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  1. This Roleplay is between Senpai & Taichou.

    - The Cafe at Midnight -

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    Established centuries ago. A place that is invisible to the human eye, only till the strike of 12, where even the vilest creatures are seen. A place of safe haven to all creatures. A place not one person may find, but can be the easiest to enter. For its right under the noses of humans. It is hidden in the day, only to be seen by "Seer" or a "Creature". But sometimes, we have the occasional slip. A mistake, a "whoops", a human may pass by and catch a glimpse of our Cafe. It's an occurrence that may happen and well...does happen. But its a mistake easily fixed. For they will simple "forget" of it, what it looked like, where they were and then the good ol' fear nestles itself in the confusion. The human will question themselves, fear that they have seen something they should not have and then they will forget. Humans are easy. They simply forget and move on. Problem fixed.

    Until, one human, a young girl, Chiyo Kimura, who simply thought it was a typical late night cafe stayed longer than she should have, until that very night, she could not leave.

    That is the night when the biggest problem rose, that put the owner, the cafe, and the realm of night dwellers at risk.
    But not as big of a risk than the girl stuck in their world.


    Chiyo Kimura | | Nineteen | Human
    Played by: Senpai


    Kou Sadao | [BCOLOR=transparent]♀ [/BCOLOR]| Twenty | Hotoke [Spirit]
    Played by: Taichou

    Nana Silverdeen | | Twenty | Witch
    Side Character, Played by: Taichou

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    Chapter One
    :: Cafe la Charmant's Unexpected Guest ::

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    It was raining tonight. The water that spewed from the sky made it very evident, hitting the awning that shielded the front entrance into the cafe, hitting against it as if it was a drum, although luckily, when the door is close, it gives off a nice muffled ambiance that really does make the cafe seem a lot warmer, and welcoming. That ambiance, really made business a bit more consistent of customers on this Wednesday night. The coffee pot was never empty, the room was filled with the mixed smell of Colombiano Coffee, and freshly made chocolate chip cookies that lingered from the back room oven. These, these were the nights that made working in this Cafe seem even more magical than it already was, not only for the inhabitants that have dealt with this on a day to day basis, but, for the customers both natural, and supernatural, always seem to find their way in this place. To be honest, the place wasn't really a sight for sore eyes, it did have its cracks and chipped paint on the walls, and sure, there are some things that need to be upgraded to the standard and more modern devices, but, to the owner of this cafe, and the previous owner who really gave this place some character, why change the old when the new is what you've already seen before?

    Kou was in the back baking room, tending to the baked cookies that were tucked away deep in the oven. Retrieving them, the smell was delightful, enough to make anyone steal one off the very pan before putting it out on display. But, Kou, would be a fool to do so. While Nana was tending the customers that found their way in and out of the cafe, Kou knew for a fact, Nana would sense right away, the moment his very teeth touched the freshly cooked cookie, and she would surely give him something to listen to the very second it happened. A slight smirk played on his lips just at the very thought of it, along with a faint shook of the head.

    Placing the pan down on the little wooden island that had chipped red and white tile on the table top, he twisted over to grab the freshly made dough, prepped and ready for their time to cook in the oven. Closing the door, Kou had his mitt covered hands full of the still piping hot pan, and waltzed on over to the front of the cafe to put this batch in the empty jar up from.

    "Here is your change! Thank you for your service! Have a nice night, and please be safe out there, bye-bye!"


    "Another runner?"

    "Yeah," the witch sighed, her once lit up face molding into a tiny frown. She leaned over the counter, her hands propped up underneath her chin. "I like it better when they stay a bit longer, I even offered the cake that I specially made for today... Y'know, the chocolate cherry one? He didn't even give it a second look."

    A scoff blew past Kou's grin, "How can you even be upset about that? It is raining, people rather be home than in a small cafe." he said while putting each cooling cookie in the glass jar that was placed next to the whining Nana.

    An arm slammed down on the wooden counter, as the witch looked up at the towering Kou with that smug grin he usually plays on his mouth just to test her. "Well- Yeah? So? The cafe seems more fun when their are people lounging, having fun, sipping coffee." Although, Nana wanted to get irritable for this argument, just to prove her point, she couldn't help but catching the eyes of the freshly made chocolate cookies. They looked exactly like her childhood, the chocolate was rich, the dough was chewy, and everything just melted together in each bite.

    "Fair enough," Kou began, about to put the last cookie into the jar, but paused before even lifting it up, "but business is good tonight, and even though Witching Hour is coming close to the end, it is better to keep little to none people out--"


    "Welcome!" Nana added to the interruption of two customers, a boy and a girl, a couple to be exact, who were drenched by the outside rain, that unfortunately didn't dress to the weather. They both smiled at Nana for her greeting, before the guy reached over to the girl, bringing her in close to him, while giving a lame excuse that body heat will keep them warm while adding on whispers of sweet nothings into her ear just to have a embarrassed giggle come from her in response. Kou kept his head down as the two customers walked by, taking a back booth for obvious privacy, and to be closer to the heater.

    "They are both human."

    "An hour until Witching Hour is over, they have time." Kou stated, picking up the cookie, and passing it over to Nana who was once eyeing down the customers in an overly friendly manner, was now back to eyeing the cookie. He could sense her light up in a smile, he could practically sense that her mouth was watering the moment the cookie was offered. She didn't waste any time to grab that morsel, and sink her greedy teeth into it. Kou couldn't escape a smile, before turning his back and making his returning into the kitchen to clean, and take out the next batch.

    "So good~!" Nana moaned in complete bliss as the sweet melted in her mouth, it was practically euphoric. "Thank you Kou!" she added in singing tone of complete happiness.

    "Get back to work." Kou called back, tending to the kitchen duties, hearing the sound of the coffee grounder sound, and Nana's voice greeting the couple once more at their booth, asking what they wanted, if she could get them anything, the basics.

    It was just one of those nights, where the cafe felt warmer, welcoming, and just like it use to be when Old Man ran this place. To Kou, it was nostalgic.

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