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This rp is a bit less serious then I usually run things. It's also a bit of a experiment. You will take the place of super villains. Low tier, shitty super villains with a bone to pick. The RP will focus on building your rep and base, aswell as the interactions between villains, the world and your inevitable feuds with superheroes. The RP will be run as missions, be they heists, hero showdowns or secret plans.

Losing a fight in this might not lead to death, but rather incarceration. Which in turn might lead to a jailbreak mission.

  1. I do not expect super big, super advanced posts. Just adhear to the Intermediete expectations.
  2. I will have people post at least one every week if possible, once every two weeks at the most.
  3. Any questions, any questions at all, do let me know.

The C-Listers;
Genre; Superheroes, Humour, The Fantastic​

Welcome to Mercury City, Home of the Gold Battalion and Captain Ultra. A place of marvel with flying men and women battling grotesque monsters and alien invaders. Mercury city lies of the Eastern Coast, one of the worlds biggest cities, and the US capital of Supers. MC has been the hot spot for magical attacks, alien landings and other crazy, none to pleasant events. The Cites police force have a special task force, The Super Suppression Unit or The SSU for short, tasked to deal with the smaller fry and to back up the big guns when it's needed. Speaking of the big guns, there are a number of American Superhero organizations. The most prominent one is the Gold Battalion. Led by the Super known as Captain Ultra, they are the most famous of all super heroes. The GB have affiliated subsections all across the globe, and its founding members are practically gods in the eyes of the people.

Captain Ultra is the prototype of the All American Dream. A blonde, steely eyed superhuman who got his powers from a Alien experiment. He can fly, lift cars with one hand and is impervious to almost anything. The Rubric is the groups super genius, who has built and designed all the tech they use. The Walker is their Mystic, nobody knows what his deal is, he always shows up when magic is going awry. Last is Madame Shifter. A lady of class and sophistication she apparently comes from a alternate dimension and can teleport and read minds.

And the City also Harbors villains. Great and small. The Greatest is Dr Morpheus, PHD in World Domination. The lone surviving human of a alternate timeline where Humanity was wiped out by a biological superweapon, Morpheus merged with the weapon and came to our timeline to end the world anew. He was of course stopped, and now he is reduced 'simply' being the worlds second smartest man and the crazies of mad geniuses.

You'd think a society under the onslought of the wierd would collapse sooner or later. But no, the world has gotten used to it by now. Used to the large scale destruction, the personal vandettas, the mad scientist raising a army of mutant rats. For more then two centuries, some sort of vigilante have battled some sort of serial killing madman. And it's not like Mercury City is the only place with superheroes and villains either. Break Town has its mysterius magical avenger couple; Rowina Red and Bobby Blue. Plutopolis have Victor Wonderous, the genius inventor. Heroes and Villains are part of the world order in a world filled with supermen, psuedo-gods and secret agents. The Earth houses Inter Galactic superheroes, time travelling detectives, titanium alloyed cyborgs and Billionares. And of course, you have the timedisplaced crimelords, the dark magicians, the crazy half-gods and galactic overlords. Nemesises to the greatest names of the Supers. Fear inducing by the very mention of their names, despite always falling short of world.

So. Where do you fit in? Well, This isn't about them. This isn't about Dr Morpheus or Captain Ultra. This is about you, the lowrung, low on the totem and up and starting C-List villain. You have done the oddjobs for B-list and A-list villains, taken the fall for their crazy plans. You have been a mook for far to long. Your last crime spree was stopped rather pathetically and now you need resources. That's why you find yourself in the company of fellow C-Listers. Fed up with the table scraps, you are now forming a team. Well. Forming a team, getting money, building a base, establishing a name. All of that good stuff bad guys should be doing!

Life as a C-Lister

Understanding the Mook;

Let's face it. You aren't gonna take out Captain Ultra. You may be able to slog him once with a sucker punch, but him slogging you back is just gonna hurt that much more. You might be a mad genius, but you do not have the money, or the tech or the connections to build anything more then a sophisticated suit with blasters. At least so far.

