The Chosen

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    Elizabeth took a deep breath and closed her eyes as she wandered through the town she had just arrived at the day before. Many people were passing her and looking at her curiously but she ignored them, allowing her senses to lead her around, she needed to find some food soon and was following her nose toward the nearest bakery. As she wandered she thought about the strange figure she saw in her dream a while ago. She had to find the others like her but didn't know where to start, so far she's just been going from town to town, trying to see if she could just stumble upon them… not working out so far though… She sighed as her nose picked up the scent of fresh bread. She smiled and walked faster, not paying as much attention to her surrounding, simply letting her nose guide her since her eyes were closed.
  2. Arrow sighed to himself and blew a lock of hair out of his face. He didn't like scouting missions. It didn't feel right, scoping out his latest home for other people like him, magic-wielders with enough potential for Shiro to deem them dangerous. As Arrow's hand clutched the notepad in his pocket, he felt a sick feeling start to rise in his stomach. Again. He was supposed to be writing down anything he could about potential targets, people for Shiro and his followers to go after once the cult became an army. People who needed to be eradicated. To be killed. It was wrong, it was so wrong, and Arrow knew it, but following orders was all his life had ever been. Shiro was his guardian. The old man gave him food, and shelter, and the closest thing to a family he had. And maybe, just maybe, Shiro's vision of a perfect world was right after all. Maybe all this was worth it.

    The brunette shook his head to clear it and turned his attention back to the crowd, trying to force himself to focus. It didn't matter whether it was right, only that it was what he was supposed to be doing. However, his stomach rumbled, snapping him back out of his concentration. He sighed again. Looking around, he noticed there was a bakery nearby, pouring warm, tantalizing scents into the surrounding air. His pockets didn't hold much money, but it was enough for some bread, and that would fill him up. He walked into the humble shop, fingers closing around the coins he had.
  3. Alistair walked through the market street cautiously eying every citizen as they passed by. Though he had a friendly disposition towards most people he rarely entered a new territory with naive thoughts of uncorrupted behavior and business. Not two minutes into his exploration, the spear strapped to his back caught an awning on a merchant's trailer and pulled him to his back and tore his backpack.
    "Ow! Damn!" he exclaimed. He looked around embarrassed. As he stood up he politely apologized to the thick accented merchant who was swearing at him in some mixture of languages some he could understand and others he could not. He backed away defensively yet with a polite smile on his face and abruptly knocked an elderly man to the ground. 'Today is not my day,' Alistair thought. He knelt to help the poor man up. The merchant went about his rant as he traipsed back to his trailer to inspect the damage.
    After more apologies and some more broken merchandise later Alistair shoveled out some of his last remaining funds and went about his way. 'Alright,' he thought to himself, 'fair welcome to a new place.'
    He decided not to be so cautious at this point, after his clumsy fiasco back in the market. If this town was overly corrupted, the market place would have been more dangerous in that situation. He heard rumors of large amounts of gang activity in the area but apparently their tendrils would be more underworld.
    He found himself a spot to sit just out of the market and leading into the restaurant district where he could sit and eat some of his rations. He dug in his pack and pulled out some bread and salted meat. As he sat cross legged he watched the people of the city to get a feel for the their behavior and the atmosphere. Hopefully, it would be more friendly than his accident.
    Towards the market street he could see people haggling over some goods and towards the restaurants he could see folks enjoying large portions of whatever the vendors were serving. He continued to munch on his food when a particularly strange character wandered by with her eyes closed and following her nose. She wasn't human and as far as he could tell not native to the area. She walked right by him almost tripping on his spear and moved toward the vendors and their delicious aroma bouquets.
  4. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>jack had been following the strange man that had just happened to wander into town. he suspected he was up to something due to the large spear on his back but the fear was quelled when he had,within the first 15 minutes of being in town, pissed off juarez the merchant, tore his backpack and knocked over some old man whose grandson was part of a rival gang his had been fighting with for the past year. jack instead turned his attention to the neko girl he had observed walking through town with her eyes closed, he felt a strange attraction toward the girl. maybe it was because of the fact she had the ears of a cat, or because she was otherwise very 'endowed' in the looks department but that was beside the point. he noticed she was heading toward the bakery that three years ago had been a diner owned by some old coots who died and left it to their son who turned it into the resounding success of a bakery that it is now.he sighed, coming here always reminded him of his parents.
  5. Elizabeth finally realized she reached the bakery when she walked straight into the wall of it. She fell down and rubbed her forehead in pain. "Ow! Man… oh my gosh, wow.." She groaned then slowly got up, opening her eyes. She looked around and noticed everyone giving her strange looks. She was used to it since apparently not many people have seen a neko before but this time they were also looking at her since she just ran into a wall. Not one of her finest moments… She glares and sticks her tongue out at them all then walked into the bakery. "Jeez, don't these people have anything better to do than look at me like I'm the stupid one?" She muttered to herself then looked around at all the different goods there. She came across a small loaf of bread and dug into her pockets to find some money. Finding none she remembered that she had used it all on some meat a couple days ago. "Darn…" The girl then glanced around to see if anyone was watching and, seeing no one looking in her direction, grabbed the loaf and shoved it into her bag quickly. She looked around once more before causally walking out and around the corner before sitting down and started eating.
  6. Shadow looked around the woods, dazed, as she tried to remember what had happened. Nothing was visible to her, only darkness, a pure jet black. She tried to get up without success. Consciousness slipped from her just as it had earlier. Again she woke, in a strange dream-like world of shadows, darkness, frightning creatures such as giant black widows, the suffering souls of the dead, constant death, and even more horrible sights. Two of the shadows grabbed her suddenly, and dragged her to two very large doors, each soaked in blood. They threw her in, and locked them. There was only a single throne in the room, made of blood, bones, shadows and a selection of the strongest (or so it seemed) suffering souls. A voice spoke to her, not through her ears, her mind. A voice of the softest caring mother's, but also of the most evil demons. It was many beautiful voices in one, all of them targeted at Shadow. "Greetings, my lovely minion," the invisible figure said softly. "You are the first, the first, of the many! You will assist me in taking over this sad world, the so called 'Chosen' and all! Are you ready, mortal? To be prepared for the great reward coming to us?!" Shadow was frozen with delight and horror. She couldn't move any way but forwards, against her will. "Yes, lovely darkness," She whisperes idily, a blank look upon her face. "EXCELLENT! YOU SHALL NOW BE ONE OF MINE," The darkness's loud, insane laughter shook the small room. Shadow felt the life going out of her, but was then filled with an evil, dark, insane, and loyal personality. Along with her powers that she would discover on her own. "Good, mortal. Now, leave me in peace," The Darkness said, and when Shadow looked up, the sky and trees were the only things there other than her in the silent woods.
  7. A swift blur of movement in his peripheral vision caught Arrow's attention. He looked up to see a girl with cat-like features looking around shiftily and rounding the corner. Had she stolen something? Probably. But he didn't really care, he stole stuff all the time when money was tight.

