The Carnival

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    Kylia quietly hummed happily to herself as she set up her booth for the Carnival. She always loved it when they just arrive at a new location and the Ringmaster always seems to find a new place to go to. She was surprised that there were so many different yet similar places on Earth. She's been with the Carnival for… well for a long time- she couldn't remember just quite how long but her answer was just you seem to lose track of time when having fun- and they've never gone to the same place twice. SOme of the places looked alike and she could have sworn she had seen a familiar house or two from her hometown but when she asked the Ringmaster he swore it was just her imagination and they haven't gone back there yet.

    As she reminisced these things she finally realized that she had stopped setting up and was instead simply staring off into space like a fool. Kylia quickly shook her head to clear her mind so she could focus on the task at hand and continued unpacking the darts with a small smile on her face. The darts were for the patrons to try and pop some of the balloons to receive a prize.


    The Ringmaster was directing some of the members his crew on the process to set up the large tent where he would be holding the Main Event each night they were here. He looked up at the hot sun and decided it was a good time to let them have a break. "All right everyone, have a short break; grab something to drink and relax for a bit. We'll continue in a few minutes." He announced to the set up crew who happily obeyed. As they scattered and mulled around the large fair grounds where everyone else was setting up their individual booths he smirked when he saw one of the more attractive women of the show. She was unpacking some of her supplies for her booth as he sauntered over to her.

    When she noticed him she immediately smiled- a reaction all of his members seemed to share and he greatly appreciated. He loved the fact that they were all happy- and she blushed- a reaction most of the females alone shared. He nodded in greeting as he leaned against the counter of her booth, "Hey, Beautiful." This caused her to blush more as she replied, "Hello, Ringmaster. How are you?" He stilled had a smile on his face and he looked around the grounds, "I'm doing very fine, now that I've seen you." He said with a wink on her direction. "I've decided to give to boys over there a little break after working so hard. What about you? Do you need a break too, Angel?" She giggled and looked away, back at her half- set up stall. "I really should finish so I can rest tomorrow instead." Ringmaster shrugged, "Have it your way, see you tomorrow." He finished with another wink then walked off to continue setting up his own supplies for Opening Day which was already tomorrow.
  2. Hitomi smiled and went to go find her sister Rin, she wasn't going to let her waste their break and be by herself. She searched everywhere and released a frustrated sigh. Maybe her sister joined the wrong act by not helping the magician, because Rin had a bad habit of disappearing all the time. She decided to go around and ask some of her fellow carnival members if they had seen her. The first person she saw happened to be Kylia, she chuckled when she saw how flustered she looked as the Ringmaster walked away. She skipped over in a graceful and energetic way and greeted the booth manager. "Hello Kylia! Did you happen to see my sister today? She disappeared as soon as we were allowed a break!"


    Rin was staring at her sister from the top of a higher area and chuckled lightly. Hitomi never learned, she really should have know by now that if she didn't want to be found she most likely wouldn't be. She just shook her head amused and dropped her gaze to the book that was in her hand, Rin had just reached the best part and was dead set on finishing it. She looked up once more, made sure no one could disturb her and started reading her book. After a while she jumped to another perch where she could remain unseen, if she didn't constantly move her sister-or someone else-would eventually find her.
  3. Maylen rolled her shoulders back and forth. The blew out a puff of breath and then sucked in another. This was just a little bit of her "getting ready" rituals that she did whenever she was at a new place, or ready to preform.
    This place would be different; she could feel it. Not that anything bad had happened at the last city... She just felt like something big was going to happen this time. In all of her one hundred and sixty-eight years, she still was as shy and quiet as ever. But damn it all when she was out on those ribbons.. hanging from the rafters in the tent. She could fly then, she could be free. And when she was out in the center of the tent having the audience watch her bend her body in all the weird, strange, and unnatural angles then caused them all the squirm in their seats and become fascinated with what the could not do.