Escaping MOOKDOM; On the subject of power growth.

A little known fact is that all Supers seem to grow stronger if they just keep from being pounded into the ground for more then two seconds. The geniuses are self explanatory. New breakthroughs give better tech. Other supers might find their talents grow better with understanding them. Enhanced people might find better formulas or a magician might just find a new artifact to tap into. What ever the case, your powers will grow as long as you don't die or get incarcerated.

Making a charachter;

There are two Specific things you need to keep in mind. One is the Archtype that defines you. This is the origin of your power. The other is your powerset. YOur powers will grow, and you will be able to spend "points" to add to your rather lacking arsenal, be it a new power related to your Archtype or new equipment. To start with, you will have two different pieces of equipment/powers. You can either pick one of the generic examples or come up with something more personal.

  • The way to acquire powers are many, or perhaps you are powerless and instead utilize tech. What ever your talent, it is grounded in one of these archtypes. It is possible to pick up a second Archtype later on that isn't Genius, Gifted or Alien as those are inate.

    Magic; Trough artifact, supernatural heriatage or magical training, your powers are derived from magic. Magic has the unfortunate weakness of always coming with a catch. Some obvius weaknes found in a spell book somewhere. Or maybe you ar e just a spellslinger. A gunslinger is a big weakness in that case!

    Specialist; You have no real power. You have however, training beyond that of any normal person. You know martial arts, or you can hit a target square in the heart with a hips hot. Your weakness is obvious, you are human. You rely on tech. Remember to brag about how you have no powers!

    Genius; Your talents lies in gadgetry only you know how to properly operate. Suits, guns, jet planes, You name it. Obviously you share the same weakness as a specialist. Madness somewhat optional.

    Enhanced; Science! Perhaps your friend was a genius, or maybe you were. Experimenting our yourself is staple for supervillains. For whatever reason, you now have super powers. Your weakness tend to lie in whatever counter agent or special equipment the heroes can cook up.

    Alien; You are not from this world. You came here from a different timeline, a different dimension or a even a planet somwhere out there. For what ever reason you are now here, relegated to the minor leagues. Your weakness is generally something native to your home world that for some reason can be found in abundance on earth.

    Gifted; Your power is latent, stored in your genes. You are technically human, but nature saw it fit to give you a talent beyond the usual.

    Construct; Be it magical or scientific. You aren't human. You were made. A homonculi or a robot, A android or a living bio weapon. The weaknesses of Constructs vary due to their origins, but in general it relates to their nonhuman origin. Machines and Magic constructs alike need a power source.

  • Your Power or Equipment is your calling card. You may make or design a power set by picking generic powers or making a power/piece of equipment up yourself, as long as it's not to powerful for a starting talent.

    Generic Starting Powers;

    Strength, you are capable of lifting a container above your head with some effort, your punches can send a grown man flying.

    Speed, you are not quite fast as a bullet, but you sure are a lot faster then the average man. Just not fast enough to outrun a bunch of guns.

    Resistance, You can take a beating, survive a lot more then the average man. You are ideal to slow down the heroes when the mastermind escape!

    Spell book; Your magic comes from spells, spells you've written down. You are still a one trick pony, your spells are awfully limited. But in time... Who knows?

    High Tech Weapon; You may posses a weapon of some sort that holds unconventional forms of firepower.

    Power Suit MK1; You aren't a billionaire. You built this thing out of scraps. Possibly in a cave.

    Robotic Frame MK1; The Robotic equivalent of the powersuit (Construct)

Character Sheet;

Appearance: Please do not take any mainstream heroes or villains.
Power set:
Origin Story:
Even the lesser of the super criminals have a origin somewhere. It might not be extravagant. Maybe you find a magic trinket. Maybe you were the cast off from some military experiment, the less then promising result of some governments black budget. The story should end with you in jail

Make it at least one paragraph.