    The vendor barked impatiently at him, snapping Arrow out of his reverie. He apologized and handed over the coin for a loaf of bread of his own, nearly fumbling with the money as his thoughts were still elsewhere. In his travels, Arrow had been to many an exotic land and seen all sorts of non-human creatures, including an entire family of cat-people, but in his experience, they preferred to stay isolated. So what was that girl doing in a place like this? Curious, he followed her, relieved to see that she was just around the corner.

    "Hey," he said in a slightly disinterested tone. Shiro's words rang in his ears. If you must socialize, keep your distance. Never let yourself get too close.
  8. Shadow finally managed to get up, grateful that a town was nearby. As she walked closer to it, a massive wave of pain struck her head and she fell to her knees. "They are in this place," the haunting voice from her dream screamed loudly. "The Chosen! Do not let them know who you are, minion, or there will be dire consequences!" The pain was gone, and Shadow continued walking towards the town, now with more caution than before. Still a bit drowsy from her "dream," Shadow tripped on a tree root and fell to the ground. She then noticed that her outfit had changed into something different than before. Instead of her pure white clothing and identity tags from the lab, it was a long dress of blue and white with a black headband. She also noticed that her fingernails were now as long and sharp as a small blade, and she had daggers hidden in her dress as well. Shadow, who was confused by this, heard the voice yet again. "The roses, my minion. THE ROSES! *Insane Laughter* PICK THEM!" She then noticed a small patch of roses growing nearby. Somehow by instinct, she knew to pick a few and put them of her wrists and headband. Immediately power surged through her, and with an evil smile she headed towards the town, the darkness slowly taking over her.
  9. Elizabeth looked at this boy who approached her with a raised eyebrow. She wondered what he would want. She looked at him with a lazy smile on her face, "Hey." She paused for a moment and her ears twitched and moved to listen if any police were around, if so this wouldn't be the first time they would try to distract a criminal by sending someone to talk with them or something. But, hearing nothing, she turned her attention back to the boy curiously. "Is there something you need here?"
  10. Alistair watched as the neko ate her bread. He would have offered her some salted meat if he had any left. He didn't even think she realized that she was sitting along the same wall as him, granted he was still a distance away. He thought he heard someone call out as she rounded the corner but he ignored it because it didn't really concern him, but maybe she got caught. He decided to be patient and watch see what would happen, play the innocent by stander.
    He had received the dream a couple nights ago but he didn't know what it meant and he had no idea what was so important about being here. It was kind of just an instinct and since there is a strange character in town that everyone is shooting odd glances too it might be worth to hold out and gather information.
  11. jack watched as the neko girl stole the bread from the bakery and was tempted to stop her but thievery was common in his town and was really not that big of a deal. besides he liked the girl and had seen that she had no money which gave him an idea. jack went from person to person silently reaching into many pockets until he had a sizable amount of copper and a couple pieces of silver, which he was tempted to keep for himself. he doubled checked to see that no one had noticed that their money was gone and he took to the roofs to go find the neko girl again. he found her not far away from the bakery talking to a man he had not seen enter town. he decided that he must keep an eye in this new stranger. he walked by the two strangers and purposely bumping into the neko girl he deposited the funds into her pocket and briskly strode off.
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  12. When Jack knocked into her she stumbled to one side and glared at him, "Hey!" but he was already gone so she just crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. As she did this however, she heard the coin he just put into her pocket jingle together causing her to look in her pocket to see that coins were now in it. "What…?" She mumbled to herself and glanced back over to where she saw him disappear into the crowd.
