as the Grand Marshal. They say that many other tacticians, including some of her more experienced subordinates, would have been better choices for the position. Either way, it is still unknown how she will handle being responsible for thousands of lives, particularly when she makes a mistake and it costs them.
    • Front Line Fighter: Although she tries to only join the fight when she is needed, Alayna honestly prefers the simple act of killing her foes by hand than the monumental duty of standing from above and directing her men. She is usually fairly eager to divest herself of the responsibility and leave the position to her subordinates if she can. This has led to some unrest among her commanders, who wonder what will happen if she is wounded on the front. The death of Elayna, or even her retreat, would crush the morale of the troops.


    Beacon of Valour: After reciting her incantation, Alayna's armor glows white hot. When allies look upon her, their morale is redoubled, but when foes see her incandescent armor they are stricken with fear.


    General of The Orc Forces (PotatoCat):
    PotatoCat (open)

    The Liberator

    Name: Gromak Ma'desh, the Sacker of Serres, the Liberator

    Age: 41

    Race: Orc

    Personality: Always ruthlessly following a new goal, never satisfied with his past victories. His perseverance and breadth of scope are so extreme, that his actions sometimes border on suicidal. He will not quit, he will not back down until his goals are met.

    He is known among his men as being fair, but extremely harsh. He does not take true failure, cowardice, or impertinence lightly, and punishment under him is swift and severe, but as always, fair.

    Occupation: "Orcs! What is your profession?" "WAR! WAR! WAR!"

    • Beloved Leader: Gromak is not afraid to lead from the frontline and get in the shit with his men. When he is fighting, his nearby troops are inspired. They fight harder to prove themselves worthy of his lead.
    • The Sacker of Serres: He has fought more than his fair share of battles, taken part in more duels than any other orc alive, and has lost as many of each that he can count on one hand. He is a fighter to be feared and respected. It would take no less than the First Sword of Serres to slay him.
    • Ruthless Tactician: When it comes to fighting wars, he is no less than a genius. He is an expert tactician that knows how to power down the opposition and to destroy enemy lines.
    • Two if by Sea: Gromak has mastered the use of ships to help raid and resupply. He uses his navy to full and brutal effect.
    • Temper Like A Forest Fire: Gromak is quick to anger, and when so is brash. He doesn't think clearly while angry and as such makes some horrible decisions to bring his retribution to those who upset him.

    • Hyper-aggressive: He has an overly aggressive nature, and a tendency to over extend his troops and to stay in a lost fight for much too long.

    • Beserkers: While extremely efficient fighters and killers, Orcs are not the most well disciplined in combat. They are more likely to press advantages that don't exist and over extend themselves in combat than more well disciplined soldiers. If they get caught in the moment, they may put themselves in a strategically inferior position than if they had played it safe. However, this does not mean they fight like morons who expose themselves to obvious and immediate threats (attacks from those they are fighting), merely that they forget the bigger picture of battle.

    • Pride like a Mountain: Gromak is a prideful sort. He is more likely than most to do something brash and stupid in order to prove his valor or uphold his name.

    Dragon's Rage: After screaming his fury to the Gods, Gromak becomes faster, stronger, and all the more determined to put all those in his path six feet under the ground.

    Leader of Mercenary forces under command of Human-Kitsune Army (Rai'Athar):

    Rai'Athar (open)


    The Mercenary
    Name: Mathias, The Iron Wolf

    Age: 26

    Race: Human.

    Personality: Mathias speaks in a cold uncaring manner that seems void of any feeling. Rage and its lesser form, anger, are the only emotions that manage to seep through the cracks of his rough exterior. Through his words alone, Mathias may be regarded as cruel and heartless, but his actions say otherwise.

    Occupation: Leader of the Onyx Wolf Mercenaries.

    • Diverting Defense: Mathias is a master at integrating footwork and posturing with sword and shield in redirecting the attacks of his enemies, reducing what would rightly be devastatingly heavy blows to nothing more than weak glancing strikes across or along his shield and sword. “The lion and the tiger may be more powerful, but the wolf doesn't perform in the circus.”
    • Armored Skin: A large portion of Mathias' life was spent training and fighting in heavy armor -it still is. He does not suffer the regular penalties to mobility from wearing heavy armor. “Put on some armor. Just remember what's armor and what's you, so when it's time to take it off, you can.”
    • Mounted Warrior: Mathias is proficient in mounted combat. He often uses a sword and shield from horseback, but will sometimes wield a spear-like lance. “I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back the emotions you put in.”
    • Third Eye: Mathias has an incredibly well developed sense of combat awareness. Seldom is he caught off guard. It could almost be described as an intuitive danger sense. “Every closed eye is not sleeping, and every open eye is not seeing.”
    • Novice Tactician: Mathias is by no means a competent strategist. He primarily makes use of offensive tactics such as charges and frontal assaults with wedge formations. “Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life”.
    • Tactical Disadvantage: The majority of the Onyx Wolves are infantry. Given this, if caught in unfavorable terrain and left unsupported, the Onyx Wolves could quickly be overwhelmed and surrounded by a force of equal size of light cavalry employing skirmishing tactics with ranged weapons. “Every advantage has its disadvantage”.
    • Honor of the Duel: Driven by an unremitting sense of honor, Mathias will never back down from a forthright challenge to single combat. "It is better to die as a wolf than living like a dog".
    • Pride of Arms: Excluding the occasional throwing of a lance or javelin, Mathias is not proficient with standard ranged weaponry; in fact, he considers these weapons to be beneath his station. "It was pride that changed angels into devils".

