The cast out and the knight

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  1. The distant sounds of flapping wings and a whirlwind of leaves and a small woman with pure white wings landed in a large clearing. Her black dress settled around her small form and her blond hair showed no sign of flight. Everything about her was petite and her aura screamed purity. She seemed untouched by the ages, but held a wisdom in her eyes well beyond her appearance. She gazed around with her violet eyes and they landed on the knight standing just inside the treeline. He seemed to peak her curiosity and she smiled tentatively at him. "Hello there young knight. Fancy meeting you in these woods."
  2. The young knight looked at that mysterious girl, and even if his instincts would usually tell him to be on guard, that purity was just hypnotyzing him and inviting him to go to her. His green eyes glanced two times up amd down her completely, before blinking, as Mordred had never seen someone like that before even if he had seen fairies. His own curiosity, led him to make two step toward the women, his hairs untied, and waving in the breeze, while the man wore no armor, but a loose red shirt, covering his muscular but scarred body. "It's a pleasure meeting you, milady. But i should ask, what brings you here?" That place was one the knight cherish of his lchildhood and so he came here often, but was always alone.

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  3. "My dear young knight, I have been coming here longer than you have been alive. But I have watched you come here daily, and train to become the man you are now." The little angel stepped forward fearlessly and laid her hand on his arm. An instant warmth and peacefulness would then flood through his body. She smiled kindly at him and removed her hand. The feeling of warmth would, however, remain."I am proud of you my young knight."
  4. None had ever praised Mordred for anything. He worked harder than any knights, surpassing them, acheiving honnourable deeds, and battle deeds, but they were never recongnize, just as no one ever none the men behind the helmet. Her words touched him so deeply, and mixed with that warmth, his eyes became full of tears, but his pride made him fight them and not cry. Mordred spoke with a low and soft voice. "W-wait.." Before she could pull her hand out of his reach, Mordred grabbed it gently between his, and caressed it, wanting the warmth more. his eyes, fixated on her, in a trance like, he could not realize what he was doing. "My name is Mordred, may i ask yours milady?" The knight bowed, moving his hairs from his face with his left hand, while his right brought her hand close to his lips and he kissed it softly.
  5. A spark of light would flash as his lips met her hand. "Careful little knight, you may hurt yourself if your not." Despite her words of warning the angel smiled at Mordred. "I am Epitaph. I have came to be known as Adaire on this planet though. I am an angel little one, and I am older than time." She reach forward and brushed the tears from his eye, and pushed his hair back. "Little knight I have been watching over you for so long and keeping you from harm, but it's time you knew. You are destined for great things little one. I am here to make sure that you achieve those things." Her mighty wings fanned out behind her and she held her hand out to him. "Fly with my little knight, do not worry I can give you the power. I can give you the power to do things far beyond human capacity."
  6. For a moment, Mordred hesitated. He could not understand much what she was saying, and why it was him chosen. Many questions were on his mind, but for now, the gracious beauty, elegance, warmth and smile of that angel put all his hesitation away as he took her hand gently in his "Lady Epitaph, Are you sure about that. I mean, i'm only a knight, nothing more.." Even though he spoke that, his heart wanted him to be that person, the one that could finaly make a change in the world. Mordred has the sense of Justce above all else, and if that -Power- she spoke of can help him make justce right, he would go blindly with all she says. Furthrmore, he wanted to know this angel, the only person who knew him truly was her, and she was really attracting him, in many ways "I'll go with you, but i'll have lenty of question. Will you answer me afterward, Milady?"
  7. "I will answer every question you have. Allow me to show you some things first though." Epitaph took his hand in her own carefully and they rose several thousand feet in the air. She turned so that he could see everything within range. In the distance what appeared to be a flickering black fire was burning wildly, while it was not advancing, neither was it retreating. "That is the darkness that is Corltana. Soon it will swallow the whole world if nothing is done. The people know nothing of it yet, and I wish to keep alarm to the minimum. With the proper training. You can stop that. But only you."
  8. As they flew, Mordred took a deep breath, and closed his eyes a moment. When he heard her reassuring voice, he opened them back and looked at the horizo in front of him. The black scorching flames... its like he could feel their heat even from so far. This was not something he wanted to let happen. From the first day he took the sword, he vowed to save people and bring justice, but that was a bigger task on a diffirent scale. Nonetheless, he was ready to accept that job, but not as a fate, nor a duty, but from his own will and determination. He frowned, and turned to the angel and looked in her eyes.
    "Milady Epitaph, no need to show me more, for you have a knight who will do everything he can to save the world."
    His words were full of confidance and truthfulness.