Blake Teller - Phantom
Devin Smith - Big Wrench
Timothy 'Tim' Wilkes - Salvage
Sylar Hellman - Chidaruma
Blaize Raines - Pretender
Sabrina Engel - Duessa
Dillan Mulligan - Mad Dog Mulligan
Kanye Germanotta - Abomusician
Jennifer "J..J." Jericho
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Um, yes, Hellis ♡♡
Name: Dillan Patrick "Paddy" Mulligan

Persona: Mad Dog Mulligan

"Bad Day" by AKIRAwrong

He often wears a variety of combat body Armor suits detailed with a flame decal, to push even further that he likes to burn and set things on fire. He a stands at 6'2" tall, and weighs 215 lbs. He's a rather heavily built man, most of it being muscle, with broad shoulders. his upper body covered in various tattoos with a fire motif, his favourite being that of a Skeleton Biker with a fiery skull on his right arm. Stern face, short, dark red hair, with a 5'o clock shadow sporting a goatee on his chin.

Age: 35

Archetype: "Specialist"

Power set:

Thermite Shotgun named "Roisin" - Mulligan's pride and joy, his only one true babe. This "beautiful flaming monstrosity of two barrels" is his signature weapon. Don't let him blow all of his fiery load on you. It is a rather large, beaten up looking Shotgun, to which Mulligan carries across his back. He uses it when he feels really nasty and fun.

Demolitions: "LIGHT THE FUSE!, BITCHES!" - Mulligan is a Demolitions Expert, back from his days in the military and then later as an IRA Terrorist. He loves to make things go "BOOM" and explode with such childish delight. He does specifically stock up on incendiary explosives, he's a pyromaniac, what did you expect?

Origin Story:

Dillan Mulligan's story isn't complex or convoluted, He was just a city boy, born and raised in south Ireland, and his life went into a midnight train wreck of murder, theft and countless cases of arson and GBH. Dillan was not born as the "Mad Dog" as he is today, he was grown and created over years of delinquency and terrorism. At the beginning Dillan was the youngest of five siblings that lived in a small home in the town of Tralee. His mother mostly stayed at home, occasionally working a market stall for extra money, whilst his father, was a drunk, not quite the town drunk, but enough for him to lash out unprovoked and cause enough damage to really scare the kids. Dillan wasn't as afraid as he was he angry. oh boy was he angry, lashing out at others in school for little reason, he was the smallest, but by far he was the meanest kid, some say he even bit another kid's ear off just for laughing at him. His "delinquency" did not go unnoticed by his father, however, Dillan was often at the end of a "good belting."

He soon felt increasingly angry, at his mother for not stepping in, at his siblings for not being there for him and mostly towards his father. This anger and resentment boiled over, to which one night whilst his family slept, he decided to light the fuse. It is still not quite certain how the whole house lit up in flames, but only Dillan knows, and that secret will die with him, keeping his past ever a secret to even his closest allies. His life after that was fairly typical for someone of that kind of character and personality; moving from foster home to foster home as he got into trouble with authority countless times. It wasn't until he reached the age of eighteen that he decided to make something of his life, to fight a cause bigger than himself, to fight for something more. He then enlisted with the army, a program to reform teen criminals and delinquents. He succeeded with infantry training and soon found himself going through the process of Demolitions Expertise. He knew his purpose was to blow things up or set things on fire. He was eventually dishonorably discharged, a drunken bar fight ended with Dillan clutching a broken bottle towards a Captain's neck. After a year he soon found himself a part of the IRA, as their leading demolitions guy.