    Echo: Mathias' echo is called Vigor for namesake. He has only ever used this power once. Vigor is a strange power in that it rapidly heals and revitalizes Mathias for its duration, but it only activates after he receives a fatal or imminently fatal crippling blow. In addition, Vigor passively bestows Mathias with a healing factor that is greater than the average human's e.g., mending bones, tendons, regrowing lost fingers and even teeth in a matter of days whereas a normal human being would be left crippled and likely unfit for a non-sedentary lifestyle such as his after sustaining injuries of this nature. Due to this power, Mathias does not sport a single mark on his body that would suggest he has ever participated in battle. As a result, among other warriors he is often -at first glance- seen as a young start-up who carries an ego that his larger than his bastard sword which may be true to some extent.

    Leaders of Mercenary Forces under the command of the Orc army(ERode + Psyker Landshark):

    ERode (open)


    The Stray
    “Don't forget. We’re mercenaries, not brigands.”

    Name: Brent Roless, The Stray, The Mutt, The Mongrel

    Age: 27

    Race: Human

    Physical Description: Brent’s 6’0, with an even build that makes him look…well, rather average. He has his father’s brown hair and his mother’s blue eyes, and was apparently named after his grandfather. His hands, like most swordsmen, have calluses, but alongside that, Brent also has the calluses of a blacksmith. Though his face is almost baby-ish, the scars that adorn his body are a testament to his experience, however unwilling, in the realm of battle.

    Brent Roless is, funnily enough, an idealist. He’s a traitor of the Serres Kingdom and the Kaidien Empire who had, without hesitation, cut down people whom had once been his brothers in arm, but, despite this, he still holds the principles of chivalry in his heart. He despises senseless violence, abhors the slaughter of the defenseless and the innocent, and hates to fight unfairly and dishonorably…but he’s willing to compromise his ideals regardless. Those that surrender will be treated well, and those that continue fighting will be given a quick death. He has no delusions of how far he has fallen as a person, relying on a power that he doesn’t deserve in order to live another day, but at the same time, he honestly believes that his cause, his goal, is righteous. Until he reaches that point, he’s willing to crawl through as much mud as necessary, killing his integrity for what should be a better future.

    He hasn’t been sleeping very well recently.

    Occupation: General of the Mercenaries within the Orcish Army


    Discerning Eyes – His profession and his experiences have made Brent remarkably good at seeing through lies and deception, to the extent that he could probably be considered a human lie detector. His truth-discerning skills are so acute that, eight times out of ten, he can even tell if someone is lying through a letter, as long as he has encountered their writing in the past. Naturally, due to how he knows what to look for, he’s also good at making sure that he doesn’t display the same telling signs.

    The Mongrel’s Fangs – Brent may be an idealist who prohibits his men from sacking villages and pillaging stores and doing sketchy, unconsented perverted things to the people who just got their village occupied, but when it comes to strategies themselves, he’s not shy about utilizing unorthodox or cowardly tactics. If he can win a battle by holding the lives of a city hostage, he’d do it. If he can win a battle by setting the entire field with pitfall traps after lying about how he wanted an honorable engagement between two opposing forces, yeah, he’d do it. Of course, for things involving torturing individuals or executing them in brutish manners to demoralize the enemy, he’d…not do it. That’s what his men are there for.

    Know Thy Enemy – Brent has spent most of his life in the Serres Kingdom, and has even served under the illustrious First Sword of Serres in the past. Due to this, he has an extensive knowledge of past tactics and strategies employed by the humans and the kitsune. Chances are, his knowledge is outdated, but it still gives him a decent understanding of how his opponents in this dirty war will now fight.

    Blades that Reach the Skies – Though a swordsman at heart, Brent is very well-versed in the usage of long-range weaponry. He believes that a perfect victory can only be attained through two methods: intimidation and long-range weaponry. Bows, crossbows, catapults, all those are things that he had become accustom to in the Iron Cities, the place where new innovative weaponry and technologies were forged. While he thinks of them as cowardly, he considers them useful as well, and usually, they are a keystone in his strategies. Naturally, he employs many highly skilled marksmen in assassination and ambush missions, because, really, why engage directly, when you can drop the vanguard like flies?


    Not A Monster – While his combat ability skyrockets whenever he activates his Echoes of Mercury, Brent is ultimately just an excellent knight. He’s talented and well-trained, but beyond that has nothing to distinguish himself from the hordes of other excellent knights that make up the Serres Kingdom. Against the First Blade of Serres, he most likely wouldn’t last five seconds.

    Division of Labor – With no background in accounting, sailing, and whatnot, Brent doesn’t have the know-how to understand much of anything when it comes to the nitty-gritty details of strategy and logistics. He’s capable of offering up brilliant, cruel ideas that can eventually be developed into strategies, but when it comes to numbers and calculations, he has no clue. Without his officers and his allies, all he can do is trust in the integrity of the Iron City Mercenaries.

    Size Means Many Things – The Iron City Mercenary, numerically, doesn’t amount to much, as they are only a portion of the Iron Cities’ military strength. While they are exceptionally mobile and equipped with the sort of fancy-smancy gear that most other fodder soldiers could only dream about, they’re still, ultimately, lacking in numbers. Quality is better than quantity, but when each of your soldiers need to be equal to three of the enemy…that’s a bit of a problem.