  13. jack liked using the crowd to his advantage now and then. after he had transferred then funds to the neko he blended into the crowd and went back up onto the roofs to go back to silently observing her. he justified all this spying by telling himself that what he was doing was protection the naive girl from the many crooks, and muggers in <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>his town and that he would jump in if she were to be confronted and/or attacked. on his way back to the roof above where she was standing, he had seen another strange woman walking into town but ignored her to continue spying on the neko.when he got to the aforementioned roof he stood close to the edge to see as much of what would might happen as possible.
  14. Elizabeth vaguely heard someone moving on the building above her. Her ears twitched as she focused on trying to listen. Once she was able to pinpoint where the person was, she glanced over to him out of the corner of her eye, but did so casually so he wouldn't know she knew where he was. She saw that he was looking at her and decided to see what kind of person he was, he looked like the one who gave her the money but she wanted to find out. She then looked around to find someone who could help her with this and, since this was one of the worse towns, it wasn't hard to find a tough guy that would. Once she saw the man she made sure the guy who was watching her couldn't see her face and to him, she would just seem like an innocent victim. The Elizabeth caught the eye of guy who would be unknowingly helping her and opening glared at him challengingly. This caused the large man to glare right back and shout at her, "Hey! What are you looking at?" Elizabeth then put on her most innocent face, "What do you mean?" The man charged over to her angrily, "What do you mean, what do I mean? You were glaring at me you little-" She cut him off and took a step back. "Woah, calm down man, I don't want any trouble." She hoped this guy would come soon because if not this guy who's helping her might get too violent and she'll have to stop him...
  15. Shadow walked into the town. There she saw a few general public places, a market, some houses, and people going about their business. She saw a neko, and many other species wandering about. The voice invaded her mind yet again, "Do not go too near to the neko or any unique species yet, minion. You are too weak. You must only go through the town so I may see if they have met already, which could be... Difficult. On your way!" Shadow looked around to see most people walking by giving her odd glances. She realized that she didn't exactly look "normal" with her now snow white hair and the other garments she was wearing. Moving on, she looked around the town for her master.
  16. A whirlwind of events seemed to occur right before Alistairs eyes and not 30 feet from him. He followed the Lupus character that appeared to have pickpocketed the neko with his eyes till he disappeared in the crowd and wondered at the this other boy that confronted her. She seemed very popular all of a sudden. He saw her ears twitch and when she looked around so did he, he didn't see whatever she was seeing though. Could be racial differences that he didn't have her sight abilities. He had no way of knowing. Then she seemingly picked a fight with a local. 'Great' he thought. He decided it would be best not to intervene but he pulled his spear closer just in case and poured his energy into the ground ready to act if necessary.
    Thats when he saw the girl across the market with snow white hair. She was beautiful, yet very out of place. 'What is with this town, so many out of place people.'
    He took a second and looked at himself and sighed, 'I'm not really the best example of normal either.' He picked up his backpack which tore the rest of the strap off and dumped the contents out, right in the path of the oncoming local who was now fast approaching the neko. Great.
    "Pardon me!" Alistair said as he stepped into the man's path and began picking up his stuff. The large man seemed a little confused for a moment as Alistair finished packing it away.
    "Thank you sir," Alistair said stand back up and using the butt of his spear as a walking stick. He moved away and into the crowd toward the white haired girl.
    'I'm gonna see what she's up to,' he decided. He didn't really feel like being caught up in another fiasco.
  17. Two pieces of chocolate, a loaf, and a few bags of berries should do it. Then all I'll need is some more water for my canteen and I should be good to go. If only they'd shut up that racket out there...