During his endeavors with the IRA, Dillan gained a reputation, as a crazed pyromaniac willing to either "Burn things" or "Burn things dead" whilst being their top demolitions expert. Twelves years in service, would come to an end as again, Dillan was kicked out for extreme behaviour and rather two extreme incidents in involving gouging a man's eyes out. The rest, as they say, is history and now "Mad Dog" Mulligan is what has become of this simple Irish lad, for better or for worse. Probably worse.
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Added another archtype for all you wannabe Ultrons out there ;D
And you left it off mid thought. "In general", what? xD
Mind a second specialist? I have a really hilarious idea :3
There is no quota on archtypes. Its a ranbdomly put together group of villains after all. Go right ahead
Literally space music

Name: Kanye Germanotta
Persona: Abomusician
Age: ???
Power set:

Poker Face - Kanye possesses an inherent mimetic system that kicks in when he is gravely injured, forcing him to shed his eldritch form and locks him into the appearance of the closest local inhabitant of the current planet - a castrated choir boy, to his incredible annoyance. Sensory abilities, spells, and equipment will register him as a vanilla human. He does not age. His personal kryptonite, space salt, will still cause him incredible anguish, though it is fatal only with prolonged exposure. Even in this form, Kanye possesses the weensiest fraction of his cosmic physicality - He has the strength to manhandle an out-of-his-prime Mike Tyson, and enough durability to take a bullet to the shoulder with only minor sniveling.

Augur of Inebriated frat boys - Kanye can manifest bits and pieces of his supermodel-like true form to attack. Cloth-like tentacles, shadow arms, fragments of his great eyes - what he can manifest is limited to what his body can support, and at 4'7" and without a penis, it just ain't a lot.

Origin Story: The being that would come to be known as Kanye Germanotta was one of the Abomusicians, an inter-dimensional glee club for cosmic horrors. They traveled through the universe to spread the joy and happiness that came with space singing - and to remove every artistic expression of sound that did not align with their personal tastes. The Abomusicians were an unrelenting force of musical extermination selection, responsible for the brutal purge euthanasia of all Jazz, Soul, Spoken Word, and Hip Hop within the eastern quadrant of the universe, with the fate of Country and Indie pop -and their enablers- up for a charter vote within the next century or two.

3 years ago, the Abomusicians ripped through the fabric of the universe into the skies of Mercury City, eager to descend upon the those that would propagate improper music. Little did they know that The Gold Battalion were already aware of their impending attack and had prepared appropriately. They had synthesized space salt from space and shot them out at a giant cannon.

In the distance, a cobra shed a tear. The snake had neither empathy nor the means to actually cry, but yet it did...for even it knew nobody deserved this fate. The Gold Battalion had crossed a line here, and only their would-be victims knew it.

The Aboms were destroyed by the Gold Battalion. Weakened by the space salt, they were easy pickings for the superhero team. One by one, they were exploded out of the sky...all but one.

I mean, he DID explode, but his heart survived, bounced off across the city, and landed on the doorsteps of a farmer and his wife, who were landlords to this villain whose shtick was selling hearts to evil strange church cults. Naturally, he sold the heart to an evil strange church cult...and that's when Kanye's trap card activated, copying the appearance of some eunuch choir boy. Shit happened, blah blah blah, Kanye named himself after the most evil musicians on the planet in a form of ironic penance, and swore to reclaim his power and take revenge on the Gold Battalion for the slaughter of his noble kin.

And he hasn't failed; he's just really delayed.
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Name: Buzzy
Persona: Buzzy
Archetype: Magic
Power set:

Uptown Bee in a downtown Hive: Buzzy is a 2-dimensional drawing forced to conform to a 3-dimensional world. He moves without transition, akin to short-range teleportation, allowing him to bypass most non-magical barriers - so long as he can see across the barrier. Buzzy communicates using his personal thought bubble, and possesses only height and length, but almost no width. His main weaknesses are enchanted erasers and the destruction of the original sketch that spawned him.

So much Honey that Bees envy me: Buzzy can spit honey bombs that can melt stone.

Origin Story; Even the lesser of the super criminals have a origin somewhere. It might not be extravagant. Maybe you find a magic trinket. Maybe you were the cast off from some military experiment, the less then promising result of some governments black budget.
Make it at least one paragraph.
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Name: Jennifer "J..J." Jericho

Sex: Female

Persona: None presently, though she did go by "Air" for the Truck job. (It's Malaysian for Water, believe it or not.)