    Insomniac – Recently, Brent’s been having trouble sleeping, often waking up from nightmares or simply being unable to sleep properly. That results in a commander who’s more than just a little tired come the next morning. For a person who utilizes creativity and quick thinking in order to see through the day, this mental fatigue is a terrible thing.

    The Echoes of Mercury. That’s the name of the offensive Echo of the Draconic that Brent wields, and it has, time and time again, been the sole reason why he’s still breathing to this day. It’s an ability that’s so flexible that it’s almost unfair, as it can turn any metal object in his hand into a ‘liquid’ metal, capable of taking any shape that Brent imagines, and telekinetically moving in accordance to his desires. From turning a sword into a javelin, or a javelin into twelve needles, or twelve needles into an array of razor wire, the shapes are pretty much limited only to the amount of material he has, and his imagination. They can extend to a maximum range of 50 meters, attain velocities akin to that of an arrow, and after three minutes pass, will return to its original form, whatever it may be.

    Though he hates the Empire, he doesn’t hate the people. His disgust is reserved solely for the royal family, who run their kingdom under the belief that nobles are better than commoners, and that the meritocracy of the orc tribes are simply something that is utterly inane.
    His time with the dwarves and the other hardy, alcohol-loving races of the Iron Cities have made him both a skilled mixer of drinks and a proficient blacksmith. And, with such a powerful combination, Brent is naturally also popular with the folks back home. Well, new home.

    Psyker Landshark (open)


    Dragon Blooded

    Name: Whitescale Arkhos, "The Dragonblooded"

    Age: 43

    Race: Dragonkin

    Personality: Depending on who one asks, Arkhos is either a fierce protector dedicated to his people or a savage, aggressive warmonger. Both of these descriptions ring true. He would stop at nothing to ensure that the Iron Cities stayed safe and unmolested by the Kaidien Empire and their lackeys, even calling for open war and a brutal, unprovoked first strike against the Kitsune. At heart, Arkhos is a cynic who believes that the Iron Cities will never be free of threats until the Empire is ground under their heel. No defense is impregnable, and even iron must bend. Therefore, the only solution is to destroy the Kaidien imperialists before they set their sights on his home. In this endeavor, Arkhos is ruthless, willing to slaughter even innocents if it meant that his home and his people would be safe. Due to the raw power of this attack, once Arkhos unleashes his breath, his Echo cannot be activated for the rest of the day. If his breath is not used, Arkhos's Echo is subject to the same limitations as all Dragonkin.

    Occupation: Second in command of the Iron City Mercenaries


    Master of Arms - Arkhos has studied the arts of war for his entire life, and is a veteran of combat with two decades of experience to boot. His technique with the sword and polearm is a sight to behold, and he has fought in battles across the continent as a mercenary. Arkhos is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, and could potentially stand his ground against even the First Sword of Serres, if given the chance.

    Smash Their Lines - Tactically, Arkhos specializes in catching targets off guard in lightning-quick ambushes to decimate his foes. He uses his unit of dragonkin as shock troops, assaulting where the enemy is weakest and breaking through their lines.

    Fear and Loathing - Arkhos is a figure that inspires terror in those around him. He is a snarling juggernaut of a dragonkin, taller and more imposing than his kin, with a horrible mishmash of scars across his face and body. His roar alone can break the morale of weak-willed foes, suiting his role as a shock trooper.

    Avatar of Iron - Arkhos is the face of the Iron Cities' war effort, and is the main organizer of the men of the Iron City Mercenaries. The men follow his lead out of respect for his strength and their agreement with his political stance.

    Flaws and Weakness:

    Forest for the Trees - Arkhos is skilled at formation tactics in the heat of battle, but knowledge of overall campaign strategy escapes him. He is a skilled battlefield leader, but is poor at planning ahead beyond the next battle.

    Path of the Warrior - Arkhos's pride as a warrior and love of the duel leads him to single out enemy leaders for himself in battle. He readily accepts offers to fight one-on-one for the sake of testing his skills.

    Fear and Loathing - Arkhos is a figure that inspires terror in those around him. Those dragonkin that follow him into battle do so only because he is the one of the most experienced warriors among their kind, and the only one that shares their opinion of taking the offensive against the Kitsune. Back in the Iron Cities, Arkhos is a highly polarizing public figure. His aggressive stances and warmongering only bring derision from many of his kind, which is why so few dragonkin have joined the Iron City Mercenaries.

    Crusading Zealot - Arkhos's hatred for the Empire drives him forward, but at the cost of rationality. In battle, Arkhos fights with a near suicidal recklessness beyond that which is expected of a typical shock trooper. He is fond of dangerous gambles in battle, risking his own life if he sees the chance of a great payoff.

    Blood of the Ancients: While the dragonkin more closely resemble the Dragons of old than any other race on Elym, they still lack the flight and weaponized breath of the ancients that they were said to originate from. Arkhos's Echo changed that. When Arkhos activates the Blood of the Ancients, spectral wings emerge from his back, granting him the ability of flight. With but a flap of his wings, he can dash in any direction at high speed, giving him unparalled mobility for three minutes. In addition, Arkhos can channel his Echo's power through his mouth, redirecting the energy of his spectral wings to be fired at his foes, releasing a sphere of energy that engulfs his enemies in a massive explosion of purging flame. However, using this attack will end the effects of the Echo no matter what, even if three minutes have not passed.