    The hub-bub outside the little bakery, growing louder by the second as the cat-girl and her obviously hired help began their play-fight, was the only thing that could pull Holly's attention away from the sweet, blissful aroma of freshly baked bread, pies full of apples, berries, and cinnamon, and round little danishes set out in neat marching lines throughout the charming little store. She set the last thing on her list -- a couple of knotted bags she'd filled with straw- and wildberries -- into her travel-bag, a white shoulder bag with a bright blue hummingbird surrounded by a pentagon of thick metal beams, the van Greustein family crest, embroidered into its front. She approaches the counter at the front of the store, dumps a handful of gold and silver coins onto the counter -- she'd added a little extra, as the shopkeeper looked thin and boney, and heads out the door into the crowd. The huge golden lance on her back, wrapped in thick brown leather to disguise its telling shape, bangs roughly against the backs of her legs, the curve of her back, and the door of the shop as she leaves.

    Marcy would want me to bring flowers, Holly thinks, rounding the corner past the bakery, her mind lost in thought while her feet carried her body down the street. She didn't even see the cat-girl and her muscle man, the wolf-hybrid, and a cluster of curious onlookers until it was too late. She'd slammed right into the back of the neko's hired help and found herself laying on the street, her eyes staring up at the vivid blue sky, spotted with white, and the 'she looks kind of crazy, this one' expressions on the faces of the curious onlookers, who -- to her delight(not) -- now had something even weirder to look at: the stupid girl who doesn't even notice the thing she'd noticed inside the shop, and wound up bumping right into it.

    Can't imagine what they'd say if they saw me now...
    she thinks, groaning.

    "Sorry about that," she says aloud, both to the hired help and the crowd and quite possibly herself.
  18. Shadow was still looking around the town when she saw someone that seemed to be watching her. She turned around discreetly and continued walking. She sensed that her master was not pleased when Her voice whispered quietly in her head. Shadow did not like it when the Master spoke to her, as it caused her to look dazed and frozen. "They will soon meet, yes? That I cannot stop I suppose," The voice, hissing angrily, stated. "If I cannot control this event, I might as well prepare you. Search for more of them, my minion, you will later learn your abilities." Shadow continued searching, still aware of the strange man watching her as she went on.
  19. <script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script><script src="chrome://YouLoop/content/YouLoop_script.js" type="text/javascript"></script>jack saw the man trying to attack the girl and was about to jump down and defend the girl when the stranger with the spear spilled the contents of his pack in front of the brute and thought that maybe he was going to interfere instead but when he just picked up his things and moved on he wasn't surprised in the least. and yet another stranger bumped into the man creating just the ditsraction he need to jump down off of the roof onto the large attacker choking him out within seconds but unfortunately the brute fell on top of jack landing on the girl with the lance rendering him motionless and therefore unable to walk away from the neko girl and at this he blushed. 'shes much more beautiful up close' he thought 'just wish we could have met under better circumstances than with me laying under a giant lump of unconscious man'. "hello! im jack, nice to meet you. i notice you have a pocket full of coins. that's not very safe in a town like this with people like me who could pickpocket you at any moment you know?" he blushed at how unbecoming he must look right now. this was not a very proud moment for him.
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    ... And all of a sudden, before she even has time to react, the brute of a man comes falling down on top of her. His weight alone forces the air from her lungs and leaves her heaving and coughing. With her chest pinned under his, his head threatening to suffocate her, and the thick bulge of her lance cutting her lines into her back, Holly writhes and calls out for help.

    "Aaa-rgh... gah, someone please help me! I'm stuck!" she cries, trying to move her legs, to kick the man off of her or else to free herself, but nothing works. Crushing pain finds her deflated chest. She begins to cough. No air, no air...!