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  9. Epitaph let a smile cross her features. "I knew I could count on you little knight. Mayhaps I should stop calling you little, for you are a real knight. You are now Sir Mordred, knight of the heavenly angels." Epitaph stroked the side of his face lightly and then her smile grew. "I knew I made no mistake in choosing you as the worlds champion." Slowly they descended to the ground and Epitaph released his hand. "I know you must have many questions, ask them so that we may begin your training."
  10. He smiled, and blushed faintly as she storked his face, then closed his eyes, letting themselves descend on the groud. Mordred stood and looked at her, for a moment, then kneeled down, shakng his head "I had more questions before i saw that fire that threatens the world. For now, if milady Epitaph would answer me, i would only ask this. Why me? Of all the knights out there, even King Arthur, with the legendary excalibur, Why you chose me?" She could easilly know, that Mordred was the bet knight of them, but his confidence, still was lower, having always been behind the curtain all his knight time, he wasn't praised, nor seen for anything, so it was hard for him, a 16 year old to believe he had what it takes, still his determination and will, were more fired up then anthing, and he would be willing to do anything to save the world.
  11. "Because you have heart. I chose you from birth Mordred, I've been watching you since then." She smiled and then moved his hair out of his face gently. "If you are ready then we will begin your training tomorrow. I will prepare you for the darkness my little knight. You are the only one who can help me now. You are the only one I can rely on, and trust. Don't worry little knight, you will come to trust me too."
  12. He shook his head a littke, and looked at her, with a radiamt smile. "No, i already trust you milady. I'm a protector with the sense of justice amd honnour higher than anything, and i can feel the purity from you, the truthfulness in your words. So i already decided, i'll be your knight, yours and yours alone, till my last breath." For him, shes giving him the chance to do something he always wanted, so it was only natutal to return the favor and help her. "I am ready whenever you are."
  13. "I think you need some rest little one, it is getting dark." Epitaph layed out a blanket from a previously unseen backpack by a tree. She grabbed some tindle from her bag and a few sticks from the area and lit a small fire. ​"Could you gather me some firewood little one please?"
  14. "Yes milady." Like a knight for his queen, Mordred stood up, and walked a little further in the woods, scanning the area for good wood pieces for the fire, but also to see if there was any potential danger like animals or maybe worst. After what he saw today, he had to be ready for anything. After a moment he came back armful of wood pieces, and put them down by the small camp fire, and began to walk back toward the north.
  15. Epitaph pulled a pillow out of the backpack and laid it on the blanket. She built up the fire a bit and then sat down on the blanket herself. "Mordred would you join me?" ​Her voice held a very serious tone and she was no longer smiling.
  16. Mordred just scouted the areas quickly, and made sure nothing as there. The young knight slowly walked to the angle, and sat beside her blanket on the ground. For him, it would be direspectful to take place by his lady. She was like a master, or even queen to him, and a Knight always leave what's best to his lady"Nothing in the area milady. Are you okay? If you have anything on your mind, speak it, i shall do anything so everything is fine for you."
  17. Epitaph grabbed Mordreds hands and pulled him onto the blanket with her. "Mordred..." Her voice trailed off as she pulled him to her in an embrace. "You will make a wonderful man. I know you shall. I am scared to begin your training. To ruin your perfect innocence to some of the most evil things this world has to offer." The angel laid a kiss on his forehead and sat back against the tree with her wings spread. "Lie next to me tonight my knight, I do not wish to be alone with the darkness growing ever closer."
  18. Mordred looked at her with a bit of pink on his cheeks after she kissed him and told him these words. His heart was racing like never before, no one had been this kind to him, that Angel was really something special. In a sudden reaction, Mordred gently pulled her in his arms, wrapping them tight around the small girl. "Don't be scared, these arms are your castle walls, and that heart that you can feel beating, will be the light that banisheses darkness from this world" he had never felt the warmth of someone so close in his arms, but he knew the warmth of the women he held now was one he needed.
  19. Epitaph grabbed a blanket from the nearby backpack and wrapped it around them. She slowly fanned her wings out around them to form a small tent like area to trap their body heat as she nuzzled closer to him. "Thank you Mordred... I feel much safer in your arms." Her small form fit perfectly in his arms and her petite size made her weigh next to nothing. "Tonight we rest, but tomorrow we begin training so get your rest knight."
  20. Mordred smiled gently, and rested his back down, laying his head on the pillow. His arms still tight around her, he layed the girl's head on his shoulder, keeping hee safely warm to him. "I'll rest amd be ready for tomorrow. Please do the same Epitah." After these words, he closed his eyes and feel asleep, though has a knight his sleep was never a profound one, so he can always be alert for anything happening.