    Leader of Remaining Kitsune Soldiers (Ner0):

    Ner0 (open)

    The Deserter

    Name: Solace 'Devil Tongue' Milahn; Shogunness of the Thirteenth Mounted Legion, Oath Breaker and Traitor to the Throne.

    Age: 25

    Race: Kitsune

    Personality: Shogun Solace is confident and opinionated. Her confidence verges on arrogance and ignorance, and her Opinions verge on rude or even defective. Quick to question her superiors and constantly boasting her skills. Even if she is justified in her bragging, most find it abrasive and unsightly. Those under her are respect her skill greatly, however they find her inexperience worrisome.


    Unmatched wit: Solace is so efficient at breaking down the reasoning behind an order or point of view she does not agree with that she was named for it. A battle of words with her is not one easily won.

    Dance of the Mihlan: Her unmounted sword style is one passed down through her family that combines dances native to the Fae Outlands and practiced sword play. It creates a hypnotic and unpredictable style that relies heavily on the users ability to avoid the incoming enemy attack.

    Mounted Tactician: Solace is a natural mounted tactician. Her formations are well executed and diverse.


    Personal Trumps Professional - Solace is very prideful. Due to her inexperience she often allows her emotions to get the better of her in combat and cloud her judgement when she needs it most.

    Shame In Defeat - Her confidence makes it difficult for her to accept defeat. Solace can become visibly stunned for a few moments when bested by an enemy. This has been known to break her Echo in the past.

    Young Leader - She has trouble adapting outside of her planned strategies, due to her inexperience,when things go awry she is known to get somewhat flustered. This causes her to make mistakes and usually worsens the scenario.

    Echo: Dance of the Doppelganger - While reciting her chant, Solace delays her image, her true position becoming invisible. The delay is one second, and gives her an edge in close combat. She hits her opponent moments before they see it happen, and is in a slightly different spot than her opponent perceives her to be.

    Rough Rider of the Orc Forces (Cowboy):

    Cowboy (open)

    The Renegade

    Name: Bane Lorkhan, the Original Rough Rider, the Sadist

    Age: 30

    Race: Orc

    Personality: Loved yet feared among his own people, Bane captures the essence of tribal orc culture. Survival. Originally persecuted as a heretic, Bane was assigned to a suicide squad known as the 'Rough Riders' as punishment and a way to redeem himself by dying honorably in battle. The problem is that he survived the missions he was sent one. The other problem is that he kept asking for more.

    He does not worship any Draconic Ancestors or Celestials, and instead worships Death itself. He only lives for the battlefield, and is by all definitions of the word a sadist. It is unknown what tragic past caused him to become this way, as his extreme ferocity and bloodlust is disturbing, even among the Orcs.

    Occupation: The de facto captain of the Rough Riders, a platoon compromised of only convicts and the mentally ill. Locked up safely in prison during times of peace, given keys and a saddle during times of war.

    • Mentally Deranged: Bane has been known to plunge headfirst into both fire and steel. His mental condition gives him some benefits, as many scare tactics that work on others have no effect on him nor his troops. Despite the fact that he is often the first in the battle and the last to leave, he also doesn't wear any armor typically associated with a heavy cavalry unit as he says it 'slows the bloodletting'.
    • Freak of Nature: All orcs are built tough compared to other races, even when compared to humans. Bane is a freak of nature however when it comes to pure physical anatomy. Despite his smaller stature, Bane has an amazing immune system that allows him to eat what would kill or, at the very least, cause other orcs to grow seriously ill such as uncooked flesh. His body also repairs itself at an astounding rate, allowing him to walk off most injuries that would maim and kill others.
    • Rough Rider: Bane's specialty is mounted guerrilla warfare. His riders act similarly to a Mongolian horde. Torching, pillaging, and raping is all customary. There is no sense of honor, and Bane is not above sacrificing great numbers if it means creating an opening.
    • Notorious: After a career based off of taking suicide missions, the sound of the Rough Rider regiment approaching is enough to give most forces a reason to pause. Bane's name carries weight by itself, and merely speaking it is seen as taboo among most orc households.
    • Mentally Deranged: Bane often utilizes tactics that put himself and his regiment at risk, and isn't exactly the type to plan an assault before commencing it. Bane leaps in first and thinks second, and it causes a lot of high risk situations.
    • Freak of Nature: Due to his strange appearance and even stranger abilities, Bane is highly ostracized and resented by most orcs. Even among his own troops, Bane is hated. The only thing that keeps them in line is the fear of disobeying Bane's orders.
    • Rough Rider: Bane specializes in horse and ground warfare. He has no other skills and is essentially useless at sea or in a diplomatic situation. He was also never properly trained in the ways of horse and lance, thus if he was to ever honorably duel a skilled rider captain he would most likely lose.
    • Notorious: Bane is notorious even among his own kin, and many orc villages refuse to give the Rough Riders food or shelter due to their savage and animalistic culture. The only reason that that the military funds Bane's exploits is because they don't want Bane to switch sides and find someone who is willing to fund him.

    Rider's Rage: By impaling himself with his own lance, Bane is able to banish any and all pain and fatigue from his body to keep fighting. While this does not make him immune to getting wounded, it allows him to keep fighting well past the body's natural limits.

    Lower Ranking Soldiers/Support Characters:

    Zombehs (open)

    The Breaker

    Name: Lokire Glakos, “Witchman, The Ice that Burns, Bronzeskin”

    Age: 34

    Race: Goliath

    Physical Description: A bit shorter than the average Goliath, Lokire still towers over most other races at 7’10 and weighs surprisingly heavy even amongst his kind despite his leaner body. White hair cuts a sharp contrast to the dull bronze metallic coloration of his skin while his eyes are a lighter red.