    Her rituals done, she decided to go talk to Kylia and see how she was fairing. That flirt of a ringleader was always trying to get under her skin. Maylen smiled to herself and went to go "rescue" Kylia.
  4. Kylia quickly shook her head to clear her thoughts when she heard someone say her name. She turned away from looking after the Ringmaster, 'darn it, I just can't stop my reaction to any sort of flirting and he was the worst, you would think that after all these years I would be immune but… I'm just wasn't used to it yet.' She thought to herself. Back home no guys even spared her a second look so now she was overwhelmed, even after all this time. She faced the person who addressed her, Hitomi, with a smile. "Hello. Your sister, yeah I saw her over… Um…" She looked around, she knew she saw her walk by earlier but she couldn't see her anymore. "I don't know, I'm sorry. Did you check and tree or something else of that sort?" She asked, Rin always did seem to be hiding in trees so that would be a good place to look.
  5. Maylen walks over to Kylia and Hitomi.
    "Hey guys," Maylen says when one arm holding onto the other selfconciously. "Oh, Hitomi. I saw Rin in the tent a few minutes ago. Up on the trapeze. I just finished my practice there." Maylen hopes that she was being helpful, and not an annoyance. She had two left feet on the ground. But... up in the air, she was actually coordinated. Tch, Maylen could be cynical at times.
  6. Hitomi facepalmed, "Oh!! Why didn't I think of that!" She smiled at Kylia and tackled her into a quick hug. "Thank you so much! You two are life savers!" She released her and then did the same to Maylen. Finally took off running and lifted herself onto a nearby booth, she glanced around and caught sight of her sister. "RIN!!! YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM ME!" Hitomi began laughing and took off after her startled sister.

    When she finally caught her sister she smiled brightly and started laughing.


    Rin was just finishing up her book when she heard her sister yell. That was all she needed to hear though to know if she didn't leave she would be tackled to the ground from her high resting place. She took off running and jumped and swan dived from her spot. She went into roll when she hit the ground and quickly jumped to her feet and took off running. Whoever told Hitomi to check up among the higher level had just sentenced her to a horrible fate. Rin could hear Hitomi catching up with her but was still slightly shocked when she tackled her to the ground.
  7. Maylen didn't have time to react to the hug as it was so quick. But the gesture touched her.. Hardly anyone ever touched Maylen. She figured it was because everyone knew how shy she was, so that was why they treated her like a china doll.
    Maylen knew that Rin wouldn't like to have had her hiding spot revealed to Hitomi. But Maylen couldn't resist. It had been years since the two had joked around with each other. So Maylen figured why not start now?
    May turned to Kylia and then smiled a tiny smile.
    "Was the Ringleader at it again?"
  8. Kylia smiled when Maylen came over also, "Hello, Maylen." She told her kindly, she always was so shy and slightly awkward whenever she saw her so she always makes sure to be very welcoming to her, so she'll hopefully not be so shy around everyone.
    When Hitomi suddenly hugged her, Kylia immediately froze and went stiff, not expecting the embrace but then relaxed just before she went to hug Maylen then she ran off after her sister, they were polar opposites and Rin can seem like she didn't like her sister very much but anyone could tell they loved each other. As she left Kylia awkwardly waved after her and called out, "Bye…?"

    She couldn't help the blush which creeped onto her cheeks at Maylen's question, "Um… Yeah…" Kylia said, looking away in embarrassment but she had a small smile on her lips.
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    "Damn him," Maylen was smiling that trademark ghost of a smile though. The ringleader -luckily- had never messed with Maylen (again thinking about the china doll thing). "You ever wonder who the man behind the mask is?"
  10. Kylia's eyes widened at her curse with a gasp, "Don't say that, Maylen! No one deserves to be damned, and least of all, the Ringmaster, he's given us jobs, a place to stay and a family with the others here." She may be upset about his constant flirting but she cared for the Ringmaster, he had helped her by allowing her to join the carnival so she always defends him when it comes to things like this. She then tilted her head to the side curiously and her question, "And what is it that you mean by 'the man behind the mask'?" She truly did not understand, as far as Kylia knew, there was no one in the carnival who wore a mask unless it was to perform.
  11. Hitomi laughed and got off of Rin, pulling her up in the process. "Stop being loner Rin! I won't stand for it one bit!!' She giggled and started dragging Rin with her to where she left the others. "You are going to socialize and you are going to like it! I went through all of that trouble to find you to, I even had to get help from some of the others." She finally got Rin to follow her normally and in no time there were walking up to the others.