Appearance: 5'8" Tall, athletic build, light skin. Short blonde hair and brown eyes.

Age: 21

Archetype: Magic.

Power set: Water-bending Manipulation: Can bend manipulate moderate amounts of water to his will. This includes turning it to ice and vice-versa. (Both points consumed here, I would assume.)

Origin Story: Twenty two years ago a rogue mage named James Jericho began a long series of rituals designed to imbue his unborn child with the essence and all the powers of a great water Elemental. A being so immensely powerful that it could flood the world on a whim. He would have preferred to imbue himself with that power but it would have destroyed him, so he needed something that didn't have definite form yet. His goal was to control his child and through the child, the world. Nine long months he toiled in secret while his wife was completely oblivious to his dark aims. On the day of the child's birth a powerful, unnatural storm swept over Mercury City. The storm had meteorologists baffled and the more than few Super's on high alert, expecting some crazy demands from a mad scientist or something of the like. The storm raged for fifteen hours, the exact amount of time Jessica Jericho spent in labor. At the exact moment of the child's birth three things happened. First: The storm stopped, fading into nothing in the blink of an eye. Second: Jessica and James Jericho died from drowning. Third: Jennifer Jericho was born, totally and completely normal, her father had failed utterly and completely. Or so it seemed.

An orphan from the start Jennifer, or J..J. as she was sometimes called, was raised in the system and the system was crap. She was never adopted and she bounced from foster home to foster home as an adolescent some bad, some worse. When she was thirteen she made an alarming discovery while she was in the shower. Water behaved quite strangely around her, clinging to her far more than it should. She spent several months experimenting before she finally figured out how to control small amounts of water. She kept this talent to herself as it was so minor that she couldn't do anything with it but significant enough that she would probably be disappeared by some criminal organization or another to be experimented on. She would spend the next years honing power, determined to find a use for it.

As the years went on and she finally managed to get out of the system and in to her own place, an apartment in the bad part of town, she managed to get by using her power to commit several robberies. Her power was great for making make-shift keys or just quickly breaking locks. She would keep whatever she could from each job and fenced the rest. Around the time she was twenty her fence told her about a job some B-list villain was trying to pull off and she jumped at the chance of a bigger score. It was a simple job, robbing a truck carrying some high-tech parts. Her part was to get the truck off the road by flash freezing a section of the road in front of the truck causing the driver to lose control. It was the middle of summer, so the plan worked just fine. The truck went off the road and into the side of a building and their techie got them in while their brute kept the driver and guard immobile at gun point. They would have gotten out just fine the fourth member of their group hadn't revealed that he was working for some OTHER B-list villain and attempted to betray them and take the parts they were after. When the traitor turned his back to shoot their bruiser Jennifer pulled a mass of water to her hand and jammed an icicle into the traitors temple, killing him instantly. With no time to process the fact that she had just killed a man as she heard sirens approaching, Jennifer grabbed the parts they were after and the techie and high-tailed it out. The job complete, she got her money and went home to relax and reflect on the night's events. By the morning she had decided that the kill didn't bother her at all. The traitor had been a threat to her life and she had dealt with the threat, simple as that.

A week later she was arrested. For one count of Grand Larceny. Turns out she had slipped out a few nights before the armored truck job and got her face caught on a video surveillance system. The cops didn't even know she had any powers at all. She was sentenced to five years in prison. She has served three months of her sentence and her powers are still known only to her.

(And if someone feels like playing that techie I would applaud them.)
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Entirely unkillable? No. But you can put both your power points in Resistance if you want.
Damn, had several comical ideas there.
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CS is up! I'm quite proud of that backstory as I made it up in one sitting.
Exellent but for one detail. You were all part of a jailbreak. So she would not have gotten out normally.
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