    Upon use of his echo, his eyes begin to glow and his skin shifts to a vibrant azure color. A layer of ice covers his body, shattering with every movement and adding to the shroud of frost that swirls around him.

    Personality: A rather straight forward individual that is good at his job and ill-suited for others. While unafraid to speak his mind, he’s not particularly confrontational and doesn’t often find reason to butt head with others. With that said, if challenged it’s unlikely that Lokire will budge on a position he strongly believes in without a truly charismatic or eloquent individual. Despite never being much of a speaker, he’s far from a dumb brute and listens fairly well, allowing others to ply him with convincing arguments and reasoning.

    Not particularly ambitious, Lokire is simply satisfied at being able to find a battlefield where he can fight as much as he wants. He enjoys violence, but at the same time isn’t one to abuse his capacity for it; outside of his occupation it’s not too common for Lokire to involve himself in fights.

    Occupation: Iron City Mercenary


    Metal Skinned: Even amongst the hardy Goliath, Lokire is an outlier and anomaly. The reasoning is clear enough given a simple glance at the man. His skin is the color of dull bronze and remarkably tougher when compared to others of his kind. Blows that might wind other Goliaths are turned aside, and to bleed Lokire is an effort in itself.

    Nothing Stands in my Way: Given his body, Lokire’s fighting style is not designed to protect himself, but simply crush his enemies as brutally as possible. He wields a halberd of impressive size and is fond of wide sweeps that can smash through many foes at once. Not a one trick pony though, he also carries what would be considered a zweihander to humans should he lose his favoured weapon.

    First Light, Fifth Day: While he may not be particularly charismatic, there’s just something that’s damned inspiring about seeing a gleaming Goliath step forward and smash apart the enemy’s lines. His reputation is quite good amongst the Iron Mercenaries and his mere presence can rally and spur on the troops.

    War does not Stop: A sound mind resides in a sound body, and Lokire’s physical form is certainly sound. While not immune to "weak" feelings such as fear, he’s also not easily susceptible to their effects. His morale and will is just as hard to break as his body, if not more so.

    Flaws and Weaknesses:

    You lead, I’ll follow: While of fair intellect, Lokire has never been charismatic or one to see the big picture. Give him a few good fighters and he’ll be fine, but show him a map with lines drawn and you’ll have lost him. There’s a reason he tends to work alone, he works best when it’s him, an objective, and obstacles in the way.

    Watch that Echo: While his Echo is frightening to behold, its effects do not discriminate. Enemies and allies alike will be burnt and trapped in hoarfrost by the activation and end of his “blessing”. And given he does care about those he fights alongside, it’d take quite the situation for him to use it amongst allies.

    Oh, Shiny: As if being a Goliath wasn’t a bad enough check on the stealth department, Lokire’s unique appearance makes it practically impossible to hide unless literally painted over. The metallic tinge of his skin actually does a fair job at reflecting light and his body refuses to be silent while in motion.

    A Warrior Through and Through: While he might have once knew more than how to carve his way through a battlefield, many years of serving as a Mercenary have robbed Lokire of any other noteworthy skill. Still, in a world as such it’s not likely that he’ll ever run out of work.

    “You will learn that ice burns just as well as fire.”
    A physical transformation that turns Lokire into a Goliath of walking hoarfrost, the Frostbeard’s Oath allows him to wreak even greater havoc. Initially the area around him is almost lit aflame as his body heat escapes into the surroundings. Ice coats his body, his steps spread frost over the ground, and his very touch is death to the living if it lingers for long enough. Sweeps of his weapon buffet his enemy with freezing winds, and his very presence robs them of warmth, winter given physical form. When the Echo fades, the surroundings are covered in a layer of frost as his body absorbs the ambient heat to return his form to normal. The two blasts reach on average about 10m away from Lokire with effects diminishing at maximum range. Due to the raw power behind it though, Lokire has only ever been able to use his Echo once daily.

    Blue-Ice Weaponry: Given the fact that frost seeps through whatever Lokire holds while his Echo is active, mundane weaponry would simply shatter from the drop in temperature after the first minute. As such his weapons are forged from a particular type of ore that sits below freezing normally. Their sheathes trap the sub-zero temperatures they radiate normally, and his skin is thick enough to hold them without issue.

    Skyswimsky (open)

    Name: Lyriel Adolf
    Age: 19
    Race: Human

    Physical Description:
    The Fuhrer
    Personality: Lyriel has a dream, a dream about the Serres Republic turning into a mighty Empire that will stand for over a thousand years. But Lyriel is not a dreamer, she is a realist, and plans to lay the very foundations for her dream to turn reality. She is a hardworking charismatic genius who doesn't think that the strong shall rule over the weak is wrong, but disagrees with the very foundations and traditions that Serres stand for, including their inferior complex in regards to the Kitsune. Lyriel herself appears to be a nice, charismatic and strong-willed woman who chooses her words carefully. Lending her own strength to cover for the weak, she seems to care about the humans around her. Nonetheless, Lyriel also has a superiority complex, with her belief of strength and how it should be used, the Leader must obviously stand on top of all to achieve her goals. She also bears an insane hatred for orcs.