    Rin sighed in defeat, she knew when she was beaten and just gave in. She stopped resisting and walked by her sister. "Fine...I will stop being "anti-social"as you like to put it and converse with the others." She smirked when she saw her sister glare at her playfully. "What? I agreed. No?" Her sister, Hitomi, rolled her eyes and walked up to the group and quickly apologized for her hasty exit. Rin let her finish talking before walking up and greeting the others. "Hello Maylen. Hello Kylia." She gave a beaming smile despite earlier events. Rin hadn't seen them in a while and realized she may be a tad bit "anti-social" as her sister liked to say.
  12. "Oh, I'm sorry Kylia! I-I didn't mean it like that. I just meant by his constant flirting! That's all, honest. I know he has all given us jobs, and if it weren't for him... I'd be dead. I owe him my life. " Maylen hangs her head in shame, and her auburn hair falls in front of her freckled face. She had done it again; she was clumsy. She couldn't do, or say anything right when her feet were on the ground. That was why she tried to fly as much as she could.
    She didn't want Kylia to hate her now, that was the last thing she wanted.
    Maylen felt a tear threatening to fall.. but she had become so good at forcing them back in over the years. So she suck in a breath, and met Kylia in the eyes with her own golden brown ones. "I meant 'man behind the mask' because he never tells us anything about his past. Where did he come from? Who is he really? He has saved us all. He knows us and our stories, but how come we don't know his?" Oh god, Maylen thought. Now she had done it. Surely Kylia would hate her now.
  13. Maylen saw the sisters walking up, so she turned towards them and raised a callosed hand in greeting. Hopefully Rin wouldn't be mad about her telling Hitomi where she was hiding.
  14. Kylia's eyes widened at her response, she hadn't meant for her to be saddened by her response, "Oh no, no, I-it's fine, really. I'm sorry for reacting that way, please don't be sad…" She but her lip at Maylen's expanding upon her previous question, "I understand how you feel about him.. He truly is a mysterious man. Golly, I don't even know his true name or age! How impolite of me…" She ended up more mumbling the last sentence than saying to her anyone else.
  15. Rin walked over and hugged Kylia and Maylen quickly. "You two aren't having a discussion without me are you?" She feigned a sad expression but you could tell she was faking by the gleam in her eyes. "You know I love discussion, especially when it is with some of my favorite people!" Rin grinned then and ruffled Maylen's hair to mess with her. She had a feeling that she probably helped Hitomi earlier, which meant that their friendly teasing was okay once again.


    Hitomi chuckled slightly and took a spot for herself in their small circle. It relieved her to see that her sister was talking to the others at ease and was happy. Rin and her didn't always get along and they may be very different, but Hitomi still only wanted the best for her sister. When she had stopped talking to some of the others she had been quite worried.
  16. Maylen actually smiles a genuine smile to Rin as she gets her hair fluffed. "We were just talking about loving Ringleader." She bites her lip hoping that Rin and Hitomi won't get mad. She takes a curl of her long reddish brown hair and twists it around her freckled finger. Her freckles don't just stop at her face, they run everywhere. But May likes her freckles, they give her character.
  17. Rin chuckles quietly, "Quite loving indeed." She grinned and her eyes gleamed, "He's a shameless flirt sadly enough. Not a bad person besides that though." Rin knew that Maylen was probably feeling uncomfortable so decided to support her on this. "I wish he would show another side of him or else I will have to say that he is only a flirt. Sorry to those who take offense at this." She looked confident and calm about what she had said, and anyone could tell that she was also highly amused.


    Hitomi put her hand over her mouth and smothered her laughter down to a low chuckle. Sometimes her sister was a bit outspoken but it was highly amusing for her.
  18. Kylia opened her mouth to argue but finds herself at a loss; she knew first-hand that he was in fact a major flirt but she wished that they wouldn't be talking about him in such a negative tone. "Listen, you shouldn't be talking about his so… so negatively. He's a very kind man and although he can be a bit… unorthodoxically flirtatious at times," This brought a slight blush to her face but she ignored it and hoped the others didn't notice. "he is still our leader and we should respect him. She hoped they didn't take this the wrong way or anything like that but she felt she needed to get her point voiced.

    The Ringleader saw the small group gather and talk from the corner of his eye as he was walking around, making sure everyone and everything was getting situated nicely for the grand opening tomorrow and at times doing a little harmless flirting with the women but after a while he couldn't resist and walking over to them. He made it over to the group just in time to hear the end of Kylia's argument and approached with his signature smirk on his face. He walked up behind them and casually laid his arms around Kylia and Hitomi. "Hello ladies, what is it that you are all talking about now?" He said, throwing a wink to Maylen.
  19. Her face reddens as Maylen scoffs at the audacity of the man. She wasn't flustered by the flirting like many of the carny women were. She was... mad. A feeling she hadn't felt in almost half a century. Maylen raises her chin at him and opens her mouth to speak with a sudden burst of courage. "Wouldn't you like to know?"
  20. Hitomi stiffens at the sudden contact and sends her sister Rin a pleading look.


    Rin in response crinkled her nose and pulled her sister and Kylia away from him and next to her. She sent the Ringleader a pointed look that said leave them alone. She didn't have any bad feeling towards him but his habits got on her nerves more than she would like.