    Occupation: Low ranking officer of the Serres Republic | Bard | Principal of Wissenschaft

    The Fuhrer
    The Fuhrer
    Des Fuhrers Herrlichkeit
    Lyriel's strongest weapon, mightier than the sword, is her charisma. Having something about her that can't just be explained by simple words she is sure to conquer the heart of anyone she wants to. Combining her natural charisma with publicity work, speeches, plays and so on her presence is already enormous. Also makes her sparkle.

    As helpful as it may be on everyday occurences, her charisma doesn't stop to shine on the battlefield. For those who server under her, completely taken under her spell, show a unbreakable fighting spirit and morale that doesn't waver even in the direst situation. As for as long as their Fuhrer is alive and well, there will be hope.

    Lyriel strongly believes the key to path her way to greatness lies in science. In terms of warfare, Lyriel seeks the path of using easy-to-use weaponry rather than individual expertise, effectively meaning that even a child could be turned into a deadly warrior. But even without the power of science, Lyriel is capable of using her genius mind to her advantage in battle. And neither she nor her subjects back off from utilizing dirty tricks to secure a victory.

    Not neglecting her beloved citizen she also believes that to further strengthen her grip on the mindless masses is through inventions that would ease their everyday life.

    Gute Nacht
    A poison that is applied on the weapons of all her troops, Gute Nacht has the effect of instantaneous paralyze if it makes its way into the bloodstream of the target. This poison is only used by Lyriel's troops and officially doesn't even exist.

    Serres Stolz
    The soldiers that Lyriel commands, while just twenty in number, are hand-picked by herself nonetheless. Seeing great skill and every single one of them, and using her bright mind, the ambitious bard made sure they are given special training and tasks perfect for their own needs. Thanks to those efforts, those few are an elite amongst Serres Warriors that has yet to distinguish themselves in battle.

    Flaws and Weakness:
    Des Fuhrers Schwachpunkt
    Charismatic, ambitious and a genius altogether, there are even things Lyriel is not capable of. And that was, and still is, the neglection of training in any kind of martial arts. While she does carry a few hidden knives, and a weapon that represents her status in the military, a mundane soldier or just even a burly brigand would be capable of easily taking Lyriel on. But hey, bodyguards exist for a reason.

    Weak Health
    Thanks to her busy schedule, the quirk of taking all work onto herself, and a serious lack of sleep, directly result into a weak immune system. It's a miracle she hasn't been bedridden yet, and it is only a question of time until her body tells her to stop.

    Bargaining Chip
    While not much of status in the current military, Lyriel is loved by the populace nonetheless, having her as a hostage could deal a fatal blow to the Serres Republic if she is used in the right hands.

    To Hang by a Thread
    Not trusting anyone else to be capable of doing even the simplest tasks, Lyriel takes it upon herself to be there for every decision. Her absence would cripple the structure under her, as her underlings would soon become incompetent and self-destructive.

    Seelen Absonderung
    Lyriel is capable of splintering her mind, adding multiple divisions into it. The result of this is that independent minds belong to her, each able to analyze different facets but all working towards the same end goal. Furthermore the Echo also accelerates her mental capabilities, increasing her speed in calculation, thought, transmission, recognition and the like.

    Her dislike for the the oppression of the Kitsune, while not official, is something she expresses from time to time to the public.
    Wissenschaft is a bard college that Lyriel funded that also doubles as base for her operations.
    Her charm can go to such great lengths that she could effectively turn a spy into a double agent.
    Lyriel hides daggers on various places on her body, even if she can't fight, ramming it someone into the back is something even she should be capable of. Not to mention those are poisoned too. She also carries the antidote.
    Rather than joining the enemy forces to take on the Empire, hating orcs even more, Lyriel builds towards a change from within and does her utmost to repel those dirty invaders.

    Archie! (open)

    The Profiteer
    Name: Naya Ghilan,

    Age: Fifty Three

    Race: Harpy

    Physical Description: Here

    Personality: Naya didn’t really fit in with the other harpies .Though she was like them – bookish, more interested in praying and reading than adventuring , but she didn’t conform, and she liked to think and act aloud. Why is it if the faith was so true that the clerics insisted nobody leave, like women putting their heads on pillows so the others wouldn’t find out the truth? Why was it that money, worldly things, and the outside was to be scorned, when a big hole in logic existed: if they were so right on the Isles, what would protect them from those who were wrong?

    Naya asked too many questions, and got too few answers. The only difference between her and the rest of her bookish colleagues was that her iron will to known and learn was even greater than theirs, so she would be shoved by the winds and the seas if she needed to, if it meant seeing what was outside. She buffed up, she learned to work, and she learned to shoot. And for every theory, she tried to find a proof in nature until she was ready to fly out away from home.

    When she did, she quickly accepted the reality she had never seen. Life was cynical, vicious, cyclical, ferocious, strong, and evil. The strong prevailed over the weak, and came up with useless structures like monarchy or Orcish competition to justify their dominance. The people of the outside had no faith, had few muscles, and had no brains. She learned to live, selling her skills as a killer and a scout to others, and using her skill of speed and brains to herself. Stealing looted goods from the camps of the enemies in battle, then using those goods to constantly exchange weapons on her person, she managed to build up considerable wealth and realized what business stands for is more important to a buyer than what it is. Of all harpies, Naya is one of the best liars, but, with her tongue as with her bow, she prefers to shoot a few good shots instead of a vortex of bad ones. Reserved, closed from being a fish out of water, a harpy out of temple, and contemptful of the lack of piety in other races, her zeal and devotion to the faith of the stars she claims she is serving better than the ‘corrupt’ clergy who represent it is unwavering. To properly show the brainless males who ruled the outside that the stars showed the right path, the ones who followed needed to show them they were better at killing, better at making money, and were not to be looked down on.

    Stern like the other harpies, she’s zealous beyond belief and has strange soft spots for weak humans with creative minds, those who she thinks can “soar and follow the stars” like any harpy.

    Occupation: In war, a mercenary, a scout, a spy, and a trickster. Before she was well known among sellswords she liked to play both sides, but the nations are too used to that now. In peace as in war, a profiteer: her favorite trick is to rally ambitious merchants and peddlers to foray to faraway camps and lands, through forests infested with bandits, as she flew over and killed the ones who attacked. The catch: the merchants had to carry some of the goods Naya bought too – after all, they didn’t manage to sell everything they usually brought – and help her sell. She would tell the merchants she was helping their profits and keeping their families safe, tell the townspeople that she was making their towns rich, and tell the bandits that many caravans better for plunder would follow the way of the voyage’s new path to uncharted and dangerous lands, their ambition being their doom: people bought what she stood for. Bandits were even willing to leave her caravans alone if she scouted out her competitors for them, a win-win, even if it hurt the Human and Kitsune war effort.
    Mind like a machine: Naya is quick, and knows all the tricks. A harpy willing to apply her knowledge has, so to speak, a competitive advantage. She grasps on straws, shreds, and turns them into shirts, in fight as in business or a sale.
    Pain sink: Nayas even more buff than most of her kind because, unlike them, she works out more, knows the diet, and knows how to do her reps right when she picks out those boulders. Putting herself through more danger, pain, and fear combined with her mind, seeded with the knowledge of the clerics of the stars, to apply their teachings, let go of the body and of life if needs be, and suppress that pain and worry. If she was going to fail and feel immense pain, she was to be proud of the way she did it.
    Artificially strong: Harpies were muscular, made gains fast, and had great short fibers. Naya was no different than average in her makeup, but radially out there when it came to her mindset. From a young age, all she wanted to do was uproot trees, squat with boulders, and hurl big rocks into the sea. She wanted to eat the lean meat, buff, then cut, and go through all the motions to get a perfect physique for the fight.
    Shoots like an angel: From pure experience and practice, having killed hundreds, Naya not only thinks of the act as the same as pushing a button, with no inhibition, but shoots like she’s calling down lightning. Her work with the spear is acceptable, but nothing in comparison to her bow, so much so that she often uses her bow to whip and fire on and off shots in melee combat instead of drawing the weapon she is less practiced with.

    Flaws and Weakness:
    Hated: Naya can sell those who can stand her anything, mostly by putting a story behind it that makes it something else. However, a great many won’t want to buy from her at all. Her shamelessness in the great number of double-dealing games and backstabbings she’s played has made her trusted by the few who profited the most, and despised by the great number who viewed her as a witch. Originally liked for her learned competitiveness by the orcs, she since has been totally scorned by them after selling out to the Humans, and has a great number of enemies among their commanders too. Unapologetic, her loyalty lasts as long as the contract.
    Dangerously Arrogant: Naya knows she can fail but always thinks that she can overcome the failure with determination to serve her gods and improve. She dashes into situations, trusting her mechanically creative mind to wiggle its way out of them, while more than once in the past, it has failed, and she has a great many wounds to show for it. To avoid being a “coward”, she always rushes head first into battle, thinking tactically, but only after the charge has been made. She’s confident in her creativity to the point where she does not fact check.
    Sharpened, to ineptitude: No bow? No spear? Naya can’t fight with anything else. She has the harpies’ contempt for mediocre things, thinking that swords, axes, and the rest are brutish weapons it would damage her pride to ever use. No spinning, counterbalancing motions like a spear, no surgical, artistic shots like a bow. But because of that, she doesn’t even know the weight of these weapons, or how fast they would swing. She would be no better than a common peasant.
    Zealous to a fault: Naya is willing to do anything to genuinely serve her gods. She forsakes her leaders as unworthy representatives, but makes her own snap judgements. Naya has incredible soft spots for weak or cowardly humans with good minds, pampered and ignorant nobles, and anyone else she thinks doesn’t deserve the cruelty of the world. She would even be willing to undermine her clients or lay down her own life if the stars aligned the right way, or if the descendants of the celestials, the closest channel mortals had to the will of the gods of the stars, willed it. She physically cannot get along with those of the isles who worship the earth, or their traditional dragon gods, who she views as heretical from her unorthodox studies.


    Windspark Part of the reason Naya is such a great archer is her ability to subtly manipulate air. While her area of effect is large, the actual force is not. This is great for ensuring the accuracy of a long-range shot, not so much for shoving enemies back.

    Scelesta (open)

    Name: Seraphina Flammaris

    Age: 20 years

    Race: Half-dragonkin, half-human

    Physical Description: [​IMG][​IMG]
    The Halfbreed
    Personality: Seraphina's most characteristic trait is probably her radicalism and wish to do things "properly", to "finish" things. If she has taken a job or been trusted with something, she will go great lengths to achieve it, no matter how difficult.
    One wouldn't suspect her firey passion for challenges and her radicalism from the chilled attitude she presents herself with in order not to catch attention.
    She is also strategic and approaches problems tactfully if possible, primarily looking for her own advantages and the impression she makes in the things that occur. If you look at it from that perspective, one could call her a secret egoist, a cold one.
    It's not that she has always been one, but due to some painful experiences in the past in which her altruism has been exploited heavily, she has put up egoism around herself like a protective shield. A shield that I hope can be torn down in this roleplay.

    Occupation: Seraphina has two jobs with which she makes a decent living.
    - mercenary: three days a week
    - assassin: private.. whoever hires her and pays the right amount can be her client.

    - clever and strategic: she has the ability to learn and analyze things/people quickly and predict their actions and weaknesses.

    - good actress: In order not to be suspected as a serial killer (what an assassin technically is), she doesn't just have to be a good organizer, but also a very good actress to be able to avoid herself being suspected in case she's questioned.

    - extraordinary battle skills: Seraphina can use the sword, her throwing knifes and her tiny bow (one attached to her lower arms each) excellently, offering a good opponent in swordsmanship and a dangerous thrower/shooter in the other two. This combined with her overaverage speed makes her a challenging opponent

    Flaws and Weakness:
    - Bleeding heart: Underneath the icy shell called egoism and coldness, there is a warm heart hidden. A warm heart that has to be silenced and made numb all the time. Seraphina has grown up with morals she cannot live anymore after all the battles she has fought. The pacifistic side of her father, a dragonkin, is in a constant inner conflict with her gruesome mother's belligerent and bloodthirsty side. If one manages to talk enough sense into her, her concentration in battle may be affected heavily/ruined. But you gotta be a good speaker.

    - Sociophobia and distance: It takes her very long to open up to people with her real side and to start a friendship because most of the time, she acts as a different person than she really is and because there is a constant risk of revelation of her crimes. Though she doesn't flinch from small talk or business contacts, she flinches in private social life often.

    - low physical power: many others of her occupation tend to have excessive brute force at their hands. But not Seraphina. She has speed and a decent weapon arsenal.. if one robs her of her weapons and can compete with her speed, she is not particularly powerful as agility can not be brought together with bodybuilding.

    Echo: Eagle Speed: Seraphina's movements and thought speed increase to incomprehensible amounts, letting her move so fast that the human eye can't keep up with her (1900 km/h). This is a huge advantage for her job as her victims can often not notice her before it's too late.. when they do realize they are as good as dead, she's already gone. This attack's side-effects are a loud sonicboom that hurt people's ears a lot, like a little bomb exploding near them, and a wind that is strong enough to have them fly a few feet and land on their butts.

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  2. Please note that this Role play will always be open to new characters, just pm me about joining and we can get you in on the action! :D.
  3. Seriously, what is this mysterious notification and why did I need it?
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  4. You did not need it, but now you have.

    you are welcome.
  5. *Moves popcorn to mouth uninterested*

    So we moved from one OOC to another? Neato.

    Where's everyone else?
  6. Doing their own thing. I'm in no rush.
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  7. I am just working out a few wrinkles on my end. Expect the IC in two or three days, we might even get it tommorow if we are lucky.
  8. It is official everyone. The IC will be up tommorow, get excited :D
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  9. Neither am I @Azathoth

    You should know just as well, if not moreso, than I do that delays breeds disinterest.

    And disinterest breeds inactivity.

    It is just as well however. There will be times in the RP when the patience of everyone will be tested, and we might as well test their will before we begin.
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  10. Delays may breed disinterest, but a gm that meets his deadlines is one that will never fail to have support from his players.

    I await your glorious introduction.
  11. I'm not reading this wrong am I? He's planning to bypass the Human/Kitsune army and try to storm the capital?
  12. Well, yes and no @Zombehs

    That is the plan, but someone might intercept him along the way. It just depends. Is it better to spend precious resources on the Capital and some NPCs, or on the battle ahead? They are already outgunned so it does merit consideration. If they lose the battle, there most likely won't be a capital to save or rebuild. Also, if they divert resources, they'll be fighting a two front war (anyone who has studied history knows how that usually goes).

    At the same time, the loss of the capital could be devastating for morale and cause a rift in the chain of leadership.
  13. But yeah, Aza, Tater, and Ner0 are pretty used to the monkey wrenches I throw in haha
  14. From what I understand, those 9,000 troops were recalled to the Capital after the Spark occured; they weren't annihilated by it. So, they don't really need to spend any resources, the Rough Riders are just going to die horribly.
  15. Well, there's two things to consider.

    Which is faster, to move 9,000 troops or 100 cavalry? There is a chance they could beat them to the punch.

    Secondly, if numerical superiority was all that determined the success of an insurgency, the American Revolution should have failed, America should have won against Vietnam, and ISIS should be dead right now. Guerrilla hit and run tactics are surprisingly effective.

    Anywhoo, live or die it's just a game haha. Not terribly concerned.
  16. Forgot to tag you so you could respond, my bad.

  17. If it's still possible, I would like to change one of Mathias' flaws. I feel that it would align much better with his history and character. Not to mention, we already have two charge worthy characters in the Human-Kitsune Alliance.

    • Novice Tactician: Mathias is by no means a competent strategist. He primarily makes use of offensive tactics such as charges and frontal assaults with wedge formations. “Man arrives as a novice at each age of his life”.
    • Defensive Tactician: Mathias is by no means a competent offensive strategist. He knows little about offensive military tactics and formations and how/when to utilize them effectively on the field of battle. “I don't even call it violence when it's in self defense; I call it intelligence".
    Any objections?
  18. This is fine, and I personally prefer it, I'll throw it up.
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